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Niven, the Plutonian Homeworld...

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Niven is approximately one-and-a-half times larger than the Earth and orbits a yellow sun that is fifty light-years from Earth's solar system. According to the Green Sentinel Corps, Niven is in space sector 2813 while Earth is in space sector 2814.

The terrain of Niven is bright and vivid in some places, but dark and dreary in others, featuring such landmarks as the Scarlet Jungle, the Gold Volcano and the Jewel Mountains. The Scarlet Jungle in particular contains many strange beasts and plants, such as a species of giant mole that can eat through metal. If any of Earth's wildlife were to be transported to Niven, many would thrive there, but some of them would not.

Niven has two polar ice caps very much like Earth and is slightly tilted on it's axis thanks to a devastating asteroid impact that occurred thousands of years ago in Niven's past. The weather system is also very similar to Earth with a spring, summer, fall and winter. Each season lasting approximately three months. A day on Niven is the same as Earth, roughly consisting of a 24 hour period. A month is slightly different, consisting of 30 days each for 12 months and not a day more or a day less. That means that Niven orbits it's native star in approximately 360 days each year.

Niven has rivers, lakes and vast seas but no oceans. All of it's continents are connected and even the ones that are separated by large seas have at least one land bridge connecting it to the next continent. Grand Canyons, like on Earth, are all over the planet Niven in various shapes and sizes. Niven has two moons, one on each side of the planet and both have been colonized by the Plutonians. Both moons are half the size of the Earth.

Niven is in a planetary system that has 11 other planets (for a total of 12) and most of them have been colonized by the Plutonians. Niven is the third planet from the sun and is the seat of the Plutonian empire. The current population of Niven is 1 Billion. When the other planets of the solar system and the conquered worlds are taken into account, then the Plutonian population is around 2 Billion.

Basic Information...

Dominant Species:

  • Plutonians (Human-like in appearance).


  • Argo City (Capital)
  • Many other cities exist, much like Earth, which will be expanded upon later.

Interesting Places:

  • Badlands (a vast unexplored wilderness)
  • Bokos (Also known as the Isle of Thieves).
  • Fire Falls
  • Fort Rozin (This is a military command center located in Argo City).
  • Gold Volcano
  • Jewel Mountains
  • Plain of Wanan (This desolate region exists outside of Argo City and south of Fire Falls)
  • Scarlet Jungle


  • Battlefin
  • Acid-dwelling crocodile-like creature
  • Balloonie
  • Butterfly Fish
  • Crystal Birds
  • Courtship Birds
  • Drang
  • Droth
  • Fish-Snake
  • Flamebird
  • Flame Dragon
  • Grillig
  • Kiri-bird
  • Metal-Eater
  • Metal-Eating Mole
  • Minobat
  • Nightwing
  • Needle-Fly
  • Non-Breathing Beast
  • Octosaur
  • Prism-bird
  • Quarn
  • Rokan
  • Rondor
  • Rorrk
  • Stantor
  • Snagriff
  • Shoggoth (DCAU)
  • Torquat
  • Thought-Beast
  • Tripodal Curosiananium
  • Tyrano-shark
  • Winged Cat
  • Tantho Flez


  • Bloodmorel
  • Hantha trees
  • Illusion-Trap Plant
  • Oregus Plant
  • Scarlet Jungle
  • Silten
  • Singing Flowers
  • Wedding Bell Bush

Places of Interest...

Plutonian Scientists are fascinated by the Fire Falls and are still studying the region to this day. It also happens to be a popular tourist spot.
Plutonian Scientists are fascinated by the Fire Falls and are still studying the region to this day. It also happens to be a popular tourist spot.

Fire Falls: The Fire Falls are a chain of lava falls located on Niven. Magma wells up through a fissure and streams down a cliff with crystal formations that glow as a result of the intense heat from the magma.

The Fire Falls are located near Argo City and the Scarlet Jungle. The Falls are home to various dangerous species like the venomous Fish-Snakes and various species of giant birds of prey that inhabit the area.

Plutonian legends maintain that the Falls were created when the legendary hero known as Kal the Great cried tears of flame for one hundred nights after being tricked into imprisoning Cythonna, although some scientists attributed the phenomenon to fluids secreted by Blood Bloom plants growing on the Falls' crystal walls.

