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June 21, 2018 - Addams University

"Parents, students, faculty, and beady eyed creepers from the slums of Hoboken", he watched in awe as various mortals looked to him with a sense of shock, "We gather here in celebration. Not for the somber endings of childhood, but for the optimistic beginnings of adulthood. Today we celebrate the opportunities given to all those who've been academically excellent since their freshman year. We celebrate because of your spectacular work ethic", he couldn't help but smile as reddened faces expressed flattery, "You students are the first of many future generations, who will no doubt graduate from this amazing university, which might I add was founded by thee first family of these United States." He winked toward the camera, very much aware that his Madame President was watching from her oval office.

"Now I want you all to enjoy this night. The first night where dependence on mommy and daddy is no longer necessary. Because tonight is the first chapter of your new life. A life that'll no doubt change the way America is perceived. An army of intellectual, savvy, strong, and truly gifted American citizens that I'm will alter American history for centuries to come. Thank you for your time. Thank you for being fantastic. Now throw those caps way up high, like you just don't care, and enjoy the rest of your life! Cause I'm sure it'll be great." Kenneth smiled to the camera yet again, knowing for sure he had done his partner proud.

June 21, 2018 - Underground

Whenever together they tear each other up like rabid animals. I've seen it with my own two eyes. It's crazy. I've never seen anything like that. I guess regeneration and a kinky sense for foreplay can do that for a couple of their stature. I told you I wasn't lying. President Addams has been sleeping with the First Husband for the last forty-eight hours, which means she hasn't kept track of the latest happenings in her country. Energies readings have been off the charts, the mutant gene has resurfaced after years of being dormant. One has to wonder what's cause this sudden upheaval in mother nature. I'm sorry Mister Ziev--err--Stark, but we kinda have to tell the President. She'll know what to do.

"I love you Clarice." His happiness always made her day, his happiness kept her sane, and as always his happiness got her laid. The circle of life had no ending, together forever, till the end of time. "I love you too, Noah." She couldn't help but feel the intense ecstasy course through her veins. His pheromones, his great physique, everything about him made her complete. "I will always love you", she said with parted breaths, knowing in her heart that this perfect life would never ever change.

June 22, 2018 - Addams Estate

"It's the fifth anniversary. It's the day I save America from the mutant menace. Sure I shadily took the presidency, but the humans are none the wiser. I have a husband, three dogs, and an army at my command. If Stark has told you anything than you know we have plans for expansion", she flat ironed her bouncy brown locks as words were reluctantly shared, "Now you tell me my most loyal ally was hesitant to tell me about the resurfacing of the mutant genome? I find that hard to believe. I also find it hard to believe that my powers have worn off after five years of being the only tool that has warded off enemy invasion." Miss Michelle didn't like liars, because liars are unworthy company, and unworthy company have a bad habit of dying in her prestigious presence.

"Let's say that I believe you. Let's say Stark is having a mid-life crisis, that's totally understandable. A few drinks and Canada should do the trick. However, this mutant problem will only cause me harm. That'll only give our dearest enemies ammunition in their pointless cause for rebellion. Which reminds me - why are they even upset? We have food, water, riches, American Idol, and porn. I see no reason for revolt." She let go of her precious device, content with her look for this evening's festivities.

"Sigh. I suppose civilization isn't entirely ready for absolute utopia, but let's get back to the main topic. These mutants will have to be handled. Now listen my duchess", she patted her pleasant assistant like a glorified lackey, "Don't tell any of my witches, especially Bonnie, but I've got that handled." She clasped her hands together, shook her hips from the left to the right, and licked her lips rather playfully.

"Done!", she said giddily, amused by her puppet's perplexed expression. "I have powers over the earth and like that. I made the world a better place. Now be a good girl and send out those invitations, I want anyone who's anyone to be here for this amazing anniversary! I'm sure it'll be a ball."

