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Six hours. The world was given six hours to prepare. The Thousand Worlds of Rytorus sent a fleet to protect the world but it was grossly outmatched. The fleet, consisting of more than a thousand ships of varying constructions and sizes arrived at the outskirts of our system and warned us in advance. They made haste for Earth, burning every ounce of fuel in an all out bid to arrive before the Time Siphons. They made it...barely.

When the Time Siphon fleet arrived it did so with no care for its own safety. Rather than arrive at the ourskirts and burn in, it dropped out of fold space practically in orbit of Earth. The first ship to arrive was massive, a titanic vessel that had it chose to land would have stretched from LA to New York and filled all of the space in between. It's great Temporal Drive fed upon infinite paradoxes and fueled the great war engines and weapons it brought to bear. In that moments after it's arrival the Thousand Worlds of Rytorus, first to arrive for defense, found themselves instantly out matched. Their weapons proved almost completely ineffective against a vessel that warped time simply by existing and manipulated time and space to use as weapons in place of projectiles and energy beams. The Thousand World's Fleet lost a third of its ships in five minutes...and then the rest of the Time Siphon fleet arrived.

Several of the first wave crashed, smashing into Thousand World ships, orbiting satellites and the International Space Station. Quite a few made the mistake of exiting fold space inside of the moon. It didn't matter though, they came anyway, they came out of fold space by the tens, then the hundreds...then the thousands. The Time Siphon fleet arrived like a swarm of locusts.

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The Thousand Worlds fleet fought on, it was forced back to a defensive position between Earth and Mars where it rallied and did what it could to buy time for the arrival of local defense forces. In her carrier on Earth Tyrus sent out the coded message she had been waiting to send for months...an alert to every hero on Earth that fit into the category of "Power house." Everyone that could go into space and fight was sent the message, it was a simple one, short and to the point and it appeared on whatever electronic device they happened to use the most. "Target the transport ships first, find their commanders and kill them or drive them off. Secure Earth Orbit or lose the sky."

On Earth the sky lit up like an inferno, the titanic struggle of ships in orbit was visible from the ground, some of the ships were so large they were visible with the naked eye while others lit up the sky as they died, bursts of released power flashing above the clouds. Debris reigned down from on high, much of it crashing harmlessly into the largest portion of the Earth's surface...the ocean...other massive pieces and sometimes entire flaming ships headed straight for major cities, threatening to do immense damage to populated areas.

Chaos began to threaten the Earth even before the Time Siphon forces made planet fall. Time Siphon ships arriving in orbit took random pot shots at the planet below, targeting major population centers with massive energy weapons meant for ship to ship combat. Their intent was to cause panic and spread abject terror even as they arrived. If the beams struck, they'd level whole cite blocks and leave nothing behind at the impact sight but smoking craters. LA, New York, Moscow, Beijing...all were targets.


In the center of the massive North American continent sized vessel Varikass, leader of the Time Siphon assault and First Siphon of the Circle of Nine stood in the gathering chamber where hundreds of Time Siphons prepared to depart with their forces as the mighty teleportation caverns were prepared. From these points whole armies consisting of tens of thousands of armed men and women could be teleported to the surface and it was from here that the invasion would shortly begin.

"Fellow Time Siphons...at long last we have cornered our greatest foe! Raeyn has long stood against the progress of rebuilding our great empire, she opposes all those qualities she once instilled into us all. Once, she was our greatest leader, she pulled us from the mud and showed us how to conquer vast swaths of the universe...but her idealism has been corrupted by the cowardly human cattle that occupy this dirt ball! We can no longer allow Raeyn, no matter how great her history, to hold our faces into the water and threaten to drown our entire civilization, now is the time for a new Rise of the Time Siphons, for a new empire that will span the stars and place us at our rightful position at the top of the food chain!"

"For Victory! For the death of Raeyn! FOR EMPIRE!"

The burst of cheers from the gathered Time Siphons made Varikass smile. He lowered his staff and slammed it's base against the deck plating, a signal to the teleportation controllers. All across the Teleportation Caverns armies vanished. The Time Siphon Invasion of Earth had begun...and if the humans, metahumans, NGods and various aliens that called Earth home wanted any chance of stopping it, victory would begin in space. To drive off the Time Siphon fleet would cut Varikass and his forces off from a nearly endless supply of reinforcements.

Varikass himself turned from the chamber, grabbed his stave and teleported to the surface of Earth. Others joined him, men and women who comprised his side of the Circle of Nine, the eldest and most powerful Time Siphons alive. Left in space? The Time Siphons known as:


No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided

and Melkryn:

No Caption Provided



Phase one is the battle for Earth's planetary orbit. The ships and crews are all NPCs and almost all of them are mercenaries of various races. The three Time Siphons listed as remaining in space are NOT npcs and are characters with their own backgrounds (Just not their own accounts) and power sets. Defeat of all three will result in driving off the fleet but there are plenty of other means to achieving the same goal.

This one is really designed with power houses in mind but if you have the means to fight in space then by all means, come on up and break stuff =).

Phase two will begin dealing with the ground invasion, I wanted to do a series of events rather than just try for one massive chaotic festival of violence.

Most importantly, have fun and remember, there is no pre-written outcome, whatever happens is what happens =).

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Mr Winters would be one of the first to come, fully equipped with all his equipment including the time gem technology he possessed. Soon others from Blackcat would come, but they were busy. There were always other threats, some just as deadly. Many from alternate dimensions, all that stuff.

He had little use for his carbonadium sword right now, it wouldn't be the greatest weapon against people like this. He rose in space alone, a single man. Well, until a dark matter duplicate stepped off from him. The Dark Matter shadow moved in the strangest way you could think, like a physical shadow really. It slipped through anything just like it usually would. Only interacting if it needed to. It was headed for the first time siphon it came across and would immediately attempt to close in on them, and litterally "Enter" them to greatly increase their internal gravity and crush them from within.

As for the actual Director Winters, he could see the dimensional energies powering the ships. Which also meant anyone who could warp such things would be a useful piece in this.

Other heroes would come, undoubtedly. Even if they were forced into the battle because the Time Siphons got to close. But for now, it was time to take on the leaders of space. He was sure they'd send, and maybe even already have sent, time siphons to earth. It was a simple move. But until they showed up, no reason to attack unnecessarily. So he went for the next best thing, his sensors on his suit could bioscan and detect powers, so obviously a useful tool in finding Time Siphons. Not to mention any army needed proper placement for their greatest weapons. So he went to search one out as quickly as possible, seperate to his shadow. Winters would then attempt to generate dark energy inside their ship, effectively blowing it apart as if by some inverted gravity. More like throwing it really. Planning was always going on in his head, that would just be the start, it was always possible they might somehow survive it.

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The CIA Headquarters; Sub-Level 9

Klaus sat in his office, VVG device strapped to his forehead. The lenses extended and retracted, zooming in and out on a small nondescript chunk of rock. The lights were dim around the Delver's experimentation room, the entire laboratory only recently hollowed out beneath the stronghold of the Central Intelligence Agency. Artificial telekinesis truly worked wonders when it came to interior design; with his gauntlets, it took but a wave of a hand to push aside actual tons of rock buildup in order to construct the workspace. To his left, a small television screen gave him updates on current events.

He lowered a small laser to the rock, slicing away at it and inspecting the contents within. Suddenly, a shockwave through the air shook the underground lab, causing his fingers to shake and cut away slightly more of the rock than intended. A small green glow filled his scowling visage as he turned to look at the screen.

"Well, I guess this is happening," he remarked dryly, the feed giving him a close-up view of the terrifying invasion force.

A superhuman will handle it. They always do. It's what they exist for, he thought, tuning the screen to a new channel and resuming his studies without a moment's hesitation.

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The Timelord stood with his arms folded licking the cream off his ice cream as he watched the stars die out from the edge of his Tardis exterior door. It was a marvellous star. In the distance, there was a star that was dying out after witnessing the birth and death of millions of civilisations. To the left, a small system that was famous for taking humans as slaves and making them into little puppets used for engine fuel. To the right; a galaxy that prided itself in making the best apple crumble pie - a feature in which the inhabitants of earth were also able to replicate.

One would find that he always enjoyed looking out at the vast reaches of space. He had been to the birth of creation several times and could count the seconds to which the big bang would occur. His eyes could see the simple life stream that followed every living creature. It was almost eternal torture.

The ship artificial intelligence was already up in the form of a hologram.

"I'm getting ridiculous power readings from an area almost parallel to this. It doesn't even make sense. You'd think that there were thousands of ships in the one location."

The Timelord tilted his head at her only to share the same confused face when he read the surge of power on the monitor.

"I'm also counting a number of uncategorised races in the one direction. It seriously looks like some sort of invasion is taking place. Seriously sir, we don't have the capability to plunge ourselves into another battle. "

Edward was silent. If an invasion was taking place and the location or prize for that matter, happened to be the earth, a large problem could very well be created.

"How much energy do we have for a quick jump backwards in time?"

"Forty percent sir but I'd really recommend against it."

"Good enough for me."

After quickly moving a sequence of controls, the Tardis burst through the time stream completely passing the vortex allowing itself to rip through the spatial barrier bringing the ship straight into the midst of the battle.

No Caption Provided

Upon entering the the conflicted space, everything became clear.

Time Siphons.

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@timesiphon: @mr_winters: @lichter: @hudyman:

Regalius Military Hangar Delphine-30 minutes before Time Siphon Arrival

Here he stood, a bastion of peace, and a bringer of war. WIth the wave of his hand he could move an entire populous, with the snap of his fingers they would stop. He held something most didn't, a real power. It wasn't super strength or his eyes no, what he had was much scarier. He had loyalty on his side, even as he took his seat aboard his ship he knew that no matter what happened his people would be loyal to him. Even as the many men and women of his empire moved around him he knew that with a single word he could make them all stop. Why, because they were loyal to him, they all were. Even those that disagreed followed his commands, they would do as he instructed. He began speaking to the woman seated next to him, to his wife.

"You know, it's quite easy to understand why many of the Terrans would become evil when handed power like this. Having everyone obey your every whim pushes your mind to do things you never even thought it could."

"Dear, you are truly a very random man."

He smiled...for the first time in the past couple days he allowed himself a moment of peace. Then that moment became something more, his smile grew just thinking about being happy in a time like this. Then his smile turned into laughter, followed by the laughter of his wife. Together they sat there, a mere half hour away from total planetary war, from bloodshed, from unmeasurable loss. Then again it made sense for them to laugh, Andromedeans and humans were very similar in many ways. Dealing with imminent doom through humor was one of them.

The captain of the ship moved next to the temporary throne, delivering the message that all ships were prepped for launch. That meant it was time for the laughter to end, it was time for the imminent doom to become immediate doom. With a firm grip Cross's entire expression firmed up, his resolve steeled, he was ready for war. He gestured and the crew of the Origin became silent, he cleared his throat with a cough.

"Begin Transmission"

Before the two a small circular hatch opened up in the floor. From it rose a strange camera looking device, it stopped at eye level.

"Today, is the day many of you will die. Today oceans of blood will be shed, countless lives will be lost, and we will all have to deal with that fact. As you know I am not one to offer false hope in times like these. Most of you won't even make it to the ground combat but, that isn't our goal today. Our goal is to not only protect ourselves and our planet but, to protect our galaxy. To offer up countless lives to save the infinite among these very stars. As the 23rd Andromedean Fleet you all knew what you were getting into when you placed that uniform on your body, doesn't change the fact that your probably scared out of your mind. So harness that fear, use it, turn that into your resolve to ensure you are one of the few who make it home after this conflict. Why...because when enough of the few come home it becomes the many."

Cross exhaled a deep breath, his mind was running crazy. Millions of scenarios, each worse then the last. He was scared, for himself, for his family, and for his people but; he couldn't let them see that fear. He pushed it down, deeper into his body.

