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The known galaxy stretches across more than 100,000 light-years, encompassing over 400 billion estimated stars and over 3.2 million habitable systems, surrounding a supermassive black hole at its heart. It is divided many ways, according to objective qualifiers as well as political demarcations large and small.

The galaxy is vast, filled with many kinds of planets, ships, people of all kinds and other entities. This thread serves as its very own "Anonymous" locale thread for SW: GDA, much like Locale: Anonymous does for CVnU. A thread can't be made for every city, temple, planet, ship, or other location where interaction may occur. This thread is so that players can RP in unestablished locales even in the absence of a personal thread for each.

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This is a wonderful idea, I think this will be super beneficial.

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"Jedi, we need to have an audience. Discuss certain happenings, the situation of Sith power is growing unchecked. Let us come together, and form a counter measure." Saberz sends the message out on the Jedi known channels, and waits for a reply. Continuing his collection route of scrap, trade routes, but keeping a an alert set on a response. It'd had been quite some time since another alliance member had came in contact. This was usual though, as it's original designation was covert, Saberz just wanted a confirmation of acknowledgement to the current events.

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Jedi Praxeum, Dantooine

The planet's local star rode at its highest point, heat radiating off of the stone floor of the training grounds. They were still at it. Aelia had arisen at the break of dawn, meditated and trained alone. Eventually she was joined by the Togruta master, Orala, and a group of younglings. She studied the basic lessons alongside them and resumed her own training in full view. She was invited to practice with the master, to demonstrate practicable applications of what they'd learned. Then the younglings were dismissed to another and Aelia resumed her solo training with the master.

"Ungh!" The ronin Padawan hit the floor with a solid thump and lay flat, catching her lost breath.

Tzzt! Orala's electroblade sent her scrambling back to her feet with a shriek after a shocking touch to the hip. "On your feet, Stormwind. The battle is not over just because one combatant or another has hit the floor."

Groaning as she pushed herself up from her knees, Aelia raised her training saber in the Form III opening stance.

"Hold," Master Orala called suddenly. She stood straight up and her eyes squinted as she read the apprentice. "You were always a quick learner, but you've stalled lately. Not in every way, and not entirely, but..." She trailed off. "I'm no fool. I understand why."

Aelia dropped her stance and tried hard not to look angry or embarrassed but her features were nearly as red as the Togruta's.

"The loss was hard for many. Mourning is understood. We are inherently emotional. But Aelia, this is why you must train hard to discipline yourself against your emotions, or they will either use you, or paralyze you."

There was a silence. Aelia wiped sweat from her eyes and fixed them on the master's diminished shadow along the ground. They flitted across the surface as though searching for something but all she could see was the Darth. Master Orala laid a hand on her shoulder and waited patiently. Before she realized it the training sword began to hurt in Aelia's hand. She'd been squeezing so hard she could now feel her heart beating in her fist.

"We don't even have a body so we couldn't even perform the proper funeral rites. And speaking of stalling, what about me, huh?" She shot an accusatory glare directly at the master. "I've been stuck on Dantooine in the outer rim for weeks ever since it happened. Unable to leave the planet. Passed around from master to master with hardly any consistencyI'm training with younglings!"

"You think yourself above helping teach the younglings?" Voice flat, Orala's brow lifted.

"No, Master, it's just...No one else - master nor knight - has agreed to take me as an apprentice after my moth–...master's death. You said yourself I'm a quick study, so I can't imagine why not."

Orala stood closer and stretched her entire arm around Aelia's back. "Perhaps it is because they sense the turmoil within you, like a kiln on the verge of exploding. Often, the most prodigious students are the hardest to bear, especially when their emotions are taking control of them.

"'There is no death. There is only the force.' Go on, repeat after me."

Aelia echoed as spiritedly as she could muster herself, but her lack of faith was obvious.

"Come, to my chamber," Orala said, guiding the masterless apprentice out of the training grounds. "I will guide you through meditation today."

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@aelia_stormwind: Your masters treat you like a robot. Surely you see that you are meant to be.. more.

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@darth_miltiades: My master was deprived of the proper funeral rites because of you. I am destined for more, but not in the way you think.

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Outside Raxulon, Planet Raxus...

Pirate Outpost...

