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I am the Observer, the watcher of the Universes.
I am the Observer, the watcher of the Universes.

I am the Observer, the watcher of the Universes, and I watch without intervening allow the story of each universe to be told as it should be. Some stories end in some would call Happy Ever After Endings, other stories end in Tragedy and Loss, and some continue to this day, having me wondering what is gonna happen next. I do not intervene because my intervention would be an outside source tainting the story laid out in front of me. How can one enjoy a story if they influence it at every turn? My job is not to make sure Good triumphs Evil. I am not obliged to fill the holes, the universes choose to give themselves. I feel I am meant to watch and that’s what I do.

The Universes are in danger in more way than one lately. My biggest concern is the partial discovery of the Universal Lavaliere. Pieces of arguably the most dangerous weapon the Universes have ever known are being discovered one after the other. Time, Mind, and Reality have all been used by their newfound owners, the others stay hidden for the time being. So, I wait patiently and wait for them to let their presence be known.

Another concern of mine is the travel of beings from one universe to others. While not as much of a true danger as the Universal Lavaliere, their effects should not and cannot go unnoticed. Universal travel is not a problem on its own, but it depends on what the being who travels between universes does in them, while they wander through them. One being has caught my attention more than the others as of late with her multiple travels between different universes.

Ziccarra or Sha of the Prime Universe has been doing things in between her travels, that are causing terrible effects in each universe she finds herself in. So, I watch her closely aware that her True Superior already knows of her being an issue. Right now, as I watch she battles a being known in its Universe as Thee Champion. I hope that he overcomes his own inner struggles to defeat her so that she can be stopped now rather than later. I watch as the Herald of Hope goes toe to toe with the Ninjan Queen, he even separates them from the Earth’s Solar System, and for a second I am grateful, but that does not stop the destructive nature of their battle, no, it only transports it to another location. Ziccarra is okay with destroying anything to get the outcome she wants, and this time two planets and a space station fell victim to her uncaring need for victory. When the battle finally ends, I realize Alexis Pettis may have wanted to save Earth one last time, but it seems he has only prolonged Ziccarra’s attack on it. History shall write, the God of Tomorrow has fallen Today.


The Observer knew that Ziccarra’s actions could no longer be appeased. She had to be dealt with now, and not allowed to continue her rampage on the Universes however she felt fit. While The Observer would not personally intervene in her affairs or the affairs of the Universes, he would seek those responsible dealing with her or whoever else had something to lose shall she achieve what she wanted power wise. The Observer formed two clones of himself in appearance, but in size, they stood much like humanoids.

He sent one to World Terminus, seeking the one referred to as SOIF, the Sha Of Infinite Forevers, the most powerful of Sha Variants. SOIF should be the one most responsible for dealing with an issue such as this.

The other clone was sent to Universe Y’s Planet Tophet, to seek Y-Intercept. Believed to be Prime Ziccarra’s end goal: to kill Y on Planet Tophet, is believed to shatter all creation since she was ‘born’ at the center of creation.

As soon as the Observer’s drones came face to face with SOIF and stepped foot on Planet Tophet, they would proclaim in unison.

“The Observer demands your presence at once.” The words were straight to the point, The Observer had no reason to be polite or to make light of the situation. Both of the Superiors would know the seriousness of him seeking them out. The Drones after declaring their message would guide them to The Observer’s Obelisk, a building dedicated to him and Universal Gods to discuss issues that the Observer deemed of importance.

The Observer's Obelisk
The Observer's Obelisk

When the two would arrive, the drones would combine with one another. The Observer would still be watching over the Universes, but this drone would be dedicated to addressing The Universal Gods about Ziccarra. He allowed them to exchange words of pleasantry if the two had anything pleasant to say to one another, but once they sat at the table the incident at hand would be their main focus.

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You dare?
You dare?

"Hmm...." Y grunted, watching intently as Ziccarra somehow manage to defeat the Champion. It was the ultimate endgame, destroy Y and the story ends; for reasons unknown to anyone but Y and SOIF.

Standing with her staff viewing the 'Birth of Hatred' in a pure person's soul; she was briefly startled by the powerful voice of the Observer.

"You dare come to my world, and summon me?" She hisses until she realizes it was pointless. It was pointless because when someone as important, as the Observer summons you--it's usually important.

Materializing through the corridor, it was no surprise at all that SOIF was here, after all, it was her mess in the first place.



They said to one another before focusing their attention on the Observer.

For SOIF, this was bad. The Observer did nothing but watch and record history; much like she did. But now he could see the anomalies in the Universes' stories. Now specifically, he could see the comma where the period was supposed to be. Someone altered the story, and that someone was SOIF.

