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After a two hour flight and another four behind the wheel of a rented jeep, Jack made his way through the dense jungles of South America. His story began a week ago as his smarter half Dr. Suars, located an anomaly on his computer. Since the beginning of their working together, he created a program that followed the moves and actions around the world through satellite feeds and an A.I. he created himself. But in this case he received an unrecognizable energy reading, coming from an abandoned temple in the heart of South America. It’s readings were off the chart and unlike any scientific source known to mankind. That alone was enough to peek his interest, for his entire reason to be was to discover the unknown, but it was what he read next that made him determined to take a course of action. In less than twenty four hours after the anomaly, Dr. Suars received readings of a small military army setting up camp outside the temple in question, with both mining and abstracting equipment. With the best of intentions he gave Jack the green light to fly to South America, and investigate with the basic goal to discover what is giving off the energy readings, and to determine whether it is a threat or not. But above all, if the source is determined a threat, he was to make sure that it did not fall into the wrong hands.

Riding in a jeep that felt every bump in the road, Jack checked in through his ear piece, to report on his status. “Yo Doc,” he shouted in a jovial way as he looked down upon his I phone, “According to this map thing you gave me I’m an hour away from reaching the site.” In response the doctor laughed back, “Glad to know your not out there waisting the foundations money.” He then took a more serious tone as he conveyed his concern for Jack and the mission, “Okay, you know what to do next. Ditch the jeep and make your way in on foot, and remember to remove your ear piece. From my point of view the group outside the temple has a class A5 radio detector and would pick up our communications in a heart beat. No matter how many times I change the frequency.” He tries to hide his genuine concern for his friend, and after an off pitch in his tone he continues, “So from this point on you are on your own. But remember if it comes down to life and death, call me!” After what seemed an awkward moment of silence Jack answered back in a warm hearted manner, “Don’t worry Doc, I’ll be just fine. Just remember to keep a good bottle of Scotch ready for me when I get back!

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As the sun slowly set over the horizon, Jack made his way in on foot, running around a mile a minute, without the use of his mechanical arms. That way he would make less noise. Within minutes, he arrived on the scene, hidden safely behind a group of trees, looking out across the opening at the temple’s resting place. Still holding up well over the centuries, the temple looked nothing like he expected, with stone walls and a endless number of stairs leading to it’s main entrance. However, there on the outside, waiting at the base of the stairs was a small army of men, dressed in a military uniform he could not recognize. He could clearly hear the sounds of a leading officer give orders, but again in a language he could not understand. All Jack could tell was, the soldiers outside had one and only one order, not to let anyone enter, as another troop, lead by their scientist were already heading inside. “Oh, this is just great,” Jack mumbled under his breath as he placed his face in his palm. “This looks like something out of Indiana Jones.” But before he could take in a breath to calm his nerves, he could hear the roar of a helicopter circling above, with a spot light shining down to survey the area. All Jack could hope, was that the trees around him were enough to shelter him so as not to be seen, and that he could come up with a plan to get inside that temple, alive!


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Mister Surreal, the Sorcerer Supreme, currently had his magic wielding hands full with an investigation that he started working on not to long ago. It was one that dealt with the matter of finding lost artifacts that were great of value to the magical and non-magical alike. He had his nose deeply burried within the pages of one of the books in his library. This one in particular was about irregular magical occrunces. It was a mythology book based on the legends of the knights and wizards of old. And it's like they say, legends are forgotten history.

The reason why he was looking through these books was because he recently felt a disturbance in the magic realm. He began to look into the origin of this disturbance as wells as it's location. "Something here seems to be associated with what I am looking for.", he thought to himself as he peered down onto one page it the book. He believed that he had found what he was looking for, the a clue behind this mystery. He closed his eyes and meditated as he began to visualize the area that he needed to go to. Once he had found it, he opened a portal directly there.

As he stepped through to the new location, he found himself in a tropical environment. He could hear the sound of helicopters in near proximity, so he quickly casted a spell of concealment over himself and became invisible. While all this was happening under the cover of darkness, he didn't want to take his chances. As he moved around, he began notice the military vehicles that moved about the environment. He also saw a base that was set up. He moved quickly and quietly as he got closer to what seemed to be their main base.

The women and men in uniforms that went along the area were hard at work with whatever it was that they were trying to achieve. Mister Surreal concluded that they must have detected an anomaly in this area, which was the same one that he was looking for. Why else would these people be here? But as he figured that out he noticed a familiar face, "Jack!", he thought to himself. He then made himself visible again as he neared his friend. "Jack, it's me!," he whispered loud enough for him to here.

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Regretfully, Jack looked out across the field, counting the number of soldiers blocking the entrance and sighed. He thought about using a frontal attack with the aid of his mechanical arms, but with no idea how many soldiers were inside, it seemed unwise at this time. So with a heavy head he turned away, and leaned against a tree mumbling, “This is going to be S0ooooo much harder than I thought.” Suddenly, there was a twinkling of light in front of him, and from out of nowhere his magical, mystical friend, Mister Surreal appeared before him, in all his glory. With a simple "Jack, it's me!," he introduced himself, expecting a warm greeting from a friend, but instead Jack pulled back, clinched his chest and shouted, “Wait? What? Who’s There?” But after a second or two to gather his wits, he looked up to his friend and passively aggressively barked, “How many times have I told you not to do that!?! You know I hate it when you just appear out of nowhere. It just ain’t natural.” Slowly he rose back to his feet, trying to calm his nerves, then finally he greets his friend in a proper manner. “Still its good to see you again pal. But what brings you out here to this place?” But before the Sorcerer Supreme could answer back, Jack unfortunately figured it out!

