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The Virginia Grain trade center was the 17th target of NOD terrorist bombings so far. Now the U.N has deployed it's peace keeping force known as the Global Defense initiative or G.D.I in order to stop the brotherhood of Nod. Both Armies are fueled by a peculiar green Crystal

known as Tiberium which has upsurped Gold, Oil, and Diamonds as the world's most precious resources. NOD holds %49 of the world's stock on tiberium, While GDI has %29, Leaving the rest of the world with %24. War has been declared.

Rules: No auto-hitting, no god-modding, You will have your powers but do not go overboard. Standard rules apply. It doesn't matter if your gray, blue, or red The sides are based on alliegence to either Nod, GDI,

or lack of thereof not your Alignment. Most of all have fun. Here's the OOC thread http://www.comicvine.com/message/tiberian-dawn-ooc/296593/&c=14&14 . And read up on the first tiberium war before posting http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/First_Tiberium_War. Note I'm just using the latter as a guide line not a rule.
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In Africa an entire Division of Nod M2 Bradleys drove up to meet the Opposing Division of GDI M1 Abrahm's tanks. They opened fire shaking the earth itself, Anti-tank TOW missiles were flying from the Bradley's in a attempt to Match the GDI tank's superior firepower with devastating results, The GDI tanks were bieng heavily damaged and destroyed but then A flight of GDI A10 Thunderbolts flew in and cut up the Nod tank division. But soon more Nod Vehicle's were coming in to support the Bradley's, But GDI was also gaining reinforcements. Soon the sky lit with flames.