The Silent War

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“They’ve been searching for days and their results yield nothing,” Maya hissed levitating high above the ancient city. Since the timely retreat from the old monastery, Shaytan commanded the ‘Shadows’ to traverse the city looking for clues on the so-called “Mist of God”, unknown to anyone other than Shaytan as The Ultra-Sapien Formula. A formula long thought lost, many who knew of its location had long perished. Books, ancient text and other allusions to it’s existence all vanished before any local could pin-point it’s location; however someone did, which made the Supreme Shaytan so sure Jerusalem was it.

Because of the high profile and fast paced life she used to live, Maya’s knowledge on the legendary Ultra-Sapien was nonexistent, even the 3rd Society files embedded in her mind mentioned nothing of them. Not even of the known U-Sapiens.

The Shadows of the Shaytan often moved quietly throughout the city acquiring any information on the perceived resting place, yet even in secrecy-- eye brows raised. Librarians, Historians and other learned official grew skeptical, started pressing harder; because of it, The Liafador beauty enlisted the help of the Red Cardinal’s.

“Spain’s cockroaches” they too littered the city searching for the same answers, with often times more aggressive undertones than the SOS.

In the eyes of the Scarlet Sorceress, this was a chance to transcend anything her family could ever achieve, this was a chance for the young Liafador to create her own unique race; her own branch of Liafador that could wipe out the older elements of her family. Establishing a new Liafador Order hadn’t been on the agenda, but since the situation presented it’ self she was sure to take it.

Wafting her hands across the arid skies, Maya’s magic mirror swirled into being from the Otherrim. “You have summoned me, mistress” It’s baritone voice boomed sending a piercing chill down her own spine.

“I did patch me through to Nikadaemus, I’m afraid this fools errand needs to come to an end.” Nodding its face in compliance the mythical mirror opened a two-way communication channel between Maya and the Supreme Shaytan allowing the two to speak in real time.

“I am afraid what you seek is not present, we need to regroup and focus our efforts elsewhere. Perhaps even take the fight to one of the two groups that crossed us. We still have Nobody, I’m afraid prolonged exposure in Jerusalem may compromise our location.”

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“What are you working on now Emmerich?”

“I'm improving sample retrieval, Sam.”

“For what?”

“You're a scientist aren't you?”


“So you know how difficult it can be to get samples of liquid and gaseous matter.”

“Right, so how you are you improving it?”

“Well, these little containers I'm fixing up right now have four functions. The first is analysis. The second is specimen acquisition. Third is matter transformation and fourth, is transport.”

“Analysis of the specimen? Doesn't that cut our job out?”

“Not entirely. The purpose is risk-free containment. The internal shell assumes the chemical properties of whatever is resistant to our sample so acid won't eat through it, contagions and mutagens won't spill over and contaminate us and turn us into our nightmares. Thorough analysis is still up to us.”

“Nifty little gadget you made there.”

“It's disappointing. I should have made something better but Sandra isn't here.”

“Don't you have a thing for her?”

“No, she's just better at making gadgets than I am. I'm better at growing X-Men and making The Avengers.”

“What do you plan on using those things for?”

Eddy put the last C.U. (Containment Unit) in a custom case to hold it along with the other 19 he already made. The good Doctor's glasses reflected both the now closed carrying case, and also the marked digital map posted on a computer screen. Eddy perched himself on his desk following the tremendous amount of work he finished. Two fingers pulled out an electronic cigarette flavored with banana and popped it into Eddy's lips. A few medicated puffs helped ease incomprehensible mental strain.

“I'm taking a trip. A few reports have been filed lately in Jerusalem about strange energy readings or gases or something. Anomalies. That's what I know.”

“So you're going to a strange place, that you've never been before, completely alone to get something you don't know about?”

“When you say it like that, I sound insane.”

“That's because you are.”

“'Insane' is such a negative word. I prefer something along the lines of 'eccentric' or 'blindingly passionate'. Those, I can work with.”

“Does Harry know?”

“Harry doesn't need to know anything until I come back with samples. My flight is leaving in four hours. I'm excited to meet my contact who will help show me around to where the stuff is.”

“Good luck mate.”

Dr. Emmerich tossed his C.U.s into the black satchel he held before stampeding to the elevator. Each beep felt like an eternity with each passing floor. Eddy's finger tapped impatiently against his lab coat while he glanced at his watch at every beep. Whenever a new person violated the personal space of a hostile chemist, more blood squeezed out of his tongue. A few bold conversationalists did their best to chat it up with Eddy who entertained them if only to keep up appearances.

Following a series of tedious conversations, Eddy finally made it outside his job to see a gentleman standing in front of a parked car. The man literally held a sign with Eddy's name on it and a smile on his face.

“So the plot thickens...”

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Mask was in a meeting when he got the call, he was proposing his plan to fund and assist in the restoration of Gothic to the board. SO far it was going well and he had them hooked. Right when he was about to deliver the punch his assistant walked in.

"You have a call on line 7 sir"

Mask kept his composure but, in his voice you could hear worry. Line 7 was only used when the investors had to urgently reach him. He quickly excused himself and answered the phone.

"Whats the problem?"

"Our contacts in the LOS have reported something aside from the usual internal warfare. Their after something that could change the world. We need you to get it first, something called the mist of god. We don't need a whole force, just enough people to get the issue under control."

"I think I know just the people."

Mask hung up the phone and returned to the meeting telling everyone that urgent business had come up.


The cloaked aircraft landed atop the roof of a stone building in the center of the city. It's rear end opening up and from this strolled the Blue Orders Best. Vladimir was first out, checking his gear and making sure he was prepared. Then came Cameron who didn't seem all to happy to be there. From the middle of them walked Mask himself, still in his suit he waved his hand and the hanger closed up. He had everyone double check their radios as the jet flew off into the sky.

"Make sure you track this down, I'll search the city. Now go, find the mist and make it quick. I have other business to attend to."

Mask sat down atop the roof, the cool breeze blowing by as he began to use his left eye. Everything changed from being solid walls to being slightly translucent. He searched the city for any sign of suspicious people within a 200 mile radius. He spotted a few groups of people and told Vladimir to investigate them, after that he kept searching for anyone who seemed significant. That was when he spotted a woman, he focused in and her presence hit him like a truck. His vision was filled with hints of red.

"Cameron, there's someone I want you to check out. Here are the coordinates."

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@maya_liafador: Cameron approached the location his boss had been telling him about, he watched from a slight distance as the woman searched for something. No doubt it was the mist and honestly Cameron didn't care about some dumb cloud of moisture. The only reason he was here was because Mask told him he was needed and he wanted a good fight. They were hard to come by nowadays and in all honesty he was getting bored with his strength. Either way he hoped that he wouldn't have to be another tool to stomp the competition.

"I'm here Mask, what should I do"

"Her aura is menacing, and no doubt she's after the elixir with powers like that. It's too risky not to take her out of the picture, engage with caution and try to minimize damage to the city."

"I'll try boss"

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Cameron reached towards his belt and pulled out a black dagger of sorts, a kunai as it was called by ninja like himself. In his other hand he pulled out three orange spheres about the size of paintball. He quietly approached, he moved from roof to roof, until he was close enough to engage the target. With a deep breath he swiftly jumped from the roof top, throwing the orange pellets onto the ground. They were known as chilli pepper bombs and contained a gas made form concentrated Ghost Chillis. These were designed to irritate the skin and eyes, as well as having ghost peppers they also contained Szechuan peppers to cause excessive drooling. After dropping the gas bombs he threw the kunai into the ground, on the end was a paper bomb. It would ignite within the next 3 seconds and explode. He landed on the ground just outside of the area that was about to be affected grabbing another knife just in case he needed it.

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So... The Sleeper emerged from his hole. And he was on the hunt. Their intel was limited, but the true League was aware of the situation in Jerusalem. The place was already a hotbed, they didn't need a war between assassins. Or at least, that is what a moralist would say. Sparrow only cares to end the false Shaytan's presence and take his rightful place.

They arrived quietly, slipping between buildings in teams of two, aiming towards the city center. a building that normally functioned as a standard business. Today, it had closed early. The shopkeeper as nowhere in sight, having unlocked the doors and hidden. Just because they were paying him, it didn't mean he wasn't afraid of the League. Sparrow entered first, the hidden door responding to his touch, which was wiped immediately. A dimly lit stone passage followed, marked with a single banner to signify the owners.

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The rest of the League filed in slowly, led by his five lieutenants. "The Xsoteric seeks a way to destroy us, my brothers. He seeks a weapon more powerful than most of us can dream. He seeks magic." Sparrow was not entirely sure of what the item was, but the some of the League need... encouragement. "We will kill him. We will topple his allies. We will root out the sickness in the world and cure it. Magic will be no more."

