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( This is taking place now - during the current attack on Ven )

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Stark stood yet again for the second time this week on the podium, ready to tell yet another monstrous lie, One that would possibly cause great misery. The worlds press were watching him, internationally, this would be the biggest piece of news coverage since 9/11.

The camera-man spoke once again "3...2...1..LIVE!" Spoke smiled to the camera, a worried smile to capture his emotions. He spoke, With a sincere and powerful tone.

"Ladies of Gentleman, As you are aware. Venezuela has suffered the worst terror attack the world has ever seen, we pray to them, and hope they have the strength to endure the hardship, but I could do more. I did, Estimated around Two Hours ago I sent over 50 of my rescue workers - Division 5 of the Robotic Rescue Corp, to assist in rebuilding and giving medical attention the the members of the Halo Corporation to strengthen their mobility to help and ease the struggle"

He looked at the camera sternly - "I was notified, 30 minute ago...that.. 50 United States Citizens in those suits, were murdered by the....HALO Corp.." He held his eyes, faking to hold back tears.

"Upon landing in the country, unarmed. Notifying themselves of the arrival and getting permission to land, they landed outside of the base and were attacked, without mercy, and killed. We lost 50 citizens of our great country today, From this day forward, I urge everybody in the United States of America, To unite against the Halo Corp, Boycott all of their products, Peak Industries has already stopped all trade with the whole country"

He looked down, then back to the camera for dramatic effect.

"Justice will be served, I do not wish to start a war - But killing fifty of my men, fifty citizens of the united states - Fifty Heros without mercy" Putting his helmet on the table he spoke once again "I will be putting a team together, I will also be upgrading my suit to defend you - The citizens of the Country I made a pledge to protect"

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He put on his his helmet as his voice, now a little more robotic was heard.

"Justice will be served"

Shooting out of the conference once again at the speed of sound, he went back to Peak industries, unsure what this recent speech will bring. Mark Two may be battle tested sooner than he may have ever dreamed. Leaving fake, doctored footage of the terror attacks to make people think it is real, the original footage has been purged from existence, within the US....

As Stark got into his awe inspiring building, he spoke to Horizon -

"Buddy, Put security to max levels, Any-trouble in the building I want a dozen Division 9 defenders on them instantly, notify me if any trouble happens"

Horizon spoke -

"Yes, sir, Peak Industries now on total lock-down. Magnetic fields activated, heat shields activated, all doors deadlock sealed - Currently 1022 people inside the tower, all being monitored for suspicious activity, I will watch the skies and notify you of any urgency, Division 9 are all on call-out"

Stark nodded to himself upon hearing this, sitting down taking some whiskey, anticipating the worst.


Yes, this is business people - War and business go hand in hand.

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You're on fire lately, I love this.

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Well look at you.

Siding with you might actually be beneficial.

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That man is so full of it!


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*snaps pictures*
*snaps pictures*

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You have the peacekeeper's support. Just say the word and NATO's best will come down like a hammer.

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This bodyguard will be very, very active is a short moment. Just give me a sign and I will serve you the best.