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-==The Nurdstrum Legacy & Timeline==-

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The Nurdstrum family has always been one that has been driven by the advancements of science and technology. Every individual here has spent countless hours of pursuing the art of science, either it be astronomy, environmental, or biology. They each contributed to the world of science, these men and woman added on in the background. Each person listed here is respected highly by both their fields in science and by the family overall


Mathias Nurdstrum (The First To Bear the Nurdstrum name)

Born: November 28th 1501

Death: April 23th 1563

Birthplace: Newcastle, England

Reason for Death; Mysterious Poisoning

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Mathis Nurdstrum, born from Lady Viviane Noürd and Nichalos Stom, was a deep believer in the Late Galilean teachings about the universe and the studies of Copernicus. He even developed pseudo-gravity theories that explained the downward force, by the Ether bending around two objects and pulling them closer to the other, dubbing this force Etherian Theory. Eventually, as everyone human does, he sought out a spouse and found one. He fell in love with an Italian winery and perfume shop owner, Leia Hawthrone, igniting a romantic flame with her. However, when that flame died he returned to his true love, the study of science. In his quest for universal understanding he ignored his girlfriend's needs and left her for science. Eventually, he found another lover who shared his love for science and conceived two children with her. Yet, in one of his discoveries, he found that a poison (now known as Ricin) was used as an ingredient when a drop of one of his ex's perfumes almost killed the family pet. He brought this to court and they had her shop removed, rewarding him with a sum of money.

Unfortunately, he was found slumped over his usual work desk and with tea knocked over. It was later discovered that he was poisoned and theories arose from who the killer was. This eventually started the generational hatred between The Nurdstrum and Hawthrone families.


  • Etherian Theory (Pseudo-Gravity)- When two objects are next to each other, Ether (space) will curve around both objects and force the smaller one closer to the large one to expel energy. Possibly through unknown telepathic means.

  • Identification of Different Poisons- Identified Modern-day Ricin,Cyanide and came up with antitoxins to counter those.

  • Exposed Multiple Illegal Trades and Potentially Dangerous substances


Matthew Nurdstrum (The Renaissance Man)

Born: May 23th 1542

Death: June 14th 1580

Birthplace: London, England

Reason for Death: Bubonic Plague

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Matthew Nurdstrum is the son of Mathias and Anne Nurdstrum, along with the twin brother of Margaret Nurdstrum. Due to his increasing talent of understanding patterns and small changes, he shot through the competition in school. Blowing the minds of people with theories of the atom, due to a theory that the celestial spheres are governed by smaller and more tightly packed together spheres. Yet, due to the technology at the time he couldn't prove his theory and it was ultimately scrapes. However, that didn't mean he would stop trying. He explained theories of optical illusions and how they could be used in wartime. He theorized the existence of adrenaline and hysterical strength, however his testing of his theory was largely unethical (he put a child underneath a horse and watched as its mother try to save it,repeatedly). His large wave of successful theory, such as motion physics, gave him the attention of a bunch of scholars who helped revise and rewrite his theories on modern-day motion physics. While he mastered the craft of science, he also dabbled in art and drew life-like portraits of what he discoveries were.

One night a bet was made among him and his friends to name their descendents with the same initials, figuring how both his father ,himself and his sister shared the same initial, he choose the initials M.N. Years later he gained a wife and had a child, a boy, and named him Micheal K. Nurdstrum. Unfortunately, the experienced scientist had a serious case of bubonic plague and was found with swollen lymph nodes around his armpits. And years later.


  • Created a series of theories that explained and predicted movements. One of the many inspirations for Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity.

  • Proved the existence of adrenaline.

  • Created works of art that are currently stored in the Nurdstrum Estate.


Margaret Nurdstrum (The one who vanished)

Born: April 29th 1543

Date of Death: Unknown

Birthplace: London,England

Reason for Death: None

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Sister of Matthew Nurdstrum and daughter of Mathais Nurdstrum. Margaret had the exponential talent to grasp complex topics,whether social,scientific, or political, quite easily. She has spent her years studying the corpses of animals and humans alike,sitting in conferences, reading and writing. In fact, she claimed to have found the key to immortality at one point in time by finding genetic mutations in people. Eventually, people began to accuse her of witchcraft (a tell tale of the witch hunts to come) and banished her and her works away from here. From there on, it was never noted what she did after that. Entire searches were dedicated to finding her body. Eventually it got to the point where the Nurdstrums began to joke about her actually finding the fountain of youth. And sightings of her have been suggested even today.


  • Debunked many pseudosciences and false theories.

