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*Soon enough Zees opponent would show up. Not a minute to late not a minute to early. As he came Zee studied him but only for a moment. It was only with his first pair of eyes as well while the second as usual were in there slumber. He would then look down and peer at the other fights as they had started and even he could say it was a clash of the titans. Soon enough he would fold all four of his arms and turn to his foe as he said  only one thing*

Zee you in zhe battle field.

*Right after a smirk would a rise on his face as he suddenly started turning invislbe in such a way it gave the illusion he was disappearing. Only after a few second could it be seen him in the same position but lookin up to where he last saw his foe waiting for him. But while he had the early start he take the time to look around at the area study its surroundings and hear as the crowd roared. The sound they made coursing through his body was like never before. Almost better then hearing the screams of his victims. Zee would then unfold the first two top pair of arms and with his right on place it on the ground. As he started to bring his hand back up a sword a legendary one at that would start to arise and right before it could fall he could catch it by its handle an manuver it a little bit getting back the feelin*

*Zee was taking the foe seriously. He had already pulled out a weapon of choice so early in the battle studied the field, as well as he opponent. One would guess he could be nerous, maybe scared? No Zee was anxious. He was anxious to get this battle started and cut loose in a way he had done for many years*

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White Phantom could see that Zee took him seriously. It was a welcome change from the usual foes who were always so sure that they were the ones to defeat him. Not that the Lucifer didn't take Zee seriously. He knew that Zee would likely be one of the strongest foes he had ever faced. And that was saying something.

As the mythic hero unsheathed his sword, he saw Zee Crusher do the same. It looked like the two blades would be evenly matched, arguably. White Phantom was aware that his options were limited, he could not use some of his powers in space, such as water manipulation, and others, like sunlight manipulation, Zee Crusher would only turn against him. There was an advantage to being in space however. The closer White Phantom was to the Sun, the more powerful he became. And if he could get the chance, he planned on borrowing a trick from Superman and taking a "Sun dip." And because the light of the Sun would be the only source of light, Zee wouldn't have much of an advantage over him when it came to light manipulation.

White Phantom also came up with another weapon that could possibly cancel out some of Zee's powers. He had heard of, though never seen, the metal called Vibranium. It was supposed to be able to absorb vibrations directed against it. White Phantom hoped to use his transubstantiation powers to turn something into Vibranium and use it against Zee. What he would use was still to be decided. He had also heard of Adamantium, a metal which was supposed to be near indestructible. He hoped to turn weapons into that metal too, perhaps turning his weapons into a combination of Vibranium and Adamantium. He didn't know if Zee Crusher could still overcome his weapons even if he turned them into Adamantium and Vibranium, he didn't doubt he could, but it would at lease give them a better chance of being effective.

The Lucifer sensed that Zee was anxious to start the battle, but he was nervous. Although he knew Zee's powers, he wasn't sure just how powerful Zee was. So he waited. He waited for Zee to attack. He didn't want to be the first to attack, if he rushed in blindly he might not come out.  Because he had to come out. Two universes needed him, he had to make it through the fight. Even if it ended with his defeat, he had to play it safe. He knew well what could happen if he attacked without knowing the power of his opponent. He had to know.

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*Zee would be able to sense it. His opponent was just as anxious as he was. He brought his weapons for fun out just as early as Zee had. He knew the foe wasn't gonna hold back. Zee didn't plan on doing it earlier. He could see the judge galactus in his original form before he grew to the great size of 28' start to back off and give the two contenders there space.  Now Zee knew he would had to make the first move. Something simple but to also be weary of.*

Let Ze games begin

*He'd saw under his dragon like raspy voice as he would then inhale some the air in the area even though he did not brathe. Then he would lift his foot up an slam it on the ground as two huge hand would immediately come up from both sides of phantom in order to try and slap together with him in the middle. But that wasn't really was he was going towards. He would then make a yellow flat circle like disk of light  and it would be floating just above his hand as he then threw it in the air. As it came in the air spinning spikes lights would be shooting out all area at incredible speeds all around. Not effecting Zee due to his control over it but eh would hope it be the opposite on the foe*