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May 2008: The Heroes and Villains of our world are gathered and frozen inside individual sleeping chambers, each for their own reasons, some because of fellany and not being able to kill or get rid of, others because they are simply to over powered and a threat to the world.

April 2053: A nuclear War broke out between the USA and china, the world is one entire wasteland, the power surges are all broken, no artificial energy is currently functioning correctly. 2/3rd of mankind's population is gone, all that is left are the remnants of their former selves, mutations and abominations of humanity. The survivors live underground and with very few suplies.

The Heroes and Villains who were frozen back in their time are now awakenig from their cold slumber, due to the lack of energy suplies.

Normal RPG rules apply

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Warsman was sitting under an umbrella on an Hawaiian beach, his feet propped up on a stool. Reading Tolkien's "The Hobbit" for about the fifth time, he still could not get over how well it was written.

Closing it, he decided to go get a drink of some kind. Finding no one, he sighed and went to the water's edge, placing a foot in the boiling-hot liquid only to retract it an instant later. The Russian's feet crunching in the black sand, he took his seat back in the old iron chair.

Sighing again, he continued to read the decaying book.

He remembered how he volunteered to freeze himself to help his country in later times, but apparently he was too late. He woke up to disaster and it was only through a miracle his cryogenics-chamber didn't bust open through all of the missiles and bombs that were dropped all over the world. He pondered if there were any other survivors as he turned another page in the book...

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Garison roamed the middle of the streets of new york. He could see burned apartments and the streets were empty and covered in trash the sky was grey and dark. All because he got out of his chamber late because the broom fell and it knocked his freezing timer an extra year.

He remembers like it was yesterday because that was the day he got out, he was just 14 years old and he was taken to fight for U.S. His fellow volunteers departed from Garison and they all got spit up some how it was drastic.

Wondering if he is the only survivor, Garison needed some answers...

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“A weapon”, that was what he was called by the humans, a weapon that could destroy this planet and many others. To humanity he was one of the greatest threats even if he wanted to live in peace among them, but his dreams didnt matter to them. When the leaders of the world decided his fate, there was no other choice than to accept the consequences of his existence or he would be at war with the world. For forty-five years, his restless slumber had put billions to ease until the threats of nuclear had begun. By that time many attempted to free him to use his powers to defeat their enemies but none succeeded. Now as the world has been brought to ruin, he and many others who have been brought to sleep now awaken to find that the stability of earth has shattered and humanity faces extinction.

What have they done? SilentStorm thought to himself...

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Closing his book, Warsman took the path he walked on to get to the island: a massive bridge of land connecting Hawaii with the United States, bordered on both sides by furious ponds of boiling ocean-water. Digging his foot into the loose soil, he began to run at full speed, heeding not the intense heat or groaning of the tortured bodies of water around him.

"Maybe there are some answers in the States..." Warsman thought.

Stopping for breath once making it to the beachfront of California, Warsman found the dying skeletons of buildings that were once-proud and standing so tall, now torn down by meaningless wars and nuclear attacks. A city-limits sign said it was someplace called 'San Diego', once a name that had resonance.

Taking steps through the streets, he found remnants of a civilization: houses, cars, appliances, and sometimes the grim bones of pets and people.

Sighing with grief, the Russian continued his search for some kind of life. He knew he was being followed all the way, but not by any living creature he knew of...it smelled of rot and decay...

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The Past...

she looked out their bedroom window, the storm was raging. she couldn't remember the winds as fierce as they were that night. he walked up behind her and slid his arms around her waist and pressed a reassuring kiss to the top of her head. she let out a quiet sigh and sank back against his chest

"What's going to happen to us? The people.. the ones we protect, they're growing fearful Andy. They think we do more harm than good. Is that any way to have them feel? Knowing that we'd give our lives for theirs?"

he was silent a moment, before he turned her from the window to face him. his eyes, shielded by the quartz glasses, studied her face. he reached up and brushed a finger against her cheek. he didn't want to tell her about the rumblings of rounding the heroes up. he didn't want her to worry that they'd be separated. she heard him exhale and she felt fear twist inside of her. there was something he wasn't telling her

