The Pheonix, The Wolf And a Bottle of Whiskey. (RPG)

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The door chimes that were hung just a couple of inches above the door sang as they were grazed by the edges of the hefty maple wood door that Bryan had pushed in upon entering the bar. A digital counter that kept track of new patrons coming in that hung from the ceiling changed its digits from "92" to "93" with Bryan being the bar's latest customer. Bigby, another moniker that Bryan sometimes goes by proceeded directly to the end of the bar where the counter and the bartender were stationed. And too his pleasant surprise, there were still a number of bar stools left unoccupied.

"What can I get ya tonight, pal?" The barkeep, a middle aged man who was surprisingly fit for his age inquired as he was concocting another drink ordered from a customer.

"The cheapest bottle of Whiskey you got and a glass" Bryan replied with a sigh.

"Tough day at work?" The Barkeep jested as he shook the cocktail shaker furiously.

"More like a slow one." Bryan replied sincerely as he cozied in his seat.

"I can understand that. Coming right up" The barkeep finished as he went to fetch Bryan his order.

The bar itself, unlike many in the area, went for the more traditional bar aesthetic. But fitted with modern entertainment systems. Wood dominated the majority of the furnishings while a beautiful, dark, marble served as its floors. A flat-screen TV was hung from a mount just to the left of where the barkeep was stationed. The channels would alternate between a sports channel and the local news. The audio, however, was overpowered by the music that was playing through a rather impressive sound system.

Drunken chatter also added to the joyful commotion of the bar. The buzzing conversations would occasionally explode into laughter before fading gradually only to repeat the cycle again a few minutes later. There was also the occasional sobbing, yelling, frustrated slams of the table. Faint volume of consolidation and flirtatious whispers were also abundant.

*Sniff sniff*

Bryan sniffed, scouting the area through his sense of smell. Something he always made the habit of doing whenever he enters an unfamiliar place. Centuries ago, he did it for stalking and self protection. Nowadays however, for amusement and general curiosity.

"Nothing out of the ordinary" He thought to himself as he picked up the scents of many things. Substances that would normally be found lingering inside a bar. Different perfumes, deodorants and fragrances from different individuals, natural body odor that they tried to eliminate with the former. Different spirits, beverages and concoctions. Illegal narcotics such as methamphetamine and cocaine of varying amounts and some other substances that Bryan had guessed to be some sort of party drugs.

Yeah. Just your normal bar at a Friday night.

"There ya go pal. Just pay me when yer done" The barkeep informed Bryan as the accommodating mixologist poured Bryan's preferred liquor, onto the accompanying glass he had ordered. Interrupting his thoughts.

"Oh.. thank you." The Big Bad Wolf responded before reaching deep into his pockets. Pulling out a pack of unfiltered cigarettes. "One of human civilization's greatest invention." he pondered. Bryan thought it was a tragic irony that humans couldn't enjoy the pleasure of cigarettes without having to deal with potentially lethal health repercussions later on after prolonged use. He, however. The Big Bad, could.

Aside from the nicotine, smoking also served another purpose. It dulls Bryan's sense of smell temporarily. Making the hundreds, if not the thousands of different scents he picks up all day on a daily basis a little less potent, and in turn, a lot less distracting.

As he placed one cigarette between his lips with his right hand, his left hand searched for the lighter that accompanied the pack of "death sticks" as some would call them, simultaneously. He fumbled between the pockets of his jeans and shirt before something of more importance caught his attention.

A scent. A scent so unique and potent, yet somehow so familiar that he had to abandon the plan of lighting the cigarette that was already pressed between his lips. He glanced at the digital counter, "94" It now said. The sound of the door chime further confirmed that a new patron had entered the establishment. The same one who was giving off the smell.

*Sniff* Bryan dialed in on the scent and for some reason the smell reminded him of something burnt, something charred. Ashy.

And then it dawned on him. The reason why the scent was so uniquely familiar to him was because he had already come across it before. A thousand or more years ago to be specific.

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@feroz: Over a thousand years, live, hunt, burn, die, return. Immortality like his was a life of pain. Some memories faded while others were forever. Sometimes only parts remained, he remembered the pains of his first death vividly. How every cell every nerve was on fire, there was no pain like it before, nor ever again. And yet he couldn't even remember the name of the king that had done it too him.