They had their assignments. Three lieutenant would join the search to find the Sleeper's mystery item. Two would stay with Sparrow, the ones Nikademus had not seen yet. The rest of the League would stay as well. Judging by the last battle, they would need the backup. Bravado aside, the false Shaytan was perhaps an equal opponent.

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@eddyemmerich: @below0gaming: @cameron_tyme: @mourningsparrow: @maya_liafador:

The wide-body stance of the Supreme Shaytan was an impressive display of rudimentary Pankration. Adorned in nothing more then a pair of men's silk Hakama boho pants, with loose fitting legs and tapped off shins. His exercised frame had adopted a reactionary posture, arms extended as his exposed abs tightened in anticipation. No words were exchanged before select members of his secret confederacy converged on his position. Unlike the Knightfalls of fabled lore, Nikademus' martial prowess, basic as it were, had not been granted to him by a genetic cheat sheet of photographic laziness. As such he had long ago undertaken an obsessively strict exercise regiment, training the body as well as the mind in a metaphysical vacuum of dedicated study.

However before the Sleeper could fully immerse himself in his daily bout of martial tutelage, he was interrupted by perhaps the most dangerous member of the cabal, Maya Liafador;

“I am afraid what you seek is not present, we need to regroup and focus our efforts elsewhere. Perhaps even take the fight to one of the two groups that crossed us. We still have Nobody, I’m afraid prolonged exposure in Jerusalem may compromise our location.”

No Caption Provided

There was an angled contortion of Nikademus' neck that visually affirmed his attention had been diverted, captured by an unseen force. Even as he methodically re-dressed his fingers with the rings of Raysh al'Shaytan his disciples could tell, sense, an outside influence distracting their Rayiysi (master) sub-conscious thoughts. Suddenly, the Sleeper cast his hand aside and whispered with a graveled tone, "Illustrare" instantly illuminating the boarders of an esoteric two-way mirror. "The usurper and his salvaged assassins are already here, seek to disrupt our plans in hopes of gaining an advantage in the Shadow Wars. Seems there is no end to this river of traitors and charlatans. No matter, we still maintain the advantage. Keep looking. Its here!"

Several of the Xsoteric's minister's had been busy clothing their Shaytan with carefully selected apparel. The Devil's Fang draped off his left hip, concealed beneath an array of traditional Middle Eastern garb. Opting for traditional deception, following the practices of the original LoS for reasons known only to him. Followed by a small and similarly dressed band of camouflaged Shadows, the Shaytan emerged on the streets of Jerusalem. Instantly obtaining, tracking, and hunting the assassins who had been dispatched to uncover the God Mist. Unaware but suspecting that there were other outside powers of influence and persuasion making their own moves along the tactical board that was now Jerusalem.

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@soulsexodus: @maya_liafador: @mourningsparrow: @supreme_shaytan: @cameron_tyme

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Katraya knelt on a prayer rug in the city of Jerusalem. Her divine master had guided her to this city for reasons beyond her understanding and she now prayed to The Divine Tyrant for guidance, seeking to understand her purpose in this city. As always, his answer was clear and provided in an unusual way. When one is praying, their focus is absolute, their eyes closed and their other senses strengthened. Katraya always kept her mind open to the outside world lest she be attacked at her most vulnerable. It was in this way she heard the engines of a jet landing on a nearby building. Katraya waited a moment to complete her prayer and then opened her eyes and rose to her feet. She crossed the small unlit room and looked out to the source of the dampened sound and found men disembarking from a plane that quickly left once its cargo was unloaded.

Katraya reached down and pulled a distance viewer from her belt and used it to focus in on the landing area and identify the men. So...Cameron and his boss. They wouldn't both be here without a purpose. She felt her silenced League of Shadows Communicator vibrate against her right thigh and understood that another of the groups she associated with was also in the area now. I wonder who is on who's side? Best to begin. My master wants something in this city, I just need to find out what it is and if these men are here as well, they must surely be after it. Katraya deactivated her armor and slipped from the window. She made her way stealthily across rooftops and paused about halfway towards both groups. She knelt then and activated her communication device and brought it to her lips. @mourningsparrow "To what purpose do you summon me?" She asked in a quiet voice that indicated she did not wish to be overheard.

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Small and thin, Eufrit nevertheless walked with a stride of a confident woman. She wore the simple clothing of the farmers of Jerusalem, for she was incognito. She carried a thick walking stick, too thick, it seemed, for the fit of her fine hands. But it, like the costume... like the woman herself... concealed a great secret, for within its burnished wood was a hollow, and within that hollow a sword, a fabulous sword, the greatest sword in all the land north of the Congqing Mountains. Fashioned of wrapped silvered mythic'a steel, decorated with etchings of vines and flowers and with a handle of ivory and gold that resembles a hooded serpent, the sword would grow sharper with use as the thicker outer layers of wrapping were nicked or worn away.

It was a mythic'a sword, named by reclusive mystics of a southern part of Asia. No detail of the sword had been overlooked, not even the prongs of the crosspiece, each resembling smaller snakes poised as if to strike. For to the mystics, the making of the sword was a holy thing, a signal of deeper meditation and perfect concentration. This sword had been fashioned by Eufrits sister, Lady Naamah, and whenever she held it she could feel in its details and workmanship the very spirit of that remarkable woman.

For now however, Eufrit wished to stay incognito. She simply walked among the masses, blended in harmoniously with the locals."Eufrit here. I am here in Jerusalem. I am keeping a low profile, and awaiting further instructions."@mourningsparrow

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@naamah_obyzouth: @katraya:

A voice was inside Sparrow's mask. The ally. The liaison from a mysterious employer. Katraya. She asked after her orders. "There is a third party here. The Blue Order. Remove them, with words of blades." He was cryptic and quick. Intentionally so. He cut the line. And then, another. "This is Sparrow. The false league has brought an asset that cannot be allowed to remain in play. Find @soulsexodus and bring him to me." Sparrow smiled, under his mask. It was all coming together.

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Katraya made her way along the roof tops, Cameron was engaging someone else and not her priority target. If she was going to convince or distract the Blue Hand from doing whatever it was they were trying to do she needed to speak to the man in charge. She made her way closer to his building until she was within 150 yards and then activated her A-13 armor. She drew her OVK-313 weapon and knelt down, using the edge of the building as partial cover.

No Caption Provided

Katraya took aim but had no intention of firing, at least not yet. Odds of this working diplomatically? Almost nothing. Oh well. "So the mysterious Mask has decided to show himself here." She said loud enough for him to hear her. "My boss disagrees with your position and humbly request you change it or withdraw entirely. He regrets that he can't say this himself but is rather pre-occupied at the moment with other matters. There are two ways we can deal with this situation, as you can see I have already taken into consideration both options."

Katraya smirked. "I can speak or the OVK can."

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Following a brief introduction, trip home and car ride and plane ride, Eddy found himself in a secure location somewhere near Jerusalem. It wasn't government. That was a guarantee. The cameras were top of the line. As were the automated turrets casually lining the hallways. Heavily armored guards practically dressed like storm troopers marched around with enormous guns in the arms. Cloaked ninjas hid in plain view but were only visible due to Eddy's custom eye wear's thermal imaging. The facility clearly took its security very seriously.

Doctor Emmerich's host escorted him to a large nearly-empty room. With nothing but a desk, a few chairs and armed guards. They held weapons as calmly as possible despite being fixed on Eddy. A voice echoed over the P.A. System. Not English, or any language Eddy could identify. What he did know was someone was coming in to the room with him. Emmerich's newest visitor wore a mask. Face fitting camo-mask.

“Good day Doctor. How was your flight?”

“It went well. A little long. I wish I had known about your friend meeting me outside my place of business. Not a fan of surprises. But, no harm done. So where is the anomaly?”

“Straight to business huh?”

“Well considering you sent for me knowing I am the best chemical and genetic engineer on this rock, and that your paying all my bills while I'm here and paying for my custom lab and paying me for the work that you'd want me out of here as quickly as possible.”

Eddy smiled blithely at the masked man. Even the twinkle in his eye was designed to conceal his vexation at this man's tedious questioning. Doctor Emmerich does not like wasting time. Images of dissecting the simpleton flashed through his mind for three seconds before laughter disrupted the calming images.

“Excellent point. Well, we have very few samples. One, to be exact. And your bedroom has a lab next to it-”

“What do you mean 'one to be exact'? You brought me out here for ONE sample? What am I supposed to do with that? Look at it? You told me it was a gas. I need to manipulate it for proper experimentation and analysis and you give me one sample? Is there a way to get more?”

“You're not very thankful for an American in a foreign country, Doctor.”

“And you are a failure at keeping your word.”

“Watch your mouth. I have armed guards in here who-”

“Won't do anything to me because you need me. Now answer the question” Eddy's smile remained on his face. Displaying his amusement as opposed to masking frustration.

