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In a time of war......A time of despair and pointless fighting, the forces of good and evil of the world all rested their feet upon a planet ruled by dictarship.....Driven to rebellion. In the multi story hi tech building of WAL HQ many if not all of its members who slept under its roof had made their way to ninjeta....guided by aportal designed by perhaps their most intelligent member. Andras, though not a member but a friend had also been asked to go....A question he answered with refusal. He lay their, like a stern statue of ice, not moving. His icy eyes stayed fixed towards the cieling and every breath he toook released a torrent of misty frost. The entire room was chilled, not through the air conditioning or because the weather was frosty, een in this summer season, but because the boy himself froze it. His spirit power forming the same type of cold cloud that came from a breath in the middle of a winters morning.

Trying so hard to take his mind from the thought of ninjeta and the many battles that would be happening their, was like taking your mind away from thought itself....A task proven to impossible. Standing up he paced around the room, constantly shifting his silver hair around, though he didn't realize his hand was in motion. A reflex perhaps? No he was still trying to take his mind away from that which could not be ignored. Why? He thought to himself, did ninjeta mean that much..Was it really worth saving? Perhaps it was.....Or perhaps it was like earth, already beyond saving. Though even then he never stopped trying to save this world...Even if it could never truly be saved. Andras was young, but had thought many battles, many of which were against spirits that could not be seen so easily.

He had met many ninjans, one of whom was like a sister to him, but he cared little for the others. The one thing he did care about were his friends, all those who were up there fighting for a planet that was not their own....All those who did battle for peace even if that peace was for a race that may never thank them. The shinigami and captain of the 10th division walked over to a small desk and picked up his haori.....Placing it on and he grasped his zanpakuto, resting it upon his back, the blade almost as big as he was. making his way to the portal...He noticed that it had not shut down and knowing Tman it was safe to use. Taking a deep breath.....The nerves of going to a planet he was not familiar with took over but only for the briefest of moments, as those azure eyes soon glowed with fierce determination as he stepped through the portal.

The trip from the HQ to the planet was brief but an experience that rumbled his stomach and made him feel uneasy, but quickly he composed himself..No time dwelling on the trip when the destination was a place that could take your life at any given moment. He looked around, but saw nothing only desolate land. He expected to have landed with the WAL members and those members of Vertias, but they where nowhere to be seen. Did the portal malfunction? Concentrating he located the spirit power of his friends not to far away. As he made his way there he noticed a small ninjan convoy...Chanting loudly as he also noticed other ninjans chanied by their hands and feet. The battle elswhere would have to wait. Looking over his shoulder.....

"Ready Hyornimaru?"

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Several Days ago
 Werner was building finishing his latest touches on his “Ninjan buster armor” after the Dragons got a message from Kurrent, leader of the Veritas, about a trio of villians attacking and usurping an entire world called Ninjeta, one of them being the man who attacked him several days ago, Gambler. Andferne, his new teacher, came into his room and said “Hey, your planning on going there without us? This isn't really your war and your my student, not really a part of my team.” Werner looked at his famed teacher without blinking and replied “yes, I am. They need all the help they can get, an innocent planet being forced into servitude to miscreants and one of them is that pompous Cajun that had the nerve to assault me!” Werner said in an angry tone as it seemed fire raging from his eyes, there was no doubt that he’s getting to be more like Doom everyday and revenge would only fuel it. “Don’t go in there looking for revenge” spoke Andferne “revenge gets you nowhere and its what villians do all the time and your supposed to be a hero, protector of the innocent and weak, you are a very huge asset to us in stopping the VV and newly formed House of G, I’ll let you go but only to help the resistance, I don’t want you to go after Gambler, he has too many powerful guards at his disposal and I need you alive.” Werner looked at him with contempt but finally agreed to heed his rule. Andferne asked “How are you going to fight off those Ninjans though? They’re abilities seem to outclass your armor in physical stats and speed, how will you react to a speed rush?” Werner replied “I thought you’d never asked”.

Werner shows him to his work room and peels back a sheet only to reveal a bulky armor that stood 10 feet high "I'm currently working on my armor and equipping it with a package of parts that when mixed to my armor, i like to call it "the Ninjan-buster armor". Its still a work in progress but it should be done in the next couple of days but here are the features: Ninjeta as you know is a good million miles from here and with my regular armor's speed only reaching Mach-One, it would take me a couple of weeks if not days to get there but i have looked at parts from the Icebird and think i may have a way of replicating those parts to enable the suit to enter hyperspace and will resist the icing of the cold atmosphere of space. I made my armor compatible to hold the power of two nuclear warheads to power the suit for an acceptable amount of time and push the capabilities of my armor to more than 50X it normally was, my armor suit can lift 30,000 tons closing in to the Ninjan's 40,000 tons and reflexes that are 30X amplified than my normal enhanced reflexes and the armor is already durable enough because of the Adamantium and uru mix. My armor's force-field will now be strong enough to take attacks of 20 linked daisy cutter-bombs without busting open, and my guantlet blasterswill be capable of disintegrating titanium with ease. Thats pretty much it, being trained by Doom has its uses, prep being a major one and i've also been able to demagnitize my armor completely to shield me from the more experienced Ninjans, it also has a air tank equipped to it that should provide air and last me the duration of the hyperspace trip. My armor will also have a bit of a technopathic function to allow to tune into any Resistance radio. They will be to put it bluntly "very screwed". Of course there will be ill-effects, my armor will shut down automatically in within 6 hours of use to recharge and won't be able to be used for another 7 hours and the time it will take me to get to Ninjeta should roughly be about 4, so the Ninjeta's will roughly be getting owned for two hours at the most." Werner looked back at Andferne to see his eyes completely open and say "Damn!"


Werner was racing through the stars in a flash of light, getting impatient at the 4 hour cruise through hyperspace, what was supposed to be a few hours was an eternity in Werner’s mind due to the unpleasant throes of boredness, Werner was ready to crack until he saw a huge round sphere from miles away and the closer it
drew him to, the more he realized that this was the evil-domained planet. Werner was literally minutes from the planet when he exited out of hyperspace and entered Ninjeta’s atmosphere, there he slowed his speed down and ended up in the middle of a cold battle field.

Werner used his armor's technopathy to get a fix on the resistance's and the teams radio's, the blistering cold atmosphere was unfestering and daunt and there seemed to be so much people falling around the battle field, in fact, he doesn't recognize most of them as he observes the battle field but is sighted by a Ninjetan warrioress. The Ninjan attacked him with speed that did not suprised him in the least but the new enhancements of his armor have compensated for it.

Werner's armor quickly scanned the Ninjan for any weaknesses and saw a the neck as a weak point, using his superior skills of h2h combat Werner was able to utilize his armor's reaction time and deliver a quick but powerful blow to the neck of the Ninjan, getting to a safe place for his armor to focuse on pin-pointing a message, Werner finally captured a signal to the Resistance and spoke

"Hello, to all members of the resistance, do not be afraid, you may be outnumbered but there is still hope for us to win the battle, my name is Werner Von Doom, i know what your thinking, that i must be related to the sorry p.o.s. that you call Victor Von Doom, but i have turned a new leaf and my new teacher Andferne has seen to that and i can turn the tide of this war with the power suit that is powerful enough to take on this army but i can only use this armor for so long so please lets push this war back and take it to the Vine Villains and the House of G and the one known as Hayden Miles."

The branded VV  Ninjans discover his location and attack with a group of twenty attackers, Werner caught sight of them and said "you chicks want a fight? I'LL GIVE YOU ONE!" Werner then proceeds to plow through the crowd.



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The battle kept on going on the background as the mercenary turned around just to find a awkward looking man who had crushed a soldier against a rock and interacted with him by asking if he was part of the group Veritas inc. The merc almost finding it offensive he retaliated by saying “Not even in their dreams.. I’m a mercenary and as far as I know that Kurrent has had a bullet with his name on it on my gun ever since we met in north Dakota.” The merc then unleashed his energy sword and activate it as he wield it in reverse grip on his right hand “Now.. Excuse le moi, I got assess to kick and others save.” said Bandit right before he zoomed into hyper speed and by passing a Ninjan he ducks and sends a slice with the energy sword to the left side of the abdomen as he comes a few feet away to a screeching halt as the crying of the soldier filled the merc’s ears. “Didn’t liked that did you?” asked the merc taunting the soldier.

Dropping to one knee as the wound from the energy sword burned the flesh of the wounded the warrior order the masses with a simple request “Get the jester!” screamed the lady ordering the other soldiers to attack the mercenary.

Lycans, super soldiers friendly/enemy Ninjans and Metas all battled it out on the background as the mercenary unlike them he opted for a tactical retreat by phasing through the very ground the mercenary disappeared right before the Ninjans could carry out their orders to kill the mercenary. Using his X-ray vision to be able to see a safe place to come back up to the surface the mercenary looking down to his surprise about three mile away he could see some sort of opening. “Is that what I think it is?” he asked himself as he went deep into the ground and dropped from the ceiling into underground cave just under the battlefield. The first thing to notices is the water on the cave’s surface been up to the ankles, using his night vision the merc gaze upon several underground tunnels “Interesting… Very interesting.. This place might be some sort of underground river.. Well, more like some sort of an artery, leading to..(?)” squatting the merc takes some water in his hand and tucking up his mask he taste it realizing “.. It leads to a river or lake.” The mercenary then looks up and notice the top of the cave was stone yet it was covered in sand which his sexy brain gave him the logic that: “In rainy days this place fills up… Still, seems like I found my way out if things don’t go according to plan.”

Returning to the surface the mercenary with his X-ray vision he scans the perimeter and notice how in the incredible disadvantage the allies were falling.. But other than allies his contractor had been taken down by several wounds to the body. “Stubborn, Lycan. I warned you that it was a bad idea to come here.”

Coming to the Lycan’s aid was the fighting Risky, who was trying to reach her leader at all cost but was also worried about her own hide, and with reason.

Realizing he had to honor his contract not to mention assure his own ticket home a loud sigh came from the regretting mercenary who was now headed toward the Lycan using his speed force and his energy sword going right through the wave of warriors using the chopping off anyone on his path till he arrived next to the Hunter. “I’m only doing this because I was paid.. Don’t even dare to think I care.” said the proud mercenary to the unconscious Lycan as he snatches one of Hunter’s energy swords.

Taking distance from Hunter as he threatens the Ninjans around him with the swords the mercenary apparently is readying to perform something spectacular.

Extending his arms as he tighten his grip over the energy blades between his grasp the mercenary crossing his legs he began to twirl in one same spot several times gaining speed with each passing second as the air surrounding him fallowed along the momentum becoming as sharp as the blades that the mercenary held on each hands. “Red tornado!” with those words the Bandit then made the blender he had become into a wandering death attack as he chased the Ninjans surrounding Lycan king away. Heads, arms torsos along with blood was spraying off as they were sever from the Ninjans by the light speeding energy blades saving Hunter from further damage.

Realizing most of the Ninjan were fleeing his attack, Bandido all the sudden stops for a breather after clearing a large opening for the Lycan to maybe heal…But would he? Looking over his shoulder the mercenary looked at the unconscious Lycan and using his X-ray vision he gazed upon the leader, but didn’t see any sign of healing in the body of the Hunter.

 Reaching his communicator realizing his teammates might have notice his courageous act and expected a report the Bandit addressing Risky over his communicator mumbling “Those wounds.. They are too severe to come back from..… Even for him.” stated the mercenary to the Wolf Pack lieutenant.

There was no need to ease the words for not even that could cloud the fact that the Lycan king might already be gone. 

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Ninjeta, The Present:

Arms folded over the chairback Minx rested her chin on them as she stared at the scene before her and wondered  if he would be mad. Stretching her long muscular legs she ran her toes through the blood soaked carpet as if she were at the beach, enjoying the squishiness between her toes. "It looked expensive", she thought, "hell everything here was expensive." Allison hadn't grown up poor, her family was perfectly middle class. Parents still together, one annoying younger brother, family dog and a house with a big yard surrounded by a white fence. The perfect little family everyone thinks about, perfect except for that one little teeny tiny little thing. The females of her line were blessed with a form of lycanthropy, they could assume the form of a tiger whenever they chose. From a full tiger to the human/tiger hybrid she now appeared as.

Lacing her fingers together she extended her arms, admiring the dark stripes that marked her tawny fur and the sharp black claws that tipped her fingers. A low rumbling purr sounded deep in her throat as she rose from the chair, swinging on leg gracefully over the chairback. Falling into a crouch she stared the man before her like the predator she was. Red foam bubbled from his lips, Minx reached out and delicately ran her index finger over his lower lip. Bringing her finger to her mouth she leisurely licked the blood of it, the coppery taste sending shivers down her spine. As she crawled past the dying man her sensitive nose was assaulted with the rank odor of his exposed entrails. The carpet was definitely ruined, frowning she rose to her feet in one swift smooth motion. Standing with her back to the door she surveyed  the tattered remains of her room. The sheets on the bed were shredded from her claws and splattered with blood trailing to the man who was now taking his last breath.

Minx reached for the doorknob behind her and found a pale green dress hanging from it. Shrugging she swiped at the blood that covered her lower legs and tossed it behind her. Clothes were entirely overrated in her opinion, the small black bikini that barely contained her figure was enough for her. Closing the the door behind her, Minx walked down the hall smiling. Sure she got a little carried away last night but that was just a warm up. There was a battle going on and it was time for her to join it.
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Ninjeta - The Present

Eyes twitching, wounds disappearing, Closure feels like Wolverine except without - Adamantium claws, healing factor, being on three different teams, and over-rated.  "Let me help you."  Slight, the newest member of Veritas want to be nice.  So, the water-bender heals the wound that nearly made Closure pass-out.  "Thanks, without you I would be acting like a total drama king."  Closure turns around to see Kurrent giving out orders.  "No Closure too much needs to be done and we can't all just sit here and be lambs to the slaughter"  He should write greeting-cards, anyway back to business.  Does that mean work?  Listen to yourself, than you wonder why people under-rate you and ignore you.  Am I psychotic, when speaking to myself?  No your just breaking the fourth-wall.  Oh...I hope that's a good thing and is Emotional girl okay?

Feelings can be shattered with mere words, but no matter emotions are required to be barricaded.  "Sorry Nova, didn't mean to hurt your self-esteem."  He winks at her and returns to observing the area.  Closure knows that this battle needs to end, and what better way to scream.  Inhaling as much air as he could, the Conclusion to every Complication had his eyes glow sea blue.  The voice-amplifiers within his vocal cord were charged at maximum.  "This Ends!!"  With those words a gust of winds sent Ninjans flying and crashing into one another.  Over thirty Ninjans injured, and blood poured as predicted.  The war that seem never-ending now seemed partially over, and to think this is only the beginning.

Beads of sweat manifesting on his face, mouth losing moisture, and eyes rolling back.  Closure felt wasted, but wanted to continue.  His mentor, Chaos Agent had taught him to be a soldier and a soldier never quits.  Oddly a smile crept on his face as an enemy from his past had just arrived.  G'bandit, the man who nearly killed Closure months ago.  This man was now a member of the Wolf Pack, how pathetic.  With the speed of a cheetah, and the strength of a lion, Closure held balance as if he were a dancer.  Two adamantium daggers glided through the air.  One aimed at the mercenaries grenade pocket and the other at his spinal cord.  "Criminals like you G'bandit, don't deserve to be on a team.  You as well as I know that a merc can't be trusted." 

Months Ago...

The Bandit blinded by rage grabbed his cannon and reveal the cannon’s multipurpose of its charging ability. Instead of using it as a bomb the mercenary shifted its usage and now the cannon had the ability to shoot a massive thermal blast which had been charging for the last minute. Aiming at the running Closure the mercenary thundered in a pain filled voice:




At the conclusion of the mercenaries words Closure had jumped out the empire state building’s window while the cannon launched a massive red laser blast, so wide, it covered most of the hallway as it was coming after the airborne Closure.  Believing the young hero to be dead, G'bandit walked up to the roof.

The Present - War Zone

Every character has a motive for their actions.  Why does a hero save innocence?  Why do villains murder?  Why do people use the bathroom?  The plot of a story is simple, have a protagonist as well as antagonist.  It balances the substance of the stories message.  A theme is sending that message to the reader, telling them a real-life situation through a twisted plot.  Rising action is also required and the climax acts as the turning point.  No matter the story, whether it be non-fiction or fictional, the characters within have reasons for what they do.  Closure tries to be a hero, but is never recognized.  Closure tries to be funny, and no on listens.  Closure wants to be serious and give out strategies, no one listens!  Closure tries to murder someone, and everyone wants to know what the hell is wrong.  Closure has no problem, he is a young man just trying to fit in with everyone else.

Licking his lips, Closure drinks a bottle water, that resided in the backpack he was withholding during the fight.  Walking forth, Closure momentarily ignores G'bandit's reaction because of a woman speaking to a body.  Inhaling and exhaling deeply, the Son of Thunder tries to calm his nerves.  "Risky, I know you probably don't know me, but I want to help.  If your leader is dead you must move-on and mourn later.  The Hunter would not want you to die crying over him, would he?  No he would want you to live and continue the fight.  God has taken him, due to his destiny being fulfilled.  Now is the time to carry on the legacy he showed and proved to the Wolf Pack.  I'm a super-hero just trying to bring Closure to this Complication."

Knees buckling, and sweat rolling, the war was not yet over and death was coming.  Closure wanted to rest, but he had to deal with the Bandit.  Raising his bow, Closure lay on the grassland.  Hoping to kill both Ninjans and the mercenary.  If Risky needed help than so be it, the Son of Thunder would help, but right now he had to conclude the fight he begun.  Reality held the baseball tightly and it threw it's usual fast ball special.  Therefore allowing clarity and integrity in the mind of Closure.  Excellence was required, and for once Closure was taking this war seriously.  Whether this mind-set will still is not yet known.  For now Closure just hopes that he won't implode and lose his mind.  "When the hell does this end Kurrent." 

"Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.  Amen."  Hopefully the lord will forgive, and hopefully Jonathan would not have a breakdown.  For a shadow in the back of him began to grow.  Was it Risky, a Ninjan, or G'bandit?  Help or Death was at his doorstep and Closure would have to answer.  "Give it to me."  Closure tightly gripped his gorgeous dagger, as a smirk appeared on his face.  "The Lord is with thee...." 

With all this going on, Closure forgot orders.  "These are my teammates and friends who have come to aid your people on your darkest times, The Wanderer, Constantine, and Closure. Kurrent has sent me to lead all of you into Farwick." So, with keen accuracy the Son of Thunder shoved his knife into the shadow.  Furthermore, to cause insult to injury the young man slap the shadowy figure.  As soon as that was concluded, Closure ran as fast as he could to the Fire Goddess of Awemsomeness.  "I'm coming Nova, sorry for the inconvenience.  I ignored your words accidentally, give me orders and respectively follow."  Closure glances back and hopes to see the target he struck, but that tactic of no remorse lingers in his head.

"Men... on this planet they are only good for one thing... and I've heard of you... your the one that Ziccara killed before, right?"
  With a sigh Nova hung her head. "Geeze... here too huh?" She then looked back up at the woman. "Yeah, I'm her... but I've beaten Sha a few times myself... just... I could never kill her... I see her too much as a sister. As for the men, trust me, these men, are more than capable of helping you and your people, they are some of the bravest, and skillful warriors I have ever met." She then stretched out her hand. "Come on, let us help you."  The woman looked down at Nova's hand and then gave a small smile as she grasped her hand tightly. "I am Zordaida, I used to be a General for one of Hayden's armed forces, but after seeing that she's willing to sacrifice her own planet for her glory... I couldn't serve her anymore."

Nodding her head, "Its good to have you on our side." she then turned towards the city with high walls and then back to the rebels. "Ninjan Freedom Fighters, the time is now for us to take back your city capital, to over throw Hayden and give the thrown back to someone who will not destroy their own planet to show others that they are worthy to be praised. We can end the battle on this side of Ninjeta today! Let us go into Farwick, and take back what belongs to all of you!" She then burst into flames. "At the darkest moment comes the brightest light!"

Closure still felt stupid, he felt horrible.  The whole time this woman spoke, all he did was ignore.  Did his actions mess up this great storyline.  Oh darn let us hope Closure can save his post before people taunt him.  "Can I kill now?"  The Son of Thunder noticed the Feral Nova's abilities and was seemingly astonished.  "I'm guessing I can kill now.  Sorry for delaying our walk here earlier.  I was trying to kill G'bandit so I could give my character a new motive, but then so many people starting to escalate this awesome storyline.  So, in the end I have realized to analyze everyone's actions so I do not look idiotic.  Now that there is a hole in the wall I guess it is time to kick-ass and kill.  WAL UNITE!!"  These were people he hardly knew, but something deep within his heart allowed Closure to trust Nova, Constantine, and Wanderer.
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Ethan looked up for a moment, peeking into Gambler's room out of curiosity for the first time since his arrival to the Master of Manipulation's quarters. It was abnormal in size compared to his own, Gambler having what seemed to be two or three master bedrooms packed into one space. He had a personal bathroom, closed, that seemed to rival somewhere of a grand size for his personal relaxation. Even the bed was 'overgrown,' and fit for a fat off of power king unlike Stryke's own king sized bed that was plain and normal with crimson laced with white sheets and pillows. The floors were elaborate with designs and full of light detail. Everything was done on a grand scale for the King of Kings, and that bothered the 'new guy.' Ethan held some resentment against the man,Gambler was expertly lavished. His tongue rolled in his mouth, his eyes mimicking as he was befuddled by what a simple corrupted, power hungry being could be treated like. Stryke lusted for this recognition, just a hint of respect from those with more experience in combat and consensual knowledge. However, he knew he wasn't going to get that sort of respect until he earned it, and that would take a while.

Stryke clicked his tongue in annoyance, a look of bitterness filled his face. Ethan's composure was kind of lost, revealing his anger and angst for making himself look like a complete fool, talking to air instead of his 'divine' leader. His mouth became small, clenched completely closed, and straight. His eyes narrowed and he had a mean frown that caused many creases on his face. He folded his arms, his hands hidden underneath his armpits and the front of his dirty blond hair messy.

" Well... There are much better things to do then stand around here. As you can see, I was on a mission and just got back so I'll bow out and get cleaned up. Looks like our precious leader is not here like we assumed. No need for me to be here anyways."

Stryke turned around quickly, and put his left hand on a wall to stop himself from turning to far. Without that action, he would of landed on his face because of an unbalance in his footwork. That was at least partial luck, but his composure and facial expression did not change. Facing out towards the hallway that resided an entrance to his room, he looked back at MadroS. His head was turned, and so only the Ninjeta sun hit him on one side of his face while the other seemed to be turned pitch black except for small parts."Try the war room, our beloved leader likes to play chess and work on taking over a planet.... I'm sure you'll be happy to find him in or around the area." With that, Ethan walked off towards his room. Various windows laced the hallway with light, and the unlit chandeliers every couple of yards gleamed with a magnificent glow. There were a few tables here and there next to doors into House of G representatives rooms and other Ninjan Military dorms, and most had towels for bathing or colorful flowers in valuable vases on them. Ethan slowly shrugged off his attitude, his face becoming normal and relaxed. When he appeared from his room, a towel was placed for him next to a vexatious vase that was colored almost blood-like. Stryke was slightly bothered by this, as in a few hours he would be murdering prisoners in the execution rooms.

Actually, half of the prisoners were used as practice enemies against Ninjan warriors. The other half would be murdered, while the women and children were left out of the whole mess most of the time. Women get the a good part of the bad peace of the spoils of war, being used as 'toys' for men and sometimes sinful women who hid their actions for months before being released out into the real world. Sometimes those women ended up with large wombs from children yet to be born as they emerged and literally ran away from Gambler's fortress of solitude. Children whose mother's go through the months of torture primarily die or become orphans, sometimes adopted, before their parent gets out because they cannot feed, cloth, and house themselves alone despite their Ninjan heritage. As a matter of fact, Stryke had tried using spoils of war when he was first put upon the planet. It was 'better' in his opinion than being with earth women. The chains that kept the Ninjan women from unleashing scorned fury were discouraging, but you would get used to it.

Opening his door, Ethan walked through his master bedroom into his bathroom. He shut the door and started up a hot shower. When the water was warm, he jumped in. A few moments later the water was scolding hot, causing Ethan to jump around before lowering the heat of the water. His lucky streak had been broken, he hadn't fallen on his face, but he had ended up almost burned and numbed. When that was done, Stryke washed himself thoroughly, using his soap and conditioner to wipe away the grim and dirt that he had gathered from sleeping in tents with the Ninjan rebel beasts. Swirling mist formed around the bathroom, blurring vision only a slight bit. Finished, Ethan turned off the running shower head and then emerged out of the bath tube, his body pouring down from the fresh, wet water. Taking the towel, he pulled it unto himself and dried off what was virtually his whole body. With his uniform already in the bathroom, Stryke slid it on. He put on socks and his special boots along with his heavy gloves.

Emerging from his physical cleansing, Ethan grabbed his Falchion-styled sword and strapped it onto the right side of his waist, it's three and a half foot dimension draping almost half his height. On the other side of his body, in its holster, was a mace. It was more than that, and only people who see it would believe its titanium might. Fully garbed, Ethan slipped on a large men's kimono styled jacket crimson with white and black linings. Looking more official, Stryke emerged from his quarters and began his way to the execution grounds. He was going to murder ten prisoners today, those who were causing problems or either were to old and frail to continue to live in seclusion and in poor conditions.

Execution Grounds: Hidden Behind the Training Grounds for Gambler's Ninjan's

Ethan was looking towards a window when the prisoners he was supposed to kill were put in front of him on their knees. The window wasn't moving, he was just in a malicious trance to look at it. The weeping of some prisoners aroused Ethan. He turned his head to notice a few weeping men and a few with not one ounce of fear. Two of the penalized were children, barely twelve years of age, but Stryke had no time for pity. Ethan's hands were hidden in the kimono's sleeves. Stryke had manipulated the walk ways until he had found the Grounds, and then he had centered himself in the middle of the blood soaked ground. Apparently, someone else had been doing their villainous deeds before him. However, the lust for death was not appeased. Killing was becoming almost like chess now, using up the pawns until the king and queen were weak.

"Alright, any last words?"
Ethan announced his wicked wish upon the men with a sigh.

As he expected some spit at his feet, some showed him puffy eyes from their crying, and others looked at the floor. Stryke moved to the first prisoner, a guard was holding him down. Pulling out his Falchion, Ethan put it on the man's shoulder faintly. He was skinny, probably from starvation, and he was looking Ethan straight in the eyes. Stryke was beginning to dread doing a job over and over because of an over populace of prisoners. In a rhetorical question, Ethan muttered words."Well I assume you are ready to meet your maker." He recieved a nod back. Ethan lifted his blade up into the air with his left hand. He came down for a slicing blow, and it connected. It didn't slice right through because of Ninjan durability, but it made a large gash that poured blood from the neck right down and over his body until it reached his knees.

Moving on, the guard let go of the dead man who simply fell to the ground gurgling as his body slowly became lifeless. Ethan continued his murderous reign, his precision causing no blood to splatter on him. As he went through the men, he saw everything from the old to the new, hot headed prisoner. The last two were the children. He was slightly uneasy by committing the act, however Ethan knew he couldn't be seen as a weakling in the eyes of others. Then he noticed the face of one of the children. Through the bruises from getting a beating, and being dehydrated and dirty Stryke saw the face of Ga. He stopped, his hand raised ready to inflict a killing blow. Ethan's eyes opened wide, his mouth gaped, and he was awed.


Ga looked up, and as he realized the face of Ethan; he precisely spit in the man's forehead. He lashed out, trying to break free from his chains ferociously." What do you want! You bastard, you put me here! Remember that, remember the boy you killed you monster!"

Stryke frowned, this was starting to gab attention from the guards. Instead, he whispered."How dare you speak to me like that you fool! Especially when I have a sword raised to slice your head off! Show damn respect."

"You don't deserve it."

" You are right, no one deserves respect from someone with such insolence as a dirty beast-monger."
Using his right hand, Ethan backhanded the child. One of Ga's teeth protruded from his mouth. He looked back, his eyes revealing a living, dwelling fire!

"Coming from you!.... You knocked me and my friends unconscious with false lies, and then we are put in a jail....Some hero."

"I was never a hero," Ethan leaned down and near Ga." I faked that... I am a villain as vile as a killing syringe injected into your thigh. The world is insane, and we all are as well." In return, Stryke spat in Ga's face.

Ga looked up at him. "Why did you save us the pain! And then let it come flooding back.They've all been killed by a women with a death touch that would cripple you!!!!!"

"Because somewhere in my monstrous heart I felt sorry, and you will not get that kind of reaction again. So look no further than what I'm about to do to that friend of yours. Your last apparently."
Stryke screamed the words as he pointed to the other boy. Ga was becoming a stubborn brat, and Ethan was not going to take his crap. Raising his sword, he brought down a hack into the child's head. Blood flew out of the head as it fell side ways dead along with its body.

"Death has many aliases, Ga. I saved you from dying in a fight that way you could be released alone with a small chance. But you bring yourself to be brought in front of me again, and now I must deliver a killing blow to you. Truthfully, you were a good friend... You were just to naive." Stryke looked at the boy with a hint of sorrow and resentment for what was about to happen. Ethan's eyes lowered, his mouth began to quiver, and his body began to shake wildly. He closed his eyes and raised his sword, using both hands this time. Taking deep breaths, Ethan realized they were coming out in rasps more than in a normal fashion. It was time to finish this now. Although he did not want to, he knew he needed to destroy his weakness for this child... This whelp, a child coward!

Ethan brought down the blade, it connected, and his sword became lodged within the head of the boy he had once called friend. With his eyes still closed, Ethan pulled the sword away from the body and heard as it fell backwards. Slipping the sword into its sheath, he turned not to see the boy's expression. He looked at one of the guards, "Clean up the mess, I'm taking my leave." Stryke walked away slowly, but curiosity killed him. He turned to see the child with its eyes open in fear and unexpectedness. The boy hadn't expected Ethan to bring down the blade, which only made it worse. Unable to bear it, Stryke turned around and hit himself on the head. I told myself not to turn.... Why did I do it anyways!

