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The War Room

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The room was lacking windows, it was only illuminated by the artificial light hanging above the halo and the computer screens hanging by the wall. The chairs sat around in circle like a perverse version of the knights in the round table.

Donn’s outfit matched the scenery, he was wearing a grey two piece, single breasted with a black tie and black oxfords his assistant had picked up for him. His cuff links were made from silver with the American flag engraved with black and white coloring, lacking the iconic blue and red that the country worshipped religiously.

Right now he was not the most popular person in the country, a series of events and choices had landed him in the spot. Yet, he could hardly feel like he was the worst President that the United States ever had.

However, with corporations he seemed to grow more popular by the second. They all wanted take their slice off the shit cake that Gothic was for some reason, probably out of the goodness of their souls and nothing to do with how amazing the PR and profits could be if they played their hands correctly.

Suddenly everyone wants cares about Gothic after the government took it back.

Even after everything, he was confident in his abilities to succeed and fix Gothic city or maybe it was arrogance, the idea of failure seems like such a foreign concept to him. Especially now that he had gotten this far, no moments of hesitation could occur or they would pick the meat off his bones the moment they had the chance. CEO’s are like sharks that way, they can smell the blood from miles and won’t stop at anything until they’ve had their bite.

Klaus was keeping watch over the meeting, just because he had quit working for the CIA did not mean he had severed ties and destroyed their working relationship. In fact, they still traded correspondence.

Donn unbuttoned his suit and sat down on the chair, he was crunched forward with his hands tight together like rocks. His legs were crossed, in the masculine manners without the legs being overtly cross. He held his chin with his two thumbs and covered up his lips with his fingers, thinking about the individuals that were about to walk through that door.

One of them in particular had caught his attention.

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Peak International's infamous owner stepped out of his supercar with a smirk.

The White House painted black?

Internally Anthony was a little nostalgic, if that were the right word. So many decisions that he had made which had shaped the entire world were locked away in these very walls.

Stark's first dally with politics was when he had forcefully taken control of a former President and used them to declare war on Venezuela. Even Stark was unsure how he had gotten away with that crime against humanity. It had been where Stark and Director Deadman had agreed to split Gothic City from the union. And it had been where he had faked his death at the hands of the even more infamous, Quintus Knightfall.

Anthony often wondered how the world would have been without him. Without his intervention. No Stark? No mutant Venezuela; no monarchs like Xenon or Ivana. He beheld himself as an unsung King of mutant kind. After all, he was the reason the murderous utopia had been created. But today was not about him - Entirely anyways, today it was about trying to rebuild Gothic City (a city which both he and Alexander Donn had butchered). Peak International had already supplied a vast network of technological resurgence in the city, the schematics already being looked upon as this conference was held. Horizon chimed up.

-- All external surveillance equipment currently at one hundred percent functionality. I will render myself mute for the duration of the conference but stay idle in sentry function. If there are any threats detected, Homeland Security alongside yourself will be notified. Have fun, Mister Stark --

The former President walked to the White House entrance, escorted by an array of secret service agents because of protocol. A journalist managed to snake through, commenting to Stark. "Mister Stark! Do you feel responsible for what happened to Gothic City?" She said, shoving a microphone into his face. He raised a palm and gently slid the device to the side with two fingers. "Maybe," he said, locking eye contact. "But that depends on how well paid I'll be for helping the cleanup." He winked satirically before turning. "Ask me again once this is over." Dropping a business card onto the ground with his personal phone number towards the woman, he walked away, tucking his palms into his pockets and venturing to the Black House...

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@anthony_stark: @hound_of_war:

Alfred arrived right on time, his usual friendly smile on his face. He wore a black suit coat, black pants, black dress shoes, a red tie, and a white shirt. He walked in with a normal walking gait, reletively fast for some others, but not in a hurry. He had prepared for the tests, taking special care to put certain undetectable containers of his own old blood into possible entry sights for a needle, using a chemichal to turn his actual blood red again (just in case), actually the chemichal would kill a normal human but his body could handle it, and all other tests would be easily accounted for.

When he entered the room he sat down wherever he could and glanced up at one of the screens. Then he waited for it to start. His plan was actually simple, and did him little in the way of financial usefullness. Which further made him appear less likely to be during it for anything other than the "good of his heart" or for publicity, the latter would not have been all that much needed anyway. The truth was publicity, but it was also to keep heroes and such off his trail, well at least without giving them much reason to get on his tail in the first place.

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@jason_ford: @anthony_stark: @hound_of_war:

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Vai stepped out of her heavily modified street car in front of the White House, where dozens of reporters proceeded to take pictures of the inappropriately dressed, never before seen in public daughter of Gale Xanders. Vai smirked, her attention shifting momentarily to the reporters. She made a show of adjusting her sunglasses and smiled warmly. The public persona of Vai had always been the stereotypical inappropriate spoiled wild child of a billionaire. Show people what they expect to see and they'll never look deeper. She smiled and waved and then headed through the gates. She produced a small glass cylinder from her pocket and handed it over to one of the guards. "Try not to drop it, I don't think he'd appreciate it." She smirked. "Besides, my blood's worth more than yours. Especially once they look at it." That might have been a little more dickish than necessary, oh well.He'll survive and it fits the persona.

Public information on Vai was exceedingly limited. In this time period she'd never been seen in public, at least not while being identified as the daughter of Gale Xanders. Knowledge of who her father was or what she did with her time was limited, though she was more often than not spotted in LA these days, visiting her mother or spending time in one of her dozens of apartments scattered around the world.

She smiled again when she spotted Anthony Stark upon entering the White House and being escorted towards the meeting room. "Mr. Stark." She offered a flash of a seductive smile. "Feel like home coming?" The one, the only, Anthony Stark. Never met the man in person before...thought he'd be taller. Of course Vai wasn't exactly short, like her mother she stood over six feet tall. She reached up and removed her sunglasses, gently folding them and slid them into one of the pockets of her pants. Mother should be here, this is her show more than mine...

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The Knightfal Heiress entered the building like she owned it, the rest of the Fortune 500 alongside her.

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She was casting nonverbally the entire time, shielding and warding herself, as she made her way to the War Room. As she entered she removed the headphones frothier ears. They appeared to have been made before she was born, but instead were a top-of-the-line model from Knightfall Industries made to look 'retro.' In her back pocket was a small vial of blood. Hers, though taken from her father's vaults from before she had become magically tainted. It would not seem out of the ordinary to anyone, as she had kept the extent her study of magic secret.

She entered with the rest, pulling back her chair and direction a small cloud of nanites to make her a leg rest. She leaned back in her chair and smiled at the President.

Time to get this party started.

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@vai: @jason_ford: @anthony_stark: @hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall

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Nora Hawke is driven up to the White House in her limo and she gets out, surrounded on both sides by the best bodyguards money can buy. She adjusts her watch and necklace, things should be fine. Taking a deep breath, she gets out amidst the questioning fury of reporters. She ignores them, she has already said what she has wanted to say and anything else would only be a repeat of what she has already said. Once the Secret Service stop her, asking for ID, Nora presents her ID and anything else she needs to show to those interested in order to get in. After all, she is expected and she can't help but feel a bit nervous. She's never been to the White House before nor has she ever met the President or any past President before him.

Nora is escorted inside the White House and upon entering, she spots other interested parties have already arrived in the meeting room. Anythony Stark, the previous President of the United States, is a man Nora recognizes but has never met. Looks like he's busy with a woman who seems to be more than she is pretending.

As for the others, she knows them only from the news, but has never met them in person. What Jean Knightfall does fascinates her! Nora sees the cloud of nanites create a leg rest and she stares at it in utter fascination. If only Keira was here to see this. Nora thought. And then she chooses to sit down where directed and waits for the meeting to begin.

And just in case things go bad, Nora is wearing bulletproof clothing. It may look ordinary, but it'll stop most small arms fire and even some types of bladed weapons. All thanks to Hawke Industries. Her watch, at the press of a button, could emit a signal only her daughter could hear and she'd be here in seconds if needed. Nora was good at shielding her thoughts as well, so no worries there. She also has a blood sample one of her body guards is carrying. Perfectly normal human DNA, not even the genetic markers that say she has powers are present. Nora has gotten very, very good at this over the years, which is why she doesn't mind giving a sample of her DNA because to all genetic testing, her DNA will appear human. There is one thing Nora did add to her DNA, however. Using her knowledge of genetics, she made sure her DNA could not be cloned or used for evil purposes. The DNA sample would emplode upon itself, becoming useless, if any tampering was done to it.

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Once again he sat in the rear of that sleek black limo, his fingers interlocked to form a near perfect unison. The same kind of unison he held in his life as of now. A near perfect balance of criminal and business mogul, a near deadly combination for those that opposed him. Why, because if they opposed his will then they opposed the will of all those beneath him and all those beneath them. It was like a pyramid of power, where in the end his goal was to have his hands in so many pockets that he could live on top of the world. To get there he needed to walk up the steps and right now Gothic was the next stair yet, like a newborn learning to walk, he couldn't get a solid footing.

He was being blocked by the government because he refused to allow them to take a sample of his DNA. He refused to grant them that because then they could build a defense against his mutant powers. He had spent extra effort to ensure all lines leading to his radioactive abilities led to gamma. A manufactured fallacy that allowed him to lead people's attention here while he thrust a knife through their backs. A sample of his DNA threatened to deconstruct that lie piece by piece and so he sat, contemplating, planning.

His limo had arrived outside the 'white' house where this meeting was to be held. His suit a deep black to match his shirt, a red tie adding a bit of color to his look. Black Dockers touched down on the walkway as he strolled through the crowd. Reporters tried to speak with him but, one in particular stood out. Her ferocity, almost primal in nature, ever prevalent as she pushed through the crowd. Her microphone thrust like a claw in his path, he respected it.

"Mr.Hand, Rebecca Lane from the Washington Post. How do you feel about all the companies trying to invest in the Gothic reconstruction? Do you feel threatened by the competition?"

"Hehe, I love competition. It drive productivity and productivity is how innovation is born. As for the reconstruction of Gothic, the current political system is blocking me from doing so. I refused to give up a DNA sample, it's an invasion of my privacy and assuming a connection to Konite is an insult to my mutant heritage and the heritage of all the other successful mutants. As for the investments I think their wonderful and the city will be better off the more money is poured into her reconstruction budget."

The Satin Shirted Satan moved forward towards the building, his plan to conquer this stair fully now beginning it's motion. Gears would turn as the reporters began publishing articles breaking down his statement. That offense statement another carefully constructed fallacy. The Washington Post would publish an article about it, then the internet would light ablaze with that one comment. Roman had just taken a simple DNA test and turned it into an attack on the mutant community. The media would blow it out of proportion because of his name and his statues. This was just the beginning, another nail jammed into the coffin, just the start of the rising action. The climax was on it's way and he had the hammer ready.

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Washington D.C., USA;
The 'White House'.

No Caption Provided

Riding out to the brazen, braggadocious beats of Czech rap. The recently acquired beastial BMW M3 arrived at the gates of the Black House. 'Nasty.' It took a decent push and the help of parting paparazzi sea to get him into the premises as Secret Service harly believed one of such boyish looks was invited to the meeting. He smoothly cruised into the drive way and found a relatively remote parking space, considering that unlike his more institutionally castrated business counterparts, Rossum drove his own chariot.

Clad in chic casual gear to telegraph his dislike for the current administration, he locked the car and frisked into the foyer only to be directed by staff members to the cynical boardroom. A lot of pristine smiles adorning the hallways, abiding the etiquette. They weren't returned, doubly so after realizing that he would be sharing space with the infamous Anthony Stark. What little Romeo noticed of Vai's familiar face was quickly singed by the legitimized terrorist.

The Id rightfully mandated blood in superlative imagery. The Superego sought a more refined means of murder. And the ego? It spendidly maintained a lid on the pressure cooker. “Mr. President.”, addressed the young CEO the reigning authority out of courtesy. While keeping Mr Stark in the subtle periphery of his vision.