Throwing a bit of a tantrum, Jack flails his human arms around shouting quietly, “Oh no no no no no! Don’t tell me that the energy source inside is ‘Magical’! You know that magic stuff gets under my skin.” He slowly begins to calm down but continues to rant, “I should have known it! When Doc said he couldn’t recognize the source, I should have known it!” Suddenly from above the helicopter made a close pass over, missing the two heroes by inches, reminding Jack of his mission at hand, and now more than ever, the importance of retrieving the magical item inside. Getting his head back into the game, he immediately takes charge and begins telling his friend his half @ss plan to get inside. Sounding redundant he goes into great detail, “First we’ll create a distraction by tossing a rock just a few feet away from the group, and hope that two and only two soldiers go to investigate. Then we’ll over power them and take their uniforms.” Caught up in the moment he continues to ramble on with no clue as to how idiotic he sounds. “Then, dressed as soldiers we’ll casually walk by the rest of them, me being your superior. Naturally we’ll have to keep our heads down as not to be seen. but as long as you keep nodding as if I’m saying something important, we may have a chance?!?” Finally it dawned on him who he was with and what exactly he could do, and after a low sounding moan, he looks over to his magical friend, and humbly ask, already knowing the answer, “or maybe you could just turn us invisible and, (he coughs from embarrassment)we just walk right pass them?!?

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Matthew patiently listened as Jack went on rambling about his poorly conceived excuse of a plan. Why he was polite enough to let him continue to talk about his plan without being interrupted, he was internally shanking his head at the nonsense that he was hearing. When Jack had finished speaking, he was going to tell him exactly what he thought of his plan. But Jack spoke up before he could; "Or maybe you could just turn us invisible and we just walk right pass them?!?”, Jack said with some embarrasment.

"I think that's better idea.", Matthew said with a genuine tone of voice. He began to cast the spell on himself and Jack subtlety and with haste. There were many soldiers taking survey of the immediate area and if they saw a little magical light show going, both of the heroes would need to abandon the mission. "I understand that you're not exactly keen in indulging in the magical arts...", he said as he performed the spell. "But this is quite necessary for the both of us", he said.

Bu the time that he said that, he was able to transfer the spell to Jack so that they may both go around undetected. "The spell here is designed in such a way that only you and I will be able to see eachother.", he said as he peared at Jack's light transcending form. Both of them were untraceable to the eye of the average person, but they could be picked up by other magic users or people skilled enough to be able to identify their physical being.

Just then, one of the search lights from a helicopter above them swept over the area that the two were standing at. Jack seemed to be somewhat unnerved the moment that happened. Despite going from an angle were they would have been spotted immediately, it went on as if it had seen nothing. The two wouldn't have to worry about anything like that as long as they were in this form. "As I said, this something that is necessary for both of us.

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Reluctantly Jack agreed to let his friend cast his spell of invisibility on him, but that didn’t mean he had to like it. With a simple gesture from the magician's hand Jack felt an odd sensation wash over his body. It was like thousands of tiny feathers brushed against his skin all at once, and with each one a feeling of enlightenment. But just as soon as it began, the feeling past and Jack felt like he was back to his normal self. Still being a little out of the loop he asked his partner, “Are you sure the spell worked? Cause I can still see me.” Naturally Matthew responded back in kind, "The spell here is designed in such a way that only you and I will be able to see each other." But the fact was Jack still doubted him, and began waving his hand in front of his face hoping for some sign of invisibility. In the end he turned back to Matthew, and was seconds away from telling him that the spell failed, when the helicopter above shone it’s spot light right on them. Immediately, Jack froze in his tracks hoping that the copter missed him, but when the light from the spotlight seemingly shone through, with no signs of a shadow, he began believing in the power of his friend’s spell. With a quick, “i um guess I’m um ready,” he slowly stepped out from the safety of the trees and proceeded to make his way forward. His every step was filled with nervousness, like a mouse walking by a sleeping cat, but slowly and surely he crept pass the guards walking right through the center of them. But with each step forward he kept one eye on Matthew just to make sure he was safe as well.

After what seemed an endless step of stairs, they arrive at the temples entrance where he found a team of scientist and archaeologists standing there still trying to get in. The problem was, at the entrance was a newly formed stone wall, built from the same material as the temple stone, but much harder and stronger. It also appeared freshly made as there was no layer of dirt or debris upon it. It was, as if it had somehow magically just appeared from out of nowhere. To make it worse any physical attempt to break it down failed miserably. The only good part was that some of the men standing outside the door were speaking English. Then without warning the soldiers at the temples base began shouting out something of importance, to which one of the English speaking scientist responded, “Footprints, Where?” As all of the scientist and archaeologists began racing down to investigate, Jack foolishly informed Matthew, “Darn it! I didn’t even think of it. But when we walked in, we left footprints behind us!” By now the entire army below were investigating as the scientist were breaking out highly advanced equipment, that Jack had never seen before. However, should Mister Surreal turn to investigate, he would no doubt surmise, they were mens closest attempt to create magical counter parts. One of which being a way to see the invisible.