He did remember his goal, that was something he had never lost. To hunt down and serve justice to those who deserved it. Not as a guardian angel, he did not have that much power, nor that much strength of will, but as a reaper of vengeance.

And what better place to keep ones eyes and ears open then a bar like one before him, people ever so loved divulging secrets when they were filled with alcohol. Of course many were just exaggerations, lies, or even just playing a part. But he'd track it down anyway, investigate, and find the ones that were true. And in the meantime he could enjoy a meal and a drink himself, though ever since he had become what he was, he couldn't get drunk easily. His body would physically burn the alcohol in his stomach if it became a threat to him, which was incredibly irritating.

He walked into the bar, turning the counter to 94. He wore a leather jacket, on the inside of the back of which was a combat knife, just as one in his boot was also one stored. Leather gloves, and a pair of dark jeans. He wasn't necessarily intimidating by height or build, but sometimes there was a gleam in his eyes, a gleam of pure hatred for that which was evil. A gleam that grew from pain.

What he had not yet realized was who had already noticed him, an individual he had learned of many centuries ago. One he would not quite forget but had certainly not had on his mind at the moment. A tale of destruction of a town, as if in revenge to the death of a witch. A dangerous tale from a dangerous wolf.

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Bryan couldn't help but look back over his shoulder. Taking a quick glance confirmed what his nose had picked up on just moments ago. It was none other than Lucias Carpenter. The man who was burned alive. Reduced to nothing more but mere ashes. Left to blend with the very soil he once stood on as he screamed in agony from being doused in flames and left to die by burning. Ordered from an arrogant, corrupt and power hungry king. Only to resurrect a week later and kill the very king who ordered the brutal punishment on him.

The news about Lucias, a man who sprung forth from the ashes he was reduced to; spread like wildfire. It reached different regions of the world in varying details, instilling fear to those who lived a life of crime. As the word was, Lucias Carpenter would hunt down those who dwelled in injustice.

But, like many other stories. Humanity slowly moved on as time went by. Details and parts were added and taken, the witnesses outlived by the events they witnessed. Making a real, tragic event turn into nothing more than a legend, a myth. Just another story.

However, Bryan knew the story all too well. It was real, as real as him, his past, his unspeakable deeds of evil and monstrosities that was fueled by rage. In fact, he was surprised their paths never crossed. Or at the very least, took this long.

Bryan continued to observe Lucias, he had some rough ideas of his motives, how he chose his targets. How he hunted those who've harmed the innocent and how Bryan's infamy was built from exactly that.

Although he was was uncertain if Lucias had been tracking him for a while now or The Avatar of Justice was there for a different target, or a different reason altogether. A fight was something Bryan had already decided against. Not in such a public place.

Bryan downed his first shot of cheap whiskey as he waited. He knew Lucias would eventually make his way to the bar. Maybe Lucias won't recognize him, he rarely used his human form thousands of years ago. Or maybe that's what Lucias wanted him to think. Maybe he was just there to get wasted. These thoughts raced around Bryan's head, but there was really no way of knowing. So he sat, waiting.

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As Lucias walked up to the counter he eyed the people in the room, his eyes glancing over Feroz before he finally sat down looking into the mirror. He glanced at the menu quickly, "I'd like the Scotch in a glass please," he said setting down some cash on the counter as the bartender came over to him. The Bartender didn't stick around long getting it, with Lucias's rather somber demeanor he didn't seem the one to want to talk at the moment.

And then he started looking. There was something he had picked up in time that the mirror was a good way to spot out people without drawing too much attention, and it was also perfect for making someone think they were staring at you as if they knew something. Which is exactly what he was doing. Person after person, but watching them all, until his eyes landed on Feroz. ...Who is that? he thought. That face, that was just too familiar, his breathing got just a little bit heavier as he glared through the mirror towards Feroz's eyes, Why do I know you?

Lucias had met many people over the last thousand years, and over the last few weeks, but so many of them were lost to memory. Sometimes he only got descriptions of people he was after. Sometimes he got a glimpse, or a drawing. The dangerous wolf was one who he had tried to find before but the chance never quite arose.

