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The Tokyo Metropolis

The City of Tokyo
The City of Tokyo

The seat of the Japanese government and imperial power, Tokyo is one of Japan's 47 prefectures and among the world's most prominent metropolises. Located in Honshu, Japan's largest island, Tokyo lies in the Kantō region on the island's southeastern side. Made the capital of Japan in 1868 by Emperor Meiji's decision to move his seat from Kyoto to Tokyo (then called Edo), Tokyo became the country's premier city in 1943 after the former Tokyo Prefecture and the city of Tokyo were brought together to form the Tokyo Metropolis. It is for this reason that Tokyo is officially governed as a metropolitan prefecture instead of a simple city, something that is unique to Tokyo.

Tokyo is administered special wards by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. These special wards are 23 municipalities, each governed as an individual city, and all of them encompassing the area that had been the city of Tokyo before it was merged and made a metropolitan prefecture in 1943. The special wards boast a population of over 9 million people, while the prefecture's total population is over 13 million. In 2011, Tokyo was host to 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, the highest number of any of the world's cities at the time. Furthermore, Tokyo has twice ranked third in the International Financial Centres Development IndexEdit. Additionally, Tokyo has also ranked first in the Global Economic Power Index and third in the Global Cities Index. The city is also notable for hosting the 1964 Olympics, and the G7 summit in 1979, 1986 and 1993.

Furthermore, Tokyo is at the center of the mysterious and sudden disappearance of the Kaiba-Senju Corporation. It's founder and CEO, Yoshi Senju was a highly revered visionary whose genius and celebrity became widely known throughout the country. But like the Kaiba-Senju, he has since disappeared and become the subject of several conspiracy theories, the most prominent being that Yoshi has taken all the financial and technological resources amassed during his time as the Kaiba-Senju CEO and embarked on a more lucrative business venture in outer space, with several bloggers claiming to have family members chosen for Yoshi Senju's supposed space initiative.

Geography of Tokyo

Tokyo's mainland is northwest of Tokyo Bay and stretches roughly 90 km (56 mi) from east to west and 25 km (16 mi) from north to south. In addition to featuring an average elevation of 40 meters (131 feet), Tokyo is bordered to the east by it's Chiba Prefecture, to the west by Yamanashi, the south by Kanagawa, and the north by Saitama. Mainland Tokyo is also subdivided into the special wards occupying it's eastern half, and the Tama area encompassing it's western area. Additionally, the administrative boundaries of the Tokyo Metropolis hold two island chains in the Pacific Ocean directly south; the Izu Islands, and the Ogasawara Islands, which extended over 1,000 km (620 mi) from the mainland.

As a result of these islands and the mountainous regions to the west, Tokyo's overall population density figures do not represent the real figures for the urban and suburban corners of Tokyo. In addition to Tokyo's 23 special wards, the metropolis also holds 26 more cities, five towns, and eight villages, each of which holds a local government. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which administers the entire metropolis, is led by a publicly elected governor and metropolitan assembly headquartered in Shinjuku, one of the 23 special wards.

23 Special Wards


Western Tokyo (Tama Area)

Lying west of the 23 special wards are the 26 cities of Western Tokyo:


Additionally, the far west of Western Tokyo is occupied by the Nishi-Tama district, a mountainous area unsuitable for urbanization. Mount Kumotori, Tokyo's tallest mountain, is 2,017 meters (6,617 feet) high. The metropolis' other mountains include Takasu (1,737 meters/5,699 feet), Odake (1,266 meters/4,154 feet), and Mitake (929 meters/3,048 feet). Close to the Yamanashi Prefecture is Tokyo's largest lake, Lake Okutama.


Home to many outlying islands stretching as far as 1,850 km (1,150 mi) from central Tokyo, the metropolis has administered local sub-prefectural branch offices to administer the islands due to their distance from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's headquarters in Shinjuku. Japan's islands are noted for including the Izu Islands, a group of volcanic islands that form part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Other islands include the Ogasaware Islands.