"As the 23rd fleet you know your goal, Form a blockade and combat the Time Siphons head on. This however, is only a distraction. Those of you who have been assigned protection detail are to head to the appropriate positions around the Earth. Secure and defend those positions in order for the Orbital Knights to move their Landing Castles into place. Now all ships who will be forming the barrier...DEPLOY"

Across the empire hundreds of trails of smoke would billow up through the sky as Andromedean ships headed out of Orbit to engage the enemy.

"All ships assigned to protection...DEPLOY"

Cross turned to his wife and took hold of her hand. Even with the sentinels behind her he was still afraid, he was afraid he would lose the women he loved.

"Lastly, Origin...DEPLOY"

The citizens on the ground would gave up to the sky and see them, the trails that meant only one thing. This was war.

The Battlefield

No Caption Provided

Andromeda held a tactical advantage, a hundred ships mobilized from a position behind the TIme Siphon fleet. These were of the Destroyer class and from their bellies would emerge hundreds more. The Andromedean fighters known as Sabres would emerge from the bellies of the Lance's. Highly maneuverable crafts that sought to out speed and out maneuver their opposition in dog fights held pilots of the highest caliber. These pilots came into this battle holding no regard for coming home, they knew that the chances were they weren't so they instead sought to take as many down with them as they could. Their skills came into play as dog fight waged across the skies, automatic plasma turrets raining hell down upon other fighters engines and weapon systems. They devised a plan of attack, utilizing multiple against one target at a time they would preform drive bys. Looking to take out a gun or an engine on the smaller craft as they flew by. This would hopefully overwhelm these pilots and, since they were hitting and running, it would hopefully minimize losses.

As for the Destroyer class ships(Lances) they assumed a formation much like a wall. from inside captains shouted orders to their crews. The menacing...no terrifying continent size ship had become a target of theirs. Gunners would use plasma cannons to defend the ships as they took aim with their secret weapon. Normally used to launch obliterating strikes on planets surfaces, they sought to improvise. It was more Cross's idea really. Once he received word that such a ship existed he gave them the plan. The hundred ships would take aim with their Orbital lasers, each one seeking to fire the massive weapons of destruction directly into the hull of the massive craft. Hoping they would also take ships out in between the wall of Lances would serve to hopefully damage the craft enough to take it down, if not then at least they could attract some attention so the Protection ships could get in safely.

The ships set on protection had used a special mode of transportation, one only the orbital knights had access too. It was used to quickly mobilize their landing castles however, Mariana had suggested that they use this technology to mobilize warships first as a defense mechanism. So these ships never even had to exit orbit, instead a wormhole was opened and stabilized that connected 36 locations on Mars to 36 locations in Earth Orbit. These were major cities that would serve as the front for land combat. Lances emerged, however Wormholes were very noticeable and the surprise wouldn't last long. Instead as they emerged Sabres would deploy almost immediately hoping to assist in the defense of the Landing Castles. Following these ships the Landing castles would be shot through, straight into Earths Atmosphere. They would catch themselves at that point and proceed to hover in the skies over these cities. A message would be broadcast informing the governments that they were with Andromeda and using them not to fire.

As for the Origin, it was already on the ground. It had utilized the same Worm Hole Technology and launched between the Orbital Knights and the Lances. It would take it's place among the people of the surface, it landed in the waters of New York City. Here is where Cross would lead his armies, together with the Forces of Gabriella and his family he would defend what he had predicted to be the the main front of the war.

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@hudyman: @mr_winters: @lords_of_light: @timesiphon:

Jimmy Walker heard the bad news, "Dang, I'll be outmatched. I can't exactly compete well with freaking time siphoning aliens!" He said aloud as a blue force field formed around his skin and he flew into space, "My gosh!! Ok...dis no good."

He went to the first and biggest ship he saw trying to fly straight through it ripping it open with his fists. He had superstrength and was shielded by the blue sentinal ring. This was a dangerous mission, what he was trying to do was rip open the ship and let anyone inside get sucked into the vacuum of space hoping it would kill them. But dangit this would take a lot more than a blue lantern to do serious damage to these guys.

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New York City

Despite STRIKE and the various international governments working to evacuate large numbers of their populations to shelters, the orbital bombardments would no doubt cause enough collateral damage to scar the planet for decades to come, threatening to wipe entire cities from the face of the world. But even as the Delver sat within his bunker, his theory regarding metahumans being a natural defense mechanism for the planet itself would soon be proven fruitful. Atop the Empire State Building stood none other than Conrad Kurtz, who had himself just recently aided in repelling a previous attack on New York by non-human entities. That fight had exhausted him beyond measure, leaving the once thought-to-be invincible Bulwark bruised and bloodied. Now rejuvenated, he knelt atop the edge of the roof, red cape resting on his shoulders.

No Caption Provided

It was, however, the only thing marking him as a so-called superhero. His contact with Kurt Pendragon had yielded fruitful results regarding where to find a more professional-looking suit to wear for situations like these, in order to match the capes he kept in homage to crimefighters of decades past. No, despite his yearning for a more appropriate uniform, Kurtz found himself wearing jeans, combat boots, and a white t-shirt with a symbol of his choice upon it. He glared up into space, watching the luminous clash of color and carnage fill the skies like fireworks. But as the conflict took place in space, he'd need a little extra boost to keep him in the game. An advanced oxygen tank rested on his back, clamped strongly to his form. Borrowed from scientists who hurriedly constructed it for just this very purpose, the oxygen mask would enable him to move through space without needing to focus on holding his breath. True, he could operate in a vacuum without such a countermeasure, but he wanted all of his thoughts to go towards taking out the alien menace.

Before he could make it into the atmosphere, however, he witnessed the bombardments, seeing them practically in slow-motion as energy weapons were directed towards Earth's most famous metropolis.

Intercepting the first series of shots was challenging in its own right, forcing the Bastion to accelerate upwards into the path of the luminous shots and tank the attack with his own crossed wrists. Blinded by the brightness, he squinted, his superior vision combining with a calculating subconscious to predict the impact point of each oncoming salvo. Conrad didn't let the shot hit his body, crossing his forearms before his chest as if to block a punch rather than an orbital weapon. The heat seared his wrists, concussive energy bouncing him towards the ground as the attack dissipated, the smell of scorched air left behind on his steaming wrists.

No Caption Provided

Twisting as he fell, he narrowly avoided impact with the ground, turning over to shoot forwards over the streets and intercept another laser-like blow meant for the city. Physically tanking direct ordnance from a space cruiser was taxing enough, but ever since his clash with Halliwell, Conrad actually felt more durable than ever before. It was as if some barrier had been broken, some hidden confidence revealed; rather than land and shake off the pain, Conrad continued to zigzag through the streets, flying up to meet devastating powered shots and letting himself fall, smoking, back to Earth. He'd close his eyes every time a shot hit, practically sleeping in the ten seconds he was forced back down near the streets. Waking up to avoid a devastating landing, he'd rinse and repeat, hurriedly collecting every blast before it could threaten those beneath.

Then, as the Andromedan fleet moved to attack, Conrad now had an opportunity to also go on the offensive. Presuming the Time Siphon vanguard would adjust its firing trajectory to compensate for the new arrivals, Conrad would seize the chance to deal some damage of his own, this time flying up through the air without a moment's hesitation. Before Halliwell, he'd been afraid to fly into the void; now he pierced the outer limits of the atmosphere with almost no effort at all, a superheated cone of friction-burnt air dissipating from the youth's skin as he ascended beyond the thermosphere.

The inertia-manipulating defender's muscles bulged, super-compressed mass in his cells suddenly burning with aggression. White eyes sought the most optimal targets, hostile space cruisers easily denoted by their previous choice of target, the Earth. Literally willing himself faster, the Bulwark's cells were aglow with power, nuclear energies originating from his bioengineered heart propelling him straight through the outer hulls of the assaulting forces, penetrating shields and all. There could be no sound heard in the vacuum of space, but even then, the explosions seemed deafening.

To those he attacked, he would've seemed more akin to a speeding comet than a superhuman, a force of nature flying too quickly for conventional targeting sensors. To the naked eye he was no more than a blur, red eyes gleaming with crimson power. When fists weren't fast enough to take out a cluster of starships, he'd let loose with inertia-accelerating blasts from his pupils, forcibly speeding up the very atoms of his targets until they disintegrated. Superheated beams clashed with the shields of alien cruisers, fists of cosmic steel rending extraterrestrial hulls. Until a new obstacle or objective were presented, he'd continue, pushing Time Siphon carriers into each other, opening massive holes in their outer hulls, and burning massive red gashes through the bulk of the invasion force.

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Three days prior

No Caption Provided

Where was he, how did he get here, where was here. There was no clue in his mind as to where here could be yet, despite being somewhere he had never been not a single bit of confusion came from his mind. The area was familiar enough to bring forth a feeling of calm to wash over him. Even as he stood among the white tile that made up the floor of this place, even as the massive heart shaped moon gleamed overhead he felt home. He tried to move but, his body wouldn't let him and that was alright. It was alright because this place was safe, he knew it was safe but still held no idea why.

Behind him another boy walked up, his grey hair jostling and his black robes shuffling towards him. He took a stance next to him, those yellow eyes looking up at the same moon he was looking at.

"I told you we would bring you back once we found a place Oct, welcome to the altar. The negative crystal was first forged at this very location, underneath this very moon."

"But why"

Octavian didn't even think, it was as if something else was speaking for him. Something deeper inside of his body causing his vocal cords to vibrate, asking the questions it wished to know.

''To lock him away, to keep him from ever coming back but, there was a cost. Our lives were lost to it's creation, he spilled our blood on these very stones. I was the last one to die and with my last breath I completed the stone."

None of this made sense to him but, pieces were starting to come together with every word. His mind reconstructing memories that weren't his, painting a more vivid picture of what was going on. As the High Princes eyes gazed over to a strange spire he saw a flashback, a hand thrusting a strange sword into the chest of a woman in black.

"So you have seen it, you are starting to see him. This day would come, it was known to us all that the seal would not hold. Even now he has been slowly tearing down these places I have created, which is why we do not have much time. He will find us soon, he will consume this place as well."


"Because these are what keeps my soul tied to the stone. Each place is a memory I have, the beach was where it all began and this is where it all came to and end."

A powerful rumbling shook the ground, a constant violent quaking.

''He's here, this time was faster then the others. Go, I'll get you once the next place appears."

The boy in black walked backwards into a swirling vortex of darkness. It's purple and black tendrils enveloping him, removing him from here. Octavian's vision began turning white, in the last few moments he saw something. Someone reaching out to him, someone almost asking for his hand. He wanted to reach out, felt like it was the right thing to do but, he couldn't his body refused to move. He was forced to watch as everything turned white.

No Caption Provided

Octavian awoke, the familiar walls of the throne room greeted him. He rose to his feet seeing that same image of the strange man reaching out to him, seeking to take his hand. It was a clue to what was really going on, something so mystical in a world filled with science and all he had were bits and pieces of a larger picture. At least now they were beginning to assemble themselves.


He was ready, donning Andromedean battle armor and mentally preparing himself Octavian was aboard a smaller craft along with fourteen members of the royal guard. They were elites hand picked by the Emperor to be part of his plan C. They were given no name, however, they were given a job. The time siphons were an enigma, their goal was to gather data through combat. Even now their ship was cloaked and headed into the thick of it. Flying below the battle to ensure a safe flight they picked a target. From it's size they could only assume it a cruiser, their pilot flipped a few switches and the thrusters kicked into full force. The ship hurtled through space, it drew fire one engine went down. They were close, they picked what looked to be a hangar bay. The second engine went out, all they could rely on was the momentum they had already built up. With a thud they felt the ship hit solid ground, the motion caused weapons to fall to the ground and other assorted things to occur but the men and women standing.

