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As all good stories go

Love was in the air after two warriors ended an epic battle versus a collaboration between hades and Satan. Athena and Michael were merely two of the warriors to battle and drive the dark forces back where they belong. The two were smitten for each other, and this set aside any thought or reason. Giving way to a sexual encounter; armor being torn off, madly kissing, caressing....and eventually a child came of this. Both being afraid of what their fathers would do agreed to take a potion from hades reserves and they forgot whom each other were and the conception of their child.

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Years passed and the child being raised by nuns raised her in all the scripture and she started to show signs of her gifts her wings concealing within as she grew up.

The nuns seeing her special talents referred her to the Vatican for training with the order of holy knights. Time flew and she grew quickly and mastered all techniques offered quite quickly, she then thanked everyone for the opportunity and said she had to move on. Before leaving one of the oldest holy warriors passed onto her "The sword of Heaven".

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Now at age 20 she realized she wanted to learn some professions, armor smith and weapon smith. Mastery again came rather easy, she found herself seeking more. The coliseums of rome were calling and she decided to enlist as "Myt" a nun once called her that. Passing through the test with ease, she was now ready for the tournament.

Fight #1 A japanese samurai fighting in a style she'd never seen came charging at her dressed in traditional samurai garb. As he grew closer his plan of attack spoke to Myt and she was able to strafe the attack and counter knocking the warrior off his feet. Surprised as this never happened before the samurai again sprinted towards her this time spiraling the sword, yet again she heard his plans of attack and fell flat on her back raising her sword just before he lunged. Splitting the samurai in half either side falling and twitching.

Her first kill, the blood of war surged her with an excitement. The king overseeing the matches immediately ordered another to take his place.

Fight #2 A tall man quite bulky wearing chain and plate mail sunders on the field."A girl" he laughs, swinging a two handed maul and lumbering her way. Myt smirks and swings her sword at his mid section as he slams his maul downward smacking into her shoulder pad. The force knocking her sideways as he prepared another swing her blade merely scratching his plate armor. Dazed she catches her footing and rolls out of the way, realizing she's quicker then him. She begins to do barrel rolls and attack his footing, attacking the ankle portion repeatedly as his maul came down missing completely his efforts only exhausting him. Wearing out the boot armor eventually occurred and the man fell dropping his maul and holding his feet. Myt reached down and picked up his maul rather easily and slammed it down on his helm. The helm cut into the collar bone shattering the chest cavity and severing both jugular veins, the battle was over.

The king standing and applauding, sends in his final champion of the people.

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the challenger doors burst open and out comes Hercules, the people all chanting his name. Myt not hearing his plan begins evasive counter movements, his brute strength swinging his club gusts a wind in her direction lifting her off her feet as he charges in for a swing. Smashing into her sword she used to deflect it but still was sent flying against the perimeter landing on a hard surface, a shield unlike she's ever seen. Equipping the shield as he bolted towards her she lowers the shield as he pummels into it full steam, GONG he's dazed. She counter attacks disrobing his lower quarters, it doesn't phase him. Hercules spitting blood into the sand charges again whirling his club with all his might, she again plants the shield in place. GONG, the force of the club impacting slips the club free smacking it into his chin along with the force of impact reflecting on him already, knocking him out.

As the gods watch on Zeus arms a thunderbolt, but Myt pays tribute to the gods and fallen warriors in the coliseum.

She then exits to seek her destiny in the world.

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Chapter one: Finding the path

As any young woman questions on her mind linger, who is she? where is from? whom are her parents? obviously knowing she'd survive given her strength and abilities but still it hurts not knowing these answers. Staring into the sky off a clifftop overlooking a mountainous terrain a tear sheds her eye, but she quickly wipes it away. "Never show weakness! " she utters as she leaps landing on the pathway below a good 100 ft drop, she looks up and smiles. "That's more like it!" she says and begins a jog up the path, until reaching a small town.

Men on horseback in blackened armor with steeds black as tar were lighting torches throwing them at the housing, slaughtering anyone whom came out. Then taking the children and crucifying them as the village burned "In the name of Lucifer we cleanse this village" Bellows the knights as they rode off.

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Myt reaching the town she saw in a distance too late to save the village but able to cut down the children. Each child had been branded with the mark of the beast, she held her palm over the mark but it began to welt the child over other areas. The child screaming, she stopped as the evil mark was too powerful, she prayed over the village water fountain and blessed the waters. The children then were dunked in the baptismal ritual, the marks began to fade, "Thank you oh great spirit" she says.

The children sat and began to rock looking around as they've lost everything, Myt brought them into the only intake place around the local church. The priest looked confused at Myts presence and the fact the children were with her and alive. "NO! what have you done!, they're chosen to die!, as he runs over dagger in hand. Myt slams her shield into him shattering his hand disarming him, she then raised her sword but before she could strike the children jumped on him and started to bite n gnaw. She looked on wide eyed and charged towards the priest lopping off the childrens' heads, the priests robes are torn to shreds.

After leaving the church she brought along the priest to escort through out this strange land. Crafting him a gauntlet capable of movement to be used as a hand, inscribed with scripture to deal lethal damage to evil. Villages came and went with similar stories of the servants of Lucifer. A castle was spoken of that these men called home, ruled by of tyrant whom uses blasphemous propaganda to spread sin corrupting followers to join them. Myt was to seek out this king and end his rule.

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They traveled for a days ride tracking the hooves left in the dirt carving a pathway towards Castle Skull. The air around them was thick and covered in fog which poured from the eyes of the skull itself. As approaching the castle corpses were littered along the roadside in varies stages of decay.

The horses became spooked and reared the two riders off and fled into the woods. The corpses began to awaken crawling to their feet, some dressed in soldiers uniforms, they reached out mouths drooling started swinging their weapons towards the two. The priest using his gauntlet deflected the sword, punching the zombie in the face, knocking it's head clear off. Myt begins to glimmer around the evil presence causing the zombies to freeze in their spot as she swung her mighty sword lopping off heads herself. She then using the shield bashed her way towards the castle.

"Keep up!" she yells to the priest, having trouble running in his sandals, "craft me some boots me lady?" says the priest. She chuckles and "a suit of armor worthy of your devotion" she says.

Reaching the castle a sense of weakness goes across both as they delve deeper into the fog approaching the open doorway. A skeletal guard standing 8 ft tall wearing plate armor and holding a two handed claymore stands aside and an imp comes hopping out "your expected" it says with a sinister grin on its face.

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as it hops, flips, rolls ahead chuckling insanely as it throws fire at torches to light the way "Fire, fire, fire!", the throne room door opens with a gust of putrid air. "Enter and stand before me" a scratchy voice says... Myt and the priest enter as the imp ushers them inside juggling fire.

Skullitors hollow eyes piercing into the their souls as he stares them down,

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Myt's glimmer begins to shine brightly as Skullitor and his men are paralyzed in place, she turns to the priest and says "we must escape, that's never happened without me wanting it before" she grabs his hand and using her shield charges at the doorway previously entered figuring it was now locked. The bolts on the doorway give knocking the door onto the imp crushing it under it's weight. Leaving the room Skullitor begins to gain vision back but the effects remained to linger, as he watched the two exit the castle.

Myt offers to piggy back ride the priest and begins to run away from the castle growing ever stronger each stride away they get. "That place made me feel weird and so weak" she says, the priest concurs "indeed my lady, I feared my life". Another city in their sights, Thebes ...known for crime but a black smith station was in need. Firstly a nights rest as they found the first descent looking chapel in town, the fellow priests offer refuge for two such as them.

The next morning gave rise the light shinning in on Myts' face, voices filled her dreams speaking of her visit. The people of the city were curious of their visitors specifically the local magistrate, inquiring what time they entered the chapel and their reason for staying. Being heavily aggressive with the priest and nun watching over the place, awaking Myt with the racket. Myt dressing in her armor walked down the stairs witnessing the brutality of the night stick against the nuns face. She grabbed the stick as he reached back to strike the nun again removing it from his hand, he reached for his pistol as she bludgeoned his head knocking him out cold. Myt lifting his body and carrying him into catacombs below the church tossed him within the maze and exited the church heading towards the black smith.

A man smashing his hammer against a heated tipped sword dressed in armor protecting his chest and stomach from embers, snarled and spit. "what you want? " he says, "how much to borrow your station for means to craft a suit of armor ?" says Myt, "Who's crafting?" he says looking puzzled at the priest. "I am" she says, he begins to laugh and again spits and says "One condition, you finish my orders as well or I keep your wares and the armor you wear now." , "Agreed" she says tossing him a bag of coins "have a drink on us" she says smelling the rhum on his breath. He smiles and stumbles off to the local pub.

Myt reaches into the satchel pulling out her own hammer, and prays over the anvil asking for strength to complete her task. Her hammer glows as so does she shimmer as she pounds the materials required to craft the priests suit and finish the orders before her.

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Dressed in his armor the priest appears valiant. Myt inscribing holy engravings and blessing the armor takes pride in her craftsmanship.