The man laughed before speaking. “You really are as funny as Sandra said you were. Only man I've met with gall to talk to me like that with soldiers ready to kill you. Also the only man I've met smart enough to know when he can't be replaced. We know where you are able to get more samples however we are unable to get them ourselves. It's a gas that has strange effects. We have to put our men down who try collecting samples because it does things to them.”

“Well then, let's get to work. I just need to change clothes and we'll be good to go.”

Within a couple of hours, Eddy Emmerich put on his body armor, gloves and whatever additional equipment he deemed necessary including a few new gadgets. He stood outside the facility in the center of Jerusalem with a small group of armed guards. Enough to be safe, but not enough to cause a ruckus. The masked man from earlier was with Eddy to translate information.

“So you said Sandra told you about me earlier.”

“Yes I did. She was the reason we knew to find you. I went to high school with her.”

“That makes sense. So anyway, lead the way.”

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@katraya: Mask chuckled he immediately knew that Katrya was here and that she was coming. He had no intention to play all his cards yet though, instead he waited for her to crouch before projecting an illusion against her. He made his physical body disappear and an imaginary one appear behind her. He focused enough energy into it that it would seem real, chances are her brain would compensate and trick her into thinking she could touch it. Chances weren't his thing though, rather he would instead keep the illusion 10 feet away and if she shot at it it would seem like he had died. He made the illusion speak for him.

"No need for violence there my dear, chances are you wouldn't survive a fight with me. Oh and about that whole change my plans thing. Not gonna happen, my investors want whats here and honestly if your boss has a problem with that I'll talk to him myself. In fact I have no doubt my investors are going to want me to intervene with your whole internal war to ensure it doesn't get out of hand."

Mask then changed the illusions position, making it look like teleportation.

"Truth is you can't harm me with physical weapons, its a power I have. That and being able to move where I want so how exactly do you plan on fighting me hmm."

The real Mr.Mask used this as a chance to get inside and find a hiding spot, he wouldn't lose to her if he used that ability but hopefully it wouldn't get that far. Either way the illusion should do a good job of keeping her busy.

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"Somehow I think the powers involved won't want to be 'intervened' with." Katraya said, choosing to ignore his boasts about his powers and her perceived lack of ability to hurt him. The Hyper Mutant smiled a little. Gene-Lock, teleportation. Gene-lock, metaphysical entity, gene-lock energy drain. Her retinas narrowed as the gene locks took effect and Katraya turned her attention to what seemed to be the teleporting mutant. She had no way, currently, of knowing that he wasn't real or even suspecting it. Katraya teleported herself to the building he had been standing on just moments ago, instantly distancing herself from him and once more aimed her weapon at him. Her metaphysical powers flowed into the weapon, giving the ammunition the ability to strike on multiple planes of existence and impact non-physical entities. If a physical weapon can't harm him, it's probably because he exists on multiple planes at once or can make his physical body impervious to attacks on the physical plane.

"You shouldn't underestimate your opposition." Katraya said, but she didn't pull the trigger yet. I don't need to turn this into a fight yet, and I don't want to without knowing more about him. Never engage an enemy you know nothing about.

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@katraya: Mr.Masks physical self saw it all, Katraya moving so she was located just a few feet above him. The only thing keeping her from him was a combination of stone and wood. Mask didn't wan't to give himself away just yet so instead he just remained hidden using his illusions to fuel everything. He moved his illusion body behind Katraya, once more. Once more it spoke for him.

"Katraya since your such a pretty lady I'll give you one more chance to drop this pointless feud and return home. Handle a different situation, or I'll call in my men and this whole city will become a war zone. Honestly I think we know which choice is the best one."

Mask didn't actually intend to turn the battlefield into a war zone unless it was his last option. The risk to innocent lives was too great, instead he would distract Katraya and lead her away so he could Radio Vladimir. This fight wasn't one he would trouble himself with yet.

"Well listen, I would love to continue this discussion but I have places to go and people to see so you consider my offer alright. Gotta blast"

With that Mask made it look like his illusion body teleported once more but instead he had just gotten rid of it.

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"The American, he's here in Jerusalem..."a kneeling cleric of the Shaytan's scouting party reported. "Tsst" the Shaytan singled, igniting his small band of mystical confederates into a stealth based sprint along the city skyline. Taking off like liquid shadows, swimming through the unseen avenues of the city in isolated pursuit of one of the World's foremost leading experts of their field. On the cutting edge of genetic engineering, Doctor Emmerich's innovative studies and published works had been a source of inspiration for the newly crowned Al'Shaytan. And was a vital component in Nikademus' ideological machinations.

Like metaphysical ninja's the Sleeper's SoS' employed strategical subterfuge, darting out of the shadows, off from the facility roof, and around its exposed edges as the small contingent of guards attempted to fend them off. Putting more then a few well placed shots in-between the eyes of their opposition. But as one shadow fell two more rose to take its place, seeking to overrun the armed unit in one quick and non-lethal strike. Long enough for the Supreme Shaytan to formally address the Doctor.

No Caption Provided

"Forgive the regrettable use of violence doctor but I simply do not have time for delayed diplomacy." The Shaytan's mathematical stream of spontaneous information counting down from 60, as other numerical equations and measured operations overlapped his field of vision. Quickly Nikademus motioned for the scientist extraordinaire to follow. "Please, hurry, I'll explain on the way." hesitant to reveal more, yet sensing the warranted suspension that still heavily lingered. "You seek a viable sample of the so-called Mist of God, correct? Wrong, what you're really looking for, what you really need is a genetic sample of an Ultra-Sapien. I am that sample. The Mist of God is a lie doctor, one designed to bring you here to Jerusalem where we could meet. I need your expertise in order to unlock the secrets of the ultra-sapien formula and inherit my birthright and bestow it upon my loyal ministry" once again motioning for genetic engineer to come with. Semi-confident that his scientific curiosity and professional quest for innovation would propel him to go.

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@below0gaming: @mourningsparrow@supreme_shaytan

Katraya narrowed her eyes. If he was ready to do half as much as he talks about he would have done it already. This is a distraction. Why threaten the city with war over my desire to get him out of here? That's a bit over the top. Add to it the fact that he seems to think I would care at all if he did that and he doesn't understand who or what he's dealing with. The question is why is he distracting me and where did he go?

Gene-lock...technopath level four. Katraya reached out with her mind, 'sensing' the electronic devices currently operating in the city. She began to sift quickly through the white noise, discarding information of no value and instead searching for signals in use by people operating on a covert level, radio signals, computer signals, any form of electronics sending a signal. It was a process and it would take her time but it should prove worth it eventually.

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@soulsexodus: @supreme_shaytan: @cameron_tyme: (And everyone else)

No Caption Provided

“It’s just as I expected, there are unknown variables affecting the mission” Maya grunted feeling the various life energies surfacing around the city. Not a combatant herself, Maya saw this as somewhat of a set back in the grand scheme of things—not to mention the false league. If Sparrow were to somehow gain control over the Ultra-Sapien formula, there’d be no limits to what he could actually use it for.

Unknown to the Red Cardinal, a foe maneuvered within close proximity without Maya’s knowledge. However unknown to the would-be attacker, Maya’s preemptive negation shield absorbed the would-be irritation from his chili bombs, inadvertently drawing the attention of the Reality Warping Goddess.

“You Dare?” She hissed, turning in the ninja’s direction with an azure gaze. Circling around in his direction, Maya’s mystical energies begin to swirl through her hands, but the unknown placement of his paper bomb ignited sending the goddess skidding across the rooftops.

Maya’s body rolled to the edge of the adjacent building dressed with fresh burns and cuts. The healing factor she boast did very little to aid the pain surging through the left side of her body.

Rising to a full 5’11, Maya smirked just a bit; she lacked the physical Strength that her mother and father host, but it was well known that Maya’s use of energy-based attacks came second to none. A light flickered within the pupils of her eyes before closing the distance between the both of them with a well-placed teleport.

Emerging on the rear side of her attacker, Maya’s eyes flickered a combination of black and red before firing a volley of mystic energy at the ninja, while subtly raising the probability of landing a direct hit.

Meanwhile on the far side of the city, Maya’s Cardinals flocked with the SoS around the “Dome of the Rock”. “High Goddess, I believe what we’re looking for is subterranean, I believe we’ve found its entrance.” Her lead Cardinal reported holding the temple’s legendary guards at sword point.

“Send your findings to Nikademus, I’m currently busy. I’ll be there shortly make so no one enters that temple.”

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@supreme_shaytan: &Whomever Else

Like clockwork. Everything happened like clockwork. It was something he felt was going to happen, just not so quickly. What can only be described as “Ninjas” erupted from shadow quickly dispatching the surrounding sentries. Each projectile cut through the air with surgical precision to meet their target. It was a homicidal ballet with Doctor Emmerich as the guest of honor.

