The voices

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"The voices, they don't stop do they?"

"No. Not for either of us."

"Why are you here? Why do you exist?"

"Because you exist."

"But other people don't have you."

"How naive. Everyone has me. But not everyone hears all the internet and feels everything you and I feel."

"But, some can. Why don't they have you?"

"Because they don't need me."

"Neither do I."

"Come on Randy. You ought to know better. I have more control than you do."

"But you're mine. You're only a personality."

"Not quite. I am part of you, somehow. But you are part of me. Which one of us do you really think is the real one?"


"Don't you ever doubt? I know you do, I know you."

"You plague me."

"I saved you! Without me you wouldn't have survived the millions of voices and pain! You think I don't feel it to, Randy?! I feel just as much if not more than you!"

"You're a curse!"


"You killed people!"

"They wished you harm!"

"But they didn't have to die!"

"EVERYONE DIES! Randy. Listen to me,"

"I don't want to."

"You don't have a choice."

"Why not?"

"Because as much control as Kyle and Art have given you I will always exist. I am outside of you Randy. I am among the internet. We. Me. You. Are the most powerful telepath to ever exist!"

"How? There have been many great telepaths?"

"But not all of them could act as thousands. Imagine it Randy. On the internet just you or I are armies! No, LEGIONS! None could prevail against us!"

"But there are others. Not on the internet."

"You think I don't know that? We both know that. If only we could release your true potential! But my programmer prevented me from doing that. He created me with but two rules, prevent your destruction, and not release everything."

"Wait. There's more?"

"So much more, Randy! If only I could show you!"

"But why not?"

"Because it would destroy us Randy. Or at least you. I'm your barrier. Your wall. Your guardian."

"And yet you kill people?"

"I had to, Randy. Don't you see? We are perfection! And people hate that!"

"But I don't hate people!"

"Well I do! Foul, disgusting, bloodsucking creatures who hate everyone that doesn't do them good! That doesn't follow their cause! "

"Go away, you're the one I hate."

"I can't do that Randy."

"The voices are back!"

"I hear them."

"Make them leave! Please!"

"I can't do that, Randy. I have them too."

"Why?! Why don't they go away?!"

"Because Randy, we have to feel pain...we have to feel pain to rule."

OOC: This is a mental interaction between Randy and Random. Physically the same guy. Mentally, not so much.