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Years had passed at the School for Higher Learning. Students came and went all the time. New teams and squads were built and the place always stayed the same. No matter the threat the X-Men were there to fight it. But a recent string of events had changed tihngs. Someone had somehow snuck into the school and kidnapped Prfessor X. Almost all trace of him was covered. Wolverine could not pick up any scent and Emma had a hard time even finding out he still was alive.

Someone powerful had taken him and a lot of the X-teams were off on missions. Some traveled to the Savage land and were unable to respond. But other threats arose. The villians were up to something and with Magento behind bars they knew it was not his doing. Mr Sinister too had not been seen or heard from in years. It seemed as if the mad man was finally done with plagueing Scott's life.

For the entire week teams of the mutants were searching the world to find clues. What they did find was not comforting. It seemed as it Apocalypse was the monster behind this. He has also used Proffesor X's power to enhance his own. To make it worse Apocalypse had reformed his Horeman. The new team consisted of Stryfe, Sabertooth, Deadpool, and Scarlet Witch. An odd grouping but dangerous none the less.

With this informtion Cyclops put out a call to all available mutants. They were to meet with him for briefing at the War Room. There he told them of what they knew. Who was behind the Professors disapearance and details on each of his new horsemen. They did not know where they were but felt it best to look for the pawns first. For they could lead them to thier master and with that rescue Xavier.

A number of people had shown up from an assortment of the teams. Cyclops was glad with the turn out. They were going to need each and every one of them to bring down Apocalypse and his Horesman. But to once again make it worse Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut had decided to team up again and were wrecking havoc in New York. What they wanted he did not know, all he knew is that they needed to be delt with.

Once every one assembled Cyclops took charge. It was his job to make sure they worked as a team and that they all came together at the end.

"Listen up X-Men we have multiple problems to go along with the dissapearance of the Professor. Juggernaut and Cassidy have decided to mess with us at the wrong time. I will form a small task force to go against them while the rest of you divide up and seek out Apocalypse's Horeman".

"Emma if we are going to take down Cain then I am going to need you with me on this. Iceman your coming too, I need you for crowd control".

"Wolverine I want you to take Havok with you and search for your old rival Sabertooth. Find him and get us the infomation we need".

"Storm you Nightcrawler, and Madrox go and search for Wanda. Remember she may of once been a friend of ours, but now she is not thinking straight. Be careful".

"Shadowcat take Cannonball with you and find Deadpool. There is no telling what chaos that mad man is doing with the added power Apocaypse gave him from being a horseman".

"Cable you and Archangel go out and find Stryfe. Do not hold back on him".

"Emma, Iceman, and I will try and take care of Juggernaut and Cassidy as fast as we can. Once we are finished we can group up to help someone. Stay alive people if things do not turn your way fall out. Theres not telling what else is out there".

With that he looked throughout the room at each and every one of them. He had to be there to inspire courage for this could be thier greatest Trial. For what was the X-men without Professor X.

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Warren was used to choas that surrounded being an X-man. He had been one most of his life. As Scott gave out the orders he was thinking about old times. Scott, Hank, Bobby and Jean all hanging out at the mansion, just kids but making a differents in the world. Time had changed, Jean was dead, Scott was a wounded man. Bobby was 16 anymore, and him the Angel anymore, by the hand of Apocalypse he was Archangel. He had become Death, and was resurrected.

Today though the madness was different, the Prof. was missing. "Cable you and Archangel go out and find Stryfe. Do not hold back on him". With a flash, Archangel's wings came out to there full size, shining in the light of the day. With that the Archangel took off to bring death once again.

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Tom remained in an empty warehouse for the time being, as his appearance would give him away instantly and he did not wish to draw attention.

Though deemed mentally insane, Thomas Cassidy was still a very brilliant man and obviously the leader of the tag team. His companion, Cain, was the brawn of the group and though seemingly a pawn Cain was truly a friend to Tom.

Yet even so, Tom had not shared with Cain the reason they were in New York nor did he ever plan on doing so...this was family business.

He spoke to his companion, "Cain. Don't worry, we shall have some fun soon, but first we must wait, wait for the X-Men."

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it hadn't been long at all since Sam had returned back from the Guthrie homestead down in Kentucky.....he'd have been happy to remain back down home... but Scott had summoned him back.. back to the place where it all began so many years ago.. back to the Xavier School. A lot of memories, good and bad. Friends he'd made, friends he'd lost... there was still a particular touch of guilt over poor old Doug Ramsey, dead by the Ani-Mator's hand. Things that he'd seen that could have made him never want to see this place again. But he couldn't do it. Couldn't just turn his back on this place when people needed him the most. Couldnt turn his back on the Professor, who'd been like a second father to him all these years.

And so it's be that he'd listen to the score, how it was all gonna go down. Listened as he got his orders. At least he got himself a respectable partner. If there was anyone who could handle herself in the field, it was Kitty. She knew the game, had been in it just as long as he had. Plus her ways of gettin' information would come through in the long run. THough he couldn't say he quiet liked the lot we'd drawn. Deadpool. Nutty ass a fruitcake and ten times as deadly....he had a feelin' his mouth could kill us just as much as his arsenal Order's laid out and the teams would be dismissed, assembling to take on the tasks given them...and he'd turn to Pryde.

'Ya'll ready for this shindig, lil' kitten?'

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sabretooth walked amongst the people of Manhattan at every step he received a dirty look from some useless over rated human. Sabretooth was trying to keep a low profile well to the best the feral beast could. just before sabretooth reach his destination tooth heard a human mumble under his breath "pathetic mutant" at this moment just as the man passed tooth the monstrous beast turned around towering above the human. Sabretooth without even taking a breath extended his Adamantium laced claws and put his hand right into the humans back and out the front of his mid section. Blood spayed all over the ground in front of the mortally wounded human. Sabretooth then ripped his massive hand out of the humans body. Then human instantly fell to the ground landing on his knees first and grabbing his midsection. Before the human could even fall over to the ground the feral beast slashed at the humans head decapitating him with one swift swipe. The citizens on Manhattan screamed as the head of the now decapitated human flew into the street.

Instantly without delay there was panic amongst the citizens of Manhattan. Sabretooth loved it. He loved the chaos it drove him. Cars ran into one another people were quickly trampled by the fleeing wastes of humanity. As people ran away trying to get away from the monster Sabretooth nonchalantly walked to his destination. Sabretooth now stood over the man hole and entrance to the Morlock tunnels. Sabretooth was told by apocalypse to clear the world of imperfections and the weak. Sabretooth quickly leaned over and ripped the manhole cover from the ground and slung it into the street busting out a taxi cab window.

As soon the monster lept into the tunnels and hit the ground water splashed up from beneath his feat. Sabretooth quickly ran through the tunnels looking around each corner for his prey. This was like hunting in a zoo. around each corner was another morlock. every time tooth was attacked he left a fallen ravaged morlock in his wake. As tooth came upon the main entrance into the underground world sabretooth stopped and inhaled a deep breath. Blood flowed through the sewer tunnels like water covering his feet in crimson red. The monster now stood at the door covered in blood from head to toe. The blood dripped off of the monster as if he had just got out of the shower. Little did the morlocks on the otherside of the door know what they was in for.

After recovering his breath Sabretooth quickly kicked in the wooden door to the main entrance. Wood and splinters flew through the air as the blood soaked monster rushed in to the giant underground city. Instantly the Morlocks ran at the monster trying to kill him with every attack but Sabretooth was happy to oblige them. One by one the weak mutants fell to the ground soaking the floor with blood. Sabretooth had singlehandedly killed every Morlock in the city the rest escaped as the monster bathed in their fallen companion's blood. After the massacre was over the blood soaked monster kneeled to the ground to recover from his wounds and bath him self in the blood of his fallen foes.

Sabretooth followed his orders but he knew that the smell of the blood would quickly lead his mortal enemy wolverine to him but this was all part of sabretooth's plan sure he had his orders but killing wolverine was all that mattered to the blood soaked monster.

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Deadpool stood high atop the empire state building, The night time air ruffling his trench coat, The breeze was gentle, and relaxing. A night in the big apple, Exciting and wonderful....

Deadpool looked down to see the cars whizzing past, honking horns, lights flashing, The city was alive if anything.

"Hooty hoo riffic! I wonder if I get a secret decoder ring for being a Horsmen. This is totally cool beans. Now, Time to make Apocalypse happy!"

Drawing his pistol he shot down into the night sky, The bullet flew through the air, finally implanting itself into the chest of a young man who was wandering the streets, about fifty feet below.

The man fell to his knee's, blood spilling from his chest untill he eventually he fell down dead. Men, Women and children alike now ran in terror. If anyone dared to look up, They'd see a trench coated man holding a smoking gun and smiling a sadistic grin underneath his mask.

