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Small rippling currents of electricity arched off the tips of her fingers. In this 'new' Universe, all tangible goals were finally within arms reach; but there were forces conspiring against her.

In the past few weeks, she'd been in search of a relic; a relic with the ability to rewrite history. The Universe Gods knew her intent; and conspired with members of this new world to ensure she was not successful.

Instead, Ziccarra saw fit to antagonize her aggressors; most notably with attacks on the Cardinal Monastary in Tibet, and on her adoptive sister Maya in Emerald City. Though both expert combatants within their respective fields, Zeon and Maya proved to be vacuous in anything other than their spheres of influence.

Obtaining the power to rewrite history no matter how close; would always seem unobtainable with two particular nuiances standing in her way. Her alternate universe self, "The Goddess" and her unsufferable husband "Thee Champion",

Alone the Goddess' ability to manipulate brainwaves made her too powerful for Ziccarra to contend with atleast for right now. The Champion was also too powerful, but the mistake she made several times in the past was that...she fought them as a couple.

Standing cloaked in ceremonial Black Cardinal robes, the selnder body of the Ninjan Queen flit back and forth; before her eyes shot open almost in revelation. "This day...Thee Champion dies!"

Her sheer power cause the ground to shatter at the mere bending of her knees, now airborne, powerful concussive sonic recoils trail from her flight, in mere moments--she was gone.

Back when she was tailing him, she found his 'Fortress of Solitude' This was his area of operations whenever he decide to take to the stars.

As she approach the Aether, she knew the computer system alerted him of her arrival; it didn't matter because she wasn't trying to sneak.

Her eyes began to flicker, before culminating in a dense flash of photon energy; now amplified by the sun. Cocking her neck forward the Ninjan Queen sought to send her optic photon energy flying into the Aether, drawing out Alexis Pettis. She'd show him how a Ziccarra was supposed to be.

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From the moon's cratered surface, Thee Champion gazed upon the Earth. Lunar dust hovering around him, the stars twinkling in the background, his eyes took in the sight of his homeworld. From where he stood, the Earth's beauty was haunting. It was like a blue oasis drifting in the vastness of space. The New God however, wore no smile. As he turned round, his red cape flowing slow and stiff from the absent gravity, Alexis' features seemed earnest. Striding across the moon's surface, the American flag several meters from him, Thee Champion sighed, "I need to recharge". He was physically perfect, immortal, and cast a presence of great power and regality wherever he walked. And yet, the New God was tired.

He felt exhausted. A light jump and he climbed into the lunar atmosphere, soaring farther and farther from both the moon and Earth until he was overlooking both. Over sixty years of good deeds, of saving the planet and doing all he could for it's people.. and he'd finally grown tired of it. Of the routine. He'd unknowingly relegated himself to a role that no longer fulfilled him. For so long he'd acted as mankind's great guardian in the sky. And for so long it'd given him purpose where the fatal crash that took his adoptive mother and the death of his old war friends only brought him depression. Overlooking the Earth, his face softened and he almost smiled. It was the world his family lived in. A family that'd given him a greater purpose than his crusade against the injustices of the world. He'd found people who loved him, genuinely.

But to be with them would mean to remain on a planet that forced a role upon him. He could never ignore the screams of the millions who suffered every day, even if he tried. And he'd grown tired of the guilt of failing to save everyone. Guilt he'd carried with him for years. Perhaps he needed to leave Earth, and in doing so.. risk abandoning his family. At least for now. Turning round as if to soar away into the distance, the New God's eyes widened as they took in the sight of Ziccarra laying waste to the Valhöll (or Æther) space station, his home away from home. Ziccarra... but not his Ziccarra. No, this was a rogue from Prime. A woman he'd crossed paths with before. One who had once sought to sway him to her side and see him rule the cosmos as her ally. He refused, and today she reduced his space station to scorched debris.

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His blood boiled at the sight of her, his teeth gritted and his face scowled as he roared, "I'VE. HAD. ENOUGH!". Enough of everything, of all of it. Reaching deep into the energy pool of his quantum dimensional state, Alexis commanded storms of radiant energy (energy from electromagnetic radiation and gravitational waves) and expelled beam after beam of high-energy particles that sought to superheat and ionize Ziccarra at the atomic level. Blasting towards her, Thee Champion extended his bio-electric field, seizing the metal debris of his destroyed space station and accelerating them to high velocities, hurling them at the Ninjan Queen to bombard and eviscerate her into oblivion.

