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As many of you know several weeks ago the decision was made to close down the original IC Club in the attempt to rerail the What your Character thinks thread. Of course, now we know that none of that turned out as expected so maybe I should give it a shot. For this I will be creating three distinct sections for the club the basement, the ground floor and the VIP room. Now you may ask yourself why would I do that? Well, the answer is simple some felt in the original and that's why they never came in that they would be caught up in our drama or "story" as I would call it. So the solution was simple the basement and the ground floor are mostly non-canon areas while the VIP room is for canon unless you decide to let the actions of those outside affect it. Of course, any area can be canon if you choose so but I'd like to make sure that the area's can still be used as I think may create a solution so don't forget to mention if you want it canon. So let's have some fun mini-interactions then.

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The basement pretty much anything goes down here and supplies may be kept down here by the bar staff and such. It could even be used to make those shady deals hero types don't make. So feel free to do your fight clubs or anything really illegal down here. So all of the dark stuff our characters do may be done here and there are only two camera's down here that will be watched but that won't effect anything unless your doing something really really bad.

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The bar room is where most action will happen I imagine where food and drink are easy to access. The kitchen and bar will easily be filled with anything on the planet Earth that you wish to have(except human try the basement for that). A band or comedian will sometimes play or make jokes here as well. There will be NPC's in here as mostly the staff or just regular humans there to grab a bite or get drunk also the bartender now has a name( which is great because he didn't have one before).

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The VIP room for all of your canon or non canon needs is to be used for only discussion or talking not fights. The people in inside of here have the right to ignore any of the destruction outside allowing no canon or non-canon interruptions unless you wish it. This area is fully stocked with drinks but the food must be cooked downstairs so they will take a bit longer to get to you.

Hi, there I'm Dave and I'm the barkeeper. So what will you ordering?
Hi, there I'm Dave and I'm the barkeeper. So what will you ordering?

Okay then now the rules for this new IC room are:

  • All those CVU rules apply.
  • The basement and the bar room are for fights. The VIP is for talks or conversations.
  • And of course if you want an interaction to be canon just say so and if the other person agree's your good.
  • Finally, your not required to have fun but it is recommended.
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@sorion: What was once your's is now mine lol. I thought Jesse would have made it a week ago but I decided to stop waiting and just do it yep. It was just finally time to do it.

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(An intro to the new club) I can't believe they tried to shut us down after everything that happened here Red's attack on me and Low, my fight with Stab, the time I got infected with the Surgeon's spore's and most of all where I first met Maoli and where she was held for a brief time in the basement. It would appear someone told the health inspector about what had happened over the last several months and they tried to shut us down for those "violations". Of course, the owner for some reason decided they were done with the place as well I guess they got tired of all of the constant fight's in the joint and were tired of repairing it. But they sold it on the cheap and I bought it with some of the money I had taken from various mob bosses and drug kingpin's I had taken down over these last several months. He took the offer and I got the club which needed a fixer upper which I payed for out of pocket and there I stood in front of my investment that and I walked inside.

Everything was ready and I walked through the door and into the club to see Dave and the staff getting ready," Hey guy's it's time follow me outside and the ribbon will be cut." They followed their boss back outside and I waited behind the ribbon drawing my sword to cut the ribbon and looked over my employees," Well I know this may be overkill but nothing is to great for the grand reopening of the Club and so let's hope for lot's of new memories, new fight's and new friends." Some of the employee's looked at eachother as I mentioned this it was sometimes hard to remember they were people to with their relationship's and their own problems," Well let's get this over with everyone." I moved my sword cutting the ribbon in two and getting ready for new memories as everyone moved inside.

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(Here's to hoping people actually USE this thread instead of spamming the "What Does Your Character" thread with conversations, it's annoying. I swear)

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A man in black and gold armor walks in. Who was he, what does he want and...ah, he's just going to the bar. He orders a drink, he pays in diamonds. He sips his drink, he keeps to himself.

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Silas walked into the club looking for a drink. Instead, he found a man with a bucket on his head. Watching him use diamonds rather than cash the old gunslinger raised his eyebrow. "Don't know where you're from partner, but we stopped using gems for currency quite a while ago. Hell, it's been a while since we used gold."

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Sitri had only just found out about the last place before it had suffered an unceremonious end. She hadn't really had much time to figure out how well she fit in there, if at all, but it had been... interesting. And to be honest, she had kind of liked the chill setting of metas being able to get to know each other without anyone trying to kill each other. Not that Sitri necessarily objected to trying to kill one another, but it did get... tedious, at times.

So, she was kind of glad to hear that the place was getting started up again. And she had... other reasons.

Sitri had discovered that actually running around doing the meta thing got kind of expensive. Her regular job handled her usual bills and expenses just fine, but it didn't leave a whole lot to put towards the meta situations, and the thing about those situations was that victory was often decided by equipment as much as by technique. She'd considered picking up some hours at the restaurant where she'd worked before, but she'd gone in for a while and it had just been... too weird. When she had worked there, she had been a normal girl - just a human as far as everyone was concerned. She had found she couldn't really go back.

So, here she was at the new place. It seemed a lot like the last place. Better lit, though, by the hum of the lights. She supposed that was an advantage of a sudden closure. She located the bar, and its tender. "Hi," she offered, with a patented Customer Service Smile. "I was wondering if you were hiring."

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Some kind of cowboy addressed him, said something about gems not being used and gold. Novastar looks over at him, his eyes glowing blue with a white irises. "I know. Diamonds was all I had. There aren't ATM machines in space, which is where I am most of the time." Space huh? Who was this guy, Captain Kirk in body armor?