Tokyo National Parks

Over 30% of Tokyo's land area is designated as Natural Parks, specifically the Fuji-Hakonze-Izu, Chichibu Tama Kai, and Ogasaware National Parks, Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi-National Park, and many others. Several museums are located in Ueno Park: Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Nature and Science, Shitamachi Museum and National Museum for Western Art. Tokyo is also noted for the breathtaking cherry blossoms in the city's parks.

Economy & Culture

The Tokyo Stock Exchange
The Tokyo Stock Exchange

Not only is Tokyo the leading industrial center in Japan, featuring a highly diversified manufacturing base, but it also holds the largest metropolitan economy in the world. And whereas heavy industries are more densely based elsewhere, Tokyo is more known for it's focus on light industry e.g. the production of electronic equipment. Tokyo was once prominently home to the Kaiba-Senju Corporation, a highly promising tech-based corporation founded by genius and tech visionary, Yoshi Senju. Prior to it's mysterious disappearance, the Kaiba-Senju was responsible for technological innovations such as lossless data compression, the Aethrium Argonauts, and was making it's mark in Tokyo's economy before suddenly vanishing.

Other than it's focus on electronic equipment, Tokyo is Japan's management and finance center. Corporations with headquarters or branches or production sites in other parts of the country often have large offices in Tokyo, Marunouchi being the location of many of these. The close relationship between government and business in Japan makes a Tokyo an advantageous location. To the north of Marunouchi is Otemachi, where Japan's leading financial institutions and insurance companies are located. Otemachi is also home to NTT, the communications giant. Furthermore, Tokyo is also the site of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, located in Kabutocho.

As Japan's cultural center, Tokyo reflects a unique cultural identity that's identified in many of it's traditional arts like origami and kabuki (complex dramas performed in elaborate costumes). The large number of festivals, rituals, observances and celebrations in Tokyo are also all part of Japanese culture. Starting from the traditional New Year visits to shrines, the Tokyo calendar is full of various festivals and observances, the matsuris (religious festivals) with their mikoshis (portable shrines), and the cherry blossom viewing in the month of April being the most popular.


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Road trip
Road trip

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Fantastic work!

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Have a couple ideas if you're up for 'em.

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Oh cool. East Asia. Me like.

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Its on. Tight OP

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Awesome work. ^_^

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Kabukicho District - Shinjuku Ward; 0337 AM

The aptly-named Samurai Museum of Tokyo stood in the center of the Kabukicho District, where it enthralled visitors with costumes they could wear as well as admire meticulously-preserved armors and weapons of the era. Most were collected from Edo Period blacksmiths who favored making ornate uniforms for the shogun and his retinue. Though, battalions of mannequins could be found throughout the exhibits, giving the illusion of being in the midst of a great battle.

Visiting times would not be for another several hours, as would be the preferred method of infiltration.

Three men, all average size, had taken from the rooftops of a nearby building and ziplined down onto that of the museum, their grappling hooks left in place for a hasty retreat. They were not here for any of the impressive antiques, for their employer did not want any of these cheap knock-offs and recreations for his collection. Instead, inside hung a tapestry. As they made their way inside through a carved-out hole in the top window, the men understood their purpose with a renewed clarity.

The scroll their mission demanded held the secrets to the Sengoku Reformation, the strategies therein that allowed Nobunaga and his retainers to conquer Japan. It had not been simply military excellence, their employer told them. Though the shogunate had dissolved into a frail shadow of its former power by that time, the veterans of the Ōnin War were still alive and bloodthirsty at that time. Nobunaga could not have brought them all to his side out of a vague promise for glory and honor.

As they neared their target, they could see the genuine symbol of the Oda Clan embellished upon the sealed parchment. One only had to look away for a moment before they took what they came for, and vanished back towards their entry point, perhaps in too much of a hurry to look around them and see if they were being watched themselves.