Lurvan: This is the largest continent found on the planet, Niven. Niven's capital, Argo City, is located on Lurvan. Many of the outlying regions of the continent and city-states were devastated during the Civil War. The year the war ended, the great architect known as Gammus petitioned the Plutonian Science Council to rebuild the city as well as the surrounding territory. Within a year, construction was completed and Argo City was rebuilt and repaired.

The Jewel Mountains are one of the seven wonders of Niven and a popular tourist spot.
The Jewel Mountains are one of the seven wonders of Niven and a popular tourist spot.

The Jewel Mountains: This is a mountain range located on the continent of Lurvan on the planet Niven. It is situated North-northwest of the capital city of Argo and is bordered by the Cogo Sea to the North and the Scarlet Jungle & Fire Falls to the South. The mountains were formed by the fossilized remains of large prehistoric birds millions of years ago.

Urrika: This is one of two major continents found on the planet, Niven; the other is Lurvan. The region was originally discovered by the great explorer, Vallus. When the Civil War broke out, the allied nations of Urrika waged what was commonly referred to as the Last War against the city-states of Lurvan. Due to the efforts of military commander, General Piruss and Plutonian scientist, Jessur, the war eventually ended and members of the newly established Plutonian Science Council made peace with the nations of Urrika.

Argo City, the Capital of Niven...

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Argo City is the largest and the most technologically advanced city on Niven, encompassing an area as large as New York and Los Angeles combined. It's gleaming silver towers reach up to the sky, towering above everything else. Niven's famous Red Tower is one of Argo's great architectural landmarks and is the home of Empress Nairah. It is her palace and stronghold. Transportation is done either by one's own power of flight, running on foot or by hovercraft technology. The monetary system is Universal Credits, or UC for short, and is the currency used on Niven as well as all it's colonies and conquered world's. Gold, Silver and Diamonds can also be used as currency.

The technology level of Niven is at least 300 years ahead of anything on Earth. Basically, if one can imagine it then the Plutonians likely have some version of it on their planet. Food replicators, holographic video games where players take personal involvement, holographic movies where the players are the star instead of actors, sports unlike anything on Earth and many other such wonders.

Note: I left this kind of vague. That is because I left plenty of room for others to expand upon this if they wish. I'll even make my own expansions as well. When you make an expansion, I'll include it here if there's room and with credit to you for providing it.

The Plutonians...

Over 300 years ago, the Plutonians had developed scientific advancements far beyond those of present-day Earth and had discovered a way to conquer many diseases as well as live longer lives. The Plutonians made use of their advanced sciences to create a world where scientific inventions and research influence much of daily life. Robots and computers are used for many tasks on Niven, even for determining what career paths young Plutonians will take as they grow up. Scientific and technological research are highly valued on Niven, with the ruling body of the planet named the "Science Council".

Impress Nairah
Impress Nairah

For most of the past 300 years, the Plutonians enjoyed an idyllic, happy existence in an Arcadian paradise until every thing changed. Nearly a century ago, Plutonian society was tipping toward decadence and eventually political strife resulted from the debate as to whether or not the Plutonian Empire should expand it's borders beyond it's solar system. Eventually this disagreement led to open, and violent, conflict as the first Civil War broke out on Niven.

The Civil War came to a head when the Science Council was slaughtered and then replaced by a new Science Council that answered to a self proclaimed Empress. Empress Nairah successfully took over the Plutonian military and put an end to the Civil War. The rebuilding process had scarcely even begun before the Empress ordered the expansion of her Empire by conquering worlds outside of Niven's solar system. Decades of conquest have resulted in 12 conquered planetary systems to date, which the Empress rules with an iron fist. Rumors are whispered that her next target might be Earth since she now knows of Superion's existence with the suspicion he's not a mutant but one of her own race.

Most Plutonians have purple skin, but some have blue skin and skin color that looks human but that is all. No other skill color is possible. They look like humans too, aside from the skin color. Plutonians are superior both intellectually and physically to natives of Earth (further, Niven has much heavier gravity, making them all stronger as well, their muscles having evolved/adapted to the greater resistance gravity has on them). They live under the rulership of a scientific elite who answers to the Empress.