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Meanwhile down in Hell weARElegion was watching a young Vamptress becoming quite the champion herself dueling demons and torturing damned souls I approached her and told her of a challenger worth her attention, only problem was she's in Hell and Myt is on earth. Then proceeded on telling her if she completes a task of mine I can grant her access to opening the doors into the world of darkness. She slit her wrists and signing in her immortal blood, sealing the deal. The next thing I remember is opening the doors from Hell and feeling a loss as my love interest had left me so soon. Coming to think of it, she must've charmed me...I don't remember her ever doing a task. Back in the WoD I explained she'd need to refine her fighting style and I awoken in a cemetery plot. She's on her own!

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Chapter 2: Walking the path

Meanwhile...Myt and her priest companion headed dressed in the finest of armor, to check out a tournament the city was doing. A 2 vs 2 competition and first prize was a chariot with white stallions.

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which would make the journey quicker from city to city. There was fighters from across the lands, for these horse were fabled to be of Pegasus descent. Giving them immortality, and other unique abilities.

Myt pointed out the sign to the priest was agreed to the idea, after some talk about it.


Myt & Jesus vs An african warrior elites

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The doors open and the heat is just unbearable, their armor reflected most heat. Both sides were staring at each other, both unsure whom to attack first. Then suddenly a spear comes flying across at Jesus whom wasn't paying attention hitting him smashing against the plate armor on his shoulder but the force dislocated his shoulder. The first assault was made, Myt grabbed him close resetting it,. *crunch* "ow, warn me next time" he says to her. The african male shakes his head in disbelief that the spear shattered. The priest charging toward them no weapon but carries a mace sized cross that expands to a man sized. Myt screams "No, as a team!" The African male running closer to his team-mate her tossing a net over the priest, whom got all tangled up but extended his cross to full size taring the net in half, as he stepped smashing his steel gauntlet into the males shoulder crushing the shoulder blade. The male grabbing his shoulder for a moment then reaching for his staff using his opposite hand sweeping Jesuss' feet. The female having a lioness by her side orders it to attack.

Myt intervenes slamming her shield between the man and lion, who begins to claw around it attempting to scratch her arms. "distract her I'm going to attack while she's on you" says Myt. The priest walking around as the lioness was attacking Myt and grabs her tail *yoink* he rips out hair from the tip. RAWR, she turns and pounces on Jesus as he holds her back while she gnaws on his armor. Myt seeing the opportunity swirls her blade coming down the back from spine top to bottom severing it complete from the lions body. The audience roaring in applause, in a continuous motion tossing her sword through the chest of the African warrior woman. Jesus see's the African male weeping by the lioness, lifting it high as he began to glow and the lion became a human and the male into a Male Lion charging at Myt. Jesus extended his cross in front of the lion whom jabbing it's ribs. RAWR, *Chomp, Chomp*, the armor indenting on impact. Once again, Myt seeing a moment to charge forward does so slamming her shield into the spine of the beast. The vertebrates, on the great beast pushing the spine to burst through the top of the lions head, the weight falling on top of Jesus. Myt lifting him out from under it.

Again the audience cheers!

Fight #2

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They pour two glasses of wine, for the victors, Jesus ends up drinking both as Myt doesn't care for alcohol. After a short clean up, two spartan warriors were standing in attack stance. Exposed hard bodies and red cloaks, plate helm, hard leather armor with spear and sword, and plate shield. "Interesting outfits" says Myt, Jesus says "definitely cocky pair" gesturing over their stomachs. The pairs begin to charge at each other, then just before reaching both raise shields clashing against one another. The female spartan jumping onto the males shoulders stacking their shield as she flipped over the top landing on the opposite side of Jesus, male spartan jabbing with his spear as he pushed harder forward trying to force Myt back.

Myt still focused on her own attacker didn't notice Jesus being overwhelmed by the females agility, as she swept him off his feet and began using her short sword to pry at the plate around the priests neck. Myt realizing this is a tactic as she hears the female warriors thoughts say "Almost got it, just a little longer" as she glanced over at Myt, Myt started to let him push her back so as she may get closer to Jesus. Reaching back and grabbing the long silky black hair of the Spartan female, she tares her off of Jesus, as she screams and kicks trying to throw Myt off balance as the Spartan male advances forward with more weight. Myt falls over losing her footing, the Spartan male grabbing her from behind holding her arms and the woman takes her spear aiming for the weakest point and jamming it hard, indenting it pinching Myts' flesh.

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Myt blacks out, *wings burn through the armor, exposing angel wings which flew her high as she the spartan male held on, higher and higher the spartan losing grip falls to the ground below as she reaches the ground before him. She raises her sword high placing either hand gripping each side impaling the spartan as he fell, her eyes glowing white she waved her wings with a force that tore the flesh off the Spartan woman leaving her armor intact. Falling to her knees and the wings returning inside, she returns to her last action which was being pinched. She notices the man with a gaping hole in his stomach and Spartan woman crawling backwards across the arena away from them, Jesus himself a little nervous but charges towards the woman saying "I've got this one" to Myt. Swinging his cross mace, cranking the bottom mechanism enlarging it to maul size, slamming it into the helm of the Spartan woman. Ending the battle as her head caved into her chest, again the crowd roaring in excitement.

The event runner tells the audience to return the following day for more contenders, approaching Myt & Jesus after the days battles dropping a pouch of gold in either ones hand "there's more of that if you earn it" he says. Both at once "to the blacksmith", as Myt works to repair the damages of the days battles, noticing soft points and upgrading where she can. Adding more expensive alloys to the mix that she can now afford like Platnum, strengthening the resistance with Osmium inlay scriptures. Dressing in their new outfits ready for another days rest before their big day tomorrow.

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Jesus looking at Myt seeing

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as Myt see's Jesus as

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Both head for their rooms at the church, and rest for the day ahead.

the arena was just a simple dirt and high walls, where spectators would watch and make bets, far from the coliseum but it allowed more unique match ups.

The next day was upon them and they were escorted by royal guards to the Arena, Myt and Jesus looking confused at the need for the escort.

A guard pipes up "The king has come to watch today, a special contestant enters"

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The daughters of Xerces, a crowd favorite as they've never lost a match, being princesses most do not wish to kill them for fear their fathers anger.

They both wielding elementally imbued swords, one lightning the other ice, each also wearing an amulet half that when placed together join the girls and the swords into one warrior princess but having combined agility and strength, and a power sword with unimaginable ability.

Myt and Jesus peering through the gates as their opponents rode around the arena on a chariot, a grand spectacle. Now the gates open and the daughters wait to see their challengers, Myt and Jesus come charging out towards the girls whom stood smiling as they approached, The sand beneath their feet started to drop beneath each step. The arena flooring was now full of quicksand, with certain places able to stand

Stepping and falling half his body Jesus flailed his arms at Myt hoping she'd assist him. The twins jumping and flipping towards Jesus knew where all the footings were, leaping towards him tapping him with each swords energy simultaneously, the blast pushing him down further as they giggled. My leaping in the way bashing her shield towards the twins knocking both down on their backs, then rolling to their feet giving Jesus enough clasp Myts hand as she lifted him out . The twins dazed ...notice Jeeus is free, and holding his cross Maul swinging in their direction. Before Jesus can even reach twins they joined their amulets, creating a goddess looking warrior.

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As tall as their father now and just as lethal. She let out a *RAWR*

Myt steps back, and admires the warrior, and Jesus says "now that was different", as he converts his mace into a maul. Myt looks at him and says "Phalanx", he stands behind Myt whom places her shield ahead awaiting an attack. "So let her attack then while she is recovering take out her knees, repeat this til she backs off... then we charge". The daughter of Xerces throws her spear which a force its tip actually penetrated the shield but just the tip, she then began to spin towards Myt creating a cyclone increasing the force of the blade on impact *Clang* as it cut into the shielding getting stuck while she attempts to pry it free. Jesus comes from around the side smashing his maul into her knee cap and then the other as he had time due to her pulling on the sword and spear eventually freeing them. Her knees causing great pain and enraging her to thrust her spear again and slash again as the same gash in the shield cutting it deeper.

"This is getting close" says might, as the spear penetrates deeper almost scratching her face. "Push, Push, Push" says Myt, as she forces the spear through more and using his maul Jesus snapped it. Xerces daughter backing up flailing her sword then leaping and thrusting it downwards into the hole the spear made splitting the shield in two forcing Myt to drop it. Then continuing the assault as she swings again in a whirling motion, Myt deflecting the attack with her own sword, as she glows within pushing back the whirling assault. Jesus, being ignored reminds them of his presence slamming the daughter in the back of the head with his maul. Whose neck breaks as Myt is forcing her forward and the attack came from behind, it amplified the attack snapping her neck forward like whiplash. The crowd roars and Xerces applauds the victors, summoning them to his presence.

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Offering them his daughters place by his side as champion of the games, and his new personal guard.

No Caption Provided

Myt refused explaining she's on a journey and just passing through and Jesus is her companion. Xerces out a champion and his daughters threw them in prison for disrespecting his offer until they chose otherwise. Myt and Jesus now imprisoned knelt and prayed for a means to escape.

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Chapter 3: Knowing the path

Later that evening whilst the guards past out from drinking the bars of the cell and walls began to glow as the bricks themselves began to crumble and the bars eroded to dust. They were loosed be a divine intervention and with the guards slumbering they were able to walk out into the street once, yet not before throwing cloaks they grabbed from the slumbering guards. Both proceeding on mounting horses from the castle stables and riding out of the city. Xerces hearing of their escape places a bounty on their heads.