(Open, come at me)

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Time for a day off
Time for a day off

The Fast and Furious Phantom stood on the outskirts of Tokyo proper, merely admiring the scenery. He had his flames turned down low, trying to make himself as inconspicuous as possible with the additions of a red bandana over his face and neck, a pair of gunmetal sunglasses, and a black Stetson hat. These accessories to his ghostly leather ensemble made him seem like something off the cover to a Halford album, but that didn't matter right now.

Tokyo had its fair share of beautiful architecture and floral arrangements, but the seedy underbelly had grown bloated and infected. With a shrill whistle, Testament summoned his bike out from the pits of some distant and unseen hell. The fiery wheels scorched away fistfuls of gravel, leaving a blackened trail back to nowhere as it slid into place before the Hellion. He straddled it, revving the engines with the sounds of hot coals clacking together.

Ripping into a full blast of speed, he balanced on the back wheel for a split second before diving headfirst into a furious thunder of noise and locomotion.


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@phantomshell (join with whoever)

Twisting neon lights, shut off like hungover multicolored fingers interlocking in kanji and indecipherable tubes and pipes. Some had been replaced with constantly changing billboards, flawlessly folding into the next advertisement. These kept turning even in the daytime. The ones that hadn't changed yet were the names of smaller businesses, or larger printing places. Things like Coca-Cola and Sony weren't permanent. They just kept swimming in the rainbow sea.

[You shouldn't be here.]

"Ah, what are you so worried about?" Warspool shoved another mouthful of gyudon from bowl to teeth. Fried egg, chopped beef over noodle soup and homemade stock. Delicious, but it didn't have the little swirly fish cake.

[You've been followed for the past five blocks, then you decide to stuff your face? I hope you know you're being watched like a hawk.]

"They don't know me, I'm small-time,"

[That's the problem. Walking around with all that hardware and a red suit? You're making it really obvious that you're trying to move in on contracts here.]

He nodded. "Alright. Tables five and six, right?"

[Seven of them.]

"I know,"

He drank the rest of the broth in hearty gulps, the dropping of his Adam's apple like seconds on a clock.


Throwing it like a discus, the thick ceramic smashed into the face of the foremost tracker and hitman, breaking his nose instantly and missing a waitress's thigh by millimeters. He garbled something through the blood and dislodged cartilage. The other six shot out of their seats, ripping out concealed firearms. Warspool flipped himself over the crest of the bar he sat at, narrowly avoiding the brunt of the retaliatory fire. However, bullets did snag his ankle and when he fell to the floor he slipped on the blood and smashed his elbow to keep balance.

"Shit, not my funny bone! Now I'm completely helpless!" he laughed, peeling a Desert Eagle out from its sheath on his hip.

More yelling from the other side of the bar, more bullets shattering glass and sending people scattering out of the restaurant out of the front door. They were on the far side of the place, meaning everyone who wasn't wearing a red and black jumpsuit instantly took to running. They pulled their fingers off the triggers, waiting for something to happen.

"Alright," Warspool started talking again, his feet spitting out the bullets as flesh knitted back together with the layers of skin coming next. The audible snap of a fresh clip in the P90 he kept strapped to his back, and the hitmen readied for battle again.

"I'm gonna give you until the count of three to put down your weapons, and march up to your rooms and think about what you've done and said today. One!"

Their only reaction was pouring more ammunition into the dilapidated bar, so much that the tile and drywall practically exploded as bullets snared Warspool's guts and torso.

"Nnnnnnggghh... alright. Just wait until you father gets home!" he roared, standing up despite the raw pain involved with not only having the bullets pierce and tear away at his flesh - but having that flesh come back together almost right afterwards.

The P90 was turned perpendicular to his face - killshots, every last one of them.