  • One of the main inspirations for NuGenesis

  • Found the Fountain of Youth (?)

  • ???


Micheal K. Nurdstrum (One of the first to conduct 'mad' experiments)

Born: July 14th 1570

Date of Death July 4th 1640

Birthplace: London, England

Reason of Death: Assassinated

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Micheal K. Nurdstrum is the only child of Matthew Nurdstrum. Despite being the Great Matthew Nurdstrum's son, he is the complete opposite of his father. While both operated in the field of science, Micheal never really took the work seriously. He saw science as the rules of the game of reality and that uncovering it would let everyone play the game properly. Using what he calls eleticks (a primitive version of electricity caused by sparks being kept in a magnetic sheet), he brought a recently dead dog back to life, claiming that the human body is nothing more than a fleshy machine. Eventually, he even tried to switch consciousness with the dog, but that eventually failed. However, the way people treated him in those days caused him to be interested in human behavior and why some people were treated as outcasts and why others weren't. He investigated upon a form of sociology and made theories about this. Surprisingly, he found a woman who he loved dearly and made a daughter with her.


  • Developed a theory that is one of the foundations of sociology

  • Found that human bodies were nothing more than fleshy machines.

  • Attempted to find a formula that could explain magic,but ultimately failed.


Marian Nurdstrum (The one who came to America)

Born: February 15 1600

Date of Death: April 20th 1680

Birthplace: Bristol, England.

Reason for Death: Old Age

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Daughter of Micheal K. Nurdstrum (who thankfully doesn't carry any of his crazy antics),Marian was among one of the first people to move to the American Colony. While the change in pace there was different and the native people had forgien tongue. She saw the beauty of the new environment and the people there. She learned different languages among the tribes and even taught them some of her family teachings. In exchange, they showed her how to hunt,craft weapons and even the inner meanings of some of their structures. These teachings helped her stay in shape, providing her with a healthy and prolonged life while some of the natives gained knowledge about the world around them. Eventually, the Colonist and Natives became more intolerable of the other. Leading to her husband being killed and her having to manage 3 children on her own. However, only one would continue on with the search for science.


  • One of the First to Colonize North America

  • Learned the culture of multiple Native tribes

  • Theories one human muscles,ligaments and bones. Eventually learning about joints.


Micheal S. Nurdstrum (Pioneer of fluid physics)

Born: December 26 1650

Died# January 30 1740

Birthplace: Jamestown, Virginia

Reason of Death: Old age

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The Oldest of the three children of Margaret Nurdstrum, Micheal avoided politics, unlike his other siblings. Many times has he looked into the rivers and tried to figure out how to predict their movements. His theories on fluid dynamics embraced empirical and semi-empirical laws derived from flow measurements. He embedded this calculations with Newton's gravitational laws to create mental simulations based on mathematical calculations. While he successfully uncovered the mystery of fluid dynamics, he lost his research in a stream he was experimenting on,leaving all the discoveries he made left in his head. He has one son and a loving wife who constantly reminds him to stay hydrated.


  • Describe the movement of fluids such as water and other fluids.


Marcus Nurdstrum (Dabbler of wealth)

Born: September 6th 1730

Death: October 7th 1801

Birthplace: Jamestown, Virgina

Reason of Death: Assassination

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The son of Micheal S. Nurdstrum, Marcus Nurdstrum was always a confident man, whose behaviour gave prophecy to the Marcques of today. Along with the looks, Marcus had the brain of a genius, and ran a wealthy cologne company. He founded this with the help of his understanding of chemistry. Where he discovered that alcohol can be distilled to help create better smelling and longer lasting cologne. (Marcus's company still exist today under the name Uomini Fragrances, ran by one of Marcques's cousins). He was a man who knew his way around ladies, both scientifically and sensually, and had late night parties that lasted for hours. It was in this party where he had two sons, along with being assassinated by one of his flings.


  • Founded the Uomini Fragrances company which is currently worth over 600 million USD today.


Maxwell Nurdstrum (Early Pioneer of Optics)

Born: August 21 1780

Death: March 2 1860

Birthplace: New York City, New York

Death by Choking

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Maxwell, the son of Uomini founder Marcus Nurdstrum, has always found the phenomenon of light,pun intended, illuminating. The we can manipulate it to show us what we wanted. So he went into a theory that, like atoms(discovered at around 1800) light had a particle, or more so a ball. And that these spheres were hitting our eyes at remarkable speeds for us to not see them individually. After years of theoretical testing and equations he came up with the idea that light has to be restricted within something,but he died before finishing the rest of his work.


  • Almost uncovered the photon.