"There's more going on here, isn't there? Something bad is coming.. something meant to hurt us all. The ones like you and I."

he nodded and proceeded to tell her about the special task force.. how they'd planned to find all the heroes, the villians.... anyone they considered a threat to humanity.... and they were going to be dealt with. then he told her of an alternative. a choice being given to the metahumans and the god-like beings alike. Cryogenics.. An underground facilty there in the city was offering to put any hero or villian willing into cryo-stasis and they'd remain there as such until the time arose when humanity needed them once more. he told her it was a chance for them to remain together.. rather than risk.. the alternative

The Present.. or perhaps, the Future..

the alarms began sounding.. the temperature within the stasis chamber began to rise.. there was a sudden heartbeat.. there was a breath taken.. and finally deep blue eyes fluttered open. she had to blink several times to try and regain her vision. being in cryo-statis for that long tends to make things not work exactly right. as she began to realize she was no longer frozen, she reached up and touched her face. her damp hair was in her face and as she pushed it back, she realized she was still wearing the wedding ring. her thoughts immediately turned to him. was he too thawed out? was he here, with her? she found the release lever and pulled it toward her. the cryo-stasis chamber depressurized and slowly opened. she climbed out, still a touch wobbly and glanced around. there were no lights.. there was no one. just darkness, filled with the sounds of alarms going off all around her. she turned and just circled, the whole room was filled with more stasis chambers just like hers. she wasn't sure whether to stay there or run

"Hello? Hello is anyone there? Did you.. unfreeze me? Did you want to unfreeze us all? Please, if someone's there would you answer me?"

footsteps coming from the darkness startled her and she whirled around toward the door. just what was going on? where was she? and why had she been thawed? had the time come when she was needed, once more, to help defend the world she loved?

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The grasp of Death was so close, yet so far, the last time he felt this way was slightly before he made his pact with hell when everyone turned against him. Immortality, for some a gift of the gods, for others a curse of the devil. But what is it for Vlad? ... We'll find out soon enough...

The door locks open, the air pressure releases, and the ice starts to melt. Two hours later, Vlad finds himself with an enormous headache, dizzy and weak from the decades of hunger griefing through his vains. Merely a ghost of his former self, Dracula now goes along, stumbling crippled though the immense blood loss, in search for a victim.

"How... how did this happen, when did this accure?"These were the questions that went through the prince of darkness' mind

As Vlad stepped outside the army facility to seek out his victim, his fate was left in limbo as he found his world as it was, to be devastated, and intire wasteland, no humans, no lifeforms... just death

"This can't be!? Why... Why!?..."Until it occured to him that he was guttured by all the governments in the world, driven to devastation... this was not the immortal life to live... so he gave up... they couldnt find a way to kill him... so he was frozen... and now... now he's back... weaker and closer to death than ever, yet his wish for death fades, and his will to survive increases by the second.

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The creature was strange to the Russian: humanoid, but completely mindless and seemingly starving to the point of cannibalism, as human blood was on its lips and teeth. He wasn't terribly strong for the cyborg, but offered a short fight that ended in its dismemberment.

Seeing no one around, Warsman tried to make sense of the situation. At first he though it was a zombie, but that was impossible.

Seeing a large warehouse, he decided to go inside. To his surprise he saw a cryogenics-chamber. Wiping the condensation and dust from the surface, he found it to be empty.

Sighing with disappontment, Warsman continued to search for any signs of life...

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Outside the facility, SilentStorm sat on a large rock looking out towards the limitless miles of wastelands. He could have stopped this, any of the superhumans could have stopped this but no, they were place into sleeping jail cells because of what they were. He noticed movement in the distance but decided not to react, he didnt want anything to do with this new world. He looked to the moon hoping thats where his friends and family were hiding, surviving.

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"I know there out there!"

