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@knight101: Aelia didn't need to stretch her mind through the Force to read Zana's obvious distress. Concurrently, her own discomfort rose proportionately. She'd struggled with her own dissatisfaction over the prescribed code of conduct despite Orala's best efforts so she was certain there wasn't anything she could say.

Thankfully Zana didn't seem keen on lingering on the subject long herself. Aelia took some small comfort in the question. "Um, well I don't know about that," she said lowly, her gaze roaming over the ground. "I think maybe the best thing I could do is just focus on what's immediately in front of me and not think too hard about what could go wrong. But I guess...Sure, let me hear it. You've been out there I'm sure, probably more than I have and I don't know how long you've been without your master, but either way if you're offering then I'm sure you have something of value to say. And if not then there's still no harm in hearing it." A mechanical smile flashed and quickly vanished from her face. "So yes I suppose I would like some good advice."

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The Blazing Zephyr drifted along just outside the edge of a well-known Republic port running low power as not to draw an excessive amount of attention. Every so often, C2-N7 - the modified protocol droid designed to tend to the ship and its inhabitants - sent out the same contact signal, hoping one of the smugglers who frequented the sector would respond. And every so often, the ship would change course, remaining within the sector but never completely idle. Just in case.

The low hum of machines filled the interior as both Aelia and Knic rode in silence. The Nautolan was, all things considered, a decent travelling partner. He'd accompanied her on the Zephyr in deference to the mutually acknowledged fact that piloting was her specialty more than his. And, he postulated, the fewer ships there were among them, the less likely they were to be caught once entering Imperial space and attempting their landing. Meanwhile they could talk strategy without concerns of intercepted communication.

"Someone's coming," the droid said, breaking the silence just as Aelia re-entered the bridge.

"Perfect. Try and patch me through to whoever runs their communications," she ordered, positioning herself squarely in front of a holocam and projecting a dignified air, right hand clasping her other wrist behind her back as she awaited an expected form on her own ship's holoprojector.

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Well, hopefully the young Padawan gets something out of this, but if not then at least Zana tried. "That's exactly what you should do. Focus on what is in front of you. Our Masters have taught all of our lives to trust in the Force and let it guide us. I don't know about you, but I don't hear much else. So here's what I've learned. Trust in this," Zana says, pointing at Aelia's hands and lightsaber, "Never doubt your skill, not for a moment. But make sure it's tempered and controlled with your greatest asset," Zana says, now pointing at Aelia's head, "This. Your intelligence."

After letting her hand rest at her side, she continues, "Yes, you should trust in the Force, but always use your mind. Many opponents have been beaten simply by out thinking them."

Zana hopes it's something new that Aelia hasn't heard before. But if it is, at least the Jedi tried. But even if that is the case, at least Zana has met this young Padawan and she hopes they have more interactions in the future, perhaps even fight side by side together in a great battle.

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"Huh." She nodded. It was more a grunt than anything else but it seemed to unconsciously indicate that she was ascending out of the awkward, dissociative trance-like state. "That was different. I expected something more along the lines of what Master Orala and the others have been saying since I've been here."

And in some ways it was. But at least then the masters' message was tempered by inclinations more like her own. A vague sensation, of which she couldn't entirely make sense, flashed in her mind. Aelia looked over her shoulder. Orala was already well-absorbed into her lesson with the younglings but paused briefly to glance in her direction. Her expressions went from "gentle warning" to "encouraging smile" in a single instant before turning back to the younglings, and Aelia no longer felt that sensation.

"...Thank you," she said, turning her head again to look at Zana. "I understand it naturally, intellectually. It's only a matter of maintaining that same focus and not losing track of all the lessons when facing down a Sith Lord." She wore a lighthearted smile, half-genuine, for a few moments.

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Zana cannot read minds, but she can sense emotions. Aelia seems a bit more relaxed now and the Jedi Knight thinks she has officially 'broken the ice' between them. Hopefully, this first meeting leaves a good impression. When Aelia turns to look at Master Orala, Zana does the same and notices the look Orala gives the young Padawan. It's then that Zana feels the need to cut this a bit short. She has to remember, Aelia has been assigned a mission.