The masked man who escorted Eddy was successfully destroying everything that stood in his way despite his gradual retreat. As the massacre continued, the only “civilian” in the storm of blood pulled out a cell phone to check his bank account. Half a million dollars were deposited as per the arrangement he'd had with his “contacts”. As far as he was concerned, he'd been paid for the job already so whatever happened from this point onward was completely optional.

Before long, the masked man was dead and some new person appeared before the doctor, requesting him to follow. Another unexpected event with someone needing the Doctor. This was becoming frustrating because now he had no idea as to who actually requested him. Obviously bigger players were at work here. This new person interested Eddy. He clearly knew what the doctor was looking for. However was this man trust worthy? That was the million-dollar question.


“What do you mean 'go'? We have no idea who this guy is.”

“He lies. I come out.”

“That's what I want to avoid.”

“He has what you need.”

“Damn it. There is no way out of this. Either way, you get to play. But going with this man will get me the samples that I need in addition to reducing the chances of dealing with you. And examining the 'ultra-sapien formula' is too good to pass up. Might be able to shut you up. Rocks and hard places.”

Eddy's internal conversation with his other half took fractions of a second in real world time. Due to his intellect everything moved much slower in the real world to him. Complex algorithms and formulas spanning entire dry-erase boards would be solved almost immediately once he looked at them. Barely thirty years old and two Doctrines with one Master's in Engineering. What couldn't Emmerich's mind do? The man was a legend in his fields but somehow, retained his humble attitude.

“Let's get going. Thankfully I was pain semi-in advanced so I have no reason to stay with these people. If what you say is true I will need a laboratory, but I think you already have that prepared for me.” The words came from his mouth happily. Now, he began to immediately ponder the implications behind the “Ultra-Sapien formula” as he followed his new host.

“Is it an actual formula? If it is that means it can be easily copied. So they wouldn't need me and spend this much manpower to figure it out. Probably a catalyst. But to what? Does it induce human evolution? That can't be it because the prefix is all wrong. Something else maybe? Perhaps the next step in existence. Or maybe it is a step in human evolution however we're not all the same entirely. I know mutants enjoy being called 'homo-superior' but this is something else. Hell, these people probably just came up with the name because it sounds good. I need to do the research and figure all this out myself. Really hoping they have alcohol when I reach their facilities.” Again, an entire conversation held before the first step was taken. Eddy had a long trip ahead of him.

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She wasn't moving, and that didn't help him. He needed a way to get her out, wasting his strongest ability against her wouldn't bode well for the rest of the night. However this was looking like he may have to, which would mean he would have to move somewhere less crowded. He also didn't want to reveal his illusion powers yet since keeping it a secret would be important. Mask decided he would drag her to somewhere less populated in order to fight her off. His pistols shot out of his sleeves and he silently moved underneath the building. His pistol was loaded with Thermobaric rounds that would explode minorly. However with the amount he had he could bring the whole roof down. That was exactly what he planned to do.

He aimed his guns up and quickly fired them off at the roof, the explosions all occurring right underneath Katraya. Mask then took off vaulting out the window and into the streets.

"Bet you didn't expect me to teleport underneath you huh?"

Mask kept his pistols aimed at the rubble, he had ten more rounds in each one.

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The moment minor explosions started around her Katraya responded. Gene-lock enhanced durability level three, gene-lock fire body level three. She had little time to move but it didn't matter. The roof collapsed beneath her and most of the building followed in after it as the stone roof of the ancient building crushed the floors below it. The Hyper Mutant fell three stories into the ground floor, slamming into the cement with an unceremonious impact only to have large chunks of debris collapse ontop of her. Moments ago this attack would have killed her or left her crippled. With her enhanced durability now though it had few ill effects on her body. She opened her eyes and pushed all of her strength into removing a large piece of wall from on top of her. Her armor was damaged according to her system readouts but was still relatively intact. The vibranium simulation had held up to the multiple impacts but she didn't want to expose the A-13 to too much more if she could avoid it. Katraya soon emerged from the smoking ruin.

No Caption Provided

With him now in the streets and completely visible she leveled OVK and caressed the trigger. The weapon was in burst fire mode and the gun kicked like the devil in her hand. Fire erupted from the muzzle as three self propelled, armor piercing mass reactive .75 caliber shells rocketed through the air between them. Add to that her metaphysical genetic trait and the bullets existed on multiple planes at the same time. If they struck him the damage would potentially be catastrophic. Certainly if they hit a normal person that person would be reduced to bloody gibs. She didn't stop there, the unrelenting Hyper Mutant strode forward and fired again and again. She raised her other hand, conjured a fireball in her palm and flung it in his direction. The fireball was designed to explode over a thirty food radius area for saturation purposes.

Her durability and armor had prevented her from taking any damage from the collapsing building and the more the battle wore on, the more genetic locks Katraya would seek to make use of. I don't have him down yet and I doubt these attacks will hurt him very much but it's a start. I need him reacting instead of controlling the situation and I need him to reveal more about himself. The more I know the more I can adapt to. As she advanced she continued to fire the oversized weapon that should have shattered her wrist awhile ago. She counted each shot, kept track of the rounds in her mind and was prepared to change magazines as soon as the last round was emptied from the chamber.

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Cameron laughed as his attack was successful, he watched as the woman's body slid across the rooftops. Cameron didn't approach, rather he awaited an attack in anticipation. His doubts lied in the fact that she would be taken out by a simple paper bomb and he was right. She rose to her feet and within moments was right next to him. He turned and threw up his arms as his body was sent hurtling off the roof and into a nearby building. Dust filled the whole where he landed.

From this brief moment Cameron had learned a bit about his enemies powers. Firstly she could teleport, the limitations of which were not known. Secondly she seemed to posses some kind of blasting ability, a strong one at that. Her physical ability was still unknown but, since she failed to dodge or block the paper bomb it was very unlikely she had high physical durability. Cameron still needed to test the waters and he didn't want to use his curse mark yet. Instead he threw three kunai from within the dust cloud, attached to the end of each was an ice bomb. This simple device would release a torrent of ice spikes when detonated. They detonated in mid air causing about 20 more projectiles to be moving towards her.

Cameron moved from his previous location, staying in the building would give him away and he needed to test the limits of her teleportation. Instead he moved into the lower floor of the building and made a few hand signs and whispered.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu"

From his armor water poured out and took the shape of a dragon about 20 feet long, this dragon shot out and headed towards Maya.

No Caption Provided

3 tons of force rushing at her at about 30 mph, if any of his attacks landed it would decide the progression and the outcome of this battle.

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The shadows consumed him and made him feel whole. In darkness, his immense power had been conceived and in darkness, he would always endeavor to operate...That is, until the moment he would strike.

A blaze of burning red light illuminated the titanic synagogue as Vinicus Corvo came upon his prey. A bearded man in a robe attempted In vain to escape the black crow's talons but in an instant the Aggressor pounced, crashing his crimson plasma sword into the victim's lower extremities. A freshly severed leg plopped unto the temple floor nearby as the dark apprentice, flanked on either side by shadows dressed in dark robes, flashed a sadistic smile.

“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who bestows kindness upon the culpable, for He has bestowed goodness to me” the crippled Rabbi prayed.

“You’re god cannot hear you,” hissed the inhuman Morna as she stepped out of the shadows. One of the Shaytan's many lieutenants, the wretched witch had been tasked with "handling" Corvo and helping him in his transition into the League.

"Let him pray, Morna. I quite like it." the Last Aggressor snickered, inching closer to his victim.

“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who bestows kindness upon the culpable, for He has bestowed goodness to me.”

The Aggressor's lightsaber flicked off with a BZZZT as the rabbi continued to repeat his monotonous prayer.

“Rabbi, where are the Mists of God?"

“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who bestows kindness upon the culpable, for He has bestowed goodness to me.”

With his already limited patience quickly running out, the Aggressor made a show of his power, lifting the rabbi's body high into the air. "Rabbi Abner Klein, you are considered the greatest esoteric mind in all of Israel You are the keeper of its secrets and the repository of all forbidden knowledge. We tortured a lot of people to get that information.”

No Caption Provided

The Rabbi’s arms and legs now flailing wildly in pain, the Sicilian Crow released the telekinetic grip around the rabbi’s fat throat, allowing the man’s overweight body to crash back onto the hard stone floor of the synagogue. Vinicius Corvo motioned for a pair of his dark companions to surround the weary old man. He had been a part of the group for less than a day but already, the efficiency of his methods had earned him a fair amount of respect.

“Make him hurt.”

One of the dark compatriots drew a small knife and without hesitation plunged it into the rabbi’s neck near a bundle of nerves that, if severed, would cause a torrent of devastating pain. It was obvious that the Shaytan had taught his minions well.

“Okay! Okay! I will tell you. Please spare me, for I will answer what you’ve come here to find out.. Give me...a parchment please and something to write with.”