Sargon was no fool. Miltiades was a foe of unparalleled resources and his wrath was not to be taken lightly; his contesting of a Dark Lord as powerful as he and his allies was nigh suicidal. However, he would not be the Mad Mandalorian if it wasn’t. He has murdered and plundered across the Outer Rim for years and although not the most traditional of Sith in practice, his delight in buccaneering and unconventional warfare were renowned. Bellerophon was wise enough to know that this would be a series of drawn out guerilla tactics and dog fights. This would not be Oristicon...

...but a Skirmisher’s War.

And no odds, no matter how bleak, would the Red Raider concede to his newfound nemesis. His current location was twofold, one if he was somehow tracked his armada’s position in Sith Space would not be revealed and second, were the major spaceports of Raxulon and the wares it contained.

Standing before a Holocamera, in a room as black as the void of space, the scarlet cloaked Sith stood like a monolith against a spray of cyan rays as his likeness was recorded and thus projected to his intended destination. It would be broadcasted through a series of nodes via the planet’s capital government as an official hail. His voice boomed, harsh as a Dune Sea, he announced himself to the communications division of the mighty Imperator.

I am Darth Stryfe.” He slowly pulled back his hood revealing his persona and continued. “Patch me to your master, Miltiades. Now.

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"Priority transmission for you sir."


"Darth Stryfe."

"In my chambers."

Minutes later Darth Miltiades stood upon a dais within his personal chambers. He tossed the brown cloak upon the floor. A slave picked it up while a second hung his white cloak upon the old man's broad shoulders.

He tapped a button upon his belt and the transmission opened. The darth did not identify himself.


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The Lord of the Void spoke but a single word, but it was enough to ignite a firestorm within the Crimson Corsair. The hate and wanton passion that dwelled inside Sargon remained beneath the waves of stoicism, suppressing his rage as he begun the parley. Not to be taken as a sign of weakness, as the Sith embrace emotion readily, but in a war such outbursts become a perception of childishness.

But Raxulon would suffer for it shortly. The ports will burn...

"Speak? Your arrogance exceeds my expectations...you are not Emperor yet." Stryfe grinned and extended his index finger outwards, placing emphasis on his displeasure but bobbing his hand as his pointed forward. As if he was scolding. "I do as I will. It is the way of the strong. The powerful of mind...and body...and it seems your age is getting the better of you." Sargon jested.

"Why I have contacted you is to proclaim my defiance." A serious tone took over, his hands now fists as he crossed his arms against his chest, resting against his durasteel cuirass.

I defy the Republic because it is a self-serving cabal of oligarchs and factious bureaucrats...I defy you because you are a Senator masquerading as an Imperial. You crave power just as a Chancellor, not as Sith does and thus, I will cast you and your lot into ruination.

His chin lifted up and spite took over his micro-expressions, eyes narrowed and eyebrows diagonal and inward. "Now...speak."

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The room had been sealed so no light would filter in. Even if she focused, no air currents brushed across any part of her skin. Aelia moved silently, barefoot, across the chamber floor. So did her enemy. Her eyes were wide open but she couldn't see anything, neither wall nor floor, the foe nor the deactivated training sword right in front of her face. She'd lost track of time passing, most of her effort devoted to masking her presence. The rest she directed toward reaching with the force, feeling for her foe.

She inched along hesitantly, throbbing aches from her head to her calves reminding her of previous mistakes. She understood Master Orala's lessons intellectually, but her application faltered. That would come with time and repeated practise, the master assured her. For now, she only needed strike the Togruta once, anywhere. But first she had to find her.

Something moved. Not physically but she sensed a presence. Directly in front. Aelia lashed out—

"Ahaoowww!" A sharp blow to her wrist knocked the sword from her hand, quickly followed by another across her back and a kick in the butt sending her to the floor.

"And that's you dead," said the master smugly. "Or at least disarmed and ripe for capture. Hold." The entryway opened gradually with a long hiss and light filtered in, forcing both to shield their eyes while they adjusted. Her silhouette nodded approvingly as the Padawan retook her feet.

"You're doing much better, right up until the moment you strike. Anxious, excitable, and...Aha. Picturing the moment of vengeance, hm? Careful. You appear to hold your peace right up until you fell for the diversion, and the instant you attempted to strike everything loaded up within you spilled out. Those strong feelings, Sith will sense them and toy with them, use them against you."

"Master, I understand, but...I wasn't angry then. I just...got ahead of myself," Aelia said with a self-conscious shrug.