His gaze continued to linger, his eyes unwavering as he took a drink from the scotch given to him, not losing eye contact. Come on, react to me, he thought. He needed to see what would happen when the man realized he was being watched with a gaze that, for most at least, felt like it was tearing holes into someones soul. A gaze he had practiced over his lifetime to get information out of someone without the trouble of pain or investigation. Sometimes you could tell how guilty a person was, just by looking at them as if they were already found out.

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The Immortal had finally made his way at the counter. Lucias and Bryan were only separated by one unoccupied bar stool, and although the gap between the seats were comfortably spacious, it was too close for comfort for Feroz

"I'd like the Scotch in a glass please," The Avatar of Justice ordered his drink while simultaneously scouting the area. His eyes that of a hunter looking for game. Observing the most minute of details, sweeping for anything that stuck out like a sore thumb. Even utilizing the mirror in front of him to observe the events and patrons behind him. A slick move employed by The Immortal that Bryan had only noticed because he was doing the same thing.

Bryan timed when to take a glance at Lucias. Counter observing the man known as The Immortal. The Big Bad Wolf would take a quick glance at Lucias' reflection when The Avatar of Justice's attention was on someone else and calmly revert his eyes back down to his drink when he'd feel like they'd be back on him. A dangerous game of cat and mouse played with eye contact, or lack thereof. However, there were no mice present. Only a hunter and a predator.

Feroz made an error. He incorrectly guessed the timing. Their intense gazes finally met like two bulls whose horns had locked onto each other from butting heads. Lucias' stared Bryan down with incredible intensity. His gaze intrusive as if he was interrogating and demanding information with eye contact. Provoking Bigby to reveal more information.

Bryan remained calm however, and kept his composure. With thousands of years of experience, he learned how people ticked. He learned about their behavioral tendencies when placed in certain situations. And how they lied and which lies were more effective on which types of personalities. Something he didn't try to actively learn about, but inevitably picked up on.

Bryan reached back into his pockets, pulling back out the pack of cigarettes he had discarded earlier.

"Smoke?" Bigby calmly offered Lucias as if he didn't recognize him. Putting on a convincing facade without breaking the eye contact.

But, if anyone were to see through this facade that Bigby had employed, it would be someone who was as cunning as a fox and had the same amount of vast experience as he had. And Lucias Carpenter fit that bill.

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Eyes locked. Naturally, Lucias preferred things to happen immediately, or soon. It was easier when people knew he existed, nowadays his reputation had decreased. But he intended on making that return over time, the problem was avoiding arrest at the same time. However, he had patience. That did tend to happen when you lived as long as he had, and when you were not a being of offensive power, but survival. He was not the missile that followed someone at high speed. He was a hunter of pursuit, he would walk towards his target at whatever speed he could, sometimes more difficult targets could take months before he could finally enact justice. Patience was an excellent tool.

The man's reaction however was less then expected, he removed a pack of cigarettes offering one to Lucias. It was an uncommon reaction to say the least, an average individual might look at him with some level of disgust or distrust when he was searching like this, especially the women, but to take it in stride came from a few select groups.

The outsiders: People who did not exist within social norms, anti-social personality disorders some of them. Sometimes they just didn't quite "get" the way people acted, or perhaps chose to not get it. They were less prone to fear from a face someone was making. They weren't necessarily evil, but it was certainly not a sign of being innocent either. Sometimes however they were themselves trying to gauge a situation, and simply didn't know yet how to act. Outsiders to a culture may be this way regardless of if they're normal in their own.

The liars: Those who hid their true selves behind a mask. And as a result, the mask they wore could only react the way they made it. Prone to either appearing fake in their emotions, or not showing as extensive emotions. Though not always, there were those who were ever so rare who could feign a full range of emotions very well. But they were indeed very rare.

And the Fearless: Sometimes people who wanted to intimidate in reverse, to react as if nothing was a problem. Sometimes these were people who were experienced in combat enough to feel safe with themselves and truly didn't feel fear. Sometimes they felt fear, but when in the right situation, could choose to act completely normal. Sometimes they were just morons who couldn't recognize when they should be scared.

It was rather hard to tell unfortunately. Whichever one he was, he didn't let it slide and Lucias hadn't seen enough of him to know just yet.