No Caption Provided

The ship came to a full halt once it slammed into the other side of the hangar bay, the four royal guards raised their shields and readied their blades. With the push of a button the airlock opened and the fourteen stormed out. They assumed a standard combat position. Their Kroedian shields taking front and center position and neutralizing any plasma based weapon fire. Following this they would move in, some combatants rushed them with blades. They were met with shields and other swift blade strikes. Within moments the formation was broken up as the guards split off into smaller groups. They took on enemy after enemy, these were the men and women trusted with the defense of the royal family and they proved that much through their combat. They could see the battlefield as more then that, each one was taught to view it as a chess board. They were taught to find key pieces and plot the best routes to get there. Of course it takes loss on both sides to win a game of chess. This they were prepared for, a member of the fourteen known as Lady Mira was the first to fall victim to this inevitability. She ended up surrounded, her shield moved with her blade but, they did not move fast enough. Multiple shots delivered to her back caused her armor to break and her heart to be punctured. She was not the last, the fight itself took only thirteen minutes, in that time only ten of the fourteen remained standing. They died for the cause though, the hangar was secured. Two groups of four took positions at both entrances to the area, two other guards made their way towards the ship. Sir Galian and Sir Proventus, they took up a stance next to the opened airlock. From the shadow of the ship Octavian emerged, they assumed a bow as he walked past.

The two guards followed behind him, Galian was the assigned leader of the group and thus he took charge. As they made their way to the door he addressed the whole group. His voice powerful and booming.

''His Royal Highness, Proventus, and myself will scour the ship. We know our mission, our assignment is crucial to our victory in this war. Now let us begin."

With a swift stride the three of them took off through the first door, they would fight their way through whatever was thrown their way until they were able to understand how the Time Siphons worked. How they fought and any weaknesses they might have. Once this information was obtained they would deliver this information to Cross in order to assist in their combat on the ground. Little did they know they had boarded the ship of more then just any time siphon, they were aboard the ship of the General Melkryn.

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Three Hours Before Invasion.

The first fleet had passed by Banus without noticing. So had the second. Their intelligence suggested that one was friendly and the other was not. Banus had simply readied it's soldiers to strike.

Two telepaths and an armored general sit in the command deck of a ship, slowly approaching Earth from thousands of miles away, conserving uses of their actual engines in case of emergency. The telepath's eyes begin to glow, and they reach out to the defense forces of Earth, projecting their general's words to their unlikely allies. "Defenders of Earth. My name is General Kayla Kanos of Banus, formerly Iceland. Due to the advanced technological nature of our enemies, our standard forms of communication may very well be compromised. So I reach out with a psychic link for coordinating attacks. Fed nit, however. I am informed that it is an active link, not a passive one. You can only transmit what you intend to transmit, no stray thoughts will seep not our minds. I hope you are all prepared, for this battle looks to be hard-fought."

Thirty Minutes Before Invasion.

"Approaching the Time Siphon Fleet, ma'am."

Kayla sat alone in her office, reviewing plans and tactics, when an aide burst in with news.

"Good. Give the orders."


"All right, boys. Let's show them how Banus says hello."

Stefan Agnarsson sat in the cockpit of his fighter, hovering at the front of Gold Wing. He pulled his goggles down over his face, and grinned. And off they took.

Gold Wing made straight for it's target, lethal precision and deadly accuracy lending aid as they made for the capital ship of the invading fleet, firing through it and attempting to rip it to pieces.

"Electrum Team. You're on cleanup. The debris? Ash."

At Kanos' command, the silver-painted ships of Electrum Team swooped in and began firing, melting massive chunks of metal as it sped towards the ground. As they dived, Team Leader Moller saw a red streak (@bulwark blur past, and made a note to look into his identity after the fight was completed.

General Jonatan Johansson of the Science Corp was with diplomatic relations, in a small shuttle launched from his capital ship. His protege was in charge there as he singled the Andromedan capital ship (@lords_of_light) through the telepathic link. "Andromeda! This is General Johansson of Banus. Permission to board?" If they were allowed in, they ship would fly into a hangar and disembark, waiting to be led to the bridge.

And General Magnusson? Why, he, and a select few others, were on a simpler mission. Search and destroy. He, Alec King, and Boris Mikkaelsson, cruised into Earth's atmosphere, scanners searching for the leader of the Time Siphons on all possible frequencies. If they found him, they would make a beeline for the enemy lead, with a single intent.

End the war in the first ten minutes.

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@lords_of_light: @bulwark: @general_kanos: @timesiphon:

-Los Angeles-

The Man of Miracles soared, his azure cape fluttering behind him, his garments glowing red as they hugged the herculean proportions of his frame. Explosions thundered above and flaming debris rained from a sky flared across by light. Holding his features in earnest, Sage's eyes of pacific blue glowed white. And the symbol adorning his chest; a stylized bird crossed with a star, burned as bright as the sun. Sage accelerated, speeding through the air, his fists in front, steering the magnetic fields that carried him into the sky. Teeth gritted, an otherworldly power coursing through his veins, Sage's bio-electric field came alive, casting it's authority through the air, suspending and redirecting the scorched material that rained from above back into the reaches of space.

The Man of Miracles
The Man of Miracles

And yet, more debris rained. The shattered hulls of battleships fell, the air flattening against them as they descended with destructive intent. Try as he might, even the Man of Miracles failed to clear the skies of Los Angeles without casualties. Below him, the civilians ducked and sought cover, under cars and inside buildings, just as they'd been to during times of crisis. Many cowered and prayed, hoping that the war beyond the skies would do them no harm, begging their gods to shield them from the flaming debris that would soon leave their city scarred. In schools, children hid beneath their desks, their hearts clamoring in their chests, their teachers wearing brave faces and instructing them not to panic. Sage had seen his world, one from an alternate reality, succumb to a war of global proportions.

'The constant of war..', his thoughts echoed, 'I can't let it take this world too'. BOOM! The clouds parted and the sky was torn asunder. In a burst of relativistic velocities, Sage had accelerated, the air's rapid thermal expansion giving way to nature's most primal roar; thunder. It's low but powerful rumble left the sky quaking, and in the distance, the Man of Miracles soared higher and higher, a cocktail of ionized particles and shock-waves trailing behind him and splitting the air. He soared and soared until the sky's blue expanse began to fade and the atmosphere thinned. Sage climbed higher, accelerated further, and gone was the Earth, here was the blackness of space. There was no sound, but a war for the solar system exploded all about him.

Warships bombarded one another with all manner of projectiles. Sage fancied his chances. Because as a scientist, he understood the challenges of waging war in space. While in theory an enemy ship can attack from any direction given space's three-dimensional nature, in practice.. perhaps not. The Time Siphons had entered their solar system with a fleet. A fleet that would still be governed by orbit dynamics, not only of their own ships in orbit around the planets and sun, but of the planets' orbits as well. In layman's terms, their large vessels would have little maneuverability. He gazed upon the enemy ships, and reached deep into the pools of his cells, commanding their stored radiant energy (energy from electromagnetic radiation and gravitational waves) and expelling many a destructive beam.

Beams that saw their violent burst of energetic particles and the ensuing electromagnetic storm scramble the systems of the Time Siphons' ships, burning out their electronics and stripping their crews of the means to pilot them. Extending his bio-electric field, the Man of Miracles, his eyes glowing white once more, he seized the metal debris of destroyed ships and accelerated them to high velocities as they bombarded enemy ships, tearing through their hulls and damaging delicate systems with their vibrations. Gyroscopes were thrown out of alignment and spun into their enclosures, exploding into shards, puncturing fuel tanks and eviscerating pilots and their crews. 'So far so good but the size of this fleet... I don't know how long we'll be able to keep this up'.

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@mr_winters:@lichter: @hudyman: @lords_of_light: @stormcrown: @general_kanos: @bulwark:

Melkryn stood on the bridge of the Obliterater Class vessel the humans had chosen to target as their primary opponent. It was a wise choice, the ship was the size of a continent and had enough fire power to turn Earth into a bubbling puddle of space goo...but that was not his mission. He locked his hands behind his back, glancing at the two Time Siphons that stood next to him. The command chamber of the bridge was entirely separate from the rest of the Bridge and capable of being sealed against the vacuum of space. Around them floated a three dimensional holographic display of the battlefield in orbit of Earth and its immediately surrounding space. His eyes flickered from one event to the next as Earth's mightiest heroes came to the rescue, crashing ships into one another, blowing them to bitz and otherwise causing general trauma. There were also Andoreans, which made him smirk a bit beneath his breathing mask. Raeyn has pulled out all the stops...good. He reached out to coil around the temporal lines of every single individual and space ship attacking his fleet...and found he couldn't. They were 'slippery', visible but left impossible to lock onto it...it was like coating a pig in grease. You could see it, you could chase it...you just couldn't get hold of it.

His right hand tightened into a fist and trembled in barely controlled rage.

"I see it as well." Calleus uttered, her visual attention drawn to the floating image of a TARDIS. "Someone is protecting them from range...but I think they've spread themselves so thin we could still drain them up close and personal."

"Only one individual has that power." Kaeyn said. "Well, who wants it to be easy anyway?" She asked with a grin. "Let's go kill some cattle. I haven't had a good harvest in weeks."

Without uttering a word the imposing robed figure of Melkryn simply pointed to the battlefield. The other two turned on their heels and strode from the room. Their individual targets didn't much matter to him, so long as they shored up their defenses. The number of losses was not entirely insignificant, but his fleet was like a swarm, it would keep coming and so long as the Time Siphons commanded it, the mercenaries that were dying would keep fighting. It was the way of things.

His eyes shifted to a blinking indicator that informed him someone had boarded his own ship. He turned and left the command chamber and felt the ship shuddering under various impacts as heroes and space ships alike targeted this area of the ship. Explosions tore through the command deck and fire raged as the command deck of the ship gave in to the brutal assaults. Time slowed to a crawl as Melkryn tapped into his temporal abilities and reached up, pulling his hood into place over his head as the cavernous bridge fell apart around him in slow motion.

No Caption Provided

The ship itself, though heavily damaged, was far from defenseless. There were other command centers and they took control with barely a blip. The massive ship continued to fight, energy was rerouted to its shielding and the immense damage it had been suffering was brought to a near halt. The mighty ship would not succumb to localized damage so easily and its weapons, capable of wiping planets from the galactic map, turned towards the Andromedan fleet and opened fire. Massive beams of energy the size of cities shot from dozens of weapon ports all over the ship, each one containing the rough kinetic power of an exploding super nova and enough heat to make the Earth's own sun look like a flickering candle in a strong breeze.

The ancient Time Siphon continued his leisurely pace to the center of the intrusion. When he arrived to find three intruders, Melkryn once again acted without speaking. At this range Raeyn's proteciton was not strong enough. He reached out and coiled around the temporal lines of each of the two guards escorting Octavian and launched his attack. Melkryn's temporal drain was not as simple as many, he preferred to break his opponent's down and found that targeting individual areas, while requiring more skill, gave his opponents less time to respond. Thus, they had the single beat of a heart to respond to his attack as he sought to age not their whole body, but the ligaments that allowed their knees to move successfully. Generally a temporal drain attack could be disrupted by breaking the Time Siphon's concentration, a fact not many people were yet familiar with.


Calleus, ever the level headed one of the trio, chose her opponent with care and precision. She left the massive space craft and used the anti-gravity system of her temporal armor to maneuver herself through space, weaving through the battling fleets until at last she came across the impressively fast moving streak that was Bulwark. Her first step was to manipulate the flow of her own time stream and provide the essential effect of moving much, much faster than normal. Where as before she had no hope of even tracking him, she now matched his pace and prepared to intercept him. Guessing at a high level of strength and durability Calleus chose a more esoteric approach than strict personal combat in space. Instead she shifted to temporal vision and floated casually in space, her eyes closed but the world open to her sight in ways many people could never imagine.

