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"Dont think about it Scott just do it!! I dont have much more energy to control him Do It!!"

He heard the words and tears started to fall down from his face, in a faint whisper he said "forgive me"

Looking up at the man who had given him so much in his life he knew what he had to do. To save his friends, to save the world, to save his Love he had to kill the man who had been like a father to him since he was a boy.

"I'm sorry"

Were the last words that came from his lips as he opened his eyes to let out his powerful concussive optic blasts. It shot straight for the man formaly known as Professor Charles Xavier, but he knew that was not whohe was killing. He was killing the man who had taken over the mosnter who would destroy everything they had built over the last decades. He had to do it...for the world, for all the mutants, for his lover, for himself.

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"Charles dont you dare release me now!" Looking down at the tears falling from Scotts eyes the evil man focused all he could to protect himself in such close quarters but hes attempt was too late.

The blast that Scott let loose hit Charles hard and the impact could be heard all around the base, the noise was of two gods smashing weapons together. The his body was seen flying in the air, his body came crashing down. The evil in the mans eyes gone and now the hazel blue eyes are shown of the true Xavier within the body. Xavier pulls himself up to a nearby wall and smiles a bloody grin at his former student and son. His legs now once again paralyzed the evil entity that possessed him was gone and all his powers gone with him.

He stares at the man in front of him and he speaks in short breaths "Do what his servant said, leave nothing behind. And do not have heavy heart....tell Gabriele i will be see David soon and we will be waiting." with that the once strong and powerful man known as Charles Francis Xavier was gone. Leaving his students to finish the day and the battle that will change them and the world.

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"Magneto," Marvel Girl muttered as she strained her teke against Magneto's magnetic fields, her body was alight with her facial tattoo a bright blue flame. The Starjammer's hull made horrible creaking noises as the ship warped under the pressure of the two forces on it, one to hold it together and the other to rip it apart. She was able to maintain control of Havok and barely keep the ship together but it was shaky at best and wouldn't last long.

Starjammer, Rachel thought to the ships crew, as soon as Havok is clear of the bay doors, get the hell out of here. Hopefully the ship wont end up a crater in New York She looked up as Havok was just getting in and the engines were firing up. He was almost safe now, if only she could hold on. Once it was ready to go she gives it an extra telekinetic push to try and brake it free of Magneto's force field, even if they did make it, the Starjammer would be out of this fight, it would need extensive repairs.

Adding to the stress on Rachel's powers was the magnetic hold Magneto had over Wolverine, he hadn't began to rip the adamantium from his skeleton yet, but it wasn't a tactic that he was against employing either, Rachel knew this. She struggled to gain control over Logan too, her powers were truly stretching to their limits.

"Magneto!" She yelled, "What dealings do you have with Apocalypse? She couldn't go on the offensive yet, not until she knew her friends were okay.

Meanwhile below the drama unfolding in the sky, Wolverine was suspended, mid leap, his claws coming inches away from making their mark. He also struggled against the magnetic bonds that held him, but it was to no avail. Though his jaw was clenched shut, he managed to growl a few terse words at Sabretooth through his teeth, "Creed...I'll...kill...you!

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"Out of all the men to send to attempt and thwart me they send you four. This is almost comedic. Out of the four of you mutants, only one would be saved when i cleanse the earth of weak and meager life forms."

All four X-women had been through their share of fights and epic battles, but En Sabah Nur's deep, scary voice still managed to send shivers down their spines. Before any of them could do anything, Apocalypse fired at both Storm and Shadowcat. The latter managed to phase at the right moment, avoiding damage, but Ororo was not so lucky. The laser would have burned her if not for her high resistance to temperature extremes. Still, the attack knocked her back into a wall and the white-haired mutant didn't get back up right away.

At the same time, Lorna protected herself from her enemy's attack with a magnetic force-field, which saved her life. Still holding a grudge at Apocalypse for what he had turned her into, she fired several magnetic blasts at him, speaking angrily:

"Yes, technology is quite the wonder. Too bad you used it to give me the powers I'll use to kill you!"

Meanwhile, Emma barely had time to turn into her diamond form before the laser hit her, knocking her a few feet away. Thankfully, she was very resistant to damage in that form and so she got back up rather quickly and ran to help Storm up, too. She switched back to her human form and both women nodded at each other. Together, they released a bolt of energy, a mixture of psionic energy from Emma and electricity from Storm, that was aimed straight for the villain. Hopefully this would give them a slight edge in this fight.

The fate of the world as they knew it hung in the balance, after all.

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"victor creed i will kill you" logan shouted out at the monster sabretooth. "Nah my little pet wolverine it is i who will kill you" sabretooth shouted as he lunged at wolverine attempting gut him and drop his intestines to the ground.

"Magneto!" ms marvel yelled, "What dealings do you have with Apocalypse?" the young lady shouted at the powerful magneto! "Ms marvel i have no dealings with that psychopath apocalypse the only reason im here is to get back what was wrongfully taken from me magneto answered back"

  1. sabretooth had been taken against his will by apocalypse's follower's. after sabretooth attempted to gut wolverine magneto would drop his body but kept his magnetic force field up so he couldnt be attacked.

after dropping logan magneto then takes his other hand and also points into the air toward the starjammers ship. magneto was gonna attempt to tear the ship in two. I will rip that ship to pieces magneto shouted out as he began to slowly pull his hands away from each other in atempt to tear the ship apart and watch it fall to the ground.

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Rachel strained to keep everything from falling apart as she listened to Magneto describe his intentions. "We have no plans of taking anything that belongs to you, we're only here to stop Sabretooth from killing innocents. If you would just stop this for a second we may be able to avoid any further confrontation and destruction." Marvel Girl new that the others would be fighting Apocalypse by now, she wanted to be able to help her family, and a fight between her and Magneto could destroy the entire city.

She looked down to see Sabretooth upon Wolverine, tearing him apart. She reached out to him with her mind, Wolverine, do you need help?

Don't..b..bother, Red, I...I'll...heal. T-take o-out...Mageneto

She knew he was right, and although she didn't like it, she let him go and focused her teke on the ship with everything she had. The ship twisted and buckled under the pressure. "Magneto, stop this, let the Starjammer Go! We don't need to fight you, join us and help us defeat Apocalypse." She could feel the panic aboard the ship, as the crew was firing up the engine systems and trying to blast free of the magnetic field holding them. Blue and purple light swirled around the Starjammer as Rachel and Magneto wrestled each other for control.

Meanwhile, below the struggle for the ship, Wolverine, free of Magneto's grasp, was on his back holding his stomach with one hand, trying to keep his insides, inside. All the while the massive Sabretooth was tearing away at him. Wolverine was able to use his free hand to parry away some of the vicious attacks, but many were getting through. "Creed...you..you know we can't..can't kill each other. Not...without...the sword." He was beginning to heal from some of his wounds. "Why don't you...be a good little kitten and go..with Mags, we can finish this some other time."

Wolverine's stomach had healed to the point where he had his other arm free, he took a swipe at Sabretooth trying to put his eyes out, at least for a little while, so he could get his bearings, and then continued to try and block his attacks.