Unaware of the full danger he was in, Jack hastily remarked, “We need to move fast and open this door, before those scientists come back!” He then began looking up and down the door, searching for any sign of a door nob, but instead all he found was some weird styled hieroglyphics etched upon it, somewhere on the far right side. Raising his sunglasses to the top of his head for a better look, he comments, “Matthew take a look at this, ” as he leans in. Upon closer inspection, the carvings represent a giant dragon, flying over a moon, with four smaller images resting below. The first was a dragons tail, followed by a dragon’s tooth, then a dragon’s claw and finally a dragon’s wing. Despite the fact Jack was not the brightest bulb in the bunch, he quickly came to the conclusion, “It must have something to do with magic!” He then steps aside so that his friend Matthew could get a better look, as he asks, “You’re the Sorcerer Supreme, if anyone could decipher this lock it would be you?!?” Meanwhile at the base of the temple, the soldiers were breaking out sidearms, that they believed would aid them in a fight against any common Sorcerer.

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Being the Sorcerer Supreme, Matthew was of course somewhat familiar with the strange symbols in front of the pair. While the order and the type of engravings were seemingly foreign even to himself, Matthew definitely recognized them. "I remember seeing something along these lines in one of the books that I have been reading recently. This has something to do with ancient artifacts and treasures of lost ancient civilizations.", the magic user whispered as he partially explained the meaning behind what the two were looking at.

Just then, the sorcerer was startled by the the voice of one of the superior officers from the base of the temple. He began isseuing out orders to his men about going over every inch of the area until they find whoever had slipped into their base. More guards began to assemble their weapons that would prove a threat to both heroes. Jack and Mathew would need to pick up the pace if they wanted to make it out of this one. "We need to hurry, those men will be up here in no time. And if they find us here, this entire mission will collapse." Mathew said with great urgency.

He quickly went back to attempting to decipher the meaning behind the ancient symbols. He could remember something about how the images referred to the nature of the temple and a way of navigating through it. Mathew began to analyze the very first image among the ordered of the carvings: the dragon tail. He pressed himself to figure out what this meant for them and their current situation, but he was stuck. "Come on! What is-I got it!", he exclaimed in hush tone of voice. "Each image tells us how to navigate the temple, the dragisn 'tail' refers to a tale as in a story. In one story that I read, a type of key was used to enter a dragons chamber. We don't have one, but I can make one.", he said with great enthusiasm.

Mathew noticed a small lump of stone in the corner of the doorway, this would definitely help their cause. He discretely walked over to the stone in order to make sure that he wouldn't alarm any of the guards searching for the intruders. He then picked up the stone as he began to quickly scurry back to his original postion at the large entrance. He looked over his shoulder to see if anyone had noticed what was going on. Even though they were invisible, their was still the chance of one of those soldiers seeing a rock levitate across the entrance of the temple.

Once he saw that no one had seen anything that would lead them to go up the steps, he went to work. He began using his magic to carve and shape the stone in such a way that was in the likeness of tail image of the tail. He heard the men in the back ground searching for them begin to make their way near the steps of the temple. He quickly finished up the carving and went on to make use of it. "I've got it. All we need to do now his find the key hole to the door.", he said. Just then, the sound of heavy boots could be heard coming up the steps of the temple.

He sorcerer fumbled to find a way inside of the temple. After a few moments of swift searching on the part of both Jack and Mathew, they were able to find the hole of which the key would unlock the doors of the temple. Mathew gave the key to Jack who's arms with their superior strength would aid them here. Jack took the key, and with one mighty turn, he was able to unlock the door to the entrance. The two quickly made their way inside as they could practicality feel the breath of the soldiers on their backs. As Matthew used a spell to seal the door, soldiers could be heard outside still looking for them.

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Jack nodded along in agreement to everything Matthew said, with no idea what he meant. To him it was all Greek mixed with a bit of Russian. Even as the soldiers were making their way up the inclining stairs, he pretended to understand, through subtle “Uh hums!” and an occasional,“I see!” But it wasn’t until Matthew declared, "Each image tells us how to navigate the temple, the claws and the 'tail' refers to a tale as in a story. In one story that I read, a type of key was used to enter a dragons chamber. We don't have one, but I can make one," that he had a clue to what was going on! With a hearty, “alright lets see you make one!” Jack stepped back giving the magician some room, expecting him to pull a key out of thin air, but instead watched in amazement as he conjured a spell to carve and shape a stone he picked up off the ground, in such a way that it morphed into the likeness of a Dragon's tail, just like the one carved into the temples door. By now the sounds of the soldiers were even closer, as well as Jack’s impatience, but with all the chaos going on around them, Mister Surreal kept a cool head. As his newly formed key came in to a completed creation he looked around while muttering, “All we need to do now is find the key hole to the door.