June 22, 2018 - Botanical Gardens

"Thousands of lives ended this morning. An act of God or something far more sinister? Incoming reports have stated each death share one similarity. Each victim was indeed a mutant. Some say this was a warning of the supernatural kind. Mutants are not welcomed. Mutants are satanic. Mutants do not belong. It's crazy to think that after our madame president saved us from the previous mutant apocalypse, that another one was on the verge of happening. But we don't have to worry anymore. We survived the sequel unscathed. Regardless of the reports, humanity is safe for another day, so there's no need to fear. Tonight's scheduled celebration will go as planned. Which goes to show that this new America is an America worth fighting for. Smile with grace. We all deserve it. My name Shinji Tzukazaki and you've been watching Channel Action News. Thank you and have a good night."

Kenneth was right. Cassandra was right. Madame Blossom was right. Everyone was right! I was a fool to let her cast this spell. I was to dumb to realize that her compliments, assistance, and love were all a well orchestrated forgery. I was childish. And after five years of living in this fake world.....the president has plucked the final straw. She's a monster. She needs to be stopped and I know just how. If my contingency spell was any good than three people should remember the previous reality. And if that isn't enough I've created a traveling spell...that'll incline all those hurt by Clarice in this new feel the need to end her damned existence. I can do this. I can cut the web and end this madness once and for all.

Tonight, Clarice Michelle Addams dies. It's only a matter of who gets the bragging rights.

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-One Day Ago, In the New World-

"I say my fellow walkers of day and night that I, Marcus, have ended are witch problem. Sure they are useful and advantage, but the ones here in the beloved New Orleans and much of Louisiana for the matter are selfish little b!tches who want to take what's not theirs. Contessa, Madame Rose, the thorn to our problem. The last and final of the witches is here by executed. Of course we save the best for last. She is the social root of our problem which is why her friends have already died. For years she hidden from us, with a glamour so perfectly crafted that it manage to sustain even though the magic flux was in use. I must say I'm impress but no witches are the sins to our problems. Their so called Magic Renaissance was a failed and us, walkers of the day and night have held a tight grip on our domain." bringing forth the last witch of Louisiana, Marcus pulls her forward to embrace the spot light of which she claimed so much in a different shade from this. "Lets take a traditional route in this penalty, hanging by death or by fire?" he asked the crowd of undead monsters, "FIRE" many said but the majority wished to see her suffer in a most elegant way "HANG THE WITCH!" the crowd began repeating and so it was, Contessa's death was by means of hanging from a rope. "You think you've won Marcus?" she laughed slightly "You've just anger the spirits more, when this mystical flux is gone they'll have your head and soul!" she screamed only with a smile to reach his face in return "What soul?" with that the witch was hung and she wobbled for life, gasping for air and struggling to find a level to support her body. Her neck already broken and now her shattered soul. The witch known as Rose was no more.

From the side lines the unknown femme-fatale stared and watch as she saw her fellow sister witch die. This witch hunt and purification had happened worldwide, witches were dying from left to right. But it wasn't just witches, mutants were extinct. A helpful genetic gene that now became their curse in this new world. Thanks to the control of Clara Mass and her political influences the Mistress of Manipulation had cemented her hold on almost all supernatural beings still alive and it was thanks to her that Marcus found the whereabouts and knowledge of this mystic revolt. But unknown to others, Clara herself had a witch, for she longed for the true elixir of immortality one very linked to the ancient line of witches, whose bloodline were the key in finding it. Now it was given fact that Clara lavished in her own awards and accomplishments, as her annual celebration began and it was now a moving force for those to end her. Tea and crackers will be served and so will Clara's death.

-Hours before the arrival-

All ready dressed in her pale pink pencil mini-skirt with a loose fabric circling the dress and silver heels the witch bends down on her knees with her eyes shut and her mind focused used her connection to the earth. She was but one of the two last remaining witches in this world but something in nature cried out, its sensation and touch was different almost faint in a way to it being loose. She felt different, the earth and magic felt different, it was if she'd been living in a dream before to only now wake up in a new reality where she tried so hard to escape. "Talk to me spirits help me. What feels so wrong but so true." she pleaded with her current posture and gestures still in place and only the sound of her lips were at work. Continuing on reaching out to the spirits the witch was given with no results, "Nothing..." she said hopelessly, years passed and the witch faced several hardships with a constant knack for moving and traveling like nomads. But alone, here in the cemetery where no other dare to come and where many had died and been buried the witch thought it would prove some little aid given this is the resting ground for the dead. In this new vision of a world, she had no recollection of her former self, no darkness nor expression but the simple use of earthly base magic.