Perhaps the most well known power of a Time Siphon was to drain time...but it was far from the only one. Calleus had one particular ability that made her perhaps the best choice for this particular situation. With significant concentration she felt the fabric of reality and tore it asunder with her mind. She ripped open a gaping wound in time and space directly next to her oncoming opponent. She used it to assault his mind. From out of the rift came possibilities undreamed of, a veritable train of possible worlds, a rapid succession of images that would, hopefully, pour unbidden into his mind. Each image was a different possible reality...a different possible life...or death...for him. With a thought and concentration Calleus intended to bombard the strong young Bulwark an infinity of possible Bulwarks...every choice he had ever made would, if successful, play out in his mind again and again and from each possible choice, dozens of possible realities because every choice, every right or left turn created worlds in which the other direction was taken. So no, Calleus did not assault Bulwark's doubtlessly powerful body, she assaulted his sanity.


Of the trio, Kaeyn was the most arrogant and she acted on that arrogance. There were two people she sought to counter and hoped to slaughter. An expert with temporal blades Kaeyn wielded a pair of them and she wasted no time in rushing the first of her chosen foes @anonymous3. The Blue Sentinel could push hope where Kaeyn wanted only despair. She flew at him at excessive speeds nearing the speed of light. A combination of gravity manipulation and dramatically increasing the flow of time for her body was all she needed to go from an ordinarily fast person to someone capable of matching some of the lower level speedsters. She waited for the last moment and then just as she neared him Kaeyn barrel rolled from his left to his right and in the process sought to drag both of her temporal blades across his chest.

Temporal blades did not cut, they aged nearly instantly. Flesh would become rotten and fall away, bone would render unto dust and sinew would break apart. Even the Sentinel's energy shield could age, treated as if it had been battered by extreme firepower its stability would be challenged if she were able to make contact. Her first goal was just that, break apart his shield, make him an easier target for murder later in the fight. Successful or not she kept going, right to her second target. @stormcrown This one looked durable and strong, perhaps more than that, he seemed to possess a level of energy that rivaled the greatest of nuclear reactors. Where other Time Siphons might fear to tread, she saw only food. Radiation aged in its own way, it decayed over time and broke down and that time span? Usually tens of thousands of years, sometimes millions. If she could get hold of him she could bring back more of her memory shards, dramatically increase her power and hopefully reduce him to dust. First however, she needed to strike. She chose her approach vector carefully ,flying right through one of the disintegrating ships he'd torn apart from the inside by destabilizing the very mechanism that kept if functioning in space. She flew out of the expanding wreck like a comet, having not bothered to slow down from her assault on the Blue Sentinel. Both of her temporal blades were at the ready as she crossed the distance in mere moments and lashed out. Her first strike she brought her forward blade around to attempt to slice across his right arm and into his shoulder. The second blade made for his opposite side, seeking to dig deep into the side of his rib cage.


The Time Lord was not left out. His TARDIS was targeted and a long range bombardment began. The tiny ship was now the target of a dozen other craft intent on battering it into submission. It was not the most elegant of responses to his presence, nor the most likely to work...but it was intended to drive him back, shake his position and buy time for one of the three Time Siphons to get to him. Even so, the firepower thrown his way was not insignificant, it was enough to crack continents.

The rest of the fleet assaulted the other fleets closing on its position, responding to the loss of ships and life as if it were nothing. The massive fleet was, indeed, poor at maneuvering but there were whole clouds of ships, rotating on their axis allowed many of them to adjust their firing positions or force other undamaged portions of their shields to take impacts. The mercenaries were afraid of the Time Siphons...but they were also experienced and they used space to their advantage, shifting along the vertical axis, adjusting their positions while not seeking to move wholly from one place to another, which would be slow, cumbersome and extremely difficult in such a cramped battlefield.


oc: If you didn't get targeted by a Time Siphon don't worry, I will soon enough. I only have so many though =). If I otherwise missed you please tell me. I am selling attacks on the ships as being pretty devastating because their are so many, ships are NPCs, its the Time Siphons I want treated like characters.

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Ground, they were gaining ground. Visible damage could be seen forming as the Andromedean fleet let loose their orbital lasers. However, they only had enough power to sustain them for so long until they would need to be recharged. No matter how large the Vers Core it would still need time after consuming all that energy, in these moments all power was diverted to their shields and their formation was to be broken. No doubt counter attack would ensue which gave them only so much time to reposition, no doubt it would look like ants running from a fight but, in reality multiple ships dropped down below the main fighting these ships were done. One would remain just below the action, the rest waited for their surviving fighters to board before pulling out.

The nearly 80 ships that remained in the conflict had expected some kind of retaliation but, this was something the likes of which was unexpected. In an effort to protect themselves they had pushed all their power to shields this however, was nothing but a futile attempt. Weapons the likes of which they had not expected illuminated the vast darkness of space in moments, massive constant streams of power let loose from the large vessel. In their wake they didn't just devour, they deleted. In mere moments half the fleet entered non existence, friends, fathers, husbands all killed in a matter of moments. Such was the cruel truth of war though, this was the truth that they all knew. This knowing helped those who had just lost dear friends, some who had lost brothers, and those who lost husbands push the sadness of loss deep down. In it's place came a rage, the rage to avenge, a rage stronger then ones own self control. A rage that was stronger then one's will to live, a female voice came across the comm systems, it would reach out to all the ships still remaining. Only one sentence would be said, and from that sentence a whole new level of understanding would be brought among them.

''Let Justice Be Done, Through the Fall of Gods."

No Caption Provided

This was less of a phrase and more of a battle cry, the battle cry of the Orbital Knights to be exact. In the event that a militaristic landing would need to be completed this phrase would be said as the starting shot. It marked the beginning, however among the men and women of the fleet it meant only one thing. Not all the ships would partake in such an event, in fact only fifteen would. They sought to utilize the sharp angular design of the Javelin to act as their own landing castle. Most power was diverted to thrusts, seeking to propel the ships forward towards the massive ship. Momentum built and once they had enough to keep moving, all power was diverted to weapons. Most shields were based around energy and the hopes of stopping energy assaults, which is why this could be considered the winning tactic. They sought to plunge themselves into the hull of the space craft, some even seeking to move right through it. Once most of their mass was inside they would let loose another Orbital Laser hoping to leave the massive continent size craft with large gaping wounds along it's side.

There was no guarantee that the shields only affected energy weapons which is why all the fighter craft were scrambled. They sough to locate anything that looked like a shield generator and unload into it, hopefully enfeebling it enough to disengage the shield or at least weaken it.

The other 25 destroyer class vessels made it their goal to keep fighting, most of the men and women who let loose the charge would not survive. That was their final gambit however, they all knew why they did it. Their goal was to save the universe here, to protect everyone back home and as long as that was accomplished then their own lives were worth the sacrifice. In case they didn't though Regalius would keep fighting, the last twenty five would make it their goal to switch target and unload into any other vessel that looked similar to a command ship. Large TIme Siphon crafts would be barraged with super heated plasma shots in quick succession in the hopes that their hulls would breach and the craft themselves fall.


It was an all out war zone across the globe, major cities became hellish landscapes of conflict. It was here in those places that the Andromedean ground force engaged their opponents. Large mecha firing at time siphon who held all kinds of unique abilities. However, Cross had no clue how to deal with an enemy like this, one that seemed to be killing his men without touching them. He needed Octavian's task force to get him the information he needed. They were gaining ground but, for how long would such an event last.

It was around this time that his space to ground communications became overwhelmed with screams, he almost lept from his chair and made his way to the glass on the bridge. Gazing up into the sky he saw a powerful yellow light begin to dissipate.


Almost instantly a small device found it's way into his hand, it was a direct patch to one of the ships. It didn't go through, he kept trying craft after craft but to no avail. He was given a report that multiple of their fleet still remained in combat but, the numbers were halved. The device he held fell to the floor as he rested his head in his hands, it was not to shed a tear but instead to make a prayer. Their god Prya rewarded those who died in combat, who died in protection of others. It was to her that he reached out and sought for the men and women who's lives had just been taken so quickly to receive the most bountiful of afterlives. He then raised his head and took his seat once more. A whole other level of determination in his eyes.


"Get me Washington"

If the U.S. government responded then he would make a request. The landing castles still resided in Earths upper atmosphere, Cross would simply ask if he had the clearance to drop them when he saw fit.

@general_kanos After that call ended he would hand over the device and take his seat once more. Just in time to receive a message through his mind, one that requested permission to board. It was granted and a group of Royal Guard were sent to escort whoever was in charge to the bridge.

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The High Prince had his mind elsewhere as they move through the craft, the winding hallways, doors with nothing but conflict behind them. A trail of bodies in their wake as they moved through the place but, the whole time he was on auto pilot. He couldn't stop thinking about his dream, it had been gnawing away at him the answers he needed right there. The boy with white hair and a black robe, the figure in black and red who reached out to him, none of it made any sense. He had been promised that the next time they met his questions would be answered yet, he knew that to be a fallacy. Every time one question was answered two more would arise, whatever was going on inside of him was like a hydra that he couldn't slay. Soon enough it would become to big and he wouldn't be able to contain it, it would overpower and destroy him.

The two guards halted Galian had sensed something wrong with the boy, like he was...distracted. The Royal Guard ordered Proventus to keep watch as he pulled the prince aside,

''Octavian listen, I've known you for the past year. Long enough to know what your best and your worst look like. Whatever is going on in there don't worry about that, I got a kid I wanna go home to and so does Proventus. If were gonna be able to see them again you need to snap out of this and get your head in the game. Were in enemy territory moving towards an unknown target and we don't need anything else working against us. I'll give you a second to figure this out before we start moving again."

No Caption Provided

Octavian knew that Galian was right but, Galian also had no clue how complex everything inside of Octavian's mind was. Still, as the prince he needed to do his best for the people he would one day lead. In those moments he mad himself a promise, he would make sure Galian and Proventus got to see their kids again. He rose to his feet, clearing his mind, forcing everything deep and replacing it with only thoughts of keeping his personal promise. He moved to rejoin the group only to see them, brought to their knees by an unknown assailant. His eyes flashed, changing color from blue to a raging amber. His hand raised, in it his own personal weapon formed, then negative energy exploded outwards like shards of glass. These wouldn't do any sort of damage instead, it was the floating blades that were left in their wake that would. Nearly fifty of them sought to impale the man from all sides, creating streaks in the air as they moved.

''NO DON'T, He's...one of them"

Galian's words penetrated his ears just fast enough for the High Prince to halt the movement of the weapons around him. Octavian wouldn't be nice or even peaceful. His eyes detected no signs of previous movement and still the two royal guards struggled to move. He knew they could manipulate things using temporal energy, this information had been given to them before the war. They still lacked specifics though, which is why he was here.

"Whatever your doing or did, fix it..now"

Despite his earlier thoughts, Octavian was able to keep his thoughts centered around battle. Why, because he had made himself a promise he intended to keep. Right now this Time Siphon sought to stop him from doing so.

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@timesiphon: @stormcrown:

Walker knew all to well he would be no match in close combat, and only barely sighted the time siphon in time as she closed in. It must have been less than a millisecond, and had he waited any longer he quite literally would have been turned to dust. He flew upwards at light speed, thinks only to the fact that's the speed the ring could reach and none to him. Even so, he couldn't think at lightspeed. Which meant that very dangerous blade cut through the front of his stomach giving him extreme pain as he was forced to close his hands around his aged organs and the sentinal shield flickered away for a few moments air sucked from his lungs.

Contrary to some peoples belief, a person could survive in space unassisted for a very short period of time and still have few lasting effects. But soon he reformsd the shield to help him regrow his organs, an ability that he did have on his own but the shield was undoubtedly help. He saw she'd passed him by, knowing to keep away from the blades his right hand formed into an energy cannon, a vuldarian ability, blasting away at her with enough power to break through a US carrier.