Distraught, Stryke berated towards the War Room where he suspected The House of G's leader to be. Gambler surly was there, he was planning something big; Stryke wanted to know what.

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"Veritas, WAL, Wolf Pack and free Ninjan people, we are outnumbered but we are far from defeated. After this transmission form a 360 degree perimeter around the Phoenix and begin to push the enemy back. Believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you and we will be victorious in this batt......"

Akwa looked up as he heard the voice resound around the battlefield. It was familiar. It sounded like whatshisface, that Veritas guy. You know, the one with all the funky electricity. He was the one of people Wolf Pack had been sent to help. Started with a K...or something. Talon used to bitch about him all the time. Name aside, his orders made sense. He was moving out when-

"Die, outworlder!"

A Ninjan warrior charged at him. She was female (They all seemed to be) and looked pissed off (They all seemed to be). He grabbed his energy sword from off his belt, ignited it and threw it at her. It cut a streak of light through the air as it sped towards his foe. Who dodged it. Still propelled by the force of his throw, the sword went flying off into the distance.

"Oh fuc-"

His words were cut off as she barreled into him, knocking him several hundred metres across the battlefield. The Ninjan cheered triumphantly as she ran towards the place where Akwa would land. Behind her, the energy sword's flight was still continuing. When Akwa threw something, he really threw it. Unnoticed by the warrior, a disembodied icy hand formed out of nothing and caught the sword by it's handle. It then sped back towards where Akwa and the warrior were slugging it out.

Akwa launched into a flurry of super-powered punches that made the Ninjan stumble back slightly. She grinned.

"You are weak and pathetic! Is that the best you can do?"

Her gloating was interrupted by a blade of glowing orange light suddenly erupting from her stomach. She fell to her knees as the floating ice hand handed the blade back to Akwa. He grasped the energy sword firmly.

"In answer to your question, no, it is not."

The blade swung again in an orange blur. The woman's head sizzled as it fell off her shoulders. There was no time for gloating however as another Ninjan charged him, firing wildly inaccurate energy blasts. Geez, he thought. I've seen better accuracy from Stormtroopers! She must be new to this whole thing. The ice hand intercepted her, hitting her in the face with a powerful backhanded slap.

Akwa had not expected it to do anything but instead, the force of the pimp slap lifted the girl off her feet and knocked her onto the ground. Her face was all red and blistered from coming into contact with the ice. Ice must be a weakness of some sort, he thought. Isn't that just convenient.

It was. The hand twisted and narrowed as it transformed into an ice spear. The girl, lying hurt in the rubble, saw her doom and broke down and started to cry. This gave Akwa pause. He hadn't noticed but she was very young. Sixteen at most. Certainly, a trained soldier wouldn't break down and cry like that. He wasn't going to show her mercy though, even if he wanted to. His mental conditioning prevented him from feeling such things.

The spear plunged down and impaled the girl through the face, putting an end to her bawling. This was good. Very good. Their enemies were weak against ice attacks, something which he excelled in. He gave a short unhinged sounding giggle. This was going to be very, very, very fun indeed.

He thrust his hands out at a nearby Ninjan. A storm of razor-sharp ice shards covered the distance between them and ripped apart the woman's skin like paper. When he examined the lump of tattered flesh and clothing however, he noticed that the Ninjan had not been wearing a VV insignia. He had probably just killed a friendly.

'Whoopsy-daisy. I hope nobody else saw that."

He shrugged. Oh well. It was hard telling them apart anyway. The lady had clearly brought it upon herself, running around in a warzone. He looked around, searching for his team-mates. Screw establishing a 360 perimeter. The others could do that. The Pack could lead a sneak attack on Darkchild's base. After all, sneak attacks were what most of them excelled at.

Okay..Where's Hunter? There he is! He's taking a nap too! In the middle of battle, he could-...Oh wait. People don't nap with swords sticking out of their chest! Crap! Hunter's down!

There was no time to grieve however, a battle must be fought, he thought as he impaled a Ninjan soldier with an ice blade. Besides, Bandit and Risky were already there. He looked around, surveying the battlefield. Hunter had not been the only one to fall. Midnightist had collapsed over by the treeline, Cly's body was being borne away by Ninjan soldiers and Despair had been knocked out of the sky. The Lycans and the Section 13 Super-soldiers had fallen by the dozen, their bodies littering the countryside.

He quickly turned into a puddle to avoid being run over by some sort of weird scorpion tank. He reformed as the tank scuttled around to face him. He couldn't see the drivers of it clearly as the only opening to the cockpit was protected by a semi-visible force shield that blurred his vision. It charged at him, waving razor-sharp Admantium pincers.

"So much death..." he muttered as he evaded the pincers and climbed on top of the war-machine. "What can a man do against such reckless hate?"

He attempted to super-punch his way through the metal but it repelled his attacks. The whole thing must be made of some sort of Admantium alloy, he thought as his ice, water and steam blasts bounced off the force field protecting the drivers. Luckily, the field while it did block physical attacks, did not block mental attacks. His telepathic assualts, while nowhere near deadly, caused both drivers to collapse on the ground, stunned. The war-machine stilled and stopped attempting to crush him.

The machine had been disabled for the time being. Of course, something always arrives to spoil someones moment of triumph. Another admantium spider/scorpion tank thingy took this moment to charge him. Akwa only had enough time to turn around before he got bowled off his feet. A large metal leg cam down and hit nothing as Akwa liquified. The water crawled up the machines leg and jumped off, getting a bit of distance between them.

Akwa stayed liquid but he reformed himself until he looked humanoid rather than a puddle. The machine charged again and Akwa zoomed up into the air to avoid it's blows. He flew around the machine, dodging it's shots and returning with blasts that were completely ineffectual. There had to be a way he could harm these things...but how? A moment later it occurred to him.

They might be virtually indestructible but they probably only weighed something around 10-20 tons. 25 tons at best. He could lift that.

He soared down and grabbed one of it's claws. With a heave, he picked up the entire machine and lifted off into the air with it. When he reached a suitable height, he threw it down towards the ground with all his might. Heh heh. That even rhymed.

The Ninjetan war-machine smacked into the ground with considerable force, raising a huge dust cloud. He flew back done to the ground, reforming back to normal as he did so. The war-machine lay on it's side in a crater. It was completely intact without even a scratch on it. However, it was not moving. The operators were no doubt knocked out from the force of the impact. They might even be dead.

Normally, a Ninjans durability would mean that they would've only been shaken up by the experience but the machine had been made of Admantium all the way through. During the impact, both drivers had been thrown out of their seats and had hit the admantium walls of their cockpit. Admantium was one of the substances that were hard enough to crack a Ninjan's skull open and so both drivers were lying in the cockpit dead.

He thought on this. Clearly, the machines were almost indestructible. One must target the drivers themselves to beat them. Akwa had been just in time to hear Feral Nova's speech.

"Yeah! Whoooo! Crack that city open! Yeah..."

He trailed off, exhausted. That machine was heavier than he thought it was. Damn thing had probably been over 40 tonnes...

In his exhaustion, he didn't notice the Ninjan behind him until it was too late. With a swish, the sword cut through Akwa's neck, severing his head from his shoulders.

He collapsed on the ground and his head bounced away. With a contemptous sneer, the woman kicked the head idly, bursting it open like a ripe grapefruit and scattering it's remains over several metres. She ran off, eager to slay more offworlders.

Slowly, the pulped remains of Akwa's head slowly formed back together.

A mental voice said, "Crap".

Once decapitated, Akwa's head and body could normally rejoin themselves fairly easily if they were close by. Unfortunately, because of the remains of the head being scattered so far, his head had reformed roughly fifty metres away from his body. Just out of range.

"Crap", Akwa thought again.

"Uh...I don't suppose any of you guys can help me? Just rolling the head closer maybe? Hello? Can anyone even hear me?"

Nobody answered

"Crap. You all suck."

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The rocky ground was stained with the crimson fluids of all the Ninjan, human and mutant race that have been doomed to fight this never ending war. Since dawn Alexandra as been scouting the planet, for anything that could be useful to the newest team she has just recently joined... the Femme Fatales, a team lead by the famous Lady Tlieso and Rina Redhead. The team had been formed for a while, just been standing behind in the world, watching how the other villain teams function with each other, allow the rival teams to grow with hate for each other. But now it was time for the female team to begin themselves known. Which is why Homicide was currently doing, she was going to help put the team on the map.

Not stopping for anyone, or anything, the young assassin darted through the battle fields, the smell of death clinging onto her body as she stepped over the bodies of fallen Ninjan Warriors. Nothing seemed like it would give the FF an advantage on the battlefield. That is... until she caught eye of some very familiar markings. Kneeling down on a boulder she ran her bare fingers along what seemed to be three claw marks that were bloody. A smirk came upon her face, only one team made markings like this. "Wolf Pack..." she spoke as she stood up and looked around, she could see footsteps going on for miles in every direction, jumping down to the dirt, she gently crouched down, placing her two fingers against a set of foot prints. "Its only a couple of hours old..." She chuckled to herself as she stood up, and took off running in the direction of foot prints, pulling her twin blades out at the same time from her back as she picked up her speed. Pressing against her right ear she began to speak. "I'm currently tracking down something, it might be beneficial to us, I'll report back if I find what I'm looking for, Homicide out." She continued to rush through the area, less and less bodies being seen laying on the ground, but as she looked at them while running, she noticed slash marks all over them, and the marks looked fresher and fresher every second. 'I'm getting close' a smile came upon the woman's pail face as she noticed that a small battle was still going on up ahead.

Ninjans could be seen fighting each other, the only reason she could tell who was who, was because of the armor that one group was wearing. Slick, shiny, and their weapons, more advanced than that of the rebels, who seemed to be loosing right this second. 'Looks like I do get some fun...' she thought to herself as she suddenly seemed to disappear from where she was once at. Less than a second later she could be seen falling down from the sky, her blades in hand as she fell on top of a group of Ninjan soldiers, using her hook blades to dig into the back of their armor and force them hard on the ground along their backs, then knelt down and used the end of the hilt, which is sharpened into daggers, and smashed them into the Ninjan's necks, pulling them out a river of the warm crimson fluid shot out from their necks as they began to gag. With a cold chuckle Alex glared at the other Ninjan women who began to charge at her. But right when their blades were to hit her, they instead went right through her body and stumbled forward with surprised looks on their faces.

"Its a ghost!" One of them yelled as they all began to slowly back away from Homicide, then slowly began to make their way out of the field along with the rebels who were taking off in a whole other direction.

"No one else wants to play?" She said as she turned around and began to make her way to track down the Wolf Pack once more, only to step into a body that had a familiar... feeling to it. Looking downward she saw the body of none other than that of The Hunter; Willam Greystroke his body bloody, tattered, and seeming lifeless. Kneeling down sh pressed her index and middle finger against his neck which was torn up as well. She couldn't tell if he was alive or not, but she knew that her leader might want to see him. Standing back up she wiped the blood on her pants as she pressed against her right ear again. "This is Homicide, I've... found something that you might have some interest in." She spoke as she looked around, it didn't even seem that any of the other Wolf Pack members were around, it was... strange, for them to leave their own behind, and not just anyone... their Alpha Male. "Its Willam Greystroke, aka The Hunter. He's... dead.. I think, I cant really tell, his body looks like it was dragged through a slaughter house, and that's being nice." she paused for a moment. "Do you want me to bring the 'dog' to you?" She kicked a the body, flipping it to its side as she crouched down again began to check for weapons. "Honestly... he looks dead, and I don't see any of the other Wolf Pack members around his body, which is strange enough, I didn't think they would leave their own behind, especially their Alpha Male." She then stood there again as she nod her head. "as you wish..." And with that she knelt down and placed her left hand upon Hunters shoulder. "Teleport me up to the ship, I have a special guest for Lady Tlieso." Within seconds their bodies seemed to break down into a stream of red light and immediately shot up into the sky.

Less than two seconds later Homicide was now standing in a dimly lit room, with the body of The Hunter laying on the ground beneath her. Stepping up to her feet she slowly backed away and looked up, seeing Lady Tlieso waiting for the two to join her in her room, with the lycan 'kings' blood staining her floor. "Sorry... I didn't have time to clean him up." Homicide spoke as she put her twin hook blades away and slowly backed away towards the door. "I'll leave you to whatever it is you wish to do with him. I'll go back to Ninjeta and see if I can find anything else, and I'll report to you if I do find something. And with that, Homicide stepped out of Lady T's room and began to make her way back to the teleporters to be sent back to the planet at war.

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She could see that Kurrent was not happy to see her. Oh if any thing she enjoyed it. To know that he did not welcome her with open arms was the best thing that had happened to her since she landed on he planted. As she stared at the hero she saw he did not trust her…which was a good move. The reason he kept his hand on his weapon was good tactic. Any way she would fight him later. Never the less she would never dare trust this man. She just barely trusted her own team mates there was no way she’d come to trust this man. As she saw him reluctantly reach out about to take her had she could feel a freeze in him motion as he reached for her weapon.

She did not flinch or even more just remained in her position as her fired a bullet right past her head. She could not help but keep the smile on her face as he pushed her aside like she did not even exist and turned his attention to the wounded female worrier. She took a step back next to Feral Nova and glanced at the woman. “Seems that he has not lost his touch” she thought to herself as she glared down at the woman. With that the worrier spoke with anger and pleasure in her voice. “Lord Darkchild will kill you all” she spat at Kurrent. Talon did not mind if Kurrent died on battle at least the world would have been cleared of one more hero. Never the less Kurrent had is good side and was if any thing at this point a Cymbrogi, Sword Brother, or at least how she picture him.

"I'll be sure to tell him you said that when I send him to meet you in hell" the elastration said with no mercy or regret in his voice. And at that point she almost pictured her brother. Strange how her mind worked but she would always make these connections. Her brother though was much worse than this hero would ever be. She would choose battling the electrocutioner (electrocutioner: A made up word Talon invented a mixture of electrician and executioner) than her brother. For he would not only physically wound her but mentally as well.

Then with that Kurrent aimed and fired three bullets into the woman’s neck. Talon stared astonished though did not show it. Her smug little grim she forced to fade. “You can take the hero out of the villain but you can’t take the villain out of the hero.” She whispered. To her Kurrent had not changed one bi. He was still that cold heartless beast that she had battled before. Just this time with a team to back him up. Dangerous he was but his team they were also pictured as a threat to her. All the members where highly trained and dangerous especially Despair.

Though Talon thought that woman’s powers very….interesting a unique she knew that Despair was not some one to make an enemy. And it was actually his team that Talon did not attack Kurrent on sight. She knew that she could never take on the Veritas inc on her own and she did not want to. She did not need any more enemies she already had a shortage of friends so she would remain on the good side of the man and his team. The Kurrent spoke mostly to Nova "That map contain the location of the Ninjeta capital city Farwick, on the SW side of the outskirts of the city their is a rebel group of about 50 Ninja warriors gathering to take the city. I need you to meet up with them and take command.”

Glancing over to the map she studied it intently for the short moment that she had and quickly saw the location and how to get there. She knew though that Kurrent would not fraternize with her or give her any order what so ever because of the battle. Though she did not know what she had one The city has to be taken and Hayden must be killed, Closure go with Nova and whoever she takes from WAL. As for the rest of use we are going to mount up a strike against the North and South which is probably heading this way." “Rest of us” she whispered her. He did not mention her name there for she could see that it would be pointless to try and get involved with him.

So instead of being with her other people she decided that she had completed  her mission and there for her next was to find at least on of her team mates. Turning her heal she survived the war zone. For some reason Hunter’s scent seemed very faint that could have been because of the distance between them though there was something nagging in the back of he mind. Pushing this aside she sniffed the air for the closest scent and was astonished when she realized it was Akwa’s.  After a reluctant contemplation she sprinted off toward him till his scent grew stronger. As it did she slowed her pace and looked around for any sing of her team mate.

Soon she could hear Akwa’s voice. She’d be able to distinguish that sound of tone no matter where she was. "Uh...I don't suppose any of you guys can help me? Just rolling the head closer maybe? Hello? Can anyone even hear me?" Turning her attention to the ground she could see Akwa’s head laying on the ground a few feet before her. She sighed but was not as humans would say freaked out at the slightest. She was a war child and she knew battle was never always clean. Though the decapitation and reattachment of a head she had never preformed. Walking over to the head she crouched down and looked Akwa in the eyes keeping her serious form.

“Akwa is it not that I have seemingly always have to help you out of less that appropriate situations. Never the less how you find yourself in these circumstances is amusing to say the least.  But since I see no other team mates in the close area I am forced to aid you in any way you wish it. So I will assume that you want me to bring you cranium closer to you body and I will comply to your wishes”. Though she would not have said that much she wanted to annoy Akwa and so she finally stopped and gently placed both her hands on the side of his head and walked over to his body. It was so strange how he seemed to survive every thing.

Approaching his body she was about to place his head down when she saw something in the distance. For a moment she was frozen in motion. It appeared that all time had suddenly stopped. She saw Hunters body lying motionless with a energy sword impaled through him. Subconsciously she dropped Akwa’s head  as the realization of what had happened occurred to her. She had noticed the  Lycans when she was trying to get to Kurrent’s position but she did not understand the full picture. With the Lycans with her meaning Hunter was on his own. “That Idiot!” she growled in anger. “That Stupid Idiot!” she said though emotion could be heard in her voice. Breaking her mood she quickly snapped out of it and picked up Akwa’s head once more reattaching him though her eyes never wavered form Hunter’s body.

Soon she saw G’bandit approach form a distance and seemingly pull out the weapon in his chest. Not long after that she heard his voice through the communicator. “Those wounds.. They are too severe to come back from..… Even for him.” The communication stopped and by know she had put the pieces back together. Falling on her knees she tried to get a grip on what happened though she could not fully. “He died protecting me…” she whispered. Taking in a deep breath she stood to her feet and pulled Akwa up. Looking at him she sighed. Doing her best to hold back any singe of emotion she felt she spoke “You are aware of the current situation as am I. Our main priority is to defeat Darkchild and Gambler. Their forces are just distractions to by them time.”

She paused and took in a breath. “Be carful and safe Akwa” she said with more hints of emotion. “I will join you and the others shortly..” with that she walked off but soon stopped and peered behind her shoulder. Then approaching her water boy one more she said “This is untimely and illogical act though I desire it and in some ways wish it.” With that she embraced Akwa tightly. And as she did a tear slid down her eyes. For that second she had gained the only comfort she could afford for herself due to her fathers death. Though she would have most likely been an emotion wreck she would not allow it. With that she pulled away from Akwa and wiped her tears. “I apologize for the act and promise it will not occur again.”

And taking off in a heated run she pursued her own agenda. She was heading southward to Gamblers location. Darkchild was a waste of time and the other Ninjeta person would be as well. Gambler was the more human not barbaric or pathetic in any way. Though she would have remained with her team mates or even wish for some one else to assist her she was better off along. There were emotions that she needed to unleash. “Madame” a male voice came from behind. Turning her heal she stared at a group of at least 20 Lycan worriers before her. Her chest tightened as she realized her status: She was The Princes of the Lycan Underworld.

“Yes” she said straightening her voice. “What are our orders” she was stuck. With Hunter out of action she took command of the Lycans. Gathering her courage she spoke. “All right these Ninjetans along with DC and Gamblers forces are tough I’ll give them that but there is one thing that lack in quantities. They are not Lycans and they retain no honor in their deeds. If I had a choice I’d not want any of you to die. But this is war death is part of the equation there for you should remain in a group and aid the other members on their way to DC. Remain near by each member and protect them. Our main gold is brining down DC and Gambler and the other bad guy. The worriers are only distractions never the less bring them all down. You have your orders and I will join you shortly.”

With that she was about to walk when another one of the Lucan worriers approached her. “My Lady as Lord Greystoke’s final order he said to protect the Princess and that is what I will do.” She glared at the man “Well belay that order””With all due respect it was his last and I will follow it out to the end. She could see that she was going to get now where fast so she reluctantly answered “So be it” and walked southward. They did not need a basket case at the moment. But even though Talon felt like falling apart she could not. The Lycans needed her she needed to remain calm the time for mourning would be on earth and the time for rebellion would come shortly….

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Two days ago: WAL Tower

Reflecting on event that he and WAL has gone through in the past couple of months. Vann stood in the WAL kitchen drinking a glass of soda, though at this point it was more glass was filled with more water then the carbonated drink as the ice melted. Leaning back on a counter with his free hand gripping the edge of it. Being lost in thought of the last mission he lead to team on, he didn’t notice that his hand that was holding the glass was slowing going numb as the glass chilled more and more. Since the teams return from their venture into the future, Vann had taken to the background of co-leading team. This was not do to him wanting to but more the line of him having he too.

"Captain Uchiha! I finally found you Captain Feral Nova has called and emergency meeting." He heard a voice say that snapped him out of day dream. "Thank you. I’ll head over to the conference room right away." He said as he stepped away from the counter and went to sit his glass on it. Seconds later the sound of shattering glass echoed in the kitchen. The shinobi blinked a few times, his hand still cupped as if he was still holding the glass. His hand lightly shook as he looked down at a brownish blur that was the liquid that was just drinking. "Sir… are.. you.. okay?" he heard the voice say again, and as he looked up to reply he noticed he couldn’t make details only a blur of colors.

Rubbing his eyes and shaking his head his vision cleared, and he a saw a worried looked on face of the person who had been talking to him. "A-Alex… Yeah I’m fine just a little tired is all." The ninja said hiding what was truly wrong. "Can you have someone clean this up for me? I need to go see what the emergency is." He said as he walked through the doorway heading out the kitchen. The truth was that he was losing his eye sight, though it was expected from the use of the Mangekyou Sharingan, it was happening a lot soon then before and it began short after he returned to the present time. He had decided to keep this a secret from the team, not even telling Stephanie for he didn’t want them to worry about something that they could do nothing for. There was only one way for him to cure himself from being cast into eternal darkness, and as far as he knew he had no sibling nor did he think he could go through this the Uchiha tradition on acquiring the eternal light. "It’s happening more rapidly then I thought, I wonder if that’s what sped it up…" He thought to himself as he made it to the conference room right as Nova was finishing up standing behind the Wanderer. "Wando, I need you to make a portal on Ninjeta, I have a map of the planet, assuming it hasn't changed up too much over a year's timeframe, we should be alright." He couldn’t help but wonder why they where heading Ninjeta. Like Stephanie, he had his run in with the proud race of warriors called the ninjans. Especially one by the name of Sha, thought the two have had their few conflicts they had become pretty close friends. "Alright WAL, time to Light up the Darkness, get ready! We leave in one hour!"

Present: Ninjeta

Stepping out of the portal made by Izzac, Vann had to attempt he felt a little more comfortable traveling that way over the D.O.V.E. teleport. Up ahead he could see the mayhem and carnage of battle, along with the oh so familiar sent of blood in the air. Still having slight issues with his vision he could barely make out the member of Veritas that were already engaged with the ninjan forces. Unsure if they were their to stop or eventually help Sha, the Sharingan Successor reached behind his back gripping the handle of his katana as he heard Nova yell out her order "WAL, help Veritas out! Keep those Ninjans away from their ship! Don't allow them to damage it. And help out where needed." Then before becoming engulfed in flames and flying off she roar out once more "Time to light up the darkness!" Not sure if activating his Sharingan would be good. Vann knew with the battle that laid before him, he would need it’s ability to help protect his friends and teammates even if their was a possibility of speeding up his blindness. Making up his mind, the annoyingly unkillable shnobi’s eyes went from their normal dark brown to a red almost crimson as the three pupil like tomoes circled his actual pupils.

Sprinting off towards the Veritas ship, The Phoenix like the rest of the team. Getting closer to the ship he was approached by three ninjans that bore the symbol of the VV on their armor. Looking as through he was going to mow right through them, he speed never dropped. Once he got with in two feet of them, Vann simply leaped in the air over them as a thin horizontal streak of light passed in front of him. Landing back to back with them his eyes only stayed focused on the ship, as the three warriors heads rolled from their shoulders and their bodies fell limp to the ground. The polished metal of his sword caught the reflection of the sun’s light, in which he used to blind another ninjan that was charging at him. Using the opening to his advantage he focused his wind charka into the blade and as he sliced through her torso as if she was nothing more then a sheet of paper.

Leaving a trail of ninjan body parts from where the team first stepped onto the planet all the way up to the Phoenix, He spotted Nova talking to the Veritas leader Kurrent. He had never formally met the man but he did hear many things about the man that he didn’t know where true all not, but what he did know was that Nova seemed to be angry with him for some reason. Still engaged in battle he could only make out a few words that were being said between Nova and Kurrent. The two words rather names that stuck out was Sha and Hayden. He never had a run in with Hayden but he knew from his talks with Sha that she had a better hatred for the Ninjan Nut Cracker. Losing focus for a moment along with vision blurring in and out, he was barely able to dodge an oncoming blade the left a slit in both his shirt but also his left shoulder. "Pull it together… your movement are to sloppy. Stop spacing out..." he said to himself before he heard Kurrent’s voice over his com, "Veritas, WAL, Wolf Pack and free Ninjan people, we are outnumbered but we are far from defeated. After this transmission form a 360 degree perimeter around the Phoenix and begin to push the enemy back. Believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you and we will be victorious in this batt-"

As the transmission was cut short, the shinobi ran his thumb along his lightly bleeding shoulder. Then making a series of hand sighs he slammed his palm to the ground and yelled "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" A large cloud of smoke appeared in front of the ninja before being blown away reviling four giant snakes. "Each of you take a side surrounding the ship and help push back the enemy." He ordered out as he finally made his way to where Nova was as she choice who to take with her in her storm on Ninjeta’s capital. Walking up to her he placed his hand on her shoulder and looked into her emerald eyes. "Try to control that awesomeness of yours, if I see and explosion form here I’ll know that you were being your reckless self. Remember never made a third back up of that one chip." He jokingly said with a smile on his face before vanishing to assist with the driving back of the ninjan forces.

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Wolf Pack

"That's it, Laura!  Well done!" Williams’ voice rang throughout the train area as Abam prepared for you routine work out regiment. She could not help but smile at the two. William had become a different gentleman ever since Laura came into her life. Abam continued to wrap her hands over and over. Finally, she sprinkled power on her palms and proceeded to head toward the gymnastics equipment."Alright, your turn....  Remember, just trust your instincts and your body will take care of the rest." The father continued to root on his daughter. Abam glanced over at the two once more flashing a smile.

She looked forward and began to run toward the small tramline. Thrusting her feet into the tramline, she soared into the air. Her hands immediately grasped the bars and rotated around it several times. Abam lifted herself upward and the bar with her feet in the air. Slowly, she raised one hand horizontally with the other supporting her weight. After a few seconds she rotated once more but released the bar and flipped on to the second bar. Once her hands had hold of the second bar, she began to rotate faster and faster. Then all of a sudden she released the bar at the peak of a rotation shooting straight on the air.

Abam tucked herself in performing not one but two perfect somersaults. With absolute grace, she landed perfectly. Looking back the father and daughter, she witnessed the two in a Kodak moment. Despair started to rush over her as the memories of her daughter flashed before her eyes. If Lady Nightmare had not went crime fighting that night maybe, Roxy wouldn’t have been turned into a vampire.

Her body aches while she mentally beats herself up for her daughter leading a life of evil. “Roxy…”she whispers to herself as images of her little girl dance around in her mind. Abam manages to form a grin as the smile of her little girl entices her memory.

The depressing thoughts disappeared as a lycan guard busted through the door. She fixed her eyes on him and Hunter. "There is an urgent transmission from Sector 13 which requires your attention."Alright, assemble the team and tell them to be at the teleportation pad in thirty minutes."

Hearing the Wolf pack leader, she teleported to her room to prepare for the announcement. Lady Nightmare when to the closet and slipped on her usually ninja costume: Loose Black pants with a utility belt on her waist, Black top stopping right above the beginning of her stomach and a mask covering her face with her sword at her side. Finally dressed, she teleported to the teleporting pad.

Sector 13- Is that bad luck?

Lady Nightmare tried to contain herself as everyone’s thoughts of curiosity clouded her psyche. All but her was curious of the situation. She had been hearing around about the two notorious villains’ absence on earth. There was no doubt in her mind that whatever reason the team was being assembled there had to do something with those to. Villains do not go away, they plot.

Her body tensed up as Hunter addressed the team. It was just as she thought. Gambler, Dc and Miles have taken over the Ninjan planet. It would not be long before they targeted Earth, for with evil comes greed. With that Lady Nightmare followed the team to the answer to the transportation problem.

“There she blows” she said as she gazed upon what Anderson called.....The Predator...... the next generation in intergalactic warfare.  It has a complex warp drive which allows it to travel at incredible speeds through space.  Yet, it also has a highly-advanced impulse drive which allows it to quickly maneuver in different atmospheres.  Yet, what The Predator is really made for is assault.  You'll find a large variety of missiles, torpedoes, and repulsor canons among its arsenal.  Its hull is composed of a special alloy with vibranium armor in certain areas.  In addition, several attack cruisers can be launched from the ship for more coverage during ground attacks.  Each attack cruiser carries its own arsenal of weapons including a rotating repulsor canon.  I've also included a special kind of projectile made especially for those Ninjans....."

Thinking to herself she questioned, “How hell is 13 producing this type of equipment?! I must do some research after we complete this mission.”With her suspicion at hand, Lady Nightmare proceeded to board the Predator. The machinery was as impressive inside. She took a seat next to on her fellow team members as the ship prepared for liftoff.


Restless, Lady Nightmare waited for their arrival. Her un-amused eyes lingered at Hunter as he began to speak to Warsman. She listened in searching for entertainment. "I'll need you down there with us, brother.  There's no telling what dangers will be waiting for us on the surface and I'll need a warrior with courage by my side. Here, look at this...." Her eyes lit up in amazement.  "This is an energy blade.... a powerful weapon given to us by Sector 13.  It's blade can cut through nearly anything." Hunter activated the mysterious device. Lady was even more astonished as before. "Each member of the team has one of these." he said.  "I'm sure you'll have no trouble at all finding a good use for it."

