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The Beginning

The Universe is a very fickle thing-ever expanding , full of mysteries that we have yet to discover, millions upon millions of stars, planets, galaxies just waiting to be explored. We've explored less than 1% of all the wonders it has to offer. And it's constantly changing-stars dying and new ones being formed, galaxies slamming into each other and tearing each other apart. We don't even have the technology to OBSERVE around 95% of the discovered parts of the cosmos, And yet we like to delude ourselves into believing we've got a firm grasp on the laws that govern it.

So of course it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone when a new variable came into play with our current understanding of physics; one which looked at our discoveries and LAUGHED as it proceeeded to sh*t on every last one of them, taunting us and infuriating us with it's existence.

It is known as the Speed Force.

Not many people know what the Speed Force is, many people know that it's where speedsters draw their powers from, that's about all their knowledge is limited to. In reality, it is much more complex then that-soooo much more...

In it's most basic form The Speed Force is pure trans-dimensional energy that encompasses the Multiverse, drawing power from every muscle twitch of it's conduits, who are known to all as Speedsters, and in turning that power into more of itself it's constantly expanding, and as an end result, it's the reason Speedsters get faster over time.

Through the Speed Force, should a person even have a sufficient- or even remotely close understanding of how physics works then they'd be able to manipulate it to do whatever they wanted. Cross-universal travel, time travel, stealing the velocity of objects in motion and even giving objects at rest a boost to get them going. All of these were just a few of the options a few speedsters possessed, along with the quite obvious super speed they would have.

Though sometimes not obvious but whenever someone uses the Speed Forces gifts to bypass barriers that one should be wary of Crossing, such as certain scientific barriers, they create ripples of distortion, not only do these ripples spread across their world...but the whole multiverse...

Barry Walker decided to experiment on his daughter Lucy...and so the distortion spread across the world, it was barely noticeable-a bullet thrown off it's path, in Metro City, A particualary strong gust of wind in Gothic...but then one would have to be blind to not notice it.

Such as the Case when Young Wally Walker was minding his own business, and as the wave of distortion passed throught the world and the Multiverse, the faint trace of dormant energy was kick-started and started pooling into the multiverse. Small traces of the Excess energy from the infinite universes started pooling into one giant force, clustering together as though with a mind of it's own.

The Speed Force had awakened...but there was one thing it needed. Though an endless time loop it needed to secure it's own creation...So it's limited state wasn't enough for it, The Speed Force is the ultimate authority of motion, the very embodiement of it...but it couldn't move by itself...

It needed a conduit. Had this been any other universe, the choice would have been entirely random...aimless shots in the void. But this wasn't just a random strike...this was the strike that would create the entity known as the Speed Force itself.

And so on that night, as Lucy Walker gained her powers....a storm cloud appeared over the residence of Wally Walker like an omen of great things....and on that night. At the same exact moment that his sister was given her abilities. Wally Walker was given the ultimate blessing as the Speed Force shot through and struck him full of it's power.

The Speed Force had secured it's loop..and the rest is history.

The Force itself

Those who enter the Speed Force must be speedsters. Or be given entry BY a speedster. It's an infinte source of power and energy that runs throughout the very fabric of the Multiverse itself. The Speed Force can be Heaven...or an eternal Hell. Speedsters can enter the Speed Force by accelerating past the Speed Of Light and skirting near the edge. Once a conduit is caught in the Speed Force it's damn near impossible to escape unless you have someone grounding you to reality.

Speed Force Users

Alex West Tachyon- The Fastest Man Alive. Alex West holds the infinite energy of the Speed Force in his cells giving a connection to the Force that no one else shares.

Wally Walker Former Flash Lightning-After retiring and leaving for the future to live with his wife Wally left the title of the Fastest Man Alive to his son, promising one day to return. But when he does...will he be the same man everyone remembers?

Lucy Walker The New Flash Lightning-The Aunt to Alex and the sister to Wally, she gained her speed at the same time her brother did. She's either as fast as Alex and Wally mainlining the Force with a connection similar to theirs. She will take up the title of Flash Lightning due to Wally's departure after his return from Delphi.

