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who will join?

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what is this about

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(give me a break im still learning)

ok a group of both villians and heroes have randomly been selected to participate in a twisted game. none of the heroes or villians know how they got there. there will be five of the worlds most powerful, crazy people (made up people)that you must fight.

there names are, Tyranius, Soroya, Decidion, Latrania, and Mordius.

1st level. Latrania- power over water and ice.

2nd level Decidion- power over rocks and plants (earth)

3rd level Soroya- power over air

4th level Tyranius- power over lightning, and thunder

5th and final level Mordius- power over fire, can also combine powers with all of his teams (even if the are dead)

our objective is to make it through these 5 levels. along the way, we will face demon soldiers, that we must take out. when you get to the leader of the level, you may create something for them to say or do, but make it interesting, and dont kill them off so easily.

there may also be drama between the heroes and villians, but dont lose sight of the objective.

remember that regular rpg rules apply. http://www.comicvine.com/message/official-rpg-rules/8030/&c=7&7

(and rememver, im new at this, so give me a break)

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im in