The average lifespan of a Plutonian is 900 years with the oldest known Plutonian living to 969 years old. The effects of old age do not begin until a Plutonian reaches 700 years old, along with a very gradual decline in their physical strength, speed, durability and overall power that will continue until the day they die. Middle age typically starts at around 450 years of age with grey hair appearing when they reach their 700th birthday, give or take a decade. Most Plutonians look 200 years younger than they actually are. In human terms, that would be the equivalent of a 60 year old looking like they are only 40 years old. Adulthood typically begins at the age of 100 years old, but a Plutonian physically resembles an adult by 20 Earth years.

For a Plutonian female, giving birth is not a painful experience like it is with humans, it is the opposite. The pleasure a Plutonian woman feels when giving birth is like no other feeling in the world. Labor typically lasts for 1 to 6 hours and the pregnancy itself lasting a mere nine weeks. Unfortunately, getting pregnant is difficult even with medication and the high level of technology Plutonian society has to offer. Because of this difficulty, Plutonian women only manage to get pregnant a small handful of times per century. Twins are possible, even triplets, but they are EXTREMELY rare and happen only once every one thousand years.

Marriage between two Plutonians usually (about 98% of the time) consist of a man and a woman. Prior to marriage, a period of 6 months is dedicated to a courtship where one, or both, Plutonians are trying to court the other with a system that is similar to dating on Earth. Sleeping, or having intercourse, with another Plutonian, or a member of another species, before marriage is considered extremely dishonorable and is considered a crime punishable by either 5 years in prison and/or a fine of 50,000 Universal Credits.

Unlike Earth where there is a dominant gender, Plutonians consider both genders as equals and they also share equal rights. Women, however, typically take on the more intellectual roles and leadership while the men usually take the roles of warriors and battlefield commanders.

Plutonians place a high value on honor and the typical Plutonian will usually keep his or her word. Lying, or any act that is considered dishonorable, is generally frowned upon (sometimes severely). Combat is also treated with honor since a Plutonian will not attack a helpless opponent, attack from behind or attack an opponent who is not armed unless the Plutonian is attacked first. If possible, a Plutonian will weaken themselves just to face an opponent on equal footing. This is primarily why the Plutonians have not invaded Earth since Earth is primitive and wouldn't provide much resistance. It would be considered dishonorable if Earth was conquered without being able to put up much of a resistance.

Most Plutonians possess the same powers as Earth's champion who is known as Superion. About 1% of Plutonians are born without any powers and special abilities. 20% of Plutonians are born with only a few powers and abilities. There are very few Plutonians who are overweight or have some form of disability. Those few are considered to be in the 1%. Plutonians share none of the weaknesses that Superion has, however, with the exception of being vulnerable to magic and advanced technology.


1. Open Concept: Feel free to create a Plutonian, a member of it's military, create locations for this planet, create fauna, create plant life, create locations, etc. I have a list of names for the fauna, plant life, etc, so if you want to expand on this stuff, then feel free to do so.

2. Empress Nairah: Even though the Empress is my NPC, please treat the Empress as if she is my character. That means, no auto-hitting, no godmoding, no metagaming and please don't kill her without my permission. If you wish to "try" and kill the Empress, please ask me permission first.

3. Destruction: I will allow MAJOR destruction if you wish to try and invade the planet or come here to cause some damage. Completely destroying the Plutonian space fleet, a Plutonian colony, conquered world, any major city, the planet itself or the Empress's palace requires my permission, however.

4. The Plutonian Empire: The Empire encompasses 12 planetary systems, so coming in and trying to conquer this empire will be very difficult (especially since every Plutonian has super powers). Sell the difficulty that way if you plan on invading. And if you do plan to invade, I'd appreciate a heads up. My permission is not necessary, but I would like a heads up first so that I can prepare to defend.

5. Power Cap: Since this is my concept, I'm imposing a power cap. If you want to play a Plutonian, GREAT! But before you do, please take a look at Superion's profile. If your Plutonian is more powerful than him, then he/she is too powerful. Consider my character, Superion, as the power cap. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

6. Visits: If your character knows about Niven and/or possesses the means to get to the planet, then feel free to visit. Niven is a hub of alien activity, so a number of races can interact here and that includes humans. Just be aware that Niven has a higher gravity than Earth so races like humans will have to find some way to compensate for that.