Two fell to the ground in bloodied heaps as he trapped the trigger under his heavy finger. Sprays of shrapnel sent down one more as the shells ricocheted into some empty and half-full glasses of water. Must have gotten more than a few pounds of broken glass into his back all at once. He tried to shout in pain, but his lungs were collapsing.

"Use a credit card on the hole in your lung! If... you can find it. There's a lot of holes in you, actually,"

Four left, including the one with the obliterated nose. They kept firing, and he ducked and made a break for the exit sign. He went into a roll and then just broke into a run as soon as he reached the street.

[This was your plan?]

"No, my plan was to kill all except one and finish him off with the 'this is gonna hurt' line but life isn't perfect!"

He kept pumping his legs until he came to a clothing outlet that sold long trench coats, so he stole one and a bucket hat. It didn't cover everything, but maybe it was enough. With the rudimentary disguise, he rounded a corner quick and started walking as calmly as he could.

"<Hey, grandpa!>" he heard from behind him. Shit.

The man with the bloody nose. He was hiding his weapon under his coat, and out of breath.

"<Have you see a dumbass foreigner in a red and black suit?>"

I don't speak any language that they didn't teach me on the side of a Charred-la-Main's Kid's Meal.

"Uh..." he pretended to be senile, at least, and shook his head.

"<Where are you heading, old man?>"

Stop talking to me, stop stop stop stop stop.

He looked for a sign somewhere, but forgot he couldn't read it. The kanji were basically as legible as spaghetti noodles.

"Uh... <hambagah>," he pointed up the street.

[... Are you serious?]

The man with the broken nose cocked his head a bit, suspiciously.

Ah crap.

[You're actually going with this, alright.]

A moment or two passed, and the man pointed right at Warspool, signalling for an attack.

"<Take a left up that street, old man. Have a good lunch.>" he said before moving his head in a fashion to make his compatriots keep moving.

"Wow okay," the Homicidal Jabberwock muttered to himself.

[Are you really that surprised?]

"I mean, not really. I think I broke more than his nose though. Poor guy."

He tightened the coat around his chest and headed up the street, eager to actually catch a bite at this supposed burger joint.

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@grimmwald: How did I miss this thread? I'm not sure but needless to say, great job and I love having some Japanese/Chinese location threads on the board. That's an important part of the world.

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@hawkshade said:

@grimmwald: How did I miss this thread? I'm not sure but needless to say, great job and I love having some Japanese/Chinese location threads on the board. That's an important part of the world.


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@warspool: (getting to this today. wasnt sure what to do but I have the perfect tie-in)

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No Caption Provided

"How many?" Ishmael calmly asked.

"I..I sorry. They pay. Kill me if no help. You kill a'Yakuza... now they never stop. Never. Vendetta.." He didnt know her name. Hell, he hadnt even paid her yet.

She had shown her hand early on, a spy for the Yakuza. But not before alleviating the new age outlaw of his guns, gear, and clothes.

There was no time for Ishmael to truly process the events as they unfolded. How did they know he was here? How did they know he was the man assimilating Gothic's criminal underworld? That he was the one who had massacred several members of the intentional syndicate in a brazen assault on an American metahuman fighting league?

No time, no time! Yanking a mette black H&K USP semi-auto from his duffel and simultaneously rolling near the window, machinegun fire from just outside the door rattled through the room shredding everything, and one, in path.

Shrapnel and debris exploded littering the air with an odd mixture of blood and inanimate fragments. Ishmael instinctively rolled again. This time towards the bed. Powering the mattress off its frame he shoulder tackled it out the window. Bouncing on it once before ending up on his feet in a crouched but alert position, just in front of the Homicidal Jabberwock.

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Oooooh, this gives me ideas. This is gonna get wild!

No Caption Provided

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It seemed that the assassin had a mental image in focus, at least for the moment, and all had become quiet in his normally disjointed mental faculties. Yet, for some reason he stopped. He didn't immediately sense why, but the Immortal Irritant stripped down from his trench coat and threw the bucket hat to the ground. Although it appeared safe for the moment, disposing of his disguise now might not have been the best idea.