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Time siphons weren't the only ones who could use time manipulation to their advantage. The time gem suit worn by Director Winters had unlimited power and could equally create things that effected time in their own way, however all he needed at present was self time manipulation. Increasing his speed exponentially as he raced towards the largest ship and changed for a moment and then diving towards it at the speed of light his carbonadium sword coming down to rip through the ship and allow him entrance while simultaneously causing damage. Now was time for his ngod abilities to unfold. Dark matter began building up where he was, faster and faster as he attempted to pull everything apart by increasing the internal gravity of the ship exponentially. Dark matter was not something that could simply be hit or taken away if Winters was killed. It was its own thing, Winters could just control it, it was just as well that he could also leave it be to allow him to focus on teleporting about the ship in search for time siphons.

Immediatly he began mentallt mapping the most likely places the time siphons would have been placed if on the ship and began a two second teleportation to every one searching until he would run into a good fight leaving enough dark matter to compress matter the size of a house into a small sphere at everyplace he visited.

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"Victoria, what are the power levels?" Edward ran around the console activating controls at such a fast pace, it almost appeared to be inhuman. "Low sir, very very low. If we keep taking this much damage there is a fifty percent chance that the Tardis can go into a core jettison. I'm balancing the probability here but there simply is just too much for us to handle right now. What are your commands?"

A core jettison would mean not only a shutdown for the Tardis but a multi dimensional explosion that could cause a rift in time and space. Essentially it would be similar to the aspect of "deleting" a universe. It had to be prevented at all costs. Pulling the console monitor towards him, Edward began to run through the list of possibilities while consistently licking his ice cream. "Victoria, compare the space between ours and theirs then run me up with a list of switchable dimensions. If we do this right, I could see us skipping past a full refuel procedure."

She would walk towards the console but this time, one of the attacking ships would have fired an incredibly powerful blast that had the strength to affect the interior console room, pushing Victoria to the floor along with Edward's ice cream cone. He watched the sweet 26th century triple scoop vanilla ice cream melt away on the ground with a look of absolute despair painted on his face. They had crossed him.

"Fine. Let's do this their way."

He pushed in the gyroscopic stabiliser to it's full extent, primed the helmic regulator up to 60% then pulled down the space-time throttle.

"Sir? What are you going to do?"

"Something I should have done before this all began." his voice sounded sharp and direct. It could only mean danger.

Edward skilfully flew the Tardis through the vortex before smoothly landing on earth in the 21st century.

No Caption Provided

"The twenty first century? Why did you bring us here?"

Edward stood silent and proceeded to run out the door. "I'll be back in five."

Ten minutes passed and the Timelord returned with what appeared to be disposable ice cream cones.

"You can't be serious. There's practically a war going on and you're buying milk substances?"

Edward smirked then pulled the dematerialisation lever once more. "You can't fight war on an empty stomach."

It didn't take long for the Tardis to slip back into the battlefield only this time, Edward was on the offensive.

"Why are you targeting an entire fleet?"

"Because they are the easier option. A Time Siphon ship would be more trouble and we only have enough power for one trip back to the N-Space. Can you set the spatial coordinates to 250?"

"Ahh I see! So we can use the energy generation from their destruction to power up our systems! Smart move indeed."

Victoria obeyed her instruction and set the coordinates to the N-Space. As she did so, Edward selected the fleet that was bombarding them and hooked the bunch up for a tow. If the enemy ships were unable to resist the temporal pull, the Tardis would pull them along before zipping into the vortex then transferring both itself and the enemy ships into N-Space where almost instantly they would be vaporised and turned into nothing but broken parts swirling around the vortex.

Grinning widely, Edward licked his ice cream. "Power readings Vikki?"

"All systems at one hundred percent sir." she replied with her a smirk of her own.

"Now then, let's get back to the battlefield. Someone owes me an apology."

Pushing the lever back to it's full height, the Tardis would then burst it's way through the N-Space back into the war in the skies.

No Caption Provided

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@timesiphon: @anonymous3:

In the wake of scorched debris and shattered hulls, a foe emerged. One whose aggression and command over time meant he could not allow her to touch him. It would mean instant death. And from a distance, the Man of Miracles felt his gaze fall upon her. As explosion after explosion lit the blackness of space, Sage tapped into his cells, his eyes burning white, dipping deep into their wells of radiant energy, stirring all manner of radiation coursing through his body until he'd chosen one. His eyes burned brighter then, and at the sight of his foe's advance, commanded beams of radio waves to intercept her at c (the speed of light), prevent her from attacking. Beams beyond the visible spectrum of light. Beams that replaced the Man of Miracles' jab, sniping his foes and managing distances that spanned kilometers.

Beams whose powerful radio waves did their damnest to force the Time Siphon's electrons and ions to oscillate with them. Beams whose radio waves sought to superheat the fluids in his foe's body and boil her from within. But she was overzealous, the Time Siphon. Powerful and aggressive. She would not die. Of that, Sage was certain. Should she charge at him once more, he'd be prepared. The muscle fibers in his body would twitch, quaking with a nuclear power as he'd uncork his fist, his arm arcing upwards in an uppercut, an ion beam driving his body up, exerting hyper-herculean force as he'd threaten to blast his fist into the pit of her gut, to intercept a would-be second charge with an uppercut whose blitzing velocity and power'd superheat his foe's body to thermonuclear temperatures and rip her molecules asunder. He wouldn't gamble against a Time Siphon.

A heartbeat later, the Man of Miracles had burst away from her, an ion beam trailing him as he accelerated closer and closer to c (the speed of light), hoping to lure the Time Siphon into giving chase. If not? It didn't matter. Defeating her wasn't his goal - yet. Laying waste to their fleet however, was. And so he accelerated, faster and faster till encountering his limit at 99.9% of c. His body crackled with energy and time slowed. His vision came through a tunnel-shaped window. The stars in front seemed blue, and those behind him seemed red. Sage tore through ships, ripping through them with incalculable force, at the greatest velocity he could reach.

And while his focus was on battling the Time Siphon fleet, he never forgot about the one Time Siphon he'd attacked. He had to be wary. He was planning. He had to. Because she'd need little to turn him into a confirmed kill. There was no room for error.

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Ripping and tearing through the battalions of ships had thus far not posed too much of a challenge, his muscled hands peeling away the outer hulls of the invaders' ships. Pounding away at pulse-powered engines, he continued to project himself dramatically through the extraterrestrial metals, practically ignoring the pinpricks that were intercepting fire. As he ran rampant, however, he came face-to-face with Calleus, who commenced her own devastating attack on the youth's mind.

Coherent thought was impossible, as was screaming, for the vacuum carried no sound. Open-mouthed and eyes closed, he clutched at his head, convulsing wildly as his rampage was temporarily brought to a stunning halt. Were he truly human, the psionic assault might've ended his tour as a hero in that very instant, the fragile human psyche ripped asunder with every possible reality now competing to fill his skull. Fortunately, he was not human, but rather, an imitation of one; there was no countermeasure for such an attack, but psychic interference had been accounted for in his secret creation.

Through the same force of will he exhibited whilst fighting Halliwell, he maintained his grip on reality, even though doing so was practically impossible. Incapable of coherent thought, he acted on instinct, lashing out at all of his surroundings using his brutal nuclear vision in an effort to dispel whatever force was causing the onslaught of visions. The rays would accelerate anything they touched, heating the atoms until they essentially disintegrated. Spinning around and around, he would lay waste to everything nearby, unable to truly continue his crusade against the invaders until the pain stopped.

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The huge ship's shields were powerful but the kinetic force of dozens of ships crashing into it overwhelmed the shields in a few moments. The rest of the ships survived the process and impaled the huge vessel. Laser beams meant to drill through world crust ate great gouges into the hull, pierced deep into the ship's internal workings and killed tens of thousands of enslaved mercenaries. The ship shuddered, its lights flickered...and then they came back on. The Andromedans had chosen to attack a ship designed for the beating it was taking, it was meant to attract the fire power of entire fleets, it was meant to shrug off damage...and it did so by being semi-organic.

The internal workings of the ship were all composed of organic components and the central computer, buried deep within the center of the ship, immediately accounted for damage and began to re-route lost systems by growing new ones. So when systems went off line, they rarely stayed that way. The sheer size of the vessel kept it from coming apart but its hull integrity had been greatly reduced. The ship would die, but it would do so slowly and it would flail in its death, it would strike out like a Titan of old and crush everything its weapons could find. The smaller weapons lashed out at any ship not impaled in its hull while the crew of the great ship surged towards the impaled ships in the hopes of boarding them and taking out the crews.

In the mean time the huge ship's systems made another adjustment...a countdown to infinity. The ship was powered by an esoteric Temporal Drive, a device capable of penetrating Time and Space, not with elegance of a TARDIS but with the brute force of a Time Siphon. When the drives were used, they tore open time and space and forced their will upon it. The energies building within the device would cause a catastrophe in space the likes of which the Andromedans had never seen before, if they were allowed to be released in the way the ship had planned...detonation.



Melkryn said nothing. Instead he strode forward through the wall of blades. Points of his armor spider webbed at the impact but the blades were cast aside. Even his supposedly exposed face developed a spider web of cracks over it, indicating the presence of translucent armor. Now standing a foot away, Melkryn inclined his head, his burning eyes now showing beneath the hood of his armor.

No Caption Provided

The Time Siphon continued to remain speechless, instead he simply held out both hands, one towards each of the guards and then closed them symbolically. As he did so he attacked their lungs, seeking to age their lungs to the point of being nearly useless...his intent to leave them just enough to remain alive and wheezing.

At long last the Time Siphon spoke. His voice echoed through the ship, a deep and reverberating sound that carried with it an echo, suggesting the presence of not one but two voices or one voice that was temporally distorted. "You hold no power here." He said. "You flail like frightened cattle, conjuring swords as if to frighten me. If swords are the best you can do, I will not bother to wear your body."

Not a man of many words and rarely one to talk without acting, he launched an actual attack at Octavian. His hand moved suddenly and without warning and is it did so it removed a temporal blade from his side and activated it in one swift motion. He sought to drive the blade straight through his opponent's chest just below the sternum. If the attack was successful, it would eat away at anything in its path that could age and decay. If Octavian's armor was constructed from certain materials the blade would be halted, but this was as much a probing attack as one meant to kill. If the blade was stopped, he would know what to do next, if not...then he had nothing to be concerned about.

He ignored the damage to his own armor, though minor in appearance, it was never a minor incident to physically crack temporal armor. Cracks meant damage and damage meant strain. The armor would seek to preserve itself after enough damage was done, first by shutting down certain systems such as the anti-gravity or plasma weapon systems and then, ultimately, by tapping into its wearer's temporal reserve and draining his power to restore itself...an outcome that would leave him weakened, possibly significantly. His stroll through the weapons was an act of arrogance and defiance, not invulnerability.



Terrified? Yes. Arrogant? Absolutely? Powerful...oh yes. Kaeyn could do nothing about the microwave beams, they moved too fast for her to respond to and struck exactly as they were intended. The only thing that saved her was the esoteric nature of her temporal armor. Despite supposedly being nearly nude, she was far from it. The microwaves were intercepted by armor constructed from the very fabric of time itself...but a great crack appeared in the armor and her flight path was suddenly massively disrupted as the armor responded to the damage in an attempt to preserve itself. It shunted excess damage away from her body as the devastating attack sought to overcome its protection. The extra damage was shunted straight to her anti-gravity system, always the first to go, and she lost total control of her flight path.

Fortunately, this spared her from his devastating punch as she tried to correct her course and ended up spiraling away instead of towards him. She snarled in her armor and redirected the armor's assumption. It immediately repaired her anti-gravity systems by siphoning energy from her plasma weapon system, shutting those down instead and giving her back the gift of space flight. By then he was gone, smashing ships. At that exact moment energy shots came at her, one smashing into her armor and spider webbing it just between her shoulder blades. She spun around and used her temporal blades to swiftly intercept the remaining shots.