She reached in her sector 13 “goody bag” to find that very device. Her finger traced it as the studied its features.”It’s not what I’m used to but I’ll do” She closed her eyes as the sounds of War were beginning to call her. Lady Nightmare took in a whiff of air before getting to a killer’s mind set. All of her years of training flowed into her for it was time.

"Alright Team, we're nearing Ninjeta.  Report to the bridge." She did as the Lycan king commanded. When Lady arrived at the bridge, she was greeted with blaring alarms and flashing lights.

She even kept her balance as the ship rocked back and forth in response to enemy fire.

The place where people and the revolution via Attack cruiser

Lady Nightmare navigated the attack cruisers up the west flank. Enemy fire was coming from everywhere. She responded with a few shots of her own before coming up with a plan of her own. “Solider take the wheel!”  The two switched places.”Clear the way for us as we make our way in! The rest of you get out and back me up!” Lady Nightmare exited the cruiser just as the other super soldiers.

Immediately an enemy Ninjan charged at Lady Nightmare. She quickly grasped her new weapon and teleported it inside of her new acquaintance. Lady’s body appeared in front of her as she pulled the energy sword from the insides of the enemy. She turned around and cut through another Ninjan attempting to pounce on her. Lady Nightmare formed a psionic shield around herself.

Ninjans were coming left and right. Though Lady was quick she could not match the speed of the Ninjans.  Suddenly, one of them punched the shield head on. Lady Nightmare flung backwards.”I see this is not a time to fight fair. “

Acting quickly, Lady Nightmare casted a telepathic illusion on nearby enemies. Rotting corpses began to rise from the ground and pull the Ninjans into the soil. To them is would seem as if a thousand zombies were pulling them straight to hell. The face of the enemy was now confusion and fear.

One by one Lady Nightmare dismembered the bodies of the spell bound Ninjans. Hands, feet, and heads fell before her. With impeccable speed she grasped one of their heads and slapped a bomb on top of it. Three Ninjans were coming her way.”Strike!” she rolled the head toward them and let it explode in their faces.

Suddenly, she felt a huge pain in back as she was thrown to the ground. The enemy came on top of her and proceeded to try to beat her to death. The pain from the blows began to throb over and over again. Lady Nightmare pulled her katana from her side and trusted it in its private parts.

She teleported to her feet only to find a few super soldiers still at her side.

"Veritas, WAL, Wolf Pack and free Ninjan people, we are outnumbered but we are far from defeated. After this transmission form a 360 degree perimeter around the Phoenix and begin to push the enemy back. Believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you and we will be victorious in this batt......" 

Upon hearing the is yelled to her fellow soldiers. “You hear emm! Let’s make our way to the Phoenix!”

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"Thank you Homicide, you have far exceeded my expectations. You'll be greatly rewarded. Now go enjoy yourself, I certainly will be."

Removing the small device from her ear Tlieso placed it into one of the many pockets that were hidden in the deep green kimono she wore. A slow satisfied smile came to her face as she walked over to the bleeding lycan and knelt beside him. Gently she removed the strands of hair that covered his handsome face, running her fingertips lightly over his head and torso searching.
"My, my the Ninjeta have certainly done a number on you haven't they?" After several long moments of reflection she found what she was seeking. A faint spark of life still remained in the battered and bleeding man that lay before her.  "Now things are going to get interesting. Fear not Wolf King, your life will begin anew this night."

Leaning down she gently kissed Hunters forehead with a wicked glint in her eye. As she crossed the room she began to untie the obi around her waist. The heavy silk slid down her
pale shoulders as she walked behind the paper screen that stood next to a tall black cabinet. Hidden from sight Tlieso changed into a black silk robe embroidered with a sparkling red thread that left her legs and lower arms bare. Mystical figures and occult symbols glinted in the light as she opened the cabinet. Lifting the lid on a small enamel box she removed a tiny jade bottle, a curving blade lay on its stand behind it. The scorpion engraved into the hilt cut into soft flesh of her palm was she raised it. Tucking the blade into the sash at her waist the blood sorceress turned back to the still form lying on her floor. A small gesture caused a number of candles to form a circle around the fallen lycan, a snap from her fingers and they burst into light. Glancing at the door two beams made of silver and iron slid across it barring entrance as a sigil glowed red on the door guaranteeing their privacy.

Kneeling beside him Tlieso removed the jade stopper and parted Hunter's bloodied lips allowing a single drop to fall onto his tongue. Raising the dagger between her breasts she bowed her head and began to chant. Long, silky black hair obscured her face as strange words fell from her tongue. Extend one silm pale arm over him she raised the blade and sliced down her arm, blood dripped from the wound as she walked a circle around him. Shimmering lights flashed a wall around the pair and vanished from sight. Tlieso ran her finger along her wound and began drawing kanji on Hunters body.
Chanting she layed her hands on the injured man as the wounds seemed to glow with a sickly light. Tempo increasing she threw her head back, revealing eyes that had turned to solid black, a faint howl filled the room and just as quickly faded away taking the light from the wounds with it. Silence. All wsa quiet until the deep, even sound of Hunters breath broke it. Faint pink scars were all that remained of his once grievous wounds. Falling back to her heels, the ninja gazed at him, looking like a well fed cat. Rising to her feet she broke with circle of blood with her toe and waved the bars off the door. The sigil faded as her servants approached at her mental call, a pair of well muscled men entered with downcast eyes. "Yes Mistress?"

"Take him to the empty suite down the hall. Clean him and make sure he is well fed."

As the men lifted him, Hunter stirred, the faint sound coming from his lips brought a smile to her face. Approaching the door with their burden she stopped them removing a black bag from a hidden drawer. Walking over to them Tlieso let the contents of the bag fall into her hand, a gleaming silver collar had a satisfying weight to it. Elaborately engraved with kanji, wolves and scorpions it was a beautiful thing to behold. As she Murmured a word of power the collar sprang open, her creation it would open only for her. Smiling down at the now healed lycan the collar snapped closed around his neck with a finality.  

"Every dog should have a collar."

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Darkchild stood at the front gates to the base watching in the distance as explosions rocked the very ground they stood on. The tremors from the mighty blasts could be felt all the way up to him, and he placed a palm to the ground marveling at it. Soon a soldier came up behind him "Yes?" the soldier stutters for a moment "The one known as Goki has just entered the front lines of our armies sir. He seems to be on our side but "But, hes a Esis so the fact of him being here and on Gamblers team is troubling yes?" The soldier nods and waits for Darkchilds answer.

DC stands and looks up into the sky "
Who do we have on the front lines if he does decide to break lines?" The soldier looks at Darkchild for a moment "Ferro is still in formation on the outskirts, Sephirim is still in place as we speak holding off the mass of resistance all by himself on his side . But the Veritas line is still coming this way, and I just recieved news that the Wolf Pack leader Hunter has been felled." Darkchild upon hearing this bursts forward to the guard lifting him up off the ground "How long have you known this?" the soldier struggles to bring his hand up showing five fingers "Five minutes? And this is the firs time you tell me?!!!"

Darkchild slams the soldier to the ground hard "Get up!!" The soldier does as he is told but struggles to do so "Rain hell NOW!! We cannot let the Wolf Pack past the front lines, they will slaughter your people...and I dont want that yet. Will ruin my plans. RAIN HELL!!"

Just as he screams to rain hell the Soldier runs back into the base and slams down hard onto a switch "Aim for the Wolf Pack, KILL THEM ALL!!" Darkchild screams and as he does so parts of the base come undone and large cannons slide out through the holes. And the soldier screams to the others to fire, and the air rings with the sound of the cannons thundering through the air. The shells slam hard into the battlefield directly in front of the Wolf Pack, and many of the shells explode slamming hard into his side aswell taking out Ninjan soldiers aswell. The Lycans leap over the fallen bodies an shells, but still many are taken out by the cannonfire.

Darkchild watches as the explosions triple with the use of cannons an orders that they are in continuos use until they run out of ammo. Undoing a glove on his hand his Yellow Lantern ring shines he brings it up to his mouth "Nathan....return. I need you on the front gate" He puts the glove back on, and grabbing a nearby communications ninjan he tells him "Send a message to Ferro, tell him and Sephirim to allow Goki in and through without a incident. If the boy wants to meet with me, so be it."

Darkchild returns to his throne waiting for the others to either fall to the cannons or break through the front lines, then he will have to set his plan into motion.
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He bit into the neck of a Ninjan officer, a female with raven-colored hair and silver eyes. She screamed a beautiful scream, one that was a mixture of agony and regret. She was very young and powerful. Warsman had collected three broken fingers and a dislocated arm because of her. And he wanted to thank her. Blood gushed into his mouth, spilling from the spaces between his teeth. His tongue lapped at her wound, but she had died and the blood began to spoil. So he threw her to the ground. The thud from her slumping body was less inspiration to run than the countless hundreds before her. Her subordinates did not carry a specific bond for her outside of respect as a superior warrior. They hated her. They wanted to love him for killing her, but they were controlled to behave otherwise to him.

Smiling his brutal grin, lower canines overlapping his upper lip, every last tooth sharpened to a point, every one of them knowing the taste of fresh meat with it, he lurched forward only to twist around and break a grunt's jaw with his limp hand. Moving on instinct and the sound of rushing feet, he ducked to evade a punch, but a spear was driven into his belly. He flashed his grin wider than before. They had spilled his blood. They wanted to see him die. They knew what they had to do. Did Warsman know what he was supposed to do? Had he forgotten? A Lycan fell, once upon a time, and he recognized fear. He recognized the emotion of anxiety, the notion that a group of fighters is doomed without a leader or inspiration. He wanted them to hate him. It was their only chance for survival once the Lycan crumbled under the weight of his ego.


The Ninjans who had piled on top of him were thrown aside, the spear piercing his innards broken like water against the rocks. Shards of it flew or impaled themselves in grotesque splinters in the red-drenched soil. There was no stopping now. Too many had died. Too many had yet to live.


His dead arm bashed open the skull of another, spilling its contents over the horrific scene. This was what insanity felt like? No pain, no regrets, and all the people who were once allies were now enemies? To admit it silently would be a crime. He liked the feeling.

But finally, the club was utterly shattered and the skin was more of a pouch carrying seed than a weapon. His other arm was still operating perfectly, though. And his legs were moving like a well-oiled pair of machines. He moved to strike again. With a swipe of his working hand, he was stained again. The seconds passing when he had pondered his useless, spindle-like limb were gone and mercy had faded from his vocabulary once more. Pain was gone. Agony was gone. Any notion of sympathy for their children, wives, husbands, relatives, or friends had vanished. If they were here, he would have killed them as well.

But outside of this realm of overwhelming disturbia, he was dying. His blood was boiling, his body leaking fluid along every conceivable inch. His lungs were puffing, out of breath, out of time. The serum caused even his Symaarian body to react dangerously to battle. He was no longer Symaarian, human, werewolf, vampire, or any race of being known and unknown to the universe. He was the berserker. Was he the only one? There had to be more to fight with him, to live and to die with him.

The Ninjans afraid, perhaps for the first instance in their long and majestic lives, had backed away from the thing. He was kneeling, impaled with all manner of weapon. Adamantium pierced his body, blood failing to run out of the deeper wounds because of his utter lack of the substance. His eyes welled up in tears. He had failed his leader and his team. He failed his adopted grandson, G'Bandit. He failed the women he had always admired: Risky, Talon, and Lady Nightmare. He failed Hunter, who was perhaps at the gates of Heaven, chuckling because of Warsman's slowing heartbeat.


He felt it calming down.

Ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump...

Was he dead already?




There was still one more beat.


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“What are our orders?”

“All right these Ninjans along with DC and Gambler's forces are tough I’ll give them that but there is one thing that lack in quantities. They are not Lycans and they retain no honor in their deeds. If I had a choice I’d not want any of you to die. But this is war, death is part of the equation, therefore you should remain in a group and aid the other members on their way to DC. Remain near by each member and protect them. Our main goal is bringing down DC and Gambler and the other bad guy. The warriors are only distractions nevertheless bring them all down. You have your orders, I will join you shortly.”

“My Lady as Lord Greystoke’s final order he said to protect the Princess and that is what I will do.” 

“Well, belay that order.”

”With all due respect it was his last and I will follow it out to the end."

 “So be it.”

Raker, who had hidden himself on some the highest and well-covered branches of what appeared to be the Ninjan equivalent of a Great Red Oak Tree, watched as all but one of the twenty Lycan Soldiers whom their new leader had sent off to battle the Ninjan Forces up ahead and then turned his attention over to Scar. Scar, who had teleported to Ninjeta from Earth and joined up with Raker about half an hour after he had started making his way up North, stared back at Raker as he gestured over at Wolf Pack's new leader."That is her? She is The Last Remnant of The Greystroke Bloodline? Are you sure? She doesn't seem like the type who would turn on her own kind just like that. She's fiercely loyal, too loyal perhaps, to those she calls friends and allies."

Scar's face twisted into a look that seemed to be a mixture of both disapproval and annoyance as the words of doubt coming from Raker's mind entered hers."You have seen the Future just as I have, remember? This exact moment in time was amongst the visions we saw of the future before your "friend" Moriarty and his cohorts interrupted our meeting. The Lycan Princess you see below, Laura Greystroke, heads northward now towards The Child of Darkness's Domain. There she will forge an alliance with him and will set off a chain reaction of events that will not only turn the tide of war in favor of these world-conquering tyrants but will completely ruin everything we have been working so hard to achieve these past months. If you do not kill her before she reaches the stronghold of The Child of Darkness, then all of our preparations for making New Genesis a reality will have been for nothing."

"Alright but first...what say you my Lord?" Raker went silent for a moment, as did Scar, and then both of them turned their heads to the Heavens above as the voice of the one they serve echoed into being and began to speak the words he wanted them to hear.

The Master's voice boomed in the same strange paradoxical hushed, whisper-like tone it always did but this time around there was something a little different about it, it almost sounded like The Master was...salivating. It was something Raker and Scar had never heard before, he knew his Master was always hungry, but neither of them had never heard him salivate.

"Different? In what way?" Raker asked, looking to the sky in curiosity.

"I also would like to know the difference." Scar interjected. "This is the first time I have ever heard you mention these Greystrokes as tasting...different, my Lord."


"Yes..." Raker began to salivate heavily as he looked back down at The Princess of The Lycan Underworld. Like The Master he never salivated, never, for Raker it was a very unusual sensation but nevertheless for one reason or another it felt good. The feeling of being hungry for the first time in his entire existence felt good. "Yes...I would like that very much." Raker replied after wiping away the saliva on his mouth and regaining his composure.

"A-As would I..." Scar was literally, visibly trembling at the thought of getting the chance to dine with their Master, not to mention that it would be her first time getting a glance at The Master's true form. Her usually cold and heartless pure black eyes with small twinkly white lights acting as a replacement for her overshadowed pupils returned to a more normal form and regained the sky-blue color they once had been before her transformation into The Guardian of The Black. As she listened further to what her Master had to say her eyes started glistening like the eyes of a lovestruck teenage girl.


Raker perked up and then shook his head almost in disbelief when the word unconscious echoed throughout his mind. "Did you say...her unconscious body, my Lord?" It was a request that Raker was unaccustomed to and so it was not surprising that he was a bit confused by it.

"YES, MY HERALD. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER ARE YOU TO SIPHON HER LIFEFORCE AS YOU SO COMMONLY DO WITH THE OTHER TARGETS I HAVE SENT YOU AFTER IN THE PAST. YOU MUST BRING HER TO THE TEMPLE AND THEN BOTH OF YOU MUST JOURNEY WITH HER INTO MY REALM ONCE I HAVE OPENED THE GATEWAYS BETWEEN OUR TWO UNIVERSES." The Master went silent for a moment, as if he were stopping to take a breath yet there were no sounds of heavy breathing whatsoever echoing throughout Raker or Scar's minds, though...they could still hear him salivating. "IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

Raker and Scar bowed their heads and simultaneously replied with the words. "Yes Lord."

Then the presence both Raker and Scar usually felt all around them whenever The Master spoke to them was gone, it was now just them...and The Lycan Princess below, who was getting ready to make her way North. Raker stood up on the branch and grasped the hilt of The Harvester of Sorrow tightly. He then looked over at Scar who was now hovering above the tree branch high enough that she could talk with Raker face-to-face and garnered her attention. "Teleport me down there Scar, place me just a few feet in front of the girl so I can take her by surprise."

Scar cocked an eyebrow at Raker and placed her hands on her hips. "Are you sure that is a wise decision, Shadowstep? This girl is no ordinary Lycan, she wasn't even born as one to begin with. This girl was originally just the clone of a sentient genetically-engineered Mutant bio-weapon who, like her predecessor rejected her programming and went her own way. She possesses a wide array of unique abilities, and ever since the day she became the bite-spawn of William Greystroke those abilities have become much stronger. There is a high probability that she'll kill you the moment you appear before her."

"That is a risk I am always willing to take. Now...do as I asked."
Raker demanded as he began to unsheathe The Harvester of Sorrow, suddenly a black column of energy surrounded Raker's entire body and warped space all around him. It was only seconds later that another pillar appeared a few feet in front of Laura Greystroke a.k.a. Talon, The Princess of The Lycan Underworld. As it dissipated, Raker pointed the tip of The Harvester of Sorrow at Talon and then telepathically linked his mind up with hers in order to establish a means of communication between them.

"Not one step further, Laura Greystroke. I know what you are planning to do. I know that you are planning to betray all who fight to deliver this world from tyranny including your own teammates and your own people by joining forces with The Child of Darkness. I have seen what the Future holds and I shall not allow it to come to pass! Your life must be terminated immediately." Raker said rather bluntly as he began to swing The Harvester of Sorrow directly at her mid-section, hoping that if his hit landed he would easily be able to bring Talon to her knees with the aid of the Black Hellfire that almost always consumed those sliced by the enigmatic blade.

Raker would then follow up that attack by slamming the hilt of The Harvester of Sorrow into the back of her head hard enough to knock her unconscious, but as Scar had said earlier...there was a high probability that she might end up killing or at the very least severely injuring him before he had a chance to bring her down. What if she was right...? What if Raker had just signed his own death warrant? No, he could not afford to doubt himself at a moment like this, he had made his decision and he knew that in his heart it was the right one. This traitor had to be brought down...no matter what the cost.

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Present: Ninjeta

Werner had activated his force-field to repel the Ninjans from there onslaught but he knew that they weren’t going to peirce or even dent his armor but he had to make the best of the two hours he had of the armor’s protection. The communications rig on his armor started faulting and soon he lost contact with any Resistance members, let alone the enemy’s radio’s. Werner started pushing his suit to its limits and was able to duck and dodge the attacks of the Ninjan’s with ease, aiming for their neck and striking swiftly and almost transparent, his mind and creativity flawlessly mirror his old master and his skills were so proficient and deadly he could give Bruce Lee a run for his money. Werner was still assaulted by the Ninjan warrioress’ and had to be quick about it to lessen the time he spent battling in the armor, the more time it would take off his armor use. The Ninjans tried to slash the armor parts off but all the slashes did was just bounce off of the same metal. Werner had no time to waste so in an act to end this foolishness he activated the omnidirectional vaporizing blast that incinerated everything in a 20 foot radius. Ashes fluttered to the ground as Werner looked on in pleasure, it brought back memories of him torturing people and burning them with flamethrowers and watching them be cremated alive, but he ceased remembrance and pressed forward.

After dispatching the assailants of the worthless vile of the Vine Villains, Werner set his sights on reconnecting communications with any resistance members. Werner looked around and saw someone being impaled from behind by a Ninjan. Though the sword should have been able to put him down just like that, the strange beast looking warrior attacked back and beat the them with his seemingly lifeless arms and was at one dog-piled on top of only to brush them aside with such power it was like watching a grizzly bear fighting bobcats, it was just astonishing and he kept screaming "FOR THE LYCAN KING!!!!”. Werner was still, he did not move his towering armor at all, all he did was watch as this ‘berserker” beat his way through the assailants, though he fought valiant he seemed to fall due to massive blood loss, luckily it was after the Ninjans retreated from him.

Coming out of the
trance Werner was able to rush over to the fallen beast, he looked at his dead body and as he retracted the armor from his right hand, he felt the last heart beats of him, Werner’s hands were drenched in his blood, kneeling in a puddle of blood, seeing his battered face. Werner thought if he could heal him he would prove a very valuable asset, a being on the same threat level of his Ninjan-Buster armor, quickly Werner had his armor scan it to find out who it was and then his armor read “Identity confirmed, Name: unknown, Alias: Warsman, Species: Symaarian, Age: Unknown”.

Werner picked him up
and rushed him behind a boulder, away from attacking eyes, Werner evacuated his power suit, facing the cold blistering snow and winds and checked himself for the serum he created to bring the dead back to life but had to do it quick before he’s permanently dead. Werner needed nuclear energy to make it work though and tried searching for some until he realized that he would have to receive the nuclear energy from his power suit.

Werner had second thoughts about going through with this
but ultimately came to the conclusion he was going to run out of time either way so he opened the abdomen compartment of his suit and took the nuclear energy sticks out and a vial. Werner poured the serum into the vial and then a bit of nuclear energy afterwards. Werner took the spear out of Warsman’s back and covered all of his wounds with parts of his cloak to stop blood-loss and after that he poured the mixture in Warsman’s mouth. 

Werner looked at the body and waited for it to started moving but it did nothing, then next second someone said “you there!” Werner looked back and it was a Vine Villain branded Ninjan with about 12 others. “You are the one with the armor, join us and keep the armor or die and we take the armor, your choice.” Werner took out a pair adamantium blades from his pouches and replied “how about I stick these blades up where it hurts the most?”

Ninjan ladies laughed at him with annoying grins and wanted to cut their leaders throat so badly but he knew he wouldn’t survive if he attacked but then the ladies backed up in fear and Werner looked at them dumb-founded until he saw the fear in the ladies eyes and spun around to find Warsman alive and standing, Werner was awestruck that it worked, Werner turned around and told the ladies “so that offer? I was going to stick something in a place you wouldn’t like me to, well I’m sorry to say it won’t be my d###” as Werner quickly decapitated the leader as Warsman simultaneously lunged blindly at them and seemed to fight like a mindless beast.

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The massive bullet tore another Ninjan head from broad shoulders. The interior splattered on the other Ninjans who had just thrust their swords into Hunter and created strange patterns of red and grey on their white flawless skin. But they were too busy being ripped apart by the red whirlwind of death that G'Bandit had become. Limbs, heads and chunks of flesh flew around and fell to the ground llike heavy hail while rain of blood gushed forth from grossly mutilated stumps.

Just as the last Ninjan fell she focussed on Hunter with her scope. There he lay, a broken Achilles in his own blood, blades sticking out of his body in every possible direction. Bandit was already at his side. With the used moves of the experienced soldier he controlled the Greystoke legend's life sign while Risky covered him with her sniper rifle and blew everyone away who dared to come near her two team mates. Soon, after a few seconds, the Ninjans had not only learned to stay away but also Bandit's voice came over the commlink. The moment she heard his voice, so free of the roguish tone he always had and none of the usual jokes in it she knew it. But Bandit made it a certainty:

“Those wounds.. They are too severe to come back from..… Even for him.”

The pure shock hit her hard. For some reason the thought of it wouldn't stick to her mind. Over and over the news echoed in her head but it was like it was covered in grease so she couldn't get a hold of it. William Greystoke, The Hunter, team leader, team mate, dear friend... dead. Slowly the tears rose to her eyes. No, no time for that now. She had to take control of the Pack now or all of  them would get killed. Even though there was nothing more than to empty all her weapons screaminng and jump into viscious melee with the superior Ninjans to hack them apart piece by piece until she died she had a responsibility for her team. Allthough crushing their dense bones with pure hands looked like a seductive idea... No, not now. Not this monster too. Another mental whiplash forced WAR back into the deepest depths of her mind. She had to...

Something that could only be described as a bestial roar caused her to shift her attention once more. And what she beheld let her freeze in terror. A massive red beast, a real abomination plowed through the Ninjan ranks like they weren't more than fresh air. Claws like swords shredded the once beautiful women to bloody stripes and teeth like daggers crushed their perfect bodies between its mighty jaws. But for some reason Risky knew that one. it was familiar to her. There were somme similarities to...


And then the unthinkable happened. Warsman the unstoppable Red Czar fell. Penetrated by dozens of spears and swords, bleeding from countless wounds the indestructible engine of destruction actually fell. Quickly Risky cleared the opposition out with three thundering shots from her mighty cannon BAM BAM BAM but it was already too late. Another one of the pack lay dead. Terror began to grip her. One by one they were being slaughtered. Ad this would go on as long as they stayed here, as long as they were trapped here and reinforcments for the Ninjans came. They had to get out somehow or they would get slaughtered. And Risky was the one to take care that this would not happen. A plan already formed in her mind. Fearless, maybe even reckless but simply Risky.

Ready to set the plan in motion she turned around. Quickly she began to fasten her pace until she ran towards the Predator, the supposed regrouping point for the Wolf Pack while she opened the general comm channel:

"Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack, Risky here! Meet me at regrouping point P. Execute maneuver rhino. Maneuver Rhino! If we stay here we'll get slaughtered sooner or later. We have to... agh"

"You have to die, outworldish b1tch!"

With a strength to crush stone the Ninjan woman grabbed her out of running. The slender fingers of the blonde female rested firmly around her throat and pressed and pressed. It would have been absolutely no problem for her to break Lady Luck's spine or bend her neck like a straw but in her cold blue eyes Risky could see the pure joy of the punishment she inflicted upon her seemingly helpless victim. Whenever Risky tried to reach for one of her guns that action was surpressed by a tooth shaking slap to the cheek. The Ninjan's clear laughter filled her ears while dangerous blackness conquered bit after bit of her sight. Without result her feet hit the busty chest of the attacker again and again.

"What do you want to do, kick me to death, little girl? Without your weapons you are nothing!"

"I tell you what I'll do! I certainly won't be killed by an oversized Barbie!"

Her knee followed her taunt in a direct way and cut off any nasty reply that the Ninjan beauty might have in store. At first a malevolent grin in which she flashed perfect white teeth graced her face but that grin soon died as one of her blue eyes turned completly red from the blood that flowed in it just like a replacement for the life that escaped it. One last convulsion and the body dropped dead to the ground. Risky stood over the corpse, the adamantium blade in her knee still unsheathed which was red from the Ninjan's gore. In a last act of spite she spat on the corpse before taking the save route and teleporting to the Predator. To establish a safe base for plan rhino. She could only hope that it would work.

Plan rhino was as simple as it was efficient. It was some kind of contigency plan for exact the situation they were in now. Well, not excat the same situtation since it didn't foresee being caught in a death zone while being attacked by some evil super aliens but it was good enough. In such a case all the surviving members of the team would gather and form a defensive circle side by side to protect each other's back and make their way out of enemy territory dealing as much death in the process as possible to make an exit. Risky planned to get in the Ninjans's backs to  crush them between Wolf Pack and Veritas like betweeen hammer and anvil as the Ninjans were suddenly in the defensive and had to protect her back as well as their front. Good in the theory but how would they make a hole big enough for them to  exit without taking more casualties?

The answer came in the form of a big ball of fire rising into the night sky. It was alsmost like a new sun was born. And suddenly another and another and another till there were five explosions that tore big holes where she had stood only moments ago before she had teleported away. Misdirected artillery support of the Ninjans. As a positive side effect the dozen or so Ninjans that wanted to approach her position vanished in the raving fire as well. And left a nice exit hole. Now everything was a matter of reaction speed. Risky only had one thing to say.

"Man, I just love my powers!"
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She walked doing her best to not pay any heed to the Lycan worrier beside her. Her black locks blew in the icy breeze that passed against the bloody cheeks. With her had she brushed hard of he black locks away and behind her ear. She cringed slightly as she felt a bump on her forehead. Rubbing it a moment she left the wound to heal and attended the rest. So far she had a fractured rib along with a semi broken shoulder. Though she showed no pain. One of the things this girl could accomplish was show no pain. At that point her little gift was the only thing keeping from her falling apart on herself but she knew that she needed to be strong.

She looked outward toward the horizon an could not help but wallowed in her guilt. She had not even approached Hunters body. Maybe she did not want to accept it. Knowing if eh went up to his body and found no life singes then would put logic to her assumptions. But because she did not go she did not see for herself that he was dead. He still had not accepted his death and still did not want to. She had only became his daughter a few weeks ago and now he was….gone. Talon shook her head as she clenched her fists “he died because I was not there, he died protecting me….they all die..I am always the cause!” she thought to herself.

She felt as shattered as she was with XL’s death. Never the less she retained her grief much more than with his death. XL died saving her life she held him in her arms and that’s what made her so decimated. Her soul was shattered because there was no way he could come back. She had seen every thing. It remained her of all the movies she had….heard about. The hero always seemingly dies either falling off a cliff or drowning. But then when all hope seemed lost they would appear out of no where. Maybe that was why she had so much despair with XL’s death because she knew he would never come back…

Though in the back of her mind she knew Hunter was not coming back and that had pushed her much father than any body ever could. She had been among the Wolf Pack to long. It had made her to soft and evaded her from her real mission. Though out the time she had been with that team she had become more human which was not necessarily a good thing in this case. Her true purpose he had tried to avoid never the less how could she avoid it now. Hunter was the only person that kept her in the right. Sure she had other team mates like Akwa and Ronnin who she cared deeply for but would they accept her. Would they accept her faults, her past. With out Hunter there was no one to keep her in check. No one o stop her from committing what she always committed.

She came to a stop and looked behind her at the Lycan guard he stopped the moment she did and looked at her curiously. She paused and listened making eye contact with him he knew why she had stopped. This time she would not be caught off guard. “I think we shoul…” but before she could say any more the Lycan grabbed her wrist and pulled her leaping into the air just before a missile landed only a few feet off. Seemed that Talon was still not use to her Lycan abilities. She looked at the worrier and nodded her head “Thank you” “You Welcome Miss”. Talon sighed “Alright I need you name because I can’t keep calling you Lycan and I need you to call me Talon this whole Miss, Madame, Princess thing gets annoying. When it’s just you and me we’re on the same level…..actually you’d be higher than me”.

