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It had been days of worrying for this speacial event. Slight cleaned his house from top to bottom, even the driveway was washed. Even thoght he knew his friends were easy going, with the exception of Holly, and they accepted him just as he was. Still Slight worried about how thing would go. For the first time they would meet Slight's mother, who was not nearly as worried as Slight. What would she think of Holly, Iron, and Magick.

Slights mother, Paige, had a tendancy to say what was on her mind, and that presented a problem for them to because Slight knew his team, and how they were. For the most part they probably would tolerate her, but if even one of them were past thier limit they would let her know. And it was the same for Paige. There was no way she would be able to keep her mouth shut. Slights ears peaked.

Walking outside he saw the Outsiders Van pull up. Running to it, because he hadn't seen them in a month, ready to greet them with open arms. Then Slight noticed something, it was a spot of oil in the crack of the drive way. Thinking of stopping them from even coming inside, Slight came back to reality and said "Welcome guys, hey Holly, Iron, Magick, how has it been?" With a little shaking in his hands Slight pointed to the door, for them to go in. Running ahead to warn his mother that they were on their way in, she said "I hope they don't track mud in"

That was a bad sign, his mother was already acting up, but just befor Slight could say a word, She gave him a smile that said I am kidding. Paige walked to the door and greeted them all. "Hello, my name is Paige, I am Avery's mother" Noooooo, Slight thought to himself. His mother had just revealed his real name. Not that he didn't want them to know, it was just that he didn't want them to start calling him his real name. Slight's hero persona was separate from his home life. Walking to the door where everyone was standing Slight invited them all in. Relieved Slight walked to the living room.

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Today Holly wore a mask that covered her eyes and her nose bridge as oppose to her usual mask that covered her nose and mouth. Holly put on her best smile, the smile she used among civilians. She could sense Slight's tension about them meeting his mother. Holly herself was shocked by the invitation, it was strange that he wold have them learn so much about his life behind his mask in such a short time. Holly blinked back the weariness on her eyes, with talking to contractors to fix the new lair, applying for majors and trying to escape her previous life, the stress was really starting to be a bit much even for an enhanced mutant like herself.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Paige. I'm Holly and these are for you" Holly smiled extending to Slight's mother a basket of assorted muffins.

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While the other members lounged in the living room, Slight started on dinner. Tonight they would have a good southerns style dinner. Slight had actually gotten up early to put the ribs on the grill, and now that they were done, he could start on the greens, and mac-n-cheese. For desert none other than chocolate cake. There was laughter from the other room he could hear his mother "And here he is in the tub with his sister and brother" Again Slight said NOOOOOOOO. Now all he wanted to do was jump into a volcanoe, and die.

Gathering enough courage to walk into the living room, Slight yelled out that dinner was served. While they were eating, Slight began a conversation of small talk. "Holly how is finding a major going?" Then his mother bursted in with an intrigue in her voice "Ohh your in college, it must be hard to handle all that, seeing as how you save the world on a regular basis" In his mind, Slight thought there she goes. What else was she going to say? Cutting her off at the pass, Slight asked his mother when Brea and Tyson, his older sister and younger brother, were comming. She replied "They said they were comming tomorow."

Everything from that point on went smothly until, Paige said "Avery why don't you tell them how you discovered you powers" Slight didn't mind but it was kind of embarrasing. He began
I was walking down the street, and a mugger tried to rob me. Then all of a sudden.... wait let me start at the begining. I had just come from school, and I was walking down the street, which happened to be by a creek. The sun was going down, and I was actually kinda scared. Then the guy came out of no where and pulled a gun on me. I had my hands up, and he was yelling, saying the randomest things. As I thought about how I was going to survive the water from the creek rose up, formed into a big water stream like thing and slamed into him with enough force to knock him over the other side of the railing. Now I was disorenented, what was going on, I said to myself. Running home, I got in the shower, and turned the water hot. When The I got in, none of it would hit me, it just stoppe and fell. That was when I knew something was going on. I had always been a fan of mutants and the X-MEN, so I figured it out that I was a mutant. And that's it.

Showing his personal life was difficult, but Slight felt it was nessesary, to stop his mother from asking questions.

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John was on his way to Slight's house along with Holly and Magick.  He would have preferred to ride in his own car, but went with them in the van as a sign of team unity.  John was a very busy person, but he felt it was important to bond with the other members of the team  When Slight extended the invitation, John was happy to accept.  He also felt it would be easier if he wore his usual business suit, instead of his iron one.  John was constantly on his cell phone talking as they traveled in the van.