  • Made an early version of modern-day glasses


Markis Nurdstrum (A warrior in the field of philosophy

Born: August 21, 1840

Died: April 29th, 1930

Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death of Cardiovascular Arrest

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Markis is the only child of Maxwell Nurdstrum, however, he took a turn from what seemed normal for his line of ancestors. Instead of diving into science, he looked towards philosophy and studied the works of the great philosophers such as Cornutus, Plato, Pythagoras, John Locke, Francis Bacon and even more than can be numbered. While he worked at his grandfather's cologne, he studied the works of these great thinkers endlessly. From the combination of the works and from his own interpretation of it, he viewed the world as massive place, one where morality is needed to understand the chaos that it contains. He eventually worked as a college professor, and that was where he met his wife.


  • Corrected uncertainties in philosophical theories

  • Inspired many modern-day philosophers with his firmness and solid arguments


Mei Gong-Nurdstrum (A contributor to neuroscience)

Born: May 30th 1910

Death: May 20th 1980

Birthplace: Annapolis, Maryland

Death by Uranium Radiation

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Daughter of the legendary philosopher Markis Nurdstrum and Chinese-American physicist Mieko Gong. Mei has always been interested in the house of our thoughts which is the mind, or more accurately our brain. She got into neuroscience when she was being taught about the brain's functions. She practiced, studied and viewed live surgeries and wrote down notes. While many hospitals didn't give her a chance to prove herself. An emergency where, during a craniotomy, a surgeon had a heart attack, causing him to jerk a knife around in the patient's brain. Mei used what she learned over the decades of practicing, to both reverse damage caused by the knife and removed the tumor successfully. She was hired and worked her way to the top as Professor of Neurosurgery, being able to keep her children out of the reach of the Great Depression.


  • Became a Professor of Neurosurgery

  • Wrote a handful of bestsellers


Malcolm Nurdstrum (Founder of NuGenesis)

Born: May 12th, 1956

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Malcolm is the youngest of Mei Gong-Nurdstrum's two children. He wanted to make it big in this free society ever since he was a child and decided to leave his mother's possessions behind and leave for the Big Apple. However, he was struck with financial ruin when he discovered that surviving is going to a lot harder than he believed. However, thanks changed when he realized that humanity needed help, and that mutantkind has begun to over run the world. With this, he created what he called 'An Answer to the Call" and made NuGenesis. The company started out as a technology-based company, but with the company WARP labs on the field. They couldn't compete, so they turned to what makes a human a human and specialized in biological argumentations. Initially, Marcques's birth was to show that two families (Nurdstrums and Hawthrones) that hated each other for generations could ultimately come together. However, this was ultimately proven to be wrong

Accomplishments (currently)

  • Founder of NuGenesis

  • First Nurdstrum to be Worth over 1,000,000,000$


Marcques J. Nurdstrum (The Man of tomorrow)

Born: July 21,1989

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The child of Malcolm Nurdstrum and current CEO of NuGenesis, Marcques is a man who faced many obstacles only to overcome them. Either it was birth defects,parental issues, poverty, and event attempted assassinations. He has always pulled through. He has developed bioaugmentatuons that can help the normal man, prolonging his life in the natural world. His behavior mimics that of his predecessor Marcus Nurdstrum, in which he is a lady's man and prefers to avoid committed relationships. He recalls that his greatest achievement is his daughter Mica.

Accomplishments (currently)

  • Successfully sent an entire eco-environment to Mars

  • Created Gene Altering substances


Mica Nurdstrum (The next generation)

Born: July 22, 2012

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She is the first (and currently only) child of Marcques Nurdstrum. While not currently interested in the fields of science and mathematics, she does have a calculative mind and can form predictions of events through simply knowing a person well enough. Her imagination is endless, and has been the foundations for some of Marcques's missions and projects before.

Accomplishments ( currently)

  • The Cutest of the Nurdstrum Family


°·°·°Nurdstrum Family Timeline°·°·

  • November 28th, 1501- Mathias Nurdstrum is born.

  • July 4th, 1530- Mathias's theory of pseudo-gravity has taken off. Papers on it were written

  • August 3th, 1530- The theory has been determined to be impossible to prove, thus making it useless.

  • September 5th, 1531- Met Leia Hawthrone, the first love of his life.

  • September 10th, 1531- Identified that Ricin is a poison and found it as an active ingredient in a brewery.

  • July 2nd, 1537- Leaves Leia to pursue science

  • July 3nd, 1537- House is struck with lightning, forcing him to move to London.

  • November 30th, 1540- While in London, found the second love of his life, Anne Valerine.

