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Concrete, steel, grey everywhere…

It made the GeNext Laboratory feel like a prison. To test subject Greg Harris, over the past two weeks, that was exactly what it was. The large man clenched his jaw as one the jailers scientists inputted the code to open his cell door.

The harsh fluorescent light in Harris’ cell reflected off of Dr. Nanyakarra’s oval glasses, making him seem less than human. “President Newcastle is dead,” Nanyakarra said without an ounce of emotion in his voice. “We need to move, now.”

Two broad-shouldered security guards stepped out from behind the sinister doctor and into the cell, each one grabbing Harris by an arm. After two days of food and sleep deprivation, the test subject could put up no fight. Still, he did everything in his power to keep his head up high as he was dragged out of the cell and into the drab, grey corridors of the GeNext compound.

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Four weeks ago, the former All-American, NFL-bound football standout had come through these same corridors with nothing but optimism in his poor, naive head. “We’ll make you into a better man," the project’s representatives had promised. “Who knows? Maybe you'll make it to the NFL after all." As if the promise of regaining the glory he had lost years ago wasn't already enough, the financial compensation he was being offered for participating in the trials had made him readily amenable to the idea of leaving his young daughter for what he initially thought was a two week stay at the compound.

"Natalie..." Greg whispered under his breath. If he squinted just hard enough he could remember what she looked like, how her hair smelled when he would hold her, how she looked at him with loving, innocent eyes. One of the guards noticed the tear streaming down the prisoner's cheek and snickered, muttering an insult to no one in particular. Harris planted a foot, halting the group’s progress and almost causing the guard to stumble. “What did you say?” he forced out through clenched teeth, violent eyes locked in on the imposing guard.

"Now, now, Test Subject 12, there’s no need to get testy," Dr. Nanyakarra interjected. "We know you haven't had a meal in a couple days, but we'll get something in that poor stomach of yours soo-...."

"My name is Greg...Greg Harris, not Test Subject 12" the fed up test subject interrupted.

“Your name is whatever I want it to be,” responded Dr. Nanyakarra as he reached for the other guard’s Shock Stick. “You'd be wise to remember who it was that gave you your legs back.”

The moment the Shock Stick made contact with Greg’s exposed skin, a torrent of pain coursed through his being. Harris’ obvious show of pain only encouraged the good doctor who now pushed the infernal weapon tighter against his subject’s body.

“You...you’re gonna kill him.” Harris heard one of the guards say over the crackle of electricity and smell of smoking flesh.

Pain is an interesting thing. It causes a lot of unneeded suffering....but it can also be a catalyst. People are pushed to great heights because of the pain that flows through their bodies, and now every cell in Greg’s scientifically-altered one was being pushed to the absolute limit because of pain.

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As he let out a mighty roar, Harris' body began growing to double, triple its normal size, a weathered and beaten frame replaced by bulging muscle in a matter of seconds. Dr. Nanyakarra 's attack had ceased. Instead he now lay prone on the floor, terrified eyes looking up at the hulking green monstrosity through the broken glass of his eye-wear. Finally, he was showing some emotion.

As the monster’s powerful hands took the mad scientist's head in its hands, Dr. Nanyakarra couldn’t help but think about how poetic this all was. A man, torn asunder by his very creation; the hubris of human invention coming back to bite him in the ass. Mary Shelley would be proud. Whether the monster agreed to the poeticness of the situation as he crushed the good doctor’s head in between his meaty palms remains unknown.

Alarms rang out throughout the compound as men in riot gear flooded the corridor. The pain derived from the initial rain of bullets that barreled into his thick skin further fueled the jade giant, who used his newfound strength to tear at the mass of uniformed men. With every swing of his immense arms, he showered the walls with blood and guts. Suddenly, the room wasn’t so grey anymore.

Higher and higher the Freak ran through the winding tunnels, encountering pockets of resistance on every floor, and doing away with them much too easily. Finally he reached an imposing steel door, one he was able to tear through in the time that it took most men to take a piss.

With the afternoon sun warming his viridescent skin, the Freak let out a terrible roar, the whole military base he was standing on vibrating in his rage. Just miles away, the Freak could see a twinkle and in a brief moment of lucidity he could just make out the writing on the sign. “Las Vegas.”

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His legs, like two thick logs cut from an ancient Sequoia, compressed and pushed up against the concrete surface, making the ground crack under him and propelling him high into the hot, thick air of western Nevada.

“We’ll make you into a better man,” they had told him.

Instead, they made him into a Freak.

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“I can’t put cases on any of these people” Crews sighed dropping multiple packets on her desk. “There just isn’t enough evidence to link any of these men to Defalco” She lamented with her hands press hard against her cranium. She’d been working the Defalco extortion case for a while, He was involved in everything from narcotics smuggling to human trafficking, but the only thing she could legit get him with was extortion—and now not even that. Crews was never really a good field agent, it’s why she was always coupled with the rambunctious Sarah Castillo. He partner/best friend had everything she needed to literally beat the answers out of the criminals. Currently, Castillo was on administrative leave, leaving the high-strung Crews to handle most of the cases on her own.

“Crews any luck on the Defalco case?” Randy, her interim partner asked sliding into her office without knocking. “Whoa! Don’t do that, you don’t know what kind of nastiness I could be doing in here. Please knock next time” She replied head still deep in her computer.

“And no, most of the people on our suspects list have alibi’s that all check out” She could just make out her cellphone ringing at the corner of the desk. “Hello?” She answered holding up a finger to silence Randy for the duration of the phone call.

“Girl I was only gone for 20 minutes what’d you do paint a Bat signal on your vagina!?” Crews snapped, her cousin was in an abusive relationship, she was supposed to be helping her forget him, but neither of them were doing a good job.

“I miss waterboarding, we used to get legit answers.” Crews jested still stressing over her findings. “Crews Waterboarding is inhumane.” Randy retorted actually surprised.

“OMG who gave you a yeast infection. Waterboarding was done in the name of freedom” she said, with a smirk emerging at the pit corners of her lips. “Besides my Uncle Same pays me to much to NOT get answers”

Crews pushed her eyes back on the paperwork she threw across her desk, only to be interrupted by Randy’s phone. She could tell by the look in his eyes it was something grave. “What’s the matter?” She asked as he slipped his phone back into his Dockers.

“That was HQ they said there was something big heading towards Vegas” he reported picking up his coat. “They better call the fricken Avengers, that’s not our job!” She snapped.

“Well they called us.” He replied.

“There are over 400 registered Superheroes in the United States, they want US to go and investigate something that’s possibly bigger than us? Fricken ridiculous!” She added. Crews briefly worked with S.T.R.I.K.E, she’d battled Aliens possessed indivuals and reality warping goddess’, she and Castillo were sort of experts on “things being out of their hands”

Taking her coat, she grumbled all the way to the black suburban. “I really wish I hadn’t stopped doing cocaine I could really use a few lines right now

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"Stay down or I will KEEP you down." West says through clenched teeth, his forearm jammed into the back of a water shifting meta's neck that leaked hot steam from the superheated attack that depleted the water in his body to near nill. "FAWK you pig! Ain't no prison that can hold me!"

"FAWK you pig! Ain't no prison that can hold me! Whatchu never heard of me cabron? I'm the Water Dragon!"

His cyborgian arm's hand turning into two large "O's" and clamping around the enhanced latin king's wrists. The sides of the cuffs illuminate with three red bars meaning the dampeners were online. Jerking the man upto his feet Captain West looks him in his dead eyes, "Guessin' you never heard of us. We're The Force. And you're not going to just any prison 'cabron', you're goin' to Alcatrez with the rest of the rest of the degenerates like you." Dragging him over to a squad car West shoves him into the cell in the rear, the doors slowly starting to close "Tell'em West sent you."


"My aunt Jemima don't, want, none unless you got cakes, hun..." Danny says squeezing syrup on to his day old nuked pancakes at the control center of The Force HQ, a major violation of protocol so close to the sensitive computer systems. " When the chef puts those round things on your plate you get-" Not paying attention to absent minded Donut Danny spills the entire bottle of goopy syrup on the panel, "Sprung! I mean shoot...shoot shoot shoooot...Cap's gonna kill me." Grabbing paper towels he tries to wipe it up, only making it worse by leaving clumps of torn paper all over the buttons, then he starts pressing them to drain the syrup as it swarms out of the edges. He didn't even realize he had put in the coordinates for Las Vegas on the remote viewer.

No Caption Provided

"Holy Jesus!" Rolling with the speed of ten diabetics Danny reaches the radio panel, "Calling all units, calling all units! There's an unknown...thing heading for Las Vegas! Get to the nearest teleportation pod and jump to coordinates..." He reads off the calculations ten miles ahead of the monster, unsure if it would give them a head start or close on it's trail. Its jumps were at least two miles per lift off.


Looking at Mendax, his partner, Captain West clicks his ear piece, "Copy Central, what exactly are we dealing with here?"

" *Kich* I don't know sir, it's not a meta, but it's not a mutant either I don't think...it's some kinda, Freak of nature!" He pants into the microphone

"Alright I'm opening up all lines of communique. All Force members rally on the coordinates given. We're going to form a blockade between Vegas and this thing, this Freak. We can't waste time Jabber jawin'. Get there and we'll get our act together on site. Captain out. Mendax, tell Kelly to hit the gas. Hard."


The shimmer of the pods almost blinds them, eyes readjusting from the sudden scenery rearrangement from the HQ field comm center to the dry and baron desert of Nevada. Mendax and West step off the metal pod floor, the entire structure folding in on itself to return back to HQ.

Loading his gun with high explosive rounds that turn the barrel a hot white and orange, he can already make out the dust storm in the far horizon produced by something...green.

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@lance_west: @the_freak

The Custodian teleported in a few moments behind Captain West. She moved aside to wait for her partner and stood alongside Captain West and his partner. She gazed out at the dust storm she carries no weapons and has still yet to bother with body armor. All she carried other than her badge and usual costume was the cuffs needed to dampen meta powers. She smiled a little as she watched the dust storm approaching. "Do you have to shoot it first?" She asked, glancing over at the gun. "Maybe there's something wrong we can help it with instead." Of course The Custodian was no fool, she knew they might have to fight it and if they did, she was ready.

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The Gravity Princess played with the area a bit while she waited, gathering a sense of its properties. Particles of dust and sand levitated a few inches off of the ground. She was doing more than toying with gravity though, she was preparing her first salvo should things get violent. All around them particles continued to float up from the ground until tens of thousands of bits of sand levitated in waiting. Light gleamed in her right palm as well, the young binary prepared for a one-two punch of sorts.

"Any word on what it is? 'Freak' isn't a good description and is honestly a little narrow minded. Is it tall? It is muscle bound? Male or female? Black, white, green, navy blue with stripes?" She shrugged a little. "It would just be good to have a little more information going in is all. I'm sure it's supposed to be scary and everything but scary in what way? One time on the planet Belthanox I encountered something with tentacles for a face, that thing was weird and let me tell you, not scary in the least, actually very nice and diplomatic. Last time I saw it was helping that planet's version of an old lady cross its version of a street. You know I really should have brought some coffee, I had some for the first time earlier and it was surprisingly good, people said it makes you really energetic but I don't think I noticed a difference."

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@the_freak: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @the_custodian:

Owl heard the call as he glided leisurely,

'So now I have something to do, let us see just what we're dealing with.' He thought as he shifted from a silent owl to a large falcon like creature and shot off up and towards Las Vegas. He'd be there soon.

"We have a talkative one apparently. Well I'm sure you've seen many things puella but we don't need to hear your life experience. I'm certain plenty of us have our own." He said to The Custodian as he got close by. The word puella was in fact latin for girl, or other forms of the word girl. Although being in the form of a falcon he may not have been recognized as Owl, then again how many shapeshifters choose to be giant flying birds, or fowl of any kind for that matter.

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@owl_: @the_freak: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @the_custodian:

With a flicker of light with glistening particle effects and an entirely disorienting process to Calamity the sisters arrived on the scene alongside their team. A lack of brush or anything note worthy was the setting mostly just dirt rock and lonesome weeds. Couldn't even be the rolling sand dunes of a cool desert no it was that dry dullness of the states. Caly was a city girl, she benefitted from her suroundings there but this region was a dull domain that her brow instantly furrowed. "You said Vegas, I wanted to sledgehammer slot machines maybe use all those quarters as shrapnel."