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"Heh" she grunted, her voice cackling through the electricity rippling through her fingertips. It was gone, reduced to floating debris and space dust, though the absence of sound hindered the glorious sound of destruction. A curious brow rose as the source of her anger finally emerged. Underneath a head full of sunflower tinted hair, rather mephistophelian, rest pacfic blue eyes and below that a grin a mile wide.

The vacuum nearly rippled as Thee Champion and Championess sped toward one another, each capable of bending space, Ziccarra's eyes flickered coating the Ninjan Champion in a thick veil of high energy gamma-ray Photons facilitating her travel through Alexis' turbulent energy. "You'll have to try better than that!" Her voice hissing through solar flares of energy spiking off her sun-kissed frame.

Like Alexis, she was a woman that could stand on the surface of the sun, but much better than Maya; she could harness the cosmic energy from the sun and use to her own needs. Reemerging from her protective shield, prematurely. Massive chunks of his space station smash into her frame violently thrusting her body in the direction each was thrown.

The final chunk knocked the Queen of Ninjans from Earth's atmosphere depositing her just out past Jupiter on Titan. Plowing through the moon's atmospheric pressure to the surface, Ziccarra's body collided on titan nearly crippling the moon.

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Skipping in roaring flames across the surface of titan, Ziccarra's body came to a violent stop still red from the searing heat.

Her iconic uniform didn't stand a chance, the now naked Queen of Ninjans struggled to lift her head from the uncomfortable surface of Jupiter's moon. The purple blood that begin to free flow from her body evaporate on her skin, leaving huge patches of purple on her nude body.

It took the anger from a god to damage the Ninjan Queen seemingly beyond repair. She couldn't move, but she didn't actually need to. Though she wasn't recieving nearly enough of the Sun's energy from this far; she was able to make use of both Titan's and Jupiter's Magnetic Poles.

Those hard labored breaths soon subside, allowing Z to pick herself up from the surface and plow right through the atmosphere.

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Moving now at Critical Light Speed, Ziccarra once again plowed through the asteroid field, whilst in her light chasm, she fired another beam of light in Alexis' direction hoping to distraction him only for a moment. This would allow her to coil her leg around his neck with her up high on his shoulders, sending repetitive photon back strikes towards his face, afterwards she'd attempt a quick strike. Strike so fast, yet so powerful that the haymaker would have a delayed reaction.

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The ionized remnants of his space station floating around him, his chest rising as his eyes glowed red with indignation, Thee Champion stared into the distance, fists clenching as he braced himself for the Ninjan Queen's return. "Unless she's gotten significantly weaker, there's no way in hell that knocked her out. Even less chance it killed her". He was right. And he felt it, her approach, one heralded not by a spike in energy caught by his senses, but by something else. By how violently she disturbed the orbits of the planets in the outer solar system. He felt their gravitational fields bend to her acceleration, as though she'd threatened to hurl them out the solar system itself.

"She's going to throw every planet out the solar system", the New God feared, a cold bead of sweat trickling down the side of his face. It was fitting then, that in the day he'd chosen to leave his family, his world and even galaxy behind - he was forced to save it all one final time. But he hesitated. "Attack her or save the planets?". He froze, and in that moment, an energy beam, tearing through space at the speed of light, blasted him into the distance, it's thermonuclear temperatures searing his cape and cooking his skin as it shoved him through the sun itself. Bathed in solar fires, the Herald of Hope winced, his teeth gritted as the agony from Ziccarra's blast - and not the sun, swarmed through his body, rendering his flesh torn, burnt, and swollen, and his bones superheated. Still, at the sight of her approach, of the Ninjan Queen, the wounded New God sought to intercept her as he tapped into the stored radiation of his personal quantum dimensional state, his eyes burning with a righteous fury before emitting a high-energy storm of radio waves.

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Radio waves that were beyond the visible spectrum of light, that sought to blast into Ziccarra at c (the speed of light) and force her electrons and ions to oscillate with them, to dance with them as the high-energy storm threatened to superheat her bodily fluids and boil her from within. At most it'd do her harm, and at least it'd spare him her onslaught of world-breaking strikes. Here in the solar system, Thee Champion was limited. Ziccarra had no qualms with destroying planets or even the sun if it brought her victory. He however, did. Re-positioning himself before barreling towards her, an ion beam shoving him closer and closer to c (the speed of light), Thee Champion felt his body crackle with energy as time slowed. His vision now came through a tunnel-shaped window, the stars in front seeming blue, and those behind him glowing red.