Attempting a final shot at communication the witch chanted an incantation purely on her systematic base of magic, slicing both her palms and facing them to the ground where her blood would seep into the earth, this was something others would think as unsanitary and infectious, but the witch didn't care as long as she would gain the spirits' voice. As a witch of both the moon and sun clan who had long worshiped the celestial figures, she pleaded to them for aid, using their energies to gain her more leverage and fuel. "Nature ties and nature cries, what was long gone now return, I summon forth the spirits, bring to me for which I seek, the answers they hold and so they may speak." with each repetition of the spell the undistinguished voices rattle throughout the graveyard and the sudden creation of strong winds swirled around her. It was echoes of unknown voices and words that could not be comprehended. As the winds died down, the witch was finally greeted with what she had summoned, the spirits. They spoke in broken languages as they were completely confused individuals, "We belong not here, world go change, it not here but there." one said. "I do not understand?" she said replied back, what they told her was more puzzling and complex. Why were they speaking like this and why does everything feel so out of place. Following an extensive conversation, Fan tried her best to understand them, even if she was confused, but enough for her to process. "I can't do this. It's beyond me, I'm not strong enough." she argued, as they asked her to kill a particular individual who held the key to end this madness.

Releasing all but one spirit from her presence the witch was able to gain sense of her words, "We'll give you the power to change this. The power of 100 hundred witches combine." as she ended, a massive collection of many variation of mystical might entered her body, nature responded by this change and mass of energy with flashes of electrical hovering storms in the skies accompanied by heavy winds once again, the ground began to shake as well. Seconds later the elemental dances of nature ceased and all was normal again. "To the ball I go." she said with a new mask wrapped around her face.

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Stark folded his arms as Horizon told him the cruel truth

"Sir, Clara has somehow infused your suit to your body without any chance of reverse - It is more than a simple medical procedure...I am unsure how to analyse however all I know it is permanent - I will go off-line in around an hour however - My backup systems need energy and as the suit is now YOU - I will run out without an external power..."Stark shook his head violently and shouted at Horizon "NO! You cannot leave me...not like THIS! WHAT AM I HORIZON! WHAT. AM. I!"Stark smashed around his office as he tried to figure out a way to exit his suit, command after command failed as it simply did not work....

4 years later...

Folded arms and sat virtually dead on the inside Stark would have shed tears if his suit had allowed it, looking at the dead and mangled body of his Ex-Enforcer @saviour after he had tried to stop Stark for his "crimes". Stark had swiftly ended the mans life without remorse..until he closed the mans eyes, a flashback had appeared as Stark had gained memories from somewhere else...This planted the seed that would grow into him becoming aware of Clara's control...

Five Years later

No Caption Provided

"She ruined my life...all of it...I remember..I remember everything..the betrayal...the genocide...the infusion...Venezuela...HALO.....everything...."

Stark sat dismayed in the beach of yet another destroyed nation of Africa under the Presidents orders. She had been sending him around like a lapdog bitch since the day she infused his armor to his body....The upsides where small - His body was now 100% the suit..He was not even sure he had skin underneath this anymore beacuse it had been like this for five painful years. He had lost Horizon, His only true friend left in the world since the Enforcers disbanded and then hid.

His mission was simple these days really...find and destroy all mutant reminiscent...He had been programmed like a machine somehow - but the program had gotten weak. He could articulate his own thoughts and actions now...He remembered what she had done..He wanted revenge. He wanted justice. He wanted Clara on a stake. The tiny African nation had been harboring a mutant so as his "programming" instructed he destroy the entire country...He knew it was wrong, but his body acted without his own thought. But not anymore, the mutant genome was back and he had not told Clara since and the only reason he went along with this massacre was to keep suspicions down however it made him sick. Killing thousands was not a fun past-time. But it was a needed sacrifice. Stark was always the man who could make the hard choices, Venezuela...The President...HALO...Countless other events had changes Stark from a self proclaimed hero to a self proclaimed villain. He once prized himself on helping the world...Ironic when he had caused more deaths than virtually anybody in existence.