"Caly shut up" Rose remarked annoyed not just by her but her other team mates. It was acceptable for her to rag on her girlfriend however more so then the team. The emerald skinned beauty and the jester always had a sort of affectionate degrading back and forth. Insulting the others though wasn't the hero thing however and Rose did want to change.

"I'm just saying unless we go to Area 51 and get a Call o Duty ray gun this mission is ass." The jester remarked looking at the horizon as dust built up and a large emerald skinned figure came into sight. "Hey he's green! Rose you didn't tell me we had a bro." Calamity failing to take any of this Force position seriously neither her job or the danger.

"Between your bad jokes, your boasting, and your sass I'm struggling to like you people." Rose remarked in regards to the bird the janitor and the clown. She had a roll of the eyes and annoyed tone as opposed to outright bitter or hostile. As a criminal rehabilitating however she was far from perfect. Her anger was taken out by the channeling of plant life sent the jade titan's way.

Being in a desert plant life was limited it'd be best she knew to try and conjure the fauna befitting of a desert. Fortunately she knew that in Africa they had such a mighty tree in the Baobab. Able to rise to a hundred feet tall with trunks thirty feet in diameter they were a colossal entity lasting thousands of years, the most notable one bigger still and over six thousand years old. Changing the weeds to roots through her control of plant life and accelerating the growth the floral vixen tried to turn treaded earth into a minefield as these towering trees sprung from the ground seeking to ensnare the muscular juggernaut. This action made all the better by the design of such trees.

For the Baobab looks almost upside down as if it's roots were reaching out as opposed to branches. Lacking in leeves it'd look almost as if tree was a wooden hand grasping for the freak in question. And Rose found herself realizing being a hero might not be so hard if she just channeled her frustration to trying to snap the bones of the ever abundant criminals. Justice could be violent to she was sure Tyrant would agree, Tyrant being one of the two central people involved in the capture that led to the new life of the Antidolls. "Janitor dear, I get where your coming from but no we should shoot first. He doesn't look like he wants to discuss your tentacle stories."

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@antidoll: @owl_: @the_custodian: @lance_west:

With every powerful thrust of his muscle-bound legs, the Freak came thirty yards closer to the cluster of glimmering lights that was the city of Las Vegas. The air flowing through his hair and off of his shoulders brought him back to a better time, a time when he had been whole, a time when every agile move he made elicited feverish roars from the euphoric crowds that would come to see him work his magic on the football field. Greg “The Hunter” Harris they had lovingly dubbed him, because of the way he “hunted” for the end zone every time the ball was put in his hands.

Where part of him felt a measure of fear for the monster he had become, and anger for what he had been put through, another part was enjoying this. Once again, he was the biggest man on the field, dominating with every leap and bound. The whole world feared him, and rightfully so.

No Caption Provided

As he took another hurdle forward, the jade monstrosity noticed a bright flash of light, and in an instant the unobstructed desert sands that had stood between him and the city that he was set on dismantling was filled with a peculiar group of people. Forcing his foot down hard on the ground, the green Goliath's landing sent out a cataclysmic shock wave that shook the immediate area and sent another thick cloud of dust into the air.

After the dust settled, the monster could see that his landfall had created a wide crater all around him. His verdant eyes shot out towards the group of five or so individuals that stood between him and the city. Something about them was off. Were they with GeNext, here to capture him and bring him back into captivity?

At the thought, the memory of the torture he had been through replayed in his mind, like a sick slideshow. Sleep deprivation, starvation, shock therapy, poking, prodding, threatening, and worst of all: isolation from the daughter that he loved with all of his heart. His anger grew with every image that now came flooding back.

A guttural and threatening roar shot forth from his frothing mouth as he took a massive step towards the new challengers. In what had felt like seconds, he had earlier torn through a legion of heavily armed men. What’s five more puny weirdos with guns?

With all of the force of a freight train, the Freak leapt forward, a missile of flesh, muscle, and pure aggression looking to take out as many of his challengers that he could. At the speed that the Green Goliath was going, the force of a collision would absolutely be enough to shatter the bones of any normal man or woman that would dare stand in his way.

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Most people have to ask for a day off, some even have to beg, but Michael was actually ordered to take one. It seemed Captain West wasn’t too fond of the consecutive days the Detective had spent staying at the HQ way too long. The Captain’s reasoning was something along the lines of, “You’ won’t be much use when you keep this up, but since you insist on doing it anyways, I’m ordering you to take a day off.” Even though Michael had argued about it, he could see the Captain’s reasoning.

For that very reason today Whitaker sat on a bench in a beautiful park. He had one arm around the back of the bench and the other on a freshly brewed large coffee he had gotten at a nearby coffee shop. As he took another drink, he scanned the park, the scenery was a sight to see, yes, but Michael was interested in other things. People watching was something he did from time to time, and he found it quite enjoyable. It was something he saw as a challenge. Right now, he was looking at a woman and a man on a bench near him, and he had figured out a couple of things.

  • The man and women were speaking to each other. The man spoke shortly, while the woman seemed to carry the conversation. Meaning the conversation was more important for one than the other.

  • The man’s eyes were directed towards another woman in the park, he seemed to be attracted to her, and the woman had noticed. Possible reason for the conversation.

  • The woman was wearing a ring, and was sliding it up and down her finger, the man on the other hand wasn’t even wearing one. Was the woman doubting being married?

As Michael finished determining the situation between the broken couple, he received communication from HQ, “...Get to the nearest teleportation pod and jump to coordinates..." Michael rose from the bench in a hurry passing the woman, he gave a slight smile as to say, “It’ll be okay.”

After making great time to the HQ, Whitaker had already received the Team Message from the Captain. In the blink of the eye, he was right at the coordinates he had received. As Detective Whitaker stepped off of the teleportation pad with his coffee still in one of his hands, he felt the cataclysmic power from the target. The target had forced themselves down causing ripples on the very ground they stood on. Michael stumbled to the floor, and was having trouble re stabling because the Green Monster’s roar was deafening. As the Detective was forced to his hands and knees, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of guilt coming over him. Had he denied the Captain’s order more, he would have been here sooner. He could have possibly understood something more about the target, before the action had occurred. Michael hated to feel as if was the weak link, but it’s what he was feeling at the time.

He rose from the ground, wiping the thought away from his mind as he put some explosive rounds into his gun. He saw the Monster racing towards him, at the size of the target and it’s speed, the result would very damaging to say the least. Michael ran lateral to the target firing three explosive rounds aiming at both shoulders and the last shot was aimed towards its abdomen. Michael understood that his speed of running would not free him completely from the full effect of the Green Giant’s leap, so he prepared for the after effect’s shock waves, hoping the other team members could relieve some of the tension in the fight.

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@the_freak: @antidoll: @owl_: @lance_west: @detective_whitaker

The Custodian ignored all the negativity directed at her. When the beast landed and created tremors she floated up off of the ground with a swift adjustment to the pull of gravity on her own body, avoiding instability caused by tremors. She held herself back still until he launched himself at them and the fighting started. Shaking her head she gave up on the idea of diplomacy the moment bullets started flying. With a quick flick of her wrest she sent a veritable storm of dust and sand flying straight at the leaping Freak at hundreds of miles per hour.

It won't hurt him, but it will temporarily blind him if he isn't careful and could prevent him from following up his pounce with any immediate attacks. Speaking of his pounce... The Custodian reached out with her mind and began to manipulate the flow of gravity for The Freak. The intention was to make the pull of gravity increasingly heavy for him. If her attack worked it would drag him into the ground before he reached The Force. Unfortunately he looks really strong, it might pull him out of his initial attack but with that kind of strength he'll be able to stand again. I have to be extremely careful or I'll crush him like a bug...or I'll just make it slightly annoying for him. Careful balance, very careful balance.

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@lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker: @the_custodian: @the_freak:

The monster was fast, but Owl had gained experience with fast brutes. As the Jade giant got close enough his wings flapped hard launching himself higher into the air. He dived then launched up again to avoid the following attack. He shifted into his more human version, a man seemingly dressed as a black owl. He glided across from somewhat of a distance, never good to get to close to a strong man if you can fight from a distance. Don't let them touch you. Actually, that was a good rule for anyone.

He spun in the air his cape collapsing as he threw an orb shaped device at where The Freak should land. It was designed to fire needles covered in enough tranquilizer to take down an elephant, which may or may not be enough. Although it's particular design meant it actually couldn't kill its target, to make certain it was non lethal. He dropped to the ground crouching and waiting for whoever made the next move.

'He's green, extremely angry and violent, far superior to human peak. I assume this is either a mutant, experiment, or augmentation of some sort of enhancement. I haven't seen green big guys for a while, although none had a humanoid look. Probably not magic.

Potential weak points:

Pressure points.


Energy drainers.



Suggested attacks and weaponry:

Calming techniques may assist mental state.

Attack pressure points, use steel rods or alternate hard material.

Attempt to temporarily blind eyes. Permenently if required.

Defensive maneuvers:

Agility and speed, mostly agility as his speed is impressive. Dodge.

Keep distance.

Smoke screens.


Do not suggest:

Close combat.

Blades that do not kill will likely increase anger and adrenaline, more danger.

Underestimating speed or strength.

Get in the way of team members may cause disaster. '

Strategies and contengincies went through his head in mere moments as he surveyed the area. He hadn't said a word since the fighting started. Although he may want to soon.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

“You honestly don’t think the metas we have on the force will contain whatever it is?” Randy asked as the two human officers exited the vehicle. “I trust them as bout’ as much as I trust you to get laid later on” She said pushing toward the LVPD. “Why aren’t we assisting the other members of the team?” Randy ask again, this time bugging the living hell out of Crews. “For two reasons Randy, 1. I don’t get paid enough for this shit. 2 whatever is out there can, and probably will crush us.” The duo moved toward the LVPD Captain shaking his hands Crews took note to the lack of concern they had for what was taking place just outside their city. Did they not feel the concussive booms? “Captain, I’m Special Agent Crews FORCE PD and FBI. I need you to evacuate the City of Las Vegas immediately.”

The stifled laughs originating behind the captain caught her attention, what the hell was so funny? “I’m sorry Special Agent, but we simply can’t do that. We’re expected to bring in so much revenue today. It’s the L.A Dragons first game.” The Captain replied drawing a raised brow from Crews. “You’re jeopardizing the safety of an entire city for a goddang football game?!” Crews snapped violently storming toward the Captain only to be halted by Randy.

“Can’t you hear the problem from here?” She asked pointing in the direction of the battle, but it was clear the Captain had written it off as a military training event. “Captain, you played tight end in college, if you don’t get this city evacuated, I’ll make sure you play wide receiver in prison!” The Captain sighed, and in a few moments he had the commissioner on the phone with the order to evacuate Vegas.

“Now they can’t say we haven’t helped, if whatever the hell is out here gets here. We’ve at least minimized casualties.” Randy said sort of proud. “Gum?” Crew said eying Randy’s hand as he pulled it from his dockers. The moment it met with Crews hand she jammed it in Randy’s mouth. “Sheesh, your breath smells like someone else’s breath.”

Within a matter of moments all major highways North, South and West of Vegas were flooded with civilians; even police task force from Reno sped down to expedite the process. “Ahhh Damn…” Crews lamented.

“What’s wrong?” Randy asked making sure the gum met every corner of his mouth. “We’ve evacuated all the hot dogs stands.”

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"Did you hear that?" Brian questioned, reasonably startled by the rumblings shaking the ground beneath his soles. If apprehending this freak wasn't cause for concern, then the band of officers enlisted on this hastily put together defensive protocol was.

Truth be told, Brian felt like he couldn't trust anyone here with his life. How could he? He wasn't even sure where he stood with most of them, especially @lance_west. And now he was expected to work with them.

"He's heading our way! Take positions!" He shouted, actively participating in the protective operation after moments of brooding in the background. Despite his reservations the veteran detective understood he had as much to prove here as anyone else. With that in mind, the clean cut connoisseur of justice whipped out his comm device in the midst of tension.