Lucias let out a simple grunt, "Thanks." the word was neutral, not hostile seeming, but perfectly neutral. Still not breaking eye contact, he'd receive one however it was handed to him, but his eyes would not change. There was another experiment he could preform, to see what would happen. A warning, if he took the cigarette, and pushed the end of it against his finger to light it rather then using a match, it might evoke a reaction. It would be painful of course, burning his own finger just to reveal who he was. But he'd caught people off guard with it before, he just hoped that if his suspicion about hearing of this man before was right, he'd know about Lucias's fiery aspects. And even if he hadn't seen the man before, it might evoke enough of a reaction to see how much he was faking it.He couldn't let himself go off on the man right away, he had to know the truth first, before he could act.

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A dangerous game of deception was now being played by Lucias and Bryan. Two individuals who could each single-handedly maim or kill every single patron in the bar if they so desired. A fight between the two would prove disastrous and would ensure utter chaos. Yet everyone around them were oblivious to the fact. But they weren't to blame. Both men were incredibly subtle and discreet that not even the bartender that would take occasional glances noticed. Thousands of years of experience all accumulating at that moment.

Bigby couldn't afford a fight. Not in such a public establishment. He had been keeping a low profile for centuries now and a fight against someone as dangerous as Lucias would inevitably bring out his abilities into the light. Something Bryan doesn't plan on doing anytime soon. Unless absolutely required.

The cigarette offered was accepted, accompanied by a "Thanks" said in a very neutral demeanor by Lucias. Effectively hiding any clues or tells of what he might have or might not have known, and what he might have had planned, if any. A brilliant counter to Bryan's nonchalant facade.

The intense eye contact between both men remained intact. The tension, palpable. Like a bomb that could go off any moment. Bigby lit his cigarette first, taking a deep drag before exhaling through his nose. Lucias soon did the same, only the means of which he lit the cigarette was entirely different.

Lucias placed the tip of his index finger on the tip of the cigarette. Effectively lighting the unfiltered cigarette whilst still keeping the eye contact. Keeping a close look at whatever minute reactions The Big Bad Wolf would make, any subtle clues or even the most minute of tells. Bryan knew, he could feel The Avatar of Justice just waiting for him to give him some information.

Bryan didn't know what to do. All scenarios that he had played over his head all led to complete uncertainty. He didn't want to do something stupid and blow his identity and start all over again. He didn't want to go into hiding and spend decades on the run until he would outlive yet another generation by at least a century before starting anew. That was not taking into consideration that he would have to make an arch nemesis out of Lucias if they fought. An eternity of fighting was something he did not want to get into.

But there's nothing he could do if The Avatar of Justice had his plans set in stone already but fight back. However, there was one more approach he could try. Honesty.

"Lucias Carpenter." Bigby spoke in a calm, genuine manner. Extending his hand to The Immortal. "I'm Bryan. Or the wolf of olden times."

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@feroz: Every action was important, Lucias having to be patient, having to choose his actions carefully, all the while Bryan was doing the same. Bryan had more knowledge to go off of, while Lucias had his persistence. There were so few routes left to take now, he had to watch Bryan's reaction to his igniting of his cigarette which he now held in his mouth. Knowing how ironic it was that the Prince of Ash, burned to death, would use such a thing.

And then, the reveal came, as Bryan held out his hand and mentioned Lucias's name, the Immortal took a breath in the smoke filling his lungs causing a memory to click, he cracked his neck, pay attention. He managed to focus back. Hearing the introduction, Bryan. The wolf of olden times. Not a wolf. The wolf. Memories of the story rushed back into Lucias's mind. All the tales he had heard of the man.

Corpses. Death. Guilt. Lucias looked at the hand held out, and for the sake of everyone else at the bar, shook it. It was...a sense of concern, even fear, hidden deep inside Lucias. Not for himself, for the many people in the bar. He was a pursuit creature, the wolf however, could kill everyone in the bar and while Lucias might be able to take him down or seriously hurt him after it, he might not be able to stop him. He couldn't let it result in a fight, not here. But he also couldn't let that worry show. He'd done that before, and it was a mistake.

He let out a breath, the smoke rising into the air. A familiar sight, and feeling. They couldn't fight here... but even if fighting was the result, the investigation wasn't over. He established now the man had killed, he outright admitted it. He was The wolf that legends were made after. But. Was he guilty of his crimes. Was he merely mad with pain, or was he fully aware of his sin of murder at the time. It was so long ago, how would he even know for sure.