The dark warrior watched, a satisfied smile spreading across his handsome face, as the rabbi was given his parchment. The bearded man dutifully began to write, believing perhaps that this would save him from his imminent death. “Perfect.” hissed Morna, visibly impressed with the newest Shadowland recruit.

“Puh...please.” the weary voice of the ill-fated rabbi pleaded. “Whatever infernal plans you have with the Mist please..just..spare Jerusalem. It is the holy city, the throne of God on Earth, and the rock for where the Messiah will rebuild his blessed temple.”

“Hahaha! You poor, poor idiot.” responded the twisted woman as she lurched forward, taking rabbi’s head in her hands. Her tone became one of exaggerated joy, like a little girl who had just been given her first Barbie doll. “Jerusalem is destined to be the throne of the one true god, but...he is no Messiah. From Jerusalem, Raysh al'Shaytan will rain fire upon the land and purify this Earth. With an army of Superior Men who will rise from the waters of the Mists that youhave led us to, we will raze these lands that your people hold so dearly. Your place in history is cemented, rabbi, and you must now rest in knowing that your true purpose on this earth has been fulfilled.”

Leaning down and covering the rabbi’s lips with hers, the witch suckled greedily and hungrily until the man's eyes rolled back into his head. Morna then disengaged, allowing a small stream of blackened blood to pour unto the temple floor from the rabbi’s mutilated mouth.

Vinicius was more than a little turned on.

"Come, apprentice. We have work to do." The aggressor followed the twisted woman out of the synagogue as his eyes scanned the parchment that the rabbi had written on.

ערפילים של אלוהים להתעורר מהר הבית

The writing was in Hebrew but thanks to his connection to the Darkforce, it made no difference to Corvo.

“The mists of God arise from the Temple Mount,” he read aloud. A glimmer in the distance caught his eye as it reflected off of a golden domed ceiling. “We are close,” Mora confirmed as the accursed cabal became one with the shadows once more.

"We Are Close"

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@mourningsparrow: @soulsexodus:

Adventure was what Eufrit asked for, and adventure was what she received. Perhaps one day she will be more careful about what she asks for, but for today she will try to make the best with what she has got. Which is a name in this case "Exodus" she is to locate and return him to Sparrow. The details she is unaware, she has no idea who this guy is. Has had no real briefing to speak of, and has absolutely no idea where in the heck this guy Exodus is currently located. She both hopes and assumes he is at the very least in Jerusalem, so for now she just keeps her wits about herself and continues the search.

If you were Exodus where would you be? She asks herself a seemingly simple question, that many times in her past when applied to other people, places, or things had helped. The problem she was facing, was that she knew absolutely nothing about Exodus. The streets however, seemed not to be the place where anyone other than herself was likely to be. She had been down most of them a dozen times, and had not seen anyone that seemed out of the ordinary. Perhaps I should check above, or bellow? Her eyes shift to the rooftops and then her eyes shift to a manhole cover for the sewer that runs beneath Jerusalem. She decides to check above before degrading herself to taking in the sights and smells that a rat of Jerusalem, no, first she would visit with the birds. So, she found a scaffolding and made her way up to the rooftop of a large chapel. "Exodus.... Oh, Exodus... Here boy!" She muses herself whimsically, calling out for her desired target like she would call in a pet dog from outside. She had no real faith that this method was going to work, but it was at the very least humoring to her. And pleasuring herself was something that Eufrit was indeed, accustomed to.

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@katraya: Normal people wouldn't have been able to see Katraya aim her weapon. Nor would they have been able to predict the trajectory of the bullets about to be fired. Oh and they definitely wouldn't have been able to do it within a second. Mask on the other hand was a master of war, and prediction was a key to any battle. He took off at top speed, while it wasn't much he was able to shoot some of the bullets coming his way. Katraya would hopefully follow him, however it was no doubt she was faster. In this case he needed to move himself in a serpentine random pattern. Weaving in and out of buildings he radio'd in to Vladimir

"This is Mask, I need your help. Asap."

Mask wasn't a one on one guy, he preferred to use his ocular abilities then his physical ability. He quickly used his left eye to scan the surrounding area, Vladimir was close by and that was where he headed.


No Caption Provided

Vladimir just got done taking out a few more assassins when he got the call, he stood over their dead bodies and answered his radio. He heard the voice of a slightly frantic Mask requesting back up that he intended to give. The location wasn't far from here and it also explained the explosion he had just heard. Using his grapple arm he pulled himself up onto the roof tops and took off in the direction of the closest gun fire.

No Caption Provided

He finally located Mask and his pursuer, he checked his gear. M4-Carbine loaded with three extra magazines, Spas-12 loaded with 16 extra shells, Desert Eagle loaded with three extra magazines, Beretta M9 loaded with three extra magazines, 10 of each type of grenade, his cigar, his glasses, and 20 chilli pepper bombs. He was ready, pulling out his Deagle he charged jumping off the roof while spinning through the air. As soon as he could he fired towards Katraya's head, the round was an armor piercing one designed to rip through metals such as Tungsten Carbide and Steel. As his body hit the street and the used the momentum to roll behind cover. He switched to his M4 and waited to hear any sound that would suggest she had lived.


Mask saw Vladimir which meant he had time to survey the area once more, this time he was looking for the mists. He checked almost every nook and cranny until he found two high powered individuals approaching something that blurred his vision. He focused his eyes on seeing pure aura rather then everything and there it was, an aura radiating from a building not far from his current location. He used his Right Eye to make his regular body completely unnoticeable to Katraya and ran for the Temple. His illusion would only work for the next three miles however if she did keep going towards him it would most likely not wear off.

@vinicius_corvo: Mask approached the temple form the rear side. He surveyed the entire exterior and interior, it held a few priests and priestesses. The other two high powered individuals approached the location and Mask knew that unless he used his true power he would be no match for either of them. He entered the building and stood in the center, as he walked through he informed everyone of the impending danger and urged them to leave. When they didn't listen he projected an illusion of a mighty beast tearing through the place. Everyone ran out whatever door they could find. When the room was empty Mask reached up and grasped his helmet. A few mechanisms whirred and moved as it unlocked and he slowly slid it off. Along with this he removed his suit jacket and his shirt. All over his arms and torso weird circular scars covered him. He used some ashes to cover his face as well as ripping cloth from the a nearby curtain and covering his mouth. At this moment he needed to use his powers and he didn't want to reveal his true face, it wasn't time for the world to know who he was yet.

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Katraya was glad she'd already increased her ability to take damage when the rough hit her in the head and snapped her head back violently. She stumbled back and nearly fell if not for a wall behind her.The bullet had flattened against her hyper dense skin but the pain of impact was still quite there. She grit her teeth and ignored the instinct to rub where it had struck. Instead she activated her armor's helmet to prevent further such issues. Katraya determined to flush him out of his cover and loaded a new magazine. She jerked the action back, driving a round into the chamber.

Katraya turned her attention to the new threat. She was intelligent but ultimately she was a soldier and soldiers responded to the more immediate threats first. So far Mask had shown himself to be more illusive than threatening. I'll have to come back for him after I deal with this guy.

Katraya aimed her weapon directly at the cover he was behind and sent two rounds down range. The explosive self propelled rocket bullets would impact the cover and explode like miniature bombs, threatening to turn cover into a shower of white hot shrapnel. She slowly advanced on his position and aimed above him. She sent one round over his head, hoping the explosion would bring part of the wall down on top of him and force him out of cover. If not, she had her free hand on her combat knife in case he decided to make it a close and personal issue.

No Caption Provided

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Through the underground catacombs which had unconditionally protected the Shaytan's Shadowland, the unlikely duo swiftly retreated. Avoiding unnecessary confrontations in a long but otherwise uneventful pilgrimage through the city beneath the city, arriving shortly there after in a make-shift lab of temporary substitution. Primitive equipment by any means, it never the less held a certain aura of ingenuity. Along with a freshly turned down hospital gurney, IV pole and saline solution, Nikademus had acquired a FOTODYNE foto/phoresis system capable of analyzing, visualizing, and photographing DNA using agarose gel electrophoresis. "I'll not insult your genius doctor by attempting to lecture you on the intricacies of genetic research. Instead I'll simply attempt to fill in some gaps, some background. So you may, moving forward, do so with the knowledge of lost architects."

No Caption Provided

Nikademus went on to chronicle the beginnings of the Ultra-Sapiens. Starting with the formation of a band of human radicals, formed out of fear in secrecy at the height of the first great war as more and more anomalies in the universal chain of Darwinian supremacy rose up to lay claim to its hierarchy. Mutants, Aliens, even biological entities fused with technological innovation were relatively unheard of, or unknown. However there were those with an instinctive foresight who could envision a near future in which these accelerated arbitrators of advancement would supplant the human species. All speculation of course, no authentic documentation or solid piece of unbiased evidence to substantiate the tale. More conspiracy then canon some may say, but still, the Sleeper proceeded to explain how the secretive circle were able to work around their international and moral theology at a time when global tensions had never been higher. Invisible behind the shield of WW1 & 2, operating well beyond the fringes of accepted science, these men of self-aggrandized importance sought to unlock the dormant potential of human physiology. In hopes of triggering a genetic response that would propel man's natural abilities to the summit of peak-human capacity. Eager to enter their own contender in a race to ward of inevitable extinction, as the lesser evolved species has been historical shown to due...