From his perspective time slowed down. Brian could see @the_custodian prepare her gravity powers to subdue @the_freak while the gunslinger @detective_whitaker aimed for the eyes in hopes of blinding the jaded giant. Their maneuvers were noteworthy, but their actions would only cause more chaos. As a result, the self-professed leader took it upon himself to handle damage control.

"Kelly, protect the Force!" Regardless of how these attacks ended, Brian knew the freak would crash onto the ground. What he didn't want, however, was for the beast to annihilate his coworkers like Sunday morning flapjacks.

So, in the few minutes before the worst could happen the technical technopath called his cruiser to the battlefront. It drifted around himself and the captain, with the intention of smacking against the freak with just enough power to send it a few feet backwards. If that didn't work, the cruiser would be destroyed, but hopefully it'd stop the freak in its' tracks considering the other attacks were still at play.

Regardless, Brian would be thrown back after the collision and he'd find himself firmly planted on the ground, bleeding from his forehead. Unlike his fellow officers, Brian's powers weren't as fully developed as one might hope they would be at his age. It left him more vulnerable than most, but it wouldn't stop him from pushing himself back up.

"Let's get this shit over with!" He jokingly exclaimed, spitting on the floor before pulling out a gun of his own.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

No Caption Provided

"@special_agent_crews, you and your lap dog are relieved of your command." Stepping down the ramp of the military style chopper, a man in a black lab coat with his hands calmly held behind his back brushes past the detective, her presence completely irrelevent to him. "Genext now has the situation under control. Please evacuate with the other unqualified civilians"

An assistant was already opposite the chopper, lining up small black and green raisins in a row. "Sir, the men are waiting for restructuring."

"Good, Let's do this quickly and get to the new laboratory before we draw more unwarranted attention." Pulling what seemed like a pistol from his coat's breast pocket the scientist aims at the line, bold letters on the side of the barrel reading "wide array".

He pulls the trigger and an emerald energy releases from the vibrating hand gun in a wide burst, a frequency of anknown range emitting from it's beam as it engulfs the small black dots, as they rumble in place, shaking the earth beneath them with a weight incomprehensibly heavier than their minute size. Sense suddenly makes it's way, as the line of black dots rapidly expand to become a fleet of 30 advanced warfare tanks outfitted with customized weaponry, each holding five to eight men within, equipped with weaponry specially designed, to nullify the green skinned freak...

And return him to the hands of Genext for further study, and inevitable dissection.


"That's what I like to see people, keep pouring it on, but keep it nonlethal! I want answers damn it!" Lance says witnessing the impressive skill of his brothers in arms, good old Whitaker acting on his honed professional reflexes with a rotator cuff and gut shot to the mid-air monster who sunk like the world was on his shoulders into a pit of Earth by The Custodian, flayed with needles by The Owl and executed to completion by a powerful tree enclosing him thanks to the greener half of the Antidoll girls.

"Alright, let's try and end this and get this bastard back to an extended stay in an HQ cell before he catches his second wind!" West yells with his rifle on his shoulder, the scope aiming at the forehead of the beast as he rides full throttle on Kelly's hood at The Freak, "If this doesn't work..." He says ticking the scope to the clearest sight range "I'm going to be mighty pissed..."

Pulling the trigger a cannonball sized bullet releases from the chamber at lightning speed straight into the face of the verdent monster, Lance front flipping over the planted monster as Kelly rams headlong into whatever was left beneath the rubble and smoke. Rolling into a kneeled position, using his hand cannon as a placer, West slides to a stop beside Whitaker, waiting for the smoke to clear to see what they had left.

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Like their villainous origins would dictate the two convicts made efforts to be the first to strike. Where the respectful blue usually would wait to make a judgment call Rose and Calamity would much rather shoot first. As trees sprung like land mines however it seemed the emerald beast was unhindered. Most of the wood splintering from titanic might that surpassed it in every fashion. However while the pair was not the smartest or strongest they were far from out of options. A look between the girls and they knew of the plan to execute. With a wave of the hand a small patch of flowers rose from the soil.

As the flowers blossomed the sledge hammer with an artistic spin smashed the alabaster buds. The contents of the plants crafted a powder like substance to consume the hammer. More of the flowers were woven about the hammer and for someone dressed like a clown rock goddess the design was a bit unorthodox and far from an intimidating design. It was however Curare that coated the weapon of choice.

Within this plant was a substance that disrupted nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, neuron receptor proteins that respond to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. In short it caused chaos on brain and motor functions. It was most commonly known for a lethality of paralysis or asphyxiation however given the opposition the duo was confident that they couldn't deliver a lethal dose. From what they've heard of the steroid monster type of opposition they bounced back from most things. They fealt they could use lethal measures here despite it generally being taboo of their new life style.

A barrage of attacks marked the giant looking to put him down. From gravitational influence to cars and bullets. A versatile array of attacks was sent the freak's way while others were taking cover or evading Caly dashed forward looking to collide her hammer with the monster's gut as he landed. Typically the super strong saw the world crumble before them smashing down walls and the like however Calamity was a bit of an immediate counter balance to this. For when in motion she was almost indestructible, through this she was more like a car running into a wall then a beast striking a skinny teenager. If her hammer met flesh it likely would be victorious in the test of endurance for it and the jester were in motion. With increased gravity also pulling downward do to the cosmic janitor the sledgehammer would burrow into flesh and muscle. Where in the toxic elements of the plant like paste would be delivered into the body.

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@special_agent_crews: @detective_whitaker: @the_custodian: @owl_: @closure: @lance_west:@antidoll:

The first things to hit the rampaging brute were the bullets. There were three to be exact, expertly aimed at his shoulders and abdomen. The bullets themselves felt like mere pinpricks. Each hit with speed and force but never got deeper than the monster's upper layer of flesh, unable to soldier through the thick tangle of muscles his body had become. The small explosions that the bullets made on contact with the green giant, however, knocked him out of balance to the point that his trajectory was no longer leading him towards the center of the congregated challengers.

With a tremendous crash, the green giant slammed against the southern Nevada desert floor once more, creating another small crater in his wake. The point at which each bullet had met the surface of his body was smoking, and the scent of charred flesh invaded his nose. Yet as quickly as the bullets had hit him, the Freak’s genetically altered body seemed to be going into damage control, healing and replenishing the seared tissue. Even as the burns healed, the pain lingered, and it was the pain, as the monster was quickly learning, that fueled his intense might.

Now resolved to crush the crew, he turned his sight back on them, or at least he tried to, but was met by a whirlwind of sand and dust that blinded his field of vision.

“AAARGGHHH!” He roared in anger and annoyance. While both attacks had been minor inconveniences, their combination and quick succession had stopped the ogre in his treks. With his vision clouded, the monster commenced his trek once more, resolved to reach his destination this time. He slowly began picking up speed, but suddenly he felt weak, as if his body had grown three times heavier.

With the dust finally settling, the monster’s sharp eyes caught sight of woman floating above the rest of the group. Her hands seemed to hint at the fact that she may be the source of the colossus’ newfound inability to move. “You!” he cried out, his voice irate, deep, and booming.

With all the strength his body could muster against the immense pull of gravity, the Freak brought his hands together powerfully, creating a potent gust of energy and a thunderous clap directed at the floating woman. It was the type of attack that if it connected at full force with a normal human, it could easily tear flesh from bone. “No more fly girl!”

No Caption Provided

Adapting to the heavy pull of gravity, the mutated horror once again intended to soldier on only to be attacked once again from above. A strange orb landed right in front of him and at soon as it hit the ground, a million small needles catapulted out of it. If the bullets from the first attacker felt like mere pricks on his thick hide, these needles felt like tickles from a feather, never even breaking his skin and instead bouncing off of him and falling at his feet.

“Heh heh, little bird say bye.” he muttered, directing himself at the winged attacker who hand landed in a crouched position nearby. The Freak stomped mightily at the bird man who had mounted the pitiful attack, trying to crush him beneath the sole of his gigantic foot, hoping that would be the last time he’d see the aeriform warrior.

Seeing the next attack coming from the very corner of his eye, the Freak could only move an inch or so before the massive bullet made contact. The subtle movement, saved the Freak's face from total annihilation, instead hitting his shoulder hard. Green blood sprayed everywhere, coloring the desert floor, as the monster roared in pain. His shattered shoulder hung loosely from its socket, rendering his left arm useless. As if the massive forceful blow of the bullet hadn’t been enough the aberration was moments later walloped by a police cruiser that hit with the strength of 455 horses.

Recalling his time as an all-american running back, the monster had the foresight to turn away from his now useless left arm and push back against the car with his right shoulder. He was certainly pushed back quite a bit by the police vehicle, but once he was able to plant his feet deep into the desert sand, he let out a burst of force that allowed him to pick up the car with one hand.

The dust cloud settling once more. the Freak could clearly make out the outline of two men standing nearby (West, Whitaker). Readying himself, he intended to launch the car back at these men and squash them like bugs. But suddenly...a strange sensation overpowered his being..

It wasn’t the small force of the hammer attack itself that caused the viridescent titan to finally fall, but something else, something that quickly invaded his mind, made it hard to think, hard to function. His body went numb, and with the numbness came an acute loss of strength. Suddenly unable to control his arms, he let the car fall onto his body, crushing him and pushing forcing him down into a depression in the desert sands. Even breathing was getting hard to do, as he looked out into the group of warriors that had fought him so valiantly, and had finally defeated him.


No Caption Provided

Helicopters rose out from the bright city of Las Vegas like hornets from a hive. The word “GeNext” was prominently plastered on each of the Black Hawk’s sides. “Sir...it seems that the test subject has been neutralized,” one of the pilots relayed through his coms, visibly impressed.

“Don’t be fooled, Marquez,” a commanding voice barked back. "The monster was designed to withstand a nuclear blast. Unless that group of freaks knows what they’re doing, he’ll be back up and rampaging in no time. Move in, the objective has not changed."

A row of tanks filed out of the city next, their guns all directed towards the super team had stood between the monster and the city. “Sir, what should we do with the uh…” He wasn’t sure what to call the eclectic clique that had valiantly fought to bring down the Freak.

“Theyre not with us. You know what to do,” the commanding officer responded coldly .

“But sir...they brought down the…”

“You heard me, Marquez. Neutralize all potential wildcards. If they're not with us, they're against us.”

Reluctantly, Brian Marquez, put in the command to the rest of his squadmates. “You heard the boss. Direct your fire at all entities on the ground. On my mark...Open fire”

His command unleashed a storm of bullets directed at the Force from above, as the fleet of tanks also drew near. The beast slumbered nearby, but only momentarily, his advanced healing factor already restoring his shattered left arm and his animalistic brain working tirelessly to regain control of all his motor functions.

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@the_freak: @special_agent_crews: @detective_whitaker: @owl_: @closure: @lance_west: @antidoll:

The Custodian was impressed with his physical prowess and ability to take damage and more impressed with his sheer strength to resist the gravity increase. When he slammed his hands together she had precious little time to react. The huge burst of wind immediately sent her flying backwards but because The Custodian didn't so much fly as levitate by altering gravity, she could correct for the wind. Focusing intently on the flow of gravity around her she immediately did the same thing to herself that she had done to the green giant, only to a much greater degree.

She fell from the sky, her feet slammed into the ground and she dropped forcefully into a low crouch as she forced the impossibly strong wind to fight the force of gravity. She felt cuts forming along her skin and her coat tore from her shoulders and flew back, quickly vanishing out of the combat area thanks to more than hurricane force winds. When the attack finally passed she groaned, her body ached not from the gravity but from the immense forces of wind that had tried to fight against nature's other extremely powerful force. Trenches had dug into the ground at her feet, despite the gravity the wind had forced her backwards almost a dozen feet, but her wild and out of control flailing had been successfully brought to an end.

For a few moments the Custodian remained in her crouch, catching her breath and trying to ignore the blood running down the side of her face. It took a great deal to wound a Binary but it wasn't impossible. What was impossible without very specific conditions was killing one. She knew her wounds would heal in time and she pressed on. The first threat to be dealt with, she thought, was going to be a thrown car but the entire attack came to an abrupt end.