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@jason_ford: @vai: @jean_knightfall: @paragonxxx: @romanhand: @rossum: @hound_of_war:

The War Room

Klaus had transcended public office with regards to his station at the CIA, instead now operating beyond the bounds of the government. At first he'd been preoccupied with the legitimacy which came from operating on the behalf of the public, yet now he saw that the only justification he needed for his actions was his own. He had no need for openness anymore; it would only hinder him.

Everything related to Gothic City had been a hassle since Stark's administration. From its reclamation to its destruction to its renovation (as he liked to consider it), it all took a degree of patience that most men weren't known to exhibit. That's why he was letting Donn handle it - he'd done his best to return the city to the Union, and it'd come at a cost. A predictable one, he supposed. As for who dropped the bombardment...

He narrowed his eyes behind his dark sunglasses, angular face blank. His hair, which had once again grown longer, was slicked back, rather than falling into his eyes; his blank face and posture evoked the stereotypical CIA goon, but the unique silver-green pin on his otherwise-spotless lapel marked him as something else. He'd met with Jean Knightfall in the past, and no doubt would she recognize him; he made no effort to acknowledge her presence, though. He was, for all intents and purposes, security.

And it was a purpose he served well. For beneath the calm demeanor and nondescript suit was layer after layer of advanced technology, everything from the sunglasses to the pin oozing subtle scientific prowess. The self-designed VVG lenses of his glasses enabled him to peer through skin and cloth alike, detecting everything from heat signatures to weapons to even the Octarine auras theoretically emitted by all living things. And beneath his suit was the Octarine Oscillator, radiating non-electromagnetic dampening energy at an alarming rate, snuffing out any and all mystic and psychic energies present in the room.

Jean will feel it, he thought, and it may distress her. It will be interesting to see, he mused, eyes passing over the Knightfall Heiress behind his lenses. What would she be, with her magic suppressed? What might it feel like? Drowning, suffocating? Or simply discomfort? There was no way to know.

Silently, his eyes passed over everyone within the room, seeking abnormalities. First, he came to Alfred Hamilton, noting the remarkable health he appeared to be in. His entire body was devoid of imperfection, suspicious in of itself; he supposed the man had the best doctors money could buy, and then some. But something else was wrong...liquid containers lining the inside of his suit. Explosive? He tensed, glaring further. It seemed to be biomass.

Fake blood? he realized, narrowing his eyes. He'd inform Donn.

He looked to Vai, repulsed at first by her odd internal organ configuration. A mutant, no doubt, but a private one. It was as though her cardiovascular system had been rearranged entirely; it wouldn't hurt to inform the President. Just in case.

He continued to stare down the room secretly from behind the glasses, now passing his eyes once more over Jean. As a mage, she was luminous. Donn knew this, though.

His eyes came to rest on Nora Hawke's watch, of Hawke Industries. Not a bomb, but something suspicious. If it could record or send messages it ought to be confiscated...but he had no authority. Only by informing the President could something be done, unless it were an immediate threat. He was a shadow, never the center of attention. No, it seemed that was none other than the mutant Roman Hand, who was true to form in emitting nuclear radiation. Protected by his own invention, it was assured that he was of no danger to the others...but it still put Klaus on edge.

And finally, Romeo Rossum. Incredibly healthy like Hamilton, but almost to a more natural degree; he oozed style and sleekness in physicality. More curious than that was his octarine signature; whereas most people simply glowed, his was...almost akin to the shape of a lava lamp. A Buddhist, perhaps? He seemed highly in tune with his own spiritual self.

Aristocrats and their eccentricities, he thought, leaning down slightly to whisper in the President's ear.

"Right to left. Nixon, organs, magus, screamer, nuke, monk. Don't trust far right. Other than that, safe."

He returned to where he stood behind, watching quietly. Listening. Waiting.

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Everybody is using a car to get here. How primitive, and unimaginative.

Washington D.C.'s White House was about to get a little more livelier. Out of nowhere, a jet breaking the sound barrier was arriving at the White House. Slowing down as Kyle approached within 10 miles of the White House. Music could be heard blasting from the jet yet anyone who was outside could hear it perfectly as if somebody turned on the radio a few feet away from them. The song playing was Hero by Skillet (OOC: Good song, guys. You all should listen to it).

No Caption Provided

Then as the jet passed over the White House, a car was ejected from its underbelly, and, when it seemed at the last second it would crash into the ground, the car started floating off the ground and parked itself in the front of the White House. The car itself was playing Hero by Skillet, and out of the car came the one the only, Dr. Kyle Ryder. Why did he put on this crazy performance? Ego? Cockiness?

No Caption Provided

Or maybe it's because it's badash.

Then, several soldiers came out to greet him as he exited the car. Turning off the music, Kyle turned to them.

Putting on his casual smile, he said, "Is this how you treat all of your guests or just me?".

No Caption Provided

The soldiers stood down, realizing it was Dr. Ryder. Kyle made his way to the front of the White House, and upon entering the War Room, seeing several other CEOs. He already sent his DNA and records beforehand, making sure to only give his original DNA before it..... "changed". Also, he added the precaution of making sure it could not be cloned or otherwise be tampered with. He also brought along some non-lethal gadgets in case the meeting went south in a violent way. Wearing his hi-tech glasses, Kyle noticed the room was dark and well....bland, Kyle decided to change that.

Time to liven' up the joint.

Nanites traveling from his car entered the room, and made his own intricately-designed chair, and intricately-designed the whole room. This made it way more stylish than it was before, it provided better lighting, and could display holograms when needed.

"Sorry if I'm a tad late, now lets get this meeting started," Kyle stated putting emphasis in the word: now.

(OOC: Just wan't to make an entrance somewhat different than what everyone else was doing. Hope you all like it!!!! ;) )

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-- Mister Stark, it appears that there is an unidentified aircraft en-route to the White House. US Air defenses are ready to engage; President Donn however has given you clearance to terminate the protocol at your discretion. --

No Caption Provided

Why does there always have to be a special snowflake? Stark rolled his eyes, flicking out his mobile and targeting the jet via his Summit System. Oh wait - Ten years ago that special snowflake would have been me anyways.

He internalized a smirk, ready to blow the jet to smithereens....

...A car then left the underbelly of the vehicle and crashed into the ground, quickly confronted with soldiers who were ready to arrest the suspect. Stark stepped in -- Metaphorically that was, texting the man in command as it all happened.

> Leave him be. I'll handle this, A. Stark. <

The Merchant of Death watched with weary eyes as nanites traveling from his car entered the room, showcasing a degree of technical feat that... Well, probably at least 75% of the current room could also replicate ten years ago. Stark looked all around as Homeland Security were ready to immediately flank the individual, once again interrupted by a swift text.

> Hey: I said I had this, easy boys. <

The message was sent straight into their earpieces as though he had said the words himself.

Promptly, Stark stood. Passing by @rossum briefly as he whispered into his ear. "Want an autograph?"

And then finally, made his way towards @knightshadow. Moving behind the gentlemen and roughly placing his palms onto the man's shoulders, digging them in as he leaned in and whispered into the Master of Shadows left ear. "On behalf of the President, I'll kindly inform you that if any of your lousy technology even touches a single atom in this room all of your assets will be frozen and you'll find yourself in Guantanamo Bay quicker than you can embarrass yourself again."

He pat the man's shoulder. "By the way, you'll need to buy yourself a new jet." As he spoke, the Summit System locked onto and fired at the man's jet, which had flown away only a few moments afterward. It was illegal to fly a jet over the White House.... And laws had to be enforced.

The US Military was good at that. Very good.

Stark then walked back around the table, over to @vai. Her power ring having caught his attention. "Do me a favor and remove that ring... I'll pretend it was never there." Anthony strut away. It was very obvious he had once said the same words in different contexts. Finally, the former President sat down and clicked his fingers, the room reverting back to it's former ugly looking self as Kyle's nanobots were forcefully removed from the area thanks to a combination of Stark, Lichter and Julian Knightfall security systems working in synchronisation.

He looked up, addressing everyone.

No Caption Provided

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Vai glanced at her hand. Oh right. The ring had become so much a part of her, part of what she did and how she acted, that she hadn't even thought about it when she walked into the most secure building on the planet. If she had, she would have removed it immediately, she wasn't here to be threatening. She removed the ring and slid it into her pants pocket, not overly concerned about its own security, the ring would take care of itself and if someone got the bright idea of picking her pocket, the ring would take care of itself then as well. Besides, she had a strong enough bond with it now that both could sense when the other was in danger.

"Wear something as long as I've worn this ring and you forget it's there." She said aloud and finally took a seat. As long as she'd worn the ring.Her thoughts drifted back to how long that had been and she smiled a little, fond memories floating through her mind and reminding her of better times. I think these people mean well, but they're too busy with their own egos to not try and measure one another's manhood. She smirked.

Wonder how many mated females that one's slept with? Probably more than I want to think about. Vai was no paragon of Victorian virtue, but she did have a particular hatred for affairs.

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@jason_ford: @hound_of_war: @vai: @jean_knightfall: @paragonxxx: @romanhand: @rossum: @lichter: @anthony_stark:

"I'll have you know that my 'lousy technology' is not in anyway dangerous, and is for presentation purposes only, which you can scan with your own tech, but if you wish I'll have my tech removed from the walls," Kyle said to Stark as politely as he could.

The nanites were all moving itself away and escaping from the security systems from the walls and transformed into a small holographic projector that wall placed in the center of the table, while Kyle removed Stark's hand from his shoulder, politely.

"Also, don't worry yourself about the jet, it was an extra. Oh, and my nanite chair and projector are staying since, you know, one's a chair and the other's a projector now, which, again, by all means you can scan, examine them or whatever, I have nothing to hide," again Kyle said with politeness now fully in his voice.

Pressing a button on his phone, the jet itself degraded into nothing mid-air. The last thing anyone had to hear was a jet exploding.

"But don't worry, I don't have any more bad ideas. I actually have several good ideas on how Gothic City can be built both structurally, and politically," Kyle announced to everyone in the room.

'Time to play with the big leagues.' Kyle thought to himself as he put on his hi-tech reading glasses that were scanning the whole room, secretly in case there was a danger or something else of importance in the room.

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Jean felt it as she entered the room. The dead field. The lack of magic. It was unnatural, both to her and to reality. If the field was left in one place long enough, the color would slowly start drain from the world. To her it was like switching from HD to 8-bit animation. She stood up calmly, and made her way to the Delver, placing a hand on his shoulder, in a calm manner that also showed that she was not, in fact, reliant on her powers, and had been trained to be a killing machine. The face was a familiar one, and even the feeling, though never this large.

"Heya, Vic. How about you take a walk with em and we discuss how I'm going to take your tech and toss it into the sun, huh? Because CIA or no, my job is considerably high in the chain of command, as it were, than yours. And when I say you've perverted nature, you should be advised that you're perverting nature."

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@jason_ford: @hound_of_war: @vai: @jean_knightfall: @paragonxxx: @romanhand: @rossum: @anthony_stark: @knightshadow:

After informing Donn of potential threats, he'd stepped back to his position behind the President's right shoulder, the meeting still waiting to begin formally as the requisite security checks commenced. He was faceless as Jean Knightfall rose from her seat, clearly perturbed by something in the room; as he'd hypothesized, the dampened field had been sensed acutely by the young so-called Sorceress Supreme. She'd crossed the room with the annoying confidence of her namesake, going so far as to place her hand on his shoulder.

The only reaction she was met with was a slight incline of his head towards hers, along with a slight flare of his nostrils. His eyes were obscured, of course, behind the shades, pale skin agitated ever so slightly by her audacity.

"We'll talk after the meeting," he said, scowling. Yet while there was no physical reaction to her unwelcome touch, a small bubble of octarine energy, pure condensed pseudoarcana, an invisible hard force welling up between his shoulder and her hand. "Don't touch me," it conveyed, utterly and simply; without words he'd said more than any other man likely ever had to the spoiled brat of a Knightfall.