10 Hours later - Peak Tower


Starks plan was simple as simple could be to a man of his intellect ;

  • Meet Noah after he had invited him to the tower for a "friendly" talk.
  • Take his Body via Mind-Swap
  • kill Clara

Perfect plan but the execution would be nigh impossible. He had invited Noah over to Peak Tower that now resided as a mutant holding facility...Secretly anyways. He sat and waited for his new body contemplating how he was going to bide his time before ruining Noah's life- Another Ex-Enforcer. Ohh how the great had fallen....

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Years Prior

Distantly situated in an altered past, the Cultured Catalan's once insatiable desire to witness the humiliating degradation of the United States' president's public frame had instinctively prompted him into a meticulous plot centered on secretive scheming. Having enlisted the previously invaluable services of the megalomaniacal Clarice Michelle in the hopes of obtaining relevant information on the politically-power hungry Ziev, the Knightfall Don's apparent gratitude was showcased by the betrayal-prone Clarice the supposed alchemical formula for the elusive 'Grand Elixir of Immortality' of Chinese Alchemy. A characteristically cautious Catalan, Andres' actions were not performed without the plausible realization of potential undesired future scenarios involving Clarice's possible ascension to a potential position of power.

With the imbued awareness of a realistic unfavorable event, the Stylish Spanish Storm Shadow's immediate counter-plan, methodically developed to artistically dismantle Clarice's apparent acquisition of immortality had experienced instantaneous commencement. Cleverly combining peerless technological mastery with scientifically-oriented biological and chemical knowledge, the inevitable creation of a previously theoretical cluster of intricately-aligned quantum 'Beta Trion' particles, particularly prepared for the primary purpose of stripping the reality-warping megalomaniac of her extravagant abilities through the regulative energy-absorbing properties of the metallic material, efficiently exploiting her reliance on reality-altering energies. Coupled with the existing exotic offensive capabilities of his 'God Virus' synthetic-pathogen, Andres' contingency plan in preparatory response to anticipated danger posed by a woman irreversibly consumed by frequent delusions of grandeur was ensured its plausible success should necessity demand its utilization.

Sharing information regarding his planned developments with an unlikely ally, the vampiric Ravenna, initially acquainted during his short-lived tenure as the prestigious White King of the high-society Hellfire Club, Andres' intellectual intention of enlisting the aid of an undeniably lethal ally served as a testament to his unmitigated desire of witnessing Clarice's immediate defeat. Unfortunately, reality-altering events occurring prior to the execution of what could have been a perfectly prepared plan contributed to its unanticipated delay. Somehow, the politically-oriented reality warper had commenced a crusade dictating the elimination of genetically mutated individuals. Whether or not she harbored knowledge of Andres' verging antagonistic objective remained unknown as her actions encouraged his departure from the globe's known corners.

The Present

With sufficiently gathered equipment, most notably, his enigmatic La Palabra de Dios notebook, the Mercurial Maestro inevitably fled to a location beyond the reach of a power-driven Clarice. His last utilization of earthly technology, his L.K. Accelerator was the generation of a tested wormhole via high-energy particle collisions, manipulating it to ensure his transition from the known globe to the depths of his anomalistic Zero Field's fundamental nexus. Essentially concealing himself in the unknown confinements of an electrically-charged dimension exclusively attached to his genetic makeup, Rey Blanco's unforeseen retaining of a large percentage of his memory regarding the world's genuine past remained a mysterious outcome. A hypothesized reason postulated by the Martial Arts Don's seemed to be Clarice's past sympathy for his role in her acquisition of apparent immortality coupled with the energy-absorbing properties of his internally implanted Trion-based zepto-technology, ensuring his unexpected exemption from the bulk of the megalomaniac's reality-bending fury.

His obtained time in the Zero Field's depths was spent resuming the development of a plan shared with Ravenna, someone the Spaniard hoped had not perished under the exponentially expanded ego of Clarice Michelle. Upon the inevitable conclusion of his plot, Andres' emergence from years of concealment was certain. His immediate return to a radically altered world was speedily dictated by his compulsion to locate Ravenna for the rapid commencement of their attempt at eliminating a collective despised target. Unaware of his associate's current predicament, he opts to begin his search in the remnants of the Hellfire Club's architectural foundation in Paris, France. Skeptical on the possibility of a response, he broadcasts a technology-conveyed digital message specifically attuned to Ravenna's psionic characteristics, a necessary agreement made during the initial stages of their mutual alliance. His situation however, was not flawless, an existing consequence of past reality-warping occurrences, Andres harbored no recollection of his brother, Quintus' existence.