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Nice :]

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Very nice!

And I love heavy-grav worlds. So...any banned materials I should know about? You know, so I can avoid accidentally bringing any.


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@cosmosis: Thanks! ^_^

Yeah, Planet Busters, Un-Contained Anti-Matter...that sort of thing. ^_^

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Yes! I've wanted to join one of your rps for a while but always just observed, now I got the chance!

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Fantastic. May play around in this with an alt.

Also, Impress Nairah? May want to fix that typo. =)

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@somebody_: Thank you! And it's not a typo, it's intentional. Empress Nairah is an alien with an alien name. ^_^

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@rey_king: Thanks! And why can't you bring the Sentinel?

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@paragonxxx: He's a potential planet-buster, I believe.

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@rey_king: Ahhh. Well, that Power Cap I placed is only for the Plutonian race, not for your character or anyone else's. So, unless you plan on him destroying the planet, then he's free to visit. ^_^

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I like this...gives me a potential idea.

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Yes ma'am. I'll pm you later today and share what I have in mind

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Like a bubble, Augusta popped out the foam of space-time and glided through the Plutonian system. A massive fortress of glowing green, it seemed an emerald cruising through the blackness of space. It was not unnoticeable, and as Thunderstorm advised, it'd drew the Empress' eyes - and perhaps weapons - at it. "That was hasty of me, I know, but hopefully once the Empress is caught up to speed, she'll understand that we have no time to waste", Leonel hoped, meeting eyes with Thunderstorm in the ivory heart of Augusta. "And thank you", he nodded. "Head to the planet when you're ready. I'll be waiting for you to give me the good or bad news. Whatever it is, it can't be worse than the Imperium".

"I know what I have to say to the Empress. But I'll reserve that for when you return. Until then", the Prince of Power paused, neck and shoulders rolling, his calmness and confidence unwavering despite his mishap, "I'll be here". Folding his arms behind his back, hidden by his cape, Leonel glanced at Augusta's gates, then Thunderstorm's eyes, "The gates'll open for you once you get there".

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King Leo is correct, it draw attention. Plutonian warships have the station surrounded in just a few short minutes. However, they do not fire but await the orders of the ones in charge of such situations. In the meantime, Thunderstorm gives the royal king a nod of her head, "Anytime. It won't take long."

With a hefty spin of her hammer, Thunderstorm throws it and latches onto the leather strap on the end, taking flight and arriving at the gates. She leaves the station and within minutes of meeting with the Empress, the warships disengage and continue their original patrol pattern. Someone from the planet is attempt to open a communication channel to King Leo and if he allows it, then he might see Thunderstorm smiling with pride, "I convinced the Empress your not a threat and that your only here to talk. She wishes to speak with you in person at your earliest convenience."

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Guess I lost this one.
Guess I lost this one.

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@paragonxxx: Aww, my bad. I completely lost track of this. I can have a post up in a bit.

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@grimmwald: I shouldn't have said, "Up to you." I should have said, a response would be awesome.

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Time flowed and in minutes, the warning lights gleaming from Plutonian warships faded, and the vessels resumed their calm drift through space. Thunderstorm works fast, Leonel thought, his smile calm and brief. It'd have done him no favors had the Plutonians retained their belief that he'd come to boil their oceans and turn their land to a wasteland of burning slag. Gliding through Augusta's halls, the Prince of Power caught the blinking eye of the nearest hologram - a blue icosidodecahedron - and a command flowed out his mind to accept Plutonian communication channels. And though he was greeted by a glimpse of Thunderstorm, it was here words that caught his attention.

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"I convinced the Empress you're not a threat and that you're only here to talk. She wishes to speak with you in person at your earliest convenience"

"Tell the Empress I'll be teleporting to your location. And thank you, Thunderstorm", Leonel nodded, ending transmission. "Hex", the Hyper-God called out, drawing the focus of Augusta's A.I. to him. "Lock the scanners to the energy of Thunderstorm's hammer. There should be nothing like it on that planet. Calculate the space-time coordinates of the hammer's location, then let me know". Nay a nanosecond later and Leonel was fed the space-time coordinates to Thunderstorm's location. Around him, space-time bent - and with a ripple - he vanished, stepping into the hyper-spatial bulk, then out to the throne of the Red Tower where Empress Nairah sat. White cape glowing like the white eye of a star, his posture strong and regal, the Hyper-God locked eyes with Empress Nairah and greeted her - not with a bow, but a subtle yet respectful inclination of the head.