Since she couldn't destroy her opponent with temporal drain, she instead coiled around the temporal line of a drifting piece of Time Siphon ship hull plating. She consumed it in an instant. The stuff was designed to be eaten, consumed as fuel when needed and to prevent the mercenaries from rebelling. She used the time to fuel a devastating pair of attacks that would rend the fabric of reality. The always aggressive Kaeyn reached out one hand towards the Blue Sentinel and assaulted reality around him. The fabric of reality warped and twisted before finally tearing apart to his right. The hole in space/time vomited out raw time. If the time energy hit him it would threaten to dislocate his internal organs in time, making some suddenly younger while others were aged to the point of near death. Prolonged exposure would also threaten to rip his body apart as its very molecular structure became twisted and distorted. Escape from the attack was not impossible but the space around him was immediately distorted, causing turbulence that could throw off flight patterns. The Blue Light shield would protect his body from the initial spill of time but like anything else exposed to raw time, was unlikely to last forever.

The very same attack was launched at the Lightspeed Wonder @stormcrown: The rift for him however was placed directly in his flight path. Kaeyn hoped to catch him by surprise and force him to fly straight through the Temporal Tear and thus bathe him in an unholy concoction of temporal power. Space distorted as reality screamed and then gave way, ripping asunder and spilling out more temporal energy.

For her part, the attacks consumed so much of her temporal reserve that even consuming part of a ship was not enough, it fueled one attack but the second and she felt the memory shard slip from her memory pane and the power to launch such assaults was lost...for now. Instead she flew after the very man that had hit her with microwave energy before, accelerating time for herself yet again and speeding at her opponent, prepared to hopefully finish him off with a swift slash of her blade meant to drag across his chest. If the battle occurred for overly long near the temporal distortion only one of them was in danger...for the Time Siphon it would be like bathing in naked power.



The ship was already groaning under the strain of the attacks launched against it, its temporal drives already in overload mode...fluctuations of Dark Matter didn't help the situation at all. Points of ship began to collapse in on themselves as the ship was assaulted by the Dark Matter Blitzer. His swift journey around the ship soon took him to the massive teleportation chamber where the armies of the Time Siphons had previously been located. There was no one there now and the energies of the huge teleportation machines had cooled down already. It seemed as if most of the TIme Siphons on the ship were already on Earth. All save one who was already in a conflict. The Dark Matter attacks were the final nail in the great ship's coffin, though its death remained slow as portions of the huge vessel began to break apart from the primary ship.


The Time Siphon fleet was injured but not out of the fight. The massive quantity of ships kept pressing into the gaps created by the destruction of their peers. They now outnumbered the Andromedan fleet more than seven hundred to one. It was at this moment the Thousand Worlds of Rytorus rejoined the fight. Their ships flew to the aide of the remaining 25 ships from Mars, weapons blazing as they prepared to run interference and try to preserve what was left of the Mars fleet. No words were exchanged nor communications channels opened but the close support would likely speak for itself. Twenty five ships were joined by eighty more.

The Time Siphon fleet began a slow and laborious shift to try and deal with the ships...but there was nothing they could do about the meta humans assaulting them, instead they had to rely on three time siphons for their protection, three Time Siphons more concerned with personal victory that preserving the fleet. Only certain ships mattered in the grand scheme of things and those remained farthest from the conflict, looming transport vessels dedicated to mass teleportation.



Calleus floated in impressed awe, the cow had failed to collapse.

"OH SHoot! " She exclaimed as nuclear devastation was launched in her direction. Calleus reacted swiftly, bringing her temporal blade up just in time for the beams to slam into the blade. Radiation aged like most forms of energy in the form of decay, so the blade absorbed and destroyed the power as it struck..but he was quick and moving erratically. She blocked a few more shots before finally being struck in the chest and sent flying backwards. By the time she regained control of her flight she felt her armor threatening to give way, the armor hadn't cracked, it had cratered, but not been completely penetrated.

Well damn. That's just impressive.

Her assault finally fizzled but she wasn't done. She found many of her powers robbed of their affect by Raeyn's temporal shielding, but there was more than person oriented attacks in her repertoire. She smiled and lashed out with a follow up attack just as her previous assault was clearing. This one created a temporal duplicate of the man she'd been attacking. The space bound hero would shortly find himself under attack by a sinister duplicate of himself pulled forcefully from another time line and given just enough of his own intelligence to be useful in battle. Hopefully the duplicate would match him power for power as it unleashed a nuclear beam attack of its own.

She shifted her gaze while she waited to see the outcome of the new battle, her eyes falling on the TARDIS floating through space. @hudyman She was drawn to it like a moth to flame, the temporal energy radiating from it like an elixir of power. Calleus corralled her will, forcing the animal back into the cage a bit to keep herself from assaulting blindly. She'd never seen a TARDIS before and remained cautious until she knew better what it was capable of. In a test of its defensive qualities she sent a ball of roiling plasma straight for the front doors. She wasn't afraid to use time manipulation on a time machine, but wanted to prevent that sort of epic conflict while she was still fighting the Atomic Super Man.

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@timesiphon: @stormcrown:

The Blue Sentinal was probably more powerful than most, but he was no match for stuff like this. Survival might be possible, even delaying his opponent. But he doubted very much he could win.

The turbulance made it extremely difficult to figure out what was going on as his insides churned and aged like mad. People could have heard his cries had they not been in space. Again, his shield began flickering on and off, having difficulty keeping up. The only reason he was still alive was because his vuldarian ability to regenerate organs was slowing how fast it would destroy him. But if he didn't get out, it WOULD destroy him.

With as big an urge as he could muster he forced himself out of the insanity and just floated for a few moments, verging on unconsciousness as his body sought to heal him instead of let him continue fighting. He had to force his eyes open again, "Gosh darnit, you're such an idiot Walker." He muttered at himself squinting to look at the Time Siphon as his vision began returning from a little blurryness.

"Ok, try something else." He said looking around. Quickly he flew to one of the smaller ships ramming inside it with hands that turned to blades and shooting at them by changing his arms into energy cannons and damaging the control system. He flew back out and grabbed the ship, he had super strength, and a lot of it. Plus flight. And using both he swung and threw the ship at the time siphon hoping it would hit her, and ir it didn't he was gonna try and shoot at her the moment he saw her again. Because the way this was going he felt he was screwed if he tried to keep fighting something that could warp reality.

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"All War is deception."

"Know yourself and know your enemy."

No Caption Provided

Gloved, knuckles cracked at chest level. Green droplets of vital oozed from battered lips, and formed a small inch. She'd only been beating him for maybe half a minute, and already he felt near death.

Moya watched the "man" stumble onto the floor. Unable to breath correctly. Another punch laid him out on the ground. He resisted, out of fear, and his knowledge of english was dubious at best, but it was enough. He laid out on the ground, his holographic disguise fuzzing as he spat out green blood onto. Her palm slammed into the back of his head as she pinned him there. Against his own will. Not a word escaped his lips.


But, his mind has faltered. He refuses to speak with his mouth, but his thoughts give him way. Brief images of the man know as Varikass and his circle of nine appear. Motivations. That "man's" own background and history. She had her answer, and she let the man up, and let him back into the cell. He was thanked, to his surprise. Most all of what Maieria had fed to her was showing to be true. An empire ruled by fear.

Maverick looked at the situation logistically and practically. There was an army of ships, one of them big enough to have a gravitational field akin to a moon if it got close enough. How did these problems usually solve themselves? Logistically. The big, bad ships were a problem, but they weren't the most major problem. The most major problem were the individuals commanding the ship. That, is where they are to strike. At the moment, there was no heavy emplacement with immense concern to operating in Space. This is because Maverick lacks an extensive array of weaponry to combat things coming from off planet, things that functioned outside of an atmosphere. And what they did have, was very expensive. Things meant to attack entire continents and to fend off waves of alien invasions, not utterly unlike this. But, this was not like any invasion. It was an invasion against a race of beings, who weren't necessarily beaten by magnitude of power, but by the nature of the attack in question.

The answer isn't always to simply hit harder. At It was to hit differently, with a wide variety of methods. Not every Siphon was the same, much like how every man doesn't have the same level of physical fitness. Powers varied, like mutants. But they shared more in common, and all had the same theme. Time.

This meant that any attack launched against them would have to be something that has proven to work. Methods broadcasted publically, information spread like wildfire. Information was covertly streamed no longer, as the enemy seemed hardly intent on intercepting it. And even then, to get every man woman and child knowledgeable? It would be to alert government and independent entities who cared for the earth's well being alike to lend their resources and ability to repelling the alien threat. Winning didn't simply, happen. People had to make it happen. And Maverick was intent on being one of those people.

There was no hesitation to plaster Varikass' face all over the news, the internet and popular media. The arguably easiest way for them to find someone who may or may not have just ported onto the surface of the earth.

"Assess the advantages in taking advice. Then structure your forces accordingly, to supplement extraordinary tactics. Forces are to be structured strategically, based on what is advantageous."

"Invincibility lies in defense, and the possibility of victory in an attack."

No Caption Provided

Use of their forces to evacuate everyone was inefficient and outside of their ever dwindling budget. Severe damage meant less pay and more out of their pay check. The protection of national assets and entire people was vital to the all powerful private military corporation, because money comes from the government, and the government gets its money coming from people. Who's gonna pay them if everything is burned to the ground. If there is no one left to protect. Who's even going to give a damn about money with nothing left to spend it on? How would fathers of Maverick pay to sustain families and friends? How would they offer their all? Orbital platforms, tanks, helicopters and exosuits ultimately relied on paper and numbers, just like everything else.

Money was a tool, and to accomplish what was best for the world? They ultimately needed as much of it as they could get. And to do that meant to protect every asset possible.

Surface to orbit missile from forces all over the world, Maverick and non-Maverick, already buzzed through the skies. Anti-Satellite weapons and anti air emplacements meant to take out everything from ICBMs to flairs homed in on their heated targets on re-entry, powerful nations such as America and China requiring less assistance and others having paid for Maverick through the U.N, as Phantoms flew up into the air and blew apart most crap in the sky. Damage couldn't possibly be averted as many craft could veer past missiles and some flew past and crashed well into many evacuated cities. But it so far, not catastrophic.

(Moya) "You know? I can take a little solace in this. It's kinda good to know that we aren't the worst out there. We're bad. Yes. But not the worse."

(Bold) "Defeat of the enemy lies in understanding them? Who are they? Darwinistic Warlords who's army is dominated by fear for their families like everyone else. They have a ship the size of a continent up there, but it runs on men just like everything else. Men who fear their masters, their masters and would abandon them at the soonest opportunity. It's a colossal kingdom built with concrete, but no steel. Held together by sheer glue n' ducktape, and painted with a nice chrome finish."

Bold's fists clench, and a smile of that screamed "arrogant Jackass". "Hit 'em where it hurts. Defend where necessary, and strike with you're mind. This man."

A picture of Varikass appeared, with a perfect set of pictures for his circle of nine.

"Destroy the most vital assets, and everything else just might scatter. Or just be fodder for all the big boys dukng it out in space right now."

(Moya) "Don't focus too much on their strength. More, the weakness. That's how we get out of this. So, if the objective is to build our defense, while all of them build their offense. Then decide where and when to attack, and how. If we need to do anything at all when it comes to attacking."

International Television

Bold appeared, making an appearance at press conference somewhere in South Africa, in the area as News Reporters flew onto the scene, literally. All wishing to speak to what they saw as a great protector. The man down here, while the rest duked it out among the star dust.

"In these hard times, let's not forget what separates them from us. A true leader leads by example, not force."

Even Hitler inspired.