Riding to next city in the distance Constantinople, a Persian city where birds had already flown word of the bounty. The citizens backed away into their shelters and Myt overheard one think, "it's them, better go inside". She turned to Jesus and they both said "we should leave!", as they were about to turn around the gates shut and a small militia was between them and it. Armed with pistols and rifles, taking aim as their leader ordered them so.

Myt knowing their plate armor could hold out, but that gate couldn't be charged threw. Her and Jesus dismounted and stood in battle stance, *Ping, ping, ping* shots fired deflecting as the militia reloaded. Myt knelt and began praying for assistance and Jesus followed suit, suddenly a swarm fo locusts barraged the militia. Given this moment the two charged forward climbing the walls of the city, *ping* a gun man zinged a shot off the back of Myts helm. Finally over the wall, the two were on foot again as they walked into the dark off road as the main roads would be watched. A light within guided them to a small tunnel system which lead through a mountain pass.

The other side of the pass lighting up and both receiving a warm welcome from men of the cloth. Apparently it was a sanctuary for clergy whom were forced out of their cities. Food and water were given along with a warm bed, they took rest for the evening. The morning shown a community of devotees with a shrine of God in a fountain of holy waters, which glimmered with heavens light. Myt and Jesus both filled flasks and then departed the way they entered. "Come back any time! brother & sister" said of the priests, Myt and Jesus both feeling energized and back on their path.

A chariot race was taking place just over the mountain, at a distance they could see the mass of horses and carriages racing around a great arena. They had found Athens and banners were all on display from the racers caravans as Myt and Jesus came down the mountain side. The scent of the city brought back memories of Rome to Myt remembering the glory of the coliseum. The Greek had kept the old ways choosing not to bring guns into the city, checking all travelers for weapons of that nature.

No Caption Provided

Banners were all over the city, showing warriors of old ... a competition to honor the heritage of Athens. Two champions were on the front meaning a possible 2 vs 2 competition, Myt said "Jesus can we do it? ", Jesus knowing his companion was getting restless agreed "no deaths, and it's a deal" he said. Myt nods in agreement as she goes to sign them up.

A darkened figure in a long blacken cloak walks up behind Jesus and engulfs him into the cloak and with a puff of smoke their gone, arriving in Hell the cloaked figure tosses Jesus into a cell of damnation. A sultry succubus walks by running her razor claws across the cell bars, "What you in for handsome ?" she says,Jesus disarmed and disrobed laying on the ground nake covering himself says "back to vile creature!" , She says "Flattery will get you everywhere with me" as she licks her lips, cracking her whip against her own buttocks and giggling.

Myt was on her way back when two men rushed over saying at once, "poof, smoke, man, gone!", Myt said "one at a time!". Each man then spoke clearly "A vagrant wearing a black cloak stood up behind him 8 ft tall and wrapped his cloak over them and poof!" the elder of the two spoke next "it was specter whom drags you to hell, as I can tell cuz I haven't seen them since older times". Myt looking worried yet furious spoke harshly, "Do you think I'm an idiot, you fools", the elder man hands her a talisman which states in greek text that he's a holy man devoted to truth telling. She reads it and sighs.... "So how do I retrieve him?", "Fortunately for you this tournaments prize is a teleportation rune, a one use object but it could get you there. Win, and you'll see your friend again." he says.

Approaching the gates for combatants the pairs were standing at the doors, and Myt was alone. The guards watching the contestants saw her pass and not seeing anyone beside her said "Your partner? ", "He can't make it, but I can handle it myself" she says, the guards chuckle, "We shouldn't but if you insist, stand at the Golden curtain" says the guard. Myt walks over to the curtain and awaits the battle ahead.

The trumpets sound, and people cheer as each fighter duo gets an introduction. The final fighters sitting in a balcony as if they were royalty. "The red curtains, The barbarians of Sumeria

No Caption Provided

The Black curtains. The Orcs of Kalimador

No Caption Provided

"The blue curtains, The Dwarves of Menethiril.

No Caption Provided

The green curtains, The reptilians

No Caption Provided

The silver curtains, The silver Knight of Gundar.

No Caption Provided

The Golden curtains, Myt of Rome.... going Solo , *the crowd cheers*

No Caption Provided

"These are the challengers tonight and the prize is the oldest of our relics, the rune of teleportation. The last of its kind in this realm, Able to transport the user to anyone or any time they choose, only warning is to be careful and clear. The rune only may be used once, so make it worthy. The prize to the winner of all challenges presented in the arena, may the battles begin! *smashing a gong*. says the announcer "Since Myt is a solo combatant it has been decided that she start us off, good fighting everyone" he continued.

Fight 1:

Myt hearing her name gets all excited as the curtains get drawn open the arena is a giant pit of salt, with a large pond in its center. Then she sees her opponents rush on the pit, the barbarians. Both using broad axes, and moving in synch even with the salt making it hard to keep their footing. The two royal warriors looking on reluctantly, the male saying "this will be over quickly" as the female yawns, "tell me when she's dead" she says laying back closing her eyes. Myt decides to use the pond to her advantage and begins to circle it away from them, "She's afraid" says the female barb, the male twirling his axe over head and as he leaps into the air closer to Myt. Myt surprised at the aerodynamics of the heavy barbs raises her shield deflecting the axes force knocking back the barb, the female charges swiping at Myts feet trying to avoid the shield. Dinging off the boots off, scuffing the armor but no real damage. Myt counter attacks glimmering her shield into the eyes of the barbs and charging forward, bashing them to the ground as they stood closely. Dropping their weapons as they were stunned she splits them both in half like fire wood tossing them into the waters which seemed to bubble and hiss.

As they both lay unconscious Myt takes her sword and raises it in victory, the announcer says "slay them and move on",

making a promise to Jesus that she'd have to break to see him again seemed worth while. As she stacked the both facing each driving her sword through both hearts at once. The crowd cheered, and the announcer clapped ... the royals both now looking on with amazement as she bested the barbs.

Fight 2:

The Orcs enter the Arena, spitting on the ground pointing towards Myt and roaring to intimidate her. The male Orc begins to charge towards Myt alone, the female following behind but off pace wielding two throwing axes and back pack full of more. The male Orc screams boosting his speed, and strength with a buff. Reaching Myt faster then expected as she knocking her into a wall before she could respond. "what are these things?' she says, unable to read their thoughts. The female orc tossing a multiple axes buffed by the same scream, Myt raises her shield as they stick to the surface digging in. Myt runs her sword against them clearing the shield, as she charges at the Orc male whom is charging at her again already. They clash and a crunch is heard as shields collide, the Orc broke it's wrist this time dropping his guard he screams again entering a berserk buff and begins to blow repeatedly at Myts shield eyes glowing red. The female screams as well buffing the male again now triple the power blow by blow on the shield shaving pieces off now.

Myt realizing their getting stronger decides to use it against them, as the male charge again she slid across the salt having him run into a wall knocking himself out leaving the female orc whom buffed herself one last time her eyes like torches as she flung axes of fire towards Myt whom retreated to the waters. The Orc females pack enchanted to never empty having an endless supply of axes continuing to barrage with fiery axes. Myt using her shield charges at the waters making a splash at the female whom catches it like a wave against her knocking her over begins to scream as it wasn't water at all but acid which cleaned Myts shield. The acid ate away at the female Orcs skin bleeding her out, the male coming back to the fight seeing his mate skinned alive roars and charges one last time. Myt holding her ground planting her feet sliding her sword over the top end flush with it, watches as the Orc rammed into his face as he threw himself over top driving it deeper and deeper.

Fight 3:

The Dwarves gingerly walking on the arena grounds swigging a bottle of rhum, belching as they see their opponent, "She's a big one" says the female, "Aye, bigger they are, harder they fall" the male says. Myt noticing the size difference seeing it as an advantage for the lil ones as she has less area to strike, Using her sword she drives it into the middle of the shield then removes it making a slit. The dwarves toss a bottle at the pond and watch as it explodes, "Aye, not water" says the male, "but useful" as she fills a flask. Myt noticing this deciding to avoid the pond and get them to the perimeter walls, the dwarves stocking up on flasks tying rum with each. Then they were ready, tossing bottles with precision towards Myt whom blocked with her shield but causing an explosive reaction pushing her backwards against the wall. Both tossing the bottles to wear her down, even missing causing concussive damage tossing Myt around tiring her out. Myt knowing their packs need to be destroyed charges towards them, both creating a phalanx blocking her charge whilst smashing bottles of rhum on her soaking her. Then tossing an explosive setting her a blaze, or the rhum anyways overheating Myt to tire her down even more.

Myt feeling the heat exhaustion effects wobbling and losing her footing stumbles and falls, as the dwarves again toss explosives flailing her body in the arena her armor now glowing red. Suddenly a light shining brightly lifts her body and her wings make an appearance the armor now back to the shine and coolness it once was and her eyes bright as daylight. Myt lands on the salty ground waves her wings at the explosives now coming faster and gusts them back at the dwarves. Now being barrage with their own explosives the make a light ditch effort by tossing their whole inventory which yet again flies back towards them blowing them both up into tiny dwarven chunks.

