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Raptor tries in vain to break free of her bonds, but she cannot. The chains are too strong and the power dampening collar around her throat prevents her from using the power of her scream to escape. The farce of a trial, in her opinion, has finally ended and the judges have taken her to a gate that leads to the Nexus of Eternity where her sentence awaits.

The Judge presiding over her case reads the charges one final time. Then with a look of disgust, he asks Raptor a question, "Any last words before the sentence is carried out?"

Raptor spits, not caring if it misses. "For the last time, I'm innocent of the crimes brought against me!"

The Judge stares down his nose at her, so full of arrogance and pride, "It matters not, you have been found guilty. The sentence is--"

"Eternal heaven?" Raptor interrupts, laughing, "Some sentence! Your going to give me unending happiness and joy for all of eternity. And this is your so called punishment?! Idiots!"

The Judge actually smiles, "No one is supposed to be in the Nexus of Eternity for very long. Everyone knows that this place offers you your wildest dreams." The Judge kneels before Raptor, his face close to hers as he locks eyes with Raptor, "But it's all an illusion and however long it takes, you'll learn that. And then this so called heaven will turn into a living **** for you. And with no way to escape, your going to be stuck there for a long, long time."

Raptor tilts her head back and delivers a head butt against the prick of a Judge, breaking his nose and causing blood to spurt out like a faucet. With a grunt of pain, the Judge lands on his back, holding his nose before he picks himself up. Raptor smiles even as the guards beat her mercilessly, but the Judge orders them to stop and, with a voice full of rage, he commands the guards to throw her in.

As soon as Raptor enters the Nexus of Eternity, she is free of her bonds and she smiles in contentment as her dreams of a happy and joy filled life are hers for the taking.

At least...at first. It was nice for the first few decades. But eventually Raptor realized that everything the Nexus of Eternity offered was nothing more than an illusion. The Judge was right. Her heaven turned into a prison and every attempt to try and escape, failed.

But then Raptor saw a mysterious coffin floating in the endless expanse. She immediately recognized the runes written upon it. Whoever was inside, his or her power could be accessed from outside of this dimension. It's not exactly an escape, but it's the next best thing. Grabbing hold of her Nth Metal Mace, she starts banging on the surface of the coffin as she attempts to break in. At first, she has no discernible effect. But the power of Nth metal causes a curious reaction with the magic wards protecting the coffin and the occupant inside is brought back from the dead.

Alethea, the Amazon from long ago, awakens with a rasping gasp and her back arches as her body pulses with life. When she wakes up, her power is no longer connected to Karah Knightfall and the poor girl loses her powers. Confused more than anything, Alethea tries to break free of her coffin. With the help of Raptor, she succeeds. The two wonder who each other are, but Raptor does not care. She slams her Nth metal mace in Alethea's face so hard, she sends the mighty Amazon away and out of sight.

Raptor smiles before turning to the coffin and crawls inside. The doors of the coffin automatically close, repairing the damage done to them thanks to her efforts to break in. Gotta love magic. As Raptor falls into a deep sleep, her last thought is that she hopes it is not long before she finds herself in the real world...

Christmas Eve, 2018

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Karah does not know how long she's been in this cage. Seems like hours. The perception of time for a child is way different than an adult. Minutes can seem like they go on forever. She has tried saying the magic word SHAZAM several times since 'Warrior Angel' disappeared on her, but to no avail. She is powerless and she is starting to feel hopeless. How would her new Mommy react to her child being missing? And on Christmas Eve of all things?!

Karah wipes away the tear and tries really hard to stomp out her fears, but it isn't easy. A child's imagination can sometimes get the better of her. Taking a deep breath, she tries one last time to change into Warrior Angel, "Please work, please work, please work!" She begs, then whispers, "Shazam!"

Magic lightning hits Karah on her head with a KRA-KOOM and the sound of thunder follows. A brief flash of light is seen before a new figure is standing in the cage. A beautiful exotic woman with red hair and a pair of angelic like wings stands in Karah's place. Her name: Raptor, which means Bird of Prey. Karah has switched places with Raptor and the young Knightfall is soundly sleeping inside the coffin in the Nexus of Eternity while Raptor is in the real world. Free at last!

Raptor doesn't like being in cages so she blows the metal apart with a single sonic scream and walks out. She stretches her arms, legs and beautiful white wings, "Ahhhh, FREE AT LAST! Never going back there again."

A strange looking man in some kind of power armor comes stomping in, shocked to see Raptor and a busted cage with no Karah in it. He is dumbfounded to find her here, wondering where Karah went. Raptor knows full well what happened to Karah, but doesn't care. Curiously, she immediately feels guilty that she doesn't care.

No time to dwell on it. Raptor unclips her mace from her belt and smashes the bright shiny thing on the power armor's chest and the armor powers down, having gotten lucky with that blow. Then Raptor proceeds to beat the man senseless until he is knocked out. "Hmph. Not much of a challenge." Raptor states with disappointment.

Raptor finds her way out of the place soon enough and flies into the night sky. Strange place. Skyscrapers, smog and weird vehicles. Primitive. Then Raptor smiles, realizing the potential of this place, "I'm going to have SO much fun here."

Stretching her wings, she flies above the city. Free. Truly free, for the first time in a long time.

To Be Continued in The Rebirth of WARRIOR ANGEL!

Karah Knightfall is no longer Warrior Angel, but now she switches places with a mysterious being who only calls herself, Raptor. Who is she what does she want? Is she a hero or a villain? All this will be explored in future Role-Plays. In the meantime, what about Warrior Angel? Who is Alethea? And will she become the NEW Warrior Angel? Stay tuned...

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Badass!!! I want too play with this bustling new hero

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It should have been said earlier but great job!

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<3 <3 <3 <3