There was a still silence until he spoke “My name of Octabious My Lady…I mean Talon”, With a smirk on her face she peered upward she could not detect any enemies forces. Taking in the dense air  she stood to her feet and looked around. “Why are we here?” Octabious asked. She could hear his hint of curiosity and suspicion so she answered truthfully. “I wanted to be alone” glancing over at him she could see the slight astonishment f his face she elaborated. “I do not feel combatable with the Wolf Pack with out Hunter. Any way that was the only reason he kept me because he saw me as his daughter if he had not I would have been kicked off the team a long time ago because of my disobedience.”

And that was the truth. She did not actually see her worth to the Wolf Pack and what she could actually give to them.  What could she possibly offer them more trouble. Having a 16 year old girl on the team she could not see the benefits of it. She had caused her team exactly that with the Hidden Lotus’ capturing her and her being drugged imprisoned and so on. She did not want to cause them any more pain than good and how could she have possibly aided them. She tried to recall but could not. Being an assassin was not good enough having a skill was not good enough either. What was her purpose did she even have one?.

With that she got to her feet and sighed as she looked back at Octabious with despair in her eye She out starched her ghost white arm as she took in another breath of air/ “We will return just give me a moment…..alone”. “Bu…” Now!” she said in a more ferocious tone. Once the worrier had separated himself from her she fell to her knees in tears and agony. She could not longer keep her emotion with in her a secret. Though she thought best that her body guard would not witness this act of weakness. “Why William! Why me? Why now!” she whispered as her srustal tears slid down the sides of her cheeks. “Not only a moth and you die on me. Not even enough time for me to know you to be with you long enough to love you!” coming to a pause she shook her head as her midnight locks swung violently in the motion.

“I loved you and you died they all died every one dies!” she said this time her voice at a higher tone. “You leave me alone here to lead a people I hardly know in a culture rooted deep with in the past when I know nothing!” Taking a deep sigh she looked upward at the dark sky and could not help think of what would come out of all of this pain. She was no leader she knew that no Daughter. Hell she had failed Hunter by letting him die when she could have stopped him. Never the less the Lycans needed her and Underworld needed her and if she did not die in battle she would be…..“My queen we need to be off the forces are moving and time is short as you have pointed out”

She looked at Octabious in astonishment. “Queen!” she scoffed in confusion. “Hunter is no longer present with you being the last rightful heir you become the Queen.” Rolling her eyes she sighed “Greystoke is dead and still he tortured me with his rules and regulations!” With that she got fully to her feet pushed back what she wanted to say. But soon she picked up something odd. She came to a halt as a light of such appeared before her. Gripping her fist she looked over to the Lycan and growled.. “Do not interfere..” With that she turned her attention toward the being that appeared before her. Tall dark mysterious. She did not like him. He had an ore of darkness and death that did not evade him. And in that moment of seeing him a lick was formed obviously meaning he could not speak, yet only make telepathic link.

“Not one step further, Laura Greystoke. I know what you are planning to do. I know that you are planning to betray all who fight to deliver this world from tyranny including your own teammates and your own people by joining forces with The Child of Darkness. I have seen what the Future holds and I shall not allow it to come to pass! Your life must be terminated immediately." She stood in awe of the accusations made against her. Who ever this being was he had no idea who she was and how she worked. Betrayal was not what she did or how she worked. Yes it had occurred to her once or twice and most of the time the Wolf Pack were not present.

With out another message he unleashed a weapon that she could not presently identify. It appeared as some kind of ancient Katana like thing. Though he swung it at her with full force just as he did she crouched back and flipped her body barely coming in contact with the razor blade. She back flipped on her hands and landed back on her feet crouching. Both hands rested on either side of her. Her emerald eyes glinted at the man before her. She then felt a slight sting in her chest as liquid black flowed from it. She cringed under the pain and looked up at this shadow of a nightmare. Staggering to her feet she could feel a rush of negative emotion flow from her. Pain, hatred, despair, agony all in one. She was partly shocked at the eruption of these feelings and the sudden occurrence. She remained on her knees her eyes shifted toward the ground as her breathing was coerce.

Taking in a few deep breathes she forced her self to contain these violent emotions as she fully stood to her feet. Her hands clutching the wound tightly to avoid any more blood to pour out. Though it spewed out like scarlet ribbons from her chest. “You have commenced in a most fatal action…..shadow of the Night” she growled through tightened teeth. “These accusations you have charged me with are false….the future that you foresee is untrue….” She took in a few deep breath as she used her other hand to grip her energy blade. “There for I can not afford to die I have a team that requires my aid….never the less by this action you have proved to be my enemy and there for I must comply to the rightful choice by battling you”. Her eyes modified to a more feral like state as the color like with the snap of a finger to bright beastly yellow.

Her teeth bulged in size as a low growl resonated from her throat. She stopped herself from transforming any further out of fear in loosing herself. With the negative emotion flowing out and through her like poison she could not afford to go rough on her team and not now. Pausing a moment to regain her sanity she spoke in a more calm like tone she was beginning to regain control due to the wound being just minor. With that aside she spoke “I do not know what act I have committed for you to even assume that I would even commit an action so appalling. Forgive me for my previous slander though you weapon proved a most inevitable attempt to shatter my soul….if I have one.”
She shot him a quick smirk as her night locks laid against her face hiding her animal eyes. Though the slim glint of the moon light reflected of her orbs making them slightly visible. Her carnivorous teeth shone using what ever source of light to make then noticeable. And at that instant she could have sworn that she craved human flesh. Pushing these issues aside she flipped her weapon between her fingers. “Do not underestimate you enemy oh dark one you might find yourself outmanned.” With that she brushed her black locks aside and outstretched her hand though like Kurrent keeping a steady grip on her weapon just in case. “My name is Laura Greystoke Prin….Queen of the Lycan Underworld” she had to stop herself from vomiting for saying her true title out loud. “I have come here not to gain enemies but friends”.

With that she would have continued if it was not for an interruption in the communication device that had been activated. Soon the concerned and slightly agitated voice of her Cymbrogi Risky rang in her ears.  "Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack, Risky here! Meet me at regrouping point P. Execute maneuver rhino. Maneuver Rhino! If we stay here we'll get slaughtered sooner or later. We have to... agh" On hearing that anger bubbles with in her like and erupting volcano. “Regroup” she whispered to herself. Not having much time she threw the being an unexpected action. “Either we can be friend or enemies truthfully I do not care, my team requires my attention and whether you hate me or just dislike me if you fight against Gambler and Dark Child then we on this occasion are to fight at comrade even though I can tell we are far from it!”

Turning her heal she brushed her locks aside as she called for Octabious.  The Lycan worrier can swiftly running toward her. She could see his face and concern though she did not say a word to him. Looking over her shoulder she winked and said “You can either stop me from helping my teams mates or help me by fighting along the rebellion against the guy, Gambler and DC. Your choice…” she did not wait for him to reply only started sprinting off toward the location of the Predator. Though she could not help but be curious as to what her little haunting shadow would choose. Truthfully she did not care at this point. She had a team to meet with and possibly if he chose an alley to worry about…

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Looking out upon the Ninjan sky again, he rolled his eyes in frustration. The stars lit the cold sky like little birthday candles. Birthday candles led him to a sinister place in his mind. His childhood. There was nothing he hated more than children. How cruel they could be and mean every word they said. And yet his personal vows did not allow him to slauther them like the little sheep they were. Rubbing his eyes trying to get the feeling of childhood revenge out of his head, he was approached by a G Ninjan Guard. "Giapeto, Third Chair of the House of G, Lord Gambler has put out a message to all council chairs. When the time presents itself assassinate Darkchild, and his men, on contact." Giapeto replied to him and sent him on his way. Knowing that he and Evangeline would not be able to take out the Master of Darkness, he called upon another member of the House. "Drifter, meet me and Dark Evangeline immediatley."

With the message sent, he was now forced to wait for his team mate. He took a seat on the ground, it was cold and hard, frozen, he thought. He folded his black and red cloak under him as not to soil his pants, and he crossed his legs. The Master Puppetter began to meditate, and think about his current situation. Making a name for himself was not something he'd ever aspired to do, nor was being under a master for too long a goal of his. Somehow, he was going to have to at least rise in the ranks of his occupation in order to achieve his true goals. And that was to build an army, a family, of puppets completley replacing everything bioligical matter in his life. With the goal in mind, he got up from his position.

Calling down a passing VV guardswoman, he quickly formulated a plan. "Come here, I need you for something." It so amazed him how obeidient this race of people were. She followed his command and stood in front of him awaiting her orders. Before he left the House, he brought with him three scrolls. One held Sonia, his favorite puppet, another held the Scroll of 500, and another held the Wind Trinity, incoplete, but soon to be finished. He also took one of the fan blades that were detatchable from his puppet Sonia. Silently casting an unbreakable spell over the blade, he swiftly took it out, and showed it to the she Ninjan. "Thank you for providing me with what I needed." She looked very confused as to what he meant, and there was no way that she was going to understand. Death has a way of doing that.

Using the blade, Giapeto swung it parallel to her neck. Blood trickled, then gushed, and then poured from her jugular vein. Trying desperatley she grabbed at her neck, but it was indeed too late to save her own life. Quickly Giapeto uttered the spell that would transfer her soul into the last doll that needed it. Spiritu Transferria... Laying out the Wind Trinity scroll, he led the soul to the sacred paper and placed the soul onto it. This was it, the last doll was now powered, and now he would be able to summon the Wind Trinity whenever he felt the need.

  • The Wind Trinity- Three dolls that form a triangle. Once in the formation, they are able to create a wind vortex horizontally that is able to act as a vaccume, or vice versa. When objects are sucked into the Wind Trinity's mouth, they seemingly dissappear.

Finally it felt like it was years before Drifter showed up, bringing with him a throng of VV guardsmen. This was indeed an interesting event. He'd been ordered to kill any and all Darkchild forces, and he'd just finished his WT puppets. This was perfect. Lifting the scroll from the ground he spoke in a lost language, Wind Trinity: transportus locatus. The scroll fluttered a little, and the signs that were writen on them glowed, springing forward three dolls already in formation. "Drifter, I would ask that you move out of the way before they begin."

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He observed the movement of the ninjan convoy, and to make sure his position could not be seen even by their keen eyes.....His body moved back and out of their clear line of sight. it was sudden and their chants drowned out the slight whoosh of air that the flash step created. Each ruthless ninjan warrior had the mark of Gambler on their decoritive and clean cut armour and elegant clothing. They walked with such authoritve presence but also swift grace...Something that the king of kings had in abundance. Andras made sure write down every detail in his mind. The moves he would make needed careful planning......He could not jump into the center of a liege of warrior ninjans, warriors that resembled the anicient amazons in appearance. He counted a total of 10 captive, and a total of 14 that drove them to move.

The first thing the silver haired captain noticed was the appearance of those ninjans whose hands and feet were gripped by the cold shackles of war. There were no marks on their body, not a single bruise.......Or a cut to be seen. Even the clothing that draped itself over there skin was in near perfect conditioning save for the dirt and sand that covered it. It was in their deep and sorrowful eyes that he came to realize...just why these ninjans were being carted away like lambs to the slaughter. It was the look of defeat, a look of surrender......A look were all the hope in their hearts had gone. These ninjans had not been defeated in battle, or forced into these chains. They chose to be, they surrendered and gave up their lives. perhaps there was no hope.......NO he couldn't think that way, not after he ha talked himself to coming to such a place.

Turning his attentions back to the other ninjan's he thought on how he would take them out and save the others. Nothing came to mind. Where these ninjan's that bad? So terrible that they had to die? Was it in their hearts to cause such terrible deeds, and cause pain to so many...To bring the hammer of war down upon this planet? Did they kill and chain through their own thoughts or through the thoughts of tyrants? Did they ride into battle on false hopes and their own deep fears for the future ahead. He wondered if these ninjan's were truly worth killing or if they to were shackled in chains that were blind to the naked eye. Andras had made up his mind......And he was sure that his decision would be the right wrong, or at leat he hoped so.

Grasping the hilt of his zanpakuto in hand......He removed the icy blade from its sea blue sheath, as he did the sheath that had held the blade withered a way ito the frosty air. Silently under his breath he spoke the words "sōten ni zase Hyornimaru"The blade increased in length, and changed to a crescent shape. using its unique abilities, he began to make the cold mist that was being preduced thicker. Untill the ninjans and himself lost their vision almost completely. He had lost sight through his eyes but his ability to sense the spiritual energy of other beings was handy. Their chanting had stopped and was replaced by confused muttering. Andras could tell they had stopped moving and were confused.....Almost panicking. "Bakudo 61 Rikujokoro" The kido spell summoned six beams of light that travelled like the substance they were made from and wrapped around one of the ninjans bodies. As she struggled she soon found herself falling to the ground, unable to move as she struggled and screamed for freedom.

The others began to panick even more.....Instead of keeping a level head, which they needed they were blinded and began to lose position and lose their edge. they were powerful but with no mind and no sense to use that power, it was like dust in the wind. Lost. Quickly more and more kid splls hit them and knocked them to ground. Restricting movement but not killing them. he could nt bring himself to kill that which is not beyond saving. Changin his zanpakuto back to original form the mist cleared as he made his way towards the captives. The other ninjans looked up from their prisions of light and hurled abuse at the shinigami....In a language he had not heard before. Making his way to the prisoners he broke their chains. Smiling at them...he tried to bosst their spirits but had no words to express himself. Though words were not needed as they quickly moved away from were the battles were at. He knew that in their eyes a fight would not happen for these select few. Only hiding and retreat were the things going on in their mind.

Andras turned around and began to walk.....Not to the position of Veritas but to the position that he could sense these ninjan warriors were heading. "You filthy.....Trespasser. You fu**ing stupid eathling think you can win....Defeat us and our lords. This ninjeta that you come to save is beyond such a pathetic word, and soon your planet will fall under ouriron fists" Andras turned his head and kept his body fixed in position, as his azure eyes looked at the female. "Nothing is beyond saving......Even you, even when ruled by lies and deciet" He believed it. The female scoffed and spat at his feet. "Pahetic......Now kill us, as the spoils of war. Paint this land with our blood as you came here to do" Lokking at her with stern eyes "No" She seemed disgusted at him and her voice only raised in its volume. "WHY" Looking back with sadness and a hope that they could be saved.

"Because your not my enemy" 

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Sha’s forces marched straight towards the locations of the Vine villain castle; they marched however at a very slow pace. Behind the ranks Sha could hear the questioning of her changed demeanor going on but she didn’t want to entertain the thought. Through the sun’s rays her eyes made out Nate’s body, he was in a rush; she could tell by his hastened heart rate, the Ninjan general slipped past Zenthra, who she could tell he didn’t care for particularly. “Zenthra Stand down” the Ninjan chief exclaimed, she offered Nate her eyes and ears.

"I have just received an urgent message from Dark child. His fortress is under dire straits and has called for assistance. I wish to take a portion of the Legion to aid his war efforts as the Outsiders are falling hard upon his doorsteps. Allow me this chance to prove to you my worth"

Sha nodded and watched as a portion of her legion went with Nate, Zenthra’s eyes began to pulsate with anger. Sha watched As Nate, disappeared into the distance; Sha raised her hand once more, and went on the move again. DC’s Lair was right over the forest haven however, Sha didn’t seem like she was in too much of a hurry to fight. The sword of swords and death soon began surround sound, the valiant and cowardice of warriors clashed with one another. Sha was impressed with the coalition from earth, liberating a planet that was on the verge of economic failure and systematic slavery. As the rather large army walked through the forest Sha caught a familiar aura, she smiled because she knew exactly whom it was. Something cut through the air, and penetrated the Neck of Sha, The army scattered looking for the perpetrator, but to no avail. Zentra moved close on “Sha” to see if she was ok, however she appeared to be someone fine. Not even a bruise.  

“That was a perfect shot Marisol… but you see I don’t have a weak neck”, pulling the arrow from her neck she tossed it aside. She removed her golden helmet, for those whom were looking for Blonde hair, were horribly mistaken as Hayden emerged from the Helmet, looks of confusion erupted on the faces of her own soldiers.

Extending her hands, she was fitted with her armor, as her helmet came back down, she could see the disguised Archer. The gigantic light spheres opened on her hand, and in one shot, she had erased the Golden Goddess from existence.

Zenthra moved towards Hayden, “Milady if you’re here then where is Ziccarra?” She is back at the Capital awaiting my orders”

“fall back in line” Hayden placed her helmet on and once again changed her body to Sha, as the 44 legion of the Ninjan Sigma army made it over the hill and looked down upon the gruesome, yet colorful, sight of war. “The art of Ares” Hayden whispered. The Ninjan commander kept her troops perfectly in-line. Hayden raised her hands to the sky, and the sun christened them to save Ninjeta, by shining a might ray of light onto their armors.

Zapamti neka ne biti sebičan, ostavite tamo tijelima za vultures”

And with that they might roar of the 44 Ninjan army, could be heard in the distance, Hayden came down the hill first with her Mighty Ninjeta sword raised High. She ran into the resistance first, she swung around and jammed her sword into the shoulder of a rebel woman, and then kicked her to the ground.  She went to finish to woman off, but the woman was fast on her feet and swept Hayden to the ground.  The Ninjan landed back first on the ground tarnishing her white and Golden Sigma uniform in the mud. “Zenthra arrows now!” from afar arrows rang out and stopped the threat to the Ninjan.

“Time to end this medieval shit” As more members of the Ninjan Resistance converged on her, she quickly changed to her battle outfit, the red and gold uniform stuck out in the battlefield but penetrating it would be like cutting a steak with a plastic knife.  Holding her hands out; Hayden let loose a wave of pure energy knocking back the Resistance infantry.

“PUSH!!!! FORWARD!!!!” The command was set; Hayden had given the order to fight 5 miles towards DC’s keep. However right off the shore of the Country the Ninjan’s who were sent “Diving had made contact with land, Help was on the way.

Farwick Ninjeta, the capital

Ziccarra sat in the chair awaiting her orders from Hayden via, DC’s power ring. As she paced back and forth in Hayden’s armor a Panicked messager entered the room.

“Mrs Miles Gambler is on his way to the Capital!”

Removing her helmet, Sha gave a smile and flashed a smile “Well then see to it he is given a warm welcome, kay?”  The man looked shocked to see Sha, but he followed his orders and organized a greetings committee. Sha turned around and placed her helmet on looking out into the Farwick sky, she could hear the chatter from her pet in the cage below; she slowly opened the cage and heaved the tiny rodent over her head. “Awww Gambie, what’s got you so excited”

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Lair of the Femme Fatales

Greystoke's eyes suddenly shot open and he quickly sat up.  "What the...." he said to himself as he looked around.  For a moment, William pondered whether it was all a dream.  Yet, as he reached down and ran his hand over his chest, he noticed a small scar that seemed to be fading away as the regeneration continued.  Without a doubt, that scar came from the cruel Ninjan blade that impaled him.  "I must have regenerated...." Greystoke thought to himself.  Nevertheless, something felt very different.  Immediately, he noticed that his attire had been changed.  He was wearing a pair of pants, no shirt, and no shoes.

Furthermore, a strange collar was fastened around his neck.  As he felt this inside of it with his fingers, he could feel the metallic spikes which lined it and were pressed against his neck.  Therefore, transformation was out of the question.  He instantly knew that it had to be made of silver.  With his strength, the Greystoke Legend could easily bend silver and snap the collar off his neck.  Yet, as he attempted to pull it apart, he discovered that he could not.  Surely, his strength had not faded.  If anything, he felt much stronger.  In truth, it appeared as if some strange spell had been put upon the device.

William then swung his legs over the side of the bed.  His long, dark hair covered his face as he took in a deep breath.  Running his fingers through his long hair and brushing it out of his eyes, the Hunter stood up and looked at his surroundings.  The furnishings in the room were somewhat refined, yet not overly lavish.  Next to his bed were his boots.  After William put them on, he sniffed the air for any traces of his affects or of anyone else present.  At last, his senses brought him to a chest within the room.  As the Hunter opened it up, he found all of his old clothing.  Yet, all of his weapons were gone.

Without taking any of his property at the moment, the Lupine Lord made his way towards the door.  Sniffing the air for anything out of the ordinary, he hesitantly reached out to open the door.  However, as his hand came near to the door handle, the door suddenly opened.  Like a cautious animal, William carefully stepped out of his room and into a hallway.  When he stepped into the hallway, he noticed that each of the doors were barred and blocked off by some form of dark magic.  As he turned to walk one way, random objects were magically placed in his way to block off his route.  It was almost as if his path was being forced to go a certain direction.

While his mysterious hosts/captors had taken his weapons, there were six which they had forgotten entirely.  Without making a sound, William slowly extended the three adamantium claws from each of his hands, then made his way down the hall.  At the end of the hallway, the Hunter found a dining area.  In it was a table that had two places set, and in one of the places was a plate of meat - freshly prepared.  Yet, that was not what caught William's eye.

Standing at the end of the table was a slender woman wearing a black-colored kimono.  Something about her seemed strangely familiar to William.  Slowly, he retracted his claws back into his forearms, then said in a low voice, "I know you..... Your scent.... It's familiar to me...."  Thus, began the very first encounter between the King of the Lycan Underworld, William Greystoke.... and the Queen of Darkness, Lady Tlieso.....

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Soldiers continued to bombard Goki and his mistress Mademoiselle, he only countered with a blast here an their as they picked their heads up from their cover. And soon after he sent a message to Gambler he recieved his reply "Listen closely Goki for what I am about to say is of great importance. I want you to take several Council Members to the North and help DC hold off the advancing forces. But dhere is one more thing....when dee opportunity presents itself, I want you to assassinate Darkchild and any members of the VV that you feel would be loyal to his cause.Do not fail me Goki, I do not suffer fools."

Goki nodded his head as if Gambler was around to see accepting his orders, and turning to Madem he smiled "I will be off love, wont be too long have a few things to take care of via Gamblers orders." Turning his attention to the surrounding resistance one got close enough to slam Goki in the face with a large mace scratching him down the face. Erupting in a fit of anger "You touched my face you fool, Now you die!!" Raising his hand up to blast him Madem interrupts his plan bringing his face to hers, kissing him her tonge rolls around in his mouth. and she smiles taking her head away from his and raises her arm. Absorbing his powers she sends a blast of electricity from her petite hand and it slams into the soldier and sends him flying, with a smile he turns his attention to the group of Ninjans huddled behind a wall. His eyes swell with darknessa and he releases it in a concussive force aiming above them at a building above. The blast slams into the building toppling it onto them. Turning back to Madem he smiles "I take that as if your not letting me leave without you?"

With a smug grin "What makes you think I was going to stand behind anyway, this place is boring. Seems staying with you will bring me more entertainment." With a shrug he grabs her by the hand "Well then to the battlefield, but once we get their dont stray too far away. I plan on meeting up with that contancurous old fool Darkchild, might need a little help...doubtful but might." And with that the two fade into the shadows.

The Battlefield Outskirts of Darkchilds domain.

Cannons blast into the ground all around them, immediatly they are charged by Lycans and Ninjans. Goki charges his fists with electricty and fire and starts swinging, as he attacks the nearby Ninjans he turns around and finds Madem changing "What the hell are you doing?!!" He grabs a Ninjan and slams it head first into another crushing their skulls together. She turns to him "These cloths were getting a little stuffy." Taking her cloths off she only stood their in her lingerie. He smiles for a moment taken back by her beauty and a Lycan tackles him "The king will be revenged, I will present your heart at his tomb!!" Goki irritated kicks hard sending the beast flying. Thinking to himself "Gotta get the "princess" outta hear, no one told me the Lycans were here. Dammit just glad its one of the weaker ones." His arm glows with energy as the Lycan charges him, spinning around as it leaps towards him he comes around slamming his fist into its chest. As soon as his fist connects an eruption of fire bursts from his fist burning the flesh from the beasts body and his fist is sent straight through his body. Flicking the blood from his arm he turns to her "Just going to stand their like the damsel in distress?" she doesnt reply.

Grunting he looks into the horizon and not far from his point is Darkchilds base "Gotta make this quick, and make it look good. Want to finish this quickly cause dear lord I want to shag her." He realizes he spoke out loud rather to himself and turning to Madem he asks "You heard that didnt you?" Then contines to fight leaping into a group of Ninjans before she has a time to reply or his luck hit him.
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"He's coming to..." Two skin tight gloves, stained with blood, were taken off and thrown into a garbage can. The soft voice of a female Ninjan nurse entered his ears. Squinting his eyes, blinking once, then slowly opening them, he found that he was in a well lit room, filled with high tech medical machines. Attempting to move, he quickly found that he was restrained to the table. Slow, broken words came from his lips, "Where...am I?" An emotionless face stared deep into his eyes. "You, human, are in Darkchild's base, in the medical room." Cly blinked, and laid still for a few moments. "Does he know that I am here?" Lowering paperwork that she had in front of her, the Ninjan said, "Hmmm...I do not believe so." All of a sudden, he noticed that his body felt strange. "What happened to me?" The nurse replied, "You fought against the Captain. She thrust her arm through your chest, to rip out your heart..." She paused. "Speaking of which..." The rider tilted his head forward. His entire chest was opened up.

His beating heart, lungs, intestines, liver, and stomach, all exposed to the warm air floating around the room. In a surprised, angry voice, he said, "What are you doing to me? My wound was not my entire chest!" She winked. "The Captain told me about how you said your heart was misplaced, so we x rayed you just to see what was going on in your body." She shuffled some papers on the desk, and brought up a see through x ray. In her other hand, she had what a normal human's internal organs were suppose to look like. Cly's mouth dropped open. Not only were some of his organs located somewhat off of normal place, a few of them were in completely different positions, such as both of his kidneys being near his heart. "What is this?" She shook her head. "It didn't make any sense to me at first, but when I removed all of your organs..."

He yelled, "MY ORGANS!?" She brought her finger to her lips. "Shhhh...someone will hear you." He lowered his voice. "So what is it you have done!?" She took a drink of out of a glass that she had grabbed. Setting it down, she continued. "Your organs, well...how do I explain it? They...have been through many battles, yes?" He nodded his head. "That was what I had thought. Anyways, it looks like you healed them in the wrong positions, although...why would your kidneys be up above your lungs, by your heart...?" She stopped as the door to the room slung open.

Dressed in a completely different outfit, Cly watched as the Captain neared the table he was strapped to. "Hello noble warrior." She eyed his exposed chest. "Why isn't he healed?" The nurse twittled her thumbs. "Our healing methods, they were...rejected from this human's body." The Captain removed a small knife from her belt, and slit the straps holding Cly to the table. Attempting to get up, she grabbed him by the neck and brought him back down to the table. "Easy there! Don't get up yet. Have you forgotten? Your organs are barely in place." His lungs expanded and contracted as words came to his mouth. "So, why let me loose?" The Captain rolled her eyes. "So you can heal yourself, duh! The magical healing power that you used on my neck." Cly raised both his arms, and brought them over his chest. "You are mistaken. It isn't magic, but a special power that I gained from being a test subject for years, for a mad scientist." His hands began to glow bright white. He closed his eyes.

Blood vessels expanded and linked together, muscle tissue multipled, and bone fractures began to repair themselves. After a minute, skin stretches out over all of the set into place organs, the hole of exposed flesh shrinking smaller and smaller. Another minute passed, and a hole the size of a dime remained. In seconds, the hole was gone, and one could not tell that there had ever been a wound there in the first place. Both the Captain and the nurse stared in awe. "Wow...that is amazing."

Extending his legs, and sweeping them over the side of the table, Cly put weight on his feet, trying to stand upright. The nurse warned, "The drugs I gave you should keep you out of it for at least..." He stood upright, without any difficulty. Energy flowed through his body that he hadn't felt in a long time. His internal organs were in their proper places, functioning in the most efficient way. Twisting a finger in his ear as though to wipe out the cobwebs, he said in a cool voice, "What were you saying?" She looked down. "Nevermind." He looked around the room. Eyeing Valor, his legendary double edged sword, he walked over to it, and was about to grab it when he heard the Captain speak.

"We let you live on one condition human, to help us in this war. And, maybe for other reasons..." His face turned red. "Thanks and all, but my friends are counting on me to..." He felt her grab his right sleeve and bring it up. There, carved into this shoulder, was the double "V." He leapt back in surprise. "Whoa!? You branded me?" The Captain gave a smile. "That's right. From here on out, you work for us, or die." He grabbed Valor, unsheathed it, and grabbed it by the blade, near the tip. "Okay, but first, let me do something first." He dug into his skin with the tip of his sword, cutting a pattern in it. Ten seconds later, he wiped the blood from his blade, and sheathed it. There, on his shoulder, was the double "V," with an "A" and a "L" following it. "Two V's look an awful lot like a "W," if you know what I mean." They stared at him. The marking on his shoulder now appeared to be the initials for his team, We Are Legend. The Captain drew her dagger. In an intense voice, she said, "Again, we face each other, but this time, you won't live to see the light of the next day." She charged at him.
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The echoes of gun fire, screams of agonizing pain, clanking and scraping of metal fused into one big sound and played a drum roll on his eardrums. It was a true an all out war that showed casualties on both sides with each passing second. He had not smelt this much blood in and death in the air since the last great ninja war were he was 6. Word of the honorable Lycan King William Greystoke falling spread like wild fire and reached his ears only moment before he watched a concentrated attack drop the Red Juggernaut Warsman. To Vann they seemed to die for a purpose though he didn’t know what it was, he was still confused why he was on Ninjeta to be honest. Was it to liberate the ninjans from the combined force of Darkchild, Gambler and Hayden or was it a case of nipping a situation in the bud so to speak preventing an invasion of earth from the fearsome alien threat.

What ever it was the shinobi like everyone one else found themselves right in the middle of things once again. Though his thoughts were cut short and the realization of him still being in a battle was made clear by not only the very earth beneath his feet quaked as rounds of a high powered cannon rained shells of destruction around. But also he notice his shadow was spreading out farther as if something was coming from over head. On instinct he turned around and raised his sword over his head placing his free hand on the blunt side of his blade adding stability. The ting of metal meeting metal was muted out by the explosions that was surrounding the battle field. Bought down to a kneeling position, noticed the different detail in the armor of this ninjan that his attacker was a higher ranking soldier.