Zana smiles at Aelia's comment, "Very true. And that is a delicate balance of itself. But I am sure you will do fine, especially if you have help with any Sith Lord."

As much as Zana would love to chat longer, she can feel Orala's glances her way, so she offers one final thing, "I better not keep you any longer. You have an important mission and preparations to make. It was nice meeting you, Aelia. May the Force be with you."

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Revan pilots the Ebon Star outside the astroid field he had been hiding in. He doesn't like the Republic, but he doesn't like the Sith either. It's best to avoid both groups where possible. It also wouldn't do to get attacked by who knows who so Revan always tries to find a good hiding spot for his ship. At the very least, it eases his mind.

Revan just got a job offer. Protector a senator's daughter. And that means going into Republic space, but in this case that is fine. Unlike the Sith, he won't be attacked on sight. He sets course and activates his hyperdrive.

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@knight101: Awwww! Short but sweet. v_v Perhaps we'll meet again.

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Revan has a chat about the details of what is required of him and he does't like it. But the pay is good. Too good to pass down. So, he has to tolerate a a 'daughter' who is in the body of an adult but the maturity level of a five year old. At least, to Revan she seems that way. Gorgeous woman too, but every time she opens that pretty little mouth, Revan just wants to slap her down to teach her proper respect. But he doesn't as he considers that sort of thing dishonorable.

Days pass and his mission is done, getting payed never felt so good for a job well done. He hopes he never has to meet that woman ever again.

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"Ludicrous." He scoffed. "How do you expect a single Sith to bring down the entire Jedi order?" The Darth shook his head. "It is a shame standards at Korriban have fallen so far. In my time simpletons were eliminated by their betters."

Fingers brushed the curved-hilted saber at his side. "But it is not to late to remedy that mistake."

The Darth drummed his fingers upon the cold metal hilt. "Allow me to extend you my personal invitation. Come to Oristicon. And let us settle our differences face to face."

He raised a brow, a smirk upon his lips. "Or are you frightened of an old man?"

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Sargon remained composed, although the well of raw emotion overflowed, causing him to rattle furniture and décor via telekinetic might in the dark chamber just outside the view of the holocam. Splintering glass and twisting thin metals like maligned serpents. The separation between Sith and piracy was astronomical, in his former years a hail of blaster fire would have ensued in such a dispute as this, but the Sith had their traditions and their rituals. Their ways were no embraced by Sargon; whose background was far different than his nemesis in that they shared but little in common. But they both relished in pushing the other to the brink of manifested outrage.

"My time in Korriban. I adored butchering those who believed they were superior to a purpled eyed slave boy-turned-pirate from Nez Peron. Those like you. I was born into suffering, forged in sorrow and shown the hatred and all that was vile in civilization. Yet, I rose. The Force chose me. It chose me to echo its fury. I was born to spread fire and death. I was born to be a Sith…born to be the incarnated wrath of the Dark Side... I am the bane of all that lives."

His eyes grew cold and seemed to stare into the soul of Miltiades just as a trooper broke the light from the doorway, casting a long shadow into Sargon's lair. He needed not say a thing.

The forces of Sargon's horde had arrived at Oristicon.

"You shall see me soon, Miltiades...very soon, I promise you this."

The holocam connection was dismissed, rendering the cyan hue of the projector void, casting Sargon in complete darkness.

And thus he let forth a horrifying Sith Scream, liken to the howl of a Rancor, releasing a wave of close proximity pseudo-seismic activity, and shredded the objects around him with telekinetic fury and compromised the structure of the chamber as concrete and dust fell like rain.

Oristicon awaiting the Herald of Clan Stryfe.

The Red Death.

The Onslaught Cometh


300 km within Thermosphere...

Night Side...

The Dawn Eater, the formidable argent crescent, entered the themosphere from Hyperspace at high velocity, slowing down to a relative snail’s pace nigh instantaneously and a strange energy field surrounded its frame. Powered by a large Adegan crystal cluster and redirecting a bulk of auxiliary power momentarily, electricity crackled like a thunderstorm as the Dawn Eater entered stealth mode, becoming invisible to the naked eye. Its sensory jammers prevented it being spotted otherwise, and the ghostly dread ship descended slowly...