Yet even as he'd maintained a professional air, he was forced to crack an uncomfortable smile as the eccentric Doctor Ryder passed into the room, nanomachines and all. The fact that they were sanctioned at all was unbelievable - no, wait - Stark had shut the cocky billionaire down faster than most would believe humanly possible. He reached up with two fingers, pulling down the sunglasses with two fingers to inspect the newcomer before pushing them back up on his nose.

"I was...unaware your father had cloned himself, Jean," he whispered, smirking.

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@anthony_stark: @romanhand: @vai: @hound_of_war: @knightshadow: @lichter:

Alfred watched with his full attention, frowning at some things but overall remaining rather neutral.

After the more recent confrontations, as they should be called, he thought bwst to chime in, he stood up, "We seem to be nearly at war with each other." He pointed out, "If you could all please put these differences aside or settle them promtply I would like to get the real purpose we came here done, fix Gothic city. At least I thought that is why you brought us here, is it not?"

His voice was not threatening. It was actually quite friendly. But it displayed a want for peace and promptness for the occasion.

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Donn stood tall, his shadow casting a dark reflection of the man that rose behind the podium and lifted his hands to wave to the crowds. Assuring them that everything would be alright, but he knew that was not true. Everything was not okay and he carried that burden with the will of Atlas every second that passed.

He could have abandoned Gothic too, but he wasn’t going to be another Reagan whose career went to the hell in his final years. No, he was leaving office as a Stephan with his head held high, being stoned to death and called a martyr for the country while still in office wasn’t as glamorous anymore as when Kennedy got shot in Dallas. It was a national shame that the death rate of Presidents had risen so highly in the past few years.

No Caption Provided

Placing his fingers on the desk, he looked around at the crowd and then looked directly at Stark, raising his eyebrows quickly in amazement how young and stupid most of them were. Some weren’t even wearing proper business clothes, they dressed like they were out in the mall. Under a different circumstance he wouldn’t have allowed them to enter without the proper clothing attires.

“Ladies. Gentlemen. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me today. Before we begin to talk shop I would like to get this out of the way.” He walked around the circle of the economy’s cream as if he was hunting, taking a look at which ones would bleed out the most today and predicting who will join him.

“I am not forcing you to give me your DNA and records. I cannot do that. However, you cannot force me to allow you to work in Gothic no matter how much you threaten me with PR nightmares and etcetera. I don’t care about my public image as most politicians do because I don’t plan to run for re-election. I care about helping Gothic.”His eyes turned to the head of Hand Industries, obviously glancing at him for everyone else to see.

“I hope that some of you can understand, that due to the grand majority of successful vigilantes and criminal empires using corporations as a front for their extracurricular activities I am forced to take precautions. “Alexander tried to explain his point across, nodding his head downwards with his hands held behind his back.

“Some of you have argued…” Now, he walked behind where the KS Corp members would be sitting were they present at the moment. “That the possibility of the DNA samples being used for genetically engineered anomalies exists, but I want to assure you that it doesn’t. We have already persecuted one Presidential candidate for that same reason and now he is behind bars. Last thing this country needs is a second one.” Live video footage of Octavian, the ex CEO of Octavian Industries played on the giant screen. A man who a years ago would probably be sitting among them had he not created a deformity to fight the deceased rogue Presidential candidate, Samuel Washington.

“Now if this really such a huge issue, that you can’t give your DNA and be an open book about your finances. If you can’t put your own security below the needs of others, then I don’t need you and more importantly Gothic city doesn’t need you. You can either leave or I will have you escorted out by the Secret Service if you stay. “Pointing at the only door in this room, thick and made out of steel as if it belonged in a Navy battle ship.

“Otherwise….” He waved for the man looking through the minuscule bulletproof window in the door. The door opened up and a row of doctor assistants walked in a single line holding a tray with syringes, small plastic bags for hair samples, and ink for fingerprints. Each bag and tube had already been labeled with the names of the people who had confirmed their attendance.

Donn stood behind his chair once again and took off the top part of his two piece and hung it on his chair, he moved it back from the table in order to have room to sit on it and pushed himself forward with his feet.

“If you look at the pads in your table. You will see a waiver saying that you are giving consent to this procedure and to hand over your company records. If you are here as a representative, then that means the CEO also gave your permission and that he or she will also provide a sample.”Rolling up his sleeves, he snapped his fingers to one of the nurses to come to his proximity.

“To prove that I intend to be fair. I will provide my samples to two of you by the end of the meeting and my records since I entered the White House. Call logs, browsing history, White House security footage, appointment logs. Everything. I haven’t decided who the two individuals will be yet, but I am told I am a good judge of character so I know I will when this meeting ends.”The nurse injected a needle into his arm with her latex covered hands, his eyes flinched for a second with mild discomfort as the blade pierced his skin.

“I hope everyone here is well hydrated. I could arrange for drinks and food if you please.”His tone softened to remind show a sensibility towards the ethical host custom despite asking for the extensive proof about their legitimacy. Once his flood filled the tube she took out the needle and with a scissor she took out a strand of hair from his fading chocolate hair and placed it on the bag. She grabbed his fingers and pressed them against ink first and then against a white sheet of paper.

Donn flipped a few pages in his pad with the stylus provided and continued.“After you are done filling out these papers please remember to sign the confidentiality agreement about this meeting and hand over your watches, cellphones, nanites, and every recording and technological device to the man holding the bin.”Not that it would make a difference if they knew his plans, who could stop the most powerful individuals in the world?

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Alfred carefully read the waiver before signing it, he was a quick reader so he double checked. With some show of reluctance, more regret at having to do it, he rolled up his sleeve for the needle and his eye twitched slightly for the pain and a clench of his other hand. A false expression actually, but as much experience as he had it would look just the same. The needle had made it into the proper container. Drawing the normal red blood he had kept fresh for something like this. The nurse had to pause for a moment because she realized he had no hair on his head and he couldn't help a grin. She ended up deciding to take an eyebrow hair instead (Note: I don't actually know if they'd do that, so i'll just delete it if not).

Once the other tests were over he cleaned his fingers off with a small cloth before handing over any devices he had brought with him. Not many, essentially a phone and an ear piece. He didn't expect to use them much so he didn't bother bringing anything but essentials.

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@hound_of_war: @rossum

Vai cocked her head slightly and shrugged. She wasn't concerned, she and her mother had made the decision to reveal this information to the public after the meeting, the world would know they weren't human and they would also know they were from a time well before the arrival of Humanity on Earth. What did it matter if someone else knew first? She took the needle from the nurse. "No no, trust me." She smiled gently. "I'm sure you're qualified, but you'd miss." She took the needle and drove it into her own skin beneath her third rib. "Better sample this way." She smiled as green fluid filled the vial. She shrugged at the finger printing, Vai had no finger prints to speak of so it was an exercise in futility. She complained about nothing, let them take all the samples they want and went back to lounging a bit in her chair.

Vai signed the required documents and then produced a flash drive, which she slid across the table to the President. "Jurassic World Holdings is a publicly traded company, every bit of financial information is available to the average Joe on the street, but it's all their as well. I'd happily hand over watches, nanites and cellphones, but I don't have any. You can pat me down if you want to double check." She smirked and gently waved away the man with the tray. "I don't know why everyone else is here, I only have one agenda." She said, leaning forward and resting her elbows on the table. "I'm here to fix Gothic City in whatever way we possibly can. I think if anyone else walked in here with another agenda, maybe they don't deserve to be in this room. Gothic has had just about enough of people using it as a play toy, that should stop here, in this room, today."

Her eyes scanned the faces of those around her. "My mother has already put the Gothic Rogues stadium to use as a temporary shelter and we have Jurassic World Holdings on stand by to send every last bit of help it can. This isn't about us...and if it is..." She shook her head. "Well, I feel for the citizens of Gothic City, the Gothic Diaspora as its being called. I think the world has screwed them over long enough. This city, I mean...to some of us its just another dot on a map right? To the people that live there..." She glanced at Rossum "To the people that live there, Gothic City is their life, it plays a huge role in who they are and all of us, every person in this room, has something like that, a place or a person or an event that made us who we are. People are going to return to Gothic City no matter how weird some of us might think that is and it's going to need the help of people like us...but if we step in here with plans on making money, on exploiting a situation, on waving dicks around to see who wants to play with it...then we need to put that crap at the door."

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@paragonxxx: @romanhand: @rossum: @anthony_stark: @knightshadow: @jean_knightfall: @lichter: @hound_of_war: @jason_ford: @vai:

The Kaiba-Senju Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

During lunch break, the KS-Corp halls were congested. Overworked employees and interns crowded the vibrant, colorful hallways, each man and woman hoping to leapfrog the other as they left their offices. And whereas they refused their colleagues and coworkers' demands for space, they parted like the Red Sea for the Gold Standard Genius. The company's CTO, the founder of it's leading subsidiary; Hermes LLC, and the mind behind the Aethrium metal and a perfectly recursive lossless data compression algorithm, Sage carried himself with a brash cockiness that was well-deserved. "I was told it was Jenny who worked with you, Mr. Manusco", the raspy timbre of Tokyo-born intern, Namiko Kagawa, echoed behind him.

No Caption Provided

"For me", Sage corrected, "Worked for me", he paused, glancing back at her, his eyes squinting from behind the ruby lenses of his indoor sunglasses. "Otherwise you're right. But it's her day off and your day to show her up so forget Jenny and let's get to what's really important. Which is making sure the Kaiba-Senju sees a decent... no no no f*** that.. a great return from investing in Gothic's reconstruction with all the other billionaires. You know, before the city's destroyed again", Sage predicted with an unapologetic shrug. "I watched Mr. Senju's interview and I think you're supposed to hand over a blood sample to the American Government?", Namiko pointed out, skeptical of the supposed terms, "You're going to do that?", she prodded, left eyebrow raised. "Sure", the Neo Tesla answered, almost dismissively. "Wait.. you're joking..", Namiko's eyes widened, disbelief marring her youthful, round features.

"Nope", Sage insisted. "But aren't you worri-", her words however, were cut short. "Might even give them Jenny's DNA just to f*** with them", he laughed. "Anyway, forget about that. Ideas for Gothic's reconstruction. Go", he instructed with a snap of his fingers. "Oh um.. right. What about bamboo? It's an amazing construction resource. It's fast growing, stronger than steel, and more resilient than cement. Why not use it as the main resource to rebuild Gothic City? It'd make the city sustainable and environmentally friendly and-", her words were cut short once more, "Inexpensive", the Neo Tesla interrupted, a pleased smile. "Right.. the buildings could be constructed by putting bamboo rods together to make an X-joint and then tying them together with rope", Namiko continued. "I like it. I might run with it. Remind me to give you a promotion when I get back. Now get back to work. Lunch break's over", Sage smirked.

The White House, Washington D.C., United States

In the backseat of his chauffeured, midnight blue 2016 Bentley Bentayga SUV, the Neo Tesla was late, fashionably so. Though he seemed unconcerned. A vial of blood. Whose? Supposedly Yoshi's, was slipped into the pockets of a grey Ermenegildo Zegna suit that clung to his lean frame like glue. Head tilted back, cushioned on his seat, eyelids shut behind the ruby lenses of his sunglasses, Sage enjoyed the last ten minutes before his arrival. Earbuds plugged into his ears, the hip-hop inspired basslines and tropical percussion of Glass Animals' "Gooey" seducing him into a state of euphoria. He arrived, tossed his earbuds aside, and strode into the White House, flanked by it's staff and arrogantly deflecting the pursuits of journalists and their questions concerning Yoshi Senju.