"I understand. Don't beat yourself up too much over it. If you already knew everything then you'd be a master already. Therein lies today's lesson. Of that which we harbour inside, even those things that we think of as 'good' must be moderated. Now you understand?"

"I don't think I'll be forgetting any time soon as bad as my body aches." Aelia smiled. A harsh lesson, physically, but she felt closer to its mastery than she had in a long time. "May I be dismissed?"

"You may."

And Aelia left the master in the dark.

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He listened while Stryfe spoke and his only reaction was a slight tension in the lips. A furrowing of the brow-- nigh imperceptible. "Stryfe." He said. "Stryfe my boy. You are a young man and like many young men you are in such a hurry. You must learn to take your time. Learn patience; the core attribute of every predator."

"Look at you." The old man extended a hand, palm up. "Here you are, holo-calling me out of the blue and launching into your 'this is why I hate you' spiel. You must stretch it out some my boy. Learn to savor the moment. Take your time with things."

"You see--" Militades spoke in an academic tone, as if he were lecturing one of his apprentices. "--when you are too eager, to hungry, you give yourself away."

"And you my boy, you have given away your true motivations all too soon. You see, you do not hate me because I remind you of the Republic or because I am wise enough to play the political game. No. No you hate me because I am Darth Miltiades and you-- (let us be frank) you are no one."

"And what better way is there to be someone than by challenging me?"

"Audacious. I almost admire it."


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His foe was correct on many points and to the sane, such words should have been heeded and a false alliance would have been much more fruitful. However, this was Sargon, his thought processes were forged with iron will and honor and as for politicking, he kept his proverbial cards closer to his chest than most. Further, madness has taken hold of him long ago, his decisions were hard to rationalize regardless of motivations.

Stryfe listened to Bellerophon's wisdom, his arms crossed, with nothing more than a smile and a uncontrollable guffaw bellowed past his lips and entered a state of brief but evident mockery and contempt.

But one thing, even in his lunacy, that could be still devised was his absolute hatred from Miltiades, which was much more personal than what he chose to reveal.

"It is quite easy to seize power if you already inherited it...Bellerophon. Your mislead yourself." He spoke, still chuckling between some breathes.

"I have heard stories since I was a child, about you...about your family. But I never wanted to be you... and especially..." He paused, emulating his nemesis' previous gesture he displayed his palm open and upwards and with a daemonic grin he uttered. "...not your sister. How does it feel to know you can have everything the Galaxy has to offer and still have no way of bringing her back? Do you blame the Jedi? Or yourself?"

He wasted no time and continued his harassment.

"If you had known what it was like to suffer, to endure in the spite of your conditions...to know hunger and to know pain all your life...perhaps you would understand my reasoning. You were given all. Never earned...the cloak of your father must have been stretched and tattered by you clinging to it all your life until he too...died." Sargon aimed at assaulting his foe's heart, whilst his eyes darted over to a corner of the room and spoke orders without saying a word only to draw back his gaze to the holocamera and exclaimed. "I may be no one...but at least I paved my own way."



Outside the darkness consumed room, a trooper rushed towards a communications bay at full sprint before registering on an intercom, amongst a wall of screens, flashing lights and apparatuses. "Begin with Nightbringer deployment phase, so commands our Lord."

Another voice, half distorted, from parts unknown responded. "Arrival at Oristicon in thirty parsecs. Hail the Empire...Hail Stryfe."

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He had begun to turn away. Folded his hands upon his stomach, palms over his belt buckle and thumbs hooked behind it. A hint of amusement in his eyes.

"I have heard stories since I was a child, about you...about your family. But I never wanted to be you... and especially... not your sister. How does it feel to know you can have everything the Galaxy has to offer and still have no way of bringing her back? Do you blame the Jedi? Or yourself?"

Miltiades froze. A tic appeared above his left eye. After Stryfe finished speaking he walked across the room. Poured himself a glass of water in a crystal vessel and then turned again to his caller. Drank the water and placed the small glass back upon the table.

"I want you to know this." He looked down to his hands and brushed a speck of dust from the back of his sleeve. "After I kill you I will have you erased. All holonet files related to your life will be deleted. Any mention of your deeds will be wiped from the archives. It will be as if you never lived."

Miltiades looked up and met his fellow Darth's eyes through the hologram. "You won't be a young and hungry upstart who gave a great Darth the fight of his life. You'll be a flea exterminated like the vermin you are. Squashed and forgotten."