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Reaching down to his knees the battered Knightfall pulled the strapping from atop his knees off and threw it to the floor. Sitting with his head in hands on the edge of worn sofa in all but darkness the sudden realization struck him, "my body cant take much more of this". Walking gingerly to the bath tub he continued to reflect on how his career had taking its tole on his still young body. He was thirty on his last birthday and his bones where more like that of someone double his age, cartridge in his joints almost entirely ground away from strings of fights and falls. His skin now low like a subway map the routes mapped out across the surface of his skin in bright white scar tissue. His face now more grizzled with perma-stubble the only scar less mass on his body.

Stepping into the bath his muscles began to twitch as the warm waters helped to try and loosen the tightness of the last fight, reaching to his side as the water rose above his ribs the sudden sting of water hitting an open wound. Twisting to see his side Cassius reached into the water and pulled out a small piece of metal no bigger than a finger nail. The water around the puncture now with a swirl of blood floating to the surface. Leaning back in the bath once again the Knightfall winces as his fragile form continues to bombard him with various aches and pains. His memories of all the fights he had fought still rolling through his head, the injuries that he sustained helped to map them out but there was at least 4 scars he couldn't trace.

Vertical four inch scar across the left side of rib cage from a scrap in New York, 3 punctures from pistol slugs from Rome his hands running over each of them as he recollected the reason behind each mark. His hands coming to stop on his collar bone the smooth skin of scar he just couldn't remember. With such graphic recognition of all his other wounds the odd sensation of confusion worried him, was he concussed when he did it? was his brain finally giving up the ghost after being knocked around his head so often?. All the Knightfall knew was something wasn't right but what was it.

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Tokyo, Japan:

The aggressive V-8 horizontally opposed engine of an unnavigable 2020 Porsche 960 slowly depreciated as it rolled to a stop out front of Japan's historically rich Zojoji Temple. One of several all black luxury cars in a never ending convoy destined for the house of worship, its validated fashion aficionados slowly emerged from its vertically opened doors with instantly recognizable imperturbability coalescing intercontinental decadence and authoritative proclivity. Rapidly flanked by an entourage of ascetically conditioned subordinates, each methodically tailored in all black suits, shades, and sheathed katana's, the Aristocratic Assassin (fitted in a quintessential onyx shaded shawl collard Gieves & Hawkes tailored suit) proceeded indoors amidst a chorus of mournful sobs. An illustrious member of the League of Shadows had perished. His loss leaving an irreplaceable void that even the apathetically disconnected death dealer could not ignore as he customarily greeted and acknowledged the fallen's grieving family members closely accompanied by his daughter, the Last Arashikage. Her inability to fabricate even the slightest hint of emotional distress was an alarming notification of her sociopathic existence, a trait her father highly valued with unrelenting importance.

As he overlapped his arms across his chest momentarily observing the open coffin and enlarged portrait of the deceased his brooding scowl feel upon the man's name. {Rest In Peace - Kincaid Knightfall} Immediate, mentally manipulated imprinted memories snaked their way from the back of the assassin's cerebral cortex briefly breaking free from the esoteric confinement they had been relegated to.

"You're certainly one to judge, old friend. You're right...arms dealing is certainly less...what's the word...distingué...bon. J'aime un bon massacre...but sometimes l'argent parle..."

"The plant girl, and the sword woman.. Devious devious devious, so many secrets..Hush, they don't want the bat to know about their games.."

"I see you're enjoying the married life, Quintus."

"As are you my queen. And one day soon we shall claim our rightful places amongst the historic records of greatness."

Overwhelming disproportional balance brought on by the momentarily saturated equanimity of consciousness caused Quintus to stumble, taking a knee as members of the League rushed to his aid. "Get, your f#cking hands off me." he growled. Lashing out as embarrassment was veiled in a facade of anger. His venomous verbal fangs bringing a sadistically illustrated smile to his daughter's face as they sunk into the confidence of his subordinates. And despite the temporary flashbacks of a World before the reality morphing molestation that ushered in a new era, the former martial arts Manhattan Mamba quietly slipped back into the unaware state of mental conformity cloaking the perceptive consciousness of the Age of Addams. Unaware and fully immersed in his new role as inherently exclusive Shodai-Soke of the Arashikage, Sifu of the League of Shadows, and loyal protector of the Addam's family administration.

