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Las Vegas baby, Casinos, Skyscrapers, Live shows, 24hr Strip clubs, Bars, and Cage Fights.

This rpg takes place in the future. Most city's have been destroyed during WW5. This is a free ranging rpg, what I mean is its not an all out battle. Set up the story, own a club, manage a bar, be the right hand man of an organized gang, doesnt matter, but all crime boss's will awnser to me. I run all organized crime in Vegas.

Anybody can join this rpg but you must use your Vine character. Yes we have our powers and yes you can create other characters, but it doesnt matter how strong you make them, they can be auto-hit and killed off.

Normal rules apply if ya dont know em already then you shouldnt be here.

In the Ooc: thread the first three people to post will be the leaders of there own crime family seperate from me.

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A long legged bauty made her way through the crowd of people.

Your drink Mr. Black she said with a southern tone. She placed a napkin down and then set the whiskey sour on top of it.

"Here" the man said as he slipped a 100 dollar bill into her thong before sending her on her way.

Suddenly a man in a pinned striped suit appeared out of no where.

"YOU #@!%SUCKER! YOU THINK I WOULDNT FIND YOU IN MY CITY" he said right before taking the butt of his pistol and smashing in the nose of Mr. Black.

Blood immedatly ran down the face of the man and he fell in a heap to the floor.

"Pick em up."

Two heavy set men grabbed Mr. Black and brought him to his feet.

Tony I'm sor

The man was stopped in mid-sentence when Tony gave him an uppercut to the gut. Going though Mr.Black's pockets Tony pulled out a wad of rolled up 100 dollar bills, "Take that piece of $#@! out to the desert, and bury em there."

Nobody called the cops nobody made a sound as the two men drug Mr.Black off screaming.

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Ranger was sitting in the corner of the bar Rocky Waters that he owned "loo...look boss I didn't mean to miss him I was tryin real hard bu.." "trying real hard Joey ? first of all you don't try you do and ssecond of all I think you were just bein lazy" "No boss" "and I don't like lazy" Ranger pulled out a gun and shot joey, he fell to the floor dying instantly blodd spurting out "Argh god damn it now I got to go change" he stood up and walked over to a big fello "Make sure nothing bad happens" and he walked off up stairs.

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John Lester walked through a bustling street in Vegas. Steam rose from man-holes and flashing Neon lights were reflected in puddles along the Street's edge. John had a gambling problem, and liked one Casino in particular.

A puddle rippled as John stepped in it. He held his coat tighter around him, and said,"Why the hell is it so God Damn cold around here all of a sudden!?" It was definitely reason for concern. Nevada barely ever got cold. And Las Vegas getting Cold was completely out of the question.

"Johnny....." A voice said. The noise almost seemed to drift on the cold night wind. John looked around quickly and fastened his pace. He thought that someone might be following him. A mugger, or someone like that. He turned into a back alley and gripped the Revolver tightly in his jacket pocket. He had bought it to fight off drunks and muggers, and to get him home safely to his wife and kids, who didn't know of his gambling problem.

Then he heard it again. "Time's up, Johnny........" It seemed closer now. He walked under a fire escape and was pulled up onto it, then thrown to the roof of the building, about three stories up.

By the time John knew what was happening, he was lying on the rooftop with a shadowy figure leaning against a rooftop shed. "Time's up Johnny. You're debt still isn't settled. He'd like your payment now." The figure held out his hand.

"No...No!" John said," I still have more time!Give me 'till tomorrow! Noon! I'll get your money!"

Within one quick minute, the Figure had ran over to John, picked him up, and held him against the edge of the roof, threatening to throw him over. Now that John had a good look at him, he looked almost inhuman. He had fur all over his face and arms, fangs, and claws digging into John's flesh.

"Not an option, Johnny." The creature growled,"If you don't have the money, He'd be Tony'd be just as happy with anything you have to offer," The creature pulled out a picture of John with his wife and kids,"Like them."

"No! Not them!" John yelled. The Creature laughed. "Don't worry. They'll think you committed suicide. I'll just take this as a substitute for Him." The Creature reached into one of John's coat pockets to pull out the last of John's paycheck. $100.

In a last resort, John whipped out his revolver and moved to pull the trigger. The Creature, before John could react, turned the gun up and towards John's neck. John pulled the trigger.


Cryo stuffed the $100 dollars into his pocket and looked over the edge. There was John, lying on his back with a blank look on his face, gun still in hand.