Garison lifted his spear high into the air and a beam of black and purple energy beamed to the sky with ghouls and ghost swirling around it it tore through the clouds. "This should get some attention!". The ground under Garison's feet formed as a ditch.

"Someone has to see this!". The beam could be seen from all of the united states and perhaps the ocean a little. He sent the signal out that there is life someone has to see it before it fails him and gets tired by using spirit energy.

"My comrades are strong I know for a fact they are alive!"

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In a very very deep part of the facility the dreadnaught, as he was called by humans. Was kept in a very deep freeze, as he had resistance to cold it took very low temperatures to contain the beast. The container room was forgotten and as such was not maintained. It was not until the beginning of the nuclear war that someone found it, they reported it to their side, they tried to open the door to the room, but the blasted port was frozen shut. And it was forgotten again. Then 2053 the container finally broke down from lack of repairs. The creature broke free of it's ice shell and then started banging on the doors.

After much hammering the six armed beast finally knocked down the doors in the cold storage room and then thundered out and searched for his three blades and three whips. Most likely kept in a Armory. He followed their magical aura and swiftly located them, the beast snarled as he grabbed his blades. Then he searched for a way out, something he was desperate for. The thunderous monster began making the journey to the surface.

What he found was something shocking. The world was in ruins, and not by his hands. This made the Dreadnaught, or in the tongue of the outsiders, Bal'Xy'latho'mugg quite furious. Now the humans deny him revenge? This was a outrage. But all wars, short of a war between a non space faring race and that of a race with the ability to destroy planets. Have survivors from both sides. Bal'Xy'latho'mugg began searching for survivors to torment and corrupt. If there are any.

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45 years.

45 years since he'd returned to this world..... the Brand having taken him to many worlds other than that of his bitrh. All had been well since he'd left, all had been happy. He'd simply felt the need to explore, come to terms with his power.. he truly had not been needed. He'd not expected to be gone so long....but something had brought him home at last... though who would have missed him? Who remained that he knew...he'd aged considerably, the once light hair not turned to grey... but he at last was home.

but as he descended through the atmosphere, he could tell that something had hapened. Something terrible. And as he gre closer to the mainland, he could tell just what. Devastation. Destruction. The hand of war had touched this earth again, and it was written all over, as far as the eye could see...

And he felt guit. Guilt that he had not been here. Here to do something to stem the tide. Because with all of that power in his hand.. surely there could have ben something he could have done....for now he set out... to find anything.. anyone he could who might have survived. If there was anyone left at all...

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He was walking the street of New York and he was watching all the buildings that was burned and was nearly gone. He thought to himself how many people died. He was still walking with his gun in his hand and a scimitar on his back. He was trying to find any survivors

"ANYONE HERE?" he yelled.

He still walked and saw this cool car

"Nice, that is one cool car" he laughed.

He jumped into the car and the luck was with him the car keys were still there so he turned on the car and started driving threw New York. He parked the car where he was gonna have home the house was not yet gone down. And there was an subway nearby. He walked to the subway checking if anyone was hiding there

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Warsman was sitting on a rock by the beach, throwing rocks and broken shells into the boiling oceans, devoid of hope. Suddenly he saw a beam of light, small demons dancing around it, coming from the far east. Recognizing it to be of Garison's magic capability, he set out for its location, hoping that the demon would be able to keep up the show long enough for the Russian to get there.

Running at full speed, he discarded his fear for hope that someone else was out there too.

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The beast looked at a sign, it said manhattan new york, if one can read the well rusted sign. The beast then looked to see a purple blast, but he decided by the horrific images surrounding it that it was sent by a evil creature, something that is no fun to corrupt. The beast continued to make progress and he had his bodily flames flare up to their normal length and had them cover his weapons. Now he and his possessions were wreathed in fire, much better for the fire loving beast. The beast then took to the skies with his four wings and surveyed the area for souls to corrupt.

He determined that this catastrophe has filled the outer planes with souls of all alignments, and that the blood war has probably flared up. But he ignored that thought and continued his air borne search.