At the risk of exposing his barbaric understanding of the complex nature of science, Nikademus mentioned the exclusive prerequisites the candidates needed in order for the cold war cabal's embryonic thesis to take flight. Specifically an extra nuclei. Forgoing any attempt to venture beyond his realm of intuitive intellect, the Supreme Shaytan, confident the expertise of Dr. Emmerich could extrapolate the medical minutia needed to advance his understanding should the need arise, forfeited a portion of the spellbinding story.

"My father, Charlemagne, to anyone's knowledge, was the first successful case. As such, he himself attempted to replicate the process in hopes of manufacturing an army of superior soldiers during the first Registration Wars alongside a Dr. Frank. Sadly after his defeat all their research, all their samples were destroyed."raising his ringed finger to his chin as he briefly paused in apparent reflection, "However I strongly believe the road map to all their research lies within my dna. I am technically a mutant yet....with your help I believe we will find that between my primers and sequences we will find Spartan dna.......a dormant anomaly that will in fact turn out to be the Ultra-Sapien gene. I need you to provoke it......" leaving the true Machiavellian maneuvering unspoken. Undoubtedly the good Dr. was playing his own muted agenda, but mutually assured prosperity was always a pivotal card to hold in such a delicately proposed association.

Yet unlocking the secrets of his own safe-guarded genetics was but of one stage in a never ending staircase of clairvoyant design. Phase two's current state of completion was as of yet, a mystery. Maya's last mystical communication by way of passed down nomination, had made mention of the subterranean canals beneath the Temple Mount. No doubt the site would soon be overrun by overzealous defenders of fabricated morality and misguided charlatans seeking to meet an early death by the left-hand of Nikademus, the Many Face God.

Meanwhile; In Venezuela.................(coming soon)

"I'm up? Good, tts about time someone sticks it to that mutant b!tch...."

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"Exodus, I take it!"

Eufrit says as she does a backwards somersault just as the shadow of the warrior coming down upon her reached critical mass, the Pirate Queen was almost impossible to ambush. She avoided his sword slashes and the would be follow up upper-cut, by means of rolling back out of the way of his landing zone. Due to extensive training in the art of detecting ambushes, her instincts took over and she moved out of harms way by reflex alone. Had she not trained herself so vigorously at the art of ambush detection she would probably be bleeding to death at this moment. Now she stands at the ready behind her attacker, her nimble hands reach into her robes pockets as she pulls free two large sleeping bombs.

It is a custom made sleeping powder that she developed for putting large creatures to sleep for limited amounts of time, often times when she needs to sneak into cave to reach a hidden treasure, some type of creature or monster is protecting the treasure. Thus the sleeping bombs were necessary, fortunately she always keeps a few on hand in case she has need of them. So with careful aim, and a powerful windup she launches the sleep bombs directly at the back of Exodus. If the bombs impact successfully, they will explode in a powder cloud, that has been known to successfully KO large beasts, and even a few cyclopes.

She doesn't stick around to see if the bombs strike true however, as soon as they are airborne she pivots around and sprints off in the opposite direction. She is not sure if even these impressive sleep bombs will be enough to putt this guy down, so she has already decided she needed backup and has taken off towards her ally Sparrow, whom she was supposed to deliver Exodus to anyways.@mourningsparrow

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@naamah_obyzouth: Sparrow pressed his hand to his ear, activating the communicator. "Eufrit. What's your status?" He paced around the cavern, waiting for the right moment. Not yet...

Ugh, sometimes it's hard to post...

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@naamah_obyzouth: @soulsexodus:

Although Sparrow always wore full body armor, to prohibit DNA samples from escaping into enemy hands, today he wore gloves with the tips cut off, revealing his knuckles, and upon them, ten rings. On the forefinger of his left hand, was a yellowish ring. Incandescence, the light-bringer. Inside, it stored the power of a small star. The burst of fire Sparrow released was nowhere that hot, but enough to scorch Exodus. The Knightfall mage-hunter had not proven himself yet a threat, so Sparrow restricted himself to one ring, saving the extent of his newfound powers for a worthy foe. "It must be you, fool. For you attacked the Raysh al'Shaytan alone, and hoped to survive."

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The Phantom was just a nickname and he was in no way actually a ghost. He was just a person although at the current moment he wished he was a ghost cause then the explosion that had just sent him flying would've hurt alot less. Currently his body was hurtling through the air, shrapnel dug into his arms and hit his chest. The metal lining his Kevlar helped prevent it from puncturing all the way bur some pieces got through. He braced himself for landing and tumbled before getting up and firing his M4 down range towards her. She wasn't the only one who could cause explosions with her guns. He fired about 10 rounds towards her before chucking 2 shock grenades down the way. They weren't designed to kill, just disable electronics and taze anyone near them. Vladimir then made for cover once more.

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Katraya was thrown back by the explosions and slammed into the wall of a building. Her armor was spider webbed in a few places but as simulated Vibranium it held up to simple explosives pretty well. A few fragments of the grenades penetrated her armor at random weak points but her current hyper dense skin prevented injury as a result. Her hard light projecting armor was lighter, more flexible and more easily altered than its metal companions but it had a significant disadvantage. The little EMP grenades temporarily short circuited its systems and the A-13 armor vanished entirely to reveal the actual armor beneath it. The flex-weave suit was still rather durable but significantly less useful as armor than the variants it could produce with Hard Light projections.

Katraya pushed herself to her feet and swapped her OVK magazine out for armor penetrating rounds designed to punch through APC level armor plating. She waited for the HUD to show her when her armor had rerouted and repaired the damage to its non-hardened systems and then reactivated her A-13 armor. Katraya unholstered her OVK pistol and held the rifle with one hand and the pistol with the other. She pointed down range at where Vladimir had ducked behind cover again and opened fire with the standard rounds from her pistol. She knew now the miniature rockets would at least flush him out of cover. She held her rifle ready, prepared to use the pistol grip to fire the armor piercing rounds the moment he broke his cover.

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@cameron_tyme: @supreme_shaytan:

“Your opponent believes he is superior, play on that” Y’s voice rang deep in the back of her mind. Maya nodded in agreement, there was work to be done, plans to place in motion; she didn’t have the time to spare spent in a frivolous engagement. “Incoming” Y’s voice rang out, alerting Maya to the three kunai already en route. Not moving in the slightest bit, The Reality Warping Liafador channeled her powerful mystic energies and repelled the kunai with a telekinetic barrier. Despite being heavily engaged in combat, the young teenager’s mind was half way across the city. Forces were closing in heavily on the Temple Mount, in a matter of moments someone would claim The Mist of God for their own, they would then find out what only the Supreme League knew.

Pains still relay through her body, forcing her back to the task at hand, the Ninja. “Perfect” She whispered, watching as the powerful water based attack came streamlining towards her. Bracing herself, the water in dragon form hit her dead on; forcefully pushing her off the building and into the air.

Slowly a grin crept across her pristine face, just as slowly it began to fade—because she was leaving. Through use of her teleportation techniques Maya absconded from the task at hand, to focus on more pressing matters.

The Temple Mount


Maya reappeared high above the Temple Mount, despite being damaged by Cameron, Maya’s cloak prevented any major damage from being apparent. Off in the distance profuse fighting could be heard, they’d be here any minute.

“Cardinals” She whispered, much like her mother used to; on her command her personal army appeared seemingly out of thin air. “Cordon this area off; if they are not League affiliated kill them. I mean OUR league” She said hitting the ground moving slowly, but directly toward the entrance to the temple.

Pain surge through every stride of her million dollar catwalk, but she would not be denied her legacy. As she entered through various alleyways, she suspends many guards in animation with a simple flick of her small wrist.

“The Dome of the Rock” She said, turning her fabricated emerald gaze toward the golden dome structure off in the distance. Her presence inside the Temple Mount was problematic enough, but moving on the actual dome would and could cause some sort of international event. “Mistress Might I suggest continuing underground?” Her mirror suggests moving around her person as if it were actively engaged.

“Very Well” parting her hands the Earth beneath her began to shake, causing a minor tremor throughout old Jerusalem. As the surface literally split to two sides, the Red Cardinal Sorceress descended beneath the city and moved toward the Dome of the Rock.

Upon her arrival to a massive stone door detailed in ancient runes, Maya learned there was just one more obstacle preventing her from entering what she assumed to be the mist of god.