"By respect, and not simply fear. I know this of our enemies, who enslave others among the stars, and set them upon us. Who call themselves conquerors because they believe themselves born better than you and I. They teleport and have Star Ships, but they still need slavery apparently. They advanced their tech but not themselves. So, let's all show them the error of our ways. I mean it when I say, stick with one another."

He leans forward.

"You're all we've got. Survive. The best everyone can do is find a way to survive."

The world's armies moved man women and child about in a way that by now, had become routine. Everyone was told that it'd all be over. That this isn't the first invasion earth had faced, nor would it be the last.

"As we speak, the world's armies evacuate and move you all about."

Capitols were first, because they were the most likely targets. Houses and Senates? Big political buildings? They were the first things to get cleared, most often personally by Maverick themselves.

Just like the old days.

"Thank you. Stay safe. Stay Smart. Godspeed."

A wave, and he stepped off the stage.

"Move only if there is real advantage to be gained."

One of the few attacks Maverick would send, as the fighters past by their invisible space Squadron was one that made use of Maverick's few orbital weapons platforms. The HELIOS. A tunable laser, it's attack needed not be visible nor ionizing radiation that visible light, UV rays, X-Rays and Gamma Rays were required to be.

No Caption Provided

It traveled invisibly to the normal naked eye, and it moved at the speed of light. No mass. No magnetic field. Simply, pure Electromagnetic Energy. It's selected frequency among it's tunable electromagnetic arsenal was the frequency of Radiowaves and microwaves. The massive weapons platform had not the agility of fighter craft or jets. But, it made up for that with the fact that it was cloaked from every single frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum except the ones that it's it is using.

The intention was to instantly and utterly disable as many satellites as possible, with aim that took ages to line up. But shots that'd surge forward at the speed of light to try to strike down. All the while remaining utterly invisible to the naked eye, and to most other eyes as well. Whether or not it worked, it in itself would serve further in this long term strategy of what is functionally nothing more than trial and error. At the risk of having major assets attacked and invaded. Even if they didn't act further? If it was ultimately a failure? Who knows? Maybe others can benefit from observation, if so capable.

They gonna know what hit 'em? Let's see.

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"Of course." He said annoyed. He'd considered the possibility at 60% which had increased as he hadn't seen any. At present his calculations said there was a 1% probability they were still in space.

Winters vanished as he teleported to earth radioing some allies quickly, "We're going to need orbital and terrestrial backup. Send in support of at least two mid to high level agents, one must be immediate response."

The two agents woumd be quick to arrive but weren't there yet. Meanwhile Winters had to find the Time Siphons who weren't in space. He began moving, using the time gems to reach an uncountable speed but without anything reacting to it except him. He would search for approximately two minutes across the planet attempting to cover every hole and crevice before either finding them or heading back out to space.

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Mr Winters call was answered quickly as Agent Kar arrived looking like Aleron as usual. Although he was a primordial shapeshifter he knew the Aleron persona was more familiar.

Because he was an immortal and could manipulate his being Winters suspected he would be far less vulnerable to any time attacks, since he was incapable of physical aging anymore unless he shifted himself so as to be aged.

The golden winged glider flew up into space his wings and biosteel armor reflecting the light of battle. And he flew forwards towards the smallest spots, combining his wings together to form a huge cannon which launched powerful sonic waves capable of not only damaging normal things externally, but jiggling and shaking the brain to cause death. It was already capable for humans to fairly easily make sound weapons which could cause unconcioussness, Aleron just took it up a few notches.

He would attempt to pick them off by killing those in the ships instead of going straight in, his superior vision would help him to be sure he wasn't attacking someone from Earth and was only taking out Time Siphons and their allies.

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It was coming to a close for the 23rd intergalactic naval fleet of the Regalius Empire. Lives had been lost forcing outright suicidal assaults, this was their strength though. As a fleet they held little in the way of numbers however, they held very little regard for their own lives. They were more then willing to give them in service of their people or to avenge those who they have lost. Their suicidal skewer strike worked out to be just crazy enough though. On impact the massive moving continent's shields stopped the kinetic impact forcing the energy that didn't move through back into the hulls of Regalius craft. The force was enough to split the metal along their sides. In the vacuum of space this meant very bad things, the pressure leaked out in mere seconds. The freezing, oxygen less space was welcomed into the hulls almost instantly killing the crew of these vessels. They would lose power in another few moments as the water required to make the Vers Core function froze causing rapid expansion and damaging it's housing. In under five minutes these ships had become floating space junk orbiting the massive ship. The efforts of their crews had not been in vein though, in the end the shield's lacked the required strength to withstand the kinetic energy slamming into it. Of the fifteen Regalius vessels that had sought this maneuver eight managed to survive and remain functional.

The blade like tips of the aptly named Javelin's tore through metal and wiring. They punctured the beast like the blades of knights, once inside it's metallic flesh they let loose their orbital lasers. They would be visible from the other side as their raw power carved it's path through the massive vessels internals. White light let loose from the bowels of these Regalius ships in their last ditch effort to bring the beast down, in the end it seemed to have little effect. The beast creaked and groaned but, that was all. Crew members would rest their heads on their consoles as reports of intruders on the ship rang out through the hull. Engineers and those who walked the halls would try and put up a fight before being gunned down. They had lost all hope except for one, one captain who's name would go unnoticed in the death count for this battle. A man who, despite knowing this, was ready to accept his fate. Across comm systems his message would come through, "All ships currently inside the Time Siphon vessel divert all power to engines but, don't engage thrust. Those of you in space, fire your orbital lasers at us on our command. May Prya accept you all into the prestigious afterlife"

In the eternal blackness of space the beast of a machine had begun lashing out at anything that came it's way. Once the plan was received fighter craft moved their position heading closer to the ship in order to draw it's fire power. It's massive yellow lasers fired out in multiple directions taking out any craft caught in their way but, the Andromedeans would not hesitate even as some of their own were once again wiper off the map. The plan they were proposed was genius in and of itself. They would use those impaled in the hull as massive explosives. Firing at the engine would give their weapons a straight path to carve towards the massive Vers Cores they came equipped with. This would cause mass scale detonation of their ships that were currently lodged along it's side. They all said a prayer almost simultaneously before they let loose. Once again massive blasts of superheated plasma ripped through space itself, no sound just light and heat. They moved heading towards their own, seeking to weaponize the suicidal nature of their people. If intercepted all would be lost, even now the mercenary armies of the Time Siphons were moments away from breaking into the bridges and killing the last of those that remained. However if these shots made contact they would not be caught by shields of their own vessels but rather, they would bore through metal like a flame to butter. The Regalius craft would detonate in massive explosions seeking to leave craters in the sides of the Time Siphon command ship.

Then an order came from Cross, those in space had done their job. The one ship that lurked just below the combat was to remain but, the others were to pull out. They had suffered too many losses already the rest of the war would be left to the more then capable ground forces. Engines kicked into full blast as they pulled from the conflict not because they wanted to but, because they couldn't hold out much longer. Even with the support of the newly arrived Thousand Worlds fleet they couldn't hold out much longer. This was the end of their space conflict.

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He had noticed it, the moment the Time Siphon moved against his blades he spotted small spiderweb like cracks forming along his body. The more he did it the larger they grew, his father had taught him about powers lie these. A hardened barrier that some people could surround themselves with, it was normally invisible until damaged which meant his blades had damaged it. His mind made a note of that after all, it was the mind of a Cross. Even if it was he was still too old to harness his minds full capabilities, as the Time Siphon moved closer his eyes became visible. Eyes that burned to look at yet, they locked your gaze. He couldn't look away even if he wanted to, his body wouldn't let him. This was fear, the same fear he felt in his dreams. As he starred into those yellow eyes he saw the boy who warned him, he saw the being who reached out to him, his mind began to race everything he had tried to push away flooded back into his mind because of those eyes.

When the Temporal Vampire moved his hands Octavian wanted to stop him, but those eyes kept him here. As Galian and Proventus began coughing and struggling to breath Octavian wanted to stop him but, his mind wouldn't let him. He tried to focus on the promise that he had made, the promise to let them see their children again. He could feel it slipping away as those eyes starred into his soul, he struggled to hold onto it. Yet here it was slipping from his grasp, all he could do was stand there and blink as thousands of thoughts rushed through his mind.

The Time Siphon spoke with a voice that could move mountains, it seemed to be coming from the walls of the ship itself.

"You hold no power here." He said. "You flail like frightened cattle, conjuring swords as if to frighten me. If swords are the best you can do, I will not bother to wear your body."

His words rang true, especially now as Octavian struggled to even move. He was petrified with fear, all he could do was blink. As he did so his blood line would save him, in situations like this his eyes would begin working. The All Knowing Eyes of a Cross were rare and powerful in many regards. This was one of them, where his eyes closed blue they reopened red shifting his brains focus and snapping him out of his daze. He could see the minute muscle movements in the Siphons arm. The grasping of the weapon and the thrust forward hungering to impale him, instead it would be shoved through a silhouette of light blue particles. Octavian's body would be behind Melkryn and his mind would be clear.

"Don't underestimate me."

No Caption Provided

His eyes natural ability had helped him refocus his mind and he wouldn't let that go to waste. As of right now he held precious information, information he needed to deliver to his father. He had to push this beast to use it's true powers, in order to do so he would have to break it's barrier. He teleported towards him, the blue silhouette lingering for a few moments where he had been standing. He would position himself on the side of the Siphon and deliver a low cutting slash before teleporting somewhere else and delivering another blow. His swings would come from different angles for each time he did so and he would keep going until the barrier broke.

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The strain on Conrad's mind eased as the luminous flashes were penetrated by the rays of the Sun, shining between lasers and flaming hunks of debris as the Caped Protector floated silently in space. The surreal scene was punctuated by the silent screams of thousands of soldiers, the sensation of warning carrying all throughout his hyper-durable skin. His eyes were closed, breathing soft; the tank of oxygen on his back had not punctured despite the stresses placed on upon it in deep space, continually feeding him clean air. The moment he opened his eyes, he would've been blinded once more, if not for their special properties; there was not a segment of the Earth's outer orbit devoid of bright blasts.

His fingers moved first, recovering from the brunt of the mental assault. He shook himself awake, twitching to life in the vacuum. The cape shrouded him, shaken off of his shoulders and drifting slowly behind his back. His vision adjusted dramatically, filtering out the complete sensory overload in order to focus on the latest threat.

What? he thought, blinking and raising his hands in a combative position. Fists clenched, even his amazing reflexes were not enough to account for his own temporal duplicate's. The nuclear blast seared at his raised wrists, blinking through the gaps between his fingers and striking him clean in the face. His visage seared, mask vaporized, he tumbled backwards, dazed by the vicious attack.

Hm. Kinda looks like me, he thought, eyes glowing red in return. He did not counter with thermal vision of his own, however, instead electing to fly directly into his newfound foe with arms outstretched. His temporal duplicate, clearly disoriented, could match him in neither speed nor reflex, enduring his brutal assault without the conviction needed to make full use of his strength. The special factor making Conrad powerful was utterly abandoned in the crossover from the other timeline, rendering the confused entity before him powerless to resist his speeding grapple.

Gritting his teeth, he wrapped his hands around his vile pastiche's neck, continuing to accelerate. He ground his enemy against the hulls of Time Siphon ships like a makeshift weapon, barely hurting him, but devastating the vessels he selected. It was not his physical attack which debilitated the clone, however, but the speed at which he accelerated. The sudden force acting upon the unsuspecting evil Conrad's body ravaged it, almost collapsing it inwards from the chest. The neck was bending under the force, crushed by the Bastion's fingers; it was not meant to exist, not here. And so it faded, breaking apart like a bad dream.

Conrad didn't stop to engage, instead resuming his rush on the ships closest to the planet. If he had his way, there wouldn't even be a ground invasion, working tirelessly to prevent the approach of infantry dropships as well as circumventing any falling debris.