The royals both on their feet, pointing out the angelic transformation. The announcer smiles at them a shrugging his shoulders.

Fight 4:

The reptilians step into the salt filled arena hissing at the dryness of it, Myt returning to her human form, wings retreating inside now fully restored and ready for battle. The dragonkin began to blow towards the pond creating a pit of flames, they both able to withstand the fire then began to smear their saliva over themselves and jumping through the flames igniting their bodies. Spitting fire balls towards Myt as they charged forwards spreading the fire around the arena whilst attacking from opposite angles. Myt deflecting the fire balls using her shield and sword by spinning it like a fan. The male lunges his fire claw burning red towards the shield melting into the middle as he again and again repeats this burning attack to burrow a hole into the center of it. The female blowing a cone of flame towards the opening hole, to quicken the effects of the male. Myt dropping her shield as it was getting way to hot for her to hold and pointless defensively, glimmered her light whilst swinging her sword towards the claw of the male cutting the claws clean off. The female now spitting liquid flame at Myt which sticks to her armor sizzling it off in pieces.

Myt grabbing a hand full of salt tosses at the spitting female catching her with her mouth open, whilst the male grabs her from behind.squeezing tightly as he drooled all over Myt. The female then spewing a stream of liquid flame igniting Myt causing her to burst with light again, tossing them both backwards against the walls on either side of the arena. Myt in angelic form waves her massive wings vigorously enough to freeze the male to the wall then turns to the female whom blows a raging vortex of flame towards Myt attempting to singe the wings off. Myt again waves vigorously at the female turning the vortex from hot to cold pulling the female into it causing it to solidify into a block of ice which Myt then side kicks into the Males direction crushing him and shattering the female.

Fight 5:

The imperial silver knights of Athens enter the arena, their armor being full plate as is Myts. They both carrying two handed weapons begin doing aerodynamics showing their strength to lift such armor in combat, They then grab hands mid air, and swing with both weapons extended towards Myt like a giant wheel leaving her nowhere to jump, and receiving a clash of a two handed axe into her shield then whilst still holding hands the female pulls the male in as he thrusts his spear with all his might. Piercing the shield and digging into Myt forearm as the tip of the spear was molded from a glass made from Zeus's thunderbolts hitting the sand of a beach. Flecks of the same glass imbued into their armor as the male lunged even harder cutting right threw her arm then puling it back as the blood on it shows her being wounded. A light within glows around the wound sealing it with holy energy as once again she glimmers her wings bursting free, the two ready for this to happen both toss nets imbued with the same glass flecks. Myt begins to burrow into the salt leaving the nets above her and then swimming through the deepest part sensing the flame pit emerges from the center of it. Soaring into the sky towards the sun and then back down racing as top speed, the two staring upward blinded by the suns glare, both feel a sharp siting as Myts swings her sword through the abdomen of the male, and the shield sideways like a razor disc through the females midsection as well. Then coming to a abrupt halt the force of the wind separating the two halves of each for all to see.

Fight 6: Final battle

Both the royals watching on shaking their heads leap from where they were seated on the balcony to the arena floor. Looking towards each and then at myt whom was still in angelic form. They both said "stay like that, it's a fair fight that way" in unison, children of Ares god of war and of Medusa ...Their speed was near impossible to track, agility was like bees in motion, and strength was godlike, plus being Medusa's kin they could turn you to stone but differently as they had to bite you. The male told his sister to watch and learn, he spun into a tornado at Myt catching her in the winds flinging her against a wall nearly smashing through it. Myt was glimmering brightly healing the wounds, as he again spun flinging her into the other side. He then looked at his sister as if to say now spinning faster creating multiple tornado bouncing Myt off each wall as lil sister ran at speeds to catch up with Myt just before the winds caught her slashing at her helm. Feeling like a pinball machine being heavily tilted Myt kneels and begins to pray, all motion stopping and unable to be assaulting in this position. The two try their best but the holy bubble just being impregnable, she prays for the strength to carry on. Then feeling the holy spirit inside empowering her as both charge whirling from either direction, she becomes pure light itself blinding the both of them as they collide dismembering each others heads. She then reverts back to angel then human form falling on all fours, as the arena roars in her achievement. Tossing roses down towards her, and the event announcer and others congratulating her success and handing over the Rune.

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Skullitor looking into his ocullus, his all seeing eye which he purchased in Hell, watches as Myt and Jesus arrive at this "new world" a world where the WoD has established roots and looks forward for their arrival once again. Chanting a summoning whilst caressing the Ocullus, cursing those around them to lead them towards darkness.

Death speaks to Jesus whilst trapped in the cage of damnation, "you are here for one reason, a order was made ... if it is not satisfied in payment, you'll be returned to your point of departure as if time itself stood still. This is not a point in your timeline that you will die, that does not occur for quite sometime. I had to remove your armor as it was interfering with my cell, all that scripture on it. I placed it back in your time in a safe place, don't mind the girl, she's a demi god and has a taste for trouble. She is the reason you are here actually her quota is almost met, then you'll be released to her or stay put depending on her will."

'Vamptress do you have the payment?",he says... she touches his hand as an exchange takes place the cell begins to fade. Jesus watching the bars breaking down waiting for them to fully vanish. "Ahh, how sweet..... " says Death releasing him to her.

She tosses him black leather armor, "mmmm now that's more like it" patting his ass, The armor restraining his holy powers, surging him with wicked sensations, she sensing his transgression of thoughts says "like the armor baby? , I made it special for you", cracking her whip against her inner thigh as she moistens.

Jesus biting his lip in response to her actions. Vamptress noticing the suits working, she bring him to a place where new souls are being tortured by demons, and tossing him a whip. She says "These are sinners that need punishing, lets enjoy ourselves." Jesus, giving into the suits wicked influence and his own desire to punish the sinners he sees as their sins become visible as he walks closer to them. He cracks the whip against the face of a woman abuser gashing their cheek wide open as their body goes into a physical state. The person begins to beg for forgiveness of his actions, and Vamptress walks up behind sliding a blade through the back of his throat severing the tongue from behind. She tells Jesus the whip can become whatever he wants, and it becomes a torch which he then lights the man on fire. The suit growing in power the more he punishes covering his body like a full suit of armor now. Vamptress looking on caressing her body, as Jesus watches on whilst punishing the sinners becoming more and more vicious.

His suit now appearing more as a black knights armor, and upgrading his physique to more demonesque. Jesus no longer remembered whom he was but the lust for Vamptress remained.

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Chapter 4: Saving the saviour

Myt now in possession of the rune of teleportation concentrates on Jesus, and she blacks out. Awaking in Hell within an old angel stronghold known as citadel of bone. The extreme heat roasting the exterior of the citadel in the center a holy water fountain runs. Myt begins to splash the water all over herself as the waters appeared like a gel, as she applied it her flesh became a glittering icy blue. She exited the citadel, and the heat wave pummeled into her icy exterior but no further. Myt then began to look around as she saw demons and souls being punished, tortured, molested, and worse. Unknowing the time the gel would last she ignored what she saw and started to search the vast eternity called Hell noticing the many rings and depths to come.

No Caption Provided

Myt remarkably runs into Virgil, whom being trapped in Hell for quite some time has cartographic memory of the place, He offers to guide her towards whom she described but he warns her of his corruption. The path he takes her on leads deeper into hell's lower bowels, a shortcut he calls it leaping directly center. As the hot air gusts upward floating them down towards the very bottom landing in the circle.

Lust,is where she falls on all fours landing a group of men come running to aid her. The men being nude and all exposed bodies of perfection, "Welcome beautiful, how may we serve you?" as one hands her a glass water cold to the touch. She examines the glass as it appears quite normal, but knowing this is impossible down here tossing it aside. The men looking confused, begin caressing over her armor motion her towards an open doorway where a bed is in plain sight. "Lets get this armor off, and make you relax", the men say. Myt being slightly enticed by the lustful spell at this level, letting them drag her to the bed. The men then trying to lay her back onto it, but she refuses, and the men crawl on top of the bed intensifying the spells effects glowing their eyes ruby red. Myt noticing the change in men realizing somethings odd, snaps out of it. Retrieving her sword the took away and shield, the men notice her ignorance and stand closer together and form into one being.

No Caption Provided

The scent of the demon, alluring and focusing his powers as he pats the bed offering Myt to join him once more tossing the towel towards her. Myts eyes seeing Jesus naked and asking her to join him, she then shields her eyes looking through her shields slit exposing the lies. She decides play along and charges at the bed but halts just before it, bringing down her mighty sword splitting it and the demon in two. Virgil once again appears...."now that danger is gone, I am guide you further" as he points to well that's run dry. "At the bottom is a passage to the next area" he says. Myt jumping into the well falling a lil further then she judged, but unharmed. See's a lever and pulls it down raising a gate hidden behind a wall, she then enters.

Gluttony this place is called, Virgil nowhere to be saw. Myt walks to the center where she sees a great feast, foods from around the world and desserts galore. Then a very thin man walks out of an entrance way, "we are expecting you, please take a seat" the man says as more join them at the table all very skinny.