His one goal? To ram into the Ninjan Queen at 99% the speed of light with near-infinite mass and tackle her out the solar system to the empty regions of space beyond it.

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"Be prepared to escort"

The nature of this battle force the Ninjan Queen to divert her full attention to dismantling the Earth's 'Champion'. She couldn't afford to spare the energy of supplementing herself in various areas of the planet; which meant today no retreat one of them would have to die.

His body flailed out of side, leaving the naked Queen trailing in the at a low speed. She wasn't a fool, this wasn't there first bout, he wouldn't be easily one-shotted. Blood will be spilled--and lots of it.

Her keen eyesight tracked his return from the sun, spuring the Ninjan Queen to continue her offensive maelstrom. As she sought to make contact with a knee strike, she immediatly halt at the unnatrual presence of foriegn energy affecting her body. Her cerulean eyes shot a demented glare toward his direction, she didn't know what he did.

Her inside begin to boil, but this wasn't any type of solar energy, this was something else. On the surface of her bare body boils begin to force, flesh begin to burn. Writhing in unsurmountable agony, the Ninjan Queen released a boisterous howl only to have the sound absorbed by the endless vaccum.

Finally, her eyes glaze over in Solar yellow, allowing her to shift out of tangibility. Reemerging in a new location, her body appeared red and swollen. Blood crept from the pit beyond her eyes, joining they dried blood already resting on her jaw.

Fixing her position in order to attack, again she was hit. This time almost too fast to see. In what could only be described as a flash step, Ziccarra was removed from the solar system altogether.

Throughout her involuntary flight stars, planets, space fragments all graze pass in a blur. There was no pain...she was simply moving too fast.

Eventually, the Ninjan Queen plowed into an explanet, nearly causing a cataclysmic tremor on the surface. This planet though rocky and mountainous; supported an atomosphere much like Earth's allowing the two 'Champions' to breathe and speak.

Her eyes fluttered open covered in a combination of ice and space particles. Resting in a crater the size of a massive quarry. "Y--you've....lost..." She grunted, trying to will her body out of entropy.

Dissolving into Darkness, the Ninjan Queen reemerged on her feet shaking from both blood loss and shock. "If you plan to kill me, you''d better plan on escorting me to hell yourself!"

Now she understood the significance, his attack wasn't intended to do a massive amount of damage. Rather stop her from doing a massive amount of damage. It was in this realization that the Ninjan Queen's stolen cheshire smirk stretch across her face.

"Y..ou....c-c-can...t save....them" She called out faintly; still shaking from blood lost. Her right eye flickered sun yellow, whilst her other eye cackled with darkness tendrils.

In that two dopplegangers of herself emerged. One pure light, the other pure darkness. "Attack..." She commanded before launching herself high into the air.

The Light particle soar into the sky before dispersing into hundreds of thousands of light pillars. The Darkness sought to annoy Alexis with petty strikes and grapples.


On her command Ziccarra sought to send the particles raining down upon Alexis with the intent of destorying him, with the entire planet.

But that was not all...in the distance. The Ninjan Queen picked up a structure orbiting another planet. Do to the distance, her physical condition; and the energy already exerted, it'd take her a moment to get it. But Thee Champion was about to get a glance at just how powerful The PRIME was.

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There was a quiet intensity that echoed with Ziccarra's words. As though the earnest spirit of a military commander was speaking through her. But perhaps, more than anything, here and now... her words echoed with truth. "You can't save them", she declared, as if she knew of the New God's recent doubts, of his desire to forsake the Earth and his family in pursuit of something else. Hovering in the sky, his tattered red cape fluttering behind, blood dripping from his torn flesh, Thee Champion scowled - then conceded, "I know". He was broken, no longer a hero doing his damnest to save his world from a threat too powerful. Instead, he sought to stain his hands with the blood of an enemy who'd long drawn his ire.

Scowling, teeth greeted and his blood boiling, Alexis shook with anger. Anger that he now acted upon. Speeding forward, the air flattening and reddening against him as it hissed and ignited, Alexis drew his arm back, a mass of superheated plasma glowing from his open palm. Though as he threatened to hurl his sphere of thermonuclear plasma, it broke down, fizzling out of existence as he winced and swatted away at Ziccarra's Darkness Clone. He parried it's strikes and hand-fought to defend against it's grapples. Then. Then he heard it. "Ignite". And just then, a storm of light pillars cast their glow across the sky, outshining this planet's sun before raining down on him. Again and again, the pillars blasted into him, bombarding him and the planet's surface with so much energy that the particles in the air underwent nuclear fusion.