“This reads, here lays the dead.” Her mirror translated. “It’s more than likely a catacomb of some sort, but the bottom inscription reads. Only the blood of the chosen will serve as key”

“Nikademus” Maya murmured, realizing his absence was a problem.

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Doctor Emmerich closely followed his host through the underground catacombs. The subterranean Atlantis definitely impressed its newest denizen. An entire civilization existed just beneath the surface of Jerusalem and Eddy somehow, couldn't believe it. Witnessing various organisms roaming around each displaying a plethora of various characteristics; the likes of which Edward had never before seen. To Nikademus this may not have been out of the ordinary, however to a very unique doctor, words could not surmise his amazement. Like a child at an amusement park, Eddy's eyes absorbed every seemingly insignificant detail similar to a submerged sponge.

When the “dynamic” duo finally reached the Doctor's “workstation” he was more than underwhelmed. It was obviously put together hastily and with possibly salvaged equipment based on how obsolete the equipment was. Even the FOTODYNE seemed crude. There conditions were anything but ideal. One saving grace were Eddy's glasses. Due to the files Eddy had downloaded, countless schematics were within his reach. That alone, would permit a few upgrades to whatever shoddy equipment was strewn about.

Doctor Emmerich immediately pulled up the necessary notes he needed to improve his current equipment. Components were expertly dissected then put together with other pieces while Nik unraveled the mythos behind “Ultra-Sapien”. Doctor Emmerich interpreted his specimen's tale as confirmation behind the various conspiracy theories he'd heard before. All black experiments kept in the dark for fear of other parties acquiring the information. These were especially popular during the second world war because of Nazis. Hitler was considered to be possessed by the devil according to some sources while others viewed him as an avatar. Nazi beliefs pointed to the occult however many conducted sick experiments on live human subjects. Combining the two certainly sheds truth to Nik's explanation.

As Nik's explanation ended, so did Eddy's on-the-fly upgrades. Junk lay piled on the floor whereas newly powered tools remain organized on the table. Eddy motioned towards the up-right gurney for Shaytan to rest on it. A few more final preparations were made before any kind of work was done. Sterilization was key to ensure accurate results. Samples were carefully drawn from Charlemagne's spawn. Blood, skin and muscle tissue were placed in slides and petri-dishes. Edward spoke while running his various tests.

“Well Nikademus, you definitely have me interested what you've found. I wish you would've had something less... anachronistic for me to use for these tests. What you need me to do requires more than specialized equipment it requires top-of-the-line equipment. Thankfully I have an excellent friend. Sandra. She handles mechanical engineering and showed me a few times how to work with nothing. Smart girl she is.”

Eddy noticed a few anomalies within Nik's cells. Aside from an additional nuclei, the mitochondria were especially hyperactive. They produced significantly more energy than normal. However, the energy didn't go anywhere. It just... dissipated. It was directionless. Multiple anomalies existed within a single sample of this man's blood. Eddy wanted to examine more but in order to fully understand why things were how they were, it was time for an even deeper analysis.

Nik's very DNA sequence was strange. Several point mutations existed at once including several unidentifiable genes. Several gene segments were “off”. Their properties were unknown. This may be the evidence Emmerich needs to verify his host's claims. The science was interesting for sure, especially considering both men shared photographic reflexes. Doctor Emmerich was impressed with himself for being able to identify such rare genes as that by simply seeing them once in his own genetics.

“Well the good news is there are definitely some strange things I found in these samples. The bad news is, I need several very powerful tools to activate what might be the 'ultra-sapien' gene. If that's what it is. Light. Several different forms of light such as ultra-violet, and other high intensity beams. Now unless you can get me those materials or have a friend that has a high-level manipulation of that, I can't do anything. And before you ask, it's because light is the best means to actually activate disabled genes and awaken mutations.”

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@maya_liafador: Cameron was pissed, not because she had escaped but because he hadn't even gotten to use his full strength. This sucked and now he had to tell Mask and no doubt Mask would have them pull out of the mission. He touched his ear piece and radioed in to his boss.

"Mask, I lost her. She's gone if you can find her then I'll track her down and take care of it."

Cameron would await a response from his commander before trying anything too risky.

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@supreme_shaytan: @naamah_obyzouth: @soulsexodus: @eddyemmerich: @mourningsparrow:

Mask got the call from Cameron. He sent him one back,

"Cameron, contact HQ I want an evac jet out of here in thirty minutes. If I'm not there by then leave, plain and simple. The same goes for you Vladimir, this mission is now my responsibility. Mask out."

Mask rose to his feet, his scar covered face and torso now covered in sweat glistened in the moonlight. His attention focused towards the tunnels beneath the temple, no doubt that was where the mist would be. He moved down into the darkness, relying on his All Seeing Eye to guide him. That was when he was met with the witch herself, Maya Liafador. He had a few files on her but nothing much, he could see the aura she gave off and no doubt this was the girl who gave Cameron the slip.

"So it looks like I'll have to use my power against you. It's not optimal but it will have to do. Or you could leave and let me get the mist."


@katraya: Vlad was and older dog but he could still learn new tricks. Needless to say the same thing didn't work on him twice. He moved from cover just as the explosive shots went off. Thinking he was in the clear when that couldn't have been further from the truth, a bullet ripped through his shoulder and it was followed by many more. Luckily he raised his carbonadium arm in time to use it as a shield. He took off into a house, moving through and trying not to track blood. Busting into an alleyway he moved to the rooftops when he got the word from Mask. They had to leave, within 30 minutes they would be outa here. This was good news since he doubted he could fight this woman any longer. Before he left he rigged a few grenades with tripwire, these were explosive and would go off if she followed him. With that he left, heading to the scheduled Evac point.

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The Asgardian moved incredibly fast, striking while the League blinked. Sparrow focused, and there was a slight glow on his right middle finger. Spin. The ring that conferred inhuman speed. He twisted out of the way of the first strike, but was hit several times after that, and he felt a rib crack through his armor. "Enough." He raised his left hand, and the entire League clutched their ears in anticipation. On his left little finger, Zero opened a hole into the vacuum of space, the nothingness being filled causing a defeaning boom. The sound and cold would hopefully incapacitate Exodus before he signaled the Sleeper.

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@maya_liafador: @below0gaming: @supreme_shaytan: @naamah_obyzouth: @soulsexodus: @eddyemmerich: @mourningsparrow: @AllTheSingleLadies:

Jerusalem - Shadow Campaign

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Where Sparrow's forces fought, the clandestine Society of Shadows was not far behind. Assassins ceremoniously clad in black departed the shadows that so naturally embraced them, emerging underground behind the Sparrow's own League. And leading the martially gifted forces was the Dark Knight himself, a bow in hand, and an assortment of arrows on his back.

A meticulous assimilation of knowledge gathered from litte known rumors and whispers had lead the Faux al Shaytan's forces to Jerusalem, with intent of intercepting whatever dubiousness the Supreme Shaytan had planned. It was a perilous maneuver to personally arrive on the covert battlefield, even regarding the mission's importance. But the fact had long dawned on him that the shadow war of the three league factions could prove fatal. But if he were to reign supreme in it, risks would have to be taken...

Mason's eyes fell upon the Sparrow, whom appeared to be in combat. And his hand almost instinctively flew to his ebony quiver... before he paused... and decided against it. Out of respect, he chose not to intervene in the Sparrow's battle, but lingered close to watch. To wait. To study... and to learn. Meanwhile, several loyalist from the ranks behind him vanished amid swift streaks of black, having been ordered to surface above ground in an effort to locate any forces of the Supreme Shaytan in other parts of Jerusalem.

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@vinicius_corvo: @naamah_obyzouth: @soulsexodus: @katraya: @maya_liafador: @eddyemmerich: @cameron_tyme: @below0gaming: @mourningsparrow: @_dark_knight:

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The Grandmaster's cold dissociated domineer was not an expression of disappoint, but rather silent expectation. Slowly looking over his clerics attending to his attire while his sub-conscious mind dexterously prioritized the pyramid of compartmentalized responsibility. The acquisition of a suitable light source was in an of itself a rather minimal complication, but one that needed to be attended to sooner rather then later.

However the alarming arrival and subsequent interference of unknown variables, all of whom had begun to converge on the Temple Mount and the master of manipulation, Maya Liafador, now forced the Sleeper to forgo the allocation of attention required for further genetic investigation. Given enough time and proper components of mystical consideration, Nikademus felt confident in his ability to summon a suitable source of light, but the Shaytan was currently pressed for time and if his plans were to succeed, securing the Mist of God beneath the historical house of worship was paramount.

"I'm afraid we will have to postpone our enthusiastic endeavor, Dr." he un-apologetically conceded."Conceivably now would be a good time for you to take your newly acquired research and return to the states. There is a tidal-wave of violence coming and it is going to drown Jerusalem and I see no reason to jeopardize your unprecedented work....or life, not when we're this close." he prophetically forewarned.