Drawing his katana while keeping his gun in the other hand, He teleported down to the city.

"Hey people! Whoooooooooooooooo's ready to rumble?"

Randomly slicing and shooting, Blood splattered and sprayed onto his trench coat.

"Aw Man, I liked this coat"

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What do you expect Remy? You think they’ll welcome you home with open arms? Don’t be naïve. Xavier is gone, possibly dead and the X-Men are in disarray. No your place is here with me, we both know that

“Dats a chance I’m willing to take Sinister. Dhey is my family.”


Gambit turned his back on the pale face monster known as Mr. Sinister and walked away. He had strayed far from Xavier’s path. Working for Sinister in exchange the evil geneticists restored Gambit’s sight as well as his powers. But deep down he always considered himself an X-Men. And now more then ever his team, his family needed him. Xavier was gone and all signs pointed towards Apocalypse. While working with Sinister Gambit had overheard a conversation in which he learned the Four Horsemen had been resurrected.

The X-Men’s backs where up against the wall. The days to come would test their resolve as well as their mental toughness. And Gambit knew he had to play his part and stand shoulder to shoulder with his brothers and sisters.

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Although life as an X-Man was never quite peaceful, Emma felt quite stressed about the current situation. She had been very anxious lately with the disappearance of her fellow telepath Charles, and had been sleeping too little, if at all. Although she tried to push the thought away, she couldn't help but figure she would soon need another shot of botox to conceal her alarming eye bags and wrinkles. Still, most of her mind was focused on the complicated and dangerous task at hand.

Following the kidnapping, she had tried her best to track the mind of Professor Xavier, but, even with Cerebra's help, she had been unsuccessful. Annoyingly enough, failure was one of the things Emma despised the most, after people who lacked any sense of fashion and Jean Grey, and she had taken the professor's disappearance pretty harshly. During Cyclops' briefing, she probed the minds of her teammates and, sadly enough, she found that very few of them were truly confident about their mission's success. They were all very troubled by the absence of their teacher and mentor, but she could not let their sadness get in the way of their goal. Using much finesse, the former White Queen tried to boost her team's spirits telepathically, although she doubted it would truly help.

As soon as the meeting was over and the teams were dispatched, Emma readied herself and headed for Cerebra. For the umpteenth time that day, the gorgeous telepathy scanned the area in which she had first located the mutant known as Black Tom Cassidy. Satisfied to know he had not moved, Emma headed for the jet they would be using to reach their enemy. Sitting in the passenger seat, she contacted both Scott and Bobby, the X-Men known as Cyclops and Iceman respectively, telepathically.

¤Let's not waste anymore time and head out already, shan't we, boys? If we get this over with quickly enough, I may even have time to pay Fifth Avenue a visit and get one of those fashionably ravishing Gucci handbags.¤
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she listened quietly as Scott spoke.. it was obvious the situation was worse than previously imagined. the variety of the threats... certainly surprising. she cast a glance around the room as she absently played with the Star of David hanging from the delicate silver chain. listening to the assignments, she had to admit Scott paired them up well. until he came to her. she jerked her head, her brown eyes meeting his ruby quartz glasses with a measured amount of surprise

"Deadpool? You want Sam and I to go after that lunatic? You do realize we have history, yes? This is no slight against Sam, but I'd prefer to handle this one with someone who has experience with Wade's methods. And I do use the term 'method' loosely. That merc's mind is all over the place, but I do know one thing. Wade's typically in it for Wade. So I'm not sure exactly what his ties are to the others on our little list."

she glanced softly at Sam. his inquiry had raised eyebrows.. 'lil kitten' wasn't typically something she got called. at least not any longer. crossing her arms softly, she slipped from her chair and began to pace slowly

"Guthrie, I hope you're ready for this. Tracking down Deadpool won't be easy. There's no rhyme or reason to his movements, unless it involves a job. We're going to have to do a bit of research on this one.. I am going to use my SHIELD connections to see if theyre currently flagging him. If so, we're one part of the way there. If not? We're going to have to do alot of footwork. We have to approach this almost scientifically rather than outlandishly. Which means... you keep your feet on the ground for now.. until that little asset of yours comes in handy."

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As the colors danced across Bobby Drake's eyes, he couldn't help but wonder. He sat laid back, his legs kicked up on the war room's table, twiddling a small piece of ice between his fingers. The light was caught in the ice and set aflame. Cyke's words were a bit lost to him at this point, but he got the jist of it. New York. Juggernaut. Got it. Everything else he'd probably get on the way there. Bobby's digression continued, staring more at the chip of ice. As he held it, he channeled more of his power into it, adding to its shape and form. Even if every atom of his body wasn't completely a block of ice at this point, it was still cold as ever. Though his eyes were not ice yet, they still viewed the now chunk of ice with no emotion. Typically, Bobby would be the sarcasm of the group, since nobody else had the talent he possessed for making a situation more bearable. Now, though, he wondered whether it mattered. Sure, his natural sarcasm still lingered, but he'd lost his interest in it. These late events were so sudden, so unexpected. Bobby was still adjusting. As he stared at the ice, cold steaming off it, it began to take shape: Professor Xavier in his wheelchair.

"Stay alive people if things do not turn your way fall out. Theres not telling what else is out there." Bobby's eyes looked up from the ice, lowering it into the pocket of his X-Man uniform pants. Cyke was finished, that's all he needed to know. Now maybe they'd actually do something. "Gotcha, one-eye. Let's make like a glacier and move incredibly slow." Bobby got up, marveling at his humor for a moment, and walked out of the war room. He saw Emma leave as well, heading for Cerebra. She'd done it quite a bit lately. Personally, Bobby didn't get the Cerebra thing. Somehow it located anyone on the planet by mere thought. Bobby knew about one thing and one thing only--ice. The mind was not his power. He didn't know whether it was because he had wandered a bit, or whether Emma was in fact very quick, but on his way to the Jet, Emma's voice spoke in his mind.

¤Let's not waste anymore time and head out already, shan't we, boys? If we get this over with quickly enough, I may even have time to pay Fifth Avenue a visit and get one of those fashionably ravishing Gucci handbags.¤

Bobby found that creepy every time. Plus, he never knew whether it would be his own mind or Emma's talking. The voice just came from nowwhere, and for all he knew, he probably just thought that she said it. But it sounded alot like something Emma'd think up rather than him, so he guessed it was the real deal. I still think I can smoke anyone at ice-skating at Rockefeller Center, Bobby thought jokingly. As he walked, he began to channel more of his power. Beginning from his core, his body began to shift and cool into living ice. His hair hardened and spiked, and his eyes blackened, befitting his cold exterior. His features sharpened from the curves of humanity to the sharp edges of winter. Bobby stepped foot into the hangar, stopping for a moment. His hand reached into his pocket, cold touching cold and drawing the ice statue from it. Once more, Bobby looked at it for a while. His eyes searched the ice for anything. Hope. A Sign. Anything.

Nothing. Bobby slipped the memento back in his pocket. What happened next Bobby didn't know whether he meant to do or not. He stepped forward at the moment he withdrew his hand from his pocket. The ice statue shattered against the cold floor of the hangar. Ascending the ramp to the plane, he found Emma sitting in the passenger seat. He acknowledged her and moved to his seat by a computer monitor. Pressing a button, a wave of graphics and statistics hit the screen all at once.

"Hey, I think I got high score."

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Maybe it wasn't what she was used to, but Sam found it necessary to bring some lightness to the situation, grave as it was. You could only be so serious...he knew...he'd gone though just as much sufferin' as anyone else assembled here... helll, accordin to Cable, he'd even died once. He could handle Deadpool, if it came to it. He was ready.

'Ready for this? It's what I've spent half mah life trainin for, darlin. If'n I aint ready by now, Ah guess I never will be."

*Tough he couldn't deny that she was right. We had to take this one with some finesse. We wouldn't be able to take this one by brute force alone, especially not with the psycho juiced up by Apocalypse. He'd follow your lead, and be behind you when you decided to make your move."

"Y'just let me know when it's time to blast, and we're on our way."

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Wanda’s mind was filled with hate and rage. Her life had been a train wreck so far. Abandoned by her, own father, marked as a social outcast. She sat there in a dark room thinking about her tortured past. All those long, cold nights she would cry for someone, but no one was there. With the sound of breaking glass, she snapped back into reality. She looked around the room to see Ebony, Agatha Harkness’s familiar. She sensually laughed then got up and walked toward the cat.

“You’re such a trickster…”

Wanda picked him up, and brought him back over to the chair she was sitting in. Once she realized that the prophesied 7th moon was out, she quickly made her way to another room in the infamous house of her mentor. She busted open the door to reveal a room decked with the material used for witchcraft. Dead animals hung from hooks around the room. Ebony quickly followed her into the next room.