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Addams Estate - Queen's Room

I did this world a favor. I gave this world a cure for its' malignant tumor. I ended war, famine, and taxes. I should be praised like a goddess, but instead I am met with treachery. Instead my most lo

Miss Michelle felt an incredible feeling of euphoria as lubricated drops fell onto each eye. "Goodness", she snickered as her chained witch entered her ostentatious room, "I wasn't prepared to see you." yal witch betrayed me in the favor mutant kind, organisms that serve no purpose in my new world order. I am embarrassed. I am insulted. I am truly offended.

In a twisted way, I am one proud mama.

My little Bonnie isn't afraid to stand in the presence of death. I taught her well. My dearest protege stands tall, proud, and unrelenting. I am proud, but definitely disappointed. Mental blockades, sealed lips, and a tense frame. This child won't spill the beans. She won't discuss the spell she has wrought, but I know something is up. I aware of the fabrication. I am aware!

"Tell me", the serpent hissed as the benevolent witch stared into space, "Tell me what you have done. Tell me!" With unrelenting animosity the brash beauty back handed her former student. With strength so profound the young girl flew backwards, smacking hard against the Queen's wooden bed frame. "Do not test me! I will have no qualms in ending your life." Her face reddened as the bloodied witch wouldn't muster a satisfactory retort.

Today is suppose to be my day. My day, my day, my day, my day, my day! What isn't she telling me?

"D-Don't bother u-using your p-powers. You'll need them", she laughed through parted breaths, "You're a monster Clarice and some day....all monsters have to die." Bonnie wiped away the crimson blood oozing from her nose, "Now the seal is broken. Your enemies will descend onto your home. Today will be your day. Today will be your death", she groggily got back to her feet, still weakened by one single blow.

"Tell me why I should kill you?", the Queen anxiously responded.

"You need me", Miss Song tapped her head twice, a reference only the Queen would understand.

"You stupid wench. I will kill you, because I am no one's puppet", her protege's eyes widened in disbelief, "I might be a monster, but not without reason. Like now. Surely you understand", her manicured nails became as sharp as steel, "This will stop. It will end. How you might ask? Well that's simple. Tell me the truth. Tell me what you have done!"


Peak Tower - Limelight

@anthony_stark: Once upon a time, the world flourished with heroes. Blond boys in spandex, rich kids with troubling history, and cyborgs created from nothingness. All united under a common banner, the optimistic inclination to protect those to weak to face the wrath of unquenchable evil. In time the heroes dwindled, succumbing to the need for validation and pay for their services. Terrified by what they had become the President outlawed these criminals, and promoted military sanctioned freedom fighters. Enforcers! In time battle ensued and the right side one. However, the right side didn't remain bright for long. Distrust consumed the group, Anthony Stark became a shell of his former self, and they said their goodbyes like any good band. Five years have past since than, since the bloodshed, since the chaos, since everything went south.

"Peak Tower", it once represented the Age of Addams, and in a way it still does, "It's been some time." He can remember the scent of booze as he and his friends cheered for their victories. He can even remember the arguments that ensued whenever Miss Michelle entered the premises. Faint memories of yesterday brought upon weird feelings. Why would he be called here? Peak Tower was no longer a beacon of tranquility. Instead it had become a holding cell for mutants of interest. A glorified lab experiment for the president's latest project - "Hostile Takeover". Nevertheless the yellow eyed plaything went about scouring the many floors of this formerly historic monument.

His head darted to the side, caught off guard by the brooding armored avenger. "Why the face?", he jokingly muttered as his eyes befell the sinfully encased Anthony Stark. "Is there a problem?", he inquired, perplexed as to why his ally asked for complete secrecy. "Did something happen with the mission? You gotta let me know." Noah Addams felt uneasy as the former enforcer remained quiet. If this were some sort of trap than death would be served on a silver platter. Until confirmation the First Husband spat out one final pleasantry. "Are okay?" If he got even the slightest hint of treachery the King of Conquerors would lash out and lunge his adamantium dagger toward this tin can's chest cavity. No remorse included.