The amusement was gone.

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Sargon nodded his head, a veil of calm still remained however inside his soul burned for combat; to ransack and murder across the stars. But now, his aggression made an enemy of arguably the most powerful man in the galaxy. Exactly what he wanted. His foe was correct in that challenging a Darth of such prestige would likewise bring him fame, but he could have merely targeted the Republic or Rebels with such bravado and gained equally as much status if he succeeded. It was evidently personal, his malice for Miltiades and only time would tell the source of his hate.

"Even if this were the case, my deeds will live on in memory and the unwritten. But if you should fall, and make no mistake...you shall, I will not have you erased. I will trade you incestuous family for Spice in Hutt Space and your corpse will be frozen in carbonite and used as my dinner table."

His eyes dilated and brightened, filled with excitement, windows into the mind of a demented warmonger. "A glorious war is coming Bellerophon...we are the catalysts for guiding the Sith into a new era, the weak shall be purged from our ranks. The Jedi are too weak to do it themselves."

His arms outstretched in a dramatic embrace of sorts, bearing his chest like an animal, the ebon cuirass guarded his blackened heart.

"You are my sworn enemy now...but together we will spread death like wildfire and the galaxy will burn for centuries to come."

Perpetual war; feudalism and pain. This was the Dark Age that Stryfe willed.

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No Caption Provided

Revan Knight. Disgraced Republic Commando turned Freelance Mercenary. But once a Mandalorian, always a Mandalorian even if he's not human like most are. His race is called Kalorians. About as strong as a Wookie, but looks exactly like a human.

Revan is not his birth name, but it's the name the Mandalorians gave him when they raised him since he was a newborn baby, found on some colony world. So, Revan grew up a Mandalorian and was trained in their ways. If you were to ask him, he'd have it no other way.

And now here he is, out in the outer fringes of the galaxy in some random bar enjoying a drink and listening to the gossip. But nothing of interest comes his way with that gossip so his mind starts to wander. Revan may be a Mercenary, but that does not automatically make him a bad guy. A lot of Mercenaries take just about any job so long as it pays. But not Revan. He doesn't take just any job. If he considers it dishonorable or morally wrong, he won't take it most of the time. But if Revan is offered a job that saves lives, regardless on which side it happens to be on, Jedi, Republic or even Sith, then he'll take it. Strange and odd ways, that is for sure. But Revan manages to get by. He even has some friends left in the Republic and sometimes they even offer him some jobs every now and again.

One of Revan's pet peeves is that a lot of people tend to think he's a bounty hunter. He is not. But then he hears this nonsense that a Mercenary and a Bounty Hunter are one and the same. Actually, they aren't. A Bounty Hunter hunts targets, often human and alien targets that have a price on their head. Mercenaries are hired guns to protect political officials, destroy an enemy base, rescue someone's daughter. It can be any number of things, but it's definitely not like being a bounty hunter.

Although Revan likes to think he's prepared to fight a Jedi or a Sith, he'd rather not. It's not because he doesn't wish to fight a Force user, he'd love to face one in honorable combat. But the thing is, Revan doesn't consider himself an enemy of the Jedi or the Sith, so he prefers to stay out of their way. Making unnecessary enemies of either group would not benefit him in the long run.

Revan is broken out of his thoughts when he feels a tap on his armor plated shoulder and he turns around, seeing two butt ugly aliens staring at him with angry looks on their faces. They are challenging him to a fight, the smell of their drunken breaths can be detected even through Revan's helmet. These guys are pathetic and without honor. They are so drunk, they don't even notice his hands turning his blasters on the stun setting.

The aliens persist and Revan gets so fed up with them that turns and faces them head on. His hand hovers over his blaster at his side. The aliens try and draw their weapons but by the time their hands touch them, Revan has already drawn and shot both of them before they can even react to his quick draw. For a second, the two aliens stand there as if nothing happened, but then they fall in unison...unconscious. With a twirl of his blaster pistol, Revan holsters it before walking out of the bar. The onlookers who had seen the exchange now go back to their drinks as if nothing happened.

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A snort. "Fancy yourself an altruist I see. A messiah of chaos here to purge the Sith in fire." Miltiades clasped his hands behind his back under his white cloak. "Or so you tell yourself."