It was in that moment she sensed a sudden change in the flow of gravity, projectiles were moving in their direction...from behind. The Custodian turned around slowly and her usual smile dissolved into a furious frown. Are they out of their freaking minds?! The Custodian put her hand out and closed her eyes, there was a lot of projectiles to account for cascading down from above. She needed to grab each one individually. Since she knew she could take the punishment she didn't bother with the ammunition sent her direction and acted instead to preserve her team. The bullets whipped through the air but they slowed...and slowed...until they were actually visible to the human eye, a cloud of led falling comically slowly towards The Force. Less than a foot above her comrades in The Force bullets lost all valuable momentum and simply plunked to the ground uselessly.

The Custodian was less lucky. Bullets struck all over her body, bouncing off her helmet but slamming through her shoulders, back and spine. She collapsed to the ground in a heap, a pool of yellow blood spreading out beneath her fallen body. Despite wounds that would have ripped a human to pieces The Custodian stirred after a few moments of utter stillness. Her body encountered death and simply told it to go away. Unfortunately the wounds were very real, even if they could never be fatal. The first sign of life was the fingers on her right hand slowly tightening into a fist and then relaxing. She shifted then, brought her hand beneath her and slowly forced herself to stand, blood flowing from bullet wounds with the consistency of water. It slowed her down for certain and she wouldn't be able to take another such storm and stay useful, but for now, she could carry on, though any idea of her fighting in hand to hand combat was certainly out of the question.

By and large The Custodian was not an angry person...but she and her group had just been betrayed and her friends needed her help. The teenage alien turned slowly to face the approaching tanks. She couldn't deal with the helicopters without killing everyone inside of them so she left them to the rest, not yet angry enough to kill. She opened her hands and held them palms out towards the tanks, blinding white lights gathering in her hands as she prepared a counter attack. Wounded as she was, it was going to take her time to fully prepare her assault.

No Caption Provided

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@the_custodian: @the_freak: @special_agent_crews: @detective_whitaker: @owl_: @closure: @lance_west:

"Well I'd say that went well enough." Rose said as the dust cleared from the rather epic barage of collaborative movement. A variety of action had impressively put the freak down almost before the ordeal had even begun. Of course nothing could ever be so easy as that, and on the horizon was a swarm of black dots tainting the cobalt skyline. Soon enough the distance was cleared and a ballad of constant noise was piercing ears as heavy automatic weapons began spraying potent ammunition. Rose had seen gunfire though plenty and something was off. While ofhers reacted, like Caly who went to use the giant's body as cover Rose noticed that the Janitor wasn't doing such an action.

"F---in hell" the jade skinned florist remarked dashing toward the woman looking to intervene. A few branches rose from the earth bark splintering in place of skin ripping. However she was new to playing a good person, used to only responding to protecting her sister. The attempted barrier was rusty at best and sure enough the Custodian was pummeled by heavy automatic fire. And to Rose's surprise it actually managed to get to her. She was always on the delivering end rarely seeing the ugliness for what it was. "I'm sorry I couldn't do better Jany" Rose asigning a name derived from her insistence on calling the woman janitor opposed to Custodian neither working as a name in Rose's eyes.

A vine sprung from the earth snaking upward to the closest low flying helicopter. The tentacle acting sprout coiled around the chopper tail looking to crush the metal as the flower based Antidoll ran along the tendril racing toward the open hatch. A small ball of moss formed in the woman's hand and was flung into the turret barrel clogging the weapon as Rose leaped into the chopper. Grabbing a soldier by his collar the jaded doll yanked the man from the helicopter leaving him to plummet to the ground. A bed of rose thorns formed along her arm which were soon used to back hand the other soldier in the helicopter. Leaving at least within that bird only the gunner and pilots. The gunner quick to raise a gun and fire into Rose's brow, her forehead parted like wood beneath the gunshot but little else was done.

"You know I'm trying to behave here" Rose remarked as vines sprung from her body and coiled around a trio of throats. "But you are making it really difficult." The villain trying to change her roots barely managing to avoid snapping necks. The helicopter soon crashing with the sound of twisting metal and cackling flames. Just out of harm from the wreckage a set of barely breathing soldiers. But this was but one of who knew how many helicopters within the skies.

Meanwhile Calamity hunched behind the monster moved to get a better look at the face of her cover. "Look bro we just trying to keep ya from ruining the land of lovely strippers. If ya wana help us slaughter your neo nazi ex captors I'm sure we've no issue with it." Caly hoping that maybe there was a chance of reasoning through a mutual desire of chaos.

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Crews stood watching the evacuation with her hands fixed on her hips, as a human, she generally didn’t feel she could offer anymore aid to the Force, the rest of it was purely up to the Metas. Her head snapped back like a whip, as the commanding voice of a rude man in a black lab coat push past them. “Who was he calling lapdog?” Randy whispered; to which Crews steadily gaze at him not saying anything. “Shut up. Let’s go see what he’s up to” She whispered stashed behind a car. As a federal agent in the FBI, Crews had general authority in every crisis situation as it pertained to the continental United States. This…man and his unknown organization had no right to tell her what she could and could not do.

“What’s that in his hand?” Randy asked peering from the same car just slightly atop Crews. “What’s that in your pants?” Crews asked with an almost wicked smile on her face. “This is hardly the time for that…” He said semi embarrassed. “No but I do believe I’ll have to reevaluate your physical fitness”

“Crews…” He beckoned shifting her attention to the cache of military grade weapons that appeared seemingly out of nowhere. “Are these guys some sort of Maverick Splinter Cell?” Randy asked again this time following Crews’ signal to sneak closer. “I doubt it, Maverick travels in small packs. They won’t unnecessarily show force. This group is kind of different.” Crews worked alongside Maverick in the Cataclysm, she saw what good that small group of people could do—this wasn’t Maverick she just knew.

“I’ve seen enough, Radio it in” Crews said, leading Randy back to the suburban with her head. While Randy was calling in the suspect groups, Crews moved low to the ground and without sound; slipping behind two armed guards she found herself tucked comfortably behind some cargo.

“Mr.West, this is Randy Skiles; we’ve got an unknown entity moving with military grade weapons toward your location. Crews and I are—Crews?”

He question realizing his partner was nowhere to be found.

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@lance_west: @special_agent_crews: @antidoll: @the_custodian: @the_freak:

The Freak was fast, and very durable apparently when the needles bounced off. But Owl's agility and speed allowed him go seem to defy gravity as he dropped almost flat and shot under the Freak to dodge his footfall getting missed by inches.

He was about to find another attack startegy when for some reason the monster went down. Of course that would not last, he was sure of it, but there was another problem. There were hostile attackers and they fired plenty of bullets.

Owl threw his cape over himself but they slowed and dropped on the ground. Quickly he assessed the situation:

'Hostile helicopters and tanks.

Keep eyes on team.

Suggested attack strategy: Use superior speed and agility, get to helicopter and disable engine or wings. Minimum shapeshifting for plenty of damage.

Suggested weaponry: Grappling hook, smoke grenades, emp, claws.

Suggested defense: Bulletproof armor and cape, agility, take down offense first.'

In a flash his grappling line shot into the air catching one on the proppeller and throwing him upwards nearly hitting it. He grabbed the side of the helicopter spinning around and throwing it off balance. However the grappling cable was what took it down, it jarred and prevented the proppellers from rotating. His target plunged to the ground as he leapt from it higher into the air and began to glide using his cape over to another. They shot at him which he neatly avoided by dropping down, he was tough but not always completely bulletproof, then threw a smoke grenade into the cockpit to prevent them from seeing. He didn't bother to break his fall except at the last moment when his cape just seemed to flap oddly throwing the dust up from under him and leaving him unharmed.

He heard more than saw a tank aiming at him and just barely had time to step back as it fired throwing him off his feet. He rolled backwards and backflipped to catch himself but his ears were most certainly ringing.

'Heh, time to play the rooster and rookie catch the chicken.' He thought. A little game he'd seen farmer do, not so much a game as fun work until a rooster got you.

He focused more on speed and started running in a horizontal line towards the tanks, too fast to follow with a normal tank. But his eyes were ever watchful, especially with his ears ringing. If they were firing he'd suddenly change direcrion effectively dodging the attack, though somewhat narrowly, it was flawed actually. The rooster part was when he would suddenly change direction to air coming down with his steel cutting claws and arsenal of weapons.

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Looking at the near incapacitated Freak, The Captain slams his rifle over his shoulder, "Too easy, team. Too easy." He says with a rare smirk of approval. “Let’s get this bastard loaded into Kelly’s carrier before-”

*click* “Mr.West, this is Randy Skiles; we’ve got an unknown entity moving with military grade weapons toward your location. Crews and I are—Crews?”

“God damn it, knew it was too easy. Alright Skiles find Crews so she can keep you safe, once you two meet back up your mission in intel, do not engage unless you feel the nee-”

He says, cut short as a hail storm of bullets flies without warning at him Lance has no choice but to armor up, his metal arm sliding layers of organic steel across his body covering him in a sheen of solid silver as he stands in front of Whitaker and tries to take the brunt of the attack. But all he feels is heavy rain. Looking to the far east he sees The Custodian manipulating the waves of carbon woven bullets and sighs in relief. Just because the armor can handle the gun fire doesn't mean he can't feel it underneath, thank god they didn't try a 60mm before Custodian reacted.

"Whitaker stay behind me, use me like a shield and I'll take point. We'll move zig zag until we get near Kelly and take cover from there." Picking up his hand cannon Wild West cocks it and flips a switch on the side and speaks into the upper handle, "Rapid fire!" An airated barrel exits the tip, a scope flipping up on the top of the barrel housing as he let's loose 170 rounds in just under two seconds, suppressing the encroaching team of unknown origin.

The fire from the nuzzle illuminates his face in flashes of light as he slowly but surely makes their way to the car, crouching down behind it once he knew Whitaker was under cover. Taking a brief look at the near incapacitated Freak, West makes a call, "All Force personnel on site..." He says over the sounds of roaring Earth as a giant vine down one helicopter and the marsupial-like Owl uses impeccably honed animalistic agility to take another, the dead-in-the-air bird of iron falling into the crowd of militia, decreasing the fire on Kelly the sentient Force car as well as the cops behind her.

But that wasn't going to cut it, these soldiers were out to win by any means necessary, and so the stakes had to be raised. "This is Captain Lance West, sanctioning a shoot to kill order! Give hell people!”

Rising from behind the shield of the car West screams with rage enough to handle the powerful kick of his massive gun, firing waves of rounds into the crowd of pseudo soldiers, all the while keeping his peripheral image of the weakened beast in green, wondering if he might’ve just helped take down a victim rather than an assailant, for his abusers. “Dolls…get him out of the ground and throw him into the- GAH!” Losing his attention on the fight a massive bullet from a sniper rifle rips a stinging, deep crater into the metal of his armor that reveals a steady flow of crimson blood before he reels backwards onto the ground, then drags himself over to Kelly again, “Damn it! Throw the target into the militia before we get slaughtered!”

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As the Giant held the Force Vehicle with great ease above himself with only one arm, Michael was already preparing to dash away from the incoming projectile, but suddenly like Goliath the Giant fell, resulting in the car crashing down on him. Michael found it impressive how well the newly formed team had cooperated, the onslaught of attacks had caused the Giant to play to their game rather than his own. The team had done well to say the least, but Whitaker wasn’t contented with the result. Yes the target had fallen, yes he was pleased with that outcome, but he wasn’t certain that the Force had been the cause of this. It seemed quite strange in fact, that the target had be able to sustain the onslaught, but suddenly collapsed as he tried to attack. Had the Giant burnt himself out? Did it not understand it’s own capability? Was it new to the abilities it had while facing them?

Michael was so lost in thought that it took him a moment to realize that a new threat had come into play. The mass sound of gunfire was a bit overwhelming. Considering that that the target was already down, the only other possible targets were the Force. There was a possible connection between the Colossus and these new enemies. Were they a part of something bigger? Was the Colossus running from them? Are they another unit tasked with taking down the beast?

Michael had a short amount to think over everything, before being forced to take cover behind Captain West, who had fully transformed himself into a Metallic Body Shield. Michael acted upon the Captain’s orders to stay behind him until they had reached better cover behind Kelly. The rapid fire of West and the other team members’ impromptu attacks was enough to relieve the enemies’ attack so that Whitaker could be guided back to safety behind Kelly. As Whitaker sat behind Kelly, he started to take the environment he had found himself in, and more importantly the beings he found himself surrounded by.