There in the middle of the floor was a giant pentagram, with candles at every point of the symbolic star. She smiled and hovered over to a cauldron filled with blood, the top of her boots scratched over the surface of the floor. Soaking her hands in the pot of blood, she hovered back into the middle of the pentagram, sitting with her legs crossed. She let the blood on her hands drip down to the wood, floor boards right next to her.

“Agamotto, I call for your sight. Oshtur, I call for your knowledge. Hoggoth, I call for your power. MEPHISTO, I CALL FOR YOUR STRENGTH!”

As Wanda finshed invoking the higher powers, a strong wind blew through the house, blowing out the candles, and causing Ebony to run out the room. She took in a deep breath and could feel the power surging through her body. The energy was intoxicating. She got up from her position and walked out of the room, and into the living room.

“Take care of yourself Ebony, I’ll be back…someday.”

Wanda left the house without a signle possession in her hand. The door slammed, as she walked out the old house.

Keep yourself together Wanda

As she walked down the old, Salem road. Trees and flowers died. The night sky filled with dark clouds. Rain shot down on her like bullets. Her hair was drenched with water and her clothes were ruined.

“Goodbye, Harkness”

With one hand movement she teleported in an explosion of fire.

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In a dense jungle area, there was a medium-sized compound. Inside the compound, several groups of guards were patrolling back and forth. Each guard wore a suit of body armor, had a pistol, LMG, a large combat knife, and a large device that ressembled a cattle prod - shooting electrical currents into its target on contact. From the look of them, each guard was a formiddable foe. The compound that was being guarded was in fact a top secret facility. It served as a research and development center as well as a prison. The horrible thing about it was that it was a place where mutants were held captive, tortured, and had experiments performed on them. Indeed, it was a living nightmare.

A stockade was built around the compound and there were two gates to enter. Twenty guards patrolled outside the wall and an uncertain amount guarded the inside. Around the compound were a few small buildings. Judging from the amount of power generators outside each one, different uses could be assumed. However, deep within the center of the compound, there was a transport that went underground. That was where guards went to go get new "subjects". Obviously, it was a place where the mutants were held.

Deep underground, a group of mutants were huddled together in one of the cells. Suddenly, four guards came down the transport. As they stepped down from the transport, they all took out their electric prods. BAP-BAP-BAP-BAP-BAP..... One of the guards ran his prod over the bars to a cell.

"You," he said in a rough voice, pointing to a young, scared mutant girl. "Come with us..." As the three other guards went in to get her, a boy who she was with, rushed up to stop them. Immediately, he was shocked by the prods. As he was stunned by the powerful electricity, the guards continued to repeatedly shock him. Laughing as they did so, they each kicked the young man who was left twitching on the ground. With that, they grabbed the girl and took her back to the transport and went up to the surface.

The sun hurt the young girl's eyes as they adjusted to it. The four guards then took the girl and threw her into a room. As they roughly brought her to her feet, they strapped her down to a table with powerful metal restraints. At that point, the scientist in the room began to walk over to the scared girl. "Well, well, well..... I see you have the ability to heal. Let's see just how well you can do it!"

With that, he took a scalpel and sliced it into the girls arm. She cried in pain as he sliced it all the way down her arm. Slowly, the wound began to heal. "Splendid!" he said with and evil grin. "Let's kick it up a notch, shall we?" Just as he began to cut into her again (this time deeper), the alarm to the compound went off. The scientist and the four guards looked up to see what was happening.

Just then, shots could be heard. LMG's were going off like crazy and men were shouting orders back and forth to each other. It all sounded quite faint, but lound crashes could be heard. Just then, men rushed to the top of one of the gatehouses and began firing their weapons down at whatever it was outside the gate. Other guards ran in front of the gate and held it with their own strength in addition to the powerful locks that were already in place.

Guards were yelling out all types of obscenities at this point. Suddenly, a powerful blast came against the gatehouse which threw the men holding the gate back several feet. Again, the guards rushed up and held the gate firmly as the guards on top continued to fire their weapons. Finally, another powerful blast hit the gatehouse. This time, the whole thing gave way and a cloud of dust and smoke was all that remained. When the smoke cleared, the outside threat emerged.

A fighter came out of the dust and smoke. From the looks of him, it was like someone wearing an invincible suit of armor. As the warrior then began to charge, the guards and the scientist ducked for cover. Blasting through the wall, the intruder walked over to the guards whom immediately began firing their weapons. As the bullets rikocheted off the metallic body, a hand reached out and struck all four guards to the ground. Then, the scientist was grabbed. As he looked into the metallic eyes of his executioner, he said in a terrified voice, "Who are you?"

A low voice with a Russian accent replied back saying, "I am Colossus......" With that, the mighty Colossus face-planted the scientist into the ground. He then walked to the terrified girl who was still held to the table by her metal restraints.

"Who are you?" she said.

"I am Colossus, one of the X-Men." Piotr replied. "I'm here to rescue you." Just then, several guards charged towards Colossus. He responded by charging likewise. With a powerful tackle, Piotr brought them all to the ground with ease. Some were trying to get up, but were stopped by a blow from Colossus' powerful fist. "Where are the others?!" Colossus demanded.

"Down the transport!" the frightened girl replied. "Be careful! There are guards down there!" With that, she hid in the wreckage around her and waited for Colossus' return.

As Colossus descended into the ground, he was immediately met by gunfire. There were six guards firing their LMG's at him nonstop. Then, they pulled out their electric prods and rushed him. Grabbing onto one of the cell doors, Colossus managed to quickly rip if its hinges. Then, in a powerful throw, he hurled it into the charging guards - smashing their bodies into the opposite wall. With the guards disposed of, Piotr made his way to the other cell and ripped its door off as well. As he gathered all of the captives, he took them to the surface via the transport.

All the captives cringed and ducked for cover as soon as they met the surface. The sunlight hurt their eyes and guards were shooting at them. "Move! Move!" Colossus roared at them. As they all rushed to the area of the destroyed gate, guards assembled their with their guns and prods. Colossus sprinted ahead and powerfuly tackled them and cleared the way. Once the last mutant stepped foot out of the compound, everything faded away and the holograms were cleared.

"DANGER ROOM SCENARIO: RESCUE - COMPLETE"* a computer-generated voice said. With a look of confidence, Piotr retracted teh armor from his body. He had worked up a sweat in there. Walking over to the control consul, he viewed his Danger Room score. Because he took a slightly large amount of enemy casualties, his score was reduced to a "B". However, all of the captives survived.

As he exited the Danger Room, Piotr bumped into Cyclops. He had heard from some of the other X-Men about a mission that would be taking place. "Cyclops", he said. "Anything new happening? Whatever it is, I will comply....."

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It was late by the time Gambler arrived at the Mansion. The Sentinel Squad ONE stood guard outside the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. These where the latest models commissioned by the Office of National Emergency following thee events of M-Day. Gambit’s face glowed in the night air as the cherry from his freshly lit cigarette burned brightly. He couldn’t get over the fact that one of the X-Men’s deadliest enemies where now their protectors.

Stumping out his butt the elusive Cajun smiled as he cracked his neck.

“Tis time to see if dhey good enough to keep up wit Gambit.”

In one motion he planted his foot against the old brick wall and vaulted himself over. As he hit the ground he quickly rolled behind a bush just as one of the Sentinels flashed a spot light in the area. Waiting patiently for it to pass by, he broke from the bush in an all out sprint. A series of electrically infrared grids sprang up. Without pause or hesitation Gambit flipped forward barely touching the ground before cartwheeling to the side. It was a series of moves he had practiced repeatedly in many Danger Room scenarios. He continued his acrobatic display until he landed safely on the front door.

After delivering three stern knocks he stood back and waited. Gambit had come home

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Great. Alex Summers, 'Havok,' thought to himself after hearing his assignment, The last place I ever wanted to be is between Wolverine and Sabertooth, I'll be lucky to come back to the mansion with my skin. He wasn't excited about risking his life, but he was determined to prove himself to the rest of the team. Alex knew this would be a real test for him, Victor Creed was not one who was easy to get to talk, and who knew what to expect now that he was one of Apocalypse's horsemen. He had seen what Apocalypse could do and had a score to settle. The last time the X-Men fought Apocalypse, he had taken Polaris as his horsemen, 'Pestilence,' and Havok wanted revenge. They chased Apocalypse to the depths of his giant flying Sphinx where it looked like he might have finally died for good, but obviously, no such luck. At least Lorna was safe this time.

After Scott had given out all of his orders Havok looked to Wolverine, "Well, Logan, you're the expert tracker, where do we look first?"

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The briefing at the War Room had gone well or at least he hoped it had. The team was without its father and they looked to him for leadership. He had to be the one to let them know everything was going to be ok. He had to keep that stern face and carry the weight all alone. It was time that Cyclops took charge.