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Caught in a rush of adrenaline, Jack and Matthew began franticly looking for any signs of a key hole, with the soldiers moving in even closer. Suddenly a bright light shone from the tail of the Dragon carved into the wall, while giving off an odd and eerie sound. Almost as if calling the key to itself. Immediately Matthew handed the key over to Jack, who almost in a trance liked state raised the key to the Dragon's tail. At the moment of contact, the key became one with the Dragon, that immediately came to life. The Dragon then spun around on the wall as if chasing its tail, spinning around faster and faster until he became nothing more than a small blur. It was then the door began to shimmer in a glow of light, as its thick mass began fading in and out of sight. Within seconds the door was no more, allowing both Jack and Matthew to freely enter the temple, while at the same time a row of torches along the wall lit in unison, to light their path inside.

By now the soldiers had reached the top of the steps and although they could not see the heroes inside, they gasped in glee at the sight of the temple’s door wide open. In their own foreign language, the leading officer ordered his men to charge forward, with their guns at the ready, but were stopped seconds away from entering. For at that moment Mister Surreal casted another spell forming a new stone wall to take the place of the old, and like a force of nature it blocked the soldiers path. “Now that was impressive,” Jack implied while giving the magician a soft clapping of his hands, “I just hope that will hold them off long enough for us to find the energy source?” With no time to waste, he pulled his I phone from his pocket, locating the energy source as a ping on it’s screen. Following the path given off by the phone, he lead his friend through a maze of tunnels throughout the temple until finally reaching the suppose location of the energy source. But oddly enough they stood outside of what appeared to be a simple vase room, filled wall to wall with rare but not impressive clay pots. “I don’t get it?!?!” Jack declared, “The gizmo says the energy source is in there!

Ignoring all signs of danger and perhaps the sage advice of his friend Matthew, Jack boldly stepped into the vase room and was immediately wisped away to another location. He was now inside a room with no doors filled with golden trinkets and the bones of hundreds of men. In the middle of the room stood an ivory pedestal with an old and ancient artifact resembling a time piece resting on top. From above a single ray of light shone down upon it, illuminating the artifact while lighting the whole chamber. As far as Jack could tell there was no way in or out of the room and at this time Matthew was nowhere to be seen. Like a fool he shouted, “Matthew where are you? Can you hear me?” only to hear his voice echo off every wall. Suddenly he heard the sound of something, BIG, moving around in one of the corners, slowly making its way forward with a slithering sound as it moved across the piles of gold coins in its way. Before Jack knew it, he was face to face with a fifteen foot tall baby red Dragon, looking at him like he was his next meal. Again Jack yelled, “Oh Matthew where are you!?!?” as he retreated to the safety of the nearest wall. Although Jack felt he was capable of taking on the beast, he felt in his heart it was a task better suited to the Sorcerer Supreme, and as such he refrained from attacking, unless it became necessary.

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Matthew was slightly surprised by what had happened to his friend, though he got over it as quickly as you would expect. He after a few moments, he could sense that someone was calling for his aid, no doubt it was Jack. He tried to create a portal with the flick of the wrist to Jack's location, but was faced with result of merely waving his hand around. For some reason he had lost his ability to simply create portals to different locations. "Seeing as how this place is no normal temple, it was likely embued with a magical defence that forces me to venture forth.", he thought to himself.

The two explores would need to play the games and pass the trails of this temple if they ever wished to see the light of day. Matthew figured that while he couldn't currently reach his friend, he could still communicate with him. He closed his eyes and sent a telepathic message to Jack. "Jack, I promise that I will find you as soon as I can. But for now, we will have to complete these puzzles by ourselves. This whole place is a puzzle and the answers are always in the question. I'll see you later.", he said. as he faced his own challenge.

He then looked back at his own puzzle and began to examine what needed to do. He looked into the room that Jack had just stepped into and was transported to a different location. He looked at the floor and saw that Jack had stepped on a gold tile which was still sunken in. Matthew levitated across the room in order to make sure that he did not set off other traps. He looked around and saw nothing but a large assortment of vases on different stands. He levitated to the point in the room where the floor simply a light tan color.

The vases were all of different colors and had different designs of one another. Some were shades of red, others green, others blue. This would be a truly maddening game for anyone to play. If all it took for Jack to end up in a different room was to step on one of the tiles on the floor, imagine what grabbing a certain one or the vases might do to you. He analyzed each one closely to see if he could pick and particular patterns or details. He went around each one with great care in order to make sure that there was no clue that he was skimming over.

He was starting to become frustrated with the difficulty of the task, but he tried to remain calm. When he felt almost like giving up, he noticed a detail that would help him figure out how to solve the puzzle. Taking a step back, he noticed the placment of all the different stands that the vases rested on, there was something particular about it. He hovered upwards so that he could get a better view of the room. He saw that they formed an arch that spread across the full length of the room, rather than being in lined up rows.

"That's it, a rainbow.", he thought as he figured out what he should do. He then used his telekinesis to rearrange the placement of the vases so that from a bird's eye view, they would resemble a rainbow. After he was finished, the stands that the vases lay on began to lower into the floor to the point where they all had been sunken in. The wall began to open as doors appeared and allowed passage out of the room. After walking out, the wall immediately returned to its rightful place.

