The Rebirth of Karah Knightfall, Part I

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Christmas Eve, 2018

Karah & Warrior Angel meet for the first time as two separate beings
Karah & Warrior Angel meet for the first time as two separate beings

Warrior Angel has been known for giving away a little Christmas spirit, her first since Karah became Warrior Angel. A name the media chose to call her and not one she chose herself. A man she saved called her an angel. Others called her a warrior. Thus, the name Warrior Angel came to be and it has stuck ever since.

But tonight would be different. For reasons unknown to her, the source of her powers within the Nexus of Eternity would awaken. The Amazon warrior known to the ancient world as Alethea. The Amazon's eyes suddenly pop open as her body pulses with life. She breathes in a loud rasping gasp, back arching, before she finds herself in Metro City.

As Warrior Angel, Karah had been fighting a super-villain when Alethea wakes up. When that happens, the magic lightning that transforms the ten year old girl flashes from the night sky and hits her on the head. In a flash of light and the sound of rolling thunder, Warrior Angel and Karah become separated. Both are flung from each other, confusing the villain who stops for a moment to gawk at what is happening.

Karah rubs the bump on the back of her head that she got when it met concrete. She is otherwise uninjured, but she stares in shock at the woman before her. Warrior Angel and Karah both stare at each other. No longer is Warrior Angel an avatar for Karah Knightfall. Now Alethea is her own separate person once again. As the ancient warrior speaks, she reaches a hand out for Karah, "K-Karah? is this possible? Are you alright?"

But Karah's eyes go wide with shock as her hand passes right through Warrior Angel's own. In fact, Alethea is now transparent and she is suddenly lifted off her feet. Trying in vain to stay with Karah, Warrior Angel resists whatever force that is trying to pull away. She hears Karah scream but it sounds as if it's far away, "Warrior Angel, don't leave me!"

Warrior Angel tries to speak, but the words are taken out of her mouth as her body is forcefully ripped away and taken up into the sky where she vanishes into a blaze of glorious light. The Nexus of Eternity having claimed another victim, but is that truly the end of Warrior Angel?

Karah screams her name, but no answer. The villain that is watching this confusing set of events now realizes that he has the perfect opening. He reaches out a metallic hand from his power suit and grabs Karah. She screams, demanding him to be let go. But her demands fall on deaf ears as the villain takes her away to his lair, laughing at the unexpected triumph.

What has happened to Karah Knightfall?! Why has she been separated from Warrior Angel?! Who is Alethea?! What nefarious plans does Karah's kidnapper have for his new captive?! All that and more in Part II and the New Beginning for Warrior Angel!

To Be Continued....

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Hell yeah this is awesome