And even then he didn't move from that spot in the alleyway.

[Hey buddy, shouldn't we be moving somewhere? Preferably away from here.]

"Shhh, I'm... feeling something,"

[You're not Commander Troi; you're barely Scotty.]

"No, hold up. My reference sense is tingling,"

[Please, just keep mov-]

Almost on cue, broken glass and shreds of rice paper fluttered down into the open street following the sudden appearance of a mattress-wielding man fresh from forgetting his shirt somewhere.

No Caption Provided

"I don't know what's more impressive, your landing or your abs," he commented, noticing that strangely familiar thugs crested through the window he had just smashed through.

Instinctively, Warspool sent out a spray of suppressing fire on top of them, forcing the trained killers back behind the relative safety of the walls.

"Friends of yours?"

The purring of the P90 rang in his ears for a second, but a lingering gut feeling warned him to turn around.

"<I knew it!>" broken nose guy was back.

And he brought an APC, full of empty lackey carbs and topped with a minigun cherry.

"Oh, me want shoot big gun,"

"<Kill those fluffers!>"

Warspool would toss a grenade at the armored car as the spinning barrels spat out a belt of ammo down their direction, the chirping twang of pulverized cement echoing for entire city blocks. Though the inaccurate explosion would only buy the two precious seconds before the gun would start firing again, the Crimson Carnage tried to at least help his new acquaintance to cover, keeping suppressing fire on the window.

"So what are they mad at you for? Did you throw a bowl at Broken-Nose too?"

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No Caption Provided

Ishmael smirked but didnt verbally reply. His alarming personality conveyed the sense that he was about to do something stupid.

Without warning he snatched a grenade from the crimson stranger's belt and ran back towards the building. Diving head first through the already busted window. Rolling towards his gear while brandishing the explosive for all to see.

One hand snatched the black duffel with all his gear, an the other played a deadly game of chicken with those still left inside. Was he bluffing? Who *bleepin* cared. In one slick motion the bag dropped and his arm swung up from its lowered position firing the previously concealed H&K VP9. Knee shot then head. Block incoming knife stab, gut shot head shot. Duck, dodge, ankle shot shoulder shot head shot. This continued all down the hall with the cinematic flare of a modern day RAID. Eject the clip. Load another. Keep moving forward.

The building went dark. Silent. Only the commotion outside continued to provide the disturbing sounds of an all out gun battle. Until the acrobatic Phantomshell emerged in a full sprint along the roof. Diving off its edge and simultaneously dropping his appropriated explosive in the center of the advancing syndicate members. His landing was rough, hard, yet he gymnastically somersaulted into the tables of a nearby Cafe as the center of the street went up in the blaze. "Ah shit. Shit shit shit. That hurt like a bitch..."


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"Silent treatment huh?"

Warspool didn't really stop his new friend from yanking a grenade off his belt. That's what they were there for. The fact that this complete stranger grappled with one of his dangling pineapples didn't change that fact in his mind.

"Bring it back when you're done! That one's my favorite!"

His waist turned on a dime, giving the man suppressing fire once more as the minigun belched a throatful of hot lead down the lane. The comparatively miniscule P90 held little more than a pop, but he still managed to kill a couple with headshots and wound Broken-Nose again with a bullet to the thigh.

The Homicidal Jabberwock lashed out with a hearty cackle before he was forced onto silence again by the rotating barrels of overcompensation.

[Did that other guy just leave or something?]

"Nah, he wouldn't do that,"

[What makes you so sure?]

"He touched my grenades, that's an unbreakable bond right there,"

[I... what?]

"Besides, he knows what he's doing,"

Just as Warspool so much as casually mentioned him, the Akimbo Acrobat flung himself out of the window and onto the rooftops, comfortable in the fact that Warspool seemed to be making himself a very large target.