Selfish in nature, Nikademus' premeditated alert was never the less, an accurate forecast cautioning against the unexpected interference of the misled group of crippled assassins, the LOS. "Of course the decision to stay or go is entirely up to you. But this battle is neither of your making nor control. If you stay you do so as a witness to history." his tone almost antagonistic and filled with restrained venom. Perhaps prematurely poised as the thought of battling the would be usurper of his carefully manicured legacy filled his focus with deadly daydreams of unquestioned victory. "There are forces who seek to undermine the progress of arcane evolution. Seek to portray me as Cesar gone mad, conspiring, maneuvering to set me down a path of similar destruction. In the interest of self-preservation, this I can not allow. And so it is with a clear conscious that I sentence these charlatans to death."

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Fluently the flexed muscular frame of the Al'Shaytan had been ceremoniously fitted with a matte blue tactical under-armour shirt with hooded shoulder cowl, drop down holsters and riggings, urban keffiyeh, and pouch lined utility belt. The devoted minions of the Supreme Shaytan symbiotically preparing their master for battle as he simultaneously conversed without disrupting the exchange. A solitary burlap strap strewn across the Grandmaster's shoulder and chest opposite his cape, acted as a bandolier for a black, back,sheath draping low around the Shaytan's waistline. Housing the legendary blade of Raysh's long gone. The blade that cut Thee Champion during a mid-afternoon ambush in Spain years ago, the Devil's Fang.

There was a quiet anger hidden inside the Shaytan's spirit. They had been so close to unlocking his birthright which in turn would have allowed Nikademus to pursue a radical spirit of thought that had been plaguing his mind for some time now, but it would have to wait. Without warning or hesitation the Sleeper silkily dashed from the make shift lab, instantly joined in motion by a small contingent of similarly dressed shadows as they all sprinted in unison through the subterranean catacombs. Exhibiting Olympic level speed and stamina as they soldiered forth for miles upon miles. Stopping on command of the Shaytan's raised fist, their Grandmaster optically surveying the inner workings of the stalactite ridden cave, and the glowing pool in the center of the room cascading with an illuminated mist.

From his perch, flanked and guarded by the shadows, Nikademus watched and waited for Maya to mark his arrival. Together they would ward off the inevitable influx of infidels.

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"What? No. I can't do that. I can't-"

Doctor Emmerich panicked. One moment everything was fine. He was told about being taken to a secured location and the next they were being invaded. To make matters worse, Emmerich's samples certainly wouldn't survive a journey that long. And if he was caught in the crossfire, there was no telling how badly he would be hurt. There was only one choice... he had to come out. The process had already begun as Emmerich fell to his knees.

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@maya_liafador: @below0gaming: @_dark_knight: @supreme_shaytan:

The monster lingered in Edward's mind. It's cold grip anything but absent from its host. Every word uttered by Nikademus echoed loudly. With each booming word, its expectations came to fruition. Doctor Emmerich loathed gaps in research more than anything. The first shackle was broken. Anger. Anger was such a powerful weapon to use against Eddy. Similar to an inferno in the woods. Eddy's own fury was often masked by a smile or series of questions but something strong enough like this proved to be too delicious. Nik continued to speak of a coming storm of violence. Some kind of coming attack that was capable of killing Eddy. That would put an end to all future possible research. More gas poured into the fire.

Despite the delay, a mention of death impregnated Doctor Emmerich's heart with fear. A powerful fear of something he never could understand. Something that could never be studied, only how it affects the bodies of the formerly living. With each heartbeat, the fear became more concentrated. This was a fuel injection from hell circulating throughout the body of a brilliant man who may be the greatest mind on Earth. Epinephrine trickled into his blood stream. Second shackle.

The monster nearly salivated as it felt liberation coming. The ground the thing stood on quaked in anticipation. Sections of its limbs began to fade and swap out with Doctor Emmerich. Each passing moment awakened more awareness within. Bad things would start happening soon. All that was needed one was more trigger. One more psychological shackle be destroyed and soon the monster would play. Eddy's nightmare, his enemy, his true self.

That's when it happened. Nik's tone was just enough to help the monster push Eddy over the edge. By putting emphasis on the slight antagonistic manner of his speech, the third shackle was broken. Pride. Now things became interesting in Eddy's brain; the monster felt control over the body. He and it began swapping places. Externally, Eddy's face and arm grew black. His skin transformed. Internally, it took his features. Painless. Certainly not the word to describe such a peculiar evolution. Within this one man existed two separate entities; one was the show designed for people. The other was what he truly was. His true-self as it called itself.

While on the ground, Eddy's face disappeared along with his hair and glasses. Instead, a blank head similar to a mannequin rested in its place. No longer were human looking fingers adorning Eddy's hands, instead appendages similar to gloved fingers took their place. While Doctor Emmerich's suit remained all else appeared blank. No wrinkles. No skin. Just some kind of pale shell. A few tendrils appeared momentarily before fading back to nothingness. Edward's “true self” turned it's head to a bag and pulled out a pair of very special gloves which were immediately donned. The thing rose to its feet and faced Shaytan despite a complete lack of eyes, nose and mouth.

“All.” The word slipped out much how oxygen leaked from a cracked tank. Slow. Heavy. One more word followed. This one louder. More pronounced. Far more sinister. “Die”.

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Maya hovered at the sealed chamber, her mind contemplating the various outcomes for what currently transgress on the surface. Sweat poured down the side of her face; sending a scorching flame through her innards. “You seem fatigued” Her magic mirror observed spiraling around her person in worry. “I am Not. This is not the first time this has happened to me.” She replied recalling similar instances such as; Asgard when she felt similar energies perverting her vessel and during the Spanish Revolution. What was this?

No Caption Provided

Even with infinite possibilities and outcomes at her disposal, Maya was intermediate at best, she hadn’t learned how to master her own abilities when Ziccarra cast the “Dreams and Nightmares curse” now this foreign energy set the stage for an entirely different trial. “Perhaps you should consult with the Shaytan?” The mirror advised, it was a great suggestion. Maya saw the Supreme Shaytan as a mentor of sorts, but this power…it was cosmic in nature. She’d felt it before dormant in the vessel of her last mentor…”Valerie” Maya whispered mentally detecting the same energies in her former idol and mentor.

“Shaytan is not the consult I need, Valerie Huntington is” She murmured wiping the cascading sweat from her sleek face. “I can see how this ends…” She said, visibly shaken. The Darkness, Y-Intercept propelled her forward with the plans, even though the girl, the last slither of light that was Maya wanted this to end now.

The darkness yields to nothing…

Maya’s eyes blackened, even with the sweat dripping from her forehead, a faint smile wrinkled in the corner of her mouth. “We proceed forward”

“The Supreme Shaytan awaits your presence” Maya physically couldn’t enter the tomb without the blood of “The chosen one” however if Nikadaemus had already entered she could physically teleport to his proposed location.

“Very well” channeling the mystic force the 5’11 Liafador Goddess phased from her current state, the tactical move deposited her adjacent to the Shadow Lord with the illuminated pond sitting right below them.

“This is it” Maya remarked her russet eyes reflecting the illuminant demeanor of the pool. Her eyes cut toward Nika, but was held on his demeanor for just a moment. “That Blade…” She whispered, it was the same blade that drew the blood of her father many moons ago. Shaking off the shock, for now, Maya’s hands extended toward the pond to take her half of the profit.

Her hand was shaky, her face still sweating profusely; the pupils of her eyes flashed with a magnificent ornate flame. “and now…No More Humans”

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@supreme_shaytan: @black_void: @maya_liafador: @soulsexodus:

It was too late, as Mask spoke the woman went through the door. He himself was trapped on the other side. This mission was a failure. He checked his watch, 15 minutes before they would leave. He left the catacombs, grabbed his things, and left Jerusalem with his comrades.

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@soulsexodus: @mourningsparrow:

"I brought him to you like you asked." Eufrit says to Sparrow. "It seems he had enough fun for one day. He sure did take off in a hurry." She stretches her arms up over her head, and takes a walk around the cave. Before heading over to the pile of rocks, caused by Exodus's staff and starting to clear a path. "Is there a back door, or do I need to keep breaking my back here?"

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@naamah_obyzouth: @soulsexodus:@_dark_knight: @eddyemmerich: @maya_liafador: @katraya

The Mage-Hunter fled, as expected. When one chose to work for a coward, they picked up the coward's traits. And the Society of Shadows had arrived. Yet another shard of the ever-growing pane of broken glass that was the League. Eufrit was here as well. The time was ripe. He spoke into his communicator to all active agents in the field. "Head for the Mount, we strike at the Xsoteric." Eufrit spoke, and he smiled, unseen. "I can handle it." One of his rings glowed, and a burst of white-hot flame turned the rubble to smoke. "Come, Sah Ed Valam. Let us destroy our foe." Sparrow began the walk, his forces around the city falling into step.

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