The Custodian showed Gravitational Manipulation, The Twins had showed some Plant Manipulation, The Owl had showed flight, the Captain just activated some kind of Metal Exoskeleton, even the Target had showed beyond human abilities. The Detective began to wonder if he could be of any help. The only other “average” Force officer Michael could think of was Crews; she wasn’t even on site, and as Michael sat behind Kelly clutching his gun, he couldn’t blame her.

Michael was snapped out of his inner thoughts once again, but this time was because of a scream from the Captain as a bullet pierced his skin. The Detective pulled out his spare handgun. With dual-wielded handguns Michael began to release cover fire, so that the Captain could find cover behind Kelly. Michael realized it didn’t matter if he didn’t belong in this scenario, it didn’t matter if he had superpowers, at the end of the day he didn’t have powers, but he was here. He had to focus on the now, because if you’re good enough one bullet can take one life, and by Michael’s calculations he still had plenty of bullets in his magazine. The Captain had ordered the twins to throw the Target into oncoming militia, while Whitaker didn’t quite understand the reasoning behind this order, he would follow it. He crouched down behind the Force Vehicle, which at this time had taken plenty of fire from the enemy. The enemy was still firing repeatedly at them, which worried the Detective, there didn’t seem to be a stop unless the Captain’s order was successful. Michael accessed the Force comms for another reason.

The Captain had been shot, The Custodian had also taken damage from protecting the others, there was no doubt the others had taken some form of damage. “This is Detective Whitaker, I want a status check on each member. The Captain has been shot, he should still be able to fight,” Michael looked over at the Captain knowing, the Captain wasn’t the type to quit so easily. “As for me, I still have a couple magazines left.Kelly has taken some damage as well. Crews seems to be captured by the new enemy. Status check is of importance, so we know where to move from here, if this doesn’tend anytime soon.” Michael awaited for each of their status check to think of their next move, but even retreating looked difficult at this point.

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"This is Owl. I am doing what I can, but I'm open for a strategical command if need be." Tony said letting a canon fire barely missing him before he cut into the roof and dropped a grenade inside and leaping off.

He Landed ont top of another one placing an explosive on it and backflipping away before it went off, however it wasn't strong enough and only got a hole in it allowing them to fire again.

'Alternative attack:

Explosives: Wide range. Maximum damage in minimum time period.

Possible startegies:

Aid the weaker ones. Protecting them may save their lives also reaulting in extra firepower.

Attempt to take control and strategize for them: Gather them into group using each in their own way and having them trade attack and defense in order to keep the enemy on the toes.

Use Nth grenades: Intense power and danger coupled with magic negation and the ability to store energy. Maximize damage by 100 over average explosives. '

He had to consider the plan first, it would have been easier if he would have been in charge already. But he wasn't and explaining a plan that might not be followed could risk even more than not.

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@detective_whitaker: @lance_west: @special_agent_crews: @antidoll:@the_freak: @owl_

The Custodian's Hard Light attack was prepared. "Custodian here I'm doing fine, about to stop a bunch of tanks though so not getting shot again would be appreciated." She'd heard the order for killing shots but so far was not ready to take any herself, even if she was given permission to do so. She waited a few moments, brought her hands together and then brought them down hard as she dropped into a kneeling position. Her palms struck the ground and a wall of hard light shot out towards the tanks in a literally blinding flash. Be9ng a hard light construct the wall would (hopefully) crash into the oncoming tanks like a moving wall of steel and wreck their ability to continue participating in the battle. It was also likely the initial flash would destroy sensitive optical equipment.

No Caption Provided

She stood up once the attack was over and turned her back on the tanks, walking casually in the direction of her squad. If the tanks were still operational she would know about it soon enough but for now she needed to be closer to her own people. She wiped the back of her left hand across her mouth, wiping yellow blood from her lower jaw from where one of the bullets had struck her just below the visor. She changed the gravitational forces working against the bullets in her body and they all unceremoniously were 'pulled' out of the wounds they had caused. She swept her hand to the side and the bullets were sent in that direction, clattering to the ground.

The Custodian's gaze shifted to the helicopters above and though her eyes were not visible beneath her visor, the challenge in her posture was clear. They could open fire again if they wished, at their own risk. "I'd really like to talk to this green guy if we get the chance, I have suspicious thoughts about what is going on here now that the 'cavalry' has arrived." The Custodian said into her com.

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@closure: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker: @owl_: @the_custodian:

“Daddy,” a voice colored in the innocence of childhood spoke out to him from a pitch black room.

“Natalie? Natalie, where are you?” Greg Harris cried out, running head on into the darkness as he frantically searched for the little girl. “Where are you, butterfly?” His searching seemed to be in vain. The darkness was so thick, suffocating even. It made him feel small. He was so tired of feeling small.

“Natalie?” He said, clumsily feeling himself forward.

“Daddy?” He stopped dead in his tracks and quickly turned around, finally laying his eyes on his baby girl.

“Natalie..” He took a step towards her, arms outstretched to embrace the daughter he hadn't seen in more than a month. But before he could take her in his arms, a gigantic green hand shot out between them. From the shadows, the hulking brute of a monster walked out, pulling the girl away from Greg, its emerald eyes full of contempt as they bore into the puny man.

Natalie wasn’t scared. Instead, she clung tightly to the monstrosity’s legs, a glare directed at her weak, broken father. “If you love me, kill them all,” she said, her voice taking on a sinister tone, one that Greg had never imagined she could posses. “Kill them all, daddy.”

Greg’s bloodshot eyes went from his daughter's angry face to the green monster's, which was now contorted in a way that vaguely resembled a smile. It nodded along as the young girl spoke.

“Kill them all,” she repeated once more, the words now burning into Greg's very being. Her voice resonated in the room as it slowly morphed from a smothering black to an uninspiring grey, and just like that he was back in the GeNext lab where, for the better part of a month, he had endured the worst pain of his life. The monster was gone, along with his daughter, replaced by a group of doctors that slowly encircled him, strange medical equipment and large needles in hand. He slowly started his gruesome mutation, his arms and legs taking on a dark shade of green. In seconds Greg, the concerned father, was gone, replaced once more by The Freak..

As the Freak began tearing into the specters of his past captors, his daughter's voice emanated from the drab grey walls, imploring him to continue his bloody rampage.

“Kill them all, kill them all, kill them, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all., kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all.”


His eyes shot open as the sound of heavy artillery fire assaulted his senses. A burst of strength was accompanied by bloodcurdling howl, as the colossus effortlessly pushed aside the car that had been pinning him down.

A woman stood in front of him. Her hair was blonde, outfit skimpy, and her face plastered with makeup. She reminded the man inside the monster of his ex-fiancee, the one that had abandoned him and their newborn daughter when she learned he’d never be able to walk again. The verdant brute picked up his right leg, and with all the might his lower body could muster, kicked at the clown-faced woman's midsection, understanding full well that the massive kick was an attack that could break every bone in her body if it connected.

As he looked out towards the commotion behind him, his eyes immediately locked onto the familiar red insignia he had come to loathe which was painted on the side of a helicopter. The Freak picked up the car that had moments ago plowed into him, and spinning his body as one would when throwing a discus, he forced the mass of steel and glass into the air, a heavy projectile directed straight to the chopper overhead. A deafening crack accompanied the car’s collision with the side of the aircraft as the bird plummeted to the desert floor, killing the pilot and countless troops that hadn’t seen the attack coming.

“Kill..them..all.” The monster muttered under his breath..


“Sir, the subject is back in play. It just took down Chopper Six. That’s the seventh one we’ve lost so far.”

“Wilson, order your men to not, I repeat, to not shoot the prize. The bullets won’t have any effect, they’ll only make him stronger. Send in the tanks.”

“Yes sir. Squadron IV, listen up. It’s your time to shine. Engage Big Green. Remember, pain makes him stronger. Don’t shoot. Try and pummel him into submission as soon as possible. Remaining birds, focus all your firepower on the team. Shoot to kill.”

The tanks sprang into action. They were huge but displayed a speed that would seem impossible for something their size. With his quick and graceful maneuvers, the Owl had already taken down one and damaged another. The light manipulating Custodian had also put a dent in their numbers, taking out three with her hard light attack and rendering another two useless by frying their navigational systems with the blinding flash.

Six of the lead tanks remained, and as the jade giant drew near, their operators in unison gave the command. “Transform Protocol...Engage.” The red and yellow tanks came to a halt, their insides already starting a complex technological metamorphosis.

No Caption Provided

The Freak did not slow down, instead he now sped to a full sprint and vaulted his muscle-bound body into the air, attacking with his massive right hand, expecting to positively shatter one of the vehicle’s steel frames. Instead, a mechanical hand, equaling his immense strength, shot out to meet his fist. The impact of dueling strikes created a shockwave that sent both monster and machine flying backwards. The six largest tanks had each transformed into giant humanoid mechs and now loomed largely over the battlefield.

No Caption Provided

“Let’s bag ‘em, and tag ‘em,” the general barked over the coms as he watched the action from a safe place inside the city. He couldn't help but notice the dopey looking man poking around behind him. "Security get this fat flock outta here."

The rag tag team had dealt with a few choppers, sure, but these robotic beasts were President Newcastle’s pride and joy. They were outfitted with some of the most advanced tech on the planet; adamantium alloy coating that could stop most energy-based attacks, thick steel armor that could tank all types of artillery for days. On offense, the machines came loaded with plasma guns that burned hotter than the sun, 30 mm caliber shells, and their own immense size and strength, which no doubt would be quite the factor as well.

As the Freak prepared to attack his mechanical foe once more, he looked to his right, to the team that was congregated by his side. They had done a decent job of stopping him from reaching the city but had quite obviously held back. Part of him was thankful for that, but he knew that if they were to properly deal with GeNext, they’d have to embrace their killer instinct.

“KILL. THEM. ALL!” He roared at them, before leaping into action.

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@owl_: @the_freak: @closure: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker:

Plasma. The Custodian shook her head as a burst of plasma was launched in her direction. She brought up her right arm as if it were holding a riot shield. A tower shield constructed from nothing but hard light appeared on her arm moments before the plasma blast struck home. The impact pushed her backwards on her feet but the plasma dissolved against the hard light shield and both the attack and the shield broke away. The Custodian narrowed her eyes and went into action, not to save herself but to save her friends and to prevent the battle from carrying over into the city.

"Fine." She said bitterly and held both hands palms towards the sky at her sides. She closed her eyes and focused in on the flow of gravitons around the tank nearest her. She wanted to make a statement that would hopefully cause their attackers to think twice about continuing their assault and began to use gravity as a finesse weapon in a way she had simply refused to do to this point. The Custodian wasn't limited to increasing or decreasing Earth's gravitational pull, she could effect the gravitational pull of anything that was effected by gravity. In order to say, pull something apart, all she needed to do was create gravitational forces that would pull it in multiple directions, so she did just that. Every plate of the tank's impressive armor began to feel gravitational forces twenty times stronger than the Earth's own gravitational field pull it in a different direction from the rest of the tank. The goal was to literally rip the vehicle apart one armor plate at a time until she would reveal the crew inside.

If this was successful, once the crew was exposed she would do the same thing to the structural supports around them and then pull them out of the vehicle and lift them up into the air for all to see by reducing the effect of Earth's gravity on them to the point where they were essentially weightless, as if they were in space. There she would leave them, floating and unable to participate further in the battle. She was still struggling with the idea of killing anyone until she knew more about what was going on. We're a police force, we need to investigate this and arrest these people, not kill them.

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@the_custodian: @the_freak: @special_agent_crews: @detective_whitaker: @owl_: @closure: @lance_west:

"Status report of Calamity here. I'm fantastic green giants make great cover." Being just a girl with a hammer there wasn't to much she could do against distant tanks or helicopters. Soon enough the freak was getting to his feet however and with the expression the clever jester devised a plan of action. She turned her backs to the tanks and slowly stepped backwards. The movement kicked in her ability as a foot large enough to almost stomp upon her entire torso impacted her gut with brutal force. What followed was the fast ball special of an alien sort as a simple teen became a horrifying projectile. "Additional status greeny isn't the best conversationalist but I'm okay."