Once inside the War Room, he spotted many a face, most of them garnering little more than a "Who the f*** is that guy?" thought. Of those the Gold Standard Genius did recognize were Stark, Kyle, Rossum, and President Donn himself. Behind his sunglasses' lenses, his eyes trailed over every single entrepreneur and CEO present, as if measuring their worth as businessmen and intellectuals. His smirk was subtle, telling neither if he deemed them peers or men and women who needed to be older than he to be successful. For the man his respect seemed visible, superficial or real, was President Donn. A subtle inclination of the head in Donn's direction and a greeting, "President Donn", and the 21st Century Wonderboy retired to his seat.

No Caption Provided

Of the prerequisites for the meeting, his blood wasn't a concern. His DNA didn't hold the keys to anything extraordinary. Perhaps his genius, but his instinct for innovation? His ambition? Those were his few learned traits. He'd allow them to collect blood, hair samples, he'd fill out the forms and he'd sign the confidentiality agreement. He'd brought no recording or tech devices. If anything of interest was said or revealed, his memory, unfailing and perfect, would record everything. And once all the forms were filled, all the blood etc. was supplied, and Donn himself opened the meeting to the ideas of those present, Sage would begin. "Good afternoon to all of you, all of you that are here to see that Gothic City is rebuilt. Obviously".

"But to rebuild it better than before. After all, why rebuild something exactly as it was before if it was falling apart? Between all of us we have enough money to solve a lot of problems in this world. We're here to solve the Gothic Problem. And see a return on our investment", he confessed, unapologetically. The Neo Tesla was a genius, but a businessmen. He would not be exhausting his resources for free. None of those present were, not in his mind at least. "Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring minerals in the world. In the right form, their strength makes them incredibly building materials. Diamond nano-threads, twenty thousand times thinner than a strand of the hair that was just collected here", he almost smirked, "Could be fundamental to Gothic City".

"Very few materials are stronger than diamond nano-threads. And even fewer are as strong and lightweight. Stronger infrastructure is something Gothic City's most important areas will need. There's also the issue of how long rebuilding an entire city can take. So I suggest swarm construction, similar to termites. Termites build large structures without any central supervision. They bring a piece of dirt to the first construction site. If that spot's taken, they just move to the next spot", Sage paused, leaning into his seat with a posture of poise and confidence. "Let's combine the idea of swarm construction with simple, inexpensive drones that can build structures by following an initial design and putting a block in the next available space until the structure's finished".

"With the amount of technology entrepreneurs in this room, and especially Stark of all people", Wonderboy gestured, "I cannot be convinced that this can't be done. This swarm of drones would need little intervention from man after the initial design. And because they'd be self-guided, they can build structures more efficiently and effectively than any human", he argued. "We'll also need to address how often Gothic City is burned. Ordinary fire, fluorine fire, something is always on fire in Gothic", Sage sighed, his eyes rolling. "To deal with that, at least to deal with regular fire, I suggest aerogel. Aerogel is nothing new. Remove liquid from gel and replace the liquid with gas. It makes it extremely light since it's almost entirely air. And when made into a blanket, it's a great insulator. Industrial areas use it to insulate piping".

"But I want to take it a step further. Aerogel technology for home insulation in Gothic City. It would be easy to work with because aerogel blankets are very thin and light and have up to four times the insulation value per inch compared to fiberglass or foam. They're fire-resistant and allow water vapor to pass through them. Houses wrapped in aerogel blankets won't be fireproof but they'll be fire resistant. The only con is that this will be expensive. But seeing as how we're rebuilding an entire city with a knack for catching fire, I don't see it as much of a con".

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@fraga: @anthony_stark: @romanhand: @vai: @hound_of_war: @knightshadow: @lichter:

"Acceptable." Jean turned and walked back to her seat as Donn been speaking.

She scanned the form and signed it, then drawing out another small nanite cloud to place her phone and other electronics in. She sealed it, so that no one would be able to examine them, but handed it or all the same. She did keep n her a single, molecular nannie, as a safety precaution. It was undetectable, and she only did it out of a lack of magic.

Then the Neo Tesla began to speak an dish actually began paying attention. "You're working with nanotech? You should come over to my DC building after this, we can talk shop."

The Sorceress Supreme then turned her attention to the President. "Yeah. Like he was saying, micromolecular nanotech built out of incredibly tough materials could literally rebuild the entire city in a matter of seconds. I'd have visual aides, but..."

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@lichter: @vai: @hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall: @fraga:

Alfred smiled at the suggestion, "That's a good plan. I suppose we'd have to either have the drones or have workers putting in the plumbing. I might suggest that for the electrical system we could also go for a wireless design, it was technically invented long ago and would make the city ready for when people start using it in other electronics. I don't have that kind of equipment but I'm sure Mr. Senju could manage it. And we could add portable recieving plugs that people could connect to their devices until they get ones that can recieve the energy."

He stroked his chin, "I can also help with the swarm construction, we do use nanotechnology as well."

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@paragonxxx: @romanhand: @anthony_stark: @knightshadow: @jean_knightfall: @lichter:@hound_of_war: @jason_ford: @vai: @fraga:

Rossum rapidly retired into the embrace of the seat, fitting into a more casual posture as his arm planted itself on the arm rest to support his head. Fingers curling just underneath his nostrils while the tips his index and middle fingers took to his left temple, signaling a more cognizant, if detached, gesticulation. One that surprisingly contained the flux of adrenaline from Mr. Stark's remark before it reached more proactive parts of his nervous system.

Better come correct when you approach me.

Shortly after the president revealed the next course of action, Rossum's mind had already absorbed the full context of the waiver before he nonchalantly signed the form and let his samples be taken. Acknowledging the nurse visually but not verbally, Romeo shifted his attention back to the session. Afterall, what would be the purpose of protecting an absence of evidence. All his personal records perished during the destruction of Gothic. Coincidental, one might think. But no one present experienced The Burning City as he did. Silverspoon coons, none bled in the Gothic gutter.

No Caption Provided

“No.”, suddenly Rossum spoke out after the new arrival and the Knightfall, the very thought of that name left poor impressions in his mind, finished their proposal. The arm that sat suspending his head came down as to not muffle his voice. “I am not going to play on anyone's feelings -- especially since the majority of you present are known industrial sharks -- so I am going to speak more...” What's the word the moguls use to hide their greed?“...economically.”

“To accomodate both parties: the financial-industrial sector and The US, I propose not employing automatized construction methods for the project. Atleast not for it's entirety. Instead why not approach the former denizens of Gothic City? The same city that was renowned for it's industrial acuity and effectivity even long before the cynical embargo?”, The Athenian Man offhandedly, almost dismissively, gestured towards Anthony Stark. “The industrial sector was always a vital part of the city's history. By bypassing this facet we not only ignore a tremendous boost for US economy as a whole but we're also perpetuating the same morbid elitism that has haunted Gothic since it's beginning. Instant lots and assets at the hands of the franchisors inevitably flooding the city only cripple the potential of local industry.”

“This is not about making the metropolis of the future. This is about turning the ghetto of the past to into a proper city of today - A viable enviroment for you to expand into further down the line, not a fully automated system of industry. You all have this grand idea in your minds that the people who will come into the city are infinitely rich and pre-established, but that's fundamentally wrong. The main reason individuals in the USA move from city to city is due to work. But what work is there left for a man in a city run built and maintained by robots? None.”

Seamlessly transitioning to keep as much of their short attention spans on him as possible, Romeo momentarily pointed to the young genius sitting infront of him. Fraga. “The idea to retard fire spread is brilliant in it's presentation and design, we can instead pour the resources we would waste building exact robotics into ensuring our current and future assets are protected from the same problems that led to the city's demise.”, the boons of hyperthymesia. The recall of any form of information, no matter how vague or it's complexity, was instantaneous to Rossum. And he was damn sure to take advantage of it while conversing with the 1%.

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@lichter: @vai: @fraga: @hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall: @rossum:

Alfred raised an eyebrow, "You ignored the fact that not the entire city was made up of builders and people we can employ." He said simply, "And how long do these people really need to wait before they can get their homes back? I don't know if the rest of them intend to do it but at least 80% of what I'm doing is done through my money, I'm not being paid back for it. So when I suggest I can help with swarm construction I am doing it on my money without any promise of ever getting any of it back. There is a chance I might be able to make a hospital there at some point, but until there are actually people there that would be pointless. And I certainly won't be permenently using swarm tech to make buildings, once the city is finished I have to draw those out so they can be used for financially productive things for me and my company." His voice was calm but held determination and honesty, "Speaking of what took this city to ash, we need to make sure the security is better. Not neccesarily just the equipment, the people. They were corrupt correct? So we need to be sure that won't happen again. Find people who won't turn their back on citizens the moment some gang decided to threaten or bribe them."

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@lichter: @vai: @fraga: @hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall: @rossum:

Vai's words had fallen on deaf ears and already the conversation of what was to be gained was on the table. She shook her head with a bit of an eye roll. "That didn't take long." She said to no one in particular. "I agree with Rossum." She said, speaking up this time for everyone to hear her. "It's an old concept, teach a man to fish vs providing him with fish. Gothic City may not be one hundred percent full of people who work in construction, but it was about seventy five percent full of people with no jobs or with low paying jobs. Most of the people in the Gothic Disapora couldn't afford much more than the roof over their heads...which is why many turned to crime."

She shook her head. "You can't just...make people not corrupt, it doesn't work that way. If you want the police and government of Gothic City to be corrupt you must remove the sources of corruption...and a city artificially created with no actual jobs will actually make that worse, not better. You want a clean police and government? Give them a reason not to take extra money from people and look the other way. Take away the causes of corruption and the corruption itself will wither on the vine. You can't just present the citizens of Gothic with a shell and call it Gothic City...you must provide them with a working city with jobs and more importantly...hope."

Vai leaned back in her seat. "I can't believe the first thing we came up with was to give people a shell and walk off. This isn't something where you provide a house and walk away. We have to be invested in this for the long term or we'll be talking about it again ten years from now. We have the chance to rip out the causes of Gothic City's failures. If we don't, the next ten years of suffering rest squarely on us."

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@lichter: @hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall: @rossum: @jason_ford: @vai:

"I can agree with some of what he said"

The majority it seemed, were in agreement. Though as Rossum made his concerns heard, the Gold Standard Genius subtly nodded his head, not because he shared a similar and heartfelt ideal, but because the prospect of creating job opportunities in Gothic translated to him making more money. One arm on his chair's elbow rest, his other hand supporting the side of his head, Sage's golden boy features wore a blanket of disinterest another of the entrepreneurs made their concerns heard. Corruption? He rolled his eyes, slid his indoor sunglasses off and raised his hand in midair, not as a means of requesting the permission to speak, but as a means of interrupting Vai's words. "Mr. Rossum makes a good point in highlighting the dangers of swarm construction, I can agree with some of what he said".

"But this talk of corruption and whatnot.. relax", Sage paused, "We all know Gothic City was corrupt. As are most of the world's cities", it's how governments work, he failed to add. "Now hold on, Ms. Vai before your oh so righteous sense of altruism compels you to mishear me. I'm not saying f***, pardon, dealing with Gothic's corruption. I agree with doing our best to lessen the chances of corruption so that the government can then do it's job by flushing out whatever corruption remains. What I'm saying is let's solve the first problem before we start throwing out all these other problems without offering any practical solutions. And the first problem is how do we rebuild Gothic City? What building materials are we going to use to make a stronger and better city so that in the next ten years we're not here having this exact same conversation", the Neo Tesla pointed out, a subtle jab to Vai.

"Or am I to assume that we'll be going with my suggestion of diamond nano-threads for stronger buildings and aerogel blankets for fire resistant infrastructure and we can move on to the next issue?", he questioned, his left eyebrow arched. "One of my concerns was how long it will take to for this city to be rebuilt. Which is why I proposed swarm construction so it's less years of homelessness spent for some of the citizens of Gothic who have nothing right now. But as Mr. Rossum suggested, creating jobs is a better alternative". Pausing once more, the Neo Tesla's gaze trailed over all those present. "Now, I've heard it in all the speeches. Gothic will rebuild. Gothic will rise. Gothic will this and that. Gothic City will always be a target", Sage corrected.