No Caption Provided

"Enjoy, as they all begin grabbing and munching the food, and an anorexic servant carries out more platters placing them in the empty areas from the men ravaging their meal. Myt smelling the food so mouth watering noticing how the men seem to be increasing their eating speed. Each pausing momentarily saying "eat before it's all gone", and sure enough just moments later the table was cleared of food. The servant coming out again with no platters this time, and crawling onto the table completely nude, with sections marked out with the mens' name on each part. My looking on as each without hesitation grabbing their knifes and slicing into the lady severing off their said portion. They again looked to Myt, "since you didn't eat, you don't get dessert" says the men sliding the flesh into their widening mouths like snakes. They then all stand and walking over to Myt ask her to remove her armor so they may taste her. Myt trembling her fingers as she rises onto the table compelled to do so by dark magic reaching for her clasps stops herself. She yells "NO!" and punches the table snapping it in half. The men say "well that's not polite of you, and if you insist on acting such ways so shall we" discarding their tight suits exposing grotesque blob of demons.

No Caption Provided

Their pheromones releasing to draw her in, each drooling in anticipation of dining on her flesh. She again must force herself to shake out of it as her feet walk nearer to the group. Drawing out her sword as they surround her closing in, she twirls flying chunks of blubber against their dining area, leaving them as piles of flesh. Virgil appearing looking around at the carnage with a smile, "nicely done, on to the next area" he says. He points at an elevator door, and pushes the button. The elevator doors open and they both get on, he then pushes to descend. The elevator, falls..... and the doors open.

The area filled with golden objects as far as possible to be seen, as this was Greed.

No Caption Provided

From underneath a pile of gold a a face peers on as the visitors enter.

No Caption Provided

Virgil sensing a presence fades, Myt looking around on guard as there's always a trap. The being watching is Midas reverted to the age of a child, and is feeling very lonely and wanting to play. Myt seeing all the gold begins to feel the urge to pick up valued pieces stuffing them in her satchel, the pieces vanishing back to the pile in an alternate location replacing with pieces of coal. The boy comes out and says "thief, how dare you try to steal my treasure", doubling in size tossing a mound of gold towards her. Myt blocks with her shield as it buries her under the masses of gold, he runs over scooping through searching for her but she scurries to a safe distance. Another body long dead and crushed by the weight of the gold he finds, and stands it up placing a shield and sword in it's hands. With a simple kiss it transforms into a golden knight statue, "another lovely toy" he says, "now where is your wife?" as he looks around. "come out, come out, it's time to play!" he says, Virgil seeing Myt in danger see's a forge that would smelt the room if ignited, sends visions into Myts mind. She just has to find the switch to lit it, whilst avoiding the giant child. She kneels begins to pray, but this far into hell all it does is begin to levitate the gold. Which happened to be enough, as the switch was mid center under the largest pile.

She ran and dived towards it, the boy being levitated as well screams "NO!, don't hurt me please", she toggles the switch and the forge starts up. The flooring now beginning to heat along with the rest of the chamber, as the gold falls Myt climbs a wall to the very top. The gold begins to melt being sucked into the flooring vents and the boy as well is melting and screaming as he flows into the flooring as well. Virgil appearing pointing the way out, A gold framed picture . Myt tares through it revealing a rope ladder that she descends.

Anger, is this place.... and your temper can take a hold ....and drive you to madness.


She reaches the bottom and sees visions of her as a child being beaten by nuns, and priests raping her. She knows none of this occurred but begins to fill with rage about it, walking up and smashing the mirrors showing this nonsense. This however enrages her more, and her armor begins to crack, as she breaks each mirror. The room now full of shattered glass, and her armor along with shield broken to pieces. A reflection of her walks out from behind each broken mirror, the rage within wanting to strike each down. They stood making faces and saying things like "I wanted the priest inside me, I hate my parents, there is no god" angering her even more. Myt strikes out punching her image and feels as if she was punched herself, again and again she strikes feeling weaker and beaten up herself. The last image taunting the worst, but she's too weak to raise a punch, Myt instead apologizes and holds it closely. The reflection begins to scream. Myts inner glimmer and her love reverting the whole room back to it's original state. One of the mirrors being blackened, and broken.

Myt steps through in Heresy, where priests were praying at a tall effigy. The priests noticing Myt demand she kneels before their god. Myt stepping back going into battle stance, "NO!" she says as they throw torches on the effigy lighting it ablaze, the smoke rises forming a face which speaks "My servants asked you nicely, now I command it". The face begins to blow and fill the area with more smoke, becoming a giant serpentine creature, the priests sacrificing themselves to it willingly as it grows to a massive size. "Now fall on your knees well you still have them!" says the serpent giant.

No Caption Provided

Myt shields against it's attacks as the tails whips towards her, slamming into the shield. "Bow before your god, and I'll let you live" says the serpent, Mty counter attacks swiftly running towards the center of it driving her sword in, and dragging it towards it's chin. Then she back flips, as the tails again thrust towards whipping her shield as she descended to the ground, the guts of the monstrosity pouring out before her. Its priests sliding out of it's stomach, charging towards Myt, as she easily bashes them aside, throwing her sword now glowing into the false god.Virgil stepping out of hidden passage waving Myt to follow.

As Myt enters the violent area, there's others already fighting each other, angels and demons, humans and monsters alike. Each pausing as she walks in turning from their foe and targeting Myt, approaching as allies. Myt kneels creating a shield of light forcing them all back, praying for help to get passed these foes. Just as before her prayer didn't go far but the angel in attendances eyes began to glow, and began attacking the others as well. Myt realizing her ally now joins in smashing her shield against the ones pursuing her but as she does they become stronger, and the angels foes as well. Now overpowering the angel and dismembering it, before Myt could intervene watching her ally fall to pieces. The foes all lock hands and meld into one giant being, more demon then anything. Myt feels a surge inside and her wings burst out charging towards it.

No Caption Provided

Tossing her sword as it becomes a beam of holy light piercing though the demon and incinerating it in holy fire. Exploding into a rain of ash.....Virgl watching in awe at the display of faith, then escorting Myt to a staircase leading down.

The new area Fraud, was filled with people cheering and complimenting her on her victory. They told her Jesus was okay and he was resting back in Athens. They offered her a teleportation ritual that would send her back to be with him. Virgil seemed to believe the crowd, reassuring Myt their speaking truthfully, telling her to act promptly before they change their minds. Myt being unable to read their minds knew this was a trap, and clearly her guide was too.

No Caption Provided

Myt watched as the people drank and danced, joyously laughing. She said "Enough of this farce, where is Jesus? ", they all stop and begin laughing pointing towards his armor covered in blood. Then going quiet as each turned into imps running towards Virgil whom lifted them stroking and petting as he turned into a larger version whom placed them within it's mouth and crawled towards the next entrance.

The ring of treachery, where demons torture sinners for eternity. The stench of sin overwhelming, intoxicating, luring one to punish them.

No Caption Provided

the darkness made it hard to see anything at this level but as she walked closer to a wall torches become lit. Exposing the horrors around her, demonic creatures eyeless sniffing amongst the dark biting onto what ever catches their appeal.

No Caption Provided

Then she see's it, a large hulking demon carrying a giant cross lifting the physical forms of the sinners on to it driving nails into the hands, whipping them, and finally ramming a spear through their side. She knew at that moment it was him, charging towards it wielding her sword and striking at the cross.

The crucifix being destroyed Jesus now looked at Myt with hate in his eyes, his suit giving him rage and weapons to combat her. Lunging a blackened shadow sword at her, she deflects with her shield shattering the evil weapon, he then continued by attacking her using claws he formed getting close enough to disarm her shield and pinning her down. Myt pushed him off, sending him flying across the area, Vamptress makes herself known by laughing and cracking her whip towards Myt. Myt sees the succubus and for a moment feels fear, then it fades as she begins to glimmer. She charges towards Vamptress whom vanishes like smoke behind her cracking her whip into Myts back. Myt then continues to charge towards Jesus but Vamptress isn't done just yet catching Myts foot with her whip and twisting it til she heard a crack as she broke Myts ankle. "Mmmm delicious.... " says Vamptress, Jesus watching as Myt fell leaping on to her himself entangling her into a cacoon of darkness and squeezing. Vamptress licking her lips and caressing her body for him, whilst walking over to him.

No Caption Provided

Myt feeling trapped and suffocating in the darkness which is devouring her light, begins to pray. The light of prayer taring through the shadowy grip throwing both Vamptress and Jesus backwards taring the suit Jesus wore into scraps off cloth on him. He then shook his head and a glow within began to emerge incinerating the remainder of the cloth off of him. His crucifix Maul repairing and returning to it's heavenly glow, striking down on the ground blasting a shock wave knocking all evil backwards.

No Caption Provided

Myt seeing Jesus in his glory runs over and holds him tight their combined glow creating a bubble of light around them which increased in brightness til both passed out. Awakening back in Athens but after the arena battles just after Myt used the rune seconds later.

The event announcer seeing her, saying "Use that rune wisely!, I see you found her friend". Myt and Jesus returning to their lodging and Jesus's armor laying out on the bed. Both resting for the evening healing and energizing. The next morning mounting up and starting on the road out of town.

The old world having taught so much to Myt and Jesus about humanity it was new to check out this new world see what new marvels or evils it has to offer.