Walking down one corridor, he saw what seemed to be some doors that he could pass through. Seeing if he could open them, he pushed the doors and found himself in a large room filled with golden treasures. They glistened brightly against one another as they filled the room with a golden aura. But he also noticed a large pile of bones that belonged to several people. Most notably, he saw Jack and an enormous dragon nearby. "Jack!", he exclaimed.

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The Dragon moved like a snake, slithering forward as it closed in. It’s claws digging into the gold at it’s feet as it’s tail followed behind. Its eyes were dark red with a yellow slit down the middle and from its breath flowed a puff of smoke. With every step it took Jack took two back, eventually trapping himself in a corner. Again he shouted, “Oh Matthew, where ever you are, now would be a good time to appear!” Unfortunately all his screams seemed to do were anger the Dragon some more, forcing the beast to let out a primal yell of its own. But being the pacifist he is, Jack didn’t wish the beast any harm, but when placed in a life or death situation, he was forced to defend himself. With a thought, he called forth Moe, his upper right mechanical arm and with it’s claws open wide he raised it like a blunt weapon. Then in an attempt to force the Dragon back, he sent it flying forward at it’s chest like a giant steel battering ram.

The Dragon, however, stood unflinching, with its eyes piercing into Jack’s soul. With but a simple wave of it’s massive arm, it easily swatted Jacks away as if it was nothing, sending the mechanical arm flailing wildly across the room until he recoiled the arm back inside. Again the Dragon roared in anger, with enough force to blow Jack’s hair wild, even though several feet away. With little options left Jack feared he would need to use deadly force if he wished to survive, but that little voice in the back of his head spoke other wise. By now the Dragon was on top of him, with its mouth gapping wide and a devilish look in its eyes. Hoping to stall for time before letting loose with a shock wave of crippling electricity, Jack noticed a medieval knights shield resting a few yards away, and with a thought he sent forth Larry, his upper left mechanical arm outwards to grasp it and pull it towards him. At the moment it was in the grasp of his mortal hand, he held it up between them, standing in a firm but defensive stance.

Suddenly the mighty Dragon looked surprised, with an almost impressed look upon its face, nodding as if Jack had done something right. At the same moment, a magical door appeared from nowhere and as it opened wide the great Mister Surreal stumbled into the mix shouting "Jack!" But just as the door appeared, it vanished away into nothing, leaving Jack and Matthew alone with a Red Baby Dragon. But just as Jack turned to address his friend, he was reminded of what Matthew said earlier about Dragons at the temples door. But due to the fact he wasn’t paying attention at the time, naturally he remembered it all wrong. With a deep solemn voice he informed Matthew, “Matt stay back! I’m about to do something either really brave or really stupid!” Then in a huge display of peace, he dropped the shield to the ground while recoiling his mechanical arms back inside. Placing everything on a huge bet he informed Matthew, “Its like you said before at the door, its all about the story and the Dragon and the tale it tales..”oblivious to the fact he misunderstood everything the Sorceress said. “Were not suppose to fight the Dragon....” he raises his two human arms out in a sign of friendship, “...we’re suppose to talk to him and learn it’s tale!

Immediately, the Dragon pulled back with a pleased expression of delight upon it’s face. With a soulful laugh, it looks down upon the two heroes and says, “Well done mortal beings. You have chosen wisely with your deeds.” Realizing that Mister Surreal was a master of the mystic arts, he informs him, “Your friend here has shown a rare trait in your species. I did not expect it, or at least not from him.” He then turns back to address Jack, “And please be aware mortal, had you chosen to fight me, I would have killed you.....quite easily!” Now with a new peaceful feeling in the room, the Dragon goes on to explain to them both, “For many centuries mortals much like yourselves have been searching for the artifact,” he points to the time piece resting in the middle of the room, “and all have chosen to fight rather than talk. It is as if none of you knew that Dragons are wise!” Slowly he settles back into his corner, while smiling at the two, “Because of your good deeds, the artifact is yours.” he then chuckles as only a Dragon could do, “.....if you are worthy enough to lift it!

As the Dragon disappears back into the shadows from whence he came, Jack couldn’t help but feel a bit cocky. With a bit a swag in his step he move closer to the time piece while informing his friend, “Well this shouldn’t be to hard. After all I was the one to show the Dragon respect.” In the background you could hear the Dragon laughing almost to the point of hilarity as Jack wraps his hands around the clock. With a hefty tug he heaves up, but to no avail as the piece didn’t even budge. Instead the piece remained motionless, glued to the ivory pedestal. “I um, need a better grip,” Jack explained to Matthew while trying not to look foolish, “I’ll get it free this time.” With the aide of all four of his mechanical arms he lifts again, grunting and moaning all the way. But once again the time piece did not move, not even an inch, in fact this time it felt heavier than before. Realizing he was out of his element, he humbly stepped aside saying, “I get the feeling this is some magical thing, I just don’t have what it takes.” With no other idea on how to retrieve the artifact, he ushers Matthew forward. Betting that if anyone had what it took to claim the prize it was him. “I got faith in you sport. If there is anyone worthy enough..........it would be you!