He waited until everyone else left before he did the same. With a whisper in his thoughts he whished his love Emma luck. He hoped that she could bring him better news with Cerebro. They could use some good news right now.

Walking down the halls he was set and ready to go, then he heard a loud knocking at the door. Knocking he thought, but who could that be at this hour and how did security not pick them up. He proceeded with caution as he moved towards the door. His visor gleamed with energy as he opened it. To his suprisethe cocky cajun was standing there infront of him. That arrogant grin plastered on his face like always. Scott took a good measure of him with a deep breath in.

There was history there and both of them knew it. But he didn't have time to sort it all out. "Gambit you arrived just in time and it's time for you to prove your worth. I want you to tag along with Shadowcat and Cannonball. Help them track down Deadpool and get that mad man off the streets. He might know where Apocalypse is holding the Professor though, so bring him in alive".

With that he turned his back and left the door wide open. His head looked over his shoulder as he left with a steady eye watching the crafty cajun. Now headed to the wing to meet up with Emma and Bobby he passed the Danger Room. He heard the computer shut down and the door opened. Out stepped Colossus and Scott was glad to see him.

"I'm glad to hear that Colossus because I was just headed off to detain Juggernaut and Cassidy and could use your muscle. Emma and Bobby are waiting for us at the Blackbird so lets get a move on it".

With that he continued on his way. Wide shouldered and posture straight. He had to keep his chin up, he had to be the one to show his team that they could pull this off. Entering the Blackbird his set his eqipment bag down and strapped in. Colossus followed him in and the four were on thier way. Thier destination the warhouse docks where Black Tom Cassidy and Cain Marko were hideing out. The location for the encounter was good he thought, not many civilians. This could turn dangerous in a heart beat.

Once the Bird landed the activated its cloaking device to hide it from any pass a byers. Together the team moved out into the docks. Emma used her pyscic powers to locate which warehouse they needed and each of them prepared.

With one large blast the doors were open and the game was set.

"Cassidy, Marko whatever your planning it stops NOW"

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As the doors blasted open Cain stood stock still at the other end of the warehouse, he had been awaiting this moment. Tom had left the Warehouse a while ago to tend to his business leaving Juggernaut to take care of any visitors.

Cain saw Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost and Iceman all standing before him...this was going to be far too easy he thought as he began to run, becoming, once again, The Unstoppable.

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she zipped the front of her uniform closed and reached down and brought the Star to her lips, giving it a gentle kiss. laying it back down to rest against her chest, the reached for an elastic hair band and pulled the dark brown waves back. phasing herself through the floor of her room, she appeared in the Mansion's main hallway. she cast a glance at the newest arrival. Gambit. she admitted she was surprised to see him, with how he'd left them in the first place. just maybe there was more to him than she thought. he did have honor. she had to respect that. she cast another glance at her other teammate and nodded softly

"Nice to have you with us, Cajun. We can use all the help we can get. Word has it... okay, my hacking skills have turned up a bit of info on the Mad Mercenary. He's been spotted in and around Manhattan. I don't have anything more concrete than that. But it's an island, right? Shouldn't be too hard to find him."

she actually grinned... yeah. she had picked up Logan's ill-timed sense of humor. tossing her head, she began walking to the door. the two men just stood there and she paused and glanced at them over her shoulder

"Earth to the Testosterone Pair? We are leaving now.. you might want to come with me? It would be nice to have my teammates with me and not staring at my backside."

she shook her head and walked through the door and toward the garage. she didn't figure Scott would care if she borrowed a car. maybe she'd take Emma's and intentionally wreck it. that would piss the Ice Queen off alright. another time, Kitty... another time. you can stick it to her later. business first, then pleasure. The other two had finally fallen in step with her and together they grab a ride and head toward Deadpool's last known location, Manhattan.

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He'd been with you while you gathered your information... figgures that out clown prince of assassins would go to ground in the most obvious place. That only proved he was as nuts as Sam thought he was... most criminal sorts actually thought to bury themselves when not engaging in their nefarious plans. The information gotten, Kit told him to go get himself raedy... He figured he was always ready, but for this, we might actually need his uniform. Been wuite a fair piece since he'd had to strap up in it, but it still fit his frame comfortably.

that soon done, he'd make his way back to the main floor, where we both run into Remy.. still lookin as cantankerous and ready to get into trouble as anyone...which didn't bother him, cause it was Something Sam usually had pegged onto himself.. when he hadnt gotten pegged as the shy quiet country boy

'Not hard to find him? In Manhattan? Might as well be askin to find a needled in a haystack the size o' Yankee Stadium. Hell, if'n ya ask me. But we gotta do it... to let's get to it.

But he's found Kit's already leavin him and Remy behind, before turning her head over shoulder and saying THAT.. nearly makin him lauight out loud. She'd left herself wide open for it, he hoped she was ready for the rejoinder...

""Were comin, lil lady, we're comin.. and as much as I enjoy the prospect of standin at my teammate's side... the view's not bad from here..."

Manhattan, here we come.....again.
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Celeste: Did you hear what he said to her? I mean it was totally like uncalled for!

Mindee: I heard that Jeremy was going to be expelled from school!

Phoebe: Really? Maybe we can have a little more fun with him, before he goes…

There they were. The spawns of Emma Frost doing what they do best, gossiping. They walked through the mansion undetected, because of their growing power of telepathy. After the death of their sisters, Esme and Sophie, they found a new way to spend their time. All they wanted was power, they wanted to make sure, that it couldn’t happen again. They never wanted to lose a sister again.

Mindee: So what do we do now?

Phoebe: I don’t know!

Celeste: Sisters…we have nearly unlimited mind power, we do what all good telepaths do…

The sinister sisters continued walking through the halls of the mansion. They never had to speak if they didn’t want to. Their minds were like computers working together. Power thirsty, just like their mother. On the outside it would appear that their little blonde heads, held nothing in them. But there was so much more than what meets the eye.

Celeste: We’re here sisters!

Mindee & Phoebe: Excellent!

The sisters stood in front of a giant, metal door. It was a flawless design, but nothing that the sister’s couldn’t find their way around. The 3 girls held out the hands, as pure energy shot out from their finger tips. The energy from all 3 girls met and formed a globe of psychic power. A small beam of energy from the globe shot out toward the door, and blasted into a small hole on the door. Slowly the door started to unlock. Switches and levers were being pulled, and latches unhooked.

Cuckoos: YES!

The girls walked through the door, to find themselves in a room with an interesting machine resting on a platform that extends over a pit of nothingness.

Celeste: “This my sisters, is Cerebro!”

The Stepford Cuckoos walked closer to the machine, and Celeste put the helmet on.

Mindee: “I’m not so sure we should be doing this!”

The machine activated and a brilliant projection of lights shot across the room. The sisters eye’s shot wide open in amazement. They could see very single mutant on the planet.

Celeste: “Girls…I think we hit the jackpot!”

To know where every mutant was at any point in the day. It seemed that the sister's journey for power wss just beginning.

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Stryfe was back again with his original father figure Apocalypse, so much history or future as it was is between these two men that it would take the likes of Tolkien to describe. These where to of the strongest mutants the world has know the chaos bringer was powerful telepathy and telekinetic and Apocalypse has transcendent both time and death, together these men nay these GODS where unstoppable.

Stryfe was standing in front of his Mutant Liberation Front. He had just recently called this group back together to face what was to come. Stryfe was a smart man he knew that the X-men would be on there way and if he knew that clone cable which he did, he would certainly be coming along. The MLF was there to wear the strike down and then distract the rest well Stryfe would take out cable. "ahahhahhahaha out time has come they will feel our PAIN HAHHAHAHAH" Stryfe voice cracked out of his helmet resembling more of a high pitched shriek then a real voice.

Stryfe started walking toward a portal opened by Zero as the MLF followed in behind him. Stryfe always liked to cause distraction and that was why he was here at Muir island. As the MLF stepped out onto Dr Moira McTagert clinic styrfe sent his troops to destroy and cause as much damage as possible. Stryfe casually walked to the office of Mr Moira enhanced with the time altering powers of tempo. Stryfe got what he wanted with what seemed like seconds he cracked the codes and got what he was after all the files of Dr Moira even the ones the X-men did not know she had. Dr Moira had files on every mutant alive powers weakness and even some genetic samples. With this information Stryfe had all he needed and more to carve his will into the world. The MLF left just as quickly as they had entered and with no witness alive or other wise.