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The magic wears off after a good 9 minutes and his hand was burning a little steam surrounded it too. "I hope someone saw that". Garison started to crack of loneliness. He slammed his staff on the ground and caused an earthquake and the left over buildings fell down. "Ahhhhh someone hear my call!". He stopped screaming and looked ahead and saw that a large object running incredible towards Garison. "Ahhah! there is life!" Garison manipulated the ground and started moving towards the object on a piece of earth.

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Warsman was almost to the city limits of New York, a rusted and broken sign displaying a population that was. Hearing someone scream, he slowed down, but came to a stop as the screaming ceased. Now with the rustling of earths as the dominant sound, Warsman began to move cautiously into the city, wondering if some ancient enemy was coming back to harm him in this bleak future.

Looking around, he saw the corpses of buildings and more of the same as in San Diego, nearly a continent away. The sounds of the tempest earth came closer and Warsman extended his claws, not knowing who, or what, was coming.

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The creature decided to head towards the blast after 5 minutes of thinking and flies over, noticing that birds are still quite common, he deduced that 18 billion people would be on the earth by the nuclear war, and that 2/3s of them have died, he calculated that about 6 billion people would still be around. But they would be sparse and hard to find now.

He swiftly arrived at the location and landed next to garison "Oh it's just you" said Bal'Xy'Latho'mogg in a deep thunderous voice.

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Driven by hunger and the will to survive, Dracula thrived on the empty streets crossing a gas-station, hoping someone was their to be fed upon

"Is anyone there!?"He yelled

No answer came to reply his call, butsomethingcame crawling out of the gas-station, at first he looked human and Dracula was ready to feast, but as he looked closer, half of the humans body was missing

"What abomination is this!?"Vlad said astounded

In that very moment a huge firey behemoth like creature crossed the skies and left Dracula even more suprised

"Has hell taken over? Am I in hell!?"These very thoughts reminded Dracula once again about the pact he once made

The angry lord of Vampires used the little strength that was left in him and stomped on the head of the now lifeless creature
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Post Deleted.

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Garison kept coming towards the object he notices it stops but he keeps going from a couple meters dirt could be seen getting closer and closer. He finally notices who it is and its Warsman and still getting closer. Suddenly he hears a voice in his ear "Oh it's just you" he hears. Garison falls off his shifting piece of earth and falls to the ground and rolls a couple of times then gets up


Things were getting better he had seen 2 of his comrades it was a good idea for that signal.
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Post Deleted.

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Retracting his weapons into his knuckles, Warsman noticed that Garison was trying to contact him. Reaching out a hand to help him up, Warsman also noticed that there were creatures similar to those he encountered in San Diego in New York as well, crawling out of subways and the corpses of nearby buildings, all with dried blood on their mouths and hands.

Some had missing body-parts, obviously victims of their own insaciable hunger. Warsman extended a set of claws and looked at Garison as if asking if he was prepared for battle.

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The creature followed Garison, possibly he could lead him to someone to torment. Each step the 64 ton beast made created a tremendous "TTTTHHHOOOOMMMM!!!" and shook the earth with every step. The 6 taloned feet had two dewclaws each, one on each side of each foot. Two claws above that were also present on each foot. Like the whole body they had miniature lava rivers instead of veins and arteries. And they were wreathed in fire which made a crackling hiss. The 32 foot tall beast flapped it's wings a little.