Tokyo, Japan - With Love

@quintus_knightfaii_aoa: @quintus_knightfall: It is too late for us. A union between the world's most interesting individuals, no matter the reality, would only serve as poison for everyone involved. I know this. I know in my heart we are no good for one another, but as for the workplace.....we are two peas in a pod. No one can compare. And in every reality I've ever seen....I know together we are grand.

She wore black in respect for the fallen warrior. "Quintus." Her appearance alone proved most shocking for those standing around. An omen of destruction for those truly aware. And although questions lingered, the President inched closer to her exclusive Sifu. "You may feel woozy. You may feel frazzled, but I know why. Do you remember our previous meeting? If not than you must know Ravenna and the Spaniard are up to no good. This time they work in unison. Together they plan on taking down my administration and everyone involved. They wish to end Utopia", she caressed his head, a sign of comfort for his recent loss, "My dearest Quintus...I ask one favor of you. Murder @morte_knightfall and in powers will grant you anything you desire."

Even as I torture Bonnie, I find time to travel afar. Whenever in the presence of my sword, I feel entirely safe. However, it does sadden me to know that villains plot against me. I must learn why. There is so much my witch doesn't say, but soon enough she'll spill the beans. I'll make it snappy too. After all I have a party to attend. I'd hate to show up late, especially so since it's in my own home.


Addams Estate - Queen's Room

@madame_blossom: Bonnie could see the Queen become mentally occupied. Although organically here, the brash brunette was indeed elsewhere. As a result the keen witch had a minute's worth of action. "Fan Song. Madame Blossom. Find me. Save me. I will answer all the questions you have, but know one thing. Clarice must be stopped. This world is not right. This world is impure." With that said, the battered witch from Soho stumbled her way to the door. She tried her earnest to twist the knob, but her efforts were useless. She spun around to see the monstrous brunette return to her senses. "Leaving so soon?", she said so sadistically.

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Horrible, what had Peak tower become? Once a beacon for innovation and unique ideas....Peak Tower in the last five years had even cured AID's - Glimmering in its special little world who would have known what it would become today? Nothing but a sick, desolate and destructive monster. Funnily enough mirroring the EX-CEO - Anthony Stark.

Stark sat quietly inside of his prison of armor that he had once used to defend himself, now it was simply a constant reminder of his entrapment. To further humiliate the once technological innovator he was also trapped in his own tower...trapped in the thoughts of how far he had fallen. The president had once used a term that would describe this...The Wheels of fate never end, always turning. Tony faked a smiled towards Noah as he entered, his smile hiding his malicious and murderous thoughts as he nodded kindly "Hello Noah" He beckoned the man to sit "Nothing is the matter...not anymore" Without warning Stark jumped up as Noah shot forward with piercing speed as he attempted to dig it deep into the innovators chest, Stark instantly felt the dagger cut into his chest coming out of the other side as he coughed blood while simultaneously he had created a straight palm with his clawed hands and attempted to simply slit Noahs throat at speeds just above the first Husbands own. If the claw even slightly connected with the man it would release an immense amount of nano-bots directly into his bloodstream and hopefully cause him to go unconscious - Then slowly seep into his mind using technology Stark had created recently, this would in-turn use a technological mind-swap - Placing Noah's mind into Starks wounded body. Millions of Nano-Bots would be nigh impossible to defend against without resorting to magical means.

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His fingers gingerly wrapped around the mirror finish handle of his sheathed katana with repetitive caresses as a private G-5 raced across the transcontinental skies. Predictably accompanied by a rather large contingent of stylishly designer suited League members, the Knightfall's mind was continuously assaulted by distractions. Clara, the visions, the mysterious familiarity with the name Morte, all forming a haze of mentally taxing machinations. His naturally heightened sense of the World and primal instincts screamed at him that something was wrong, off, and that whatever course of action the deceptively beautiful Clarice had set him on would inevitably lead to his death. But his mind quickly relaxed snapping back into the supposed reality once his daughter placed her hand on his shoulder on her way through the plane's cabin. Offering a subtle nod of appreciation he leaned his head back and drifted off. Soon they would land in Paris and then, then he would end the traitors life.