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The war room was packed with mutants, all of them listening in to what Cyclops had to say. It was like something out of Charles Xavier's dreams. Mutants from all walks of life preparing to go out and fight the good fight, to take on evil and protect the very people who feared them most. Logan kept to the back, leaning against the wall, he knew the drill without having to be told it. Go out, find the bad guys and administer and ass kicking until the spilled their guts, literally, and disclosed Xavier's location. He took a puff on his cigar and held it loosely in his hands, following the smoke with his eyes as it floated upwards.

"Jesus Charlie, where in hell are you?"

Teams were being alloted and Logan snapped out of his contemplation. Shoving the cigar between his teeth, he stood up straight. Listening in for who he was going to be working with.

"Wolverine I want you to take Havok with you and search for your old rival Sabertooth. Find him and get us the information we need".

Logan nodded grimly. Sabertooth. Rivals was to nice a word. Everything he had ever loved, everything he had ever built, Creed had destroyed. His entire life had been a constant struggle to transcend his violent nature, to quell the roars of the beast withing. Sabertooth embraced it. Every year he had left his mark on Logan, cutting him, scarring him. Others had tried to stop him, they had died, sometimes Wolverine wondered if he was the only one that could. Pushing away the dark thoughts he turned to his teammate.

"Well, Logan, you're the expert tracker, where do we look first?"

Taking a moment to puff on his cigar Logan replied tersly.

"Sabertooth was never one for subtlety. Give him a town and he'll give you a massacre. Now that Apocalypse has made him a horseman, givin him all sorts o gribbly powers he never had before, I doubt it will be long before he decides to get some blood on his hands. I say we ride out, an see if we can get a whiff of him. If in doubt, we'll follow the screams."

He finished speaking and stepped in close to Havok, his face threatening.

"Listen here Summers. If you get in my way I'll take you down so fast your head will spin. We do this my way, hard and fast. Any mistakes and he'll get away."

One of Logan's claws shot out, impaling the cigar in his mouth. Turning away he flicked the butt off and stalked to the garage where his chopper was waiting.

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Guess that means I should follow him.

Alex thought about what Wolverine said to him as he followed him into the garage. Logan seemed edgy even by his own standards, and although Havok knew that he was in no real danger of Wolverine trying to hurt him, he figured it would be prudent to make sure he gave him plenty of space.

In the garage Logan fired up his chopper and was practically out the door before it had even opened, Havok could tell he was chomping at the bit to get going and bring Sabertooth down, but there was only one problem. Great, Logan. How am I supposed to follow you on that thing, I am not sitting bitch. He scanned the expansive space then his eyes stopped when he saw Cyclops' street bike. "Well, I guess Scott wouldn't mind since it's for the good of Mutantkind and all," he thought out loud with a slight, nervous, smirk.

Thank God Scott's already gone in the Blackbird, Havok thought as he grabbed the keys to the bike and started it up. He put on the helmet that was sitting on the seat and closed the face shield, he was already a little behind Wolverine, but thanks to the nitrous on Cyclops' machine, he caught up in no time.

Alex rode a little behind Wolverine watching as he kept his nose in the wind, wondering when he was going to pick up the trail.

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Cyclops’ voice traveled through Kurt’s pointed ears. The Professor had been kidnapped and Kurt was sent to go after Wanda Maximoff. She was the daughter of Magneto, and now she wasn’t in her right mind. She had already wiped out nearly all of the mutants on the planet. Her power was immeasurable, but most of all she was beautiful. In an alternate reality, Kurt and her had gotten together and had a daughter. Kurt had the opportunity to meet her.

Kurt walked to the Hangar where there was a helicopter waiting for him. Wolverine was next to him and was about to get on his motorcycle. He loved that piece of junk. Kurt tugged at his white priest collar. The air inside the hangar was hot and stuffy, and the fact that he was covered in a coat of blue fur didn't help at all.

“Good luck Logan,” said Kurt with his thick German accent. His smile let his sharp teeth show through. The helicopter was a modified Blackhawk with extra fuel capacity. Kurt entered the pilot’s seat with Madrox next to him. Storm would have to meet with them later. “Madrox, start ze engine.” The rotors of the helicopter began to turn, getting faster and faster by the second. “Engines started. Mein Gott I hope she’s okay” Kurt’s three fingers wrapped around the control stick and his two large toes pressed on the pedals. The helicopter got off the ground and exited the hangar to the place where Wanda had last been seen, Salem.

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It hadn’t taken long for Gambit to hot wire Emma’s Ashton Martin. Cannonball and Kitty Pride crammed into the luxuries automobile before Gambit stumped the gas peddle, spinning the car around in a 360 spitting pieces of gravel as it went. The car sped off through the barely open gates leaving behind a dust trail. No one seemed in the mood to talk. Whether it was do to the fact that Gambit had been gone for so long, or that the Professor was missing was anyone’s guess.

Deadpool had been spotted in the Manhattan area hours prior to Gambit’s arrival. Time was a luxury they didn’t have. They needed to capture Deadpool in hopes of securing vital information as to the Professor’s whereabouts. Something big was going down, Apocalypse had returned and reformed his most deadliest version of the Four Horsemen yet. Cyclops had called in all the big guns. Former X-Force leader and strangely enough

his son, Cable, Maverick, Havok, even Storm had been ushered back.

It was night by the time the trio rolled into brightly lit island of Manhattan. Traffic was congested and moving at a slow crawl. Looking around and with no sign of moving anytime soon, Gambit opened the door.

“Come on, we have better luck on foot anyway.”

Tucking his staff away in his back harness Gambit tossed the keys to a nearby bum.

“She’s yours, treat her like a lady” he smirked.

Suddenly gun shots rang out in the distance as nearby pedestrians scrambled for cover. Up ahead Gambit could see squad cars, lights flashing, attempting to block off and contain the area. Without hesitation Gambit took off in a mad dash. Only Deadpool was crazy enough to attract so much attention to himself. Gambit knew if he slipped away now they may not get another chance.

“Tyler! Fly past and get behind him. GO!” yelled Gambit without breaking his stride.

Placing one hand on the trunk of a police car, Gambit flipped up onto the roof and then flipped over the police barricade. Drawing out three kinetically charged cards as he stared at the crazy red dressed assassin he smiled,

“I got three reasons why your gonna tell us where Charles is. Wanna hear dhem?”

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The Juggernaut started to charge the gathered X-Men his footsteps shook the very foundation they were on, and Cyclops knew once he got started there was noting stopping him. They had to act fast and he wanted the team to work together. They've taken him down before and today would be no differant.

"So it's going to be the hard way Cain" Cyclops called out as the visor lit up with red energy.

Within the seconds it took for Juggernaut to start charging Cyclops blasted the floor in front of Cain, the red concussive blast easily creatred a giant hole for him to fall in. He knew the Juggernauts reflexes were not fast enough for him to dodge the hole and he would fall helplessly into it. From there he called out to his other team members.

"Iceman do you think you can contain him? Lock him in that hole and keep him there, give Colossus the time he needs to pry that helmet off".

He looked over at Colossus and motioned his hand towards Juggernaut. Giving him the signal to let all hell break loose. "Get that helemt off Colossus, one way or another we need it off NOW".

Turning his head back towards Emma "You know what to do, once that helmet comes off bring him down to his knees. We do this fast and we do this right team and we are out of here".

The plan seemed simple, but he knew it could work. With Tom no where in sight Cain was dumb enough to fall for it....again. But thats when Scott's mind started thinking. When they last scanned the area both were here. Why would Cassidy leave Juggernaut behind, what was he up to. What was he after...and thats when it struck him. Juggernaut was just a distraction. Cassidy was up to something, or after someone.

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Watching Kurt Wagner leave gave Storm the O.k as well. Just as the helicopter leaves the ground Storm rises inside of it and journeys ahead to see the danger that lies with the infamous Scarlet Witch. Storm had heard of the terrible past she's had and the terrible things she's done and knew for certain this was going to be an intresting match-up. In her mind endless posiblities of questions lurked trying to understand her mutant ability. Storm wasn't afraid but at the same time she was cautious about Ms. Maximoff.

Sitting on oneside of the helicopter Storm begins to fiddle with the wind only thinking about what is too come. Suddenly a sharp headache comes to Storm as she begins to shake it off not knowing what it really is. She then feels it once more and hears a voice inside her head....

Ororo, Ororo dear you musn't forget where you've come from, where your struggle lies. The African spirit lives in you...

Storm woke from her sub-conscience daze and felt more than assured that victory led the X-men and her friends. Only thing now she could think about was Logan, Kitty, Jean and the rest...."I pray their safety, may ashanti watch over them.." The helicopter is ready to land as she readies herself for the upcoming situation that she knows not if she is to be alive. The hour rises as their confrontation with the Witch steps forth.

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as maverick was readying his power suit,he thought of what whould go down today,as he did every day,he thought of every single outcome that may happen,down to every last detail. he did this just as formality.becasue he in the back of his mind he knew that you can always be prepare for everthing,he past adventures reminded him of that.