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Ice was melting as the immense heat from a small but very extreme and bloodthirsty war raged on. The lake Constantine froze himself and others(soldiers from his unit) in was melting, the water evaporating into the humid night sky. Suddenly life sprung back into Con as ice melted around his hand sending a warm tingling feeling around his whole body, he felt heat rays from the onslaught above. Cons eyes cracked open as he stared blankly out to the faces of his soldiers, some looked scared some in pain, others peaceful waiting for death to collect another body count. All though his face showed nothing his mind raced, he slowly remembered what happened. Constantine had turned away from the opportunity to freeze himself, instead few years later when the wars started breaking out in 2012 he signed for another mission to lead a small army of soldiers to war against the Russians who had invaded Bristol he carried on doing duties for his country, the wars got bigger the allies were turning to enemies, his super powered soldiers were getting less and less, only recruiting very few until he stopped recruiting any, none were left to help fight. Eventually on the way from Southend to a destroyed London in 2034, which was being invaded by the Japanese, his platoon was ambushed by the Dutch. His trucks swerved his mean fought and died and he was pushed into a lake, with panic being his only thought he took action and froze the whole lake, preserving himself and his team. which by looking at them through the ice window Cons men were looking quite good.

The though of melting the ice himself came to mind, but he stopped himself, instead Con decided to let the ice melt itself, he wanted to think of everything he left behind, his past. not knowing what he was to unfreeze to or how long he had been in the ice Con waited, watching his men, letting good times sink in.

Suddenly the ice vibrated from what was thought to be bombs dropping overhead, and Scott felt his index of his free hand get blown off....

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A large body stood in a chamber wearing grey shorts air was released making a hissing noise as the door opened the Venom hybrid fell out of the chamber landing in a puddle where the ice had melted and was on his knees choking he stood up disorientated he stumbled forward and stretched out his body his joints cracking as he pushed his arms forward he began to walk through the dark halls passing other chambers some open and others still containing bodies hybrid headed out but came to two large steel doors locked together he put his hands in the gaps and began to push the doors apart roaring as sparks flew everywhere until he had pushed them fully open and he headed out beginning to pick up more pace as he ran through the halls his footsteps loud and echoing as water dripped from him until he came outside he was in the middle of a frozen wasteland.

Venom hybrid breathed out his breathe hanging in the air as he looked around lost he kept running through forest lands jumping over and ducking branches as he dodged different things he had no idea where he was headed as his feet crunched in the snow and small animals scattered.

Hybrid ran out of the wooded area and he could see a destroyed city still smouldering and the buildings wrecked.

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The winds of the barren desert blew ferociously, a sandstorm had emerged miles away but its effects could still be felt from where SilentStorm had been resting for hours after his release from the chambers. Seeing as the storm's winds posed a threat to his well-being SilentStorm took flight to the skies in the clearing, above the storm and possibly discover any life from this angle. Suddenly a flare's bright light had fired into the sky many miles away, SS flew towards its destination and landed at a deserted gas station. The source of the flare could not be found anywhere.

hmm... This doesn’t seem right. He thought to himself

Just as he finished that thought, dozens of mutated humans had emerged from the surroundings perceiving SilentStorm as their next meal. He didnt show any expression at the desperate act of the mutants, he just looked around with his orange eyes at the faces of these... monsters. Without notice, the monsters started to grab their heads and scream in pain falling to the ground unconscious. SS smiled knowing that his special ability was still useful as he had affected the fluids in each of the mutant's ears to render them unconscious. He quickly decided to search the gas station for more signs of life but before reaching the doors a fire had ignited in the building earlier and reached to a pile of propane tanks inside causing the building to explode and send SS flying into the sky. Finally gaining control in the sky after many turns and spins of the powerful explosive force controlling his body, he then flew off into the distance to search for some "civilized" forms of life.

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He walked down to the subway and started to look around. He saw nothing, so he jumped down where the trains go by. But that doesn´t happen now because nobody is here. So he started walking with a flash-light and a gun in his hand. He turned on the flash-light and started moving forwards. He kept walking and walking until he saw a door to his left, he walked towards the door and got up to the door and opened it very quick it was not an empty room there was a room full off guns and all that. He walked towards a wall and the wall was breathing. He layed down the flash-light and the gun, then he pushed the wall and the wall moved backwards. He took up the flash-light and the gun and walked in and when he was in the wall that he had pushed open it closed so he could not go back

"What the hell do´s this tunnel lead to?" he said to himself.