"Terrorists, maniacs, armed with ideologies that convince them to hurt the city in the most severe ways possible. We need to build a city that will at least partially survive another attack like this last one. Because if we rebuild it just to see it turned into a glass floor again, well... then why are we even here? To see our investment go up in flames? I've already offered solutions on how to build a city designed to survive another attack, so that people aren't left homeless again, so that they aren't burned alive in their homes. So I'll go back to the original issue. How do we rebuild Gothic City?".

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@lichter: @paragonxxx: @romanhand: @jean_knightfall: @anthony_stark: @rossum: @hound_of_war: @fraga: @vai:

"I agree with the materials and nano swarm construction. We could have the swarm set up residences so we can get in at least some of the former resedints of Gothic, mainly the ones who could get jobs in construction. And as we continue rebuilding more and more of the swarm is replaced by people workers until the swarm is gone and we can finish the city with Gothic's residents. We should also work up a plan for where all the buidlings need to go, in parts of Gothic it was extremely crowded and not with the kind of plans meant to house that many in that space. But we definitely need buildings first or people will be spending too much time without homes, building up debt on apartments." Alfred said, "We should also make sure the residences have the right design unlike the last ones, which were just packed together like toys thrown in a box."

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A man in an all black suit, only accented by a white handkerchief and white rimmed sunglasses steps into the room carrying a briefcase. He looks around the table with a stiff survey of the rooms powerful figures, then finds an empty seat at the end and to the left.

Sitting down and removing his sunglasses, the unknown man unfastens a wrist bracket to reveal a watch a keen eye might notice as a variation of the Animus EVO, the 2.1 edition. Pressing the side places both hands on the turtle top lacker finish and sits perfectly straight.

Suddenly his face itself begins to split down the middle, then horizontally, sliding up to reveal the inner mechanics of the E.D.I. robot's neck. A holographic screen projects through it's neck from a beam of flickering multicolored light where an adam's apple would be

Mr.President. Forgive me for my tardiness.
Mr.President. Forgive me for my tardiness.

"My name is Javier Robles. I am the current C.E.O. of Animus Corporations. Due to the obvious...disdain for my predecessor I've opted to remain in a self imposed seclusion until such time as I can fully renew the image of what Animus Corp stands for. But I am fully vested in an interest to help renew Gothic City, as it will in turn, help renew the image of this great company that has been stained by the acts of it's original proprietor. I am at your service sir. "

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@jean_knightfall: @hound_of_war: @rossum: @vai: @fraga: @jason_ford: @_animus_:

"How do we rebuild Gothic City?".

No Caption Provided

Stark looked around, wondering how half the people in this room had even kept their businesses alive. Amateurs. This was an embarrassment and he could almost feel the same emotions radiating from Alexander Donn and Lichter in disguise. Building, or rebuilding in this case, was not the mental conundrum that everybody was making it out to be.

Slowly, Stark took a glance at Fraga.

"The same way any city is built."

He began, giving a brief nod in the direction of Rossum, agreeing with his own thoughts.

"To build a city isn't some advanced concept or theory, it doesn't require superman intellect... All you have to do is consult the building expertise we already have access to. How did any of your own business headquarters get designed and created? By skilled architects and already trusted Structural Engineers."

He slapped a palm onto the table, looking everyone individually in the eyes one at a time, he just knew that his comments would rattle a field insecure egos.

"Let's not have a throw-down of egos, rather a throw down of who is willing to provide manpower and resources. Sitting in this room, we potentially have access to the most qualified and vaunted handymen and women in the world. Peak International has already pledged to provide it's technological capabilities to resurrect the power grid and provide fixed and mobile telephone, television and broadband internet services to businesses and citizens."

No Caption Provided

Stark clicked his wrist watch as a hologram of earth appeared, the year 1931, when the Empire Station Building had been completed. The hologram zoomed in until each member sitting in the conference could see the estimated 3400 people it took to build the Empire State Building. He then looked around at everyone, an experienced eye was also bored. How did a construction project have to be so complicated?

Too many cooks in the kitchen indeed.

He started giving the hologram some meaning.

"The last known figures showed that before the destruction there were approximately 240 skyscrapers in Gothic City... Now let's say because of an advancement in traditional technology it will take... 1500 construction workers to build a skyscraper in 2016? At least I was able to employ that many to create Peak Industries five years ago. Say we rebuilt those 240 skyscrapers, times 1500 workers per structure. That's 360,000 construction jobs instantly created." He looked around the room, making it obvious the thought of diamond nano-threads and swarms of technological ineptitude was pointless. There wasn't enough super-materials to create an entire city in the first place. "Now that's just for the skyscrapers, not accounting smaller buildings, hospitals, schools, housing, shops, police stations, the docks, and everything else comprising a modern day city."

Anthony smiled. He had once abandoned Gothic City and virtually left it destroyed, least he could do was offer some common sense when talking of construction. "We create jobs, and for those unskilled, we offer them apprenticeship initiatives. For every one worker we have two or three unskilled apprenticeships, galvanizing an entire workforce the future. I pledge right now to take on as many future and willing apprentices into Peak International who live in Gothic City. Every single corporation in this room will also now be doing the same. You disagree?" He pointed at the door, "feel free to step out." Anthony nodded to Donn.

"I'm sure the President and I are of like mind. We aren't here to help the 1%, we're here to help a broken city. We offer jobs, chances and education to citizens within these cities. And the talk of corruption?" Stark almost burst out laughing, shaking his head and leaning back into his chair. "What corruption? I'm sure you intelligent people already realize but the city is not a city anymore. There isn't any crime, there isn't even a city," Stark face-palmed, crossing one leg over the other. "Just say what your company can offer in real terms, how it can provide a future for the citizens, and what resources and expertise you can offer."

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@hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall: @fraga: @jason_ford: @anthony_stark:The robotic body swivels it's animatronic neck towards Stark, "Oh very nice." Javier says with a wide grin looking at the hologram and admiring the design, listening to Stark while petting Coal, his Siberian pure bred Husky from the comfort of his loft couch, "I believe for efficiencies sake, however, that we don't simply make creating construction jobs the initiative. For every building worked on by men, I offer the services of over 5,000 E.D.I. Unit androids that we have off the line already to build every other building. While creating immediate jobs is needed, I think the future is, as all here can agree, as much a focus as the present. We need to rapidly and accurately create this city to be a breeding ground for profit and work. To do that we need to have it built, established, and running as quickly as possible. If the criminal elements return...so be it. We simply can't control that. But what we can control, is whether or not the citizens returning to Gothic have something to do other than run smacks and guns through the streets from 9-5."

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@romanhand: @anthony_stark: @knightshadow: @lichter: @rossum: @jean_knightfall: @fraga: @vai: @jason_ford: @hound_of_war:

Finally, as the President beings to speak, Nora listens with the utmost attention. When Donn's gaze lingers on Roman Hand, Nora glances that way. Whenever she looks at Mr. Hand, she gets bad vibes and she doesn't like the look of him. She glances away, making a mental note to keep an eye on the man but also stay out of his way where possible but only if he stays out of her way.

Nora gives her attention back to the President as he continues to speak and say his piece and he has very good points. Nora was glad she didn't fight when the rest of them did and appreciating that the President will trust two of them the way he is asking them to trust him. Still, Nora is a bit nervous, but she has already made precautions about her blood so she needn't worry about any unwanted discoveries. Plus, Hawke Industries has had a very good financial record, not perfect by any means, but good. Which is why Nora is even here to begin with.

When the new arrival comes in and proposes his plan, Nora thinks it's absolutely brilliant if not just a tad short sighted. Skip all the hard work and go for the easy path. But perhaps the easy path is sometimes the only one to take. As Nora sits silently, half listening to these debates back and forth, she takes the time to read over the papers the President handed her. She reluctantly gives up her watch and cellphone.

Nora signs the papers and when the nurse comes with her needle, she presents a blood sample that is already available. If that is refused, Nora submits to her blood being taken by the needle and a lock of hair being cut. Nora has already taken precautions with her blood already so there is no worry there. Then she takes out her flashdrive and gives it to ones of the Secret Service Agents who hands it over to President Donn. That flashdrive containts all the information Donn requested.

Finally, Nora speaks up to the newcomer, Fraga, "You have a brilliant plan to rebuild Gothic City, but what about creating jobs for those who are still there? I know rebuilding Gothic is, and should be, our first priority but we also need to think of the people of Gothic City."

With that, Nora glances at Stark then to everyone else, "I'm with Mr. Stark on this one. My company is willing and able to not only help rebuild this city but also give it's citizens the jobs they need by doing exactly what you," She glances at Stark, "suggested. Your plan not only gives people jobs but also handles the rebuilding process. I was thinking the exact same thing, it's nice that great minds think alike." And then she adds, "I also pledge to create apprenticeship initiatives and give people the jobs they need as much as my company can handle."

She smiles at him, not sure if he'd share the opinion or look down on her in some way, but it didn't matter. Gothic City and it's people mattered. Giving them jobs is what mattered and it looks like Mr. Stark's heart was in the right place.

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@fraga: @anthony_stark: @hound_of_war: @_animus_: @paragonxxx:

Alfred shrugged nodding, "I've already been giving jobs to those I can from Gothic city. I suppose everything else Mr. Stark has said shall work fair enough, at least for now I think." He said, "I can offer any medical assistance that might be needed, and working prothestics to any who may have lost use of limbs and even fully functional leg replacements. I also have chemichal industry which may be able to be applied to getting some more jobs in. As far as actual construction of homes and buildings all I have is funding and nanotechnology. Although we could probably find a way to more effectively get rid of any harmful chemichals and toxins that may have been released during the battles as well."

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@jason_ford:@lichter: @paragonxxx: @jean_knightfall: @anthony_stark: @rossum: @hound_of_war: @fraga: @vai:

A snake among rats, up until this moment Roman had remained quiet until this very moment. Deconstructing every statement made into two categories, beneficial for him and non beneficial for him. Each point made had a counter argument and he assembled them like a puzzle in his mind. Each counter argument brought his foot closer to touching down, to conquering that next stair.

Just watching over he could see potential allies and a slew of enemies but, they brought up good and valid points. Points about how to help the city Roman Hand wanted to do the opposite. He held that facade at the dinner table but, in reality the city was a rat for him to wrap around and suffocate. Right now he needed to infiltrate while it was weak and while it was being rebuilt he would snake his way around it. Once the construction was done, once the city was established it would be too late.

“You all are so brilliant but, your minds can’t seem to comprehend the long term effects of your actions. Let's start with you boy, you speak for Kaiba-Senju, a company I respect a great deal however, your plan has a major flaws. If we build buildings and homes to the standards you suggest, with the materials you suggest, and in the way you suggest what happens to the housing market in Gothic. I think we can all agree that we would allow the citizens to retake their homes but, what about realtors. Their going to drive prices through the roof for citizens who have little to nothing at the moment. Which is why Stark’s plan would seem like the winner.”

He turned his attention towards Stark, the man was rather infuriating but, his genius could not be underestimated. Yet his genius had given him a complex to the point he overlooked one small detail.

“As of right now you suggest the best plan, which isn’t saying much. I want you to consider this, we train hundreds of thousands of people to help rebuild the city. In however many years it takes they end up with very honed architecture skills. However these are still unskilled workers, some will go on and thrive but, the others are left with nothing. The world only needs so many construction workers and while I relish in the idea of increasing Hand Construction’s staff I just don’t see how, after all that training and time your going to get these men and women to just work at McDonalds or as a garbage man for the same wages. The city would become a business nightmare to operate in, wages for workers would be outrageously high.”

“Now I’m not saying your ideas are bad, they are actually quite good but, they have risks we can’t afford to take with a place like this. On one hand we have a potential real estate crisis for the Gothic residents. On the other, a potential job market collapse. So I would like to propose an alternative, a semi merger. We all possess great wealth but, just throwing money at a project leads to even further room for corruption. Setting the people, who lived among the problem in the first place, behind it could lead to even bigger problems with the potential of bribery to smuggle illegal merchandise.”