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Matthew slowly approached the clock as he redied himself for this task. He wondered what the exact words of the dragon meant, "Worthy enough to lift it?", he thought. "But what does worthy mean?", he continued. The worthiness of someone being what allows them to lift an object was not something that was new by any means. It was like the countless retellings of Arthur taking the sword Excalibur out of the stone and becoming king of England. Or Thor Odinson wielding the hammer Mjolnir that could only be wielded by whoever was worthy.

As he stepped infront of the pedestal on which the timepiece lay, he settled his mind and calmed his nerves. He looked down and studied the quality of the clock before him. It was an extermey beautiful object that seemed to outclass all of the treasures that made of the sea of gold. It had extraordinarilly well carved wooden exterior lined perfectly placed fragments of silver. It had a light golden face with dark golden hands that were still in place. He was amazed by how well crafted this artifact was, whoever made it was certainly gifted.

He placed his hands on the curved metal bars that were on the sides of the clock. He looked over at Jack who was staring back at him with great anticipation in his eyes. After one long sigh of breath, he clenched his hands and attempted to lift the object from it's pedistal. Unfortunalety, he made no more progress than this eight limbed friend did. He tried again, pulling it up with as much strength as he could muster, it didn't budge. He looks back at Jack who seemed to be disappointed with the less than preferred results. Mathew thought about what he should do.

"Why don't I try to cast a spell on it? It may just work depending on which one I use.", he said looking to his friend to see if he approved of the idea. He simply shrugged in a way that said "sure, why not". He went back over to it and began a spell that would switch the elemental properties of it with the elemental properties of air in the room. He went along with the hand gestures and mind set needed. While he knew that the chances of it working were minuscule, he realized that they didn't have many options. After the spell was completed, he gotten ready for another try. "Here goes nothing.", he said as he went to raise it yet again. It didn't move in the slightest as he expcted it to.

Matthew was all out of ideas, neither of them could seem to be able to pick it up and magic wasn't having any affect on the object. He knew that them being stuck there until they died of oxygen deprivation was a very real possiblity. He sat there thinking of anything that could work. Then he thought of what the dragon had said, "Because of your good deeds, the artifact is yours". After a few moments of thinking, he believed that he got it. "Deeds, that's it! We have been doing this all wrong, by deeds, the dragon was talking to both of us. We need to lift it together!", he exclaimed.

After hearing that, Jack's face lit up with great joy. It would seem that Matthew had figured out the final puzzle. Jack quickly went over to him so that they could test out this theory. He took one handle in Moe's claw and lached onto it with full strength. Matthew went back to hold onto the timepiece as well. "On my mark. Three. Two. One!", he yelled as the two heaved with all of their strength.

As pulled as hard as they could, the artifact slowly lifted off of the pedestal. "It's working!", Matthew said as went on lifting. After a few more pulls, the object was completely suspended in the air between the two of them. Just then, it began to ominously glow a misty colourful aura. They tried to put it down, but their grip wouldn't let up, the dragon could be heard in the background laughing at the scene.

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Jack stood with anticipation, waiting for Matthew to easily lift the time piece. Already he was imagining his friend holding it over his head with some magic glow around it. But at the moment his friend yanked up, nothing happened. Immediately Jack’s jaw hit the floor as he mumbled, “Wait, That wasn’t suppose to happened! I was sure you would be the one to lift it,” as a wave of doubt crossed his mind. But one never to give up, the mystical Mister Surreal recomposed himself, and moved in closer for a second try. This time however he felt it needed a more mystical touch and as such he remarked, "Why don't I try to cast a spell on it? It may just work depending on which one I use." Naturally Jack agreed, tossing him a sign of approval, while at the same time taking a few steps back for safety. For he had no idea what was going to happen next, and if something was to go wrong he wanted to be far away. Again Mathew prepared to lift it, this time with a hearty, "Here goes nothing." but again nothing happened, despite the spell he casted that would switch the elemental properties of the time piece. Reluctantly Jack moved in close to support his friend, commenting, “you did your best, that’s all that matters,” as he gently placed his hand on his friends shoulder.

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Surprisingly though, Mathew did not seem disappointed in his failure, but rather intrigued by the mystery. Mentally going over all the options in his head,mixed with everything he had learned so far, he proudly puts two and two together exclaiming, "Deeds, that's it! We have been doing this all wrong, by deeds, the dragon was talking to both of us. We need to lift it together!" Trying hard to keep a brave face when thrown into the middle of a world he slightly feared, but more importantly didn’t understand, Jack quickly agreed, with no idea what he was suppose to do. Luckily Matthew took the lead, hinting that Jack should grasp the time piece with one of his mechanical arms, and with a thought, Jack agreed. Immediately he shot out Moe, his upper right mechanical arm, and with it’s three metallic claws, it gently grasped one side of the clock. At the same time Matthew wrapped his hands around the other side, and with a quick, "On my mark. Three. Two. One!" they lifted up! In the background they could hear the Dragon praising them with a “You have chosen well!” as the magical artifact slowly lifted up from off the pedestal.