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Some time later:

Standing out front of the once mighty Hellfire Club as the point of a triangle shaped entourage, Quintus motioned to the right dispatching assassins who quickly converged on the building. His left arm following suit dispatching the rest. Acrobatically they flipped, jumped, and vaulted, through various condemned windows and doors instantly initiating a ravenous search for the fabled Spanish Storm Shadow. Hesitating a moment before unceremoniously unsheathing his blade and tossing the decorative wooden case to the side, he marched forward assaulting the double doors with a viciously executed front thrust kick. Blasting them off there hinges stepping forward gaze flashing around the hollowed out shell of decadence in search of his target, who's last known transmission since his return from self-imposed exile had been from this location.

"Come out and show yourself Knightfall. All traitors of the Addams administration must face their death eventually."

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@anthony_stark: All my years have been dedicated to love. All my hours spent on her every whim. Everything I've done, I've done for the one I love. And here I am. Here I stand. Bludgeoned after years of inactivity. Attacked without proper vindication.

"Get off of me!" His latent telekinesis sprouted from his fingertips as blood trickled down his neck. He is enraged, infuriated, embarrassed by the chaos brought onto his life. "Do you know who I am?" Unafraid of brutality the yellow eyed brawler sought out his former friend's destruction. With his hands clasped together, he fully intended on crushing Anthony without another thought. "Thought you'd play me my mind? Thought you'd kill me so easily? I was trained my Amaranth! I am your superior!", he spat onto the floor, disgusted by his supposed opponent.

He clutched his wound tightly, instantaneously feeling the affects plagued onto his fragile psyche. Without warning his stature shifted, he felt weakened as strange memories befell his mind. "What're doing to me?" Noah could see Orpheus screaming like the twink he was, yearning for forgiveness, surely for the sins he so willingly committed. "Mind tampering? You're one smart guy. I should of payed more attention to you. My apologies for ditching the Enforcers." He charmingly smiled, very much amused by this fool's parlor tricks.

"I should really commend you." His powers were already at work, slowly but surely tearing his prey apart. Noah liked the process, ending his victim at a snail's pace. "Although you should know this victory of yours, it's a hollow one." Addams looked at Stark angrily, insulted by the lack of respect so shamelessly represented

"My wife although crazy, has rendered me immune to many things. This being one of t-them." Noah staggered forward as the process so effortlessly continued. "You'll have my body for some time. I'll give you that, but sooner or later my consciousness will fight back." The King choked up blood, his face riddled with displeasure. "It will fight back. I promise you that!" He fell to his knees, shamefully defeated. His yellow eyes glued onto his dented murderer.

I will return. I will rise again. But even I can see the truth as our memories merge. Supposed lies and betrayal my wife has wrought onto society. Alleged murders that have plagued nations. Part of me wishes to believe, but I just can't. I just can't. She is my love. She is my wife. She is the---





For now....he is gone.

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There was a time when the Knightfall's worked as one it even lasted surprisingly long considering the personalities between them. But one Knightfall inparticluar was easily seduced into other peoples causes often at his cost. Years ago when Cassius first met this Adams women he could guess what would happen, it would most likely be Venezuela all over again as Quintus would be led along by some woman with an agenda. The crimson Knightall's mind flashing back to the present as he looked at his face in the mirror "You should of acted sooner, you know."

Pulling on his amour and waiting for his brother Morte's operating system to boot up he stood loading his guns and thinking where he should of stepped in. When this Adams women first let herself be known to his family, going on instinct then would of been seen as mad. When Quintus started talking about "His queen". The simple fact remained he couldn't react till he knew there was something to react to. This women wasn't stupid and neither was Quintus even if he wasn't thinking things through to his usual meticulous level. The suit beeping as the final pieces bonded and sealed Cassius in some unknown alloy his brother wouldn't shut up about. "If i am gonna try and stop this i need to get to the Adams women while Quintus is away". Observation infiltration and if needs be execution would be the way forward.

The only advantage he had was she didn't know he was coming, the game would be played on her court and by her rules. It was gonna get bloody most likely.

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