"Neat! How'd you know to call him that?"

[...I didn't say anything.]

"Not you, the other guy,"

Before he could answer himself, he heard an explosion coming from the APC down the way. Bodies were dropped everywhere, but the icing on the cake was that the minigun was alone and ready for his greasy hands to take a hold of.

Charging down the street practically screaming "Dibs!", he took a flying leap onto the chassis and stood back up after landing squarely on his back. He squeezed the handles lovingly, and pointed all available barrels at Broken-Nose and his still-not-full-of-lead friends.

"I had a line for this, it was between 'this is gonna hurt' and 'hasta la vista'. But nah - that would kill my vibe right now."

He pulled the trigger flat, and splashed the alleyway red. The only thing that broke out over the wailing of the whirling barrels was his maniacal laughter, as if he were on a roller coaster and not in a warzone.

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@warspool: That post was the shit dude. seriously. well done

No Caption Provided

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Richard Dmitriev had become a well known figure Madripoor. The Yakuza were fond of his tendency to spend big and although they were no more trusting than any other criminal organization they did trust that they had judged him correct; he was yet another American tech billionaire with more money than brains. Just the kind of man the Madripoor entertainment industry existed to serve.. until their bank accounts ran empty.

What they didn't know was that Hawkshade had begun building the infrastructure to allow him to fight crime in east Asia as well. The Ghost Box, a shipping container stocked with supplies and a sleeping area, was already installed in Solace City.

Tokyo was next and Richard came bearing gifts. Investments for Japanese tech companies, expensive cars for his Yakuza 'friends' and a permanent suite on the 102nd floor of one of Toyko's finest hotels.

He even paid a Yakuza friend to put a few bribes in the right hands and get him a tour of a prototype surveillance drone. They showed him everything. Schematics. Design specifications. Even the math behind the state of the art electric motor.

Any why not? What dumb American billionaire whose idea of entertainment was rubbing shoulders with mobsters could even understand their work?

But Richard memorized it all at a glance. Later in his hotel room he wrote it down. All of it. Six notebooks filled with specs, schematics and mathematics, all from memory.

Later he made a few purchases on the Dark Web.

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No Caption Provided

Starlight, the self proclaimed protector of Japan, receives a communique from her trusted ally, Trinity, who says that a threat has been detected roughly 50 miles out from the city and that Akira should check it out.

"It could be a Kaiju." Trinity says.

As Starlight heads to the coordinates Trinity sent her, she remarks with an arrogant smirk, "I thought you didn't believe in the Kaiju?"

"I don't, but whatever I'm detecting, it's massive." Trinity shoots back, a bit testy since they have had this conversation before.

"We'll find out soon enough since I'm almost there." Starlight says, glad to have been gifted with the power of flight. Typically, she tries to limit herself to Mach 10 in an atmosphere in order to prevent unnecessary damage. But during emergencies, she is fully capable of achieving the speed of light.

Starlight hopes it's a Kaiju, she can use the work out. So far, as a hero for hire, she's had some pretty boring jobs so far. And soon, as a monstrous form emerges from the water, she gets her wish and Trinity instantly becomes a believer.

"Don't say it, don't say it!" Trinity says twice in order to try and stop her friend from saying the obvious.

"Do you believe in the Kaiju now?" Starlight says as she flies around the monster's head.

"I told you not to say it!" Trinity exclaims with exasperation.

Starlight laughs as she tries blasting the thing with twin laser blasts from her hands, which burn into the thing's thick scaly skin, but it only ends up annoying and, with surprising speed, bats Starlight aside as if she were nothing more than a fly. She sails through the air before skipping over the water like a flat stone before finally sinking beneath the waves, bubbles coming out of her mouth and nose. Seems poor Starlight underestimated her opponent.

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This was not where she went to sleep.

