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This battle is for Akira,Gambler,and Bruce Marxism only.

The old shrine stood alone in the middle of crowds of cherry blossoms,the morning birds chirped and fish jumped from the lake that sat peacefully behind the shrine.Stone steps weaved through a zen-like garden and a few ponds.An elderly man an old Japanese tune that melted in with the surroundings,a soft melody.

Inside was Akira Overdrive,a vintage warrior with the allure of the future.It was his retreat from the outside world that was filled with sorrow.He meditated

quietly and his katana sat in his lap,as incense burned and candles kept the room well lit.Then the mans eyes awoke there was some one there for him.


Akira stood up and kept his Katana by his side as he slid the the door open to see a man he knew well,Gambler the Villainous.There was a brief stop in time as Akira stepped down from the shrines steps,he greeted Gambler with a bow,then held his hand firmly on the hilt of his blade,in a crouching position ready to strike.

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He ran through the orchard of Cherry blossoms, but none could see r hear him. He was the spirit roaming free of earthly bonds, yet still bound to earth. Invisible waves emanated from his hands, blocking out every sound he made--every crunch on the grass, every branch pushed aside, and every wisp of wind when he rushed by. His iPod Nano couldn't even be heard, but it was playing Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches and Herb. The coupling of this music, along with his powers, granted him invisible to the human eye. For all purposes, he wasn't there, and he wouldn't be.

He skidded to a stop, leaping into the trees using his agility. He leapt and swung through the trees before stopping in one overlooking a temple shrine. Two men stood outside, both poised to battle. That was the reason he had come here. His name was Bruce Marxism, more commonly known as Agent SoundStryker. It was his job to weed out those who would do wrong, only do it from behind the scenes. From the back of his black, although now invisible, jeans he pulled out one of his two Glock 17 pistols. He cocked it, his power of sound eliminating the clicking. He took aim at one man, Gambler. He was known for his villiany-drug smuggling, arms dealing, you name it he did it. That's one of the resons Bruce had shown up here today. Then again...

He glanced to the other man. Akira Overdrive. Not much was known about him. He was too secretive, but his name was definitely known. Bruce's aim kept switching and switching. He'd need to see how this played out before he took a side. Would he take the villian in for a reward, or question the elusive assassin?

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The right hand man of Gambler had been sent to the meditation temple of the one named Akira Overdrive. His mission was simple, recruit him for the Hellfire Club. If he declined, kill him. In a place of peace an harmony the Rated R Superstar showed nothing but disrespect. His cigarette hung loosely from his mouth as he walked across the neatly trimmed grass.

A man with such a reputation as Akira’s made him a target for every wanna be killer and villain trying to make a name for themselves. In some ways Gambler’s bodyguard was no different. He hoped the young hero would decline the offer. Taking down a hero of his standard would surely garner instant fame, perhaps even making the Superstar an instant classic.

True to form the hero was already in the door way, his trademark weapon at his side. But before any words where spoken the sound of a single gun shot rang out. Instantly birds flew off from their perches as the Rated R Superstar stood still with his hand up by his head.

Slowly he turned around looking towards the trees for any sign of the invisible sniper. He brought his hand down in front of himself before opening his hand to reveal the bullet. A Cheshire Cat smile raced across his face as he nonchalantly dropped the casing on the ground. Then in one quick and fluent motion he charged the nearest tree unsheathing his Katana as he ran past the Cherry Blossom tree and stopped. There was a moment of silence before the tree started to groan and creak. Then it spontaneously began to fall as the cut line became visible.

Still holding his pose, his sword extended out in front, the Rated R Superstar twirled the blade in his hand before returning it to its sheath.

“I wouldn’t have expected you to try such an underhanded trick Akira. Snipers? Really? How cliché. Perhaps there is some evil left in you after all.”

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The deception had been played well,Gambler was no where in sight,instead it was the cocky bodyguard of Gambler.Someone who was rumored to be looking for him,and someone that was obviously held in high regards if he was sent to capture Akira Overdrive,the elusive one.The motions were fluent as the bodyguard made his moves toward a tree after a shot rang out from the flowers above,it was someone else there.Akira had known that from the very moment he stepped from his old shirne.

Akira tilted his head to see the agility that Rated R had displayed and inadvertently stored the move into his mind,the sword Rated R had held cut through the tree and it began to crackle as it fell.The assassin made his way back to middle ground speaking in an arrogant tone with a smile on his face.

“I wouldn’t have expected you to try such an underhanded trick Akira. Snipers? Really? How cliché. Perhaps there is some evil left in you after all.”

The comment made Akira grunt,but yet he stayed quiet and choose not to explain anything to the man who was so disrespectful to his house.The only thing that could possibly give the boy a lesson was an ass whoopin.Without hesitation Akira used his newly acquired move and speed forward at Rated R with more speed then a supersonic jet,leaving blossom petals flying upwards after him.Then spun around back into the air landing lightly and putting his sword away.

He looked around to where the tree had been cut down,hoping to see where the invisible sniper had been.