Jairus West-Walker II Velocity- The son of Alex West Jairus or Jai got his powers after being struck by a bolt of Speed Force Lightning. Due to having ALS his powers aren't as developed as they should be, and are also killing him. But after the death of his father, he got shot back to the time 2019 where he's fighting to keep his health..and his life. While also pursuing his birthright as the Fastest Man Alive.

Al Sa'iqa/Alexx Or Al'xx- The Time Remnant of Alex West, the Secondary Speedster isn't as fast or powerful as Alex or the rest of his family. He has small Time manipulative abilities and a Speed Force connection of his own. He is extremely dangerous.

Jag Mercuri Crimson Eagle-Not much is known about this young speedster as of right now. Only that he gained his powers shortly after Alex's departure from this time as he headed to the future after he left the Academy. He wears a suit very much like Alex's which causes the belief that the two are either related...or perhaps Jag was a fan. What is definitely known was that he kept up appearances as Velocity when Alex was away. And hasn't been seen since his return. His top speed is not yet known


1-You can't destroy the Speed Force lol, don't even try

2-To enter you either need to be a speedster yourself, or gain entry by Alex or Wally.

3-The Speed Force is a Heaven, or it can be a Hell. If you'd like for one of your characters to be imprisoned in the Speed Force that's cool. And if you choose the happier side. The Speed Force provides you with your own PERSONAL Heaven. So that environment is yours to choose.

4-In the Speed Force obey regular forum rules

5-If you would like to make a speedster please feel free.

6-Lastly, of course just have fun!

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@lamartheslayer: AWESOME thread. Good job writing it up. ~_^

Slight corrections, though. Lucy "does" mainline the Speed Force (always has).

And no one needs to PM me or you if they want to create a speedster. Everyone has the right. ^_^

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Thanks Uncle Matt! Means a lot.

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Huh! Very neat and tidy summary. Excellent job! ^_^

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Thank you very much Juno.

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Neat! ^_^

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Dang good job man ?

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@red_jay: Thanks bro! Feel free to come and visit anytime

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Key City, Nebraska

Alex West needed to know something...and he knew someone who could potentially help. His Aunt Lucy...he had never met her but he remembered hearing stories about her as a child. She was in the Speed Force and refused to come out. The Young Speedster hoped that maybe she could shed some light on his predicament, maybe she had angles that he and his dad hadn't thought of...this situation needed the touch of a woman speedster. So lining up on the empty highway at the edge of Key City, Alex would blast of in a storm of electrical energy, his dad would never approve; no speedster should ever enter the Speed Force. It was much to dangerous, no speedster can escape without someone grounding him to his reality.

No Caption Provided

Usually Speedsters would smash into the Speed Force if they went above the speed of light but Alex had always managed to power his way avoid being sucked in; but now he had to willingly throw himself in, knowing that he could potentially never return. As the the Speedster shot like lightning across the terrain he began focusing on where he needed to go. He felt his body begin to turn into pure energy as his costume peeled away into the wind....then he hit the barrier full force, and found himself in the Speed Force.

The Speed Force

Alex looked around in amazement; he had never been here before, and it was wonderful, pure trans-dimensional energy crackled and flowed all around him, surrounding him like he was a beacon. Then he realized that's exactly what he was, he helped generate ALL of this, he stored it all in his body. This energy is Alex West, and he was astounded...if only the others could be where he was right now....they would all understand. This was incredible, Alex had never felt like this on Earth; but here in the Speed Force there was no mistaking that this was his's where he would go when he died, and he was completely ok with that.

No Caption Provided

Why would you ever want to leave? Why not just stay? Forever...Shaking his head furiously back and forth he would clear his thoughts "Come on West, it's just playing with your head. You have a mission to do so get it done." He would look around the vast infinite mass of energy and he'd know that his Aunt was everywhere...and no where. Pulling down his cowl he would reveal the face that looked almost identical to his father's. His piercing green eyes would dart around in amazement as he felt another presence in the Speed Force...but he couldn't see her. So doing all he could he called out to her.

"Lucy Walker?! Can we talk?! It's pretty important! My names Alex West!"