Now levitating in the air, Matthew shouted, "It's working!" to which Jack could only reply, “Now what do we do?” as the clock began to glow with an ominously misty colorful aura. Once again Jack asked, “Now what do we do?” with the emphasis on the fact that the clock was glowing brighter. Immediately Jack commanded his arm Moe to let go, only to learn it could not. For some mystical reason the harder he fought to let go of the artifact, the tighter his grip would cling. This time in the background the Dragon was laughing as Jacks discomfort grew, and just as Jack was about to yell, “Matt I don’t like this,” he could feel his body breaking down into smaller, minuscule particles. Then like a wave of sand in the wind, the particles were pulled in one by one as the clock began spinning around. Soon the only light in the room was the clock as everything else went dark. With each spin time and space was being bent or in this case twisted, as the heroes were both being sucked into an anomaly.

Seconds later, back into another world of reality, the clock stopped its spinning, throwing Jack clear across the room. Immediately the clock fell to the ground undamaged as its glow quickly diminished. “Matt, are you okay?” Jack shouted as he slowly rose to his feet, then patted himself down to see if he was still whole, “What the Hell just happened?” But as the two heroes reunited together, they could not help but notice that they were no longer in a Dragon's cave or a Temple room. They now stood inside a banquette hall, in some ancient castle. Judging from the tapestries along the walls, Jack suggested, “Looks like we’re in England or something,” as he carefully walked around the room inspecting the place. But being the rather simplistic individual he is, he dismissed the bizarre and got back to the facts he knew. Moving towards the clock now resting upon a long stretched out table in the middle of the room, he nonchalantly remarks, “Well it looked like the clock survived, and since that’s what we came here for, I say we pack it up and get the Hell out of here!” When suddenly a door opens wide, and a young man dressed like a squire back in the days of ‘Ye Olde Knighthood' barged in shouting “Me lords, they be intruders here!” Immediately the kid turned back, running away until more could arrive, leaving Matthew and Jack to contemplate their next move. But despite whatever Matthew was thinking, Jack felt it was important to say, “Either that kid is way into Renaissance fair, or something really bad has happened.

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Mathew straightened his clothes as he dusted himself off after realizing that they were at their most recent trip to a foreign location. "I believe it is the latter.", he said as he responded to what his friend had stated. He then began to look around the large room that there were stading in the middle of to see if his friends other statement was as accurate as the previous one. There were many paintings on the walls that had depictions of different people dressed in expansive looking clothing filled with rich different colors. Similar to his own attire.

As he went on looking, he saw a large table with many delicious treats and dishes that could make anyone who looked at them drool. He could even feel his own saliva glands begin moisten at the sight of all of those goodies lying only a few feet away from them. He then herd his stomach rumble in a rather unexpected and humerous way that he has not herd before. Jack looked over at him with an inquiring expression on his face. "Excuse me. I haven't eaten in a while, I was to busy doing research in my home to even sit down and have a meal.", he explained.

Just then, a large group of men heavily armord from head to toe entered the room. They had their shields infront of them and their meter long swords pointed high towards the celing. While the two heroes did not want to hurt anyone, they made themselves ready for the possibility that they would need to defend themselves. As the guards surrounded them, the answer to their location was made clear. "We are in England alright, of the Medieval variety.", he leaned over and said to Jack. A few seconds later, the guards parted their formation to allow access to the young squire they had seen shortly after they arrived in this place.

He took out scroll and began to read a rehearsed line. "I Daniel Fittlesworth, hearby arrest you two for your crimes of trespassing the property of the royal family. You are now ordered to seek audience with King Charles III in his throne room to have trial for your crimes.", the boy said in a squeaky high-pitched voice. The two heroes exchanged looks with one another to gain any insight as to want they should do next. "Wait, we can explain why w-SILENCE!", Mathew heard as he was interrupted by one of the guards. The two turned to face him.

"Hold your tongue nave, though art already in deep ado", he said with a commanding voice that even they felt compelled to listen to. He was a tall man with dark silver armor and a covered face where only darkness was seen past the helmet. "Moveth or I driveth my sword through though!", he said with great anger. Even though his words were slightly difficult to understand, his message was well received. The two not wanting to anger him further, did as they were told and went on down the way that the gaurds led them.

They went down a long corridor that held many other relics and items that one might find in a medical castle. Identical armor of knights were out on display on the opposite sides of the corridor. Even more paintings could be seen as they walked along the path. Many of which included very graphic illustrations of people being whipped and stoned in public locations. The two shuddered at the sight of those images that hung at such an ominous time for them. They soon were at the doors of the king's throne room. "Open the doors!", said a booming voice from within.

As they walked through the doors, Matthew instructed Jack what he was planning to do. "After we find out what is going on here, I am going to create a diversion so that the gaurds will be momentarily distracted. You will then grab one of them and threaten to kill them, bluffing of course, while I break us out of here.", he whispered just as they stopped walking. They were now standing below the king on his high throne. He had was a very large presence in the room that made all the guards not required to stand upright bow before him. This was a situation that Mister Surreal was all to familar with. "What do we have here?", said the king peering down at them.