He had brought a gift as advised, and though every fiber of his being yearned for him to forgo formality and highlight the threat of the Imperium, the Prince of Power hovered a foot above the ground, silent behind a face of warrior steel and Roman ice. As he'd been told, he said nothing until spoken to. He need not lose the Plutonian Empire as a possible ally against the Imperium over mere pride.

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@king_leo: (OOC: Thank you. ^_^)

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Thunderstorm nods in response to him as she waits inside Empress Nairah's throne room. She informs the Empress that King Leo is coming shortly and the woman nods in acknowledgement. It's not long before the man arrives, having locked onto the well of energy inside Lara's hammer.

The Empress sees King Leo appear out of no where thanks to his teleportation technology, so she assumes. Coincidence or not, both are similarly dressed in red and white. Like King Leo, the Empress has hair as black as midnight. It cascades over her shoulders in waves. The clearest blue eyes look at him, noticing the subtle, but respectful, nod of his head. She returns it with one of her own, respecting him in return. She looks as if the world rests on her shoulders, burdened with many cares and duties. But she bears the responsibility well. She must for her people.

There are several guards stationed in key locations in the throne room. Two of which are on the Empress's immediate right and left. Both standing like stalwart sentinels, waiting on any command from their ruler. With a single gesture from the Empress, a council member walks over to King Leo and offers his hand so the King will hand it over. If he does, the council member presents it to the Empress, bowing on one knee and holding it out for her. The Empress takes it, looks at it and gives it back the council member. He rises and stands aside as the Empress once again looks at King Leo with a passive expression.

The council member once again speaks, beginning to list off all the titles the Empress has. This is likely an introduction of some kind. But the Empress speaks and chooses to interrupt him, "Enough. There is no need for that at this time."

The council member bows respectfully to the Empress and goes back to his previous spot to watch King Leo.

Empress Nairah looks again at Leo and speaks, voice full of authority, "Thank you for the gift. Our mutual friend," The Empress looks over at Thunderstorm, then back to Leo, "tells me you wish to make a request. Who are you and what is this request?" The Empress does not ask who he is because she does not know. Of course she knows. She simply wishes to hear it from him and it's also a formality.

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@sarah_and_lara: (No worries! :))

Holding the Empress' gaze, Leonel - the Incredible One - shoots no glance the councilman's way. For it was not the councilman's favor he needed, it was Empress Nairah's. To the councilman's open palm, Leonel gave his hand. A hand that had shattered worlds and sat on the councilman's palm with the weight of mountains. Lifting his hand, his gift was clear - a necklace. It's gem shimmered with purple - the color of royalty - and hummed the low tone of it's unique resonant energy frequencies. Their purpose? To filter non-electromagnetic energies that dared flow into it's wearer's body, and ward off the energies that fueled the psychic powers of telepaths and telekinetics, and others like the energies that powered spells and magic, to which Plutonians were vulnerable.

"It's why we fight"

Finally, the Empress spoke, and even the air seemed to bow to the iron in her pitch. Arms crossing over his chest, chin high and his feet hovering an inch above the palace floor, the Prince of Power was not short on confidence or regality. And as he spoke, his voice rolled out deep like the thunder commanded by Thunderstorm herself. "You're welcome, Empress", he nodded, his eyes yet to move from hers, "Formally? King Leo. Galactic gladiator of Battleworld legend, and a king of Andromeda gladiators responsible for their rebellion on the Eteldan slaver colony, Nero". Uncrossing his arms, Leonel continued, "Informally? Someone who wants to destroy the Abyssal Imperium. And so should you, Empress Nairah", he paused, leaving his words to hang in the air and allowing them the seconds they need to sink in the Empress' mind.