"You've got a red story behind you, how much was true." Lucias spoke still in a neutral tone, the first test, to see what would happen by bringing up the origin of what everyone had heard so long ago. Then glancing at the bartender, "Perhaps, here is not the best place for that."

While to Lucias, the comment was to avoid people getting hurt, he was hoping that if the Wolf was truly guilty, he would want to avoid detection, which meant for both of them, here was a very bad place for anything. Lucias took a quick swig from his drink. If only he could actually get drunk, it rarely lasted long even when he tried really hard for it.

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After what seemed like an eternity of intense interrogation from Lucias and sly concealment by Bryan. Both men finally shook hands. Easing the palpable tension between the two somewhat. But their unplanned interaction was far from over. At least though, Bryan could breathe easily for a while. A fight had not erupted. Bryan likes to think it was partly because of his introduction, but more so the setting they were in. Looks like they both have the same idea. Innocents are off limits, as they should be.

"You've got a red story behind you, how much was true" The Avatar of Justice inquired, still neutrality in his demeanor and tone. Perhaps he was hiding something, his true emotion. An unpleasant, negative one perhaps? No other reason why he'd hide it, Bigby guessed. Or maybe he didn't really care anymore, maybe have gave up on his mission of vengeance as did Bigby long ago. He pondered once more.

Lucias inquiry was no surprise, although very straightforward and blunt. Then again they weren't exactly friends. They weren't even acquaintances. Bigby has somewhat made amends with his past, but it still made him uncomfortable however, and it showed. Before he could respond, Lucias added" "Perhaps, here is not the best place for that."

A suggestion Bryan wasn't keen on obliging on. The bar and its patrons were the only things that kept a fight between the two from breaking out. It was what kept the wolf of olden times from emerging and the Pheonix from trying to stop him.

"Most of it, give or take" Bryan answered before he downed another shot of cheap whiskey. Ignoring Lucias' suggestion. Flashbacks of his monstrosity rushed into his head. How he had shed innocent blood and how he sometimes consumed his victims. Evil for evil was the thought he had used to justify these acts. However, he later realized that not every person was capable of such evil deeds. A realization made centuries too late.

"Nothing but an angry mutt seeking revenge." Bryan paused, taking another drag from his unfiltered cigarette. A slight disgust in his tone as he recalled his acts of violence. " How bout you? Is it true you came back from nothing but the ash they turned you into?" He continued, excess smoke exiting his mouth with every word he spoke.

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Lucias waited for the answer to his first question but was hoping things could be taken outside, however, his comment was ignored. Well that probably meant the Wolf wasn't looking for a fight, at least not at the moment. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. On the upside, people were probably not going to get hurt. However it also meant he couldn't take care of him here if he decided it was necessary.

The Wolf admitted to "most of it" being true, but perhaps not all. That did make things difficult to discern how much was truth and how much wasn't given he didn't exactly continue. And Lucias didn't exactly have many witnesses to go off of. There weren't many left alive from so long ago. Lucias made no answer yet, he heard him say he was but an angry mutt for revenge. That sounded familiar didn't it. Lucias's own story spawned from revenge after all.

Then came a question in turn, not an uncommon question...for those that knew at least. Lucias took a gulp of his drink, longing for the release of drunkenness he knew was impossible for him. His breath grew slightly faster, the memory rushing through his mind. Burned into his very soul. Something he would never forget.

"Yes, and I have felt no pain comparable since that day. That King, he deserved every second of pain and more that I could give him." His eyes and pained voice drifted into the past, the flames rising and licking his flesh, burn, burn,burn, BURN. He clenched his fist and a cracking sound could be heard from outside the flesh as he gripped far too hard, followed by a sizzling sound and a feint glow underneath his skin which dissipated a moment later, "But the problem I'm facing now, is you."

They both knew it, they both were aware of the problem that had arisen. Lucias hunted down people he believed were guilty, and it would be easy to see The Wolf as very guilty. The problem was...was he culpable for it. "You know what I've done, what I do. But I don't know yet is the circumstances."