"Fool." He shook his head. "You do not even understand our code. Through victory our chains our broken. The force shall free me." Scorn dripped from the older man's voice. "Not 'The force shall benefit my fellow Sith.'"

"You are confused. Lost. Striking out in the jealous rage of a nobody and cloaking yourself in a cloak of miss-placed altruism and confused Sith values wove together."

He drew himself to his full height and looked down his hawk nose at the hologram before him. "Pathetic."

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"I'm sorry, I'm confused."

Aelia stood in the doorway to the master's chamber, eyebrow hiked toward her hairline and mouth slightly ajar.

"Oristicon," Master Orala repeated. She waved her hand and beckoned the apprentice inside. On the table a small hologram displayed the planet as it had been. "A world deep within Empire space in a state of rebellion. But, according to reports the rebellion is on its last leg. Leaders have already tried to sue for peace but the Sith spearheading the attack have completely rejected the offer. If this is true, then the resolve of their heads has already been broken and it's only a matter of time before the resistance falls entirely."

Eyes fixed on the hologram, Aelia shook her head slowly. "O-okay, but why am I getting involved?"

"That will be explained in full later. For now, the understanding is that you will be sent off-world with Knic Fent, a Nautolan knight who is being sent to retrieve Governor Valaras Borathi"—another hologram appeared in place of the first—"who possesses information about both Rebel and Imperial forces which the Supreme Chancellor feels might be useful to the Republic. Fent has requested you personally."

Aelia's eyes remained fixed on the hologram, and she said nothing. She'd been on Dantooine for a few weeks, and this would be her first mission since her master was killed. The Nautolan requested her specifically—could she live up to the expectation? She felt in some part of herself that she did not even want to work with someone else. It'd never be the same. What if he was too passive? Or too harsh? Or Failures would be magnified. Before the Supreme Chancellor, no less. One retrieval mission and it felt like the entire galaxy was watching her at that very moment.

She didn't realize her hands were trembling until the master took hold of them, now standing directly before her.

"You are ready, and you'll be fine," Orala assured her. "This is what you wanted, isn't it? You couldn't very well stay here as a Padawan forever. This could very well be your final test." Cupping the apprentice's face in her hands, she offered a reassuring smile. "Aelia, it's time for you to proceed onward with your life. Knic Fent will be arriving before long. I do hope he'll find you composed enough to help out."

"Of course." Aelia nodded. The uncertainty hadn't entirely passed, but it helped to think of the mission as an inexorable part of her life's progression. She tried not to think too hard on the Sith, nor on vengeance. "Thank you Master Orala."

"One more thing," the Togruta added, holding fast to her hands. "A word of caution. While you're out in the galaxy, you will encounter facets of both Sith and Jedi alike that are different than they are here on the Outer Rim. You may see them through a new lens now with Marina gone. Whatever you encounter, you must take care to remember your teachings by your master and the Jedi here on Dantooine. And of course," squeezing on her palms, "you are always welcome back here.

"I hope to see you again. Now, the Force be with you. You are dismissed."

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The Red Raider's eyebrow lifted with curiosity, his foe was incredibly mistaken in regards to his motivations; there was nothing good in him left, all that was pure had died, a soul crushed by enslavement and drowned in blood. Shaking his head in contrary before speaking, his tone became noticeably more lucid, even his body language shifted, from that of an unceremonious pirate to that of a more hardened combatant and tactician. "You misunderstand. Completely. For centuries we have fought amongst ourselves, competing with one another. I will not butcher the Brotherhood for altruism; but for the Dark Side. And. For. Me..."

His hand outstretched and then slowly, he tightened his grip and morphed his armored hand into a clenched fist. "The ways of the Sith are broken, we limit the strong as we spread our power amongst the many. The Dark Side needs champions. Champions who will strive for spreading its influence through the force of his actions. You, Maltiades, you and those like you are the pathetic ones. Parasites of its power...A War, a war of the Sith shall correct it as we strive to survive. Those that survive will grow in influence, grower stronger and as more fall it brings a select few closer to dominion of the galaxy until...one is left. One."

His fanaticism was evident. He willed Godhood through the Force itself, a power not to be shared. No Councils. No allegiances.

Just an avatar of the Dark Side. And those he willed to follow in his footsteps.

He spoke once more. "Our wars will forge a new era. An era of strife..."