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Chapter 5: Detour

Talk of a new era was going about from the peddlers of goods, guns n ammunition were being sold everywhere they went. Talk of a canon on wheels was said to be about, Myt imagining the devastation it would cause hoped it was myth. Jesus overheard about great ships that could traverse the seas and they decided to investigate said claim approaching a shipyard. Giant vessels were throughout the shoreline picking up many passengers whom had the gold to pay. Myt and Jesus paid for a journey to the new world, aboard the ship men were gambling at a hand to hand combat game.

Myt signed up for the match, and the men chuckled and gasped a woman entering such a competition. Jesus stood back and watched placing no wagers, but keeping a watch on her.

Fight #1

No Caption Provided

A tall drunken man, swings in as she side stepped him rather easily. He grabs a beer bottle smashing it and charging at her "make me a fool, will ya" he says, holding the jagged pieces to stab her with. Myt shakes her head, goes into a hand stand allowing him to get close. She slide herself between his legs while he leaned to to stab, missing and falling forward as she pulled his feet back using his momentum. The bottle in his hand, hit his chin slitting his throat. The men looking at her agile ways and the place went quiet, no longer laughter at her being in the fights.

Fight #2

No Caption Provided

A man dressed in all black with a cloth belt, beckoned her closer. Myt making the first move charging as the man rolled over her back, she was shocked to have that happen. He then started slowly forming stances beckoning her closer again, she figured him out and walked up grabbing his belt and taring it from his outfit. The man now feeling dishonored, used a roundhouse kick, and began throwing a barrage of calculated punches. Myt was able to block most of the hits but some did hit pressure points that took away her breath, as well as sent great pain where he hit. Jesus watching concerned for Myt begins to pray, she counted on some of his hits applying force to weaken him as well. Both were now toe to toe, hit for hit the watchers on the edge of their seats. Then it happened he used a direct palm thrust at Myts heart thinking "now it ends", the prayer Jesus attempted was heard and the palm strike gets absorbed in a light the protrudes her chest dazing him in it's glow. She seeing a moment to strike thrusts her fist center of his forehead, knocking him out.

Fight #3

No Caption Provided

A giant of a man lumbers into the ring letting out a belch, *burp!" "yer quite cute!" he says to Myt. Myt ignoring the flirtatious tactic, he then charges towards her pushing his belly out, bouncing Myt across the arena. She was covered in the mans sweat and putrid body odor, "ewwwwww!" she said and a few men even puked. He laughed heartily saying " That a real mans scent, sweety", charging again pushing out his stomach but Myt plants her feet this time using a palm thrust into the center as his own weight reflected internally exploding his stomach inside. The man just fell over onto his back, as he began to use the bathroom over himself.

The challengers all dropped out, Myt and Jesus decided to get some rest, before they knew it the ship came to a stop. "Land ho!" says a sailor, "everyone off and thanks for your gold" he says..."the new world awaits".

A primitive culture was indigenous to the lands and civil war ensued with the better war machine the victor. Myt and Jesus decided that their violent days were over and were going to live out their lives spreading the word of god and a more peaceful way to go about life. Dressed as a nun and him a priest both separated to bring less attention to their gifts. Years flew back and time have changed, and pacifist ways has made them weak. Myt and Jesus begin to make themselves noticed as mankind's time had come to bare witness to defenders of good and vanquishers of evil.

Now the real challenges lie ahead!

The great ship came to a stop the new land, America it was called. The two stepped out feeling over dressed as most wore cloth except for royal guards whom stared at them as if savages. Myt says "Look at these garments, frilly things no defensive capabilities", Jesus laughs, "It for leisure activities not for battle" he says, "Evil is all around, I'm not giving it a chance to strike!" she says, Jesus replies "it's a different land, different age... these are common folk, living in peace". As a thief runs by snatching a ladies hand bag, Myt tossing a bolas catching his feet. The thief knocked out as the fell a wall dropping the bag, the lady picked it up and thanked Myt for her troubles. A guard on a horse rode up and told her to keep her weapons away or be arrested next time for interfering with their laws. Myt was confused with this place, Jesus just chuckled and swigged his flask of holy water.

Jesus approached a merchant and asked where lodging was, and the merchant asked for coin. "Some things never change" he said, tossing the merchant a gold coin from their winnings. The merchant amazed at the gesture of wealth offered to escort and show them the sights. The day was reaching dawn and the city was mapped as much as they could for one day. Their guide was drunk and passed out anyways, and he and Myt were ready for that lodging. Entering a local monastery and praying the priests amazed at their armor, being of holy relics. Offering them a place to store them for the evening, but both Myt and Jesus rarely took them off.

The morning came swiftly and the two awoke and were back on the streets as Myt wanted a smith station to check out the new aged wares. They found a shop with an anvil on the door, and walked inside. All around them were guns of assorted varieties, the shop keep an elderly man with glasses says "can I help you ? ", Myt says "Where's the armor? the swords? the melee weapons? ", the old man smiles and laughs saying "yer pulling my leg now....yall from the renascence fair?" Jesus seeing images of what the man meant whilst reading his mind says "Ah yes, pardon our mistake", Myt looking baffled at him says "We are lost?", Jesus replied "see his thoughts, as he shown her his" ....."Ah, has time fled so quickly by that now we are a mere story to them" she says. "hero's are no longer required, it seems were out of work" he says. Just as their talking a sign catches Myts' eye, brawlers wanted! big reward" pointing it out to Jesus whom smiles and says "yes I'm sure those are still around".

She walks into the entrance geared up and a man says "No armor, no weapons, no magic", she goes into the ladies room and comes out to hand over the gear to Jesus whom guards it with his life.

No Caption Provided

The men in the rooms jaws all drop, Jesus even does a double take. She signs her name Myt on the registry, as the man *gulps* and takes her form.

No Caption Provided

Fight #1

A tall man with lumbering arms, and a hunched back runs swinging at her, she easily side steps him booting him in the back calve muscle taring the ligament. The man falls grabbing his leg crying in agony, as she walks up and kicks the back of his head knocking him out. Thinking to herself, rather pathetic of the man to be fighting

Fight #2

A fat man with stubby arms and legs, he decides to let her attack seeing as the other guy didn't go over too well the other way. She runs over and begins flipping towards him, the man standing there bewildered doesn't even react before she lands a punch into the center of his gut. He stumbles backwards both hand clutching his stomach falling flat on his back and screaming in agony as she caused internal bleeding rupturing his stomach into his insides.

No Caption Provided

Fight #3

The next contestant was allowed to wear hard leather armor, and carry a whip as a handicap to Myts strength. She did not fret over it, taking it in stride...he cracked the whip smacking her inner thigh, she felt nothing. He proceeded on snapping it off her in other places as she gingerly walked up smiling. She then punch both his knees hearing them crack, he fell to the ground bowing to her. As she then thrust her knee forward knocking him into the air then onto the ground.

The fights were over, as they closed early naming Myt the winner handing her the purse. A pile of silver coins, she looks ... "That's all " she says to the event runner, "want more? make it last longer... give them hope, then we get more bets and more profit" says the man.

Myt disappointed in the battles and the purse tosses the bag at Jesus whom catches it putting it away. She then retrieves her armor and dresses back up. Both then retreat for the evening to their lodging, this new world was not the atmosphere both wanted but now they'd have to survive.

Myt took up a trade as a construction worker learning masonry and architecture. Jesus did carpentry and assisted Myt with frame work on her building structures, he also had a shop selling crucifixes he hand carved. The store sign being a giant crucifix.... his own inside joke.

Chapter 6: The fork in the end of the road.

Both Jesus and Myt found their own church location and built them from the ground up, separating so as they can watch more of an area. The curse holding true as the first visitors to Jesus's church ended up being a group of bank robbers whom held him hostage as they claimed sanctuary. Myts' church was vandalized and lit ablaze by hoodlums, forcing her to flee as the threw moltov cocktails at the place. Such ordeals kept up and eventually Myt retreated into the vast forests where it had yet to be industrialized, Jesus did a similar action hiking up a mountain and crafting into a cave his own dwelling. The lack of people around them kept the curse at bay.

Years had past and the two living in their solitude began to get glimpses of the world they left behind, horrific battles and the rise of technology. Both knelt and prayed for guidance entering a trance like state, where time stood still until they were needed again. Great wars had changed the face of the planet and giving rise to new evils and heros alike. A balance between the two was said to be, but the presence of evil being accepted was going on long enough. The two awoken and stood with a glow that stirred confidence inside of a righteous path where each were lead to a separate faction.

No Caption Provided

Myt standing on her Cathedral waiting for orders as she listens to the heavens whisper.

No Caption Provided

Both Jesus and Myt reaching Ascension in the solitude.

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In Hell, the devil watches above as the forces are building on both sides. Myt and Jesus escaping his clutches a mere trifle compared to what coming for the both of them, dark forces in all realms are joining forces. The succubus named Vamptress will rise and then the true battle begins, as she's Hells chosen warrior to take out all forces against evil.

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Jesus and Myt grow tired of their solitude and both now ascended seek each other out, soaring through the heavens they easily find one another. Myt and Jesus begin to kiss, as their feelings far long have been at bay.