Moving with a speed comparable to some of the deadliest ammunition Caly struck a tank with enough force to cave most such vehicles into a crumpled up ball. The jester couldn't go toe to toe with the mechanized warriors however backed by monstrous strength the skinny teen hit a tank like a small comet. Stepping from the wreckage Caly charged for the next tank machine gun fire made her body rock about but didn't slow her down given her unique mutation. Closing the gap and abiding by the orders given the criminal turncoat swung her sledgehammer at the brow of the point gunner its impact force strangely higher then average. Normally contact would stop the swing this effect was less however given the unique change on motion decreasing average influence. Her swing was skull crushing and with that the jester looked to dive into the tanks confines. She sought to put down whatever crew there was and make the tank her own.

Meanwhile perhaps a bit more serious in performance but just as nonchalant in witty retort Rose gave her reply. "Well I got shot in the face. And being kind of a plant I'm not the best at antiair combat." Stepping from the wreckage of one downed copter to find plenty left in the sky, her girlfriend slamming into a tank, gravitational tank autopsies and the freak going toe to toe with transforming mechs. "Why don't We have a transformer?" Stepping forward and letting her palms touch the soft dirt of the dry landscape Rose searched for as much targetable plant life she could find.

What would follow was a small act at first, small roots looking to burrow into weak points of the mechanical warriors. Penetrating steel wood couldn't do however by fining openings it could enter such things and push metal apart. It didn't look to spear through iron but snake through rivets and worm through cracks. From there such roots would look to grow into thick trunks and push the machines apart internally. However what Rose didn't know at the time was at least parts of the machine were adamantine. Such a metal her roots couldn't snake through meaning that likely in at least a few cases the elementalist was bound to lose.

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Antonio wathed interested as the situation changed, but not idly. He kept himself alert.

'It seems he may have been controlled previosuly in some way. And I'm betting these people had a lot to do with that.' He thought.

He leaped high into the air after a chopper grabbing it and swinging himself inside narrowly dodging a bullet. He grabbed onto the walls with his claws and preformed a double foot kick sending the man who shot out the other side and nearly another one with him as he screamed.

Two curved blades were in his hands much like brass knuckles. He threw up his cape deflecting the barrage of bullets with one hand and jumped forwards slitting the pilots esophagus wide open before leaping backwards out of the chopper getting grazed on the neck by someone who decided to get a shot in before howling in terror as he dropped from the sky.

Owl landed magnificently and still holding onto his wound. 'You were slow Antonio.'

He had already observed the situation in the back of his mind. The freak wasn't against them right now. But that tank thing was, and whoever else these people were.

"I'm going to need people to back off of my location, I've decided to get a little messier and I don't want flyers around. They'll constrict my wings." He said into the comms.

He leaped into the air getting ever higher as he grew and grew becoming a giant Owl of incredible white and majestic feathers and claws. The great giant snow owl. A powerful bird and one of the more rare. It was not like many others. It was said it laughed at gravity with and mocked the wind with its wings. Its eyes were like looking into a night sky, full of intelligence and wisdom and knowledge none would know. Black with tiny bright lights on it and strange formations in the distance. Its feathers deflected and redirected most attacks and its scales were far superior to steel and sharp as diamonds.

It was now in front of the sun casting its enormous magnificent shadow across the attackers. It looked down with its wings still out and its space like eyes upon the attackers.

Then it dropped. Soundlessly and swiftly down towards the enemy troops, but he didn't just use his claws. He didn't even touch them. He suddenly stopped his wings forcing somewhat forwards in front of him forcing winds of 200 mph on them throwing them off their feet and crashing into each other firing on themselves by accident.

But that wasn't the plan. He was trying to draw fire of the more powerful hitters such as the robot. With that the rest on the Force would have easy shots without the risk of getting got themselves.

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Crews snuggled in behind the cargo getting as comfortable as she possibly could; it was imperative that she remained quiet, getting found out meant capture possibly even death. As the helicopter flew off over the Las Vegas skyline, her well-trained eyes sought to memorize the distinct details of landmarks, should she need to guide someone to her location—or she could just activate the GPS in her badge.

Shifting around just slightly, her eyes hone in on what could only be the threat—a massive green monster battling her friends in the desert just outside the city! From the looks of the battle on the monitor, these guys…they were after the beast? For what? Way to many questions and very limited opportunities to get answers. She did her best to keep her movements limited, but as the chopper shift around in the air; her body bounce off numerous structures within the ‘copter making her really wish she had a seatbelt.

The private helicopter landed about 25 minutes away, giving her a rough estimate on where they actually were. This was the tricky part, making it off the helicopter without being spotted. Biding her time, she waited patiently for the passengers and pilot to exit, before pushing aside the cargo in pursuit.

“Why the hell couldn’t I be given an X-Gene, literally everyone on the planet has one; but god seemed to just skip me. This would be so much easier with powers,” Crews moaned still creeping towards the entrance. “Crap, guards” She muttered still concealed by a concrete barrier used to stop on-coming vehicles.

Her position was about 15 yards from the guards, which meant taking a mad dash toward the door was probably suicidal. “Seriously, even Oprah has an X-gene” Crews continued her eyes scanning for some sort of object that could cause a distraction.

“Nothing, nothing…” her voice dragged, vision slowly began to blur; on top of all that her breathing picked up severely. Looking down for her badge she noticed something protruding from the side of her leg. How didn’t she feel it before? Pulling the small object closer for observation she found “A needle, damnit! Now I have to get another HIV test” Instead of charging toward the unknown lab gun’s blazing she decided it was time to finally call in back-up. “This is Agent Crews, I’ve activated my GPS, and I’m in desperate need of back up.” She reported in before completely black for a few moments.

When she came too, she was sitting, restrained to a chair in a dark room. “Are you aware of what has happened?” A voice said piercing through the encompassing darkness.

She didn’t respond, instead she waited for the silhouetted doctor to emerge, before spitting a wad of spit in his face. “Well…that’s. A new one” she struggled feeling the innards of her body surging in pain. “What…the…the …did you do to me…at least Bill Cosby waited until I was sleep…” She joked, violently convulsing around in her restraints. “We did nothing to you, my guess is that you were playing around with dirty needles” He said, showing the needle that punctured her thigh earlier.

“And no dear. Pay the price for not minding you’re business”

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His head felt slush and everyone's voices sounded distant and muffled, it felt like he was at the bottom of a pool. "-Captain!" A strong hand smacks across Lance's face and bolt him up right, almost hitting Closure on the way up, "Stasis mode activated."

He says as his back opens to reveal a metallic spine surrounded by metal ribs and bright red inner flesh. A rigid blade of the metal with perforations in 2-inch gaps shoots from the tower of his back, each perforated edge clamping down to either side of his erector spinae in a zig zag formation, then unfolded to cover the gaps between each other perfectly. Then again, and again. And again. Like an endlessly unfolding blanket of alloy the coating covers his entire frame in a shining sheen of silver. The hole from the huge round that burrowed into his shoulder is covered as though it wasn't there, reforming over the wound and sealing it. A sound like whipped cream spraying echoes from the caccoon just above it, a coagulating spray sealing the wound- temporarily.

"Nuthin' but a flesh wound kid- Ngh-" Sitting up and looking overhead, his left arm still limp but coming back with an impressive pace, each nervous shooting back online. His eyes though are focused on the giant owl eclipsing the light from above the aired desert hovering ahead of the sun. "Damn, son. You shoulda led with that..." He says with an awe in his voice, just as the giant predator turns into a dive bombing position and stops just short enough to send a wave of wind that blew back the tight line of soldiers and turning them from elite fighters, into a dishoveled pile of disoriented, and even scared, men.

"Alright now's our chance! Open fire on the one's closest to standing back up!" West yelled over the sound of the war zone to his teammates Whitaker and Closure, "They'll either surrender or die!" Standing at his full height of 6 foot 3 the Captain exits from the side of the vehicle, folding his weapon in half and cracking it in two, the giant rifle dropping an extra handle from what was once the nuzzle and becoming two plasma powered pistols reminiscent of modern glocks. "Stand down or you will be killed!"

Several soldiers immediately ignore him and go for their weapons, only to taste copper and see the world fade out as the plasma rounds rip pancake sized holes through their chests with pinpoint precision. Ducking and rolling he narrowly avoids the spitfire from the chopper above as he swoops up again to get ready to come back around, "West to Owl: Appreciate the sand storm, but I need you in your element. Head up high and take out their air support or we're all done for."

"Rose! Go for the joints of the upper and lower torso, doesn't matter what they're made of. They have more space in the rotator cuff for mobility. At the least you can jam it for a second or two and give big green the edge he needs to take it down." Exiting cover to return cover fire at the soldiers that still remained on the line for whitaker and Mendex Jr, ""

"Skiles? Where the hell is Crews?! We need some intel on these sonsabitches if we're gonna get a solid upperhand here!" Listening to the insecure stammers of the FBI agent's right hand only pissed him off, "I don't want to hear excuses! Just find her and do whatever you have to to get her back in this damn game!"

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@closure: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker: @owl_:@the_custodian:

With half of its outer metallic shell now caved in under the immense pressure of the Freak’s punches, the mechanical marvel took to the air in a desperate bid to escape. In the last possible second, the monster’s arm shot up, tightening an iron grip around its cold, metal leg. He wasn’t about to let it off that easy. With all power directed to the booster system, the mech took to the air, bringing the heavy jade giant with it.

An airborne scuffle ensued as the monster mercilessly ripped at its robotic foe and the mech’s crew began losing control of the navigation systems. The brawling duo’s trajectory led them directly into the city, until the heap of flesh and steel crashed into the iconic face of the MGM Grand hotel.

The two colossi bounced against the Las Vegas landmark and plummeted into the barren streets below, cracking the pavement under them with their gigantic frames. At this critical juncture there was no chance that the Freak would be letting up until one of the two, monster or machine, was utterly dismantled. He grabbed the nearest abandoned car and hurled it towards the mech, following it up with a titanic punch that sent the robotic warrior tumbling back.

No Caption Provided

The Freak ran towards the downed mech, bringing it into a tight bear hug as it used its musclebound legs to leap high into the hot Nevada air, higher than he’d ever managed to get before. Once at the peak of his arc, the Freak pulled down with all of his strength, directing the two massive bodies to slam back onto the pavement in a cataclysmic piledriver that Bret Hart himself would've been proud of. The impact created a tremor that resonated throughout the mostly empty city, making the buildings shake violently and breaking every piece of glass in the vicinity.

The mech was left in ruins, ribbons of shiny colored metal strewn about as if they were legos and the Freak was a six year old child. Its crew’s body parts were scattered all over the street like some macabre work of art. The monster slowly got back to its feet, pain reverberating across his bruised and bloodied body, a look of contempt spreading across his mutated face as he spit in the direction of the wreckage.

“Mr. Harris!” a gruff voice called out from behind him. The Freak turned around, his vision falling to a brawny man clad in military fatigues. The familiar GeNext emblem sat proudly above his right breast pocket like some sort of metal of honor. “Looks like you’ve been busy.” The high-ranking GeNext official laughed as he motioned to the destroyed streets that hours ago had been bustling with revelers looking to make terrible decisions in city of sin.

Before the abomination could let out a hateful roar of disapproval, there was an explosion at his back followed by a pain unlike any he had ever felt before. He swung left and swung right, but it was no use. The strength was slowly abandoning his body, his arms and legs quickly losing the muscle mass that had made him such a formidable one-man army. Pounds of flesh and muscle receded into Greg Harris’ painfully average body as his skin lost its familiar green hue. “What’s...hap..?” he uttered wearily, too weak to even finish his question. As he shrunk, he quickly became aware of the two giant needles protruding from his back, each pumping just a few ounces of a foreign liquid into his mutated bloodstream.

“Goodbye, Freak. Welcome back, Mr. Harris,” the general shouted out. His shit eating grin was the last thing Greg saw before unconsciousness plunged him back into darkness.

A group of heavily armed men surrounded the naked, comatose man that now lay prone in the middle of an empty Las Vegas strip. In a matter of seconds, a strange contraption sprang forth around the body, surrounding it in a cage of gnarled adamantium alloys.