Gritting his teeth, the shinobi locked eyes with the women as he used every ounce of strength he had to rise form the one knee he was dropped too. "Those I eyes, I know of you. You’re that earthling ninja that defeated Sha. Though it is a feat for someone such as you to defeat a ninjan warrior, I am still unimpressed." She said as she raised her clever like sword and went to bring it down again. The sword came back down with a speed and that wouldn’t have surprised him if the edge had cut the very atoms that of the atmosphere. Knowing the power that ninjan race naturally possessed the best thing in his mind to do was dodge. Darting to his right he narrowly escaped the slash as he slid a few feet in a three point stance before returning to a vertical base. "Unimpressed? What’s up with you ninjans and that smug attitude? But if you wont impressive once this is all said and I’ll pin a list of all the ninjans that fall by my hands to your tombstone and you’ll be the next name I add." He said as he charged her. Gripping the handle of his blade firmly with both hand, Vann brought it down diagonally aim for the tendon where the neck connected to the shoulder.

"You’re head will look nicely mounted on the wall in Lady Hayden’s chambers." She yelled his face, spackles of saliva sprayed on the ninja’s face as he ignored her words. But what he couldn’t ignore was the sudden pain he felt in his abdomen as he was lifted from the ground by an unsuspecting knee that had the force of a charging rhino. His eyes widened as the air escaped from his lung as if it was fleeing from a jail. Dropping to all fours the unkillable shinobi tried as a hard as he could to inflate his lungs. As Vann gasped for air, he could only lifted his head high enough to see a pair of boots approach him. "About that list your were talking about…" he heard the ninjan say in a sadistic tone, seeming to get pleasure from the thought of killing him as she stalkingly walked over to him. "Like every other earthling especial the males, you are all talk." The words just rolled off her tongue as lifted he sword above her head with the point of it aiming downward at the back of Vann’s neck. "NOW IT’S TIME TO DI-" She was cut off by a large green scaled dragon that was swung like a baseball bat in the hands of Barry Bonds. As the ninjan was swatted away he heard a familiar voice in his head say

"Are you ok NeVann?" The shinobi didn’t answer at first still trying to draw oxygen back into his lungs as he slowly made it back up to his feet. "Ugh! Yeah I’m alright… Es did I ever tell that you’re the cool dragon I know." He said as he petted her tail. "No… Wait you know other dragons?" she replied back as she looked at him. "Okay you got I don’t… but anyways you me and Cly are the once from the team that’s still here Nova took Izzac and Conny with her to the capital. So I think it’s best that three of us stick close to one another. Speaking of which where is Cly?" The dragon’s head turned from the from the ninja before she said. "He was captured by the enemy… But before he was he had a request that no one go after him." A look of confusion came over his face, and right when as he went to speak an explosion went off next to the two. "It’snot safe to talk he hope on and we can get a dragon’s eye view on the battlefield." Heeding her word Vann leaped on the harness on Esmeralda’s back as the dragon took the sky.

Getting a wide view of the war zone, he could see that the ninjans forced were being held back but the cannons were tipping the battle in a unfavoring way. "We need to take out those cannons…" He said while pointing over to Darkchild’s castle. "And how do you propose we do that? I can’t get in close enough with out us being down." She told him as she circled around once more before flying towards the castle. "Oh I have an idea… Remember that thing that the future count part of you and Cly did." Esmeralda’s head came back and looked at the shinobi. "You know you’re as reckless and insane as Cly… I like that. Okay one Jackhammer coming up hold on tightly." He heard her say in his mind as she reared back climbing to higher altitudes before going into a loop. Letting go of the harness Vann free fell for a moment before gabbing the dragon’s tail as she came out the loop in to a nose dive aimed right for the cannon. Then whipping her tail forward, Vann was propelled towards the cannon at high speeds. "Man this is nuts!" He yelled out in excitement being pulled by gravity to the earth before he felt all four of her legs on his back. Then collapsing her wings the two gained even more speed before Esmeralda with all her might hurled the shinobi like a bullet. "Good luck NeVann." He heard her voice say in his head as the force sent the dragon into a roll before she spread out her wings and flew off to assist others.

Getting up to almost sonic speed the liquid in Vann’s eyes completely dried out as he his skin and muscles felt as if they were going to rip right from the bone as he came down like a comet. Struggling he slow extended out his left hand aimed right for the barrel of the cannon. Soon a bright blue swirl began to manifest in front of his hand. A raw ball of chakra with a the power of normal power of a category 5 typhoon began to take shape. Reaching ever so closer to the castle a light green trail coming from the orb as a he channeled wind nature chakra into the orb. "Fuuton Rasengan: ("wind element: Spiraling Sphere") " He yelled as he crash landed into the separated portion of the castle that housed the power cannon. A large cloud of dust and smoke blanked over the section of the castle. As the smoke cleared in portion, Vann stood with his arms folded. A look of excitement for his daredevil feat could easily been seen in his eyes. "Sorry to just walk in like this but you shouldn’t leave the key to castle under the welcome mat. Now if you don’t mind let Darkchild know that NeVann Uchiha would like an audience with him!" He yield to the guards in the upper part of the tower as the excitement in his eyes changed to a lust for blood.

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Reality came back as it had left her. Bizarr, with a flesh of insight and... pain.

"Mother, I think she is awake!"

It took one or two eternities of torture to open her eyes. Wild images of feverish dreams still swirled before her eyes and mocked her for her own stupidness. The fire that had flooded her veins was long gone and substituted with several dull pains all over her white skinned perfect slender body. Her vision was still blurry, she could not see anything but a haze and dark wraiths hovering around her. What had happened? Where was she? She had to get up, get out of her. Her feverish mind was not capable of logic thought now, all that counted was survival, get away, find some place to rest, find the others and...


Fire exploded in her ribs as she tried to lift herself. Probably they were broken, shattered even. After all it was a mircale how she was alive. Even the otherwise very eloquent Despair could find no expression for the luck on the one side and the pain on the other. The pain threatened to rip her apart and a gentle hand pushed her softly back. Despair herself was too weak to resist and allowed it to happen. Breathing heavily she sank back into the white linen and tried to focus on the persons before her for another time. Slowly the picture before her sharpened, gained consistency until it finally made sense. Before her stood two silver haired women of similar build and looks. Like all Ninjetans they were athletic and very beautiful, for a moment Despair thought them to be sisters but a more precise observation revealed them to be mother and sister. The younger one was still not fully grown, in the state of youth but not full adulthood, short of blossoming into womanhood with the busty body and long legs of the Ninjans while the other was a pure woman but with a few signs of aging that even the long lasting Ninjans show like wrinkles in the edges of her mouth and at the side of the eyes, certain marks on the hands that begin to show when you work hard. The silver was indeed theiir natural hair color, not a sign of aging as Ninjans display a wider veriety of hair colours than earthlings and their grey eyes rested on Despair and oberved her as much as she observed them. As the mother spoke she did so with a soft voice like satin, not with the high ringing that most Ninjans did:

"Rest, stranger. You have been severly injured, you need time to heal. You are safe here. We don't care about the petty war that rages outside. All we want to do is live our simple life as farmers and if Hayden Miles is our queen or any other doesn't bother us. But we won't let anybody die if we can help her. That was nver our way and will never be!"

Gritting teeth Despair got into a sitting position for the price of another pain surge answered:

"Be assured I am most thankful for the kind service you have done to me, kind Ninjan farmers, but I can neither allow you to be brought into great danger for the sheltering that you give me nor let the dreadful war to ravage your beautiful planet even more. I am dearly afraid I have to leave you generous courtesy behind and make my way back to the battlefield to find my team comrades. So... Argh!"

Even more pale than before she fell back into the cussion and gasped for air. Within a moment's notice the small family was at her side and comforted her. With a bitter smile on her crimson lips she admitted her own weakness.

"Maybe I have to stress your patience a bit more with my presence until I brought up the necessary focus to practice my light arts and heal my own injury. For as long as this may take I consider myself the luckiest and at the same time happiest human to share this time with you."

The daughter was the one to turn to her other to answer and to smile. "She talks funny mother, but I like her."

Several hours later:

After she had managed to bring up the necessary focus to apply some of her special magic to the gravest wounds she had received the mother who went by the name of Aranna and her daughter named Sannana has taken her for a walk in the fresh morning air. The cold air invigorated Despair and brought some vitality to her still strained body while the sounds of the exotic Ninjan birds filled her heart with joy over the beauty of creation. On the horizon the big red ball of fire that was Ninjeta's sun slowly rose painting everything in dramatic colours. The village was alread alive, lots of Ninjan women swarming around and doiing their everyday work. Despair had no words how much she enjoyed this. Nowhere negative emotions were to be found, she was finally free of the hatred and rage that had invaded her head since she had landed on this strange planet and all she felt was the pure content of people happy with their simple life. Aranna had appointed herself as some kind of toruist guide around the village, showed her the golden fields and the simple but lovely shrine and drew almost as much joy from it as Despair herself. Little could she know that Despair was happy like never in her life, taking deep draughts of the sweet wine that the Ninjans' content was.

This could have gone forever if Despair had not suddenly felt a big wave of discomfort coming from Aranna.

"What is the cause for your sudden unrest, dearest Aranna?"

"Do you see the sand cloud in the distance?"

Despair had to concentrate a lot and had nearly never seeen it if Aranna had not pointed in the direction because she did not possess the keen eyesight of the Ninjan people. Truly, there at the horizon there was a sand cloud telling of something great approaching their position. And with it there cae a great wave of rage, hatred and arrogance. The men of the king of kings for sure. Despairs mouth suddenly went dry. Her voice failed her. To confrim that she had seen it she only nodded. Aranna turnned towards her, gripping her firmly at the shoulders which sent new waves of pain through Despair's tender frame. The concern that suddenly arose in Aranna began to infect her as well.

"Despair... I want you to hide in the woods and not come ouut until they are away. We will take care of that without fighting. Do you understand me?"

Somehwat stunnned by the sudden rush of feelings of fear and concern the Angela Atra didn't trust her own voice and simply nodded again before mmaking her way over to the woods. One last look back let her saphire eyes lock with the silver of Sannana's gaze while Aranna stared in the distance towards the things to come. One didn't need to be an empatch to know she was deeply troubled. Sharing her feelings Despair entered the dark coolness of  the woods.

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It was a dream...

He never died...he never actually lived...

It was all a dream...

The killings, the war, the Ninjans, Ninjeta...nothing like this planet could actually exist...


What was that...?


Something in his chest. He heard it. Could other people hear it?

"I feel..."



The black hand of desire had picked his fresh corpse from the destiny of an unmarked grave for old war heroes. It had dropped him back onto the battlefield, allying with its avatar. The humanoid who had ressurrected him could not be any form of human or beast, for he possessed the powers of God. Was he the guardian angel for the Czar? Or just a dead deity looking for a cheap laugh by leeching off the hopes of those he helps from the afterlife? In either case, he was indeed no power above what Warsman could disrespect. So, he secrety despised him.

"Kill them!"

His voice was inside of his mind, pricking at his throbbing nerves.

"Please help me!"

Warsman heard the creature in his brain. He was everywhere! He wanted to test his omnipotence with his newest experiment.



The voice of the revived berserker, crusty and harsh, echoed in the ears of whoever heard it with a raspy and almost ghostly reminiscence. His body was fresh, the meat still sticking to the bone like they had done in life. His skin was only slightly paler than before, but still his blood was simmering. His heart beat methodically, each point of rhythm set apart by a minute or more. But still he walked, spoke, and leapt to kill.

"The Lycan King is dead...long live the Lycan King..."

The women who impeded his new god's power were quick to defend and to attack. A rib cracked under his skin, but he moved forward. His leg snapped off at the kneecap, but still he moved forward. A Ninjan lady fell to the ground, broken and red. A lurch forward and he twisted to slash open a second's throat; but she had blocked his talons with her armored forearm. In place of flesh, the metal of her defense was utterly torn and made useless. His malnurished flesh felt no pain. It did not matter how much black, spoiled blood splashed against the soil. All that mattered was that he could move. He began to laugh as he pondered the humor in what he had discovered. Sifting through the flesh of a Ninjan woman's back with his fingers, feeling around for her spine, he was too caught up with his mental puzzle to notice the footsteps of a second Ninjan woman. The tip of a spear suddenly emerged from his lower torso and he remembered that he was not in a laboratory, exploring the limits of organisms and what makes them tick. He remembered that he was in a war that could not possibly end with one side losing and the other winning. To this extent, it would go on forever until evil is made entirely extinct from this world. That is why it would never end. True evil never dies.


He grabbed the blade and pulled, taking he shaft into his hand and into the other, pulling it out of his body. He stood, a Ninjan slowly dying underneath his feet and a spear coated with his rotten blood in his fingers. Steam slowly rose from the liquid, like it was oil instead of bodily fluid. He looked at the Ninjan who had attacked him using the spear. She was beautiful, like all of them. Her obscenely perfect body was covered with armored plates and a mother's intuition was in her eyes; she had children back home. Warsman smiled as he threw the lance to the ground. He raised a hand, his forefinger extended and dripping with crimson liquid. He twitched the muscles necessary to bring it into a curled motion toward his body.


If the Ninjan elite were hiding behind such monstrous power, then they were indeed cowards. Warsman finally understood what the puzzle piecing itself together in his mind meant as a blade, powered by his newest opponent, crashed against his shoulder:

He was the only sane one in this war.

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"F@#king Wolf Pack is breaking ranks" said Kurrent as he noticed Risky giving out orders to her teammates. She was a smart tactician and a great fighter. Something that she sees had to give the idea to rush in the way they were doing now. It was not the way Kurrent would have handled it because it was too reckless but he could do nothing about that now only go with it and hope that it works.

Quickly he put his watch towards his face and said "Spider get inside the Phoenix and get it airborne with the wounded and medics inside, use the guns in the ship and take out the VV castle but stay behind our formation down here, if we need to fall back come down low and get us the hell outta here" Losing Spider on the battlefield was going to hurt but he was the best shot in the Phoenix and that castle needed to be taken out and if DC was in there he needed to be loured out. Then after giving Spider the plan he spoke again into the watch "The rest of us follow the Wolf Pack in there charge and be mindful of your surroundings, when the castle falls surround it and kill hostile that survived the explosion"

He began to make his way towards the Wolf Pack Rhino formation when he stopped to hear....."So this is Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Look at me as I tremble in Fear, You wish to stop this war, to end the suffering of these innocents. Then bring to me your Greatest Warrior. It be the fearless leader of Veritas, Kurrent. The valiant Feral Nova. Come to me Hero! Show me that you mortals are more than simple cattle being lead to slaughter. Come to me and KNEEL Before Nate!"

Who is this clown  Kurrent thought as he looked upon the man. He could feel the electric impulses in his body about to exploded. The man was a ticking time bomb ready to explode and as long as he was around he was dangerous. In that moment Kurrent made a decision and his attention went to him, to Nate. "Hey you.......Nate" he yelled as he twirled the sword in his right hand around as if he had the tri force flowing through his body. The man in front of him exuded power yet Kurrent did not fear him. With a smile on his face he said in a provoking manner "I'll make you famous"

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The atmosphere was cold and the winds were blistering and Werner’s feet had no feeling sensation in them, like his feet’s blood had stopped running and is cold stiff. The man, who was a few seconds ago dead, was standing just behind him, looking more pale than before but he still had that killers instinct look in his face, blood all over his face and his eyes and skin seemed matched the crimson fires of hell itself and at that moment he knew that the red, rage-induced warmonger has been reborn anew, but for the better? Werner was about to find out as both lunged at the Ninjans, Werner had gone the more tactical way and used his astounding reflexes to deliver quick stabs to the necks of two Ninjans while the crimson monster attacked wildly, his punches had no technique, pure instinct that seemed to pay off and he kept mumbling in a dry and crispy baritone voice "It...tickles…" whenever someone impaled him, he laughed it off and continued his slaughter and kept attacking without hesitation. He was visceral, blood-thirsty, merciless, mindless, he slashed necks open with blood gourging out like a stream of water and his body seemed to pop at his knee caps but he still pressed foward. Before Werner could realize it he barely killed two Ninjans as they were so frightened of the avatar of death in front of them, he finished them. This new Warsman IS rage incarnate. 

After Warsman finished his massacre of the Ninjans, he turned to Werner, they both stood still, catching eyes with each other, facing off, Werner was ready to fight just incase he turned on him but the look in Warsman’s face told a different story. Werner finally had the incentive to break the silence and ask...“You are the Warsman, correct?”...Warsman stood there in silence and murmured “…yes…” Werner proceeded in caution to ask...“you have a team, its called Wolf Pack, yes?”... Warsman nods as Werner replies...“Being your savior I would ask a favor of gratitude by asking you if you can re-establish communications and take me to them so I can join your expedition, can you?”...Warsman looked at him without blinking and replied by nodding.

looked at him and remembering to introduce himself, he spoke: "I'm sorry, just in case you don't know my name is Werner Von Doom, also known as Dreadmaster, i'm from Eath but still an alien but not Ninjan, i'm here to help but i can't do that when i have no map so i need you to take me to your team with haste so i can put my knowledge to use."

Just then, atop the Vine Villains castle, Werner and Warsman heard a voice and looked up to see a skinny man on top giving out words of inspiration the VV Ninjans...."So this is Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Look at me as I tremble in Fear, You wish to stop this war, to end the suffering of these innocents. Then bring to me your Greatest Warrior. It be the fearless leader of Veritas, Kurrent. The valiant Feral Nova. Come to me Hero! Show me that you mortals are more than simple cattle being lead to slaughter. Come to me and KNEEL Before Nate!"

Werner looked at Warsman and and told him... "We need to get to them fast"... Just as cannons were being fired around the battle field they raced off to re-group.
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"Revan! Lead our Legion towards the Gates of Hell. Help Darkchild in any way that you can, but we suffer no casualties ourselves. You have 30 of my greatest warriors, all hand trained and possessing the strongest of Ninjeta powers and weapons. Squash this rebellion." The force user eyed the maniacal Nate in an auspicious manner. But as he flew off in a fit of rage Revan's attention shifted to the warriors who stood at attention. Armed females ready to fulfill there duty to the fullest whatever it maybe. But one thing bothered him, something that he would correct here and now. "Understand that by following my command your loyalties no longer lie with your other superiors. I will not have complication and confusion when orders are given. You will follow my orders without hesitation, to the best of your ability or you will die."

The warriors let no sound escape their lips but a stiff nod proved they understood exactly what he meant. The force once again proved a powerful tool in the ways of persuasion as Revan had just gained himself a personal brigade. "I need the best among you to step up beside me. She shall be the only one to enter battle. The others shall wait where they can be invisible for my order." A tall woman with blonde streaks in her brunette shoulder length hair stepped forward. Her face was pale and bland, not dolled up like many of the women in the Unknown regions. Her body was laced in lightweight armor and a curved sword hung from her waist.  The others took off into the sky as Revan and the women turned there backs and headed to the battlefront.

"What are your people's weaknesses?"
Revan sapoke as he ignited his azure lightsaber and watched as the war raged on ninjans, humans, lycans and many other species all involved in the tussle. Knowledge of their weaknesses would make the eradicationd of the strongest opponent on the field somewhat easier. "Our necks sir." Behind his masked his mask Revan scowled at such a weakness. "Interesting." Jumping into the fray he immediately caught a ninjan soldier mid charge stopping her with his telekinesis. Observing every inch of her with disappointment he used force crush and dropped the mangled corpse. The next offensive came from a human soldier. No, this thing was more than human it moved faster than them and its form of fight was more precise. As he stepped low in his stance preparing for a jarring uppercut the faster Revan sliced off his head with a graceful twirl of his lightsaber. A large explosion could be heard as one of the castles cannons were taken out and a big gaping whole in the defense was now created. if they were smart the opposition would have filled the void and laid siege to the castle, but as one man entered the rest stayed back on the battlefront where their chances were grim. Revan smiled, cutting through another enemy with and offhand down stroke of his saber.  

Just then he felt a familiar presence. One he'd not felt in many months. Turning about he found Kurrent eyeballing Nate the power pulsating through him like a glowing lantern. His strength had grown since there previous encounter. But none the likes of which emanated from Nate. Yet there was no fear in Kurrent's heart as he brandished his blade. The two would soon be immersed in battle and Revan was sure this would be a battle to see. But now was not the time for such a battle. In an effort to cease the confrontation if only momentarily Revan called down his soldiers to guard him he began to draw on the force. Using the H2O around them Revan created an immensely thick fog Impossible to see through with the keenest eyesight. This fog would surely bring about enough confusing for Revan to move in the people huddled around an aircraft and strike out at them before they could formulate any type of plan. "I assume you have been taught to maneveur without your sight warriors." The former sith lord stated as he navigated through the fog.
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"Fire at will"

The words were issued and each ninjan heeded his call with a glint in their eyes showing they were ready. The bows were pulled back and from them were flung 32 arrows, Each lit aflame by the fire inside their hearts. All aimed for the same head, raining down with more power than any hailstorm could ever dream of.  Feeling every inch of power coming from the puppet's hand, he did'nt fear it, rather he embraced by loosing up his tense muscles allowing every inch of power to be unleashed. Every telekinetic charge he'd ever accumulated now swirled around his body as the Ninjans continued to rain down arrows upon the master puppeteers. Dropping his bow and arrow, he switched weapons. Going from Bow and Arrow to pure Telekinetic Energy.

With a quick hand motion, five cards fell from his sleeves and fell down exactly into his fingertips. With each hand decked with cards, he fanned them out and let the energy built within ripple down ward into his fingers."HEY GIAPETO!" He called out in a provoking manner, letting out anger which helped to flurish the pink and purple lightning curled around his entire body now.

Raising both hands, he let loose the cards surging with energy, aimed directly at the trinity of puppets. Falling to the ground, with every bit of power drained from his head down to his very toes, he whispered onto his troops..but few words. Quoted from Shakespeare himself...

"Cry Havoc...and let slip the dogs of war"

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everyone was gone,going to make more important things,only Matezoide staied there,he knew everyone was leaving,but he didnt cared,all he wanted was fight *blam blam blam* and another Ninjan falled on the ground

Run! Run! Back to the base! said one of the Ninjan warriors,as they finaly escaped,the Pale Warrior was alone,he hided his twin guns and said heh,Cly was taken there lets see how he is,and so the Son of Zeus rushed there,but the door was shut please as he closed the eyes,a red aura appeared and started to glow an intense light and with one punch,the door was on the ground,Matezoide saw another  Ninjan,but he was running away ho no,you wont and he rushed to catch him,but was stopped by some robots


He is coming! He is coming! These robots wont hold him for much time Calm down,everything is working as we planned said a scientist,who pressed some buttons on a computer as the message "Securit Locks - will turn off in 30 seconds" Now,lets report this to Gambler,he will be happy to know we captured such a powerfull warrior, hehehe,he will be a great test subject and they leaved  *BOOM! BOOM!* the robots's explosions made an intense sound as Matezoide entered the room without a piece of his chest,with healed right when he entered the room,his confident look disapeared when he saw the room,the horror was almost worse than Sparta

multiple Ninjans were trapped like animals,some had they heads cutted,others were trapped in tables with they stomach open,others trapped in jails with cibernetic implants,they all shared one thing in common: the eyes,they eyes were savage,like animals,every piece of humanit was ripped from then,suddenly one of the tabbles liberted a Ninjan,normaly,Matezoide would rush into his aid,but not at this case,they were animals now,no humanit left ,so the Son of Zeus took his spear and chopped off his head You would thank me for that for his surprise however,the head grew again in seconds,more arms appeared at the Ninjan and suddenly he was 3 meters large,and then he opened his mouth,as a tongue came and wrapped at Matezoide's neck ackk! as he looked around,the other prisons were opned and more mutants came ok...mr...tongue..you..w..wan..wanna play...like...th..that..ok... he then bited the Ninjan's tongue and escaping from the creature,as his eyes glowed take this and a massive energy came from the Son of Zeus,desintegrating the creature good thing his resistance was of a normal Ninjan,otherwise i could have been killed however,the Demi-God problems were far from finished as he looked to the others and with his spear at his hand Matezoide rushed at then

As Matezoide opned a massive damage on a Juggernaut like creature,a insetic Ninjan spitted acid at Matezoide's face Arghh! blinded,the Juggernaut smashed him on the ground and kept punching,while a cyborg one did the same,the insetic tried to rip the Demi-God's leg while biting him,this..is bad..i cant take...much more... when the Juggenaut and the Cyborg lifted they arms to strike again,Matezoide opened his eyes and kicked the insetic one get off me before the others two could stop him,Matezoide rolled to be safe and shot energy balls at the monsters,keeping then all away...or should i say,almost then all?The Juggernaut was so powerfull,so strong,Matezoide's magic failed to hurt him,but he wasnt over yet,with one good jump at the creature's head,Matezoide stabbed his neck with his powerfull blade,while keeping the others away with another blast, abaeagw said the damaged creature,as he catched Matezoide by his leg and slammed him on the ground he thinks i am helpless...perfect before Juggernaut could smash Matezoide,he shot a magic ball at his face and striked him at a point nearly the neck and the creature falled and died you can be as tougher as you want,but this wont do any good when your oponent knows WHERE to hit the Cyborg surprised Matezoide and blasted him into a nearly wall,as another Ninjan blasted him with optic energy now...i can...count...let...lets se..see...how..many..there are...1,2,3..4? good while being blasted,Matezoide had to focus,and make a plan to escape thats it Matezoide glowed again,entering at his god-mode,he easly got up while being blasted and in incridible speed ripped off the Ninjan's eyes,only to rip his head off

Patetic,is this everything you have? too bad to Matezoide,luck wasnt on his side as two huge creatures escaped from they prisons,they were 5 meters tall,one of then attacked the Cyborg and ripped him in two,while the other smashed the insetic,the fourth creature tried to escape,but acidentaly runned right into Matezoide's blade,with easly perfured his head,"thanks" for the help "guys",now i am going to kill you two,i know you two would enjoy this when you were almost humans Matezoide trowed his blade at one of then,but to his surprise,the blade falled to hurt him,that was impossible! this was the first time since his blade couldnt stab someone since he fought Simon Willians,too bad to Matezoide,unlike Simon,the blade couldnt even cut the monster

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! screamed the giants as they runned in Matezoide's direction maybe i should try harder

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The fighting just kept going and going and going with no end in sight. Soldiers died on both sides. Not just those native to this world but those from a far as well. The soon to be graveyard on the death was on the planet Ninjan. Homeworld to super powered beings far beyond anything that could be produced by the simple means of earth and yet they called upon earth to help them in their time of need or maybe just to clean up a mess caused by the planet earth.


One victim of the war was not dead yet nor did he have any ideas about dying. He like many was one of the humans that came to earth to help the Ninjeta and yet he was felled by one of theirs. It’s like bad peace of writing that makes you won’t to cry. When you try to help and entire race of people from a criminal of your world and your almost killed for it. On earth the word is irony.


The Man of Midnight as he is called was lying on the ground bleeding from the wound he gained from one of the Ninjeta’s energy blasts. He thought aloud” there are three types of people. You see these types of people in situation just like the one I’m in right now. When you only have a few choices and you take your pick between one. These choices will define not just if you live or die but also how you live if you do. You can either be wounded and bleeding on the ground and some people will just say “f$% it” and grab a bomb and rush at the guy who shot you and take out s many as you can. Then you can say “f%%^ it and lay down n the ground and just die but lasty you can just suck up your pride and say “f%^^ it” and call for help. I’m the latter.”


A few seconds after the Man of Midnight calls for aid he is answered by the newest recruit into Veritas Inc Slight. "Im coming, just don't move, or...die.""Don’t move or die hu when you lying bleeding the last thing you think about is moving……………… that’s a lie. It really all I can think about. I don’t want to die. I want to keep fighting not to just wither into nothingness. I wonder will I ever get back up and do the things I used to love doing. Moving is the first thing on my mind…………. I block out the death part the moving is working my nerves as is."


The Slight shows up and uses his healing powers to restore the Man of Midnights body back to safe levels. But he has not lost the pain. It still burns in his body like any other scare. "We've got to get back to the Phoenix, I can keep this shell up for as long as I need to, but those VV soldier are going to try everything they can to get at us, So that means we need to move quickly."He shouts “OPEN” activating one of his doors and crosses the battlefield and is taken back to the ship.


Despite not wanting him too Slight take him inside and leaves him in the care of the medics. Midnightist wants to kick and scream that he’s fine that he’ll be okay, but the truth is he isn’t okay. The things he fought outside where so much stronger and faster than him that he is sacred. He almost died on this planet and nothing like that has ever happened on earth.


He wonders should he just lie hear pretending to die an then just come back but like the voice of god he is answered by a familiar line."I'll make you famous" “Oh crap when ever he says Ithat I know he’s about to get beaten." The line is a phrase spoken by the leader of Veritas Kurrent. The phrase gives Midnightist the push he needs to get up. He grabs his gun but puts it down because it didn’t do much good the last time. He looks around and sees one of he swords that belong to one of the injuried Ninjeta. He takes it “lets see how they handle there onw weapons."


He leaves the safety of the jet and stands by his friend and leader “don’t say one word if anyone asks why I came back from the dead basically to help tell them you owed me money and said I could run the team when you died.”

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Raker had not listened to a single word Talon had said, his entire mind was focused on preparing to slam the blunt end of The Harvester of Sorrow the back of Talon's head when suddenly..."Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack, Risky here! Meet me at regrouping point P. Execute Maneuver Rhino. Maneuver Rhino! If we stay here we'll get slaughtered sooner or later."  A transmission echoed forth from a communicator Talon apparently had with her but Raker had not seemed to notice. The voice coming from it was female but the name and the voice itself was unfamiliar.

"We have to... agh...regroup. Look either we can be friends or enemies...truthfully I do not care, my team requires my attention and whether you hate me or just dislike me if you fight against Gambler and Darkchild then we, on this occasion, are to fight as comrades...even though I can tell that we are far from it! You can either stop me from helping my teammates or help me by fighting alongside the rebellion. Your choice…”

Raker stood flabbergasted as Talon, despite all the pain she was in, just got up and ran off towards one very massive starship that was sitting off in the far-distance. He was about to go after her when suddenly a blade tore through Raker's back and erupted forth from out of his chest. Looking at it, Raker could tell it was identical in appearance to The Harvester of Sorrow, no...it was more than just an identical blade...it WAS The Harvester of Sorrow. All of the negative emotions that were rushing to the surface from deep within his soul was proof of that. But how was this possible? Unless...no, it couldn't be...