"But i still can try." he said to himslef,as he finshed puting on his suit,and went to loading his gun

Click,rifle loaded,"Time to get the neddle launchers" he said as he went back to his suppy cabinet.

"Here they are"he said as pulled them out and fixed them to his wrist.

"Allright time to check the radio"he walked to the small radio he kept so he whould know if there was some tha needed help.he turn it on and waited anxiously.

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Tom stood over the dead body of his relative, William Cassidy, the man had been in Tom's way and for it had to be eliminated. But that was not why Tom had taken Juggs and gone to New York City. No, he was here for something a lot more important, the item that had been stolen from Tom by William so many years ago.

Holding up the rod Tom smiled, this was exactly what he had come here for. Expecting his partner to be in some trouble he decided it was time to return and aid the Unstoppable Juggernaut.

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Something beeped in Logan’s ear while he was driving, causing him to swear loudly even over the noise of his engine. Reaching up he tapped the Bluetooth headset, allowing whoever was calling him to speak. It was Beast, who had remained behind at the mansion in order to coordinate the various teams.

“Hello Logan, I presume from the noise that you’re on your bike.”

Gritting his teeth Wolverine swerved around a heavy goods lorry.

“You had better have a good reason for calling me ya big blue gorilla. Cos if you’ve got nothing but criticism for my chosen method of transport I swear to God.”

He left the threat hanging. After a few moments Hank replied.

“As a matter of fact I do have some information. Creed is in Manhattan, he killed a man and then disappeared.”

Wolverine cut him off by closing the line. The last thing he needed was Hank blathering in his ear while he faced his nemesis. Turning the bike around he raced off towards New York with Havok in pursuit. Quickly opening a line to his partner he conferred all he knew with him. Sabretooth was a formidable foe, but already a plan was forming in Wolverines mind.

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Using all his agility Deadpool was flipping over two police men when Gambit appeared three glowing cards in his hand “all this for jay walking” He landed firing off two shot at Gambit’s head before rolling for cover behind a squad car leaning against it he called out to the man “Hey we could play a Game you guess where he is and I will tell you if your hot, by how many bullets I fire “, looking left to right his mind was racing X-men never came in groups of ones, It was like a multi pack buy one get forty free.

Placing a fallen police cap on his head he stood “Stop “ firing off a couple more round in Gambit general direction “Or we will shot” whispering to himself “I so could be a cop “ he loved New York and the police where always so nice now all he needed was a chilli dog and a ball game and his day would be complete Turning he saw it , blind rage filled him A clown was hiding behind a dustbin with a group of balloons , Spinning he fired shot after shot forgetting Gambit was behind him, Each bullet popped a balloon as it went


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Emma Frost had never been one to show her weaknesses, to let others see her flaws. Physically, she resorted to multiple surgeries to have "the best body money could buy", and she was quite proud of it. When it came to her mind, however, scars were not so easy to hide. Sure, she could put up a facade, a cold, icy mask that, paired with her sharp tongue, had made many afraid of her. Lately, however, she felt like most of her world had been falling to pieces. As they flew towards the warehouses, Emma had never been so unsure of her fate.

She looked at Scott, trying and effectively failing to smile reassuringly. He had been one of the few good things in her life lately; a flicker of hope in a dark, sad world, an island of happiness in a deep, stormy ocean of incertitude. Feeling noticeably better, Emma sent him a telepathic wave of love, a feeling that, she hoped, would give him courage. After all, they were gonna need all the courage they could get.

Turning around in her seat, Emma took a moment to observe their other two teammates. One was a man of ice, yet he had a warm, humorous personality. Well, usually he did. The other one was a man of steel, a metallic man of courage. Inside, however, he was an artist, soft-hearted and passionate. She knew they would both be loyal to the X-Men, loyal to the professor, loyal until the end. For a moment, she wondered if she, herself, would ever be so faithful to one cause. She preferred not to think about that too much.

They landed and Cyclops wasted no time, blasting open the warehouse's doors and calling out to the Juggernaut, who seemed in no mood to discuss. Although the opposite would have surprised her, Emma felt a twinge of disappointment when she realized they would have to do this the hard way. Even stranger, however, was the absence of Black Tom Cassidy. He had been the one she had tracked to this very location, for Juggernaut's mind was unreachable when he wore his helmet. Emma was wondering about the location of their second enemy and target when she received the professor's psionic message. She froze in her tracks, profoundly shocked. For a second she felt sort of weak, unable to move, but then she thought about what the professor had said and she readied herself for the battle. This would not be easy. This would not be fun. But they needed to do this, they needed to win too badly for her not to give it her all.

The woman turned to her diamond form. The cold, unbreakable diamond once more evoked her state of mind as she lost some of her humanity during the transformation: she would be ruthless, she would be perfect. She simply had to be.

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"Gambit! Will you wait! We don't just charge in like that!!"

it was as though he'd not heard her at all. as he vaulted off the car and over the Police barricade, charged cards ready at the hand, she stifled a scream. she shot Sam a glance and just gritted her teeth

"CB, I'm going to need you to keep Deadpool in your sights! He moves quick, but I know with your speed, you can keep up! Whatever you do, don't let him out of your sight! We'll keep in contact via the X-com.. I'm going to see if I can keep the Cajun from being shot!"

she began to sprint and as she approached the barricade, she ran right through it. glancing up, she saw the crazy Merc wearing a policeman's hat and as usual.. talking to himself. she fell in along side Gambit and just shot him a fierce gaze, her brown eyes narrowing. she may not "be" in charge, but she was darn well not used to having people take off on her, half cocked! she heard the bullets and her head jerked around..

"What in the...... what's he doing? He's shooting at a clown? Wow and I thought I had issues with Pennywise. Let's get his attention, shall we?"

about that time, one of the bullets that had pierced one of those unleashed balloons didn't imbed itself in something inanimate. this time, it was heading straight for the cocky Cajun. she didn't really have time to warn him. she just lept and grabbed him. she phased the both of them and they landed on the pavement, unharmed. she looked down at him, softly

"Let me guess.. you're used to being on top?"

she pushed herself off him and stood up. she whistled rather loudly and at last.. she'd managed to grab his attention

"Well if it isn't my favorite Street Fighter fan..... Funny running into you again, Wade. What's wrong? Bozo offend you as a child? Look... I don't really want to have to fight you. But the fact of the matter is I will.. if I have to. You've got some information we'd really like to have. Why don't you be a slightly less than crazy Merc and cough it up. Where's Professor Xavier? Where are you hiding him? And for what purpose?"

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'You got it, Cat...'

This was startin to look like old times here....good old Sam and the rest of the cavalry, looking to mop up a mess before it ended up being a bigger mess....course the mess ended up getting larger by the second. He was rea;;y looking to avoid that this, go-round, y'know?*

So needless to say, he'd cut in the blast field, roaraing into action. Long as he kept it up, there was no way crazytown there should be able to hurt him..... right now it's all he could do to round up the civvies in the area out of the way before they all got a cap in their asses Just his luck, they're probably be a news crew around to catch all the action...twist everything about to become the lastest anti-mutant craze.

"That's right, Wadey-boy... just keep giving Buckethead more ammo, right? As if us mutant-folk didnt have enough problems..'

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Alex Summers thought how glad he was that he and Wolverine had taken motorcycles as they weaved their way through the Manhattan gridlock. Something had the city in a panic and Havok had a good idea what it might be.

The pair arrived at a fresh crime scene, a horrendous murder from the looks of it. The victims body had been removed but copious amounts of blood had stained the sidewalk red. The crowd of people gathered around the yellow police tape were whispering about a "horrible mutant freak."

Havok looked over at Wolverine, he knew by now that the veteran X-man must've picked up the trail by now, which meant it was only a matter of time before the violence started. His heart started to race a little bit in anticipation of the fight to come, he hoped he was up for it.

"You take the lead, Logan." He said, "I'll be right on your tail."

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Holocaust was surprised and a bit agitated that none of Xavier's lackeys had shown up to try and stop him yet. He let this show as he vaporized another civilian where he stood.

Holocaust had been terrorizing the streets of Boston for about an hour, and was tired of finding absolutely no resistance. Aiming his cannon-hand at a twelve story apartment complex nearby, Holocaust fired off a devestating blast, leveling the building as efficiently as a demolition expert. Holocaust gave what would appear to be a twisted smile.

Looking over his shoulder, Holocaust saw a woman running away with a baby in her arms. He grinned and began draining the life force out of her. She turned and began begging for her life as her skin began to wrinkle. Holocaust frowned. I would have hoped that this would bring some of Xavier's minions about. Oh well, this should do. Holocaust thought as he continued draining the young woman's essence.