“Don’t worry men. Even the Freak couldn’t break through that, at least not holding back the way he was.”

“He was holding back?”a younger, shorter soldier asked in suspended disbelief.

“Hehe. The Freak was designed to produce limitless amounts of strength. There was definitely something holding him back this time around. Perhaps it was Harris himself. Any person can be injected with the serum but it takes a certain amount of punishment to do away with that final barrier. More tests are in order, but we will break that barrier."

The explosions and screams from his soldiers echoed from just outside the city. "Hurry men, load him up onto the carrier before that super team gets in here. The mechs will only hold them for so long."

"Oh and load that one in too," he said pointing to the fat man that had been caught skulking around the base. "He might have information on this team that we could use."

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@the_freak: @closure: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker: @owl_

The Custodian's gaze fell on the Freak and she saw him rush to the city with one of the tanks. Oh no! They could kill someone on accident. I need to go stop them, no one else will be able to get there in time. She activated her com. "Sir, the big green guy just ran into Vegas fighting one of the mechs. I can track them down and try and put a stop to any civilian casualties if you think you guys can handle what's left of their forces here. Once I'm there I can look for Crews as well."

The Custodian floated up off of the ground and flew towards the city at high speed, she left the parting tanks with a wave of gravity that traveled like a tsunami and would threaten to force the tanks to their knees. She wasn't able to arrive in time to see The Freak transformed but she didn't need to be a detective to understand the situation when she saw it. The mech he'd vanished with was in ruins and strange people in the same uniforms as the soldiers they'd been fighting were now in the process of loading a caged man into a truck. She potted the overweight agent as well and he too seemed threatened.

The Custodian landed and left her com activated so the rest of her team would hear what was going on and be able to trace her location. "Stop what you're doing." She said simply. "You're all under arrest for assaulting officers of the law and threatening innocent lives, not to mention possible kidnapping and assault." Yellow blood was still staining her clothing and leaked from the bullet wounds that had yet to heal but her body had already rejected the damage, the blood loss meant rather little to this point. I need to delay these people until the rest of the team gets here. Though The Custodian was powerful and they wouldn't be able to kill her, she understood the value of team work and knew she'd stand a better chance of being successful with the rest of the team. "And unhand him, he is a member of The Force." She said, gesturing to the overweight agent now in peril.

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@the_custodian: @the_freak: @lance_west:

Owl had followed orders immediatly shooting upwards and grabbing one chopper with his claws to throw it at another one. He too saw the Freak leave and The Custodian follow. He divebombed another chopped feeling the hits of the bullets until he crashed into it.

Afterwards he shifted into a smaller bird but still one with incredible speed, the larger form had been taking its toll on him.

"Should I follow the Custodian?" He asked drawing as much fire as possible by divebombing the crap out of troops to keep it away from the others.

Mental checking:

'Energy beggining to drain.

Keep out of fast heavy hitters close range.

Use superior agility and sensing to predict and dodge attacks.

Keep track of team members.

Do not engage higher level enemies directly until stamina rejuvenates.

Keep shifting to minimum.'

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@the_custodian: @the_freak: @special_agent_crews: @detective_whitaker: @owl_: @closure: @lance_west:

"Hey so as I'm not a dentist and your commanding officer's gun isn't good for dentist work I am gonna ask ye nicely to drive this tank home." Calamity remarked having completed her dive into the tank. As she moved aside the smash skulled officer so that she could sit comfortably. Smart enough to not look to get shot the officer was quick to comply. Saying over the radio that the commander was wounded and would need medical attention. Of course Caly was going completely by her own script as she often would when not with her sister at the reigns. Thankfully for her the situation in the city of sin was while brief enough to maybe justify what she had chosen to do.

Having acquired the freak naturally the various soldiers were ordered to either retreat or hold the Force off. However Caly knew what this could potentially entail, she knew how long it could take to start up these kind of vehicles. How their mobility was far from ideal inside a structure. If these tanks and helicopters were just out in the open this close to the casino strip the company would be far more known.

"I know you all prob think I'm an insane dumb blonde but hear me out. What if we let the jolly green giant go home? These guys got to have a bunker slash lab near by, they mobilized way to quickly. However there tanks and whirlybirds ain't gona be as good inside. Plus I got this tank of mine heading there already so we'll know where they be." Of course putting up a good fight and making a scene was good but not everyone on the team could battle tanks helicopters and mechs.

"To be fair I want to smack that bitch but I assure you she'll wreck some shit either way, might not hurt capitalizing it." Rose remarked in frustration. Her hostility showed more however for one of the mechs she'd bound with wood and vine. As the machine's movement haulted the vines returned to smaller roots entering alongside the wires. Snaking through the electronics they eventually burst from one of the monitors and coiled around the driver's throat squeezing till the face turned blue. And as Rose stood relatively motionless on the field her left eye hollowed out to arrive on one of the vines snaked around the deceased. She wasn't vehicle savvy like her jester styled lover but mech controls were semi streamlined. Though she could never be a pilot by any means she knew how to wave a gun around and how to pull the trigger.

The sky line would light up with streaks of cobalt lightning as plasma speared through the air. The extremely hot energized projectiles causing havoc on the electronics of those she missed, and bringing helicopters down when it hit. Grenades had been known to down helicopters they weren't necessarily the most durable of craft. Even the improved chopper would likely find themselves ripped apart by plasma. The tanks were designed to go hopefully toe to toe with some of the brutes monstrous might. The helicopters however came off far more like a hornets nest, a focus on being agile and raining ammunition down. And to there credit they were quick to make the mech light up from sparks as it turned almost into a bullet sponge. The design of such rare metals though made the machine quite resilient. Rose was trying to change, but with a mech at her disposal and her frustration at her sister the once Gothic floral based villain wasn't to ashamed for her aggressive stance and lives she might be claiming.

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Det. Skiles pace back and forth trying to come up with some sort of solution to find Crews, The captain was on his ass; and from the way things sound—things weren’t getting better. Sliding his hands into his Dockers, he felt a small vibration, not from his phone but from his badge. “Crews you’re a genius” He whispered. Their badges were customized, should anyone activate the GPS feature those around the Force would be able to locate them due to the coordinates.

“Captain, I got a lock on Crews location. Moving to provide back-up” He reported whilst strapping himself into the drivers seat of his suburban. “Hang on girlie, I’m coming,” He whispered whilst weaving through traffic.


Crew’s body continued to convulse violently within the mangled restraints. “C-C-Come, on Sarah…get it together” she stammered trying to force herself to regain control. Every time her eyelash fluttered, she saw something she hated, her cousins face after dealing with her boyfriend, watching her aunt receive her nephew’s service flag and badge from the department. The more she thought about it; the more angered she became, but this wasn’t just a quick flare of anger…this was more of an insatiable rage.

“Me, Hurt you!” She hissed before breaking through her restraints with ease. Now standing at a massive 7’0 with bulging muscles, Crews eyes fix on the not so confident doctor.

“Guards!” He yelled, they push through the room with ak47’s no command was needed, they opened a barrage of fire on Crews; to which she threw herself behind a table for cover, but something was different. Instead of landing squarely behind the table, her body plowed through the wall into the adjacent room.

“This is like Quantico all over again” She murmured now somewhat in her right mind. Rising to her feet, she caught a glimpse of herself in a full mirror. “Holy shit!” She scared herself, the fright cause the green giant to tumble backwards.

“I look like the fricken Jolly Giant” she spazzed, as she glance down at her hands. More gunfire, and nowhere to hide; instead of running she watched as the bullets bounce off her body and richoeted around the small corridor.

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“You guys are going to be really sorry I found that out” She said storming them, her feet thundering underneath her. Shoulder charging through them all, she knocked them out of the way and made for the exit.

“Crews!!!!!” She heard her name being called as daylight hit her eyes; it became clear who it was. “RANDY!!!” she screamed back sprinting in his location. Once Skiles saw who was charging towards him he turned around and sprinted the other way.

“Gotdamn it skiles” She grunted lunging from her two front feet in front landing just a few inches in front of Skiles. “Slow down needle dick…it’s me Priyanka” She said standing tall.

“Who the eff is Priyanka.” He replied with his weapon trained on her. “…It’s me Crews” She said flashing her badge. “You’re first name s Priyanka?” He asked with a curious brow.

“Really, that’s your question? You’re not wondering if I’m going to try and sell you Green Beans?”

“Oh yeah right what the hell happened?” He asked, hearing the choppers fluttering above them.

“There’s no time…hang on” She said gripping him tightly. “Where are we ooooooooooh!!!!!”

He screamed as the massive launch from Crews sent them hovering over the side of the building down to the street floor. “Find Captain West, tell them what happened to me. But I’m curious…what did you think my first name was?”

“Idunno, I guess Special Agent”

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@the_freak: @the_custodian: @owl_: @_fissure_: @antidoll:

"Back her up." Lance says to Owl through the microcom, pumping a round into the last infantryman on the front line, "Rose that's a negative, if this is their away team I don't think we're ready for what they've got back at home. Just keep up the attack and thin them down as much as possible...we're about to get a man inside." He says looking across the heatwaves bouncing off the dusty desert storm to see a recognizable rotund man being dragged away into a transport vehicle.

"Custodian- put on a show, but don't actually stop them. We need to know where they hold up and plan our attack later."

Just then Skiles began to cut in albeit with a storm of static muffling his words, "<kzzt> Crews and we're okay! Heading to the rend- <kzzt> Crews has been turned <kzzt>!"

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@lance_west: @the_freak: @the_custodian: @owl_: @_fissure_: @antidoll:

"On it," Owl said flying quickly on top of a building near the Custodian where he changed to his usual owl dressed man.

He dived off towards the people below, his cape came up protecting him from the spray of painful bullets that attacked him. Just as he was reaching them he spun around landing feet first onto ones head and proppelling himself onto another who found that his skull wasn't strong enough to stop the disabling fist that Owl gave to the side of his head.

He jumped behind a wall and pulled out a net grenade. As he leapt out again, from two stories up. He threw it into a group of them where it then opened up catching them in nets.

He dodged behind a wall again.

'Energy returning.

Continue attack and rest strategy for maximum effect to rejuvenation.

Do not put full force into battle.' He thought.

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@closure: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker: @owl_:@the_custodian:

<“You failed! You said you’d kill them all!”> The voice of his young daughter echoed in the darkness as she yelled abusively at her defeated father, her voice taking on an unnaturally demonic cadence.

“I know, honey.” Greg replied “But they...”

{“They what, Greg?"} The green colossus interjected, its deep voice sending chills through Greg's being. {“They gave you the strength to overcome. They made you into an indestructible weapon of violence. Your strength has no known limit. Nothing can hurt you, but LOOK AT YOURSELF! You allowed yourself to be captured and now you're stuck in a cage like a helpless little bird."}

{"Greg, You are less than a man. You are a loser. You are broken. You are --}

“SHUT UP!” Greg began a monstrous metamorphosis, his body contorting and trembling as it tripled in mass. His skin now a bright shade of red, his body frame easily eclipsed the jade giant’s. With an effortless flick of his finger the red Freak sent the green one flying into the vast darkness of his psyche.Through sheer willpower, the monster forced his resting body awake, his eyes shooting open, a renewed anger lit in its twisted soul.

He's in control now.
He's in control now.

"Stop what you're doing. You're all under arrest for assaulting officers of the law and threatening innocent lives, not to mention possible kidnapping and assault. And unhand him, he is a member of The Force."

“Not likely, girl,” general Allen Walker spat back condescendingly as he signaled at his gunmen to let loose on the teenage gravity manipulator. A storm of bullets mercilessly barreled towards the superpowered Force member as the militaristic cabal attempted to put the durable youth down for good.

Before the grizzled veteran mercenary could continue onto the carrier, another distraction arose.

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“There’s another one of them,” one soldier whispered in disbelief.

“This one’s a chick,” another added, astonished.

“And she’s...kinda hot,” a third soldier uttered in amazement.

The general turned just in time to see one of his men take a powerful emerald knee to the face. Through the shower of crimson blood, General Walker could just make out a name plate on the giantess' torn shirt: 'Priyanka Crews.' “I didn’t authorize another one!” he growled furiously.

Ignore the younger one. Concentrate all firepower on...on the She-Freak.”