She had closed her eyes on an alien vessel, and now opened them on an unfamiliar coastal city. Though she was certain she had never been here before, the architecture seemed familiar, as did the smell of the air. She briefly glimpsed an object out of the corner of her eye, which immediately vanished as she attempted to turn her gaze fully upon it. Even so, she recognized it: the artifact that she had tried to steal on Eristes, what seemed an eternity ago. It seemed as though it wasn't finished bouncing her across the vastness of space...

All other considerations were swiftly brushed aside by a commotion further out to sea, however. A beast massive enough to be spotted from the shore was approaching the metropolis, and a small speck that closer inspection revealed to be a person attempted to intercept it...rather unsuccessfully. As Starlight vanished beneath the surface of the water, Jungala's instincts kicked in, and she dashed from her position to dive into the churning water.

Once beneath the waves, powerful limbs would propel the alien super-soldier through the water towards where the heroine had gone under, and she would attempt to wrap one arm around her and bring her back to the surface.

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Starlight is only vaguely aware of Jun's powerful arm wrapping itself around her, taking her back to the surface of the water. But by the time her head breaks the surface, she coughs up some ocean water she had accidentally breathed in. Not a very pleasant feeling, but once she hacks and coughs the water out, she looks over at this very powerfully built amazon of a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks American, What are they feeding those Americans? Starlight thinks to herself.

Trinity is speaking into her ear, but Starlight is too busy staring at Jun before finally breaking free of the stare and blinks a few times, then says gratefully in accented English, "Thank you for saving me. I am Starlight, care to help me slay a Kaiju?"

Starlight hopes this woman will help her slay a beast, she did save her life after all.

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Aside from having swallowed some sea water, her new friend seems none the worse for wear. "Jun," she replied with a nod, never one to waste words, especially when there were greater concerns afoot. She glances over at the massive beast with a hunter's eye. There weren't going to be many greater concerns than this...

Jungala was strong, stronger than many creatures that were significantly larger than her, but even if this...Kaiju's strength was only proportionate to that of a hum, it's sheer massiveness would still mean that she was vastly overpowered. A direct assault didn't seem likely to work; cunning would need to be called for.

"I will help," she answered Starlight, "but I'm going to need a much bigger spear."

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Up too you all to decide on how fast or slow death is....I shall swallow the world

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Huh. Maybe I should pay a visit.

Just got to watch out for girls with oversized weapons and a knack for destruction. ;)

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While it's nice to meet this giantess, Starlight glances at the huge Kajiu before her eyes wander over to Jun again with a curt nod of her head. She rises out of the water like a ghostly specter and Jun might be able to see right through her as if she is actually a ghost. With a wave of her hand, she creates a spear made of solid white light. A huge one and it floats in front of the giant warrior as Starlight speaks in a pleasant voice, "Will a spear of light do?"

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Jun reaches out and takes the spear with only a moment of hesitation; she has encountered enough strangeness in the relatively brief part of her life that she can remember that very little throws her off for very long. Tucking it under one arm like a lance as she treads water, she returns Starlight's nod. "It will do. You attack high, and I'll go low."

With that, the alien huntress speeds off through the water towards the massive monster threatening the coast. Her strength propelled her through the waves with a speed that would leave many aquatic animals in shock, and she circled around to come at the beast from behind, diving below the surface as she neared, in the hopes of being able to drive the spear into the back of one of the creature's legs with the full force of her momentum behind it. She wasn't sure if it would be enough to do any significant damage, but she hoped it would at least serve as a distraction.

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Starlight nods at Jun's suggestion and takes off, becoming solid enough to fire twin laser blasts at the monster's eyes. It's enough to make the Kaiju furious, almost bellow in pain. It tries to bat her aside as before and when it does, Trinity almost screams in her ear.

"Watch the hand!"

"I know!" Starlight says as she dodges the swipe by flying under it.