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Gamma rays leaped into the air as an explosion unlike any other stretched across the planet's surface, eating away at it's surface until it's molten core was peaking out. The entire atmosphere was blown into space, all it's gases ionized as a wave of energy astronomically hotter than the Earth's sun swallowed the planet whole, eradicating it and the nearest planet from existence. Any lesser foe would have been liquefied at the atomic level. This was the kind of attack that didn't just knock the wind out of you. It knocked the you out of you. But somehow, at the core of an ionized mass of superheated dust where two jets of high-energy particles stretched out into space and scorched the surfaces of any nearby planets... Thee Champion survived. He was injured. Gravely so. His cape was no more, and even his nano-regenerative battlesuit was reduced to bundles of subatomic particles.

Bathed in the thermonuclear heart of the planet's remnants, the Herald of Hope screamed in pain, his cries echoing across the medium of plasma all about him. His flesh was all but seared away. Patches of bone exposed, his hair incinerated and his eyeballs fried. The Ninjan Queen had tossed him into an inferno millions of times the sun's heat, and Alexis had paid the price. He was brought to the brink of death closer than he'd ever been. But he was alive, still clinging to life as his anger took hold of him. In the distance, an orbital satellite sped towards him, intent on crashing into his burnt carcass and leaving him to die in space. No. Screaming, his blind eyes gazing out the bright heart of the ionized mass around him, Alexis extended his bio-electric field, stretching his magnetic field across the mass of charged particles around him.

Harnessing his power over gravitation, Thee Champion stretched his gravitational field as far as his powers allowed as well. Extending these fields beyond his body, and seizing two planets' worth of ionized particles, he unleashed a natural disaster upon space. Commanding his magnetic and gravitational fields, his will bent the positively charged nuclei and negatively charged electrons of every atom around him, stretching them into thin atomic rods, casting a violent energy storm, an enormous planet-sized whirlwind that'd prevent molecular chemistry from taking place, doing away with covalent bonds and emitting monstrous bursts of high-intensity radiation as magnetic field lines were broken and reconnected.

With his last breath, Thee Champion unleashed his power, intent on reducing the hurled space station to plasma, and seeking to either tear Ziccarra's atoms asunder - or reduce her to subatomic streams of charged particles with every burst of high-intensity radiation. It was the kind that ended solar systems and caused mass extinctions on the planets of systems nearby. Thee Champion screamed until his lungs gave out, until consciousness left him. And until he was comatose and his attack waned and dead.

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The Massive explosion deposit them both back in the vaccum of space; the two planets that erupt as a result of the Ninjan Queen barley harbored life; but he was right she had no reservations about murdering innocent people to achieve victory. She was, unlawful, chaotic; and just unapologetically aligned to herself.

Though, like him, she was on her last leg too. The Champion and Championess attacked each other in such a manner that could level entire solar systems. She'd since gotten stronger after the fight with the Forces of Maverick on Asgard. Which saw her detained, but that was her own foolishness. Only the impact from a punch by a man like Alexis could injure her, only the superheated plasma from his optic rays could produce moisture in her nether regions. The thrill of battle awakened the warrior spirit in the Ninjan Queen; but with it the same murderous natrue that forced an All Out Assualt on her Earth.

She could barley see, blood literally dried on her naked carcas. Like he, she too was mere moments from death. The exploding planet depleted nearly all her energy, and shattered her Ninjan durability.

The Magnum Opus Space Station came veering across space; Ziccarra hadn't realize that this vessel was home to this Universes' Ninjan government. "NO!" She wanted scream, but had to save herself. Evaporating mid vaccum into a timely darkness portal--Ziccarra never saw the destruction of 'her' people.

As she returned, she saw what remained of the Ninjan's space dwelling, along with Alexis' floating body. "You...fool..." She sneered, though not a member of the specific group of Ninjans; she favored them to some degree. But now the Ninjan leadership (Save for Madison) were murdered...by Thee Champion!

Lightly navigating through the debris, Ziccarra's hands cupped the mouth of her greatest foe. "Now let's see why she loves you so much" She gloat stealing a kiss from the incapacitated Champion. "All hail the Queen" She whispered once more sending darkness tendrils into chest...literally trying to absorb the essence...the power...the being of Thee Champion.