It was all falling into place, his statements were legitimate. Backed up by years of economic knowledge and history. Trying to refute him at this point would only seek to suffocate them even more. Right now he was the snake in the process of ensnaring them all inside of his scaly and coiling body. All that was left was to deal the deathblow.

“Here’s my proposal, with all these companies working behind the project it would be hectic. Nothing would get done, everything would go wrong in a matter of moments. Right now I see myself, Mr. Stark, Mr.Hamilton, and Mr. Manusco as being the most capable of being directly involved in the effort. Thus I propose this, we form a smaller council to oversee the reconstruction. Of course the President would oversee us but, the rest of you would be able to donate resources and money into the budget. However, the more of us that are behind this, the greater the chance for the same problem we started with to arise.”

A death blow, struck at those he perceived as enemies. Removing them from the process would make everything a million times easier. His foot was almost there now, the step that had been eluding him for so long coming within reach.

“As for the matter of my DNA, I am having a bone chip sent over. I didn’t want to risk bringing radioactive material into this meeting.”

The bone chip would contain dna like all cells in the human body did but, he had taken a few extra precautions to ensure his true powers remained secret. A process that forced the alpha particles in his bones to ionize faster removing all trace of them. Then he had it irradiated with gamma. The best part was because bone is calcified it would be incredibly hard to pull out his x-gene undamaged. It was the best way to ensure the highest probability of his powers being kept secret.

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"I'll pass, but thank you. I'd like to take a part in this achievement. It's less for economics but for PR purposes. Animus Corporations, needs more than just a new face. It needs an act of honest empathy...publically. I'm willing to arrange something, however. I can offer my 5,000 E.D.I.'s to perform a rapid expansion effort of the construction plans in exchange for some public relations logistics placing our company as an integral part of the rebuilding process. From there you great men can do as you please. Get Mt.Rushmore recarved in your image, it really doesn't matter to me. I'm a business man and I need to get this business rising. "

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@knightshadow: @lichter: @hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall: @rossum: @vai: @fraga: @anthony_stark: @jason_ford: @romanhand: @_animus_:

Nora listens to Roman Hand propose his ideas and while he made some good points, she sees there is more to this than meets the eye. The man is definitely planning something, "You make some good points, Mr. Hand. But you've overlooked something. The apprenticeship initiative Mr. Stark proposed can be taken a step further because I fully plan on giving anyone the right to re-enter the program, if they choose, and learn additional skills in order to have a different job. This will ensure the job market keeps going. As for realtors, I don't see the problem if we are going to rebuild the city. That means, we own that city and we decide who, on our staff, becomes realtors to sell homes. And risks will always be a part of life and now is not the time to be afraid to take them because no matter which way this turns out, there will be risks involved. Asking for fewer people to take a direct hand might solve some problems, but create others. Everyone who wants to help, should help but if your so worried about potential corruption and nothing being done, then I propose one or two leaders to be in charge of everyone else while still letting anyone who wants to help rebuild and give people jobs are still able to do that. And those leaders should be hand picked by the President himself or someone he explicitly trusts."

Nora was smarter than she looked and she often acted like she is a little naïve or, on some occasions, a little stupid. This was not without reason. Having people underestimate her was the best way to catch them off guard before she strikes. She recognizes subtly when she sees it and Roman Hand was planning something. He was a man who struck her as more intelligent than he let on and she didn't like it.

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@rossum: @fraga:@anthony_stark

Jean rolled her eyes as Stark began to speak, and turned to him. "You can't possibly expect us to listen to you, right? This whole Gothic thing was your fault." She turned deliberately away from him and the rest, directing her attention at the Neo Tesla and the Self-Made Man. "I have an idea about some of this, actually. I understand what you mean about nanotech being structurally unsound in some circumstances, and construction being a source of income for residents. However, having them all sleep in a football stadium for three years while they rebuild isn't long-term viable. What if only the structure of the building was built by the people there, with the diamond nano-threads and aerogel, and nonessential parts like the exterior were made from our nanotech. As for Xanders and her... whatever, she works for me, so it's not a worry. Sound good?"

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Oh how wrong she was.

"You wish to tell people they can't buy property in Gothic be my guest, I like to stay away from violation of god given rights. Like I said long term sweetheart, down the road is when things start to really matter. Not thinking long term caused the stock market crash and we saw how well that turned out. However this is what I'm talking about, too many ideas, too many conflicting points of view. The individuals who's names I stated cover the spectrum of what needs to get done for this city."

It felt good to sit where he did right now, her choice to speak up had just gotten her in a deeper hole then before. It helped validate his point of less people. As for her proposal that would be risky business, a one to two man monarchy would get little to nothing done.

"As for a smaller group I feel not enough stand points would be represented. What I'm talking about is trimming the fat and getting down to the lean meat of this issue. The reconstruction of Gothic isn't a big problem, it's actually quite the easy one to solve. Rebuilding a stable Gothic is a whole separate beast. That is what I would like to represent, stability."

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@romanhand: Nora just smiles, glad he misinterpreted her because now he thinks she's on shaky ground. "I never said people can't buy property since the last time I checked, people still own property regardless if that city is there or not. I only said we'd own the city if we rebuild it since we are using our technology to do it. Our job is to work with them and hire them if we can and thus, no violation of rights. If they don't wish to work with us, then I won't violate their rights. All I want is offer people jobs and rebuild a city. If we worry too much about preventing corruption and how to prevent it, then we're forgetting about the larger issue and that is the rebuilding of Gothic City and providing a stable job market."

Nora pauses, overhearing what Jean is saying to a few of the others. No matter how this plays out, some people may just walk out and do things their way or not at all. She sees fractures beginning to form and can't help but think Roman Hand has a point...at least on the last part. "Alright, but if your idea is accepted then I say let the President or someone he trusts name those kind of people and not you or anyone else."

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@knightshadow: @lichter: @hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall: @rossum: @fraga: @anthony_stark: @jason_ford: @romanhand: @_animus_:.

Vai listened quietly but eventually she'd heard enough. She motioned with her right hand and a holographic window formed in the air. She took the window, spread it out at the corners and tossed it onto the table. The window slid as if it were made of hard light and came to a halt in the center of the table where it proceeded to change form, adjusting to present a fully three dimensional model rising above the surface of the table. The model displayed a sprawling university campus constructed along the gothic architectural lines of the city itself in such a way that the buildings would blend almost seamlessly with the rest of the city. The campus was on the outskirts of the city on the north side and consisted of state of the art performance arts buildings, sports facilities and university grounds. It was surrounded by a gothic style fence with a double iron gate on both ends of the campus. Security features blended in with the university, hidden in the architecture itself. Information scrolled through in holographic display, presenting the proposed buildings, security features and anti-meta defense measures.

"Gothic City has for a long time been a working town, a blue collar town like Detroit." Vai said, completely ignoring Jean's comment...for the moment. "Unfortunately this means it lacks educational facilities that draw outside dollars and, more importantly, raises the level of education. By every statistical measurement available crime rates drop when education and employment rise. It's all well and good to build a city based on construction jobs, but it cannot thrive on those jobs alone. This proposal is for a private university called Gothic University. It will charge half the average tuition rates, offer loan repayment plans and reduced interest and it will also offer reduced prices to those who live in Gothic City. There will even be a program for those who lack the funding and resources to otherwise attend. Universities are proven money makers and economy builders for cities they reside in and its athletics department will help to provide otherwise poor individuals a means out of the unfortunate situations they were raised in."

Vai stood up slowly, her chair sliding backwards across the floor with a long scraping sound. She placed her finger tips on the table and motioned to the image. "Gale Xanders has two propositions for this committee. The first is the Gothic Rogues will continue to provide their stadium, its facilities and the parking lot areas around it as both temporary housing and staging area for reconstruction. The stadium itself can house eighty thousand people, more if we remove the seats and put them in storage since the Rogues are currently playing in another team's stadium for this season anyway. Gale Xanders herself will provide the funding and other necessities to get the University constructed and opened and has already donated with her company combined several hundred million dollars towards reconstruction. Given the entertainment power behind the Gale Xanders name, we can also spread the word through media to get additional employment and attraction to the city during its reconstruction. This will include rebuilding Jurassic Tower to serve as another housing facility for those returning to the city and awaiting the construction of new homes."

Vai then turned her eyes to Jean...but instead of eviscerating her on the spot, she turned her focus back to the meeting as a whole. "This woman does not speak for my mother, anything she says in that regard is to be ignored. I am the sole representative of my mother's interests on this board and any further attempts to marginalize or disregard her efforts and associations and discard her as a mere 'employee' when in fact she is one of the most influential people in the entertainment industry, owns companies of her own and is one of the most powerful rising stars among NFL owners...will be met with swift legal action. "

Vai reached into a pocket and pulled out a series of documents which she tossed on the table with a loud slap! "These documents provide the legal background necessary to backup what I am saying. Legally, no one can speak for her interests but me. Jurassic World Holdings, The Gothic Rogues and LA Dragons as well as Gale Xander's own interests, will comply with the decisions of this committee as a whole and support in every way possible, the objectives determined here. I propose a vote on Mr. Stark's plan."

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@_animus_: @jason_ford: @hound_of_war: @vai: @jean_knightfall: @paragonxxx: @romanhand: @rossum: @lichter: @anthony_stark:

Really? This guy thinks he just going to make all the ideas for the city? Not while I’m around.

Although Kyle didn’t want to hand over his stuff, at least his holographic projector so he could show everyone what his technology would do for the city. Kyle still handed over his technology and his watch, and signed all the forms. He already sent his DNA and records ahead of time. Everything was clean.

Especially since I made sure it was clean. I don’t need a bad reputation for my company.

“Whoa, whoa, everyone calm down why don’t you all listen to my ideas first before you all start killing each other, alright?” Kyle said in a casual, light-hearted tone the turning towards Vai, "Besides, hot legs, lets put a hold on that vote for just a moment."

“Yeah, yeah that’s nice and all, Sage,” Kyle announced with clear purpose, especially to Sage (obviously) and President Donn, “But I am rebuilding the whole city for free as a token of friendship to the city and to the U.S. government. Yes, I, Dr. Kyle Ryder, will rebuild Gothic City for free, which is way better a deal than anyone else in this room will give you, Mr. President.”

“Why do you all think I am pulling all of my foundation’s resources into this city, and setting up multiple charities around the world?”

“As for preventing fires, I have a cheaper, more reliable material that can also be used for insulation from the heat and cold in houses, it can repair itself, is nearly indestructible and unrippable, and if properly infused with other material can make those materials stronger, and repair themselves. I present to you all: the NextGen Molecule Fabric. This material will revolutionize everything about Gothic City.”

“Bridges will be made with the strongest materials and nanobots NextGen has to offer. Steel cables used for the bridges will be replaced by cables made out of material similar to that of spider’s webs with a few modifications, will make bridges safer, stronger, and more reliable. It is code named GenWeb.”

“Also, I plan marketing out a new invention to everyone who plans to go back into Gothic City. It is code named: Mercury. It is a new device that itself has nanites. It generates the new, state of the art invention that is a hybrid of a phone-computer-TV-everything, just nearly everything that has a screen. It also supplies hundreds of channel, movies, and TV shows, and has the fastest WiFi ever made thanks to my satellites. It also has unlimited memory in the cloud, and 248 GB of hard drive memory. No more waiting for your show to buffer. I made it by creating my own algorithm that involved the coding of few of my A.I.’s meaning everyone has access to an independent A.I. that, in Gothic City, can turn your sprinklers on or open the door for you. Also it is all for free, you just need to pay two dollars a month to continue using it, allowing everyone to have access to information, and can use it fro business purposes.” Kyle turns to Sage, he should know what he meant, he blurted it out during the whole meeting with Yoshi Senju. He should have copyrighted it. He should have been quicker to invent the thing. While he did copyright all of his inventions, he left a few loophole should Sage find them that would allow Sage to still market out his invention, if he cared to find them. Kyle loved competition. It pushed him to be better, and this was no exception.

