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#101 Posted by Octagon Enigma (2031 posts) - - Show Bio

"Alright, but be careful," Enigma told Straw Man, "and if we need you, or you need us, my mental links are always available." Enigma continued running towards the castle until he reached the large, thick wooden doors, with bolts on each side. He looked at Freak, "Think you can get one of your powerhouses to tear this thing down?"

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#102 Posted by Octagon Freak (11214 posts) - - Show Bio

"Sure. Doomsday, get you ass over here." Doomsday, now calmed down, walked over to the door, and put his hands on it. He stepped back and threw his fist through, and yanked one of the doors off. He pried the other one open, and walked inside, looking around. "Do you think Validus will fit in here?"

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#103 Posted by Hellstorm (1 posts) - - Show Bio

"I can make him fit," Hellstorm said as he aimed his hellfire trident at Validus. Hellstorm focused for a second, then a large yellow-orange beam of energy flew from the tip of the trident and danced it's way into Validus's chest, shrinking him to about 8 feet tall. "He has lost none of his strength, and can be reversed back to normal at any time I wish."

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#104 Posted by Octagon Freak (11214 posts) - - Show Bio

Validus looks around, and runs around in a circle yelling. "Aww, you scarred him. Come here big guy." Persuader walked over to Validus to try and calm him down. After he was settled, Octagon ushered his men inside. Onslaught floated towards the middle of the room. "I do not detect Doom. Either he's hiding, or he's not even here." Octagon laughed, "Well, I doubt he's hiding, but it's likely that he isn't here. Anyone know how to find him?"