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Despite all the bizarre events Jack had been through over the last few hours, nothing unnerved him more than when Matthew said, "I believe it is the latter." For at the moment he heard those words, all he could think was, “You mean that darn clock thing sent us back in time?!?” followed by an even louder, “And just how the Hell are we going to get back home!?!” Immediately, he went into a silent frenzy, fumbling around the room like a primate, with his head hung low and a full on brooding expression. “For all we know we could die here and now, and never get born later when we’re suppose to?!?” But all the while Jack threw his mild temper tantrum, he was oblivious to all his friend did or said, and even as Matthew was filling his belly, Jack was still moping around in a fuss. Just then, a large group of men heavily armored from head to toe entered the room, commanding attention from just there presence. But upon closer inspection, Jack noticed a familiar symbol painted upon their over sized shields, and it wasn’t until Matthew leaned in and said, "We are in England alright, of the Medieval variety" that it dawned on Jack just where!

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Painted boldly in a bright yellow against the offset of blood red, was the image of a single ‘Lion’s Head’ with piercing eyes. With a quick nudge to his partner to gain his attention, Jack quietly whisper so that they were the only ones to hear, “Do you see that, the Lion Head? It was the same insignia the soldiers wore back at the temple. I swear it!” He then grudgingly goes on to say, “It just has to mean something,” even though he really didn’t want to know what! But just before Jack was about to call forth his stooges for some extra protection, the small sniveling squire reentered the room with some importance. With all eyes drawn to him he began barking orders in a squeaky voice, "I Daniel Fittlesworth, hereby arrest you two for your crimes of trespassing the property of the royal family. You are now ordered to seek audience with King Charles III in his throne room to have trial for your crimes." But had it not been for the seriousness of the situation, Jack would have been laughing barrels over the name, ‘Fittlesworth.’ Lucky for Jack, Matthew was not so overtaken by the name, but more interested with his claims, and as such he asserted his position with a calm but forceful, "Wait, we can explain why w....

But like everything so far, things were not so easy, and before the Magician could finish his sentence, he was interrupted with a resounding,, “SILENCE!” followed by a loud and echoing, "Hold your tongue nave, though art already in deep ado!” Not sure whether to run or fight, Jack was lost in the whole scale of things, as he tried to wrap his mind around time travel. Like some, the idea of ‘The Butterfly Effect’ plagued his thoughts, leaving him with the fear that one false move would destroy everything he ever loved or cared for. But by following along with the actions of his smarter friend, Jack passively went along, even as one of the Knights shouted, "Moveth or I driveth my sword through! Through!" Along with his heroic partner Jack was aggressively escorted through the castles hallways, decorated in tapestries depicting cruel and unusual torturing of peasants. But among them all the overwhelming theme was clearly a sign of the aristocrats domination over its people. After what seemed an endless journey through twisted corridors, Jack arrived outside two gigantic golden doors, the doors outside the king's throne room.

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After a brief announcement from a Knight outside, inside the King barked out the order, "Open the doors!" Led by the tips of a broad sword, the two heroes were lead inside, into a room of power and luxury, with an overweight man sitting on a throne. Upon his royal garment was the same Lion Head symbol as the Knights shield, only with a golden crown placed upon its head. But just as Jack stepped in through the double doors, Matthew leaned in close with a plan to escape. Reluctantly Jack nodded in agreement, as he even positioned himself closer to a Knight, in order to put the plan into effect. In the mean time, the King leaned back in his thrown as a sign of intimidation, and openly mocked, "What do we have here?",as he slowly clapped his hands together in a sarcastic way. Surprisingly, at that moment in time, Jack came up with an idea. Just before taking a broad step forward, he whispered ever so slightly to Matthew, “Don’t worry I got this....” followed by, “I’ve seen A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, fourteen times.

After a deep calming breath he looks up at the king showing no sign of fear but with respect. “My lordship, I mean, your kingdomness...” he snaps his fingers as the right word finally comes to mind, “....Your Royal Highness!” he smiles, “We are but brave men from a nearby kingdom sent here only for answers!” Immediately one of the Knights rattled his sword and shield yelling, “They be Wizards my Lord. Let me Kill them now!” after which every other Knight did the same. Surprisingly the King took notice, looking out across his men, and with the raising of one hand, they all went quiet. “No!” the King said as he sat forward, “They look to intelligent, and we all know Wizards are sup-par demons. Not as smart as we are!” He then paused for a second, allowing his silence to add importance to his next word. “Besides no Wizard would dare set foot in my Kingdom now that I have the Brush!” With that said, Jack knew his plan had failed, therefore he softly stepped back into the ranks next to his friend Matthew.

Fresh out of ideas, all he had was to go along with Matthews. Patiently he waited, while the King went on rambling about their deaths by a Thousand Cuts, for the moment when Matthew would create a distraction. For at that exact moment, Jack would go into action. Beginning with a mental command, he would send out to his side, Moe his right upper mechanical arm, straight towards the nearest Knight he could grab. Then like a steel python it would coil around him in seconds, head to toe, ensnaring him tight leaving him unable to move. Then to add insult to injury, he would lift the Knight high in the air, proving he was trapped, and extend the tip of Moe to approach his exposed neck. At that point a six inch spike would shoot out of the tip and place itself strategically against his thorax. All that was left was a clever, “Everybody! Put down your weapons or I’ll kill him,” even though it was a bluff, and, “Now shut up and listen to my friend!” Again this would only happen when and if Mister Surreal were to create a distraction, and of course if he was faster than a trained Knight!