"Five parsecs to Oristicon, sensor jammers initiated...cloaking phase to begin countdown; seconds to Hyperspace exit." A mechanical voice traversed encrypted space as a Nightbringer legion and specialized heavy troopers began to perform final equipment checks, as the Dawn Eater sliced through Hyperspace, hellbent on wreaking havoc on the battle scarred planet.

Sargon's fleet, albeit a partial manifestation, of Swoop Bikes rested metal on metal, their ion engines quiet, like slumbering krayt dragons they awaited their prey. While their riders craved a reputation, each battalion within the legion wished to be known as Sargon's Sword...a proposed battalion title for the finest warriors within the ranks of The Mad Mandalorian's armada.

Totally wanted to quote Darth Bane in here, but realized I became overzealous and Bane wouldn't be alive for like 400 years so I could only allude to a Rule of Two mentality. lol

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@sargon_stryfe: I'm enjoying this guy and the whole Mad Mandalorian thing.

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For the briefest of moments I felt something akin to sympathy.

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The apprentice stood apparently dumbfounded and speechless for the second time that day. Orala flanked her on one side, Fent on the other. Most important however was the ship. She'd have recognised the modified exterior and guns anywhere. There in the landing zone, she was being presented with Marina Stormwind's personalized Corellian light freighter as a parting gift from Dantooine.

"H-how...did you get this?" she managed to stammer once she'd picked her jaw up from the ground.

Orala smiled. "My word still carries some weight in Republic circles...And I might have implied that the ship was both crucial to your accepting the assignment and success in the mission."

"You'll find everything is as your former master left it," the Knic Fent added. "To ensure there are no hiccups when you're flying it." Aelia's eyes widened again, but seeing herself reflected in his large, glossy black eyes, she was quick to correct it. Paired with a knight, and she would get to fly her master's ship. "Ah!" Fent registered her surprise. "I'm a decent pilot, but even if this ship weren't an old acquaintance of yours I wouldn't pretend superiority to one trained by a Corellian one called 'Stormwind' at that.

"Which brings me to the next - and technically first - matter of tactics. I'll give you the planetside briefing on the way there, but first, getting through the Empire's formation, ideally without drawing attention to ourselves until we've hit the ground."

Aelia thought a while. Travelling with her master, she'd heard stories of a notable smuggler, not only fighting against the Empire but who, according to rumor, had a particular affinity for the Jedi. It was hard to distinguish facts from rumors in her case but if nothing else opposing the empire and supporting Oristicon's rebellion should've been sufficient motivation, if the woman was who they said she was. Once they were out in space, Aelia would put out her own feelers and attempt to establish a location within Empire space for the "Fortune-Teller."

@khurir_khathgen Not gonna lie, I actually have no idea how to contact her just yet but I didn't wanna delay anymore, so...we may be working that out as we go. >_>

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I favor organic character development and honestly I feel closer to understanding Sargon already than I do my main, I have a backstory in my head that somehow bleeds into my writing, he is a tragic villain driven mad with grief and I feel it compliments my writing style very well.

I feel a lot of sympathy for him but knowing what he has done (off panel/unwritten) and what he is willing to do makes me a little sad lol

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@sargon_stryfe: I felt a little bit of that sympathy, but then I figured I need to cull that because it'll bite me if we ever cross paths. Because I don't know what he did, but I know he's a sick freak just by the way he's talking.

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@aelia_stormwind: It would be interesting to see their interactions for sure, his chaos orientation but somberness vs her raw power but self-doubt/repression (from what I have interpreted from your posts) would be cool. Or Will be ;p

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@sargon_stryfe: Well, repression might be the best course. We wouldn't want that inner Bellerophon to get out.

As it is, we've got almost as many reasons to be friends as we do to kill each other. Or at least one big reason.

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Nice post! I like the setup, so don't worry.

I'll try to put up a reply tonight.

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Once Aeila was given her assignment and dismissed, a nearby Jedi who had been chatting quietly with a friend ends her conversation and approaches the young Padawan with a smile on her lips, "Padawan Aeila Stormwind, I presume?"

And if Aeila turns her head to see the Jedi Knight approaching her, she will see a woman dressed in black with a blaster strapped to her right thigh but a lightsaber clipped to her utility belt. A light brown cape flows behind her and fiery red hair spills down her shoulders. The woman looks almost like a Sith, but she carries herself like a Jedi. Acts like one too.