During his decorated military career, General Walker had prided himself on never running from a fight, but now, the military man found himself scurrying away from the presence of the female monster as fast as he could. Looking back one final time, he could see a net shoot over a group of his men and another Force member join the scene.

“Get this bird in the air STAT,” he harshly yelled at the pilot, the quiver in his voice betraying his growing fear.

The chopper rose up from the Las Vegas Strip, the unbreakable adamantium cage that held the recently awoken Red Freak affixed to its bottom. As the helicopter hovered over the city borders the general's eyes beheld what had become of his elite strike team. Highly expensive equipment lied tossed aside, scores of his handpicked men were collapsed either unconscious or dead in heaps, and at the center of it all stood a meddling team that had turned a simple extraction mission into the most stressful two hours of his career.

"Let’s get the flock outta here!" he cried out to the pilot, hoping that the team below wouldn't notice them flying overheard amidst their cataclysmic battle.

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@the_freak: @closure: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker: @owl_:

The Custodian held out her hand as a storm of bullets tore through the air in her general direction. The soldiers had practically surrounded her before opening fire, bullets came from every direction. She closed her eyes and focused on each individual graviton signature. The end result was a veritable curtain of led hovering in the air inches from her body, every single bullet held in place by beautifully coerced gravitational forces that pulled just enough on each bullet in every direction to arrest its momentum entirely. She tightened her hand into a fist and lowered it and the bullets were pulled into the ground.

Tired of the fighting and seeing people die she turned her attention to those who now focused on Agent Crews and adjusted gravity for them as well, intending to lift them all off their feet and leave them hovering uselessly in the air where they'd be unable to get their feet on the ground. She focused on their magazines, intending to use gravity to literally rip them out of their weapons and crush the bullets in the air. The young Binary was done fooling around and only her desire not to kill kept her from crushing their heads like grapes in her frustration and anger.

"I'm really tired of being shot at today." She said, shaking her head. She turned her attention at last to the fleeing helicopter and sighed. Out of range. I could catch up to it but I shouldn't. I need to work as a part of a team and not run off on my own all the time. Dropping in here may have saved one of our agents, whoever the fat guy is, but it didn't do anything to help us as a team.

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@the_freak: @closure: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker: @owl_:

(Since I was told to set him free, here...we...go...)

The Custodian focused on the fleeing helicopter, her eyes falling on the massive crate that contained their elusive former foe. If I bring down the helicopter they'll die, I don't want to do that...not yet anyway. I can probably force it down if I'm careful but first I need to free our big green friend. That's harder to do that you might think, the box itself would take an immense amount of gravity, so much so that it would probably distort the helicopter and possibly kill the guy inside, squash him like a bug. So...let's see...I'll do it this way.

She closed her eyes, focusing her efforts on the gravitons that coated the crate. She shifted on her feet as she intensified her focus and found what she was looking for...the specific gravitons flowing along the locks. I'll break the locks, he'll do the rest. With a little effort she formed micro-singularities inside of each of the locks and the joints holding the door shut. The micro-singularities were tiny black holes with just enough strength to rip apart the complex locking mechanisms and reduce the locks to junk.

The Custodian then shifted her focus to the helicopter. All these bullet wounds are making me tired, I really need a break after this...Though her body was immune to death, shrugging it off had a way of draining her energy, as did constant use of her powers and the combination of the two was proving problematic. With a last effort she attempted to apply just enough reverse force through gravity on the helicopter to force it to stop in mid air and simply stick there. The rotors and flight ability of the helicopter would keep it airborne but there would be too much pull in the opposite direction for it to move forward. Hopefully. "I can't keep this up all day." She said over the comm.

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@the_custodian: @the_freak: @closure: @special_agent_crews: @lance_west: @antidoll: @detective_whitaker:

"I'll do what I can," Owl saidracing to the helicopter as fast as he could. If they intended to free him he could at least make sure the helicopter didn't go anywhere. As he got near it he toss out several devices onto the ground below it. Magnetic cables launched themselves up to latch onto the helicopter to slowly pull it down. It had a long drill under each that went under the ground and bent sidways to hold it there as it pulled at the cables.

"Let's hurry up with this. The Custodian isn't the only one who's starting to drain on energy." He mentioned taking a deep breath before forcing himself to take the leap to the cage and open up the door dropping a long ladder to the ground and then moving to under the helicopter so if anyone tried to attack him he'd have to see them coming.

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@owl_: @the_custodian: @the_freak:

"Do you hear these clowns always complaining." The jester remarked relaxed in an advanced air conditioned tank that was entering the compound of a very relaxed collective of units. The gun in her hand jestured for the other person in the tank to get ready to leave. He'd helped her get here and trying to be good now Calamity would let the guy live. "I can't say I can help you fools to much but I think I'm about to draw some of their attention off your fine rumpuses so relax." The survivor of the tank action got out and ran and the motor maniac slipped into the command seat. A few people were curious as to why the driver began to run from the compound especially if his crew was dead in the tank implying a need for repairs and the like.

As they looked on in puzzlement though the turret released a cloud of smoke as a rocket raced toward the fuel tanks. A high explosive designed to punch through concrete and detonate with enough force to atomize durable mutants was the kind of armament built to take on the freak. Everything of this compound was a damage sponge or glass cannon in simplest terms, and the resource of fuel was the later meant to distribute a lot for the amount of resources but not meant to take punishment. The thunderous eruption consumed people and vehicles and from them exsplosive armaments and fuel sources went off in subsequent detonation. A floor rumbling chain of fire and energy had been started and soon enough the tank began looking to keep it going.

With petal to the floor the tank designed to speed after an emerald behemoth and release salvos of explosive force was looking to bring the scientific compound down. However as the tank moved so to did Calamity and as such her abilities came over the tank. It'd smash through walls it shouldn't and though the metal on the outside was starting to glow red hot it continued to move. However who knew what all these labs had, perhaps her grand theft auto anarchy would be short lived.

Meanwhile Rose rolled her eyes as she came around the corner to see her team and the helicopter. Bullet holes lined her wood like skin and behind her was a number of flipped cars and unconscious bodies. She'd done well at keeping the body count down despite her annoyance and concern for her sister. That said she didn't like how much effort a hellocopter was taking. Sure it likely had top brass and best security inside and the freak was contained by a rare metal indicating that likely so to was the craft. But breaking the unbreakable that to the convict was apart of the fun.

"This is the big vault door at the climax of the big heist. Where's your sense of adventure?" A vine erupted from the asphalt snaking skyward toward the opening doors. Guards looking to gun the team down were going to show their mugs and that was an opening Rose looked to capitalize on, made easier by magnetic and gravitational forces looking to keep the bird at bay. Flowers would blossom from the vine racing for the opening. From it would come a cloud of pollen. Typically more a concern for the bees then a person the flourist looked to generate enough to be hazardous to man. With hopefully poisoned and vulnerable security of people of note Rose looked to enter the helicopter.

Breaching the bird or at least coming close to it the slender green hands would burst into a series of thorns and spikes looking to impale the people as she was far less hesitant to spill blood. As she did this she to would look to open the boxed freak not through technology or powers. Rather her hands in all their vine like glory would just look to hit buttons and switches in the cockpit. There were only so many jobs to turn before the desired result came to pass. "You know I bet everything even the electricity in this bitch is adamantium no need to be gentle."

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@antidoll: @owl_: @the_custodian:

The Pounding of the Freak’s fists was relentless against the inner lining of the adamantium cage, but even with all of his raw power, there was no use.

Just as the realization that his onslaught was having no effect began seeping in, the red brute felt the cage jerk backwards, a clear indication that the helicopter had suddenly, and perhaps involuntarily, ceased forward movement. The next thing he heard was the tiny groan of loosening metal joints near the door before it swung open entirely, revealing the winged vigilante behind it. But unlike a princess who sought to reward the rescuing gallivant with true love's kiss, the Freak instead responded with a hearty roar and a mighty kick aimed at the Force member's midsection.

Once the doorway of the wondrous cage was busted open, the red colossus lunged out.

."Sir, it appears the subject loose. I repeat, the subject is --"

"I heard ya!" General Walker interjected as heavy beads of sweat made their way down his stubbly face. His world was collapsing before his very eyes. Everything he had worked so dutifully for now threatening to slip away because of the actions of a group of misfits with incredible powers.

"What exactly is holding this damn bird back, pilot?" the General barked in desperation, choosing to wrap himself in the armor of his typically imperious demeanor.

"Well there's some sort of metal cable holding us down but that...shouldn't be enough with this bird's power.It's like there's some sort of invisible force pulling at us. The chopper feels so much...heavier."

"It's the girl with the weird helmet. I saw her do the same thing to the Freak earlier. Some kind of gravity manipulation," Walker grumbled.

"Oh shit!" The pilot's sudden exclamation alerted the General of an almost invisible cloud of dust that had seeped into the cockpit. "What is thaaa...?" Taking a whiff of the foreign substance was enough to render the pilot unconscious and he collapsed onto the helicopter's control panel.

Thinking quickly, General Allen reached for his standard issue GeNext gas mask as the cloud washed over him. The helicopter began to tailspin as it descended quickly. Gaining his bearing, the General stumbled towards the parachute pack near the pilot's seat. Just as he finished strapping it on, the General encountered a new threat. The grizzled veteran of one hundred battles ducked under the spiked arm of the red haired, green-skinned woman at the last second.

Seeing a clear path to the door, the military man dove for the opening, being met by nothing but the warm evening Nevada air and the sight of the quickly approaching desert floor. The General pulled on the parachute cord, allowing him to glide towards for the last fifty feet of his free-fall. He landed harshly, his knee bending backwards until the bone snapped, causing to fall face first onto the warm, course sand.

Gingerly rolling onto his back, the General Walker could feel the vibration caused by the stomping of powerful feet, a vibration that was getting stronger by the second.

Right...left....right...left. He was transported back to his days of ROTC where he had been trained to fall in line and keep every step perfect.


The vibrations stopped and with the last ounce of strength he could muster, Allen Walker sat up. Fear, regret, hatred, sorrow all flooded into his heart, an overwhelming cocktail of emotions that prompted the distinguished veteran to break down into a pleading sob. "Please...no. Please. I'm sorry. I have a wife. I have children."


"Hmmmph." the monster responded before directing a mammoth stomp straight onto the sad old man's upper body. Blood and guts sprayed in all directions as the Freak savored the squishy sensation in the arch of his red foot.

To the west, a battalion of tanks still operated, each one full of soldiers that had wanted him dead. It seemed like one tank had turned against the rest and was currently raising hell. It mattered not. They'd all be dead soon enough.

Without a moment's hesitation or a single iota of remorse, the Freak brought his hands together, eliciting a thunderous clap that sent a shock-wave unlike any other at the battalion. The resulting wind worked itself into a furious twister of destruction before it crashed into the squadron, positively shattering the hulls of every tank, and killing the countless crew members within.

As the sun began to set, plunging the Las Vegas skyline into shades of pink, purple, and orange, the Freak took to the air once more, eventually making landfall about a mile away from ground zero.

From his vantage point he could see the total destruction that his last attack had caused. So much metal, so much blood. Such beauty. A twisted smile crept onto the monster's face as he beheld his final masterpiece.

But deep inside, forced into the dungeons of the red titan's sadistic mind, Greg Harris wept, for the last vestiges of humanity that he had been holding onto so dearly were gone. He was now truly and irredeemably...a monster.

A Monster...
A Monster...

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@the_custodian: @antidoll: @the_freak:

Had Owl not been tired he would have dodges the shot entirely. As it was he only managed to get a kick to his right ribs practically shattering them. Were he human that much force would also probably have killed him, it was fortunate he was not. He flew backwards from the force of the kick, already beggining to heal. He had to replace them in a way with a temporary more muscular form moving them aside a bit. However they still needed to heal.

The clap on the other hand, that he was prepared for as he saw the giant about to clap. And that was something his ears would hate him for as he had far superior hearing to humans. He spun so his back was facing the ground and threw out his cloak while plugs protected his ears and the painful shockwave slowed his decent.

He spun around landing on his feet, refusing to roll due to his broken ribs. Quickly he studied the events. The monster was gone, although he could probably track him.

"What's next?" He asked to be sure.