@zephyr186: @paragonxxx:

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*Slow clap

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@lamartheslayer: Mark my words one day...soon, I'mma catch ya slipping and go upside yo'head

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Lucy Walker
Lucy Walker

A shadowy speedster, too blurry to discern but definitely a girl of around 10 years old giggles behind Alex, touching him on the hand before moving out of sight. If Alex gives chase, the blurry figure of this girl disappears around a corner and completely vanishes. But her giggles will still be heard all around him. Whoever this is, she seems to be in a playful mood. However, the presence within the Speed Force is sadly fading away as if the distance is becoming greater.

That is when Alex may, or may not, come to the conclusion this shadow speedster is nothing more than a distraction to lure him away from his goal. So, if Alex begins moving towards the faint presence once more then he might find himself appearing in a...basement?

A girl with blonde hair, around the age of 9 and a half is strapped to a chair. This girl is crying, begging her father not to pull the switch on the wall but he does anyway and a crackle of electrical energy courses through her body as the chemical bath she is in electrifies. Lightning flashes outside, hitting Wally Walker. Seems Alex is reliving one of Lucy's memories. What kind of monster would experiment on their own daughter?

The scene shifts again back to the Speed Force. There is a figure in the distance and Alex might be able to catch up to her very quickly. It's Lucy again, but older. She seems to be jogging but at regular speed?! Any attempt to say hi or talk to her results in her saying nothing. If touched, this Lucy turns into dust. Seems to have been an illusion. More distractions.

If Alex shows no sign of giving up, the scene shifts again. This time to a gorgeous mountainside with tall pine trees and green grass. Beautiful flowers dot the landcape along with clear blue skies. A log cabin is ahead and a woman is there chopping wood with an axe, sweat built up on her chest and back. This is Lucy Walker, the Fastest Woman Alive.

Lucy chops another block of wood and if Alex comes up, she smiles at him right after chopping another piece of wood, "Beautiful day, isn't it?" This time, unlike the other illusions, she acknowledges him. This time, this is real. This is Lucy, Alex's aunt. She seems surprisingly...human.

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Alex would be lookind around still, waiting for any type of response, then he heard it...giggling?...Feeling the slightest of touches on his hands he would turn and see a young girl about the age of ten, before he can say anything she dashes away and out of his sight. Wasting no time he would race towards trying to catch her...but something wasn't having that as the presence began fading away.

"What the Hell is this?..." He knew that he couldn't let the shadow girl get away so he took chase after her and faster then even his mind could comprehend he'd be standing in a basement. His eyes widen in horror as he walks into what had to be one of his aunts worst memories. His mouth would twist into a snarl as he looked at the man who was apparently his grandfather torture his aunt. He watched as he flipped a lever that began frying her...her screams were awful.. "That...that monster..." He'd leap at the man attempting to throw him away but everything shifted again. This time they were back at the Speed Force and Alex looked around as another version of the Fastest Woman Alive, but she uh..wasn't going that fast. In an instant Alex would be right besides her, "Look Ma'am. I-" He'd reach for her shoulder only for her to crumple to dust in his hand.

No Caption Provided

Gritting his teeth slightly upset that he was being thrown around as a puppet he'd snarl slightly as electricity popped from his eyes. Then again Alex would be transported somewhere else. This time a lush green mountainside that glowed heavenly with the suns bright light. Alex's cowl would still be down and he'd look around "I swear...if this is another illusion...I don't like getting jacked around..."

Then he heard her voice, and he knew she was real this time "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

Alex would look at his aunt slicing through would working up a sweat and he'd simply say "This isn't real...I know you enjoy whatever false lonely life you've built here for yourself...but while you've been in here you're brother is in danger. And so is his son, and his other son. They need your help." He left out the part that he WAS Wally's son, not knowing what to say at first. But his looks and expression and the flaming red hair on his head said it all.

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Lucy listens to him even as she keeps chopping wood, then when he finishes, she stops as she swings the axe onto the wood stump to stick it in there. Her smile broadens, looking him over, “Sure seems real enough to me. Now’s not the time to make bad jokes, Wally.” She says, wagging a finger at him, “We both know your not married and have no sons. There literally is no danger here." Then Lucy looks up and to the side, tapping her cheek with her index finger, "Ohhh, except maybe bears and mountain lions, possibly Bigfoot." She shrugs and looks at him, folding her arms under her breasts, "But I haven’t seen the latter around here, just some tracks.”