Cryo turned from the edge and began walking away. "Welcome to Vegas, Johnny."

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As Ranger reached the top of the stairs a baseball bat came swinging round fast he had no time to react the bat hit his forehead making him fall down the stairs, the man picked him up but Ranger slipped his knife out and plunged it into the mans heart he dropped ranger and fell down dead, Ranger stood up and brushed himself down and then not one but three bats swang at him forehead chest and balls they beated him down he couldn't do anything he was so pissed "when the picked him up by the collar he asked "who do you work for ?" they didn't answer just threw him out the window, glass cut his sides and all his body he fell down through a series of branches and finally hitting the ground hard, a fall that should've killed him.

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Spec's walked into his own bar

he liked crime, alot

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Akwa stood behind the bar happily. This was the life. Here it was, he owned a bar, made a fair bit of money and had no gambling debts. Plus, he had just managed to get a new 3-D holographic sign for his bar. 'Akwa's Portal' it said, as that was the bars name. It was called that becuase Akwa had an inter-dimensional portal in his main room and his bar was used by creatures from over 50 different Universes!

Akwa turned around as a small crowd of regulars from the Negaverse walked in from out of the portal. "Evenin' fella's" Akwa said. "The usual?" Akwa said.

'The usual' growled the cloaked figure that spoke for the rest of the group.

"Righto, that's four liquid Darknesses and one Gloom on the Rocks with a mini umbrella coming right up!" Akwa opened the cast iron keg that held the drinks from the negaverse and poured out the five drinks for the shadowy regulars.

"You know the cost" Akwa said with his palm up. The cloaked One growled as he as he plonked several coins into Akwa's hands.

Akwa had drinks from all fifty universes he served and was never short of money. After all, 50 universes, 50 times the customers and 50 times the money.

The crime lords didn't bother Akwa. After all, not even they would rob a bar that was metaphysically spread across fifty universes. They'd make too many enemies and besides many of the criminals drank in the Portal.

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Malcolm opened the door to his apartment and knew that something was wrong. The air was still, as if nothing had moved inside for several hours, but most frighteningly he could smell blood. With slow deliberation he reached for his gun, ignoreing the badge in his pocket, it meant next to nothing in this city anyway.

He walked down the hallway, weapon held ready by his side. Anyone looking at him would have missed it, that was why he had learnt to carry a gun that way. Made the look on peoples face all the sweeter.

The living room was dark and the sickly sweet smell of blood was even stronger here. Even through the dark he knew what was inside. With a flick of the switch he revealed a scene out of his worst nightmare. Without showing emotion he turned and stalked from the room, ignoreing the note left by the killers. He knew who was responsible.

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Spectrum walked into the back room of the bar into the meeting.

Several of his asiots were shouting he took out his pistol and shot one in the bakc .

"now sit down" he purred

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Walking out of his casino, He looked down the strip, How it had changend he rembered the good old days m when he was a thug smashing in face , thinking how it would be easy to be the boss it an;it not by along shot.

"I wont do it again Mr arrow" Leeny was getting showen out by two of my boys, I caught him on the camera's cheat'en in my casino ,It dont happen "Hey lenny thought Id pop down say hello" Arrow craked two of his knucles , He looked up at Carl and Liddel, "Back room boys" Liddel use to be a cage fighter but after the wars he realised the money was better , Lets just say doing side jobs for me and he was mean one punch could take out a truck , I kid you not, Carl was just the same big boy straight out of broklyen knew how to handle himself.

Lenny was throwen in a chair his hands tied down , Now im all for letting my boys do the work , but some time you got to show them that your willing to get your hands dirty, I lifted my foot and slammed it in his chest, the chari flew back , He even hit his head off the floor a nice thud came when it hit, I walked round, "Im s....oerry.." He was finding it hard to talk , Due to my foot bein on his neck, I kneal down making sure i let my knee cap hit him in the throat and then punch his ugly little face till it feels like sluch.

"Chuck , Drop him of at the palace, Let see if we can scare some business over are way", Picking up a towel on the way out I cleaned my hands, Vegas has'nt changed that much.

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Resued sat next to a gargoyle on one of the many cement steps on the roof his mask lighting up in the moonlight, he heard a smash and quickly looked over the edge a pissed man had just been chucked out a window "One of the crime leaders" he said to the gargoyle "oh why am I talking to you ?" he knew there was blood nearby, he didn't go to the crime lord he could be dead, instead he jumped down to the window wear he was chucked out. His black coat floated down after him "Evening chaps" two of them ran one stayed he shot rapidly at Resued. Resued walked on hitting the gun out his hand, the man quickly picked up the bat but it was to late Resued was at his neck draining him of life. He dropped the man and knew he had to go Van Helsing was hot on his track.