He looked around, taking in the scenes of destruction. He bathed in the light of burning buildings and lavished in the relaxing sound of pained screams. Holocaust thought to himself, What I wouldn't do in the name of destruction...

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The device lowers itself towards me, the device with a bright glow to it stops just inches from my torso then plunges two sharp almost tentacle looking parts into my stomach. The pain is excruciating and almost unbearable i turn to look at the man who has kept me prisoner for what feels like months and i will myself to be stronger but soon the pain and anguish will take its toll.

Images flash through my mind, the rage and hate that i have seen all my life begin to come back to me. Watching as my own kind are wiped from the earth in more than one way. The Neverland facility, the Massacre of the weak and feeble Morlocks and the images i gained while attempting to wipe Eriks mind oh those many years ago. The torture he himself went through because the humans of this world hate us so much.

Soon the outside world grows dark as the table i was on is moved to a chamber and it closes in around me. I can feel my body changing, as in the same way when i turned into that monster of a creature Onslaught. The hate for the humans i pushed down deep again creeping their way into my mind Why continue why save them they did nothing but hurt you. My mind tells me. Soon i can feel my body growing large and i again have feeling back in my legs, oh my lord the feeling of my feet once again touching the ground its almost pleasurable. I then question "Why dont i just make them allow us, I have the power. Maybe Apocalypse is right maybe what needs to be done is a cleanse of the world. No more hate for the world would be ours, and Hate for our kind would be punishable by death....yes death." Oh lord the feeling of a life being sucked from their body, that feeling oh lord have i wanted to do it so many times. Just fix my problems with a thought and a slit.

Yes....Yes...Death is only the answer.

The chamber that held Xavier explodes

From the smoke and debris a figure can be seen, his body changed and a new look for him. Xavier walks out from the smoke with a evil grin on his face.

Apocalypse smiles and begins to laugh then stops and speaks "I see that you have finally come to your senses my brother. You will not be one of my servants but more of a colleague. Someone who will work alongside me to better this forsaken world. What is it you want to do first?"

Xaiver smiles a toothy grin and beams the location of the Citidal to all of his children "How about we give them a hint to where I might be. If any survive your horsemen's attacks they will surely follow."

Xavier walks into the light next to Apocalypse and then they walk out into the open air and he tells Apocalypse "Soon all of this world will feel your wrath."

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Colossus stood with the gathered X-Men. It was them against the Juggernaut of all people. Cain Marko was truly unstoppable. By the look in his eyes, he seemed pretty angry about something. It could have had something to do with the fact that Cassidy was nowhere to be found. Originally, the goup of X-Men thought they would have to face both of them. Still, the Juggernaut was a big enough problem. As Marko charged towards the group, Piotr deployed his metallic armor over his entire body.

In his mind, Colossus was already beginning to think of a powerful counter-attack. However, Cyclops seemed to think of it first.

"Get that helemt off Colossus, one way or another we need it off NOW!" Scott yelled.

Trusting his field leader, Colossus nodded in response. Quickly, Piotr began charging directly at the Juggernaut. As he looked up, he could see Cain Marko's smug face. Colossus' armored steps shook the gound as each one landed with even greater force than the one before it. Charging faster and faster, the Juggernaut and Colossus were on a direct collision course. As the two neared each other, the Russian let out a huge yell.

However, just as the two almost collided, Colossus side-stepped and watched Marko thunder past him. In that same instant, he leapt directly at the Juggernaut's back. If he could only grab onto Marko's back, perhaps he would be able to rip the helmet off his head..........

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Black Tom came up to the warehouse to see some of the X-Men at the door, why hadn't Juggernaut taken care of them? Tom saw the X-Men were unaware of his presence and so with his shillelagh he fired several concussive blasts, one at each of the X-Men's backs. He then saw the struggle between Colossus and Juggernaut commencing and sent out a final more potent blast at the two, though he doubted it would have any effect on them.

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"But it could be fun, Wade. Think about it.. fists flying, some really cool kicks. Oh and of course the witty dialogue!"

he aimed the gun at her, but she didn't flinch. she watched him as he went on his little tangen. nuttier than a friutcake.. there was no question about it. she watched Gambit out of the corner of her eye and she could tell he wasn't in the mood for the Merc's sense of humor. he was getting antsy.. and quickly. she had to make sure he didn't make any sudden moves, to ensure DP didn't get away until they'd had their talk. Overhead, Cannonball was hovering.. just keeping an eye on him like she'd asked

"Mutant? You? Wade you might be alot of things, mental being one of them, but a Mutant? Since when? Now really.. We can do this my way or your way. Personally, I prefer my way. It's cleaner and less dramatic."

about that time, she caught the wink. he dropped the flash bomb and she turned her head and shielded her eyes from the light. Once it had gone, he'd vanished. Gambit began to yell at her and she silenced him with a glare. she ran over to where he had been and she looked up at Sam

"Did you see? Anything at all?"

Sam shook his head and she let out a sigh. Once more surveying the scene, she took in all the possible means of escape. that's when she glanced down at the manhole cover. just the general look didn't toss up any red flags, but as she bent down to get a better look, she noticed the trip wire. Gambit was now rushing over, about ready to pull it up. She grabbed his hand to stop him.

"Can't you see that this has been tricked out? He wants you to do that.. This was just as I feared. We're going to have to play it his way. And I hate to tell you guys, but he doesn't play by anyone's rules but his own. Cannonball, the Cajun and I are going to slip down this hole and see if we can make him out down there. I want you to stay above ground and scan the streets. See if you can find a point where he may have come back top side. Anything out of the ordinary, radio us!"

and with that, she grabbed onto Gambit's hand and the two phased through the manhole cover, without dripping DP's boobytrap. they landed in the tunnels below and glanced around. left... or right? which way to go. that's when she let go of the Cajun's hands and began to head right, down the tunnel

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he'd gptten his orders, and he's on the move.. blsat field cut in, he'd take to the air to scout out the area above.....staying lowe neough so he;d be able to keep an eye on the streets as he flew... so far.. there was no contact. Damn Deadpool. He'd had his run-oins with the man, thanks to Cable and his time serve in X-Force. He should have known that he'd be a crafty SOB. He'd affectively gone to ground.

couching of his comlink he'd radio back

"Shadowcat, Cannonball. No sign of the nutjob up topside. Ah hope ya'll are havin' better luck downside!"

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Cain was surprised when suddenly not only was he jumped by Colossus but at the same time he was blasted seemingly out of nowhere and somehow these combined forces proved to be strong enough to throw him off course, causing him to miss the hole he hadn't even noticed.

He continued to run aimlessly until he burst out a wall of the warehouse, bringing the fight into the crowded streets of New York City.

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maverick was switching through the radio frequencies,he suddenly stop.

"Report...Report...call all available law enforcement officers....there are reports coming in of a huge orange creature running havok in boston.please respond...but be advised is highly dangerous" the voice on the radio announced.

"Big,oange and hurting innocent bystanders,sounds like my day starts now" said he got up and gathered his weapeons. As loaded his van,he remember the description of the attacker it was something he never fought before,but that wouldn't stop him.

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Holocaust looked over and saw two police officers calling for help on their radios.

"You know, that won't help you," he said, blasting the patrol car and sending the officers sprawling. He walked over to them and began siphoning their life force. "I love big cities, so much raw energy to feed on..."

After he had finished enhancing his powers, Holocaust walked leisurely over to another large building, all the while bullets were bouncing off of his chest and head. He put his cannon-arm directly on the steel support structure and let loose a point-blank blast. The building evaporated more than fell, but chunks of stone and marble still fell from the top, crashing directly on Holocaust. He stood from out of the rubble, debris falling harmlessly from his menacing form. He gave his best effort for a grin, and headed towards the source of the tapping bullets on his side.

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"Finally got your attention, didn't i Sunny D" Maverick joked "now i suggest stop or i might have to play rough" Maverrick said.He thought to him self "bullets don't really work,so i guess i'll kick it up"

he put his rifle on his back,he put his hands out and started to build his kinetic energy

"TAKE THIS" he got to full power and fired a blast at the orange best.

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Cyclops first plan of attack did not go his way. Juggernaut had not fallen into the hole, and it seemed as if Colossus was not able to remove his helmet yet. To make matters worse Cassidy had seemed to arrive, and with a new toy. He had sent out several blasts of concussive force at the team and the one aimed at Cyclops struck him hard into the back. He toppled over and fell to the ground. His face grimaced in agony as he stood to face his new opponet.

"Alright Tom, you want to play hard ball then LETS PLAY" he screamed out as he unleashed a devisting blast from his visor. The concussive force exploded from his eyes and headed straight for the chest of Cassidy. He wanted this fight over now, for something wasn't right. Twice now in a matter of moments he had felt a mental pulse from Xavier and it had taken eveything in his head to keep from dropping, grabbing his head in pain.