He waited to see if the Wolf would give him more to go off of. He was trying to establish just the matter of if actually killing the Wolf, or harming him in any way, would somehow help justice in some way or not. His actions were so long ago, well beyond a normal lifespan. And not only was it in question whether or not those actions were even still something he should act on, given the Wolf may have changed, or may not, since then. But if the Wolf had the capacity at the time to fully understand or be treated justly for his actions at the time. He was...a wolf in some sense after all wasn't he. So he wasn't sure if that meant he had the full mind of a human at the time or not.

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Bryan's eyebrow raised in caution as the unmistakable stench of burning flesh made its way to his heightened sense of smell. Faint crackling sounds typically found in that of a small campfire could also be heard within both men's vicinity as Lucias recalled his painful past. Igniting his anger and pain, both figuratively and literally.

"But the problem I'm facing now, is you." Lucias stated. A sentence that had not only brought back the tension Bryan had tried so hard to bring down, but a sentence that the Wolf had taken as a challenge. Maybe it was his feral instincts, maybe it was the prideful nature from the human in him.

"You know what I've done, what I do. But I don't know yet is the circumstances." Lucias Carpenter added. It was now clear to Bryan that Lucias didn't just make it his goal to seek out revenge for those who were incapable of it. It was an obsession to him to rid the world of those who's done evil.

I don't see any problem here, Lucias." Bigby responded, taking yet another drag of his cigarette. "What you did to that king. What you do to this very day stemmed from the pain that you've felt from what you call, the injustices done to you by your own people. By your own species. You burned a man alive along with yourself because the pain of burning wasn't as bad as the pain you've been dealt with.

I did what I did cause at that time it felt like it was the right thing to do. People killed my sisters and brothers while we were out playing in the field. People killed my mother when she was only protecting her cubs. I was the only survivor. Someone brought me to their home, sheltered me. Built my life back together only for people to destroy it all over again. This time for a measly amount of silver. I'm not so sure if you would have done differently if you were in my shoes. Then again. I wouldn't know. I'm not.. people."

The Big Bad Wolf recounted his past. Pain and anger also boiling within him. "I know what you do, Lucias. I also know I'm not your target. No longer am, anyway. You're centuries too late. I'm not that wolf anymore." Bryan added. His demeanor gradually mellowing down.

Bigby then placed his payment down on the wooden countertop as he took one final drag of his unfiltered cigarette before rubbing the lit tip on the ashtray. Effectively extinguishing the "Deathstick"

"Here. If you need anything, let me know. I could use some business." Bryan offered. Placing down a crumpled calling card onto the counter top before heading to the exit.

The calling card read: Bryan Bigby. Private Investigator." with the address being in one of the more poorer parts of the city.

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Lucias waited and Bigby responded. He mentioned Lucias's own acts, how what he did was a reaction to the injustice, and that the sensation of burning the second time was inferior to the pain of what he'd truly felt. That was true. No matter what, that moment of pain could never be recreated. Whatever tortures he'd have to face.

And then, The Wolf answered the problem, he spoke about how at the time, it felt like it was the right action for him to take. How it was people that did it. Course, that meant humans. And that what he was doing was merely seeking to cause harm to the same people who harmed him. Humans. That was not...truly any different then Lucias's thinking. The problem was merely that when Lucias died, he knew who was at fault, he knew who to kill. But Feroz hadn't lived in the same world Lucias had. He couldn't be expected to have the same sense of morality that he had had.

Lucias pulled in on the cigarette, then took a swig of his drink, spinning it in his glass in thought with a furrowed brow as Feroz spoke. It made difficult. On the one hand, he wanted revenge for those who died. On the other, killing wouldn't accomplish anything truly good. It would be like killing a man for what he did as a child. It would be wrong.

He was late. That was the truth. Any action Lucias had a right to take faded long ago in this case. Lucias looked at the card and heard the comment as he set it down, he had to abandon this hunt today. This was a target that no longer truly existed. He stood up before Feroz left, and reached out a hand to shake, though he didn't care to much either way, that was a gesture of today, not every year "Good to know, there's one less to worry about. I'll keep you in mind." He held up the card and nodded, before going back to his drink regardless of what happened. To think.

Hardly the most friendly interaction he'd had, but it had been...resolved, and peacefully. He took a swig. What more could be asked.