No Caption Provided

They stay in this state for what would normally be a millennium but as time stands still in heaven, when they separate the time was nearly long enough.

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@palidan: Ascending the pits of Hell Vamptress has a target and she's set her eyes on Myt.

No Caption Provided

For she wishes to seduce Jesus back to the darkness that she was drooling over. She reaching the gatekeeper, bats her eyes and blows a smooch. pheromones intoxicating the keeper. Vamptress, walks up the the gate gesturing it to open, the demon waves his hand and the door opens showing the streets of WoD. She skips through doorway, rather pleased with herself. Now escaped Hell she knows she has to integrate and make friends and possibly a few enemies.

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@vamptress: Myt feels a disturbance and senses an evil that should not be on earth or anywhere but Hell. She pushes Jesus back from the embrace and Dives towards earth realm, Jesus follows suit slightly confused at why they are returning but then receives the same sensation of evil and it felt rather familiar.

Catching up with Myt on the dive down neck and neck soaring at top speed as they pass through the heavenly gate. Then free falling the rest of the way down to the surface fluttering before stomping into the ground.

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They land and resembling human forms find themselves in fancy dinning cloths, and begin to look around at all the changes the humans have made over the years. The cars,buses, air planes, motor cycles.....and other technical weaponry their ingenuity surprises them to say the least. The future clothing style was made to look more defensive, Myt and Jesus both walk into a clothing store and the shop keep sends his two best clothiers to dress them update. Both step out dressed to the nines looking tres chic..... The sensation of evil feeling closer then ever yet no portals or demons about.

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Talk about a place where evil is aloud to run a muck and thrives on sins is heard whilst the angels listen in on the thoughts of prisoners and darker individuals such as mutants and humans alike. World of Darkness is the name, but it's a place that can only be found by those whom seek sanctuary from their pursuit by those whom chose a peaceful lifestyle and wish to condemn them. This making it impossible for Myt or Jesus to gain access without possessing those whom are worthy of the entrance, both begin soaring above places of detainment.

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Two vessels were chosen and they were quite fowl murders, both deserving damnation if not worse. Merely possessing them would be the easy part, avoiding being tainted by their evil souls is the worry. They would have to push the souls out of their bodies or trick them into leaving their bodies, a relic would be needed for this task.

A ring of death was said to be being passes around in magik circles by those whom wished to enter his domain and barter their existence with him. Myt and Jesus both procured said rings and returned to their prisons posing as lawyers working for the devil they offered the murderers escape saying the rings would make them appear dead and once removed they would live again. Both agreed hastily placing the rings on their fingers and blacking out momentarily, Myt and Jesus alerting the guards whom dragged their bodies to the morgue where both were waiting invisible to the human eye in their angel forms. The murders now lost in purgatory, and their bodies vacant left room for myt and Jesus to possess and leave the rings in place .

Both now needed to escape so Myt found an officers outfit and dressed herself up taking a set of keys left in the morgue by the mortician. She then walked out of the compound towards the helicopter pad that was just about to take off, she ran and caught up with it. The pilot read the name plate and called it in, she was granted to climb aboard and they took off.

Jesus decided to subdue the mortician and dressed in his cloths his prison not being an island he was able to unlock the doors needed to leave the building. A guard whom known the mortician noticed a different face and asked "steve sick today? ", Jesus replied "yeah and he forgot to sign out too" used the keys unlocking steve's car and climbing in the driver seat. Jesus then pulled out and drove off burning rubber as he figured the guard noticed. Opening fire and sounding the alarm as cruisers parked just inside the gate began to pursue, Jesus lead footing it swerving in and out of traffic eventually losing the cops in a trail leading off road. Myt rendezvousing in the middle of the desert as they both drive towards nothingness a skyline becomes visible out of nowhere. They speed up and race into the city screeching to a halt as a horde of zombies walked by their cars.

They were in the right place, both parking their vehicles and exiting the stench of rotting flesh and death all about. "We're in the right place" says Myt, "if not we're in a Halloween special" says Jesus,

Erzebet arrives as the two are talking like a blur on the wind, "Greetings travelers, our city has much to offer ones such as you. Plenty of people to kill for sport or whatever your taste buds desire, as well as a variety of demons and children of the night if you dare to engage in such actions. I must leave you now, but enjoy! " she says as her laughter fades into the screams of the World of Darkness.

"That was creepy" says Jesus, "A vampire, I had to hold back driving a stake through her" says Myt, "on another note, I sense holy energy in this place" she continues. Jesus replies "I also feel it, perhaps we could track it down... could be a place to rest" says Jesus. As walking down the street they see a large citadel and both walk up a fire escape leading to a glowing staircase shining with holy water. A man mopping the floors noticing them and freaks out aiming a holy imbued gun towards Myt and Jesus whom raise their hands.

Both are then brought inside after being cuffed, Gabreil looking at them in their current disguises. He notices their not wounded or showing any signs of being on the streets or clones, plus the fact they are not afraid but sitting calmly in the citadel. "Okay, okay, what are you? ... I know your not just these humans and your not demons in there... perhaps angels", he says as he begins reading a incantation to remove a holy possessor. Myt n Jesus both began to glow their eyes and speak in unison "We are in need of these vessels to catch an evil that has entered this area, surely you've felt it" they say. "Talking at the same time, you must be bonded..I'll lay off the incantation for now" says Gabreil, Mike says "Angels, really?", "yes, bring them tall glasses of holy water" says Gabreil. "Evil is all about us in this place, no specific one has stood out recently besides the witch and the succubus, and there was an evil goddess pass through" he says.

Myt and Jesus both say "The succubus, where is she? ", "in the coven Mansion last I heard, giving them some headaches according to my bugs" says Gabreil selecting the monitoring streaming into the citadel. Everyone watching as Vamptress sits at the throne demanding and ruling over the vampires. Both Myt and Jesus walk into the citadels prison cell, and emerge from the vessels knowing they require their full strength to attack one such as this Vamptress. Gabreil and Mike bow kneel before them, and Myt and Jesus both fill their glasses with holy water then conceal their wings and exit the citadel back on to the streets.

On their way to the coven they encounter a group of young vampires whom mistake them for humans wandering outside their zone. *whistles* from the young vampire men towards Myt, then using their inhuman speed stood in front of the two "a lil lost aren't we? " says one of the vamps.. "yeah, out of your zone.. " says another... *laughing menacingly*, "this your boyfriend" says yet another as they begin pushing Jesus around as the eldest of the group talks to Myt. "Hey tasty....my boys and I were out for a bite...mind if we sample the goods, well either way we're going to" says elder vamp running his finger down her cheek. "touch me again, and you'll burn to ash .. vial creature" she says, the vamp elder being cocky grabs her by the throat saying "you mean like this, bitch!", her eyes begin glow and she begins to glimmer freezing the vampires in place. As for the vampire holding her throat her glimmer incinerates the hand and flows up its arm igniting the rest of the body, burning into ash at her feet. Jesus pulls out his maul and using his holy energy imbues it with holy force, smashing down on the vamps frozen in place pounding them to a sticky pulp on the streets.

A cam watching them in action assaulting the vampires transmitting to the mansion, Erzebet approaching Vamptress and directing her attention to the surveillance cam. Vamptress ordering a squad of blood letters to investigate and bring them in for her to personally punish. The squad using tunnels arrives momentarily and two perch with sniper rifles and three charge in using tasers and tossing shocking nets. At this point Myt has her shield and sword and deflects the taser and twirls her sword dicing the net as it fell, then charging the three new vamps bashing them with her shield bursting them into flames on impact. The snipers hit their targets using a highly potent anesthetic, but ineffective on angels and demi gods. Both Myt and release their wings and soar towards the snipers whom continued to fire, becoming snatched into the air taken high towards the atmosphere and thrust towards it. They burned to ash as they fell back to the ground, both then dove towards the coven mansion landing on the roof.

Vamptress sensing them arriving scratches angel protection charms into the walls and ceiling, preventing Myt and Jesus from entering the building. Both Myt and Jesus felt ill suddenly and knew something was wrong as they fled back into the sky where they regained their strength soaring higher back towards the citadel where they would regroup their attack. Their nausea was gone and they began praying along with Gabreil and Mike, each of them asking for assistance against this demon named Vamptress. The door named heavens gate with in the citadel began to shake, and opened flooding the place with divine light healing and empowering the Heroes, a battalion of angels stood before them.

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All were dressed similarly and were armed with long spears, "Arise, and lets go... there's not much time" says the lead angel. The door to heaven is open and has a limited duration, "This fowl place has enough monsters roaming, it doesn't need that demon inspiring them to sin more" says Jesus, "Agreed" says Myt.... "lead the way" says the lead angel. Myt and Jesus open the citadel door and spread their wings leaping towards the mansion as the other angels follow close behind. Reaching the mansion they hover above as the sensation begins to return as they get closer, the angels feeling it too. "A protective charm," says the lead angel...."spears ready!, release!" he continues. The spears seemed to be piercing the mansion walls and roof.