"There's no point in trying to figure out what happens. We all know SOIF is to blame" Y instigated before taking a seat at the Observer's table. "The truth is written on her skin."

"You're insufferable"

"Since you will not explain. Allow me. As you know everything that transpires in this Universe from our vantage point exist as stories. The Sha of Infinite Forevers has two specific jobs, to create Sha's and to create Solace"

Y's explanation brought a glare from the highest Sha, it was in this story that the truth would be revealed.

"Sha's were villains, egotistical, sometimes emotional murderers that could have the ability to eventually absorb more power to take her spot," Y said pointing in SOIF's direction. "Sounds familiar right?"

"Solace is the hero. They're the ones that eventually rise to stop these Sha's, however, the main Solace always fails. This is the universe's way of making sure that one Sha always becomes the SOIF. I'm sure you're aware of that because you watched this idiot take the reigns."

Now in typical Y fashion, she got up marching around SOIF antagonistically. "The reason SOIF's losing her blue color, and Ziccarra's a raving lunatic is because SOIF altered her fate. Sha Prime was supposed to be a Solace, and Maya Lopez was supposed to be a Sha named Lonestar. Now since Prime is the universe from which all her derived...every time a Solace and Sha are created....they're already tainted."

"So SOIF...to try and right that wrong you had to do what" She hissed, almost drooling at the mouth, wanting to desperately hear SOIF's confession.


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The Observer had had enough of Y's attack on the SOIF. "Sit down you petulant child!" His fist slammed on the Divine table he sat at. He knew of Y's and the SOIF's hatred towards one another. The Observer was in no mood to point fingers of blame at the Universal Gods.

Y was not wrong in her accusations. The three of them sat here at the table inside the Observer's Obelisk because this SOIF had toyed with fate, edited the story of Universe Prime poorly. The Ramifications they faced today because of her actions was the very reason why The Observer simply watched the stories unfold. This SOIF's poor choices caused a chain reaction leading to the tainting of each Sha and Solace in the Universes. She had then as what some could only consider the last ditch effort, created Y-Intercept, a Universal anomaly. Y-Intercept was meant to kill the Sha and Solace of Universe Prime as a restart button on this SOIF's creation of each Sha and Solace of the Universes, but Y was never meant to be a part of the story, so she did as she pleased. Did she antagonize Maya Lopez and Ziccarra, yes, but she never outright sought to kill them.

Universal Lavaliere
Universal Lavaliere

Which then lead to Prime Sha, who was actually meant to be a Solace, absorbing each of the Shas of the Universes. It was fate, Sha would absorb each of them. and then replace the SOIF, but it was the way she was doing it now. The Universes were already weakened by the each returning part of the Universal Lavaliere. Prime Ziccarra's destructive nature had only added to destabilization of each Universe she entered, that's why The Observer demanded the meeting now.

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"We are not here to argue, we are here to solve the problem." His voice had now calmed down from moments ago when his voice boomed through the Divine Building at Y. "It is true, I do know the reason why the problem has arisen." He faced towards the SOIF, "But we will deal with those problems when this is all behind us." Facing towards him was like looking at the Universes he watched, but his words rang loud and clear. He let it be known to the both of them, that SOIF crime of changing fate would not be forgotten. He faced towards Y, "And don't consider yourself innocent or free either. You were created in hopes that you would right this wrong. You have as much to lose here as she does." Prime Ziccarra seemed unstable to the Observer, who was to say that her thirst for power would stop at her absorbing all the Shas.

"As I said before we are here to solve the problem. I have grown tired of you two allowing her to continue her wrongs. There are bigger things that need my concern," he faced Y knowing that she knew about the Universal Lavaliere, "than Universe Prime's Ziccarra. Today, she fought Thee Champion, Alexis Pettis. The two of them destroyed two planets and a space station, another example of her causing loss and destruction in each universe she steps in. She is destabilizing them and unbalancing them when they are the weakest. The effects of her ventures could be catastrophic on a multiverse level. After her battle with Alexis, she attempted to absorb him, another being not of her own Sha-like nature. She produced a clone of him from the Dark World."

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The Cocaine Goddess in origin form wince in irritation, how dare he talk to her like that. One thing was for certain...it'd be the final time.

"You aren't telling me anything I don't already know. The Universal Lavalier should be the main concern. Let HER deal with stopping the Ninjan brute"

Frustration admittedly stretches across the face of Y, not because of the happenings in the Universe, but because she kept her universal spawns out of the conflict altogether. She's shown up a few times here in there, in the like of Catalina and Maya Liafador; but never truly interrupted any form of Universe Story.