Once they arrived John let the ladies exit the van first.  He then got out, straightened his tie and walked just behind them to the front door.  John was glad to see Slight again and looked forward to meeting his family.  Then Slight's mother introduced herself as Paige, and John took her hand and bowed over and gently kissed the back of her hand.   "I am very pleased to meet you Paige."  As he stood back up straight he saw Holly give him a look and smile at him.  John just said, "Hey I'm from the south, I can't help it."  Then he laughed and they all went inside.

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It was the next day, and everything had gone smoothley. It was about 7:30 when the door bell rang. Slight was the only one up, and he opened the door. There standing was his sister and brother Brea, and Tyson. They lived nearby so they decided to come together. Rushing into his arms the sibling hugged and greetied each other. "Before you meet my freinds, there is something I want you to know, you can ask questions, just not personal ones, they get a little touchy" Brea replied with a simple "OK". On the other hand Tyson, an annoyingly inqusitve person blurted out "Why, I had a whole set of questions to ask, and everything"

Gesticulating for him to lower his voice, the group walked back inside. By that time Slight's mother had gotten up. Simultaneously they all said "HEY" Running from the top of the stairs, Paige hugged her children. They hadn't seen eachother in a while. With Slight gone off with his new life as a hero, there was not much time for family get togethers. Just as Tyson walked down the hall, he saw a woman. Slight said "Good morning Anita" Then he looked over at his brother, Tyson who had his eyes fixed upon her. Smacking his hand against his head, Slight knew what was happening. Tyson had a crush on Holly.

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John did not sleep very well but this was not new for him.  He rarely got a good nights sleep but only a few  hours was really all he needed.  He got out of bed and looked at the clock.  It was 5:16am so John took a shower as quietly as he could, dressed and went outside.  The sun had not come up yet but it wouldn't be long.  John went for a walk down the street.  He called his assistant Pam on his cell phone. 

Just as always he called her first thing in the morning.  She was usually still in the bed when he called and she joked with him about him being her personal alarm clock.  They laughed and talked then their conversation turned to business.  They discussed what had happened since he left on this trip, and He advised her on what he wanted done today while he was away.  John always enjoyed talking with Pam.  She was so friendly and they were such close friends.  John knew he drove her a little crazy with his constant flirting, then being serious, then going back to flirting.  He just wanted to keep her on her toes but she had already figured that out.

As John was finishing his talk with Pam he had just about returned from his walk.  He saw some new people standing at the front door of Slights house.  The door opened and they went inside before John could walk up to them.  He wondered who they were but knew Slight would introduce them as soon as they were all awake.  John wondered who was up and what would be served for breakfast.

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Tyson was the flirtatious one of the the boys. He always had girls calling the house, and going out when they were younger. Even though it had been really only a couple of years since Slight had left home but now It seemed that everyone had their own lives now. Tyson was still gazing at Holly. In his mind Slight knew what was going on, and he knew what he had to do. Stopping the glower, Slight got Tyson's attention. "Is everyone hungry?, I made some scrambled eggs with and without jalepenoes, toast, and maple cinnoman oatmeal."

Tyson was also the greedy one, he ran to the kitchen. Brea walked patiently, waving at Holly. Out of all his siblings, she was his least favorite. Although he loved her with all his heart, when they were little she would never help with anything, and would always have an attituded for no reason. His mother said to him, that he would be rewarded for his goodnes, and Slight figured that he was. He had mutant powers, and had a team to call home to. Most of all team mates, who were great.

John walked in and went strait to the kitchen. Slight walked in. The night before Slight noticed that Holly was not very involved with the gathering. She seemed to be somewhere else. "Brea I made the unspicy eggs for you, I know you hate spicy food."
"Thanks Avery, but you didn't have to"

The night before Slight had dreamt of a battle he had before ever even comming to the New Outsiders. Goran a creature also wielding an element. Many people don't know but the light and dark are elements. People with the power to wield dark force matter are usally evil, but that doesn't mean that dark is evil. Darkness was Gorans power. He used it to bring out the worst in people by enveloping them in his energy. The battle was very quick, Slight beat him, but that was only because he was not nearly at full steanght. Waking up in a cold sweat, he wondered why he was dreaming about that.

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Holly spooned some more of the oatmeal into her mouth, ignoring Slight's brother stares as well as his lack of table manners.  She watched Slight's interactions with his siblings not quite understanding their relationship, she herself was an only child and had never truly longed for a sibling. She didn't know where the other Outsiders were at, only that Iron Ninja must have gone for a walk for he wasn't anywhere in the house.

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John really enjoyed the breakfast and let Slights mother know what a good cook she was.  He helped to clear the table and offered to wash the dishes but Paige would not hear of it.  However John would not take no for an answer so he helped her as much as she would let him.  Slight introduced his other family members to the Outsiders and the first thing John noticed was how friendly they were.  He also could see that Tyson could not take his eyes off Holly. 