This got Vamptress enraged as vampires were being impaled and burning up, she began chanting and focused more dark energy into the runes used to keep the angels out. The runes exploded sending a shock wave through the mansion and outside of it, forming black bubbles around the angels setting on fire. Myt and Jesus out maneuvering the bubbles watching them collide bursting into fireballs. They flew over to free the others but the hell fire formed around them burned too hot singing off the wings of the angels as it eventually let them free covering them in tar. Vampires came running outside with torches tossing them at the tar covered angels setting them ablaze in their weakened condition.

Myt and Jesus flew down swords whirling lopping off vampire heads but still could not enter the mansion, the vampires retreated indoors firing ak-47's at them. Again, Myt and Jesus retreat gathering the spears of the angels whom fell in battle placing them in the citadels armory, the bodies of the angels were also dragged back and tossed back into the open doorway which slammed shut as the last was thrown inside. "This place is giving her an unfair advantage somehow, we need to lure her out to another realm" says Myt, "Yes, I agree ... here we can not defeat her" says Jesus, "We leave you Gabreil and Mike to watch over this citadel once more" he continues. Both Myt and Jesus flying over to the coven once more to make sure Vamptress sees them depart. Watching both angels fly into the sky and vanish Vamptress shrieks shattering the windows in the mansion and rising from the throne pouting and stomping out of the castle, taring the heads of the closest vampires on the way out the door.

Entering into the heavenly realm once again but this time there's a tournament amongst the angels taking place. Myt & Jesus have been entered as they returned automatically to the list of combatants. Myt seeing her name on a challenge plaque raised her spirits and thought this would help her relieve some stress. Jesus whom was needing to vent some angst as well, smiles standing next to his companion. The heavenly arena nullifying angelic powers, meaning it's a pure combat battle.The winner of the arena, receives a hand shake and medallion of honor from the angel Michael, whom is seated as Judge and enjoys watching these competitions for recruiting to his highest ranks.

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Fight 1

Annonymous female Jophiel

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Myt and Jesus, standing in battle stance as was their opposing team. Each side drew their weapons, Myt her sword and shield Jesus his cross Maul, both charging at their opponents whom block the first attack. Countering with a spear thrust and a two handed cleave striking Myt's shield and Jesus deflects with maul. Both back up 5 paces, staring each other over looking for weaknesses. Myt notices the Valkyrie type female has her thighs exposed and the male is slower due to using a two handed weapon, Jesus also notices both lesser armor, and points out the shoddy craftsmanship.The other two seeing their out armored discuss quick attacks, and separation tactics.

Resuming the fight the challenging angels both separate taunting Myt and Jesus apart. They graciously accept and the duels begin again. Myt facing a whirling spear holds her shield leaning into it and thrust forward, hearing it pinging off the armor she thrusts harder. *crack* the spear snaps and falls to the ground, the blade portion now being used as a dagger. Jesus and Jophiel go blow for blow clashing weapons, then he realizes that if he shirks it's form whilst clashing the two weapons will lock up. Sure enought he trick works and the weapons hit the ground as one.

Myt drops her sword and shield as an offer to go hand to hand, but the female angel keeps her dagger lunging for a critical blow. Myt side steps grabbing the out stretched arm and snaps it, the dagger drops. Jesus and Jophiel already hand to hand striking back and forth, but what Jesus forgot is that his gauntlets were denser then his opponents armor. Each strike blowing like a ton of bricks, Jesus gets a lucky uppercut in...knocking the angel unconscious. Myt after breaking the females arm spins around still holding her with all her might smashing her into the barrier walls confining the combatants inside the arena. Each strike harder and harder, feeling like tossing a rag doll around Myt releases into the center piling it on the male. The angels in attendance cheer for the victors, and teleport the others to heal.

Fight 2

Raphael Unknown female angel

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The arena goes pitch black.....4 shining swords begin to glimmer making the next combatants visible, both dual wielding short swords resembling small kitana. The arena stays dark and both affix blind folds over their eyes. Myt and Jesus are requested to do the same, which they both agree to, not as if they could see in the pitch darkness within the arena. Myt stances defensively waiting for an impending attack, Jesus twirls his maul in defense.

Raphael crosses his swords together sending out a shrieking vibration that reverberates around the arena, he uses echo location leaping into the air driving both swords downward. The female repeats the same process but crawls flat against the ground towards the targets. Raphael lands as his swords penetrate the ground they shake causing reverberations which once again allow him to judge distance between targets. Myt inadvertently tuning into the echo location skill gets a flash of the angel on the ground nearby and rushes forward, knocking it out. Raphael hearing the movement senses his mates loss of consciousness, and loses control for a moment screaming "NO!" exposing his location. This also making his targets more visible he strikes Myt from behind before she could turn, her armor preventing damage but being penetrated 90% of the way in two spots.

Jesus hearing the closeness wails his maul towards the noise bashing Raphael across the arena, "you okay?" he asks Myt, "Just my armor, these angels are strong" she says. Raphael landing near his mate, began resuscitation waking her. Angelic female screams loudly, a shriek almost deafening as Raphael lunges and strikes Jesus this time penetrating his armor by 75%. Leaping into the air, his mate screams again, making the targets visible but Myt looking up hones in again. Raising her shield catching both swords deep while she pushed upward, twisting it in circles disarming Raphael. Myt then proceeded on using her sword by chopping the handles, causing the blades to vibrate exposing the mates location which she then tosses her shield towards it. The shield catches the mate in the throat winding it to the point of passing out again. Unarmed Raphael waiting for his mate to attack or make a sound, Jesus hearing the swords as they penetrated smashing his Maul towards it. Thus smashing Raphael again this time into the ground knocking him unconscious as well. The arena lights back up, and both sleeping beauties get dragged out.

Fight 3

Unknown female angel Chamuel

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The arena began to freeze over, and two ice sculptures stood side by side and burst into shards flying everywhere. Chamuel and his mate stood as snow began to fall, the very air was being sapped of heat in their presence. Myt and Jesus revitalized in holy light before each match, began to shiver as they were from warmer climates. The arena floor a sheen of ice, as both Chamuel and his mate dance around the ice quite at home. Goose bumps on each Myt and Jesus both finding it hard to even stand, as the female flies across the ice towards them spinning her sword as she builds up momentum. Myt blocks and her shield freezes solid chilling her hand to even hold it as it drops to the ground, sliding towards Chamuel steps on it mounding it with layers of ice. Jesus slamming his maul into the ground causing cracks to form, sending a seismic tremor across the arena.

This causing both Chamuel and his mate to tumble and freeing Myt's shield, which his mate strikes again freezing it into the ice below while staring coldly at Jesus. Chamuel begins running in circles around the arena at a high speed as the ground solidifies under his feet.drawing the heat outwards sealing the cracks. Chamuel then runs towards Jesus spinning and releasing a kick hitting target encasing Jesus in a block of ice. Myt turning to counter strikes him center of the back with her sword with a penetrating thrust, sending Chamuel to the ground spread out unable to move. He himself becoming covered in layers of ice buried, as his mate frantically charged at Myt. Myt's sword deflecting and disarming the mate, she then tells the mate to kneel and as she knelt the mate as well was swallowed in the ice below.

Suddenly a gust of warm air flowed in the arena liquifying all ice freeing all prisoners, Jesus says "wow, that was cool". Myt smiles, "not funny" she says.

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(OCC: wow, nice graphis)

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Battle Cont'd

Fight 4

Unknown female angel Anael

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The arena swirls and gusts with wind which carries all combatants into the sky, an Aerial match.

Soaring now higher into the sun the angels flew to blind Myt and Jesus from their position. Myt raised her shield high to protect against an impending assault from above, whilst Jesus extended his Maul twirling and generating a blinding light back at them. Suddenly a clashing sound was heard as the female angel downward spiraled with her spear in hand using full body weight. Then Anael dove behind her stomping his heel into the back of the spear. Penetrated the shield barely Myt spun herself around while raising her sword feeling it clash against armor. Jesus aiming his twirl releases the momentum at the female whom was in sight smashing into her mid back. She began to fall as the pummel disabled her wings.

Falling towards the ground below, Anael diving down catching her and landing on the arena below. The moment she touched the ground she became teleported out of the arena, seeing this Anael flew back up at top speed. Myt seeing him on an upward bound leans into her shield and collides, thrusting her wings to drive in the impact. *boom* Anael begins to fall, unconscious and swiftly to the arena. Myt seeing this again leans into her shield grabbing Anael by the back slowing the fall and just before his feet touched the ground he awakens tucking himself into a ball and spinning. Myt touches the ground and is teleported out of the arena. Soaring back upwards towards Jesus, Anael now feeling at an advantage thinking Jesus a lesser threat. Jesus realizing the ground elimination strategy was a coo, dives downward himself. Anael confused as why Jesus would place himself at a disadvantage of being the lower combatant plunges to follow. Jesus soaring faster and faster towards the ground now out of sight of Anael, twirls his Maul once again emitting a blinding light as Anael reaches a distance to see it too late. Anael unaware at how close to the ground they were figures to fly through and get him on the other side once visible, upon doing so smashing into the arena flooring at full speed knocking himself out once more. The match ends and releases Jesus to Myt's company.

The duels were over and Myt and Jesus were victorious.

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The earth realm once again calls for these great heros but will Jesus & Myt descend or stay in their glorious kingdom above. Time can only tell, ....

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(bump) remembering an old story