He walked forward in the tunnel and all ways when he walks the tunnels are getting deeper and deeper down in the ground. He walks and suddenly the tunnel ends. He looked down and down there was a chamber. It was ice cold in here he climbed down and then when he could not climb anymore he jumped down and he landed on an ice and he sliped and fell on the ground. He stood up and started looking around if there was anyone here. There was full off computers down here and a big ice cubes

"What is this?" said he to an big ice cube

And in the big ice cubes there was somebody. He went to one off the computers and didn´t know what to do. He saw one red button, he clicked the button and then something happen. He was ready with his gun in his hand and then the big ice cube melt and someone fell down on the ground

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Vlad was now at the edge of extinction, hungrier and weaker than ever. He strayed through the nimble dust covered streets for the search for anything that could still his thirst. It was then he crossed upon a Hospital, which he figured, should inhabit someone to suck on

"Finally! I will feast on these people!"So he thought

To his suprise, everything was empty, probably evacuated. He lays his back on the wall and slowely chrouches down until he sits on the floor, half asleep. He opened his eyes and took a few blurry views of his surroundings until he noticed where he was again, he was in a hospital! He took the last strength left in him, stood up, and went for search. After a few minutes he found what he was looking for, Blood, and lots of it. It was in the donor section. He sucked it all dry

"Ahhh... that was close... too close..."He said to himself

That was the beginning of the end, now Dracula was stronger than ever before, and he wanted revenge on those who did this, he wanted his beautyfull and colorful world back, with all the population
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The memories of the past started to bombard his mind, starting to make him realize that he was not forced to volunteer to go into the sleeping chambers but he was one of the project's lead designers. He then clutched onto his chest feeling an internal pain forcing him to land, he now knew if anyone figured out what he had done, he would be a target of every single being that was frozen in the chambers. SilentStorm was now a wanted man, survival was now against him.

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Someone fell out of the ice cube and he didn´t move. So Soldier-Boy ran towards him and checked his pulse, it was weak. So he took him up and walked out another way. There was an elevator, very old elevator. He walked inside and started to go up. When he was out he put him in the car and drove away. When he was 1 km the man moved and was waking up

"Who are you?" asked Soldier-Boy some man?

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John approached the smouldering wrecked city as he looked at his surroundings as he drew closer and closer to the city finally he came to a steep drop which lead down to a small alleyway he dropped down grabbing onto the root of a tree he span letting go as he landed crouched on the concrete glass from the shattered windows stabbing into his feet as he stood up walking into the silent city pieces of paper blew past from wrecked bins the buildings still burning as he walked out of the alley stepping into the street he looked around as a breeze blew through the streets sending a cold chill up Johns spine with the eerie felling from the deserted city as he headed over to a shop he elbowed the window shattering it as he stepped inside he took some clothes putting on a white t-shirt and some baggy jeans and a pair of trainers then took off out of the shop heading for the nearest place with food all he could find was an apple he picked off a stand and wiped it on his t-shirt then took a bite as he headed through the city.

John searched the desolate city for any forms of life all he found was a range rover climbing inside he hotwired it as the engine roared to life he pulled away speeding through the streets he skidded to a halt outside a gun shop and span the car around and rammed it through the window he stepped out of the range rover he grabbed two desert eagles as he loaded them up they glinted from a thin stream of sunlight began to shine in he put them in the back of his jeans and grabbed a shotgun throwing it on the back seat with two box of shells and reversed back out the shop leaving a trail of wreckage behind as he pulled away to leave the city as he looked around occasional flashes of his memory returning to him with stinging plains in his head leaving the city as John looked into his rear view mirreor the destroyed city glew growing further and further into the distance.

John began to drift back to memorys of his past that had returned to him but they were mixed up and blurred as flashes of war and death came to his mind but he was brought back by when he looked down to his elbow where his skin was ripped off by the glass but it had already healed and had no mark there at all now as he headed to a city he had no idea where it was but he had memorys of it and still knew the way there what ever was there it was important to him.