"So Slight whats on our agenda for today."  John looked over at Slight and waited for a response.

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Magick woke up in the morning from a sort of half - sleep that had only lasted for an hour. She very strongly believed in her "caffeine instead of sleep" policy. She came down stairs to find that Holly and Ninja were already there along with some people who where apparently Slight's siblings. Magick coulden't help but giggle at the fact that one of them couldn't seem to stop starring at Holly. Then Slight said "Is everyone hungry?, I made some scrambled eggs with and without jalepenoes, toast, and maple cinnoman oatmeal."  Yay! Food! and it had jalepenoes, which just made it even more of a cause for "yay!". As the Outsiders sat down with Slight's family, Magick couldn't help but think of what a "outsiders meet Magick's parents" scene would look like. hi mom! You know how i ran away when i was twelve, and haven't  spoken to you since? Well i thought it was long time we caught up!  This is my team the outsiders, which i joined after I sorta reformed, but not really cuz i still steal stuff, and break the law, I just don't kill people anymore. She imagined her mothers face - in front of that white picket house, and snickered. That was defiantly not happening any time soon. Her attention was then drawn away by the eggs she was eating, which were amazingly good.

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Everyone was had finished eating and the so the day began. On the to-do list was the normal things such as watching tv, and making food, and just catching up with his freind.

"Holly, Iron, Magick, Can I speak to you guy for a minute?" Slight called the outsiders into the back yard. He wanted to tell them about his dream, and what it could mean. Slight began, "Last night I had a dream,... actually it was more of a nightmare. It started out with an old enemy of mine. Goran, it was a dream of the actuall battle but, at the end right before I woke up, he said I'm Comming for you and everyone you love" Normally Slight would have kept this to himself. But in this case, well Goran.. was the case, and this was the New-Outsiders, where anything can happen. Slight could tell that they all wanted to laugh, but he needed them to take his baleful feeling seriously.

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Holly sighed in relief, somehow facing down some great big bad guy seemed a lot less easier than hanging around Slight's family. It had been a long time since Holly was surrounded by good people and the whole scene felt very surreal.
"Slight, you know more about this enemy than anyone else does...perhaps you should lead this mission..." Holly suggested.

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"Too tru, Holly but it was just a dream, I don't have any real proof of what is really going on" Just as Slight finished his sentence he heard a shrill screach comming from the house. Instantly he took of running. Bursting through the back door, Slight saw two bat like creatures, ripping the flesh of Paige, Brea, and Tyson. Letting out a scream of disorientiation, the creatures vanished. Lying on the floor was Slight's family. Torn to pieces.

"Ahhnnghh, Nooo, why... why" Slight could barely breath, his throat was fill with air but no words could come out, Tears streamed down his face, there was no way he could hold back the feeling's of pain. Repeatedly hitting the floor, still in anguish, Slight flattened his body, laying motionless.

The room grew dark, the shadows crept along the wall like evil seeping into a soul. Noticing the change, Slight turned his face towards the wall, though his eyes were blurred by the tears. It was Goran, and jsut as soon as Slight said "I am going to destroy you" all the while his teeth clenched, the face faded away. Leaving no trace.
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At the sound of the scream withint he Suburban home Slight had shot past Holly so fast, she barely managed to side step him. She glanced at the others before following suit. Holly, impassive stared at what was left of Slight's family. She felt his anguish but supressed it understanding the need to be strong for her youngest team mate.

"Shush..." she whispered slowly approaching Slight as a string of curses poured from his mouth.
"It's ok..." She said using the same voice she'd use on her own daughter months before.
"We'll get him Slight, we'll friggun rip off his head! I promise! Do you understand?" Holly asked kneeling next to him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders in an attempt to comfort him.

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Suddenly there was a loud scream and Slight turned and was running toward the house.  John did not know what was wrong but he followed behind Slight thinking he may be able to help.  Once inside John immediately saw that the people he had just met, Slights family had been murdered.  Slight fell down to the floor and could not contain his grief.  John did not blame him at all and only wanted to help him somehow.  Then Slight just lay on the floor not making a sound except for the sobbing.

Holly tried to comfort Slight, but at a time like this there is no comfort to be found.  Slight needed his team and friends now more than ever and they would be there for him.

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Slight felt a touch on his shoulder. It was Holly. Tears still streamed down Slight's face, and his ears were clogged with what, and why's, to the point to where he could not make out what she was saying. Slight knew though, that the words she was saying were words of comfort, and that she was risking her own feelings, to make him feel better.