  • December 13, 1541- Createsa theory on vital force and its origin

  • May 23rd, 1542- Matthew Nurdstrum is born.

  • April 29th, 1543- Margaret Nurdstrum is born

  • December 16th, 1543- Mathais identified modern-day cyanide as a poison.

  • December 29th, 1543- Developed a form of anti-toxins to counter these poisons.

  • March 11th, 1557- Matthew Nurdstrum begins to theorize about the atom.

  • March 15th,1557- Margaret discovers the first human mutation gene.

  • April 20th, 1560- Mathias finds Ricin in his Ex girlfriend's perfume

  • April 23th, 1560- Mathias has been poisoned and is now dead.

  • July 14th, 1570- Micheal K. Nurdstrum is born

  • February 28th, 1575- Margaret is banished from the town

  • March 4h, 1575- Micheal takes both him, his wife and his son to leave London, believing that some form of evil energy is there.

  • August 5th, 1575- The move to Bristol

  • October 12, 1578- He has taken the bet to see how long any of his descendents can keep the same initials

  • June 14th 1580- Matthew passes due to bubonic plague, and Micheal K. tries to switch consciousness with a dog

  • April 20th, 1600- Marian Nurdstrum is born

  • April 21st, 1605- Micheal K. beings his studies of the social behaviour of humans, making him an early pioneer of sociology.

  • November 30th, 1610- Marian and Micheal K. learn Italian together.

  • January 16th, 1615- Micheal K. published his throws on sociology. It grew to become a very influence in the field.

  • March 23th, 1623- Marian volunteered to help colonize America, earning her family name to be among those that founded it

  • July 25th,1630- Marian leaned much about the Native American culture and traditions.

  • July 4th,1640- Micheal K. has been killed by an unidentified person

  • May 30th, 1650- Things go south with the colonist's relationship with the Natives

  • December 26th, 1650- Micheal S Nurdstrum is born.

  • July 5th,1655- Marian educates herself on muscles and ligaments.

  • May 5th, 1669- Marian S. begins to theorize about fluid dynamics.

  • April 20th, 1680- Margaret Nurdstrum passes.

  • February 1st, 1730- Years of hard work and mathematics have been washed down stream quite literally.

  • September 6th 1730- Marcus Nurdstrum is born

  • January 30th. 1740 - Micheal S. Nurdstum has passed

  • January 5th, 1745-Marcus takes an interest in chemistry.

  • February 4th 1750- Uomini Fragrances has been officially opened.

  • August 2nd, 1769- Marcus takes his wife to New York to expose Uomini to a broader range of consumers.

  • August 21, 1780- Maxwell Nurdstrum is born

  • October 7th,1801- Marcus Nurdstrum had passed and the Uomini business has been passed down to one of Maxwell's brothers.

  • June 5th, 1805- Begins to theorize about the existence of packaged light.

July 7th, 1810- Due to losing some of his visions, he used his knowledge about light to make ab early form of modern-day glasses.

  • August 21st, 1840-Markis Nurdstrum is born

  • March 2, 1860- Biting into something odd, Maxwell siilently choked to death. Leaving his work incomplete.

  • March 4, 1879-Markis begins to study philosophy and takes notes of the lessons he finds.

  • July 15th, 1904- Markis has become a college professors in philosophy.

  • May 30th, 1910-Mei Gong-Nurdstrum has been born.

  • April 29th,1930-Markis dies f a heart attack.

  • May 12, 1935- Mei attends first live surgery.

  • Feburary 5th, 1941- Craniotomy Incident6

  • October 12th,1955- Promotion to Professor of Neurosurgery

  • May 12th, 1956- Malcolm Nurdstrum is born

  • May 4th, 1975- Mei has written a total of 10 best sellers.

  • December 12, 1979- Malcolm leave home to survive in the wind.

  • May 20th 1980- Due to an unknown piece of uranium that was slipped underneath her bed. She got extremely sick and sadly passed away.

  • June 3rd, 1981- NuGenesis has been founded.

  • July 21, 1989- Marcques J. Nurdstrum has been born despite various birth problems.

  • January 12,2003- NuGenesis makes the switch from exosuits to biological advancements.

  • March 26th, 2010- Malcolm retires and Marcques is assigned as the new CEO.

  • July 22, 2012: Mica Nurdstrum is born

  • September 1st, 2012: Disaster strikes NuGenesis, causing a lot of money to be lost. Driving Marcques just below the poverty line

  • August 1st 2017: Marcques has fully recovered from the initial failure.

  • 2017-2019: Millions of products are being released.

  • September 2019: Attempt to Colonize Mars with assists from HumansFirst and WARP Labs.

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