Slowly through Orisiticon’s atmosphere with minimal propulsion.

Stars were its backdrop, glistening and wonderous as its stealth technology made it fantastically transparent as it broke through the chilliness of the mesosphere and tore through the stratosphere until, like a predatory bird it dipped at greater velocity into a steep angled dive.

Its rear hatch dropped, a metallic bridge projected and exposed to entrails of the great mechanical beast, its contents began to spill forth like Fire Wasps, a black swarm powered by ion engines. Even in the dark, they seemed like shadows...the vandal horde of the Nightbringers.

The Colonel of this Nightbringer cohort, Amilicar Vexx, lead the legion down as the Swoop Bikes formed a spiral formation, much like a whirlwind of blood red spikes and the mere twelve hundred would function like a super-organism with nothing but death in their wake. The swirling mass only began to fan out, still airborne, as the tides of grass in the moonlight became a torrent behind them as they roared only twenty feet above the ground. The howls of their engines mingled with their encrypted intercoms in the trooper’s helmet, their plastisteel armor as black as the night sky.

Colonel Vexx announced “100 km to the beachhead, we engage everything that moves. Leave nothing alive that can raise a blaster against our Lord...we take no plunder this night. No skulls...leave the dead where they lay.

With a twist of the throttle, Vexx’s Swoop reared back for a blink, before rocking forward from the thrust of the ion engine roaring vigorously and darted forward at breakneck speeds...

And the Nightbringers followed suit.



Its landing props engaged with a pneumatic hiss as the Dawn Eater settled into undocking position, from the same bridge the Nightbringers expelled from, several battalions of heavy troopers marched out followed by small armored transport shuttles.

Colonel Oro Raze approached the battalion commander of the Sarlacc Spawn, her voice mechanized via the standard helmet of the Legions. “We move out as soon as you can board the shuttles... the Nightbringers will incite the enemy in a series of skirmishes on multiple fronts and we follow the flames...then show those nerf lovers how to raise Hell.”

Oro lifted the rotary cannon skyward and addressed the other officers simultaneously, either within earshot or com-links. “Our enemy is the false Empire, cowards and betrayers...we are the reckoning breathed to life by our Lord Stryfe. The battalion that kills Decimus will be honored by Stryfe and may be forever feared as Sargon’s Sword. Until then, honor your banners..Sarlacc Spawn, Thunder of Ziost, Ragnos’ Own...and the rest of you killing machines...the Rebels must be slaughtered as well. No quarter is given, execute without question and...

Firing the rotary cannon in a short burst she screamed in unison with the heavy troopers who witnessed. “...Hail the Empire!...Hail Stryfe!

Just then, the remaining crew retracted the legs and the Dawn Eater levitated up with repulsor lifts only before rushing forward towards the beachhead as well, at speeds that blinded and remained cloaked, aiming to intercept the screaming battle-noise of Tie Fighters and shuttles.

The attack would come momentarily and the first battle, according to those loyal to Stryfe, was dubbed...

Operation: Onslaught.

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Because of an inevitable conflict, should we start a new Thread dedicated to Oristicon? Or a Campaign Thread?

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@sargon_stryfe: I meant to create an Oristicon thread already but never got around to it. Feel free!

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(Just a little intro post for me to kick things off)

Undisclosed location

Throughout her entire life, the war had a huge effect on Judith's life. Growing up with both parents in the Empire Military she was taught nothing but respect for the Empire and how much of an honor it was to serve them, no matter the price. Even after her parents death, the fundamentals of being a Galactic Empire Soldier was forever installed in her. So when she became of age, it was no surprise that the first thing she did, was enroll into the Military Academy.

She climbed up the military latter by impressing the right people and in no time, she became the commander of her own group, Saber Squad. Bringing the name of the squad out of early retirement, Judith was ready and set to do whatever it was the Empire needed of her to do. The daughter of the Empire cried, sweat and bled for this highest esteem of honor to serve her government, and that she did, without question.

“We’ve been having recent raids of our supplies and resources on various planets, Empire loyal planets.” Judith began, standing before the members of Saber Squad. “As we all know, resources have been becoming more and more scares throughout the galaxy. Our people need them and now, it’s our job to not only get them back… with interest. Our mission is to find these individuals who keep stealing from the Empire, bring them in, and recover our supplies and resources in the process. Any questions?”