Lucy tilts her head, hands on her hipline as she glances him over again, “Don’t you think it’s a little too early for halloween?” She says in a tease. But this question, or tease, indicates a strong clue that Lucy has spent so long in 'speedster heaven' that she no longer even remembers being a speedster. Is this really the case?

Before any reply can be made or an explanation offered, a male voice calls out, “HONEY! BREAKFAST IS READY!” So, who is this inside the house?! Could it be a significant other? Well, this IS Lucy's 'heaven' so it makes sense.

Lucy turns her head, but without taking her eyes off of ‘Alex’, who she has confused for being her brother, “COMING!” Then she smiles rather invitingly, “Why not come join us, Wally? It’s been a while since we talked. Why not come inside and tell me what’s troubling you? You seem sad.” Lucy begins to head inside, but Alex can stop her if he wishes.

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Alex's face drooped in sadness and his face fell slightly "You've lost it...Do you even know who you are? WHAT you are anymore?" As she began walking away Alex would dart in front of her and his blue and white lightning would flash everywhere this should be enough to indicate that he isn't her brother. His lightning is a yellow-ish color.He'd slam the cabin door shut drowning out the male voice inside not giving a damn who it was, now it was him and his aunt.

"My name is Alex. Alex West...but originally it was Alexander Walker. I'm Wally's son from the future. You're right. He isn't married, and he doesn't have any sons. But he will...he'll have 2 sons and a daughter. But you wouldn't know, because you'll be in here still living out your false reality with the fake whoever it is in that house. You'll miss being at the hospital when your nephews and niece are born. You'll miss our first steps, the first time I ran, everything, and you'll still be gone when your family needs you the most...when you and my dad's entire rogues gallery comes and slaughters my family, and breaks your brother's back."

He'd glare at her deeply not afriad to say what he was feeling because he knew she was to far gone to understand what he was talking about. "My 3 year old brother and sister and my MOTHER had their necks snapped because my dad was to busy fighting everyone else and he couldn't save them in time...I had heard great stories about you as a kid, how you were such a powerful speedster, the Fastest Woman Alive. I just couldn't get why you were you weren't there. I thought maybe you hated me and didn't want to see me...but this is worse..."

No Caption Provided

Alex would pull his cowl up and lightning would crackle in a vortex around him"This was a mistake. I'll save myself and everyone else on my own. Enjoy your fake life Aunt Lucy, while your real one leaves you behind."

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huh I could actually have Nova come here LOL

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Feel free lol, want me to add you to the list of speedsters? What's your top speed?

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@lamartheslayer: if you want, doesn't matter to me lol Nova hasn't accessed the speed force in years.

As for how fast.... faster than Alex :P

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@feral_nova: Impossssssssible! XD lol it's up to you

Alex can always give you a lesson ;)

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@lamartheslayer: (OOC: He gives up too easily. *LOL*)

Lucy is genuinely confused, "Of course I know who I am, I'm your sister." And then she opens the door, but then he's suddenly right there, slamming it with that blue/white lightning trailing off of him. Lucy's eyes go wide in surprise with the words, 'how did you just move so fast?' on her lips. But Alex talks before she can get a word out.

When Alex finishes, Lucy still doesn't understand what he's talking about. The part of her that is missing, the speedster known as Zephyr, is elsewhere and Alex has encountered her already but didn't know it at the time. Lucy Walker is human and she's been split in half, perhaps by her own doing or maybe it was the Speed Force. Perhaps it was neither, but maybe from someone working in the shadows behind the scenes and pulling some strings that neither of them have seen. Plus, Alex knows it's next to impossible to escape this place without an anchor in the real world. Lucy has no anchor.

Lucy narrows her eyes at him, "Judgmental much? Look, Wally, or Alex, or whoever you claim to be, you think you know me well enough to come barging in here and try and put me on a guilt trip as if you know me, when you don't, fine. Put that mask on and run away. I don't know how you just moved so fast, but go and run since your so intent on saving this family of yours. I don't even know why you think I can do something about it when I don't even have powers. But did you ask? No, you just assumed I'm someone I'm not."