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Malcolm walked fast. Cold fury burning deep inside him. There was no point in calling the police. Cassander had them eating out of the palm of his hand, when the murders were reported Malcolm would be the prime target. What he needed to do now was disapeer into the crowds and plan his revenge. The last straight cop on the force was about to go outside the law.

Malcolm ducked through the low door to a sub-terainian bar and strode up to the counter. Someone protested but he ignored him.

"Double whiskey" he said to the bar man.

Behind him the protesting man was getting rowdy.

"Hey asshole, Im talking to you." the man put his hand on Malcolm shoulder in a buissness-like manner.

Malcolm accepted the glass from the barkeep, drained it in one go, turned and dragged the man into a headbutt. With a grim sense of satisfaction he felt the mans nose break. A crony tried to muscle his way through the crowd to help the now groaning man but Malcolm caught him with a viscious backhand which sent him reeling into the packed bodies. The man in his hands quaked.

"You can't kill me, Im under Cassander's protection."

Malcolm grinned in the flurecent ligh of the bar. He punched the man again, drawing a gasp from the crowd of onlookers. Then he took the mans wallet and smashed him into the bartop. The bar man came up from behind the bar with a baseball bat. With a sigh MAlcolm shoved his gun into the barmans face.

"Look. Ive had a bad day, Id realy like to kill someone. But unless you agrivate the situation im not going to. SO DROP THE FUCKING BAT!"

The man quivered noticeably and dropped it obediantly. Malcolm grabbed a bottle from below the bar and smahed it into the recovering bouncers face. He then proceded to cut up the protected man. The crowd was dispersing quickly, his screams making many feel that they should be elsewhere with a alibi. Malcolm pulled the mutilated man close to his face. Savouring his fear.

"Tell Cassander the Malcolm sent ya!" he spat in his face, dropped him and walked from the bar. Leaving a stunned silence in his wake.

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Van looked up from the ground seeing Resued he clutched his stake shooter jumped through a window and started running up the stairs pushing people aside. His black coat and black hair waving about "gott ya this time Resued" he muttered to himself pushing a man in a black coat aside.

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Malcolm was back out on the street. A few patrons of the club were still hanging around. He turned towards them and shouted,


They tool off at a run. Malcolm laughed and turned into an alley, trying to wipe away the blood that had splattered onto his coat. He paused and lent against the wall in order to laugh himself back to sanity. The harsh noise ringing in the enclosed space. A group of youths approached him. The first came a little to close and pulled a knife. Without hesitation Malcolm rammed his elbow into the kids throat, bursting his wind pipe. Before he had even hit the ground Malcolm had his pistol out and had plugged two of the others. The remainder fled.

One of the gang groaned and tried to drag himself away. Malcolm kicked himonto his back and pointed the gun at his head. The kid was young, fifteen or sixteen. Two hours ago Malcolm wouldnt be in this situation. If a gang had tried to mug him he would have broken ones arm and arrested the whole bunch. Not now. Not after hat had happened. All that was good in him had been stripped away by the deaths of his family.

The kid was looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. The fear was evident on his face and he begged for mercy with his eyes. Malcolm's face was grim.

"Reap the whirlwind." he said and pulled the trigger.

That was one kid who'd never buy his first drink in a pub. Malcolm realised that he was out of ammo. He pulled out the man at the bars wallet and rummaged through it. Inside one compartment was six hundred dollars, in crisp bills. Malcolm grinned without humor. Cassander was paying for his own execution.

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It was near closing time for The Portal, well the closest you get to closing time when you're dealing with multiple time zones.

Akwa was clearing out the tables when a brawl started between a group of Vegas natives and a group of Skwarmians.

Akwa sighed and he picked up a laser blaster. "Alright guys, break it up!"

The humans walked out the door as the Skwarmians, mumbling stepped back into the portal.

Akwa mopped his brow as he locked the bar and pressed a button that altered the 3-D sign so it also said 'Closed'. Enjoyable as it was, Akwa was beginning to think that running this bar alone was beginning to get to him.

So after much thought, Akwa pressed a few more buttons so the sign also said 'Help Wanted'.

Akwa then walked back to his bedroom which was at the bar. He always slept in the main room in his bar, the bar was too precious to him for him to leave it.