"Don't expect that little blue maggot Scar to come rushing to your aid...she's dead, I burned her alive with a weapon that unleashes Divine Magic upon it's intended targets, she was vaporized instantly...seems she wasn't as omnipotent as she claimed to be when I first met her. Not so long as she was infested with all of that corruption. I would have rather preferred that she suffer for wiping out the last remnants of my people, for obliterating my homeworld and reducing the woman I loved...the woman who was carrying my unborn child...to ashes. But we can't always have everything we want, now can we?" A voice so similar to Raker's echoed into being as a very pale-looking hand grabbed onto his hair and tugged at it very tightly.

"W-Who..." Raker fell to his knees as he felt the other Harvester of Sorrow being pulled out of him, he wanted to scream in agony but he couldn't, it was something he was not capable of. So even when the Black Hellfire erupted forth from the black blood spilling out of his wound to consume his entire body he remained silent.

"I am Raker Arokine a.k.a. Shadowstep, the real one, the one from this Universe...and I have come here to take back that which is mine...or rather what is left of it...I am speaking of course about my life. The life that you, Scar and your #$%@ing Master RIPPED TO PIECES!" Without hesitating for even a moment the true Raker Arokine, who was nearly identical in terms of appearance to the one kneeling on the ground, lobbed his counterpart's head off with The Harvester of Sorrow and reduced his remains to ash with a weaker version of his Cero. Looking around, Raker located the alternate reality Harvester of Sorrow and fused it with his...effectively overwriting it and thus erasing all that was left of Earth-195960's Raker Arokine from existence.

He then looked up ahead and could see that Talon was already getting within reaching distance of her team's ship...which he was going to board no matter what...even if he had to take Wolf Pack itself down. He had to get to Darkchild's stronghold. Raker started running, no, rather leaping across the battlefield knocking down anyone who got in his path until finally he was running alongside Talon and her Lycan companion. Raker didn't know whether or not if she knew or could even tell the difference between him and his counterpart but at least he had heard every bit of their conversation to know exactly what to say to her and how to say it considering the situation his counterpart had put him in.

"Alright, I choose the rebellion.You know...we are not as far from being comrades as you think. Perhaps I looked into the wrong future and instantly jumped to conclusions without examining all of the facts or maybe I didn't, I am not sure. But one thing I am certain of is that whether you and your teammates like it or not I am coming with you, I am boarding that ship of yours and I am going to help you destroy the trinity of tyrants who now rule this world with fists of iron. Do you understand?" Raker said as he continued to race alongside Talon towards The Predator, hoping that his "sudden change of heart" would garner some sort of positive response from her and loosen her feelings of mistrust towards him up a bit.

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He didn't move, not an inch. Giapeto did not understand at first, so he asked him again. 'Drifter move" This time there was an answer of sorts. The female, and male warriors behind him began thier attack. Then he realized that this was a gameplay. And he was a target character. Him and Evangeline were going to die, and yet, he could not bring himself to start the wind trinity. The arrows that poured from the sky landed in front, beside, and behind him. The Marionette Man dodged as many as he could, but as more and more splinters of death rained, he found it almost impossible to evade any of them.

The Drifter, could be seen out of the corner of his eye. "HEY GIAPETO" he called out in a taunting fashion. Running into a clearing, but still being followed by arrows, he set his eyes on the trader. He thought to himself, "Lord Gambler will know of your treachery." Lifting his hands to his temples, in an effort to establish the mental strings that would connect with the Wind Trinity, pulled the dolls over in front of him with the slightest ease. Drifter was glowing with a fusia crimson radience, and that radience soon left in the form of five playing cards that were flying his way. There was telling the destructive power of the attack, but he was not going to take the chance.

"Wind Trinity, activate" The command was swift, as the marionettes did as they were told. As if they had any choice in the matter. Even while all of this was transpiring, arrows continued to come down like metal bullets. As the Trinity started up, the stream of suction was weak, to be expected with a new toy, but soon the flow was like that of a vertical tornadoe. The arrows that flew through the sky, were pulled in with ease. And Ninjans began to loose thier anchorage on the ground. As one by one dissapeared into the void that was unknown inside the Wind Trinity, Giapeto formed a plan.

As the trinity continued to sweep the area clean of foes, more  and more came. But Giapeto was the type that always planned ahead for any situation there could possibly be. One by one, a Ninjan fighter woul be pulled in, and yet still more came to the scene only to be sucked in like thier predecessor. But they were learning, it was only effective in the front of him, and behind him there was nothing much he could do. But like it was stated before, he had a plan.

A she ninjan of the VV, plowed him over tackling him to the ground with so much force blood splattered from his lips. Again, removing his blade, he shoved it into her neck. She was mighty heavy, so it took him a while to move her off of him. His build was scronny, he could admit to it. He'd always seen the world as brain over brawn, that thougt would triumph over the muscle bound grubs that would oppose him. But still, a built arm was an admirable adverasary.

Three more of the fighters came to attack him, and he unfurled his favorite scroll. "Sonia come forth." Like before the symbols on the scroll glowed and a puppet sprung forth. He was down to his last puppet scroll, so he must use Sonia like the master puppeteer he was. Swinging his arms around above his head, crimpling his fingers, and extending them, moving the doll to his will. Realeasing the dual fan blades that were installed within her back cavity, he cut the Ninjan three down. After they were down, he turned to see, Drifter laying upon the ground. "What should I do with you?" he thought thinking of the numerous possibilites. The lifeless body would have to wait, fore a countless number of Ninjan Darkchild forces showed thier faces.

"You will die, you have no chance, your outnumbered, and that lady dolly of yours would do nothing against the likes of one of us." Giapeto turned to face the woman, and said "There are many illusions in this world, a piece of advice, NEVER believe what you see unless you know it to be your own truth." With that he put his left hand into the deepest pocket on his red and black cloak and pulled out a scroll. Letting the contects of it unroll onto the ground he spoke softly "500 puppets dance for you master." Then in a sudden fit of excited rage he shouted, 'I pull the strings, NOW DACNE!!!" as the last sylabul of t, left his lips, a puppet was released from the scroll. Then another, then another, and another, until there was an army that surrounded him. The ninjans charged and so did the 500 marionettes dashed down from their suspended positions.

  • The 500 Scroll- None of the puppets contained in this scroll have souls in them. They are meant as a pure diversion, and have no formal powers or weapons. They are used to destract the opponent, and make occupy them so that Giapeto can escape.

As the Ninjans scuffled with the numerous dolls, Giapeto took to his feet and ran as fast as he could. The Drifter would have to wait. Right now, Giapeto's welfare was the only thing on his mind. He ran and ran until he was in a safe clearing. Blood still dripped down his chin and onto the dark cloak that covered his pale skin. Gathering his breath he continued to run, until he saw a familiar face. It was Goki and Mademioselle. Aproaching them, but slowly, as they were in a fight of thier own, he shouted. "Hey, Goki, Madem, a little help!"

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Akwa's head rested on the ground for a few minutes before someone answered his frantic shouts. Unable to move his head, he heard the sound of footfalls as someone came up behind him.

Please let them be on my side, please let them be on my side..

The person crouched down to talk to him in his field of view. He breathed a sigh of relief It was Talon. Now, if she could only refrain from gloating before she re-attached his head.

"Akwa is it not that I have seemingly always have to help you out of less that appropriate situations. Never the less how you find yourself in these circumstances is amusing to say the least.  But since I see no other team mates in the close area I am forced to aid you in any way you wish it. So I will assume that you want me to bring you cranium closer to you body and I will comply to your wishes”.

Nevermind. She was gloating. How he found himself in these circumstances being amusing, indeed! They weren't amusing for him, that's for sure. She gently picked him up as she started to walk over to where the rest of his decapitate body lay. He gazed up at her from his vantage point in her hands. She was only sixteen and was pretty small but right now she looked very...big. He sighed again. Everything did when he was like this. The sooner he got back to his six foot high body, the better.

She was almost there when she gave a terrible gasp. Akwa followed her eyes and realised that she hadn't known of Hunter's death. Poor girl. William Greystroke had been like a father to her. She dropped him on the ground as she began to run over to him. Luckily, she remembered him and picked him up again. She placed his head on the rest of his body before running off to see Hunter's corpse.

A blue light shone momentarily as the flesh from Akwa's neck melded back together in seamless, liquid harmony. He slowly got back to his feet and gazed around the battlefield. He sighted a definite enemy, a hot ninjan lady wearing the insignia of the VV. Akwa once again had to wonder how the Ninjans, so haughty and arrogant, ever bowed to Earthlings like Darkchild and Gambler.

He was about to cause a giant liquid tentacle of water to spring out of nowhere and grab the ninjan when she was suddenly disembowled with horrifying effect. Akwa stood back as he beheld a true monster. A towering red abomination slaughtered it's way through the ninjan lines. It's great claws sung a terrible song of blood and death. And yet, it seemed so familiar...

He sent out a questing telepathic thought to the monster. His telepathy recoiled almost immediately, not wishing to stay for long in such a pit of rage lest it awakened Akwa's own. But still, he had been able to feel the mind underneath momentarily. He hadn't been able to see it's thoughts, that was beyond him. But  every mind has a subtly different mental feel, like a fingerprint. He knew the monster for what is was. Warsman...It was magnificent.

But apparently not magnificent enough. Under sheer weight of numbers, the Red Juggernaught fell. There were so many Ninjans. WAL, Veritas and the Pack were being swarmed. He felt a twisting feeling of cold inside him. That was alright. Cold was good, he thought as he cut a Ninjan open with a flying ice disc and drowned another by imprisoning her head in a sphere of water.

That's when the explosion knocked him off his feet. He got up, looking around as he did so. Where did that come from. Looking into the sky, he had his answer. White contrails were arcing up into the sky as artillery shells and missiles bore down on their position.

"Hunter," he said softly, thinking of their lost leader. "You may have led us all to our dooms."

He shooked his head, clearing away the melancholy thoughts that he was so unaccustomed to. With a shimmer, he turned liquid.


He hovered over the ground and began to raise into the air, seeking altitude.

"No! There may come the day, when the courage of men fail and all is lost!.."

He flew upwards towards the incoming shells.

"But it is not this day! This day, WE FIGHT!"

Thank you, Lord of the Rings, for all that awesome speechmaking material, he thought as he sped upwards. A shell went zooming past him, missing him by only metres. A giant hand of water materialised and slapped the shell widly off-course so it landed in one of the barren wastelands left by the Ninjan's recent civil war when the dark Trinity of Gambler, Darkchild and Hayden came to power.

A great stream of icy boulders went flying upwards to intercept the shells. They collided with bangs and cracks, causing many of the shells to explode in mid-air. A group of flying Ninjan seeing what he was doing, flew towards him at great speed. A giant spiked gauntlet made of ice appeared directly in front of them. Unable to slow themselves or alter their trajectory so quickly, many of them impaled themselves on the icy spikes. One of them survived only to be hit by one of their own shells that the water hand had redirected.

The giant ice gauntlet, now that it was no longer needed, sped towards the fortress where the artillery was originating from. It wrenched on of the artillery cannons from the fortress wall and threw it into the distance before punching another one into smithereens. It wrecked several more cannons before it was shattered to pieces by a direct artillery hit.

Another shell sped past him. He attempted to stop it but this time he was too slow and it impacted on the battlefield. It wasn't the only one. Akwa's water and ice constructs were unable to hold them all back. Despite the fact that many had been intercepted, quite a few shells were finding their targets destroying Lycans and Ninjans alike.

The water hand batted away another shell sending it back towards the enemy fortress. Several more shells were exploded prematurely by collding with his ice meteors. The water hands could not meet the shells head on or the shells would simply pass through them. They had to match speed with the shell and slap it on it's side, deflecting them off-course.

The rain of artillery continued for several minutes before it stopped. Relieved, he sent the remaining water hands and ice meteors to go smash themselves against the fortress walls. He was about to create more icy barrages when a series of energy blasts blew open his ice meteors before they reached the fortress.

Another group of flying Ninjans were heading towards his position. His communicator was buzzing and Risky was saying something about rhinos but Akwa wasn't listening. A storm of jagged hail spread out from him and intercepted his enemies. They fell from the air with their skins ripped open and gaping holes in their bodies.

The hailstorm spread out catching more and more flying Ninjans in it's grasp. It spread so that it soon seemed to cover the entire sky over the battlefield, raining icy death down upon all Ninjans, friend and foe alike. This storm only lasted for a few seconds however as several ninjan energy blasts converged on him. They flashed his liquid form into a sentient cloud of steam.

Akwa was struggling to reform when the Ninjan who had done it approached. It had only been one. She had been protected from the hailstorm by the mechanical suit of battle armour that she wore. She projected a few more energy beams at him but they only passed harmlessly through his now somewhat incorpereal body.

She pressed a button on the arm of her suit. A strange device aimed itself at him. A green ray of light enveloped the steam cloud and too late, Akwa realised what it was. It felt the same way that it did when Risky teleported him back in New Orleans. In a flash of light, Akwa was gone.

The warrior pressed another button on her suit and with a crack! and a green flash, she was gone too.

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As she walked she could feel a shift in the atmosphere. She can to a stop and looked at Octabious as she whispered to him. “Keep walking....don’t look back” with that she came to a halt and turned herself. As she looked she could see two Shadow people. She had already given her little advisory a nick name seemed she did that with every one” Water boy. Hyper boy and now Shadow boy. It appeared as if all this human culture was getting to her.  Interesting how she knew things, interesting on where she came from. Though she could not head the dialogue between the two identical men she could feel that the other was different. Feel in a way that dogs can scene evil and she could do more than detect evil. As she stared as the mystified shadow dissipated his former alter version of himself she made scares.

Soon he caught up with her and spoke "Alright, I choose the rebellion. You know...we are not as far from being comrades as you think. Perhaps I looked into the wrong future and instantly jumped to conclusions without examining all of the facts or maybe I didn't, I am not sure. But one thing I am certain of is that whether you and your teammates like it or not I am coming with you, I am boarding that ship of yours and I am going to help you destroy the trinity of tyrants who now rule this world with fists of iron. Do you understand?" She looked at him he was forceful and wanted his way she liked that slowing her pace she needed to make things clear.

“I fully comprehend you……wish and I will comply under these standards you do not interfere with any one in the team. Remain silent constantly and if you double cross me or my team I will kill that is a fact, I am trusting you which I do not do with strangers but from what I have seen your much stranger than first through.” She slid him a sly smirk “Your not the only one who’s not from this world, you reality hopper or so I call them. 616 is no place for people like us yet we come. So drop the whole act because I know your secret and which ever reality you come from they make em weirder than the next.” She stopped and took in a breath of air “Since we have not properly met because the person I met was you from an alternate reality I will attempt again…. My name is Talon and you should tell me yours it is only polite and any way Shadow boy I do not assume is your name.

With that she did not wait for him to answer she didn’t have time to. He would come with her along as he did nothing foolish. “And never accompany me, I will take you to the Predator that is it” she said with out even looking back at him. She did not know why she trusted him but he had killed himself that was wired enough and most of the time the weirdest of people turn out to be good. Despite herself she was weird, yes. But very much far from good.

Given her recent shift in personality she soon forced herself to regain her normal state of mind. Her hands were rested in her pants pockets as she had torn the sleeves of her shirt. Sweat dripped from her forehead along with drenching her cloths. She had thought of a plan any thing to avenger her fallen father though none really came to mind. This was not earth the rules were different her. And things were done differently not the best place to be. And the people who had killed him: Ninjetan’s how could she possibly deal with them. And not forgetting that she had to also be a part of the wolf Pack and now follow Risky’s orders.

Risky?..an interesting person to take command but Talon knew it inevitable. Risky was strong, diligent, valiant, brave and understanding. Yes now and them Talon saw her illogical, pointless and immature never the less she had her good point and her bad. But Talon could find fault in every one. It was something her mind just did. Even with William she could always come to see faults in his plans and always knew a better way of doing things…..never the less she would not dare take command of any thing. This whole Princess thing was Greystokes fault. He had forced a legendry blood line upon her shoulders. She was the last hope of the blood line and she was the last.

With Hunter gone there would be no one to continue the blood line. Yes there was her….but it would not continue through her she…she was unable. There were secrets dark deep things she kept hidden from the outer world for her own selfish reasons and this happened to be one of them. With William gone the blood line had ended ultimately. Not because she had to deal with not meeting the right sort of man. Oh yes that was most unlikely thing in the world for this girl. But there was something else that went much deeper and killed her every time she thought of it. That secret she feared to tell her father for facing his wrath. “Any way the only reason he adopted be other than biting me was so he could have a grand child” she whispered as a tear slid down her cheek.

She knew what he would do if he found out her little secret. He’s beat her and throw her out…..or was she confused? Was she puzzle between Hunter and her biological father? That’s what Logan did. Never the less she could always trust that man. Yes he was harsh yes he did not really care for her that much but at least he was there. He helped her and made her stronger. Even though he might hate her now she would always hold the up right respect even if he did not deserve it. He could have thrown her out but when the choice came he let her stay at the institute regardless the risks. But he had to give way and she understood that she understood him.

Unlike Hunter who she never could understand. He was so…so kind, I guess what the word that she was trying to say. Even when he saw fault in her he did not ridicule her for her lower abilities or lack of knowledge. There for she had formed a very quick attachment to the king and with his death she felt like she could hardly survive but she soon realized that there was more at stake her herself. She had a team to keep safe and an empire to deal with once she returned to earth…..if she did not have a heroic death on Ninjeta….which was not an option. “My Lady” Octabious said. She came to a halt and glanced at her comrade in arms “Yes….sir” she said with a sly smile knowing his title that she gave him was not a comfortable one.

“You are bleeding….” Glancing down her chest she saw that she was still wounded from the mans attack her little Shadow friend. By placing her hand over the wound she recoiled slightly as to stop the bleeding and walked on like nothing was wrong. “Octabious?” said whispered. He took no time to answer and quickly said “Yes miss?”. After taking in more of the toxic air or at least that’s what if felt to her she asked “Why are you protecting me and not following my orders”. He thought that they already had discussed this topic never the less he answered “Because Lord Greystoke gave me an order to protect you and I shall do that till death…” “that is what I fear” she said her voice much more childish or maybe just her age.

“Miss?” she could hear the questions in his voice so she did not bother to let him say any more ” すべての人を得るため、私の近くが死亡し、何があって私は... ...一人は、私は実際には私の父が死んだ" ..されている事実から逃れることはできないんだ”  With that she smiled and he gave her a smirk “Then I assure you miss that I shall not perish”. “Man of many talents” she said “You prove yourself that to miss”. With that they approached the ship Talon was relived to be back though in the big whole of things she did not have time. Looking at Shadow she said “Remain here I will return”. With that she walked toward her room.

Before she ship had taken off she equipped it with what she needed. And what she needed were knew clothes.Soon she emerged from her room dressed in a braw shaped tunic that was black with tight fitting jeans. She had sliced the legs there for part of the thighs were exposed. Any way this mission she was already sweating so as little as possible she’d need to wear. Talon did not like the heat it was annoying she’d rather be in the North Pole.  She was first to meet Risky her leader who she saw was present. 

Approaching Risky she sighed and walked up to her. “Miss I feel it necessary to notify you an achievement I will soon inaugurate in rapidly First and foremost Shadowstep would like to aid the wolf Pack in our attack. Also I will unaccompanied go with in the Child of Darkness venue  and commence in attempting to terminate him. I am remorseful if this goes against your wishes and I know you might object never the less you are the leader and are obliged to the Wolf Pack to keep them breathing and if I am departing against your will as a member of the Wolf  Pack then to make no more mistakes and disobey you any more and I will abscond the Wolf Pack in order to achieve my goal"

she sighed trying to hold bakc the pain. I have full assurance in you abilities to lead you are after all your Risky and I have confidence in you.Pardon me for what I am about to do but know I have you held up in the fullest esteem along with the rest of the members. And if I am not to return of battling the child of Darkness I want you to know that I have been honored to work along side these members of the Pack. So instead to cause you the trouble I will excommunicate myself from the Wolf Pack and save you the dilemma of doing it yourself not that it really would be a problem. Any way as a leader your main priority is to the safety of the team and I am a threat to that safety given my um….recklessness.  And with that I bid you and the rest of the members adue.”

Then walking over to her Shadowy friend she spoke “I will have to leave you know, sadly all things need to come to a close and some times the closer does not make it out. It was fun being around you and you other self for the short period of time. Be safe and carefull but I need to be off.” And with that she turned the heel and walked off into the battle zone. Though it killed her it really did. She never thought that she’d be the one to leave. Some one any one but not her. She was the loyal one she was the faithful Talon. Always follows orders “Obey the supreme” that’s what she had been taught. So what if she did now follow orders? She had a mission of her own she would destroy Dark Child and end his rain of terror. It was the only thing she saw logical as for revenge that would have to wait. Though she had no experience and her actions could have even been known as foolhardy and unsought of wisdom never the less if she was to do any thing Illogical this would be it. 

“Miss Greystoke!” she stopped and as like always Octabious we right behind her running with full speed toward her. Approaching her he wasted no time and spoke  “I must and will accompany you” he demanded she could tell he was no longer asking. She clenched her fist and growled “No you can not I can not let you” she bluntly stated. “I am.  sorry miss but I can not comply” She looked at him the regret in her eyes as she said “No….I am sorry”. With that the SNICKET sound of her claws range. As this was the first time since her becoming a Lycan she had used them. With a sudden act she pierced the hilt of her silver blades into his shoulder and quickly retracted it hoping not to much damage was caused. She looked at him as her eyes filled with pain. “I am sorry my friend but some things need to be done and can only be done alone”.

Checking the perimeter she saw that there were no enemy forced around so her guard would be safe at least till he would heal. With that she raced off into the distance. Her mind was made up she knew what she needed to do. If her fate was to fight Darkchild then “Bring it on”. As she raced through the oncoming shower of rounds that were fired at her she shrugged them off. Never the less she had not rested once and was In a bad state the battle Darkchild but at this point nothing mattered. As she ran at full speed she had attracted the attention of a few Ninjetan worriers. As she ran she peered back as a few energy beams were fired at her. Quickly she looked in front of her. There was no simple way of enter she needed to get in fast. She did not have time to fight because she knew more would be on their way.

Taking a deep breath as she approached the wall she aimed her claws in front of her. With only a few feet between her and the solid structure she leaped upward with full force logging her claws into the wall. With a slight disorientation she began her second step: Climbing. Gathering all her agility she scaled the tower ignoring the blasts of electricity fired at her that just missed her by a hair. “Ahh!” she let out a slight yelp as a beam of electricity hit her . The many volts surged through her body though her claws were mended into the wall. Whether she wanted to or not she was climbing this darn thing even if it killed her! She pulled out her right hand along with her left foot which’s claws were already unleashed as she began the long and agonizing process. Her shirt due to the many shots that were fired at her was tattered at the back barely holding together.

As she raced the top her back was bare ad bloody. The skin had already been ripped off and flesh and blood stained the remains. Part of her spinal cord could even be seen. With that her shoulders where also heavily damager and the back of her neck along with it. As she climbed over the threshold of his Kingdome she fell face on the floor her arms and back badly bunt and her hands and feet bleeding due to the stress she had caused on her claws. She flipped on her bare flesh scarred back and looked up at her shaking hands. The claws as she had been climbing were actually slowly being torn through her skin. The pain was agonizing! “Hay look” she heard a guard say. Talon was really into much pain to do any thing. Soon she saw two heavily armed guards approaching her with weapons ready to fire.

did not move or show any hostile intent as the one lifted the weapon to body. “No look what we got here” the one sneered. Swallowing Talon spoke “I want to speak to your Dark master”. The two men chuckled as the one fired three shots into her chest. The bullets were not silver though it hurt like hell non the less. Talon felt slightly sleepy. Not to mention the amount of blood lost in a single day. Her eyes got heavy and she seemed to loose consciousness. The two men grabbed her by the arms and dragged her along the corridor. Half way through her eyes snapped open as she two men noticed and were about to reach for their weapons.

She expected this though they had let go of her arms. So with that she reached for her energy sword and turned it on. Her actions were fasted and timed. With her legs she somersaulted over her opponents. Though as she did she dug her blade into the head of one of the armed men killing him instantly. Landing with her hand in front of her and her feet bent she shut her head up. The other guard or guard 2 fired more of those electrifying bullets. Dogging them she rolled to the left and ran full n toward him. At this point many bullets got buried into her skin as she could feel herself loosing consciousness. She had lost fair and with the sword and did the only logical thing “SNICKET” she SNICKETED him as Akwa would bluntly put her. Bering her claws into his chest.

With that she leaped off of him and froze. She could feel her body attempting to compensate for the amount of blood lost but it was to much she knew it. She also knew that at any given point she would fall into a state of unconsciousness. As she was about to get to her feet she heard the sound of gun shots being fired. Time slowed as she looked down at her chest noticing her blood and wounds that had reformed. She placed her blood on her chest as she turned herself around to see the same guard, um number 2 who had fired those three shots. She fell to the ground her nails clutching desperately trying to get up but lacking the strength. Appraoching her he gave her a smug little grin “You wanted to see our master” he said refilling the ammunition. Then pointing the weapon at her head just as he was about to fire three shots he said with  smile “You soon will” pulling the trigger the rest was obvious………..BAMMM!!!

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     If destroyed, buildings can be re-built.  Torn clothing can be sewn.  Broken machinery can get new parts.  But humans...whether they be from Earth or not, are more fragile than glass and will shatter if you touch them.  This simple, brutal fact of life became a lesson that Sylver followed by.  It gave her confidence, that everytime she shattered someone skull, or sliced their legs off from under them, that they'd eventually die and she wouldn't have to worry about killing them again.
     Ninjeta.  That's what this planet was called.  Well, what was once a planet anyway.  It was now a battleground: an endless oppertunity to steal the life from those that would oppose her.  The violent wind whipped Sylver's face, bringing scents of death and smoke.  Sylver took it in with a deep breathe and smirked.  This was the smell that defined her life; the endless battles she'd seen were markers, along with the endless list of enemies she'd slaughtered.  Sylver's icey blue eyes found her first target: a Ninjetan man covered in full metallic body armour, handling an axe.  That list was about to get a little longer.
     The soldier raised the axe, and with a strength and speed ten times that of any Earth man, tossed it at Sylver like a boomerang.  Like a world in slow motion, Sylver watched the axe spin as it approached her; the blade making its *fwoom...fwoom* sound, her reflection growing larger in it every rotation.  The weapon struck something, but it wasn't Sylver.  She had jumped, and was now coming down hard and fast upon her first outerworldy victim.
     *ssssssssss!!!!!!!*  The energy saber sliced through the man's midsection, and Sylver was already walking away by the time his top half hit the ground. 
     "Mortals."  Sylver growled under her breathe.  She'd come to Ninjeta, not just because her team was ordered to, but because Hunter had told her it was a challenge.  All Sylver could see was free sport with targets plastered all over them.  He'd told her that it would help take her mind off of Luar's death...that it could keep her humanity-failing mind focused.  Sylver ducked from a soldier's oncoming sword; she spun around him, grabbed his top jaw from behind, and snapped it off like a toothpick. 
     "Well..."  Sylver muttered, "Hunter'd better be right."  She ran into the battlefield, laying waste to any living thing that attacked her.  The blood flowed, the screams continued, and all the while, Sylver could only think about how she wanted them to scream louder...

Sector 13--earlier today

     "You're going to kill them, Sylver.  You're going to kill them all."  The seductive voice whispered into her thoughts.  Ever since Luar, her brother's, death, Sylver's soul...her humanity, was disappearing.  This voice was proof of that.  The dark nature of her vampireism was fusing with what other's called her soul...if that even existed anymore.
     I know... Sylver thought, answering the voice, I know all to well...  She looked around the room.  All her team had been assembled by Anderson, to go into space.  In Sylver's 3, 809 years of existing, alive and undead, she'd never been to space.  She'd met aliens, some she liked more than others, but had never gone beyond the outer layers of the atmosphere.  Today, she would.
     Her one-piece, sleeveless, black leather outfit shimmered slightly in the florescents, and Sylver adjusted her gloves.  Focus... she told herself.  You have to kill them, Sylver.  Every stupid idiot that crosses you on that planet; they die.  You're going to kill them all.
     She repeated this to herself, in a dark, cold meditation of sorts, even as the team was loaded onto the Predetor.  Her eyes stared blankly straight ahead of her, her hands folded on her lap.  Everyone else was in it for the team...for recognition...or for whatever the heck else normal heroes were in it for.  Sylver was here, soley, because if she wasn't, the streets of New York City would be running with their own blood, with Sylver at the head of it.  And the Wolf Pack... Sylver almost smirked.  The Wolf Pack would have to try and stop her.  In a sense, she was doing this for their sakes.  Heaven forbid that day ever come, Sylver prayed silently.
     The ship took off. 
     Less than a few hours later, Sylver stood on the edge of a cruiser's open door, as it circled the raging battle field of Ninjeta.  Explosions leveled the rocky terrain left and right, energy cannons fixated on the cruisers, and Sylver crouched closer to the edge, eyes peering with amusement.  Her vampire-enhanced sight locked onto a large tank like machine, with a gun large enough to take out their cruiser with a single blast.  She grinned, her fangs glistening in the flashing lights of battle.  
     The light saber came out.  "Let the game begin."  Sylver whispered to herself.
     She jumped.  
     Just seconds later, an explosion came from the tank, killing its occupants and several soldiers around it.