Again, Alex might see that shadowy figure again, that speedster. She runs away, zig zagging. It may then occur to him that Lucy isn't herself. The human side has been split from her speedster side. So now Alex has a choice. He can either leave the Speed Force or he can try and make Lucy whole, to meet the Aunt she is supposed to be instead of the human that she is. But even if he does that, Lucy will still need an anchor to get out since she doesn't have one. The choice is his.

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Alex's face would harden and his eyes would narrow slightly "I know who you should be. And obviously, she's not here." Then out of the corner of his eye, he'd see something....still the shadow. And he'd know what he had to do. "But I can bring her home..." He'd wrap his Aunt in a quick hug then he'd blast off towards the shadow. His mind had quickly placed two and two together, her mind was fragmented and split into two pieces. The Human and the Speedster; and Alex would bet money the shadow was her other torn personality.

No Caption Provided

He would follow the Shadow's Zigzag motion, gliding by on the trail it left behind him, gradually gaining more speed than before. And as Alex finally reached the back of the shadow he would shoot out a speed scout into every direction and attempt to grab the shadow by its long hair. If he managed, he would look at it and say slowly "I need Zephyr back. We need Lucy Walker."

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An old concept of mine you might wanna reintegrate

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No Caption Provided

After this little spat, Lucy is surprised by the hug as she watches him run off at super-speed. Something she is both in awe of and surprised. But he's out of sight, so she blinks it away before moving inside the house to sit down with her husband and share a meal. But she can't get this 'Alex' off of her mind. Something is missing...but what?

The closer Alex gets to this speedster, the easier he might be able to see her. Zephyr is around the age of ten, which is puzzling since she should be older. But she's just the other half of Zephyr's personality. A frightened look crosses Zephyr's face as she sees the speed scouts coming in all direction. No escape. She feels her hair grabbed from behind and made to look Alex in the eye. He little legs move at super-speed, like the road runner but it's not doing any good running on air. "Ow! Let me go you big meanie!"

Zephyr glares at him, "I'm the one and only Zephyr, you want that Lucy Walker lady, go back to the house!"

All of a sudden, Alex might feel a hand on his shoulder but if he looks no one is there. Then a voice speaks out from all around him, calling his name but sounding far away. It seems to echo in every direction before saying something different. "Combine...combine...combine them...them...them..."

Who is that? The origin of this mysterious voice is unknown and no one is around to be seen, just Zephyr and her mouth isn't moving.

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Alex would look at the little version of his Aunt and his face would tighten as she tried to escape from him. "I need you both." His face would pale as he could feel a hand gently drop on his shoulder...then voices seem to echo in every direction....

"Combine...combine...combine them...them...them..."

No Caption Provided

He'd look at the child and his jaw would drop as he realized she wasn't the one talking. But he now knew what he had to do. Hoisting his young aunt on top of his shoulder and blast back towards the cabin. As he reached the woodin cabin he would phase through the door and throw the younger Lucy into the older version, who was just eating with her husband. Then with a shout he would hurl a bolt of Speed Force lightning at the two hoping to merge them together....Then he'd look through the smoke hoping that the two would be merged together.

"A-Aunt Lucy?...Zephyr?..Are you finally here?"

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No Caption Provided

"Hey! Wait! What are you doing?!" The little girl asks as Alex races back to the house and throws her at Lucy Walker. "No!" Zephyr screams. When the lightning is thrown and hits with a loud KRA-KOOM Zephyr merges with Lucy and the adult version is slammed against the wall while her 'fake' husband is knocked unconscious.

Dazed but okay, Zephyr feels sick to her stomach. Seconds later, she doubles over and throws up. That wasn't a very pleasant experience. Then Zephyr emerges from the black smoke like a specter coming out of nothing. last, Zephyr is here. The Speedster as well as Lucy Walker. She has been made whole. No more being given the run around.

Zephyr smiles at Alex, "Yes, I'm finally here. Thanks for making me whole. Now...You said your family is in trouble? Tell me everything. Start from the beginning and leave nothing out."