“As for the buildings, Sage’s idea of it being built out of nanites is a perfect idea, yet I think it should be done my way. With my special breed of nanites, dubbed as Next-Nites, will be able to rebuild the city, and in the case of an attack is made on a city, the nanites can duplicate and repair said building, and create safety devices that can protect anyone inside such as walls, shields, and such. I will need only about four huge robots that will supply a nearly endless supply of nanites for the whole city. After that I will set up a few factories that will act as relays or emergency relays for the nanites.”

“Also, I say that we rebuild the entire tunnel, sewer, train systems. Everything that is underground the city will be rebuilt as well. I have three reasons for this: One, It will make all of the NextGen systems operating there run smoother,. Two, I can add new, faster, cheaper transportation systems for the city. Third, I have evidence that a criminal organization plans on using the tunnel for their own purposes. So, I suggest we hurry this whole process up so we can avoid any problems from them.”

“Speaking of problems, such as crime in Gothic City, I have a new security system code named Project: Athena, and Project: Ares. Project: Athena is a program for police so they can work more efficiently. It will direct them to areas of interest, that have been marked by Project: Ares. Also, it will devise plans for SWAT teams to take out terrorists, hostage situations, and such. Project: Ares is a program that will monitor the city through NextGen's security cameras that will be placed throughout the city. It will alert police if there is a crime being committed and will give them the specifics of the crime like the number of shooter’s, the positions they’re in, and so and so forth.”

“The specifics of my plans for the city are yet to be completed since I was going to wait to see if anyone else had a better idea. So, does anyone have a better idea or plan on rebuilding on the city for free? Also,” Kyle announced, especially directing it towards Nora Hawke and Rossum, “If anyone has already begun rebuilding the city, I will compensate them for all their hard work, and will make sure all the materials they have bought will be put to good use. I’m inviting citizens from other cities to enjoy what I have to offer, and I will create jobs for the people who lost their homes in the bombings, because I am planning inviting a number of smaller industries to move into the city that will need workers since they have none in Gothic City. Also, with citizens from other cities coming into Gothic, these smaller industries and businesses will have plenty of customers. Oh, and don’t worry I know they will come, the city of the future that I am building is too good to resist. No crime, no troubles, and a safe, normal life within this city is awaiting for all who wish to enter the Gothic City of the future.”

“I also have an idea for a new tourist attraction for Gothic City which should bring in more citizens from other cities to see the new, marvelous Gothic City, and they will soon realize they will not want to leav. If not, the attraction will at least create more money for the city, and create more jobs for the citizens of Gothic City.”

“Just like Nora over here, I will set up several job and education programs, especially ones that will allow the citizens of Gothic City to help in the reconstruction, and take back their city. These programs will help this city. I suggest that we all try to create a program together. Also I disagree with their being two people in charge of everyone else over the project everyone ideas are here to be shared, and the last thing anyone needs is someone shooting them down. Now, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be two people who can supervise the whole thing, that is fine with me.”

“I firmly believe that Gothic City can be a place for families again. So I also plan on creating a welfare system that will give money to those who need it for about eight to ten years. That will give almost all the citizens in Gothic City enough money to live on until they get a job or pass through college to get their degrees and then get a job.”

“You all must understand, I’m not doing this all because of ego, cockiness, or anything else like that. I’m here to rebuild Gothic City out of the kindness of my heart. Because, and I’m not sure if you have heard this saying, but with great power, comes with great responsibility. I have a lot of power, so it is my responsibility to rebuild Gothic City, not because I want it rebuilt to get my money back because of tourist attractions and whatnot. I’m doing this become those people have nowhere else to go,” Kyle stated, before his tone got dark, and serious, "Unlike the rest of you, except for the President, who are all fighting each other like a pack of wild dogs. You all are better than this, but no you all want your money back. Well so do I, but I'm willing to put that aside for the greater good here."

Finally sitting down in his nanite chair, and regaining his breath, Kyle looked on to see how everyone in the room to react.

Whew, that was a mouthful.

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@knightshadow: @_animus_: @jason_ford: @hound_of_war: @vai: @jean_knightfall@romanhand: @rossum: @lichter: @anthony_stark:

Nora makes a mental note to call Kyle later on the Gothic City issue. For now, she remains seated and silent. She's said her piece and to say more would not be a good move, even in defense against whatever else Roman Hand would like to misinterpret about her. That suits her needs just fine because it creates a false impression about her. And that, long term, will only work to her advantage should she ever need to deal with Mr. Hand in the future.

For now, she waits to see if anyone else wishes to speak, or if Mr. Stark wants to. She hopes so, she likes his ideas so far and those wanting to rebuild Gothic City using Nanites is a brilliant, but too easy plan. But then again, every plan so far has it's pros and cons. For now, Nora just waits until the President has had enough and speaks his piece because right now, he's the ultimate authority in the room.

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@paragonxxx: (OOC: Wait a minute, does she want to call me because my ideas are good or bad or what? I mean I think everyone else is better at this than me but I thought I could at least try. Besides, I think if not all of my ideas are good, at least some of them are.)

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@hound_of_war: @anthony_stark: @jean_knightfall: @romanhand: @vai: @paragonxxx: @_animus_:

Fingers drumming atop the table's smooth, wooden surface, the Gold Standard Genius's crystal blue eyes cast a gaze over the debating entrepreneurs, his insouciant, almost psychopathic cool casting a distinct presence and swagger in the air as he listened to their proposals and plans until something in particular, caught his attention. And it was Jean's jab at Stark's worth as a decision-maker and planner that caused Sage's eyes to widen, his eyebrows to raise, and his lips to tease a subtle smirk. He shook his head, "I can't believe she said that", he thought, holding back his amusement before finally addressing those present once more. "There isn't a city, you're correct about that, Mr. Stark. And there is no city because Gothic City was not constructed with building materials designed to withstand the extremes of metahuman powers and whatnot".

"Which is why we have to use diamond nano-threads as a building material. No no no, f*** that", Sage dismissed, a soft laugh escaping him, "Not even diamond nano-threads. Any incredibly strong, lightweight alternative will do. The cost of rebuilding the city with these materials is great and we don't actually need to construct the entire city from them. Not every building in New York City is resistant to earthquakes. I'd rather not ignore this issue and build it 'the same way any city is built'", he stood form, forming air quotes with his hand before resuming, "Because I'd rather have at least one building left standing in the aftermath of the next attack than having the exact same meeting with the exact same people about the exact same problem years from now in the future". Indulging in a sip of the water bottle at his right, Sage continued, "The rest of your proposal however, is A-okay", he smiled, brash confidence and all.

Leaning back into his chair, the Gold Standard Genius once more relegated himself to listening to everyone else's proposals. And for the most part, he agreed with their suggestions. Though once a moment of silence settled, Sage made his voice heard a second time, first meeting Jean's eyes, "That is a viable suggestion. The materials essential for infrastructure to withstand and resist damage would be better constructed using swarm construction while the rest, which is the majority of the construction work anyway, can be done by Gothic's former residents in need of jobs. And on swarm construction", he paused, now addressing the entire room, "I think it's utility should actually be focused once Gothic is already built. And what I mean is what I said before; Gothic City is a target. It will be attacked again and again and again. Buildings, infrastructure, will be destroyed or damaged, in ways that make them hazardous for human workers to waltz in and begin reconstruction".

"I propose concentrating the bulk of nano-swarm construction to be used not to rebuild Gothic, but to repair certain buildings and whatnot in the event of another attack. Buildings that'd be collapsed in such a way that it would be dangerous for humans to try and rebuild. And should Gothic ever be flooded by a superhuman, and a part of it was during the Strigidae's recent attempts at claiming, these nanobots would be able to work underwater, in conditions that would set construction by humans back far too long". Turning his attention to Roman, the Neo Tesla held him in his gaze for a moment, a cool smile stretching at the corners of his lips, "True. Some of my proposals do threaten to create economic shock-waves but... I'm more concerned about building a city that won't need to be reconstructed after each annual attack on Gothic City. That is of course, not to discredit your proposal. There's clearly an internal logical consistency behind it", he commended.

No Caption Provided

Soon however, all were interrupted when holograms were projected and each entrepreneur made clear what they were ready to offer. The Gothic University idea was an interesting one. And at the thought of it's potential, the Neo Tesla smirked... though not nearly as much as he did upon hearing of Kyle's plagiarized 'invention'. For a second or so, Sage subtly tilted his head to the side, his pale, crystal blue eyes holding Kyle's in a gaze that told of a young man far too eccentric to get hot under the collar by a 'monkey-see, monkey-do' situation. "That's an interesting invention. Similar to the perfectly recursive lossless data compression algorithm used by Hermes LLC, my company, and the KS-Corp's leading subsidiary. A very interesting invention indeed", he chuckled, "And when you dove into this beautiful act of plagiarism, did you... know that my compression technology was already patented? Before I even heard of you? Because Hermes LLC already exists. It's product... Cloud9... already exists. But your product... doesn't. Which is why you're still planning to market it".

"So I don't even have to prove that my compression tech is mine. It was patented before anyone even heard of your idea. And Cloud9 was released before your invention was even marketed", Sage almost laughed. "Oh.. you my friend have just lost a legal battle before it even began. Hermes LLC will be suing you soon. Though I can appreciate a Stan when I see one. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Or is it monkey-see, monkey-do?", he smirked. "Mercury", he chuckled under his breath, shaking his head at the idea. "I'll apologize for that later", Sage addressed the room once more, "Returning to the topic at hand, the Kaiba-Senju is ready to offer energy", he paused. "One of the largest criticisms about solar panels is that they are large and clunky and simply not powerful enough. What we at the KS-Corp have invented and yes it's protected by copyright laws, Kyle", he added, "Is similar but better".

"We've produced solar cells small and flexible enough that they can be painted onto surfaces. A spray-on solar cell with nano-particles of zinc and phosphorus in it's earliest stages. Roofs of Gothic homes and buildings can be coated in this solar paint. It would generate more than enough energy and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. Add to the fact that our solar paint is much less expensive to produce than traditional solar panels and this is a cost effective alternative for energy that I am ready to green-light into production. And there was something else", the Neo Tesla paused, his eyes meeting Rossum's now. "Advent specializes in pharmaceutical technology. If you're willing, Mr. Rossum, I believe we can provide Gothic's future hospitals with the means to treat patients who suffer from severe wounds of superhuman attacks".

"A product that would use the extracellular matrix; a protein-based substance that is found in pig bladders and human fetuses. When made into a powder that is then applied to a wound or even a limb that has been severed, the protein-based substance breaks down the surrounding tissue and causes it to rebuild the same way it would in the womb. So that means stab wounds would be healed in seconds and a lost limb could be regrown in a week or so. And in order to bring this product to Gothic City, we need only work together. But before we throw out any more ideas, I believe we need to know what President Donn thinks of all of our proposals".

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@_animus_: @jason_ford: @hound_of_war: @vai: @jean_knightfall: @paragonxxx: @romanhand: @rossum: @lichter: @anthony_stark:

Turning himself towards Sage, Kyle smiled back in amusement.

"Sage, Sage, you got me all wrong. You honestly think that I would copyright a device and possibly get sued for it. You think my board of advisers would allow me to do that. No, you are mistaken," Kyle said almost as if he was bored.

Then, as if Kyle had gone mad, he started snapping three times, and whistled a tune. Then suddenly out of the container that held Kyle's phone, the awesome contraption came flying into Kyle's hands.

"You see, if a person wants there phone to come to them, and not the other way around, the can set up a certain phrase like, I don't know, 'Appleseeds', and their 'Mercury' device heads on over to them. Also, like I mentioned before, my 'Mercury' systems are handled by highly-advanced A.I.'s who run these systems. Next..."

Kyle then pressed one button on his phone, and it transformed into a light-weight, clear riot-shield.