     ** "Veritas, WAL, Wolf Pack, and free Ninjan people, we are outnumbered, but we are far from defeated.  After this transmission, form a 360 degree perimeter around the Phoenix and begin to push the enemy back.  Believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you, and we will be victorious in this batt--" **
      The transmission from Kurrent cut off as Sylver round house kicked another man in the ribs.  He chocked on his own scream, sputtering blood poured from his mouth.  
     "It's about time he shut up."  Sylver said outloud, driving the lightsaber into the man's mouth to ensure his death, "believeing isn't going to save us here."  She turned to strike down more enemies, only to have a large spiked club throttle itself into her face.  Sylver tumbled backwards, but caught herself on her hands.  The blackish-red substance that was once her blood covered the right side of her face; the soldier, sword in hand, charged at her.  
     Sylver did the same, but stopped just feet away from her attacker.  "Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!"  The threat escalated into a scream, high-pitched...sonic.  It caught the man, mid-run, and blood shot out from his nose, mouth, ears and eyes.  His brain had erupted.  Sylver didn't stop screaming till the man hit the ground, blood seeping from his contorted face.  
     "Stupid man.."  She hissed, as her face healed.  Sylver looked down at her clothing; it was covered in blood and debris.  Beautiful.  She was accomplishing something.  She was--
  ** "Those wounds...They're too severe to come back from.  Even for him." **  The transmission squaked in her ear, G'Bandit's voice coming through on the other end.  Sylver almost dismissed it, but...something about it.  She had to see.
     Sylver rocketed off of the ground, flying over the gorey sights below.  The voice was angry with her; she was disobeying her natural instincts to kill...but she had to see who they were talking about.  It might be---  oh no.
     Sylver spotted G'Bandit with Risky, but she wasn't the one injured.  It was Hunter.  His body lay broken on the field, screwered by spears and swords, with dozens of slain Ninjetans around him.  Sylver landed, but stood at a distance.  An odd feeling crept into her, telling her that she didn't belong next to GB and Risky, mourning over the loss of their leader...their friend.
     "You would have killed him eventually anyway.  You'll kill them all someday."  The voice mocked.
     "Shut up! Just shut up!!" Sylver half-squeeled, covering her ears.  It was wrong...it had to be wrong.  Hunter wasn't dead...Hunter just didn't die.  He couldn't.  He was Hunter.  A tear formed on the rim of her eye.
     "Weakling, stop crying!!!  You're an animal; you're a monster! You have no soul to cry with!  He's dead, he's dead--"
     "NO! No he's not!  Just shut up and go away!"  Sylver screamed into the air.  No, no, no, no, no....I don't want this. Sylver moaned in her mind.  I don't want to die inside...I don't want Hunter to die...I don't--
     "You're already dead, monster.  And so is he.  You never belonged on that team; you were always a monster.  You exist to kill, you--"
    "NOOOOOO!!!!!" Sylver screamed, louder than before.  An explosion tore open the hill she was standing on, sending her flying hundreds of eet away.  Dirt and debris showered her, as Sylver jumped away from the falling pieces of men and metal.  The voice was screaming at her now, telling her to stop being a coward, to face up to herself.  The pandamonim inside Sylver and outside frazzled her thougts, leaving her stunned.  Only a bellowing roar, that shook the earth, pulled her awake.
     Sylver turned, only to see a giant, red beast plowing through the masses before it.  It was massive...muscular...and completely indescibable.  An abomination of war.  Sylver whipped out her saber, ready to attack it.  But after being hammered by several, metal weapons, it collapsed and appeared to die.  It was changing.
     "No..."  Sylver uttered in disbelief.  It was Warsman.  Sylver's eyes widened in shock.  It was happening...they were all dying around her, just like the voice said.  She couldn't escape her destiny.
  ** "Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack, Risky here!  Meet me at regrouping point P.  Execute Maneuver Rhino.  Maneuver Rhino!  If we stay here, we'll get slaughtered sooner or later!  We have to--agh!" **  Risky's voice hollared over the commlink.  Sylver barely heard it...or rather, barely paid attention.  They were dead.  Hunter and Warsman.  Everyone else was next.
     A fierce determination entered Sylver's eyes.  Hunter wasn't dead; the voice had to be wrong, and she would prove it!  She could heal him, and he would not die!  Sylver thrust herself off of the ground, and landed abruptly near where the explosion had happened.
     "Hunter!  William!"  Sylver called out, barely a whisper compared to the raging noises around her.  He had to be ok...he could heal.  He'd be fine; she needed him to give her more missions after this one, to keep her focused.  He was the only one that--
     Sylver stopped for a moment.  The only one that understood.  The thought echoed in her mind as she stared down at the plain.  Hunter wasn't there.  The spears..the swords that held him down were there, still covered in his blood.  But he was gone.  
      "What?"  Sylver muttered.  She jumped down to where he should've been.  Crouching close to the ground, she breathed in his scent.  There was no carbon outline...no evidence that he'd been incinerated.  But there were no tracks, so he couldn't have been taken.  Right?
     At a glance, Risky's fast moving form caught Sylver's eye.  The transmission.  Maybe Hunter had heard it and gone with her.  Before she could get up, Sylver cried out; a spear pierced through her middle, protruding out her belly.  A soldier approached her from behind.  
      "Just die, stupid alien!" He cried, grasping the spear's shaft.  The emotion left the air...a coldness overtook Sylver's body.  She shuttered unnaturally as a snarl escaped her, feral and enraged.  She turned her head to look at him; he gasped in horror.  Her eyes were black, souless marbles, tearing into his own.  
      "Kill him, Sylver."  The voice gently coaxed.  It didn't need to convince her much...its control over her was back.  She was angry again.
      Sylver barred her fangs.  "I will."  She answered to herself.  She snapped the spear in half and pulled it out of her.  The soldier began to run.  Sylver's dark, blood-hungry eyes followed.  He almost grabbed another sword that lay abandoned in the field.  Almost.
      His eyes bulged in pain, his mouth shrieking a silent scream.  Sylver stood over him, hand grasped around his chin to hold the man still.  But her teeth, were sunk deep into his spine...his now shattered spine, drawing out enough blood to kill.  Sylver dropped him, and like a machine, found Risky with her eyes.  She was a monster again...living for these people's deaths.  Her fleeting moment of emotion wasted.  It was pointless to feel for them...they'd all die anyway.  Now, there were just three commands on her mind:
     Find Risky.
     Find Hunter.
     Kill everyone else.

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For a few brief moments he hears the noises of fighting and then it suddenly stops with one final bang from a gun. With a smile he watches from a balcony the fire fights that are scattered across the massive battlefield in front of him. Watching closly with the Veritas as their members are scattered, and the Lycans whose team are still well together but they have lost two mighty members. A fact that brings a smile to his face, silently a Ninjan officer in his ranks walks up and kneels behind him. Darkchild smiles "It wont be too much longer....their moral is all but lost. But dont think we have won yet soldier, they still are tricky bastards. So keep on them, watch for the Risky woman...shes a little brat. If you see a clear shot take it with her....what are you still doing here?"

The soldier continues kneeling "One of the Wolf Pack broke through the front line and made it inside the castle my lord. She is unconcious for now, what would you like to do with her?" Darkchild turns around slowly pushing his long cape out of the way he kneels down eye level to the soldier "Well I think we should bring her to my quarters shouldnt we, shakle her up with the electrodes and use the big needles alright. And reinforce the main line, I saw Goki and the others on the front lines. They may be strong but the Wolf Pack has fast members, put the high artillery on the castle gates." Snapping his fingers the soldier was gone and a large smile came to his face as he walked to the back of the room opening a large door. His grin widened as he looked to the tools then stopped just as his hand neared a long serrated blade "No...this one...could prove beneficial. If I remember correct shes...fractured." Cracking his neck he leaves the room

Few moments later he arrives to the lower section of his quarters.

Arriving he finds her bound to the wall, the shakles just barely bound around her arms he walks up slowly and grabbing both her shakled hands an squeezes. Pushing the needles deep into her arms, her eyes burst open an she lets out a low growl "Well hello their, our little princess is awake." She snaps forward for a second only to have her entire body convulse as the electricity flows through the needles and into her body. With a smile he cups her chin "I wouldnt do that, those needles arnt very hygenic dont want the dried blood to seep any deeper than needed." She barks at him "It would be wise to release me." He chuckles and back hands her across the face, her face starting to turn red from the slap. "Ive never been refered to as wise, clever yes but wise no. They say I used to make very bad calls, rushing into fights I knew i couldnt win only to come up on top or bottom beaten worse than a red headed stepchild." He laughs at himself. Looking to the Ninjans guarding him "I dont need a rutting babysitter, leave." The ninjans do as they were told. And he turns around, grabbing her face he kisses her. The blood from her beating still in her mouth, he licks his lips "Ooooooh my lord, you have seen many battles. And my my you taste so sweet." She lashes out at him for the kiss again electrocuting herself.

"Now I didnt bring you down here for a kinky session, well only if Risque was around but I havnt been able to find her...back to the point. I saw how you fought, how vicious you were with...my men. How no matter how outnumbered even here in the castle you still fought. And I thought Id offer you a chance and a seat in my Vine Villians. So what do you say my little vixen, a place amongst the powerful an mighty or stay a mongrel with your Wolf Pack?"

Talon stares into his eyes "Come closer...I cant talk all that loud." Darkchild smiles inching his face closer. "SPIT!!! F@#k you, Im a Wolf for life." Wiping the spittle from his face he stands up "So be it, although I much prefer this method of interregation. You turned this direction, dont worry...the illusions wont hurt too much."  Snapping his fingers the room changed instantly. The room filled with the bodies of all the people she had killed or hurt, their faces forming from the walls and Darkchilds voice echoes "You will feel all their pain, all the misery you caused them. And the lives you stole, all for eternity until you give me the answer you need....or a part of you does." Darkchild leaves the room an grabs a chair outside the door and waits.
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Sephirims Chamber: Outskirts of the Ninjeta Domain

"Drrrrtt..HAHAHAHA...DZZZT HAHAHAHA" He sat in his chamber, rocking manically back and forth, shivering madly, face covered and cadaverous pale make up, he could barely contain his bliss, constricted in white restraining jacket, his thoughts brought nothing but fear into a humans heart, he was a threat to humanity and life himself, concealed by and veil of happiness but his actions or insane, that's what creates the Morbid Assassin

"GUUUUUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, LET ME OUT OF HERE.....F#CK THESE WHITE WALLS, THESE WHITE WALLS THEY ARE MAKING ME ANGRY THESE WHITE F3CKING WALLS!!' Surrounded by a cloud white setting , Jacob  sat in the cushion surfaced room, peering through the tiny window of the padded door staring directly at one of the stationed nijeta guards" white walls...white......white.white.als...WHITE WALLS....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...WHITE.EVERYWHERE JUST LIKE THE CLOUDS SO F;UFFY AND ELEGANT YET SO EVIL...GET ME OUT OF HERE..WHITE WALLS WHITE WALLS WHITE F#CKING WALLS. He began to launch himself insanely into the walls of the chamber , gnawing into the floor with rage

"Be you insane bastard, your prey will be here shortly,you need adrenaline for your mission...dumb fuck" The guard said peering through the small window,Seph wheezed with anxiety and licked his red painted lips , and laid on his back curling his legs like a dead roach. There was about ten minutes of silence, and all that could be heard from a distance his the screaming of a woman"HA!" Seph jumped up to his knee's and crawled his way towards the door as swift and formed like a spider. The door was kicked ajar smacking Jacob into th face.

Two guards appeared in an instant from the frame tossing a beautiful blond woman into the chamber, here eye's were oval with a stars twinkle, her luxurious beauty could strike passion into the hearts of many. They slammed the door quickly, she crawled towards the door quickly, screaming discordantly as she took one glance at Sephirim" AHAHAHA, SUCK A PRETTY B!TCH ID LOVE TO EAT AHAHAHAHAHAHA, I HAVE A SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR YOU!!

Seph walked over towards the woman with his restrains, as he walked closer and closer, the fear in here eye's glistened with a tear"please....dont hurt me....ill do anything...just dont hurt me..." Seph paused , and stared at the beautiful woman with interest, she wore a long white t shirt, her legs were spread wide open revealing the outline if her vulva," hmmm" he walked over to her and massaged her freshly shaved thigh which shinned smoothly in the light" you will do anything aahahahaha!...ANYTHING? REMOVE YOUR SHIRT B!TCH" * please..no anyth..* REMOVE YOUR F#CKING SHIRT I SAID!!" sephirim smacked the woman across the face, making her bang her head onto the door. he pulled the large shirt from her body, exposing her erotic white longarie, he paused  to glace at her features." HMMM.YOU LOOK GOOD ENOUGH TOO.." he lifted her up from the ground and pressed her onto the wall and glanced into her bruised face, her innocent pale face asked for nothing more but mercy. He viced her throat tightly, causing her to gasp for air. he rolled his tongue up from her throat to her chin" i can taste the fear in you sweat...its sooooo..."

He rubbed his hand on her left breast, with each stroke the motion became rougher and rougher, thats when the woman began to cry with fear. He squeezed on her breast so hard that the pressure caused it to explode, Blood dispersed everywhere. along with small morsels of crimson pink gore. blood stained her disgustingly. Seph ripped the bra from her torso, revealing a large whole covered  with fresh skin which trickled blood down her body like a fuacet. He dropped the woman on the floor and she screamed with dismay ad anxiety, he pulled his pants down making his way towards the woman, as she got her knees she stared down into his pelvis, she knew what to do next or her lif would meet its end.

2 hours later

Sephirim walked from the chamber with his ripclaws equipped to his forearms. he had just slain a beautiful woamn in an erotic matter, he was ready for war, with the fury of 100 demons burning within his eyes, he made his way down the steel corridor glare by many inmates  towards a large gate from the prison, there 1000 of warriors fought against many of the ninjeta rebels and heroes from earth, Sephirim was ready for anything, he knew nothing of peace, all he had was rage which he wished to unleash on everyone

when your pushed to the lmit killing is as easy as breathing

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Announcing his arrival to the guards NeVann should in the wake of the destruction he just created. Shards of metal, wood and stone debris laid before and around his feet. "Intruder on the north wall, kill him!" He heard one of the tower guards yell. Soon a gunnery squad of ninjans lined up on the upper level of the wall all aiming at the calm looking shinobi. With all that he saw this day he wasn’t a bit surprised at the hostile ruthlessness that was being show to him on the castle walls after his aggressive flashy arrival, he welcomed it, actually true hoped for it. It was actually his plan, Vann knew sneaking into the fortress would almost impossible. So why not use a little misdirection. Kick a hole in the front door and once everyone is focused on who or what made the hole you slip in that back and take out your mark basic assassination 101.

A smirk danced along his face as he stared down almost execution like fire squad while hearing the foot steps of approaching soldiers. Sliding his hand in to a pouch that was on his side he pulled out a stack of what a looked to be paper and three smoke bombs. He slammed the smoke bombs to ground near his feet and was instantly blanketed in it’s cover at the same time the command to fire was given. Concealed in a dome of smoke he pinned himself against a wall as he wait for the rounds of ammo to stop before tossing the sheets of paper in the air, and as they were caught in a up drift he made a series of hand seals before saying, "Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu:Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu." Soon a small platoon of the ninja, leaped up from the smoke and began running up the wall. Then making another set of seals the shinobi wait for the right moment.

The ninjan guards reloaded and began firing again. As one of the clones was hit a small two meter radius explosion went off, that began to start a chain of exploding clones randomly along the wall. For it wasn’t normal papers that he pulled out, they were explosive tags that each clone grabbed from the air as they left the smoke cloud. Invisible to sight and normal smell do to the second jutsu he casted "Meisaigakure no Jutsu: Hiding Camouflage Technique" Vann focusing the his chakra to his feet he ran off in the another direction up the wall and infiltrated Dark Child’s castle. He strolled casually through the many passageways in hope of either finding DC or someone that he could get some information out of. The pathways had a golden orange like tint of the walls as they were being illuminated by torches hanging from iron holders on each sides of the walls leading down the halls, while the wall were growing mold. The air not only smelled but also taste very stale.

"Dark and dank, I don’t see this place being on MTV cribs anytime in the future." He thought to himself while still searching. Fortunately for the ninja their was a lone soldier he guessed making her rounds. "AWK?!" The ninjan barely squeezed out as she was stop in her tracks feeling something wrapped around her throat and a sharp point pressed firmly to the back of her neck. "Be a doll for me and not try to do something stupid like yell for help, cause I would hate to kill you before I got a chance to ask some question." His voice softly said as he became visible. "Now tell me where I can find Dark Child, I have some aggressive negotiations of his surrender and death that I’ll like to go over with him." Tightening the grip of his arm that was around her neck he cut off her flow oxygen for a few seconds before letting the ninjan speak. "Lord Dark Child, don’t make me laugh. He could never be taken down by some insect like you. Just because how it will be to know that you will soon join me in the after I’ll tell you the last time I saw Lord Dark Child he was heading to his chambers to deal with that Lycan witch."

That was all he need to hear, as he jabbed the kunai through the back of her neck. He was slowly reverting back to his old Anbu day, a cold blood assassin he enjoyed the sound he heard of the vertebras crack and snap as he pushed the kunai through and twisted. The Ninjan’s body went limp turning to dead weight instantly in his arms. Dragging the body into a near by chamber he recast his camouflage jutsu and went in search of DC’s chambers.

A few minutes later he heard the a pair of voice towards him. Channeling the chakra to his feet leaped and flipped clinging his feet to the ceiling and he lied in wait for his unsuspecting next victims in the shadows. Stopping the flow he tucked his head to his chest and rolled landing on his feet in between the two. "Evening ladies I’m lost, which way is the little ninja’s room?" he said childishly while ducking under a widely swung arm of one, while side kicking the second into a wall. Before sending an upward palm thrust that drove the Ninjan’s sinuses back into her brain, killing her instantly. Before coming back around with his other hand holding a kunai and swiftly drug it across her throat, seemed a stream of blood flying through the air before hitting the floor. Dragging the bodies to the chamber where he had stored the other one, he back out the room slowly closing the door behind him before he felt a sharp sting and the back of his neck and everything went black.

"It’s the intruder from the front wall." One of the soldiers said, while standing over the unconscious shnobi’s body. "Look that’s an crest of that team WAL under another crest. Wait this is that ninja leads along side that woman that was killed by Sha." A second voice said. "First the Lycan princess now a WAL leader, Lord Dark Child will be very pleased with us." The first ninjan said as they each of them grabbed a leg and dragged the body off to DC.

"Deception a ninja’s best tool, man those durable clones that don’t dispel once knocked out may take more chakra to make but boy do they com in handy. Now Jack and Jill take to a big pale of water…" Vann softly said to himself still invisible as he followed the two soldiers that was dragging his clone around.

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"You dug your own grave!" Thrusting the knife toward his head, she felt a small hint of regret, but continued on strong. His sword at his side, sheathed, Cly made no motion of defending himself. Speaking softly, he said, "I do not wish to fight you." She was unfazed, covering the gap between them in a split second. "DIE!!!" She felt her arm stop. Stunned for a moment, she soon realized that she had not been successful with her attack. Both hands together, as if praying a prayer, Cly held the knife between his hands. Staring back into the Captain's eyes, she could see his will to unbreakable will, to protect, the weak and the strong, the innocent and the guilty, friends or foes, he was on a whole different level than what she could comprehend about war. Unsure of how to control her emotions, she channeled all of her strength, and pushed forward, in an attempt to break the knight's hold on the weapon. In the same, soft tone, he said, "Even now, you can not see the truth."

Between his hands, a sub-zero chill spread across the knife, freezing it instantly. A moment later, both of his hands lit on fire, the brittle knife now dust. Defeated, she dropped down to the ground, with her hands covering her face. However faint, the sound of crying could be heard. Making strange hand motions, she said, "I have failed." Looking up towards the knight, she said, "Kill me. Destroy what weak Ninjan remains of me." He turned his back from her, and began to walk away. Caught in her peripheral vision, the Captain saw that the nurse had a large, powerful weapon, designed as an anti-material weapon, overkill for infantry, pointed directly at Cly. "Watch out!" Cly turned, and came face to face with the weapon, hearing the sound of the charging phase complete. A distance of twenty feet separated the the rider and the nurse. She pulled the trigger. The whine of the weapon cut through the air, as a solid beam of shining, green energy displaced the air, and traveled towards the rider. An attack that could take out an M1 Abrams tank in one blow, the incredible speed of the beam was too fast for the rider to dodge.

Hum. Cly stared in disbelief. In front of him, was the Ninjan Captain. All three of them were still unharmed. Hum. Cly leaned over to see what had happened. In her left hand, the Captain held the blast, spinning around at an insane speeds. The nurse's eyes widened. With a flick of her wrist, the Captain unleashed the attack back at the Ninjan. KABOOM! The entire side of the laboratory blew out, building materials scattering every which way, a thick cloud of dust dissipating through the air. Three figures still stood. One was only bones. The skeleton of the nurse fell to the ground. The Captain fell to the ground. Cly said, "Are you okay?" He offered her a hand, which she took, helping her to her feet. "I'm fine, really." He eyed her glove. "What is that?"

Drawing her fingers together, then back out, she said, "This is a special glove that scans, copies, and gives off an equal amount of energy as whatever it is that is trying to be stopped. In other words, it can catch whatever you through at it." He bent down, and looked at the skeleton. "I thank you for re-arranging my internal organs, I feel as though new life has been breathed into me." He stood up, and was about to say something when she interrupted him. "I acted like a fool earlier. Now, I ask you, as a friend, may I join you?" He smiled for the first time since he had awoken in the room. "Miss, it will be my pleasure to..." She interrupted him. "Call me Valya." He extended his hand out to shake, and said, "I'm Cly." She looked at his extended hand, wondering what to do. "Why are you...?" He withdrew his arm. "Never mind." In an urgent voice, the rider said, "Valya! We have got to go!" They exited the room.

"HAAAAAAAAAA!!!" A scream rang through a nearby room. Without hesitation, Cly and Valya neared the room. Cly threw himself at the door, sheering the hinges off and breaking it open, the large door falling down to the ground. Valya looked at him strangely. "The door has a handle." Cly shrugged his shoulders, and turned his gaze to see two giant monsters attacking his fellow WAL team mate, Matezoide. Calling out to him, Cly said, "Hey Matezoide! What seems to be the problem? Shouldn't these guys be pushovers for you?" The Son of Zeus told him how his blade wouldn't cut them. Cly rushed towards them, and jumped into the air. "There ain't a thing in the universe that stands against Valor!" Swinging his mighty blade and using the sharp edge, he felt virtually no resistance as Valor cut through the right shoulder of the first creature. It let out a scream, so dark, so inhuman, that it made Cly shudder. Rolling as he came into contact with the ground, Cly turned to face the creature again. It roared, and stood still. Out of the stump of a shoulder, a brand new arm formed, in seconds. His eyes widened. "What!?"

He heard Valya call out to him, "Cly, cut the floor. Beneath this room, is a weapons range. They won't last two seconds down there." Listening to her words, he stuck the end of Valor in the floor, and ran along it, sparks flying as he went. Moving around the two creatures, he said as he finished, "Please keep your arms and legs inside of of the moving platform at all times." The ground let go all at once, the mass of metal along with the two creatures falling down. Jumping down through the hole, Valya went. Cly watched as her fall became flight. Speeding along the open range, she quickly distanced herself from the creatures, and came to a weapon firing station. Taking aim, she fired. Incinerated, a pile of ash remained on the floor. Taking aim at the other, she vaporized it as well. Returning up to the level Cly and Matezoide were standing, Valya landed to the ground with the lightest of touch. She could see Matezoide had an uneasy look on his face. She said, "I'm with Cly, name's Valya, Captain Ninjan."

Cly closed his eyes. Extending his mind's range of telepathy, he swept through the area, picking up many hostile life forms coming towards them. A figure, faint in signal, was picked up by the rider. That is...NeVann? Cly sent him a telepathic message. Getting a reply, Vann told him that he was hidden for the moment, but could use some back up. The knight opened his eyes. "New plan, we go and back up NeVann. Stealth is going to be a key part of this so we don't run into any unnecessary opposition." Valya nodded her head. Matezoide had a confused look on his face, as though he had never heard the word 'stealth' before. He laughed.

The three neared where NeVann was, but remained in the shadows, so as to not be detected. Picking up an all too familiar telepathic transmission, Cly listened. Cly! Is that...you? She had found his weak signature, from a distance of more than a mile. He replied, The one and only! She took off from her position. I was so worried, that you were...No need to worry yourself over me. He heard the sound of footsteps approaching. It was a lone Ninjan guard. Esmeralda! We are about to perform a stealth attack to backup NeVann at his signal. Can you make your way here without being detected? Esmeralda took a dive, and neared the ground. Skimming along buildings, Esmeralda moved at speeds around two hundred miles per hour, her maximum agility speed.This allowed her to remain quite hidden. One minute later, she came to a halt. Cly was close, very close to her, but she would blow her cover if she went any further.

Who is that third person with you? She isn't human.That is Valya, a Ninjan that has joined our group. Inside the hall way, Valya hovered below the ceiling, the lone Ninjan guard walking along, without a clue of the presence of the three intruders. Stopping, the male guard looked around, and looked right where Cly and Matezoide were hiding. He shook his head, turned, and was about to talk a step when he heard the sound of fabric tightening. He turned back, and before a word could leave his lips, Valya dropped down, grabbed him around the neck, and knocked him unconscious. She dragged his body over to the shadows. The three remained there, waiting for NeVann's signal. Outside, Esmeralda did the same. When the time came to blow their cover, the party would begin.
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He was whispering. Was he afraid of Warsman? Of course he was...this amateur necromancer was talking to a living corpse.

"You have...team...Wolf Pack...?"

His words were jumbled and disorganized...or was it how Warsman heard him? The man's voice faded in and out of Warsman's blurred eyesight, like Warsman had suffered a severe blow to his cranium and just now he was being told what to do next. This misplaced authority made him despise his new god even more. He nodded like he understood him clearly. He would keep up this obedient dog persona until he was reunited with his teammates, however far away that moment was.


A second bobbing neck motion.

"My name...Werner...Doom..."

At this moment, Warsman stopped caring and just blinked slowly whenever this man, Werner, was finished mumbling to himself. Werner's attention was grabbed from his experiment. Warsman turned around slowly, his ears still ringing.

"...Earth's mightiest...fear...war...suffering...innocents...greatest warrior...Kurrent...Feral Nova...slaughter...KNEEL before Nate..."

Why was it that leaders are greater than their followers? Hunter had died and Warsman had lived...where was the Czar's recognition among kings? Werner ran as the cannons began to rain death down on them. Warsman stood, defiant in the face of blazing hellfire. His limbs were quickly struck by enormous exploding shells, but he remained still as his flesh was torn apart by the flames. He was gathering air into his lungs. He was about to yell out, not in pain, but in challenge.

His lips parted, his teeth bared.


He weighed his body down with his arms, each limp from a boiling anger. Saliva seeped from his mouth and splashed on the ground. A venomous hiss and the liquid evaporated, taking billions of microscopic organisms with it. They were too small to accept his anger...he needed a larger specimen...like Werner...

He turned his head. Was Werner still running or was he too shocked by Warsman's renewed voice to do anything but stand and stare? Either decision made him a target. Warsman's stomach turned into a knot looking at Werner's fresh neck...teeming with delicious meats and juices...sweat, tissue, skin, fat, veins and arteries, plasma...blood...

"You look...tired..."

It was all he could to keep from saying what he meant.

"You...want power...don't you?"

He lunged at Werner, mouth gaping for his neck. Already he was inches away from him, his razor-sharp teeth grazing whatever defense he would build up. Warsman's hands would lock onto Werner's shoulders, his legs wrapping around his waist, and his mouth enclosed with a toothy smile only a mother could love. Too bad his mother was dead...too bad no one actually important told him to stop. Otherwise, he would not have aimed his teeth to pierce Werner's throat.

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Regret.......Not a word that is often used through the voice of men, but one that is constantly thought. We all feel this deep seeded emotion in our life. Some have more regret than others. Everyone has done something in their lives that they have felt sorry for.....Looked to a higher power and seeked forgiveness. Even those who take away lives.......manipulate others and burn the world have felt sorrow in their hearts. Torn apart theirown sould for something they have done wrong. Perhaps these silent ninjans felt regret at the things they had done, felt sorry for the deeds they had commited against their own people. Did they to like so many quiver because they seeked forgiveness.

Not moving, the shinigami looked into their eyes. He could see the confusion that stirred inside of them. Had they not met one like him......Or maybe they had but had forgot that compassion was still an emotion that was their to be found. He did not feel angry at them......Did not shake with rage when they looked at him. He did not even forgive them, because there was nothing to forgive. The ivory mist began to clear, making it easier to see. On their face theyr soft ruby lips quiverd, as they tried so hard to speak. It was not easy......When one from another planet who they had thought was coming to kill them...Instead saw them as not the enemy that had to be taking down. Andras began to turn around, feeling as if none would speak the words that they tried do hard to create in their minds. Suddenly the ninjan from before began to speak.

"Were NOT THE ENEMY" Even her words were not words with drive or convition. Still the confusion that filled her eyes were projected through her words. Even when her voice raised.....Her lips shook.

Andras turned back......as all around he could feel more life slip away, and other lives return to the world in which they had never left. He walked to the group, and dropped to his knee's. The dust on the ground began to stain his clothing. The zanpakuto still gripped in his hand. Its blade stil glimmered in this dark light.

"No your not. I came here in the hopes that i could save this planet.......Not kill its people. You look at me as if i were one of the many who came here. Killing  you all.......But believe me i am not. Ive seen to much of it. I believe that this planet can be saved, and that even those ninjans whose hearts are filled with darkness can come back to the light." A gentle smile swept across his face, as his eyes tried to give them hope. Then the smile became bigger.......Confusin them even more, as his sea blue eyes closed when the smile became ever bigger.

"OH and i will make this planet better.....And make you all SMILE again hehehe" Opening his eyes and scrathcning his head, he again rose to his feet. The ninjan sared blankly at him......Her mouth began to change shape. Almost......Did she? A near smile? It looked like it but soon anger filled her face. Andras sighed.