In the meantime, the creature takes notice of what Jun is doing when it's left leg bends in response to her attack and it almost falls sideways into the ocean. It uses it's clawed tail to try and take a swipe at her.

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She saw the deadly appendage coming, as her attack drew at least some of the creature's ire. With her momentum having been sapped by the impact with the beast, however, Jun knew she lacked the time to dodge the attack. Taking the only route she could see, she latched on to the massive tail as it swung at her, the monster's power sending her shooting through the water with the blow. She locked an iron grip and hung on desperately as she was thrashed about, hoping that her persistence would continue to hold the kaiju's attention (and that her air would hold out) long enough for her new friend to land a solid blow.

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@jungala: (OOC: Soooooo sorry I made you wait for so long. >.<)

The power of a laser is incredible. It's as fast as light. Humans are lucky to even spot it shooting out of Starlight's hands as they glow like a light bulb each time she shoots the Kaiju. Dodging it's massive swings, she keeps shooting. But the thing about lasers, maybe there are some things that it cannot burn through. Solid steel? Brick? Even some of the hardest metals known to man; not a problem for a laser. But this Kaiju is something else and Starlight is getting frustrated. The Kaiju is making it's way ever closer to Tokyo and she cannot let it get there and wreck untold destruction.

Then Starlight gets a bright idea. The eyes! But it's actually Trinity who suggests it. So, Starlight shoots the eyes. Both of them with concentrated, and wide angle, laser beams. The Kaiju screams in pain, finally feeling hurt from Starlight's attacks. Jungala's own persistence finally paying off for her as well since the Kaiju was mostly distracted with trying to throw her off it's tail.

Then the Kaiju bellows a scream of rage, "Uh oh, I think I just made it angry."

Trinity says through the com-link, "Who cares, it's blind."

Starlight retorts back, "A wounded beast is at it's most dangerous."

If only that saying wasn't true, but it is as the Kaiju now spits fire at the hero. Starlight barely gets her force field up in time to protect her.

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As Starlight finally managed to inflict significant damage on their enemy, the alien huntress takes full advantage of it switching its full attention on the source of its pain. Her hands gripping scales and spiky protrusions in a grip like steel, she began to climb up the beast's tail, moving as quickly as she dared without sacrificing caution, seeking to scale the kaiju until she could make it to the beast's head. If she is able to make it, she would then raise both fists and bring them down together in an axe-handle blow directly between the creature's injured eyes, in the hopes of giving Starlight enough of a reprieve to launch another attack.

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@jungala: With the Kaiju blinded, it didn't even notice Jun until it was too late. It screams in pain again, opening it's mouth wide. On impulse, Starlight flies directly into his mouth, down it's throat and into it's stomach. Trinity screams in her ears:


Starlight responds back, "It's skin is too tough, so I have to kill it from the inside where it's vulnerable."

"I sure hope you know what your doing because I did not need to see that. I think I won't be eating anything for the rest of the week."

Starlight smirks as she explodes with hard light energy, causing the Kaiju to explode from within, it's stomach bursting open and Starlight flying out of it, looking to need a shower. She dips into the ocean, taking a good chunk of whatever got on her, away. But she'll need a shower after this. Several. The smell alone is revolting. The Kaiju falls back into the ocean, dead.

Starlight smiles big and looks for Jun, hopefully spotting her somewhere in the water, "Thanks for the help, Jun! Want a lift back to the shore?"

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She felt the beast sustain a mortal injury, well before her other senses would have allowed it. Her reaction was instinctive, tensing her powerful legs and leaping hundreds of feet clear as it fell, to avoid both being crushed in its death throes and being dragged under by the whirlpool it would likely create as its corpse disappeared beneath the waves. She hit the water in a dive and swiftly paddled back to the surface, where Starlight hovered, waiting.

"I'd appreciate that," she said with a chuckle, as she wiped her wet hair from her face, "especially considering that a kill of this size will attract feeders quickly."