With silence as the answer, Judith picked up her onyx and crimson helmet, slipping it on her head. “Good, now… let’s go hunt down some Rebel Scum.”

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Bantham, Imperial Supply World

No Caption Provided

They'd been stashed here for a couple of days now, tracking the routine schedule of the empire's flight. Batham was a small moon in Empire Controlled space that housed the creation of Bacta tanks. Alliance intel suggest the Empire developed an improved bacta formula that'd allow the injured to heal within a matter of moments.

Her fiance, Filorian Cassem was tasked to go as the head recon specialist--despite her wishes. He'd been gone for a couple of hours now, and for a person in her line of work any time over the projected time was reason for concern. The plan was simple sneak in get the formula and destroy the base with an orbital strike, self extraction was preferred but should something interfere a rebel corvette was on standby to pick retrieve them.

Her history with the Empire was a long one, her father, Mark; was an employee of the Empire at one point until they killed him testing an illegal weapon. Since then, she made it her mission to disrupt empire supply depots for the rebel alliance.

Preparing for what appeared to be a rescue mission Samantha equip thermal detonators, her blaster; flash bangs and an auto turret. There was also her secret weapon, she doubt anyone would find should she somehow manage to get caught.

"Samantha, Fillorian has activated his distress beacon. It appears that he has been captured" the droid report which cause Samantha's eyes to nearly roll from her face. "I'm going to get him" She said moving toward the ramp door before the hulking droid intercepted her movement.

"Samantha, it could be a trap. For all we know he's dead. And someone tripped his distress beacon to lure you in!" He pleaded. She knew that was a possibility, but she couldn't--no she wouldn't leave him. "Get to the control panel, I'll need a layout of the entire facility. Including where the bacta formula would be." The droid nodded reluctantly before hitting the button releasing the ramp, watching as Samantha disappeared into the foggy world of Bantham.

Phoenix Base

No Caption Provided

Climbing over the hill she arrived just as some sort of speech was finishing up, hundreds of Storm Troopers stood in formation as the Imperial Officer yelled something about rebirth.

"Crap...this formula doesn't just heal. They found someway to bring these bastards back." She said speaking into her recorder.

"Samantha, I've sent your communicator the location of the master control room. The Bacta formula should be accessible there, also you should be able to find Fillorian there."

Nodding in acknowledgement she push back right into a storm trooper on patrol. Kicking her legs out in a scissors motion she took his legs out from under him causing him to fall; before lunging on him locking in a neck lock causing him to pass out. The trooper release a guttural almost inhuman growl as he passed out. Removing his helmet she saw that these "New" troopers weren't alive at all, more like husk.

"This is Commander Boudreau, Alliance come in...we have to..." before she could finish her report more patrollers arrived forcing her to flee. "Droid, there's an air vent up ahead I need it opened!" She screamed still dodging blaster fire.

"But you don't know where it leads"


As the grate opened Samantha jumped right into the vent which lead to a --trash compactor. "Great..." No one that matter at the moment. The bacta formula was a bust, it hurt more than it helped. She needed to find Fillorian and destroy this base before any more husk troopers could be created.

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Phoenix Base- Interrogation Room

Intel they had gathered from various double agent hidden in the Alliance (and a few broken bones) revealed that the next hit wasn’t going to be against a supply cargo or even a resources factory but on a Empire base, but not just any base… it was Phoenix Base. This was problem-some, for that base was known for holding their The Bacta formula or rather a new version of the formula that was more potent than the last, but not without some rather… unpleasing side effects. It could bring back those who died in battle, but the person wouldn’t be… the same to put it simply. The formula was still being worked on, or that’s what was told to everyone. Either Way, it was obvious the Rebel scum was coming here for the formula, and Saber Squad was waiting for them.

No Caption Provided

But it was rather disappointing, as only one person was apprehended. Found where they kept the formula with the medical supplies. He managed to knock out a couple of Stormtroopers, but a pistol shot to the leg was enough to apprehend him. So now Judith stood in the empty bloody interrogation room with the man who sought to steal from the glory that is the Empire. He was alive, breathing, awake and crying his tears of regret, knowing what he had just unveiled. The interrogation droid was still hovering behind her, the two of them working on this soldier… if you want to call him that.