"Your gonna save......That which is beyond saving. Your gonna save us even when our aligence is with the three lords. Drive them away.....Ad not kill their soldiers. You dream of a world without evil.....Your dream is that of a fool. Open your eyes boy and see the world for what it is......For what all the words are. A devils playground that is beyond saving"

Andras only smiled as deep down he could see that their were some lies in her beliefs. "Then i guess im a fool. People should be happy for the things they have........And not tear the world apart for the things they dont really need. You call me a fool? Evena fool can change a world when the king had failed"

Before she could utter another word. The captain had turned around and in one swift motion he had flash stepped away at an incredible speed, heading to his next destination. He became a blur.....as he travelled. One with the wind that helped him in his movement. His destination was to the south. It did not take long for him to arrive, as he stayed out of sight. The compund of Gambler and his men were heavily guarded. These ninjans were smart. Making sure each route was guarded to the highest ability. Andras could sense, the depleting energy of many of the inncoents inside. Tortue.....beatings and death went through his mind. He could turn away and leave them to die but he couldn't do that. H had also made a promise to himself not to kill any ninjan, but this would prove difficult.

To get in save those inside and get out without killing. He could sneak in but he knew with just one glance that it would prove impossible. he would be spotted. Againa mist began to form, lowering their visibilty. He could not charge in...instead he would wait and think on a plan. Then somethig hit him. All he needed was to focus one area of the ninjans on something else. Even if it was just for a moment.....Because thats all he needed to get in. Though even if he did get in. Rescuing the captured and getting out was a task that truly a fool would take on......But then again he was a fool. this technique would take a while to finish.

"Aisu kuro-n"

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"OPEN" said the Man of Midnight, and they both teleported from where they stood in front of the Phoenix. Slight led the unwilling friend into the hull where he would recieve help for the lasting pain he felt. Then all of a sudden, The King of the Sea dropped to his knees. Obviously he was unused to traveling in such a way. He head dropped between his bend figure and sprewed vomit. This had been the second time in two days. Which reminded him that the battle was still raging. Getting up, he wiped his mouth clean from any residual bile, and went on.

Kurrent had ordered a defensive line in frong of the Phoenix, which held pretty well. But he as a leader, and Slight as a hero had to think about the countless others that fought beside them. From a distance he could see Risky, a Wolf Pack member running for her life. Word had spread of the death of the Lycan King, and he wondered to himself how could that be. And then there was Talon who was pure and simple a weapon. In his time here he'd seen her in action and marveled at her skill. Slight broke from the line, and headed strait for Risky.

As he ran, he was met by a She Ninjan who challenged him to fight. There was no other choice but to oblige the fighter, but he did have a place to be. "Run for the hills to avoid the high flood because I can do a dance that will make the sky cry blood." the Ninjan mistress looked confused as to what he meant. But that did not stop her from charging at him. He quickly collected water molecules from the frigid air, and froze them into a weapon. Not just any weapon, it was an ice trident. Much to likeness of the staff that was carried by Posieden, or Neptune as some called him. Swinging the trident around above his head, he struck with cold fury. Jabbing the middle prong into her throat, She dropped to her knees. Crimson tears trickled down her face, as he said "Cry Blood"

Leaving her there, he continued over to Risky. With his new favorite toy in hand, even though it was now tainted with frozen blood, Slight smiled.

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The Cold Brisk air washed over Constantine's face as he stared up into the night air straight toward the moon, this immortal had over a thousand stories to tell about such a beauty. But he would not be telling them anytime soon, instead he'd be making a new one. The eyes which had seen many things, many impossible, horrible and lovely things set his eyes upon the sign which bore across the gate that this old man stood outside. His wavy blond hair blown behind him in the wind, this Constantine did not need to wear a mask, he had no secrets to hide, his alter ego died many years ago, for him anyway. All though for his younger self it had plenty of time before he would walk as a careless man, with no need to worry about enemies attacking loved ones, he only had to look out for number one. Himself.

Con's past was long forgotten, but being back in this time era he could not help but have doors of memories flooded open. Con always knew he loved his wife Gemma and has never forgot her, even within all the time he's had to wash his regrets away. Con looked down upon his wrist at his fathers old magically customized watch, a device which held everything Con would ever need, as well as the time of all regions in the universe depending where he is that is. The most useful thing Con found that this had was it was the only thing that could tell him his true age. Con stared down at it and whispered to himself "Too old for this, but balance is in need of being restored" with that he stepped forward, closer to the gate which held upon it the lettering which spelled Arkham Asylum. His beige coat swung behind him as he pressed a chilled hand to the lock and with a little magic it unlocked itself.

Needless to say the Guards should be swarming him currently, especially with the upgrade in security in Gotham, and all other prison areas, but he had put the security cameras on a loop, no one would see him enter, the only thing he would be in any need of worrying about is the guards closest to the gate which he just stepped through, but that was covered. He knew what to do. So when he heard the familiar cocking of guns he patiently stopped and waited for what they would do next "How the hell did you get through?" the man on the right asked but before Con replied the man to his left said "Who cares, boss says no precautions so unless sir you have a good reason to be here or will leave cooperatively, we will have shoot" Con let out a short chuckle and in turn stared into the eyes of the men beside him, magically burrowing his thoughts in their head.

Put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger
, Constantine thought and stepped off closer to his destination and without hesitation the two guards put the cold tips of their gun barrels through their bared teeth into the inside lining of their mouths and without any second thoughts the both pulled the trigger and dropped to the floor dead as the blew their own brains out. Con gave a little smirk pointless death still sometimes pulled on his humourous side. It was not long before he trudged up the muddy slopes leading to the front doors, upon arriving he made the four guards slit their own throats with pocket knives. Constantine made his way through the halls silently killing guards on site any prisoners that caught a glimpse of him were shushed. He carried on the routine until he  reached the main operating area which had access to the release button on all holding bays as well as TV network throughout the building.

The main operators sat in their seats all dried up, with no blood left in their body as it had all been specifically targeted and evaporated through Constantine's fire bending ability. They were out of the way and now remaining guards had to be taken care of. Constantine sent out a message through com-link to all remaining guards, asking them to come to a certain area of Arkham in which he gassed them through the vents with a special gas that was placed in their for an extreme protocol, in case of a mass breakout it would have been deployed to take out all the escapees. With the guards out for the count, he hit the big button which in time opened up all the cells for the most feared criminals to be set loose.

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“I will have to leave you know, sadly all things need to come to a close and sometimes the closer does not make it out. It was fun being around you and you other self for the short period of time. Be safe and careful but I need to be off.”

Raker stood there watching as Talon ran off towards the hellish battle that was erupting in the area surrounding Darkchild's stronghold. He hadn't really had any time to actually speak with her, their trip to The Predator had been mostly her talking and him trying to keep up with her while trying to listen to what she had to say at the same time. He could only recall her knowing that he wasn't the same Shadowstep she encountered earlier. Raker looked back at The Predator and then back towards Darkchild's stronghold. Rolling his eyes, Raker began sprinting away from The Predator and started racing after Talon, he couldn't let her just go off and get herself killed now could he?

But try as he might, Raker was unable to keep up with Talon, she was too fast and had already vanished into the battle. That didn't stop him from charging into the thick of it however, but as he did Ninjan Warriors descended upon him like a pack of hungry wolves. Having moved just fast enough to unsheathe The Harvester of Sorrow, Raker sliced off the arms of one of the Ninjan Warriors and set her ablaze with Black Hellfire, she screamed in agony as the flames consumed her and another nearby warrior whom she had stumbled into.

Raker then turned around and blocked a swift attack by a low-ranking officer wielding a Kunai. Raker pressed forward and hit the Ninjan Warrior in the face with the blunt end of his sword, having taken her out of the equation for a couple seconds Raker turned on another Ninjan and rammed The Harvester of Sorrow into her throat and with one swift movement tore open her jugular vein, he then turned his attention back to the low-ranking officer who was preparing to strike once more. However her movements had left her wide-open to attack and so Raker thrust the sword into her stomach, pulled it out and then had thrust it back in once more, the low-ranking officer burst into flames and dropped to the ground screaming as they ate away at her flesh.

Suddenly a bolt of energy slammed into Raker's back, throwing him several feet across the battlefield, a Ninjan Warrior...this one being much taller and stronger-looking than the cannon fodder he had just ripped through...began cutting a path to Raker through the battlefield while charging up both of her fists with pure raw energy. Once she got in range, the Ninjan Warrior fired another bolt at Raker and hit him square in the chest, thus sending him flying back a few feet more. She fired again with her other fist only to have Raker use his Redirect ability to send the bolt flying right back at her.

She easily dodged the bolt as it came, but she was still surprised by Raker's little trick, surprised enough for him to take her by surprise and stab her in the knee with his sword. But...unlike the others she did not cry out in pain, it was almost as if she hadn't even felt the attack, and much to Raker's dismay the Ninjan Warrior grabbed him by the throat and picked him up off the ground like it was no trouble at all. "Pale complexion, strange but unique facial markings, a broken mask and a large gaping hole that goes directly all the way through your throat but has no effect on your neck movement, breathing or overall physical health? What manner of creature are you, off-worlder? You are definitely not Human nor are you Lycan, Ninjan or a member of any other races our kind have encountered before."

"That is because my people did not associate with trash like you. Now release me!"
Raker screamed in the Ninjan Warrior's head as he started digging deeper and deeper into her mind using telepathy. But it was by no means easy to gain control over this woman's mind, she had obviously been trained to resist telepathic mind-control, but Raker was not about to give up. So he dug further until finally her grip loosened up and she let go of him, Raker quickly removed The Harvester of Sorrow from the Ninjan Warriors' kneecap and started hacking away at it like a tree trunk.

In her rage and agony the Ninjan Warrior slammed her fist into the ground, causing it to crack apart and explode. Raker went flying into the air and crossed over the threshold into Darkchild's castle stronghold. After a few moments he hit the ground rolling and knocked a couple of soldiers off their feet. Taking a moment to listen, Raker could swear that he heard Talon shouting from somewhere but before he could do anything else, the guards he had knocked over got up to their feet and started rushing at him with their weapons drawn.

"DIE OFF-WORLDER!!" One of them screamed just as she brought out a Kunai and had thrust forth with the sword tipped at an angle. Raker barely had time to block the attack when a second soldier appeared from out of nowhere and fired a bolt of energy at Raker which sent him flying into a wall.

Raker held onto the wall as he struggled to get up to his feet, that energy bolt had torn through him and had caused him to sustain severe injuries both external and internal due to it being at such a close range, with each breath he took shards of agony tore straight through his lungs like bullets. Looking at the approaching guards, Raker grasped the hilt of The Harvester of Sorrow tightly and with all his might he rushed forth and sliced the head of the first guard he came into contact with clear off, Raker stumbled for a moment while trying to gather some more strength and then once he had he thrust the sword into the heart of another guard and tore it out with one swift movement.

The pain was getting worse but Raker was not about to give up now. He was going to fight and he would keep doing so until he could fight no more. A moment that came all too soon as another bolt of energy slammed into Raker and sent him crashing to the ground, unconscious and badly burned. The remaining guards cautiously approached Raker and waited a couple seconds to see if he was still alive or not. Much to their disbelief Raker was still alive, but just barely, the guards exchanged glances with one another and then looked at their superior.

"Do we kill him?" one of the lower-ranking guards asked.

"No. I'll go inform Lord Darkchild of the situation and ask him what we should do with the intruder. In the meantime the rest of you get a power-inhibiting collar on him, along with some shackles and place him in a holding cell. Confiscate any weapons he may still have on his person and do not take your eyes off of him for even a second." the Superior replied as she removed her helmet, ran her fingers through her long golden locks of hair, took in a deep breath and began to make her way through the castle and directly for Darkchild's private quarters. As she did some of the other guards picked Raker up and began the process of placing shackles and a power-inhibiting collar on him while the rest simply kept their weapons ready just in case Raker was faking it and would have to be put down swiftly before he could cause them any further trouble.

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 * thump...thump...thump* Ravens heart pounded against his chest, the pressure of his fear could be felt in his throat, the sharp pain in his wrist pulsed agonizingly. The Shun Kai Prodigy had no idea of his whereabouts, he was knocked unconscious during an epic battle with the ninjeta warriors. His vision was blurred, his leg half asleep, the hero leaned up from his back to see the rest of his dear brethren, slight was healing the injuries of his fellow comrads, Raven felt safe once more

  The phoenix  was discordant with a melange of screaming, the ache in ravens wrist was so intense , that he paid no attention to the sounds."ughhh...ugghh" he moaned  as he tried to move his hand in a circular motion, his hand was parlayed with pain. The hero then observed his armor, he was appalled by what he saw. It was tarnished, it resembled a shredded cloth, at the peek of its damage, he also realized that his prong had dissapeared, he had no powers without his prong he was totally screwed.He would be disabled from all of his powers, the prong was the source of his energy.

  Raven stood up using his hands a leverage ,  and observed the phoenix. Its was very big, filled with various technical equipment, Wondering spider as the pilot of the ship, small doors that lead into compact rooms. He walked slowly gazing  at the windshield of the Phoenix, the clouds were filled with sandy brownish debris, you couldnt really see anything from it, raven idnt understand how  WS could.Bringing his focus back onto his situation, raven contemplated on what he was going to do, he couldnt survive the harsh conditions of the ninjeta planet without his suit, he would die from lack of oxygen. tha""ts when he took notice in the prong right where he laid"ooh ..phew  that was close"

  The prong had no mount,  and his suit was damaged, so he couldn't generate any of the powers he wanted, all it could do his enhance his human abilities, and provide him with oxygen. Raven came well equipped for this situation, in his barrack, he had an arsenal of weapons just for the occasion, The Astral Illusion made his way into his barrack which was in a short narrow corridor with many doors opposite from each other, The room was filled with nigresence, his prong emitted the darkness after 10 seconds, and all that could be seen in the room was two spartan mattress adjacent to each other. raven went into a large suitcase, and pulled out a Bayonet,  2 Desert eagles, multi purpose goggles, cluster of plasma grenades, and many other weapons.It was time to lock and load

The Journal Recording

   We are almost close to the ninjeta fortress, im so close to achieving my ultimate goal which is Killing  Jean luc Lebeau, he has been the soul goal of my life, i wish to do nothing but kill this man, i will do whatever it takes to make sure he is wiped from existence, i want to be the one to execute the final death blow, call it merciless, but i have no remorse for this man, he is the epitome of evil, he has done nothing to benefit this world, his life will end here, i will die at the path of his extinction, i live for nothing more, and i make this recording just to express my feelings and to have someone continue my mission if i shall fail...Jean...YOU WILL DIE.


  Raven tossed the recording device to the side as Ws signaled our departure. The sound of war echoed throughout the sphere loudly, raven could feel the adrenaline of rage manifest within his heart, he fely how he once felt when his people betrayed him, all he wanted to do was kill, this was not the heroes way, but he could feel nothing else at this point. Murdering all who opposed his quest was what he felt, hero or not. His heart pounded in his chest loudly, ice crystals formed in his stomach with each second that passed , he urged to take a life so deeply , nothing could stop him.

  The phoenix landed with the large screech of metal, and Raven's eye's opened widely, the hind door opened widely , and a brilliant light shinned amongst the hero, he brushed past all of the veritas members into the battlefield. his desert eagles glistened refinely, and his rage was radiant, he stood besides hi best of friends  and glared at all of them, as they stood in a front line by the phoenix. He felt proud to be a veritas, he felt at home no where else, if he should die, his brothers would tell his life story.He loved all of his teamates dearly, and he began to tear at the thought.


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Her breathing was slow almost undetectable. “You actually thought she was dead? Ha! Like fate will grant you that peace, not while I’m around!” She did not know if she was dead from the voice in her head she would have wished to be dead. She was alive she had to be she felt the pain running through her the sting of pain the taste of blood in her mouth. She could feel the beat of her heart it’s pulse weakened. She could feel the pieces of led in her body the three gorged into her skull. She could also feel her burned flesh on her back along with arms. As her eyes shot open due to the stink of something being placed into her arms. She did not even noticed that she was bound she only noticed the man before her.

“Darkchild” she said in a low growling tone as she stared into his cold eyes. She had never met the man but she knew this was him. She felt it this was evil incarnate sure she had faced much worse or at least appearing to be worse. "Well hello their, our little princess is awake."Angered by what he said she lunged forward only to feel the pain of many watts of electricity running through her body. Letting out a slight yelp the chains pulled her back and pushed her against the wall. After taking in a few deep breaths she looked around. It appeared to be his chambers from what she could tell. Her black locks lay on her face in pieces hiding her angered emerald eyes as she glared at him with no remorse.

"I wouldn’t do that, those needles aren’t very hygienic don’t want the dried blood to seep any deeper than needed." He sneered. He took pleasure in this act. Though she was bound in chains and most likely “captured” she studied all she could from him. What he wore how he spoke his personality. Though she did not wish to spent any time with this man other than possibly killing I'm she did not waste time and took in every detail of every thing that he did. Gathering her information she snarled "It would be wise to release me." She knew it was an empty threat…or was it. She knew that if he was to leave her in this state she’d be able to get out like at SHEILD…or wait actually it was her team mate who got her out….besides the point!

He let out a slight chuckles as he used the back of her had to slap her on the cheek. If she had been angry before she was enraged now. No man had ever slapped her and he had touched her that was a mistake. She did not take kindly to coming in contact with me there only a few and mostly her team mates like Akwa or Hunter that she’d commence in hugging or anything physical contact. She could feel the heat from the slap on her cheek as lifted her shoulder to wipe it. Though she was enraged by his actions up to this point she tried to kept it hidden. She did not want to loose her temper not now. Any way there was not much she could do to get out of her predicament….not yet. 

 "I’ve never been referred to as wise, clever yes but wise no. They say I used to make very bad calls, rushing into fights I knew I couldn’t win only to come up on top or bottom beaten worse than a red headed stepchild." She took in his words and they related to her. Actually what she had initiated was very illogical and if she had any sense with in her she would not have come. She would have known that she would have gotten captured like this. It was so foolish now that she looked back she could see her error but she could not get any one else involved she had to do this alone and on her own. She needed to make Hunter proud of her. Yes he was dead but she had to do this. To accomplish the one thing she never could with her own father: just making him proud of her by doing something great to be remembered by.

Yes it was selfish of her to go on her own was she seeking glory? Talon at the moment did not have a clue what she was dong all she knew was that she was going to prove herself any way she could. Actually what she did was very Akwaish. She rushed in ahead with out thinking of the possibilities with out planning. She did not care that she did no have a plan. Now looking back she found herself shocked at her illogical actions and was dumbfounded by them. Turning her attention back to The Child of Darkness he barked orders for the guard to leave. Though she could no see why. Would it have not been best to have a second pair of hands.

 She truly did not understand this man. But his next actions proved her thoughts right once more. With out another word or gesture he….kissed her. Committed in the act of kissing her with any provocation of any kind he grabbed her face and kissed him swiftly and so suddenly that she was caught off guard and at the mercy of his pleasure. It was strange how come she always found herself being kissed by her enemies was it not enough they gloated that they had to commit an action she despised. King Hyperion! And now Darkchild! Though a glimmer of pleasure was egnighted since she was kissed seldom she enjoyed each semi second of it but soon flashed back into her full anger. As he pulled away she jerked forward in anger only to be electrocuted once more.

"Ooooooh my lord, you have seen many battles. And my my you taste so sweet." She let out a cry of annoyance and anger toward him. “What do you want!” she growled trying to get to the point of this.  He had been delaying it either for his own pleasure of just to drive her crazy with his little games. Unlike the many other times she had not studied him. The most she knew about this demon of darkness was that he was powerful, dangerous and manipulative. And those three combinations were deadly in the hands of his. She new there must had to be more to the fact of why she was alive. DC held in his position the ability to kill her she was at his mercy in a way yet he was starching her. Not that she did not enjoy it but it did not see the best choice of options given sh knew herself much better than he did…..well he probably knew her better than she knew herself but then why would she get technical in a time such as this?

"Now I didn’t bring you down here for a kinky session, well only if Risque was around but I haven’t been able to find her” she had heard that name Risque, the strange and deadly clone of her team….or possibly former team mate Risky. Soon Darkness incarnate spoke once more “...back to the point. I saw how you fought, how vicious you were with...my men. How no matter how outnumbered even here in the castle you still fought.” “That’s what happens when a clone gains individuality, claws and a father that’s tough, travels to different realities and eventually meets a Lycan king and some how becomes his daughter after a brutal and less that pleasurable full moon night.” She thought to herself “And I thought Id offer you a chance and a seat in my Vine Villians. So what do you say my little vixen, a place amongst the powerful an mighty or stay a mongrel with your Wolf Pack?"

Anger arose again. She could taste the bile in her mouth. What lowly form of being would possibly think she would betray the people she cared about the most in the whole world? First Shadow boy and now Darkchild? What was earth 616 coming to all of a sudden with people empty accusations on her. But there was one thing that she benefited from all of this: At least she knew all her options. Betrayal was not something alien to her though some of the people who knew her well might have thought her always to be loyal. But if she had always been loyal she would have still been at the Facility. No the reason for her sudden change in personality when coming to this world was n hopes that it would be different and now it seemed awfully similar.

"Come closer...I cant talk all that loud." She sneered with a smile never the less he took the bit and approached her. In a sudden and swift act she spat the blood that was on her mouth the moment he was close enough then snarled  “Fuck you, Im a Wolf for life you repulsive pig, and any who say other wise would be sadly mistaken.” The thing was Talon did not really swear so for her to be using that repulsive language was beyond her. She would say the simple lines using “What the hell” and even “Fuck” but never continuously. But she had er ways and in this angered state of being she would say a lot of things to insulted the Darkness harnesser. But she had to restrain herself. Even in this situation she needed to remember who she truly was and that she needed to keep her head and her cool if she had any luck of escaping Lord Darkchild’s quarters…”At least he’s not raping me” she thought to herself recalling another incident that was…interesting.

With that he quickly stood up with that same sly smile that drove her recklessly insane because he was enjoying this and taking pleasure from her presence a lot more than she was for being chained up…but at least her had the courtesy to kiss her that still gave her the slight creeps. If she got out of this she would hope that Lady Nightmare would wipe her memories of it. Though she could still taste his saliva in her mouth. "So be it, although I much prefer this method of interrogation. You turned this direction, don’t worry...the illusions wont hurt too much.” She stared at him and as he snapped his fingers she soon noticed faces emerging from the walls. In grotesque forms and appearances’.

"You will feel all their pain, all the misery you caused them. And the lives you stole, all for eternity until you give me the answer you need....or a part of you does." She eyes him suspiciously as he exited the room. “Part of me?” on despite the curious tone in her voice she knew what he was hinting at all to well. Taking in a deep breath she turned her attention to the faces on the walls as she looked at them she could remember every thing. That was the thing with Talons head every thing would get stored away. Every little part of knowledge all locked up in her head. She could recall why she had killed them, how she had killed then, the preparation and precaution she had to make before killing them, and finally the actually choice to kill them.

Yes the life of a teenage assassin was a simple one. Your looks hid you well. Never would any one have ever thought this child had mass murdered hundreds. Committed genocide on entire families just because it was her mission. That seemed to be her excuse “It was my mission” she used it all the time and still did. As she was forced to look into the eyes of these illations she could not help but feel great regret and remorse for it all. If she knew that killing all these people would turn her into this she never would have done it.

“You have become a monster because of every soul that you killed every child you murdered every husband with a family that you slaughtered and every pregnant with you stabbed to death. You’re a monster but no one has seen you have they? You’ve kept the monster hidden deep, deep down where no one can find if and better yet where it can’t break free.” As Talon heard her own voice resonating in her mind shock over came her like a tidal wave. She could not move she was to scared to do any thing. “But what happens when the monster escapes, when all along you actually realize that you’ve made the beast stronger than ever before?” Talon pushed herself against the wall and shut her eyes desperately trying to block out the voice inside her head. “I said I’d be back, I said I’d kill them but you didn’t listen and now look where you are when you could have just killed them all, those pitiful humanoid beings, those low life piece of scum they are beneath us….beneath you.”

Her voice was alluring it always was like a seducer and tempter oh she was the devil and devilishly sly. She could manipulate with a thought wrap you around her finger and constantly use you to her pleasure. She was a beast chained for eternity that had chosen her to be it’s host it’s slave. And Talon accepted it bore her like she could but never enjoyed it. Those days when she’d awaken in a families house with the entire family slaughtered before her and her hands stained with their blood. Even though Talon would have no recollection of the event X23 did she always did. Though the entity’s real name was unknown to her she had already named it a part of herself because it would never leave.

X23 was the corruption with in her. It was Talon very own personal demon and boy did she get personal. She had access to every thing in her mind. She could manipulate Talon with a single thought she but it would not take much to bring her down mentally that is and that was the problem. Her mid could have been sharper than a two edged sword if she had not gone through much. The first thing that the Facility did to her was break her down…..mentally not physically.

As she was forced to looked at the faces of those she had killed it began to push her. Despite the pain she began to desperately pull herself from the wall trying to break free. Even though when she did many vaults surged through her body it didn’t matter she needed to break free she needed to get out and she needed to take control back once more. “Interesting how the feeble fight for dominance is not sister? The blind leading the blind?” “Be quiet” Talon growled she could hear X23 chuckle slightly before she began to speak once more. The worlds just sliding off her tongue like water.

After desperate attempts she fell  face on the floor. Blood dripped from her fore head as she stared absently into the rest of the room forced to remain conscious. But one face that protruded that she did not want to see. The face of her late brother. Though his death was not her fault she felt like it was and at that point she realized something: she needed to die! As the torture continued X23 did not hinder at the slightest. “You killed them you killed them all they are all dead because of you and you felt nothing…..because you have nothing to feel, they all die but some don’t always come back. You killed him, Hunter died protecting you and you killed him.”

“Get out! It’s not my fault!” she pleaded banging her hand on the floor. “It was not my fault!” she shouted. At first there was no reply….”Yes it was, they’ll all die watch and you’ll see them die! You a monster an abomination and a danger to every one…” Talon lay motionless on the floor a moment her eyes closed as a tear slid down her cheek. A black shadowy type figure slid along the walls of the room. As she opened her eyes she saw it and followed it till she could see the silhouette of someone. “Kill me” she whispered in agony as the tears slid down. “Oh no my dear sister we have plans for you..” With that the X-23 in her shadow form slowly slid over Talon covering her. Darkness seemed into the girls eyes and she struggled and shouted. As the moment of her overcoming came she could only think of the horrors and pain she would cause in this state of being….

“Ugh..” she sighed rolling on her back she found herself looking up at a ceiling. Talon sat up and rubbed her head slightly as she looked around. “Interesting location…didn’t picture it this way though” she whispered getting up but as she did a surge spiked through her. Clenching her teeth she looked at her constrains and then smiled.  “The feeble things of morals” she scoffed as she got fully to her feet pulling on her chains slightly. After looking at then black flames egnighted from her hands as the flames moved down the chain burning through it like paper. Once that was done she examined her attire and sighed placing her finger on her forehead. “My, my what have they done to you child” she said as she black mist surrounded her for a moment and soon disappeared. To revile herself fully dressed in her usual attire when ever she had her way at least.

Her crave for blood was overpowering. Because she was Talon she knew exactly what was going on giving her an advantage. Fully dressed and  as sensible as she was going to get she flung her hand causing the door of DC’s chamber to burst open as she walked through. Flinging her hair aside she eyed the man sitting besides the door with her marble black orbs. Placing a sly smirk she commented “You called me?”

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The battle had been mobilized and the spider had been taking down as many soldiers as possible, his suit was torn from blade ruptures and spears from the several close calls he have been through in the whole battle. Adam as he dodge for his life and kept an weather eye he notice as allies were taken away by VV forces. “Great.. A losing battle is all we are fighting..” said in regret the spider as his comrades were apparently falling, something had to be done by someone before it was too late, and that was when the call came in. "Spider, get inside the Phoenix and get it airborne with the wounded and medics inside, use the guns in the ship and take out the VV castle but stay behind our formation down here, if we need to fall back come down low and get us the hell outta here.”  receiving the message the wondering spider grabbed once again a spear and spun around trying to make room for him to move then taking a few steps the Spider once more stabbed the head of the spear into the the ground and is launched into the heavens on course to the Phoenix and landing on its surface. “I’m on it K.” said the spider punning as he was on top of the Phoenix.

Sliding down the side the spider then entered the phoenix and reached the phoenix cockpit, he sat on the pilot chair and fastened his seat belt and put on the headphones while igniting the phoenix. Worried about those unready on the back the spider grabs the microphone to warn them: “Eeeerrr this is your captain speaking, The wondering Spider. Eeeerrr, I should warn you all that I do not have a pilot license and I learn how to fly playing Time pilot at home, is a classic from konami, so brace yourselves is going to be a bumpy ride, MWAHAHAHAAHHAAA!.. Just kidding, I always wanted to say that, I know you have no choice whatsoever, but still, thanks for choosing spider airlines, sit back and enjoy the ride as we take down these b@stards.” the phoenix reach its peak and the doors lock sealed as the Phoenix lift flight. Adam’s order was to take out VV castle and that was exactly what have had in mind to do, those were his orders, and the best chance they had.

Coming at sight was the large castle protected by Ninjans and their large weapons, it was evident that the phoenix’s presence had apparently been detected for a large group of Ninjans rise into the skies on their way to attack the jet not to mention the cannon fire coming from the castle “Oh, crap” gasped the spider as he maneuvered the large jet avoiding any damage. “Sorry girls but I have to do this!” Adam reach into the control panel and activates the jet’s primary weapon the proton cannons, under the jet two large cannons emerge as they automatically browse for a target [ Primary weapons activated] said a robotic voice on the background as Adam then marks the target on the screen. [Target confirmed] once again confirmed the voice on the background as Adam makes the choice shouting “FIRE!” [Firing primary weapon] the cannons target the large VV castle and the Ninjans watching the large cannons as the sonic energy alone knocks them of the air as the two large inbound proton blast headed straight to the castle of the Vine villains. “Suck on that!” said Adam before pulling  up as he got ready for a second [Primary weapon charging]

“Well I guess I’ll have to use American power!”

 Adam turned the phoenix around for a second raid and activated the missile battery carrying eight AIM-120AMRAAM as he once again gaze upon his target shouting “VI Phoenix, FOX #3s!” before he squeezed the trigger shooting out three missiles inbound toward the VV castle. “That should do it.” said Adam while gazing at the radar right before shifting course as he reports to Veritas: “The deed is done- Oh' Mighty leader. Just say the word and I’ll be glad to get our asses from this hell hole… Is hard to keep up with CNN while in an intergalactic battle. Spidey, watching from the skies- Out.”