Zana is not your typically Jedi, never was. She's always been a little different, even unconventional. Still, she did manage to pass her Jedi trials and become a full Knight, impressing her Masters in the process.

Finally, when Zana is standing face to face with Aelia, the young Jedi doesn't look much older than Aelia herself. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with Master Orala. I'm Zana, Zana Amidala. Ever since I arrived on Dantioone, I've been hearing about you." She puts the back of her hand over one side of her mouth and whispers, "All good things, I assure you." She gives a little wink.

Zana smiles politely, "Honestly, you might be wondering how I heard about you. One Master, who I shall not name, recommended I look you up. Now that I am a Knight, I will have to take an apprentice someday. I'm not ready yet, of course, but it doesn't hurt to watch the other Padawans and see how the other Masters do their jobs."

Suddenly, Zana looks rather apologetic, "I'm so sorry, I've done it again haven't I? I rambled on without giving you a chance to even talk or introduce yourself. I tend to do that sometimes, a habit I need to break. Be less chatty. How are you?"

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Somewhere in a system that Zana cares not to name, she awaits her smuggler contact. This will be the first time she will meet this Smuggler since the previous contact who did this job was killed recently. The contact's replacement is Zana Amidala and for a very good reason: Zana is not your traditional Jedi, which means she more open to 'breaking' a few rules to ensure victory for the Republic. And if that means helping a Force Sensitive smuggler who wields a lightsaber with supplies that will help the Republic then so be it.

As Zana waits for the smuggler, she has heard whispers of her wielding a lightsaber. She idly wonders why she turned to smuggling, but ultimately glad she did. Somebody has to do these kinds of jobs. It's dangerous work too. The prospect of being found by the Empire is always a high risk. If caught, any smugglers working for the Republic, or helping them, could end up in prison for life. Or worse, they could lose their lives. Zana doesn't like the sound of either scenario. But Zana knows the risks and so does, apparently, the smuggler who is taking them.

The Jedi does not have her own personal ship. So, she had to hire a transport to get here and then rent a speeder. She made sure to use her Force Perception to make sure she wasn't followed and took the assigned routes to make sure if anyone tried to follow her, ended up losing sight of her so that they couldn't follow her anymore.

But now Zana is here, leaning against her rent speeder bike and waiting for the smuggler to arrive. She wonders what items the smuggler will have. Very likely weapons and armor of some kind. A bacta tank would be useful, but likely too heavy. Credits would also be useful, that means more pay for the Republic soldiers fighting on the front lines. Those are light weight and a ton of them can be carried in several packages.

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@knight101: Awesome! I'll have something as I'm able! Probably sometime while I'm at work.

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@aelia_stormwind: Ha! I was thinking the same thing. The enemy of my enemy, and all that...would be cool.

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@knight101: For several seconds a perplexed stare was Aelia's only response. The knight came from seemingly nowhere and her conversational opener was more like a verbal bombardment. More than overwhelm, the encounters with both knights had effectively shattered her expectations for how she was to interact with them.

"...Hi," she said, her response mostly flat and still mildly perplexed. "I guess I don't need to introduce myself if you've already heard about me." She scanned Zana's features. It was still hard to tell whether the wink was an indication of good-faith or she was being facetious about what troublesome things she might have heard. "I'm I guess more than a little nervous as you might expect anyone to be in my situation, there's a lot being thrown at me and I thought I wanted to get off of this planet but now I'm not so sure, although I'm glad to be in possession of my master's ship. How...are you?"

Aelia hardly paused even to breathe, discomfort prompting her honest oversharing while rote repetition dictated her follow-up and she searched for an indication it was the proper response in Zana's face and body language.

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Out in a seldom traveled quadrant of a galaxy at the edge of Imperial territory, a small caravan of ships drifted slowly through space. The ships were low-grade and seemed to have been patched together from the remnants of… far prettier ships that had broken down in days long past. This particular group of ships belonged to a rather infamous (or famous, depending on who you asked) group of smugglers who were on route to… nowhere in particular.

They were waiting.

In approximately two cycles, a Federation contact would arrive and pick up the precious metals that the crew had been carrying onboard. Precious metals that, were the crew to find themselves discovered by anyone with connections to the Empire, would be stolen and probably cause the death of more than a few of the travelers. So, until their customer arrived, the small fleet would sail through space on low power; avoiding detection, relaxing and living off of the onboard rations until they got paid and were free to head home.