Interrogation Droid
Interrogation Droid

The interrogation droid was always a favorite for Judith to use. First it would inject the prisoner with a mentally disabling chemical that would decrease the pain threshold, while also forcing the subjecto to remain conscious. Then the droid would do a scan on the body and detect the most sensitive areas on the body, such as genitals, joints, neck and other less obvious areas of the body. The droid recorded the entire process, in case any information was lost through the screams of the prisoner. While others would leave the droid with the prisoner alone during the interrogation, Judith prefered to stay in the room with them, often causing the prisoner to fear the droid while leading them to view Judith as a source of potential mercy. It usually worked, such as this case. This session lasted about an hour and forty minutes, it was a little impressive. But like all of them… he crumbled in the end.

He gave his mission and who sent him on it and and the plan of using an orbital strike against the base when it the mission was successful. But most importantly, the name of his partner in crime. Samantha Boudreu… the last name sound vaguely familiar, it was one she was going to have to look into. However now was not the time for that. “Commander Judith.” Hyess walked in, his helmet under his arm as he walked in. “We found a distress beacon in his belongings.” With his free hand he held out both items to the Saber Commander.


“Perfect.” She grasped the beacon and activated it before tucking it in her pocket. “Alert the troops, tell them we will be expecting a guest soon. Put extra security in our storage areas where the Bacta formula is held and tell them to ready the base shields. Oh, and Hyess… be sure to clean up this mess, but don’t make a commotion of it, I don’t want anyone making a fuss.” she motioned her hands loosely to her prisoner.

“S-s-amm..” Fillorian mumbled weakly through his bloody lips.

“Don’t worry Rebel scum, I’ll give her the same welcoming we gave you.” Judith snickered before turning to the interrogation droid as Hyess now stood before the prisoner, pulling his blaster pistol free. “Follow.” She spoke as she walked out of the room with the droid following behind. As the door closed a red flash of light was seen underneath the cracks of it.

When the first alerts that someone had entered the base a trap was already set up for the Rebel Alliance member. The beacon was placed in the master control room, with Judith draped with a blanket as she sat slumped in a chair. Recordings of his incoherent mumbling during the interrogation were played in the room with him to make it seem like Fillorian was there, being held captive. In the room with him, would be the same interrogation droid, hiding in the shadows of the room, waiting to strike as a pair of Stormtroopers stood outside the door.

It took a little bit of time, but then as Fillorian promised, the alarms went off. There was an active intruder. While Judith continued to stay where she was at, Hyess and Varno were positioned around other areas of the base. One at the building that held the Bacta formula and the other where other valuable resources and supplies were currently being held.

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After wading through the watery sewage, Samantha emerged from the chasm having inched her way to a platform by bracing herself against the sides of the walls. It took a lot of work and effort she could feel the strain bearing down on her muscles but she kept going after a little break.

"Droid, I need a hack on this door" The circular device on her back sprang free and begin to interface with the door schematics. But what did she do now? Did she try to save Fillorian and they attempt to finish the mission together, or did she do it on her own? The destruction of this formula was bigger than the two of them, it could give the Alliance an edge on the front lines and possibly in the future.

"I know what to do. Droid, go back to the ship. Prime the Ion Pulse, you'll have exactly 25 seconds to clear the blast radius. Clear first, then call for the orbital strike"

The Ion Pulse was a powerful weapon, engineered on Naboo for threat of a Trade Federation invasion; the Alliance got their hands on it condensed it made it easier to travel with. She could take this base, weapons and radars offline for a couple of minutes giving them time to bomb the base.

As the door open Samantha covertly followed the trail for the beacon, but she looked like a rebel. Removing her blaster she fired at exhaust pipes overhead causing the hallways to cloud with smoke--ultimately reducing her visibility.

I'm coming
I'm coming

Continuing her trek through the corridors she came upon a trooper positioned at the intersection. He was facing her but preoccupied with the smoke amassing in the hallways.

He raised her hands to report back but before he could Samantha snatched him, pulling him back into the dense fog where she snapped his neck and relieved him of his uniform.

