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The New Warrior Angel
The New Warrior Angel

With the help of Sentinel, Alethea managed to escape the Nexus of Eternity and wind up back on Earth. Unfortunately, time and space do not mean anything in the Nexus and the Amazon ended up eight years in Karah Knightfall's past.

Inspired by Karah's example, Alethea decided to take up the mantle of Warrior Angel in honor of the young Knightfall. The New Warrior Angel was born.

For three years, Warrior Angel fought the good fight. She fought monsters of all types, gangsters, gods, demigods, mythical creatures, mutants, meta-humans and even aliens. She fought in other dimensions and even on planets that were light years from Earth.

But when Warrior Angel decided to get married and settle down for a nice quiet life, a madman took everything away and killed her one true love. In that climatic battle five years ago, Warrior Angel was made to see the ugliness of humanity. For the last time, she had been Warrior Angel and she chose not to become her ever again as she went into retirement. The world at large thought her dead, which suited Alethea just fine. A young Kara Knightfall would later read comics about Warrior Angel's exploits and would become the next Warrior Angel thanks to Alethea's inspiration. And thus, a cycle is created where both Alethea and Karah inspired each other.

Alethea would spend the next five years being an agent of the Department of Super-Human Affairs, bringing in anyone with powers and special abilities who used them for evil purposes. But all it takes is the right catalyst to bring Warrior Angel out of retirement and back into the spotlight, fighting once more for humanity. It is only a matter of time before Warrior Angel makes her return, but when will that be? Only time will tell.

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Not sure whether to welcome you or wave goodbye??

Either way....I could take you!

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Great post as usual.

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