Onboard one ship, in particular, two of the smugglers were training and the younger of the two was getting his behind handed to him. The sound of said behind crashing into the side of the small vessel would echo throughout the living quarters.

“Mao, you suck!” Khurir laughed as the poor boy stumbled to his feet.

“Look, I don’t wanna hear anything from a Jedi who can’t even lift a coin,” he replied.

Khurir proceeded to lift a coin.

“You know what I meant. What good is a Jedi if she can’t do anything beyond swing a stick around.”

“Please… I don’t need those parlor tricks to take anyone one of you losers out,” she flicked the coin at Mao.

“I don’t know,” Mao grinned, “Khatan seems to find it pretty easy throw you around with those ‘parlor tricks’”

The wicked smile on Mao’s face seemed to only intensify the glare on Khurir’s.

“Listen. All you need to win any fight are three things,” a raised finger would follow each item, “A good weapon, training on how to properly use said weapon and situational awareness.”

“Situational awareness, huh? Easy for someone who-” Khurir’s eyes flashed wide open and she sat up violently. Mao’s words paused for a brief moment, “Can do that… You uh… you getting that feeling again, Riri?”

“Time to change course and make a disappearance?” the pilot in the next room over called out; apparently eavesdropping the entire time.

“N-no… someone is searching for us but…” her eyes narrowed as she felt the Jedi’s request through the force, “They seem friendly. Definitely not dark side. Could be our guys here early.”

“Wanna swing by and say hello? Can never have too many connections in this life,” the pilot asked.

“Two days early? I say leave it be. If they want to say hi, they can come over here and meet us. We can’t afford to miss the customer when he arrives,” Mao interjected.

“All that matters is how far away these ‘friends’ happen to be. If we can warp back in a minute or two, I think it’s well worth the effort to introduce ourselves. Could be just the big break we’ve been waiting for,” the pilot replied before turning his attention to Khurir, “How far out of our way would I have to go to shake hands with these fellas?”

In a few moments, a single ship would change course and move in the direction of Aelia and her group. If the stormwind's force perception was as refined as Khurir's, she'd know that her invitation had been accepted and that company was on the way.

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Zana is delighted when Aelia asks how she is doing. "I'm doing great." She takes the time to size the Padawan up, then nods her approval, "Got your old master's ship, huh? That's good. My Master's ship blew up, so I couldn't take his after..." Suddenly, Zana's face goes from happy to sad in an instant, feelings of loss going through her body as she glances away, "...after he died..."

So, Zana also lost her Master much as Aelia had. Of course, the Jedi Knight herself did not know this bit of information about the young Padawan. It seems they already have something in common. A mutual understanding as it were. Zana takes a deep breath, remembering her training, There is no emotion, there is peace. She thinks to herself.

Then Zana glances back to Aelia, being serious now, "I remember feeling much how your feeling now when I was sent away on my first mission. Would you like some advice?" She asks with a hopeful tone.

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Gonna reply to you tomorrow morning. I tried to beat it, but the fatigue is winning XD

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Revan knows this is an ambush, his instincts tell him that much. He dives into cover just seconds before the blaster fire hits his cover. He tosses a grenade when there is break in the fire fight and it explodes but Revan doesn't bother to see if it succeeds as he jumps into some bushes in the jungle. A blaster shot burns in his shoulder and he stumbles, but forces himself to keep going. Running, always running. He arrives at a cliff, no time to do anything but jump. He falls towards a river and...

Revan wakes up just in time to find himself falling off the edge of his bed and landing with thud on the floor. An expletive escapes his lips, "*****!" He picks himself up, glad no one saw that. He checks the time. It's morning on Mandalore. Time to train. Gotta keep the skills sharp, keep in shape too.

Like a machine, Revan works out. He works on his muscles, cardio and weapon training. Everything a successful Mandalorian Mercenary needs to succeed in this unforgiving galaxy. He tries not to think of that dream. Of betrayal. Dishonor.

Revan must fight on, never give up. That's what they want. A Mandalorian never quits. When the going gets tough, a Mandalorian gets tougher. Revan pushes through and he will find the justice he seeks, especially for the woman he dared to love. That's why he wears gray. It's symbolic for a Mandalorian. It means he's mourning for a lost love. Blue means he's reliable. He almost always gets the job done. And this job, seeking justice for his love and for what was done to him, he will have it. But not today, not now. Soon.

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