Following the beacons guidance Sam moved toward the master control room, but grew hesitant as she saw the two troopers standing outside. Taking a deep breath she move toward them, alarms blaring overhead; she shouted orders as if she were a superior commander.

"You there! there's an exhaust leak near the garbage chute, post patrol there. I don't want the intruder to make it to the facility"

The two troopers look at one another before glancing back at Sam. Releasing a muffled sigh the agitated Smuggler dispatched her weapon and fired two quick shots of her blaster taking them down before they could ask what unit her authority came from.

"Fillorian I'm coming" the door shot open and almost immediately same moved toward the chair ripping the blanket off of who she thought was her love, instead she found a woman. "Who! Where's Fillorian!" She screamed, aiming the blaster at the woman.

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The moment she heard the young woman's’ voice, she got her blaster ready as she smirked under the blanket. As soon as the blanket was removed she stood up, aiming her own blaster at the infamous, “Samantha.” Judith spoke with a twisted grin. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Fillorian told me you would be coming and told me the two of you are responsible for the Empires loss in resources and supplies. My name is Commander Savage of Saber Squad, and you’re under arrest for crimes against the Empire.” She could see it in her eyes though. An animal backed into a corner as the two aimed their weapons at each other. It was a standstill. Fight or flight, what was going to happen?

She knew what she would do. "It's no use running or fighting. The entire facility is aware of your presence and I have more troops coming to this location now. Shield generators are going up so your famous orbital strikes wont work this time. Give up now and live to possibly fight another day." At that moment the interrogation droid would come up behind her and attempt to inject her with a sedation medication. If she would try to escape, she would unleash a series of shots at the young woman.

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Somewhere underground on an isolated world...

The stars are bathed in blood. It is the first, and the last, of the great constant laws. Attrition. War. Famine. By blaster or by saber, the Galaxy turns in accordance to the whims of those who wield the mightiest weapons. Such testament is antithesis to the stalemate the Galaxy exists in today. The Senators know this. The Emperor, perhaps, knows this. The Separatists and the Rebel Alliance know it.

To that end, what sentient beings pursue in the aftermath of the falling tempest cannot be made real. It is a mirage, just beyond the dust-clouds and the hornet-swarm of laser bolts. Perhaps it is peace. Or even sanctuary. Forgiveness, and kindness. Or less tender mercies.

On some planets, death is the only mercy.

Vatian has made the pilgrimage to such worlds before. One even echoed with its ancient fury. He makes the journey deeper into the catacombs, brushing away remnants of that-which-was. Dust, hollowed-out fragments of armor caught up on the empty breeze. Nothing here is of substance. Nothing is Eternal, not anymore.

This nameless planet, this barren husk of a battlefield, scarred by the Sith Wars long ago, held less and less endearment to Vatian as he continued his investigation. He had wandered its corridors many times before, only to return disappointed. But this time, he was determined to find something - and he did, just not what he expected.

The stone tapestry unfolded from the red sand, crippled in its elegance but magnified in its power. Ancient Sith writing foretold of a world that would awaken again. No name, no identity, but a vague and broken prophecy.

Vatian removed his prize from the dust. "This requires further study," was all he told his accompanying sentinels. They reached forward with their stasis rods, propelling the tablet into midair. As Vatian walked back to his ship, so too did they follow - wordlessly.

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Where is he
Where is he

The woman's voice startled Samantha enough to make her take a step back, but her weapon stayed trained on the Imperial Commander with all intents to shoot.

"Where is he?" She asked keeping cadence with a mental timer in her head.

"I'm Commander Boudreau of the Rebel Alliance, this facility is done. It's not going to matter how many people you bring, they'll only be running toward their deaths. I have an ion pulse primed. It will disable all your technology momentarily...long enough an orbital strike. The empire doesn't even have to decency to leave it's dead soldier dead?"

Sam's finger pressed against the trigger however it was a wayward shot, a droid got the drop on her and released it's sedation medication into her bloodstream. The room panned back and forth before the Rebel smuggler was seemingly paralyzed on the floor.

Her motor skills were off, but her mental capacity was still active. Tick...Tick...Tick..."Boom" She grunted as an explosion from far off sent a shockwave barreling their way.