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Starlight smiles, stretching out her hand and create a solid light construct of a simple boat. She puts it next to Jun and if the giant of a woman gets in, then Starlight lifts it up into the air and both fly towards the shore before landing on the the top of a building. Akira doesn't want the attention of the crowd and she keeps a bit of a distance from Jun thanks to her new smell, not wishing to assault the giantess with such a bad scent.

"Thanks for the help back there, Jun."

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As she is set down on the roof, Jun takes a moment to wring the seawater from her hair, giving her new friend a grateful nod for the lift, and for a memorable hunt.

"It was my pleasure. I am back on Earth, yes?"

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Starlight nods, "Hai." Then she realizes what she just did. Jun may not know Japanese. Hai is the word for yes so she adds the translation, "Yes."

Then Starlight looks behind Jun as someone very sneakily comes up from behind the woman. Two green muscular arms encircle themselves around Jun, picking the woman up and giving her a hug from behind. If Jun looks over her shoulder or turns around, she will see none other than Elite herself.

Elite smiles at her friend, releasing the hug, "Jun, it's great to see you again! Looks like I missed some excitement. Whose this?" Elite asks as she nods towards Starlight and waits to be introduced.

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Jun grunted in surprise as she is lifted from behind. Her surprise quickly shifts to a grin as she recognizes what is happen, though. There are not many with the strength to lift the large huntress so easily, and of the ones with green skin, only one has two arms. "Hello Elite," she answers with a chuckle. "This is Starlight. We've only just met, but she's proven herself a warrior. How did you get here?"

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"I'm on a secret mission, I'm not at liberty to describe the details." Elite says, hating having to hide things from someone who has proven to be a true friend. Then she sees Starlight give a wave of a petite hand and Elite waves back. Both women exchange nice to meet yous and the usual pleasantries before Starlight excuses herself because she has to go. Before she leaves, however, she says it's very nice having met Jun. Then she flies off, leaving the two giant women to converse alone.

Elite gives her friend a light punch her in muscular arm, "I wish I could have helped you with that Kaiju, but I was busy dealing with my own problems. What do you think of Tokyo, Japan?"

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Jun shrugged, taking no offense. She would have had a difficult time accepting a task from an employer who insisted upon secrecy; Eristians tended to be blunt and straightforward, and were disinclined to keep any of their activities a secret, but her exposure to more "civilized" cultures had led her to recognize that not everyone thought that way. She knew Elite well enough to trust that she would not keep secrets without good reason, and would not work on behalf of those whom she felt were dishonorable.

"That is where I am?" The beast vanquished, Jun finally had a chance to look around and really take in her surroundings. At a glance, most human cities seemed very similar, and aside from the massive monster, this one was no exception. "Well...it has larger creatures than even I am used to. Beyond that, I don't know. How's the food?"