"You're an Empress. Someone to whom the Plutonian people look for leader and protector of Plutonian prosperity and self-determination", a formidable responsibility if there ever was one. "As a leader, you have your people's best interests at heart. And you protect those interests. It's why we all fight, because across the cosmos, few people protect the same interests. We're all different, want different things, think differently, feel differently. It's foolish for anyone to expect anything different than that. But, there is one interest we all have and hope to protect", the Hyper-God paused, "The survival of this universe". And in the time ahead, a dark cloud'd come for them all. "We all have a common enemy. An enemy that lays claim to the entire universe as it's colony, and those living in it, it's slaves".

"The Abyssal Imperium, an empire of monsters led by a cosmic abomination called Nordok, threatens to conquer and enslave the entire universe. And I'm not keen on letting that happen. I enjoy my individual freedom, and I imagine you and your people do too. I'm ready to wage war against the Imperium with or without you, Empress, but I'd be lying if I said having you by my side wouldn't be a massive boost. Help me destroy the Imperium and save this universe. I've been told that Plutonians value honor. Then honor the promise you made to your people, to protect them. You can do so by helping me wipe out this plague".

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It's hard to know what the Empress is thinking, her face remaining ever so passive. Emotions carefully controlled. Contrary to what many think, her race does experience emotion. They are just able to control it and hide it extremely well. Empress Nairah knows full well the danger Nordok poses. Other than a few skirmishes with Imperium forces, she and her empire have stayed out of his way. So far, the Empress has been lucky not to have any major conflict with the Ancient One. But she knows that a war is coming in which Nordok will try and claim everything the Plutonian Empire has worked so hard to claim as their own. If not now, it will be later. Empress Nairah wishes beings like Nordok never existed, but they do. And instead of sitting on her throne wishing the problem to go away, she knows now that she must do something about it. King Leo makes an excellent case, stating all the facts for her and saying why he needs her and her forces.

Empress Nairah glances over at Thunderstorm who has a pleading look on her face that speaks volumes. The Empress looks back at King Leo, but oddly she thinks about the gift he has given her. The gem hums with power, the Empress's keen hear can detect it. A scan of it reveals it's beneficial nature and she is deeply impressed. That is one incredible gift. King Leo knows how to appeal to her. But once again, she shows outward signs she's feeling anything.

The Empress rises from her throne and grabs the ceremonial sword from the wall above it before floating over to King Leo. For a long moment, she stares into eyes. She likes the way he carries himself. He's a King, he knows her burdens. Then the Empress holds out the sword for him horizontally in both her hands, "This sword has been in my family for generations. It's a symbol of pride and honor. I give it to you as my pledge that you have my aid against the Imperium. As you hold the sword, I am obligated to help you for I always keep my pledges."

On the off chance King Leo looks Thunderstorm's way, or looks at her through the corner of his eyes, he might notice she smiles at him and nods for him to take the sword. King Leo has just gained a valuable ally in his fight.

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It seemed the air - the throne room itself - waited in anticipation of the Empress' word. The gravity of her presence cast itself well, and as she glided from her throne with a sword, it rose tenfold. The Prince of Power glanced first at the sword, spent a nanosecond studying the silver gleam of it's edges and intricacy of it's design, then returned his eyes to the Empress. The sword was no threat, more useful in court than on the battlefield. Leonel said nothing. He kept his chin high, posture powerful and his eyes on the Empress. For an eternity, she lingered on his gaze, as if searching for an answer to a question that had long troubled her. Finally with the sword held out to him, she spoke, and he listened.

Glancing down at the sword, Leonel's eyes followed the blade. It was decorative, polished, and freshly oiled. On it, his reflection stared him back. "A generational piece", he began, grabbing the sword by the hilt and feeling the weight of Plutonian monarchs past, "This is a significant gesture, so the honor, Empress, is all mine". With a nod, the Prince of Power offered the Empress a gesture of his own, a smile, one that was calm and sympathetic to her burdens as an empress. "We should prepare soon", his smile faded, replaced on his face by the weight of the situation. "I'll return here soon enough, with a war strategy, maybe some allies if you'll allow them, and see how you feel your empire's war resources should be used against the Imperium".

With a glance at Thunderstorm and another at the Empress, Leonel waited for the two speak whatever words they still held before issuing his farewell to the Empress, "I'm looking forward to our next meeting, and to finally dealing with the Imperium".