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Finally the great ship was at its end, the tremendous damage deal to it aborted its own destructive countdown and reduced the impact of its desolation...but it did not prevent it. When the ship finally gave out it did so in tremendous fashion. The fuel and ammo stores all along the vessel, to say nothing of its massive plasma reserves were released in a series of hull tearing detonations that jettisoned debris into the battlefield and sent a cascading series of explosions tearing through the vessel, gutting its interior and ripping through the hull with laughable ease. The entire vessel buckled in the middle, heaving upward like some great beast from the depths of the ocean as its spine was broken by its own internal detonations. So great was the explosion that on the planet below it seemed for a few moments as if the Earth had grown a second sun.

When the ship was pulled back by the impact of Earth's gravity the whole vessel split in two. The bow section of the ship drifted every closer to the planet below, a half continent sized wall of twisted metal and burning corpses. The aft however suffered a much more cataclysmic demise. The energies building up in its Temporal Drive were suddenly and violently released when it was torn in half. The energies spilled out and detonated in a reality tearing release that ripped apart the fabric of space and time in an ever expanding rift, a Conflux as the Time Siphons called it. This great gash in the fabric of reality threatened to expand and overwhelm time and space around Earth it self. At best it would isolate the planet from the time stream, at worst it would collapse reality in on the solar system and reduce everything to a titanic black hole of swirling temporal energies. Even now through the rift one could see into other realities, if they were capable of gazing into the violent vortex of time itself as it spilled into real space like blood from a great wound. Here was reality as the Time Siphons saw it, a swirling mass of chaos and destruction, of ever flowing, ever changing time. Anything close enough to the Conflux to be pulled in was doomed to any number of horrific fates, the least of which included being driven to complete insanity as reality crashed around them.

The rift threatened to expand exponentially and the universe needed a doctor. Or at the very least it needed someone capable of healing time and space as the Conflux threatened to expand to the size of Belgium in moments.



Kaeyn was prepared for any number of retaliations...but there was nothing she could do about having a ship thrown at her. She paused for critical moments in pure shock before she took control of herself and burned off time in her temporal reserves to dramatically accelerate the flow of time for her own body. It was the best chance she had. She flew along the Z axis to try and avoid the ship, traveling as quickly as she could but it still clipped her, smashing into her legs and sending her careening off out of control. The armor at her legs broke down almost completely from pure kinetic impact and she bounced off of another ship, slamming into the hull going at speeds that her armor simply couldn't make up for. The impact instantly burst several vital organs, crushed her spine and left her drifting in space.

Kaeyn's hands released from around her temporal blades, the paired weapons drifted off into the darkness and the Time Siphon was still as her body gave out. This was not her end though, among the more powerful Time Siphons she had plenty of temporal reserve left. Her body kicked into survival mode, draining vast amounts of temporal energy from her cells to reconstruct her body. Energy flowed from her body in a golden nimbus of barely contained power as her cells re-arranged themselves and tapped into the genetic material stored within her temporal reserves. There it selected a body, a former victim and her entire body was rebuilt in the victim's image, organ for organ, bone for bone, a complete and total duplication of the body, right down to birthmarks and tattoos.

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Kaeyn's armor repaired itself in the process as well, but when she snapped open her eyes she didn't seek to re-enter the combat. Her reserves were depleted, she was starving and her fear had overtaken her arrogance. Disarmed and afraid, Kaeyn slipped through the shadows and into the wrecks of one of the Time Siphon ships. There she sought to feed on some of wreckage and stay out of the fight. Her part in this was done, she hoped.



The Time Siphon fleet burned with the efforts of the heroes and their allies. Hundreds of ships burned or drifted through the darkness of space, tens of thousands of mercenary crew were dead but still the fleet kept coming, more ships crowded in, sometimes plowing through the shattered hulks of the ships that had come before. Earth's orbit and surrounding space was littered with the ruined remains of ships and people and maneuverability became increasingly difficult. The Time Siphon ships, no longer fighting a large fleet, began to target the heroes themselves as best they could. Most of the shots went wide as their systems were not designed to target such small individuals.

The huge transports remained near the rear of the fleet where their defenders formed a tight defensive grid. The transports would remain on standby until the call for reinforcements was made or until they were driven off or destroyed. Maverick's shot alone wiped out dozens of Time Siphon ships, it was untraceable by the Time Siphons themselves but the ships began to form an educated guess based mostly on where the damage had been inflicted. Without coordinates six ships began to fire in the general vicinity of where the damage seemed to have come from, great beams of plasma burning across space hoping to seek revenge.



Melkryn didn't rely on his sight to trace the movements of his foe, but rather relied upon his temporal vision. As such, though the could not predict where his opponent would appear next, he was alerted the moment his foe was there. As the ship behind them buckled and tore apart he revealed the first of his major powers. The entire region slowed to a crawl. Octavian would be able to watch the starship blowing up around them, yet anything that entered their zone, be it fire, debris or the void of space itself, moved with such slow speeds as to seem at a virtual stand still...and he seemingly accomplished this with a wave of his hand. In reality of course it burned off considerable temporal reserves to put their combat in a safe zone while the titanic ship was destroyed around them.

The first several of Octavian's blows struck without difficulty, each leaving behind a spiderweb of cracks in the armor...but then the masked Time Siphon displayed another power, tapping further into his temporal reserves to see into the moments ahead. Blade then met blade, again and again he countered, balancing his defense against Octavian's seemingly unpredictable and rapid fire assault. The Time Siphon showed his strain only in the narrowing of his eyes, agitated at the amount of energy he'd burned through to this point, furious that Raeyn had reduced him to actual combat by protecting his cow opponent's temporal line from being drained from across the room.

No longer willing to comply with this game of combat he coiled his mind around the temporal lines of the ship itself, the very room they stood in that he had severed from the rest of the time line...and he began to consume the floor. It started slow and began to spread as the floor began to collapse beneath them, threatening to leave them both floating in time severed space. The Time Siphon activated the anti-gravity mechanism of his armor and floated inches off of the floor. He had to give up his defense to do so and thus instead sought to bring his temporal blade around to slash across his opponent's chest from shoulder to hip, hoping to end the battle without having to take it further.



Caellus was furious. This little creep is ignoring me! She was not used to being ignored, or worse, to having her esoteric attacks and tactics fail. Snarling in her armor she shot forward, accelerating the flow of time for herself as she sought to catch up with her foe. If he would not bend to her ranged attacks, she would get her hands dirty, so to speak. She activated her temporal blade and as she closed the distance, she lashed out with it...not at him, but at the seemingly tactically important pack on his back. Her hope was to age it into oblivion with one swipe of her blade and cripple or otherwise destroy him for his arrogance.

In doing this though, she'd abandoned her more tactical attacks, giving up safe distance and her range advantage in favor of her anger. If they had been in the atmosphere one would record the speed at which she moved at above mach four. Calleus had to this point spent the most temporal energy of the three, even with Kaeyn knocked out of the fighting and forced to regenerate. Her attacks, though typically devastating and game winning, traded this off with a great deal of temporal energy consumed from her temporal reserves. In the back of her mind she feared her attack would fail. If he attacks us, we're screwed. You should have fallen back to consume more energy and then attacked.

Calleus was ruled by her inner animal, so this voice was her own, rather than other Time Siphons where the other voice in their head was the animal they sought to control. Shut up! I'll kill him, I'll eat him and I'll wear him one day as a reminder of what happens to people that are too ignorant to just die when I attack them in the first place. This man is cattle, nothing more!

Cattle that can attack with much greater strength than you...you'll get us both killed.

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"Bah! Screw this form!" He said into the emptiness of space as he began shrinking and morphing until he was like a stream of energy. He blasted towards the biggest ship he could find and suddenly increased in size until he was as bit as the empire state building in a matter of seconds, a huge mass of pure energy which morphed to form a giant energy hand attempting to throw the ship into the others.

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Move, strike, counter, move, strike, counter. The motions of combat between the two raged onwards, the near all powerful Time Siphon and the High Prince of Andromeda. His use of the negative crystal was almost at 100% efficiency yet still this being could follow his motions. The illusion of randomness was being debunked as their weapons clashed, negative energy with temporal energy. The pure ferocity of each blow had forced his attention to the matter at hand. His mind almost completely unaware of the current situation outside, the slow of time only visible from the corner of his eye and not warranting his full attention.

The flurry of strikes was not enough to break the shield and at this point it was just consuming energy. With another short distance jump he placed his feet against the metallic floor of the ship. At that very moment the whole of the area was filled with a loud groaning sound, nuts and bolts began to shoot into the air like bullets. The metal of the craft warped bending and crushing in on itself before completely imploding. His feet suddenly lost traction, his mind reacted before he could give it orders teleporting him onto a solid piece of land. There in the center of it all, the time siphon floated behind him the two guards struggled to get away. They had lost the ability to move and now they were gasping for air, the metal beneath them began to crumble and fall apart. Their grips loosened, fingers slipped, then they fell, almost instantly succumbing to the cold, suffocating grasp of space. Their frozen bodies drifting away along with the promise he had made to himself and as that too floated away his mind was flooded. Not with memories but this time with a voice, it told him three words, repeated those same three words over and over. You failed us different volumes from whispers to shouts rang out in his brain all at once, it was disorienting enough to bring him to his knees. His hands reached up grasping his ears.


He couldn't move, he could barely function, he was forced to watch in screaming agony as the ground below folded away and the Siphons Temporal Blade arced overhead. He closed his eyes letting loose one last shout expecting it to be his last.

He felt cold but, not dead. His fingers twitched and his eyes barely opened. His mind was clear, the voices were gone, and so were his worries. It took him a moment to remember what had happened. Almost in a panic he felt his chest, searching for a wound but, there was none. Instead he was floating in space, around him were a collection of octagonal panels. They seemed to make up some kind of barrier, it was no doubt what was keeping him alive. He wanted to be excited that he had just discovered a new power and he would've been if not for the fact that as of right now the only thing keeping him alive was a thin barrier he didn't even know how to control.

Almost as if on que the roar of an engine approached his eardrums from behind, it was coming in fast and it wasn't slowing down. It was one of the craft aboard Melkryn's vessel and so he had only one thing to think. This was going to be it, or at least he thought it was. The craft came to a fast halt infront of him, the back opened up and out jumped a member of the royal guard, he sought to take hold of the prince but rather was able to grab the shield. It would have to do, they pulled him aboard the vessel.

He had questions he wanted to ask, things he wanted to know but, he wouldn't get answers. Instead he got a simple sentence.

"Our mission is done, the Earth forces shared information on the enemy with the Emperor."

The news shocked him everything he had done, the lives of not just soldiers but fathers had been lost for nothing. He didn't speak, he didn't look at anyone. He sat back thinking about how he was going to tell two children that their fathers died for nothing.

With that the craft cruised through space, landing aboard the Javelin that had been awaiting their arrival. The massive vessel took off heading back to Mars, Andromeda had offered as much extraterrestrial support they could. It was up to the forces on the ground now.

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@stormcrown: @timesiphon:

Jimmy tried to follow where she went. Maybe follow her, or...throwing the ship had given him an idea. He was immensley strong, and he knew that, and the sentinal ring allowed flight. Which meant he could use them to send ships crashing into one another. Including the one she had hidden in, which he had stupidly forgotten where it was as wreckege moved about.

He flew towards one closer using his weaponized hands to keep away attacks as he went to grip its toughest point and start twirling to hit just about every single timesiphon ship he could manage before it would break on him.

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Winters went for the transports, his suit allowing him to move without the hinderance of speed limitations. His hands came up and from him flowed much Dark Energy, something that would practically rip anything apart like an extreme form of inverted gravity. He had to prevent it from becoming to powerful, but that didn't mean he would attempt to rip a hole in their transports. A hole always helped. Almost anyway.