"My systems also has transforming capabilities as you see such as a shield that is both bullet-proof and bomb-proof. Also.."

By pressing another button, the shield transformed into a offensive non-lethal gauntlet that resembled somewhat of a taser, and pointed it right in Sage's face, only inches away.

I wonder if he feels fear. Hmmm....

"It can transform into non-lethal, offensive weaponry that can take out several hostiles either by the owner or by the A.I. if it thinks its owner is in a sufficient amount of danger. So if an officer wants to call his children, and suddenly has to kick ash. He can rely on my 'Mercury' device to save him."

Kyle then transformed the gauntlet into a phone again.

"You see it also has several other apps on it that you can buy such as an environment scanner for environmentalist who want to know, I don't know, how many trees are in a forest or if an ecosystem is being badly damaged by man, or if a parent wants a child to be home schooled, or doesn't want his or her child to fall behind in school. Then, they can but the NextGen A.I. tutor app that will teach the child."

Turning towards Sage, Kyle then finished with the same tone he had used during the whole 'talk': bored, by saying, "I can go on and on for hours about every single, little thing, but I don't want to bore a man of such little intellect such as yourself. So, my systems might be similar to yours or even the same on a few levels, but I exceeded beyond what you did because my customer's safety is on my mind every time I build a product. Besides with all of these cheap and efficient systems, especially the security systems I built into it, I'm just trying to improve a citizen's everyday life, especially those who are from Gothic City. Because, and mark my words, crime will return. We maybe can't destroy it, but we can at least reduce it. So, I can understand you trying to sue me about the algorithm, and how they both carry out some of the same functions. But while they do carry out similar functions, my 'Mercury' device is way beyond what you have and is way cheaper. Oh, and I did read the copyright you had on it, and its capabilities, so I know you don't have half of the stuff in it as my stuff does. So if you try to sue me, you will only be admitting that you weren't smart enough to come up with half of this cref yourself, Blunder boy."

Satisfied with himself, and not in the least bit worried about Sage's threats, Kyle smiled at him, a smile full of cockiness, and the turned his attention back to the meeting at hand. He had stepped on Sage's duck in his own house, and then burned the house down along with the duck. The Blunder boy comment, as Kyle thought so, was just icing on the cake.

Returning his phone to the CIA security guard with the container, Kyle turned towards the President and said, "Sorry about that Mr. President, just settling down a legal argument. I, too, have several numerous inventions in my pharmaceutical and engineering departments that can help those who suffer from injuries all of which are cheaper, and better than what Advent, or Sage can offer, and can make a better form of power that can power Gothic City while being cheaper, too. There is nothing in the world that we can't make better, and at a cheaper price. Heck, if there is something out there that my company hasn't made better and cheaper, you can bet we will."

I wonder how everyone is going to react since I'm offering all this better technology, and at a cheaper price. How are they going to top me off. Besides, I'll rebuild the whole city for free, only using money from charities and my company's resources and such to rebuild the city. Heh. No wonder I'm one of the richest person on the planet, if not THE richest person on the planet. My company is global. Besides, they should be happy I'm doing all of this myself. It might knock me down peg, and they can play catch up.

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@hound_of_war: i have a thread similar to this one. Is it allowed this to be here and not in fan-fic?

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@anthony_stark: @rossum: @jason_ford: @_animus_: @jean_knightfall: @romanhand: @vai: @paragonxxx: @lichter: @knightshadow:

The side of his head resting atop his palm, an expression of passive amusement worn by his golden boy features, the Neo Tesla watched and listened as Kyle droned on and on about his supposed superiority to not only him but all those present. Occasionally casting his gaze elsewhere, to a window perhaps, in disinterest or in wait for Kyle to blurt something to embarrass himself, Sage remained silent, cockily so. "In great silence, lies great arrogance I suppose", his mind echoed, his lips teasing a smirk as he listed number after number in his thoughts, "Fourteen.... twenty-nine... oh shit... fifty", his thoughts paused, holding his chuckle behind his smile of brash, youthful arrogance. "Nine... twelve..", his mind continued.

No Caption Provided

The claims of superiority, the moving of the goalposts, he'd heard similar claims and statements before, so wearily often that he'd even formed his own game; creating a mental list of how many times he'd heard similar lines. And Kyle's instrument, not unlike a taser, aimed at his face and humming with technologies of the future, garnered no reaction from the Gold Standard Genius but a smile. Of pity perhaps? "He's trying very hard, I'll give him that", he thought, finally unable to resist a subtle chuckle at Kyle's attempted jab at his intellect. "Oh... it seems I've struck a nerve", Sage pointed out, after all, why else aim a weapon at an unarmed man for telling the truth? Sage smiled, the poise and dismissive arrogance of his smile oozing a one of a kind swagger that was entirely his own.

"So what you're saying is that you can't create?", he asked, rhetorically, touching on Kyle's own confession of the similarities between Mercury and Cloud9. "That all I did was give you a style for you to run with?", the Gold Standard Genius smirked, his left eyebrow raising at the 'Blunder Boy' comment, "Is he twelve years old?", his mind wondered before finally speaking once more, "It's always sad seeing a grown man wearing a suit that's just a size too big", Sage shrugged before returning his attention to all those present, wondering just how they'd all respond to Kyle's claims of bold superiority over them and their companies. "Listen, I'm not here to measure dicks or stroke my ego like...", no, he wouldn't mock the man any further. "Not important. I'm here to rebuild a city".

"Now we've all given our suggestions", the Neo Tesla paused, meeting Rossum's gaze, "And Mr. Rossum, I am willing to work with you on producing the product based on the extracellular matrix. Of everyone here, you're the most experienced in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether or not Mr. Ryder can outdo every single one of the companies at this table like he claims isn't for any us but the president to decide", he paused once more, returning his attention to Donn. "President Donn, you've heard all of our proposals and what our companies can offer. What do see as the best course of action?".

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@_animus_: @jason_ford: @hound_of_war: @vai: @jean_knightfall: @paragonxxx: @romanhand: @rossum: @lichter: @anthony_stark:

Kyle sat back. He didn’t care now about Sage anymore. He was just an irritating bug. If he couldn’t see the potential of giving people a multi-tool that had some of the same properties of his Hermes tech.

Hermes? What kind of name is that for any invention. Well, I could name at least one. But it is still just stupid.

Thanks to his skills, he did notice his remarks, and his sly grins.

That shows his cockiness, he wants to strike a nerve. He wants to make everyone look like an idiot. I know his type and I was stupid to give into his trap. I should have just kept listing what I would do for Gothic instead of arguing with a teenager who looks pale enough to see a doctor. Whatever. I’m a professional. If he wants to sue me, screw him.

“No, what you did was give me a piece of a puzzle, a part of an engine, of the larger inventions that I have created. Yes, more than one. And, I do have better and cheaper tech for the city, and I plan on rebuilding it for free. My company makes the world a better place, and that means making better technology than my competitors can make. And if they do have better technology in a certain area of science, I will make something better and more affordable.”

“Oh, and by the way, Sage, it is even sadder to see a young man wearing a grown man’s size clothing.” Kyle said, while facing towards and winked at the Wonder-boy. I would go unnoticed by everyone, but Sage.

"Also, why is everyone talking about the area every man has? Is everyone here a twelve year old? And I thought I made stupid comebacks."

By pressing a secret button on his reading glasses, Which seemed to everyone in the room as if he was adjusting his glasses, Kyle re-scanned Sage.

“Now, Mr. President, sorry about that little argument again. How unprofessional, but I had to prove a point to the youngster here. Anyway, here’s something to consider. Do you want a rebuilt Gothic City, or a Gothic City that you can’t even recognize, one that is nearly free of crime, a metropolis of wealth and stability, a place where kids and families can play in the streets, and enjoy the time in the sun in the park without the fear of being murdered.”

“The decision is up to you, Mr. President, and I will respect it.”

And Knightshadow will make his own decision according to what you choose.

Kyle though hides his own thoughts about Knightshadow by listing different technologies that his company is working on. Last thing he needed was some telepath in the room picking up on his thoughts, if there was one in the room.

You never can be too sure.

(OOC: Fraga: Nice post, really shows the depth of the character. What made you want to make a character like this?)

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Donn rested his chin on his fist, looking away from what passed for professionals these days. This much squabbling was unfortunately expected. When you put a culmination of egos in the same room who are typically competition against each other, it is hard to get them to put their god complexes aside and work together towards the common goal. Talks of lawsuits and copyrights being spat through the air this early in the partnership, it should be years after working together when one of them gets too greedy.

Obviously they wouldn’t be able to work together in the near future without ripping their heads off. It was almost a relief that some of them had already made the decision easier by breaking the blood sample agreement they had signed; the silver lining was that he did not have to play dad for them too.

While they were all arguing about the different consequences in taking different approaches, the Ex-CIA deputy had stepped out of the room to analyze the samples given and comparing them with the date he had learned from his lenses. There were some discrepancies between certain blood samples and the actual people standing in front of him just as expected.

“Watergate, Loki, Little Boy, Skillet, and Iconoclast.” Mr. Pink whispered in his ear through a communicator. Donn couldn’t help for the side of his lip to move mildly upward. He didn’t respond back, he just coughed.

Now, after five minutes of arguing they had finally decided to stop and beg to him. Oh, Mr. Tyrant. Wil you side with me? Pretty please. My beloved dictator in chief. Lovely Head of Amerika. Leader of the Slave World. I want to help Gothic because I am such a good person and I am definitely not lying through my teeth. Will you validate me?

Finally, he stood up from his chair, both of his hands were balancing his body in the form of fists against the chair like pillars.

“Well, some of your ideas are excellent I must say. It’s a shame they will remain only that. Ideas.” He responded directly to Dr. Ryder. “They will never become a reality because you decided to lie to me when I explicitly stated my conditions. I didn’t ask you for your DNA because I needed it to find out about your abilities, I did it to learn about your character.” Exclaimed the Double, his tone growing deeper as if he was playing the first few keys in a piano.

“Let me ask you something. How did you manage to keep your companies this long?” He asked the dirty little liars in rhetoric. “It baffles me how you would so blatantly lie to me and expect to get away with it, yet somehow have kept billion dollar companies afloat.”

No Caption Provided

“Should I press charges against you? Should I seize your companies? Should I let the other individuals present pick the bones off your companies like animals? Should I reveal your secrets to the world?” Donn looked at Roman with clear contempt behind his smile. Pressing his index finger, he looked at the ceiling as if he was wondering what their fate should be as if he had not decided on what he would do already.

Directing his attention at the CEOs who had not cheated on the test, he begun a declaration of damnation “I believe Ms. Xanders had the right idea. A vote is in order.” The Machiavellian President twisted her words against the current moguls in trial. “What should we do with them? I'll let you decide.” What better jury of peers for men and women of this caliber than some hungry sharks who smelled blood?

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@hound_of_war: @_animus_: @jason_ford: @hound_of_war: @jean_knightfall: @paragonxxx: @romanhand: @rossum: @lichter: @anthony_stark:

Vai sighed and slid back down into her chair. She leaned back in it and closed her eyes, shaking her head. Why do people always find reasons to cheat? The Green Sentinel shifted her gaze to the others in the room and though she was a predator by nature and by birth, she wasn't the kind of predator that attacked needlessly. Doing so here, now, that could create a list of enemies she had no intention of having. "I don't know what everyone else wants to do." Vai began. "But it is not my place to judge, I am neither a god nor Lord Business, if they have broken the law then it is the law that should judge them." She waved off the idea of receiving part and parcel of the companies involved. "I want nothing to do with any piece of someone else's company and neither does my mother." Vai shifted her focus back to her own map and reached out, grabbing the edge she pulled the map a little closer to the CEO side of the table so others could get a better glimpse of it.

Let the others jump on each other if they want, I'm not here for this nonsense. All I want is to fix Gothic, help people rebuild their lives and move on. If we make money doing it fine, if we don't, that's fine too. I just think these people need our help and they need our help more than any of us need their money.