"As you said I am an anomaly, I am not supposed to exist; but because I do. You both should be delighted that I have kept my hands out of the dealings in regard to the Lavaliers; because you both know what I will do if I got my hands on one. As for you Observer, your job is to watch and record. The next time you believe yourself to be my equal, then I will ensure you are observing your anus. Good day" Just like that, Y was gone. Gone to continue whatever it was anomalies like her chose to do.

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"I'll admit, I'm at my wit's end" SOIF sighed, having been exposed as a criminal. In her past life, this would've been her MO, but SOIF was supposed to be truly neutral, never to interfere.

"Perhaps, I do have a solution to the problem. Albeit tentative" She suggests cusping her hands together on the table in thought.

SOIF knew Prime Ziccarra has currently injured hundreds of light years away in the Ninjan Omega Nebula, in her current state she'd never recover fast enough to cause more trouble.

"What of Lord Nordok and his Imperium? Surely he has the ability to not only detain an unstable Ziccarra but contain her as well."

This brief piece of information was the result of SOIF overseeing the interaction with Sha and one of his creations (Trinity Blue).

"As for the Champion spawn....I knew nothing about this." How was it possible that there were things she could see things, and others she could not?

"Maya Summers has an L.O.V.E. variant, we could use her to deal with The Champion Spawn, the only thing is, I again will have to interfere. I see your guidance on the matter"

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Y, The Universal Anamoly vanished before their eyes. She had not taken The Observer's words kindly. Gods never did like to be spoken down upon, but when they sink themselves to mortal antics like pointing blame they shall be treated like the brats they choose to be.

Y-Intercept was right again in their meeting right before she left. The Universal Lavaliere should be their main concern, but for now, the Lavaliere's reunion had slowed down, while Ziccarra of Prime had not. The Observer was meant to watch, but the issues that he was seeing form was something he would hope that the Universal Gods would believe important enough to focus their time on. Y in the eyes of The Observer believed herself to be above all the problems at hand, believe her time on Universe Y's Planet Tophet was far more important than the actions of a Sha variant.

The Observer let her vanish without fighting her or pleading her to come back. He had addressed the issue to her and stated his concerns to her, but that was all he needed to talk about with Y. This was the SOIF and it was only right that she was the one to fix the problem she caused.

"I'll admit, I'm at my wit's end." The SOIF spoke up after the disappearing of Y. Observer looked over at her, her blue hue had vanished an effect of her toying with the history of Sha. She, like the Observer, was meant to not intervene with the story. But she did and now she would have to intervene once again to stop a problem she caused.

"Ah, Nordok and his Imperium." Nordok was a being of the Ancient Race, aged almost to 14 billion years. He had been around in the Universe longer than most beings and with his time evolved into a true powerhouse of the Universe. He was perfect to handle Ziccarra especially right after her battle with Alexis Pettis. The Observer walked away from the table and into another room of the Obelisk to view the Universe they spoke about.

No Caption Provided

"Inform your Cortega Force to initiate the battle between Ziccarra and Nordok. Members of your elite squadron should be on stand by to prevent the absorption of Nordok or the capture of Ziccarra." They could not afford one of the beings to be turned into a weapon for the other. It was a great risk, but it was their best hope for now.

The SOIF could not see the battle between Thee Champion and the Queen of Ninjeta. The Observer side-eyed her wondering if this was another side effect of her toying with the fate of Sha and Solace.

"Maya Summers, another being from Universe Prime who has made her home in another Universe. " She had made a LOVE variant an attempt to recreate the team of her Universe and its accomplishments. "You shall contact her telepathically, but do not let yourself be known. Whether it be in the illusion of deja vu or a dream, inform her of the threat of Thee Champion. You shall do nothing more than this." Observer turned to her, "If a problem shall arise, we shall deal with it." The Observer knew what he was gonna have to do to this SOIF, but now in the heat of all this chaos, he could not afford to do it. This SOIF had one last chance to redeem herself in history.

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Another Incursion...
Another Incursion...

SOIF nodded in agreement, Lord Nordok seemed like the most viable plan. Though even still just an hour of actual combat between Sha and the Imperium could have dire effects on that side of the Galaxy.

"I will inform the Cortega Force to force actions with the Imperium. I will also notify Maya Summers of Thee Champion Spawn." SOIF confirmed rising to leave this place.

She couldn't stay away from the World Terminus for too long, not while Y intercept was back on Tophet.

Interestingly enough, as she prepared to depart another Ziccarra Liafador emerged, crossing over from Earth 6. "Another Incursion...I must return"