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Alex would grin seeing that his aunt was back..fully back. He'd begin to talk to her at super speed "Ok Aunt Lucy this is gonna sound SUUUUUUPER weird, but you've been in the Speed Force so long that you split into two people! Oh yeah, and the Embodiment of Death is in my dead brothers body and he's trying to kill me...Oh yeah and I'm Wally's son Alex from the future, nice to meet you Aunt Lucy, I've heard great things. I know you didn't want to leave the Speed Force but I NEED your help..two speedsters aren't going to cut it this time. I'm still learning how to grasp even SOME of my abilities. The farthest I've come is with my electrokinesis, though I think I may be the best one at that I don't know...but I'm RAMBLING! AUNT LUCY WE HAVE TO GOOOOOO! My dad doesn't know I'm here!"

Alex knew almost NONE of that made sense, but now that he had her back they needed to Leave. Then he realized...she needed a grounding point to get back home.

"But you still need a Lightning Rod to return back...Ok Aunt Lucy look at me. You're Dad misses you. In the future we're gonna need you. YOU can change the outcome of my entire future without messing up a SINGLE thing. Focus on me. And focus on my dad. So we can finally run together. Because you're the Fastest Woman Alive."The red headed boy would smile at his aunt.

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Zephyr is a scientist, she understands him and is highly amused by his obvious excitement. What he says about the Speed Reaper concerns her, however. It's no wonder he's here, he needs all hands on deck. But it's the last bit that grabs Lucy's attention the most. He's right, she needs a lightning rod because if she tries to escape then the Speed Force will draw her right back in.

No Caption Provided

Considering the high stakes, Zephyr takes a deep breath, focusing on Wally and the man in front of her, the son of her brother and her nephew. She's the fastest woman alive and nothing will change that. Yellow electrical energy courses through her eyes, clenching her jaw as raw power courses through her body. Once upon a time, she thought she was the creator of the Speed Force but it turned out to be Wally instead. She slips down into a runners position, taking a deep breath.

In a flash, Zephyr is off as lightning trails off of her. Fast, faster and ever increasing in speed until she hits a wall. But it's the wall of the Speed Force keeping her in, but she focuses on Wally and Alex. Zephyr grunts in pain as lightning sparks everywhere, she slows down but continues pushing until she demolishes the wall that is stopping her.

In a flash of light, Zephyr arrives in the real world and skids to a stop. She bends over with hands on her knees, "Whew! Made it." Lucy glances around, "Alex, where are you?"

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No Caption Provided

@zephyr186: Alex watches her and a grin escapes his face as lightning swarms her body. He watches as she drops down into the runners position and blasts off at insane speeds. He can feel her Speed Force signature grow dimmer as she grew farther and farther away. Breathing in and out deeply Alex would try and force the butterfly out of his stomach. He had to escape the Speed Force...With an exhale of breathe and a spark of lightning Alex would shoot forwards faster then thought itself.

Lightning would scream as Alex utterly demolished the term speed. His feet pushed against the ground launching him forward with every step, pure Speed Force energy flowed from his eyes as he began gaining speed...The Speed Force began to tunnel around him, trying to keep him contained...trying to keep him locked inside forever...and a part of him wanted to stay. Other then the fact that his Aunt couldn't remember her powers she had seemed peaceful, she had built a life for herself. Alex could make his own heaven...he could have his family back...Alex started to slow down, he started to lose himself to the Speed Force's tales for a better life. Alex started to let go...he had hit his wall, and it seemed as if he wasn't going to blow past it. But then he began to remember, he had traveled all this way to get his Aunt out. HE was the one who needed to end this...and he NEEDED to save his brother...Alex had found his lightning rod.

No Caption Provided

"This is for you Jairus....I'm coming to save you little bro...I'm coming home! WE"RE GOING HOME!" Alex would hit the barrier of the Speed Force blast through it like it was nothing. He would skid to a stop in the real world and notice that something was wrong, looking at his aunt Lucy he would reach out to her and notice his body had transformed into pure energy and he was vibrating in and out of reality. Insane Arcs of White lightning shot from every open point in his body, illuminating his suit like the sun itself. The Speed Force was still trying to pull him in even now...but Alex wasn't leaving.

No Caption Provided

"N-No...Jairus. We're coming...We're gonna bring you home." Alex would collapse to his knees as the vibration slowed to a stop. Looking at his Aunt as small sparks of energy flickered off him he'd give her a tired smile "We did it. We got out."

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@lamartheslayer: (OOC: Want to end there and pick this up in your #1 or continue a bit more?)

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@zephyr186: (I'd be up for a little more if you are)

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