Still the tears dried up, and the only thing that could come to the surface was dry heaves. Then Slight noticed somthing. The bones from his familes bodies, began to turn black. Soon they were all black, like the putrid minions of Goran. Poof.. they disintigrated. They weren't real. The bones were not real, and his family was not dead. Or at least that is what he could imagine at the time. "Hmmm... Thank GOD...." Slight knew what had happened. And there was still time to save his family, from Goran's corruption.

Goran was the type that like to play with his catch before eating them. In other words he would torture them until it wasn't fun anymore, and then corrupt their souls with darkforce energy, which depending on it's user can be good, or bad. Slight knew what he had to do, first off find out where Goran had taken his family. Knowing they were still alive, gave Slight hope, which for a minute seemed to be out of the question for a while.

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Magick comtemplated what Slight said. To her there was no such thing as "just a dream".  Then there was a scream the house, and Slight bloted to the house faster than Magick could blink. The rest of the Outsiders quickly followed him. When they got inside, they where met with the sight of Slight's family torn to peices. Slight fell to the floor in anguish. Magick wanted to go over to Slight and comfort him, but what do you say to someone whos just lost their family? Then the corpes seemed to evaporate, and Slight said "Hmmm... Thank GOD....". Thank god for what? did this mean his family wasn't dead? Magick walked over to Slight and asked him " what just happened?".

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When Slight knew what happened it was as if he had pulled the sword from the stone only to fine that it was double edged. Magick walked over and said "what just happened" in response to the bones of his family dissapearing. He told her that Goran was a creature that was more torture than kill, not to say that he didn't do it. "What just happened was that, those were not from my family, they were just another ploy to get me to drop my guard, and .... I did"

Getting up, from his knees. Slight knew that since Goran didn't attack on his own, that he could not sustain himself for long in the substance world. Therefore his family had a chance at surviving, wherever he had taken them. "Okay, you guy, we all have to be on our toes. If Goran attacked with those creatures, we can be sure that the next ones are going to be bigger, and stronger. We can defeat him, but it will take all of us, and this is for everyone also, DO NOT stray from your light, whatever that may be. What that mean, whatever keeps you from doing evil deeds, make sure that you don't have any super negative feelings, althoug I know it is hard for some of us, but try, because Goran can sense it and will take full advantage of it.

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Void of feeling. Simple enough....if she didn't have her empath powers! Holly rose from her position on the floor. Hands on hips she stood aside letting Slight take over the mission. This was personal for him. She hoped he would be able to keep his feelings in check in order for him to complete his mission. She turned to the other Outsiders.

"You heard the man, let's suit up everyone!"

Holly said. She marched herself upstairs sparing a worried to glance to Slight as she went.

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Being the leader that she is Holly instructed the team to "suit up". Slight never really had one of his own, he always just wore his old X-MEN suit, with the X ripped of. When she went up the stairs, Slight looked into the face of Holly, she had a worried glower on her face. Slight knew that she was worried about his emotional state.

Holly was right to worry, Slight's family was at risk, and he had to save them. Knowing that Goran had the upper hand in the situation, Slight put on his boot, and began to meditate. Closing his eyes, and looking deep within himself, trying to get in contact with The Oracle. There...

What is it-The oracle said to Slight as he found him
Goran has taken my family, and I am probably going to need your help more than ever to keep my feelings in check, so please don't just pop up whenever you feel like it- Slight finished explaining to the Oracle that he needed to stay focused on the task at hand.

One question had never been answered, why had Goran chosen Slight to be the one to attack, there were so many more people in the world, why him?

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    Slight awnsered Magick's question then told them more about his old enemy. He explained to them that this "Goran" fed on darkness, or negativity, so to try to keep those thoughts out of her mind. uhoh. Magick thought. That  was defiantly going to be a problem. Magick had never been the kind of hero that just wanted to make the world a better place. She was more of an anti-hero, someone with her own agenda. She didn't necessarily  have to break the law to accomplish it, but she also didn't have to go around helping people. Granted she had become more hero-ish since joining the Outsiders - she would rush to help one of her teammates at a moments notice, but that didn't mean that a there wasn't a significant part of her that wasn't still evil. Magick followed Holly upstairs to get into her costume, still worried. If Slights old enemy could manipulate her, would it be better for the team if she didn't go? Magick pushed these thoughts out of her mind. Maybe if she didn't think about it, it wouldn't be a problem.

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I have decided to end this RPG... so don't post... thanks for the support, and yeah.. Its over, not ready to lead an RPG

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You don't have to end it, just pass it on to someone else.

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It was only for members in the New Outsiders.. so that wouldn't work