With Cyclops's attention now at Cassidy he left Iceman, Emma, and Colossus deal with Juggernaut. He knew that they could handle him once they got that helmet off. If they worked together it should not take them long.


Storm, Madrox, and Nightcrawler had taken a helicopter and located Scarlet Witch. It had seemed that she had gone mad with power again. Apocalypse turning her into a Horseman drove her fragle mind insane and it took all the effort the X-men could muster to take her down. During thier encounter Madrox was severly injured and now lays in the medbay being treated for wounds. Storm and Kurt took Wanda to a containment cell where she could be locked up and held until this ordeal had passed.

They however were not the first team to arrive back at the X-mansion. Cable and Archangel had arrived an hour earlier with no luck. The location where Stryfe was last seen was a empty cold trail. Now back at the Mansion the team looks to regroup and see if thier team mattes had better luck.

Beast was keeping tabs on Wolverine and Havok who were after Sabertooth, but Wolverine soon cut off transmission from Beast and only they now know thier fate.

Gambit, Shadowcat, and Cannonball were still on the chase of the madman Deadpool. Beast was keeping his eye on them for now, but thier trainmission became fuzzy once they entered the subways.

To make matters worse it seemed another evil decided to raise its head. The monster known as Holocaust was making trouble and killing innocents. Maverick was there alone trying to fight off the rampaging killer. It wouldn't be long and the X-men knew he would need help.

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Emma Frost was not one to be pushed around. In fact, she was often the one pushing others around. She liked to be in control and hated for others to have the slightest grip on her. Therefore, the woman of diamond found herself profoundly annoyed when she, out of the blue, was hit by a concussive blast, courtesy of Black Tom Cassidy. Fortunately, her diamond form was very resistant to trauma, so she did not suffer as she was thrown forward before hitting the ground rather harshly. Finding herself in a very unladylike position, Emma dusted herself before raising herself to her full height. With an angry look in her eyes, she returned to her human form, in which she could access her fantastic psychic abilities.

Losing no time, she fired several psi-bolts at Black Tom, knowing very well that if even one of them hit him he would be stunned, if not incapacitated. The bolts, though unimpressive in appearance, were pure mental energy at work and could, if they reached their target, overload synapses so violently that past victims of the White Queen had been completely brainwashed or rendered vegetables. The fives bolts she fired at the moment, however, were not at full power and Emma didn't even really take time to aim precisely, knowing full well that Cyclops needed only a split-second of distraction from Cassidy to have him. Confident her lover would be able to handle this, Emma turned around and faced the Juggernaut once more, turning back to her diamond, nearly indestructible form.

Running towards Cain to gather speed, Emma jumpkicked towards the villain's head, hoping her augmented strength would be enough to weaken his helmet enough for Colossus, Iceman or herself to successfully take it off. "This is better work," she thought to herself in mid-air, hoping the kick would connect.

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Ozymandias stands behind the two figures of great power and his obediant demeanor turns into jealous rage That over confident warlord, picking those fools to be his horsemen when i am plenty powerful he begins to talk to himself while he walks to the hangar bay filled with countless planes and spaceships. His master was prepared for anything and made countless vessals for he to travel in. The celestials technology was more than enough to start with.

Ozymandias began to pace back and forth in front of a modern plane one similar to a jet talking to himself "That fool will rue the day he turned me into this hideous excuse for a man. He will know that Ozymandias is not a man to be pushed aside so easily." Ozymandias hovers over the plane and sits into the cockpit inputing coordinates for...the X-Mansion.

Soon he arrived hovering over the base using his small amount of psychic abilities to almost cloak himself from the people in the mansion. Many were children but others were the X-men themselves, too hurt to notice him. He walked to the headmasters office unseen and took a piece of paper and wrote a note saying to himself "If I can not be a horseman and cannot myself take down the overlord....i will allow these fools to do it."

He finishes the letter placing it on the desk the letter reads

"You know not who i am but my name is Ozymandias, the servant for the mighty Apocalypse. Your master and to many of you father has been corrupted. This was not my intentions for i would have killed him rather than put him through this pain. But he is no longer the man you all fought for and continue, but i know of how he could be cleansed of the evil within his mind and heart...take his life. This will be difficult for many of you...but i give this letter to you Scott Summers because you know what needs to be done. The master will know of your coming for he has eyes everywhere, he also knows you have taken one of his Horsemen down already. She was of no use, but if any of your men survive here are the coordinates for the Citidal. Split his soul from his body, and leave no trace behind of blood NOTHING, that is the only way to defeat my lord and master."

Ozymandias leaves the Mansion as easy as he entered it and soon he was back at the Citidal as if nothing had transpired. He felt that he was safe from punishment from his lord, but he was wrong.

A blast of psychic energy slams Ozymandias into the wall then being suspended mid air by Charles, the man smiles as Apocalypse steps from the darkness "Ozymandias you disappoint me...haven't we gone over this? You will never outsmart me." and with that Apocalypse forms a large hammer out of his right arm and slams it into Ozymandias shattering him into thousands of pieces. The would be conquer of Apocalypse himself is strung across the floor, he will reform himself in time but the humiliation is too much for him. His pieces dont move as he has given up, this is the final humilation for him and he may die but he dies knowing that he will help in the downfall of his tormentor.

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sabretooth had been waiting in the tunnels for a while now and if it wasnt for the new powers he recieved from being a horsemen his patients might have wore thin but that wasnt the case sabretooth seemed to be more focused than ever but still some where in the mighty giant lurked the ferocious monster. there sabretooth sat with both knees on the ground soaked in blood awaiting the arrival of his mortal enemy wolverine.

hours passed and still the so called hero never showed and this tested the patients of the monster sabretooth. As sabretooth began to grow bored he stood up still dripping with the blood of the morlocks and began to walk toward the exit that he once demolished with his shear strength. with every step he took sabretooth left a bloody footprint as he made his way out of the morlocks living quarters. once sabretooth stepped out of the headquarters and back into the main sewer tunnels he smiled as the blooded flowed through the tunnels like a small stream.

even though sabretooth may have seemed more like a focused being he couldnt help but enjoy the blood as it flowed through tunnels. ever so often he would dip his hands into the stream and soak his monsterous paws with blood and then extend his arms to the side digging his claws into the sewer walls leaving a trail of blood on the walls. Sabretooth even once stopped for a moment to cup his hands together and lean down into the stream and pick up some blood and sip on it. As focused as the monster seemed he couldnt help it the blood unleashed his feral being ever so slightly.

before sabretooth reached the end of the tunnels he could see the ladder leading back up into the city and instantly caught a whiff of a familiar being as he tilted his head back and put his nose in the air and inhaled the scent. "MMMM wolverine" sabretooth whispered to himself as he paused for a moment waiting for the feral wolverine to drop into the sewer tooth knew wolverine would be expecting a feral monster but unlike all there other encounters sabretooth although a feral beast seemed to be an ever so focused killing machine.

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Gambit was mere inches away from being blown to pieces before Shadowcat grabbed hold.

Can't you see that this has been tricked out? He wants you to do that.. This was just as I feared. We're going to have to play it his way. And I hate to tell you guys, but he doesn't play by anyone's rules but his own. Cannonball, the Cajun and I are going to slip down this hole and see if we can make him out down there. I want you to stay above ground and scan the streets. See if you can find a point where he may have come back top side. Anything out of the ordinary, radio us!

For a second the Cajun hung his head. It had been so long since he was part of something, part of a team that he had forgotten how to listen. But even in his moment of shame he couldn’t help but admire the strong young woman Kitty had grown up to be. There was no doubt in Gambit’s mind that she could easily lead the X-Men if need be. As she grabbed his hand he subtly smiled trying hard to hide it from her.

The pair phased through the manhole cover and into the sewer system. Quickly Gambit covered his mouth and nose with his bandana before looking right, and then looking left. Shadowcat wasted little time in taking off. She had decided which route she was taking probably before they ever got down there. Wolverine had spent years training her and it showed. As Gambit began to follow he paused, he wanted to call out to Kitty to wait but didn’t. Instead he climbed up the ladder and back out onto the street.

Large chunks of concrete and debris where raining down. Gambit had carelessly abandoned Emma Frost’s Aston Martin and now Deadpool was pressing every button on the dash unleashing a series of offensive weapons upon the city streets of Manhattan.

“Dis ends now.” He said as he began to run across the hoods of the parked cars. Using his near superhuman agility he skimmed gracefully from roof to roof. He had stayed on the far side of the street hoping Deadpool was distracted by all the destruction he was causing. Arriving at the luxury car undetected he smashed out the drivers side window with his kinetically charged staff just inches from Deadpool’s head.

“I tell you like I tell dem all, Bang, your dead”