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@demonboundsitri: Dave was humbly cleaning the glasses from all of the people who came in to drink last night the old club there would have been a drunken brawl last night. Oh well, I'm I'm to old for this Landon figured out several days ago that I was formerly a hero myself and a mutant at that. Seeing his face after all of those supposed incidents in the club was just me acting and playing the part my power was that I'm invincible the burns the slashes everything. Was just an act when he finally figured it out he came to my house and said," Well done," and I was back on the job he didn't say that I had to do that hero stuff anymore. All he wanted was someone he could trust to help run the bar while he was gone on his adventures. Suddenly, the door opened and quite possibly the most beautiful woman from the old club came in and sat.

Although I love my wife and she was right to get me out of the hero business I could never keep my eye's off this woman while she was in here. But when she comes and for a job it becomes painfully obvious that Landon would approve for several reasons," Yes we are we are hiring for a couple waiter's and dishwasher's at the moment. We get paid far more than the regular bar employee because this place has a history of violence as you know along with the occasional threats of death. So what were you looking for then?"

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"Something like that would work," Sitri answered, "I started waiting tables when I was fourteen. I've got about eight years experience with it. I had to quit after..." she made a vague gesture in the direction of the blue ribbon tied around her eyes. "I couldn't do the job well and still pass for normal any more. It would have raised too many questions. But I can handle the work. And my other job is security, so I know how to keep my cool, and I get threats of death at least twice a week, one way or another. I don't get fussed easily. And I could use the cash."

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*does a little jig* this place is finally open.

* saunters up to the bar*

"give me the meanest poison you have".

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@lcienimbus: (just treat him like you normally would you ask for a drink he does it for you. I'll play Dave only when needed like when Sitri is asking for a job.)

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The club was more or less established now, though like any club or bar, there were times when it was popular and other times when it was nearly empty. This was one of the latter, and so Sitri was taking advantage of the lull in customers to wipe down some of the tables, singing softly to herself.

Time's moving always, pushing and pulling me - offering no release.

Where do we go now, why can't we pause and stay?

I'm hanging on the pendulum below the clock, please swing slower; make it stop.

She'd gotten a lot better at singing since going blind, that was for sure - something about needing to make use of the full range of hearing sensitivity had kicked her pitch into perfection just because it was so glaringly obvious to her all of a sudden when she was off. The singing helped with the cleaning of the tables, too - once she'd been there a while, she would know exactly where all the tables were from memory, but given that she was still relatively new to her second job there, she wasn't entirely sure where everything was, and sound bounced around all the edges. She'd learned how to read the way it reflected, using it to help her find where the tables were, where the walls were. She might have felt a little silly singing to herself in a mostly empty bar, but socially speaking it was definitely a better call than walking in to things, so she went with it. Besides, at least she was in tune.

Can we end the endings? Can we make believe it will last forever?

I don't mind pretending. Still you push me, still you push me: faster.

She was dressed in the conventional waitress black-on-black, dark pants and a button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up just under her elbows. Black was a good waitress color; it didn't show the inevitable spills or splatters, leaving you appearing entirely presentable even after getting soup on your pants six times a night. Not that she'd done that lately... she was pretty good at evasion. Practical applications of meta-physiology and all that.

She refolded the washrag, making sure all the squishy bits were on the inside before giving the table a final wipe, wondering what the day would bring. Maybe it would be a slow day. Those were kind of nice, sometimes.

Or maybe it would be exciting.

I'm just bored. No point to this, anyone's welcome to chatter. That's the whole point of IC club.

Also, for the record:

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@demonboundsitri: Vein had been eyeing the club from outside while being conflicted to enter it since he looked strange as it is, he didn't really want to draw alot of attention to himself or draw trouble period he was new to this world and he was trying to learn the rules of it but he couldn't help but be intrigued by the scenery and atmosphere it gave off so he reluctantly brushed his conflicted mindset aside and entered the club as normal looking as possible.

He saw a beautiful by mostly anyone's standards blonde woman it appeared as if it was near the end of her shift as she was cleaning the tables, Vein was somewhat interested in making her aquaintance but he nervously shuffled to the side abit before slowly raising his left hand as he called to her "u-um excuse me miss?" Vein akwardly said the sentence "I'm new to this world and i was wondering if we could perhaps chat maybe?"

Vein realized how akward his phrases were and quickly follow up "or not i don't want to bother you if your busy"

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Sitri felt a smile tug at her lips at the awkwardness of the newcomer, obviously very uncertain of himself. "That's not even the weirdest proposition I've had this week," she told him. Working at the Irregular Creature Club had a lot of bizarre side effects on the pickup lines one heard on a regular basis. "You want to sit down and have anything to eat or drink? Or just need a daily dose of semi-humanity?" Which she was at least qualified to provide, one way or another. Probably best not to delve into the specifics too much on that one.

"I don't mind chatting while I finish up here,"
she added, "I'm just wiping down tables anyway. If I'm not talking to you I'd probably be talking to myself, and then people think I'm weird." Which Sitri found slightly objectionable. After all, mostly she just talked to herself because the sound of her voice made it easier to navigate the tables and chairs from the way it echoed. It wasn't just because she was crazy.

Although an honest self-analysis would definitely imply that there was at least a little crazy involved. More than a little, some days. "What brings you to this world, intergalactic stranger?"

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@demonboundsitri: Vein had a confused look on his face before asking "no thanks, but if you have cowblood or blood period i would take that for a drink?" he finshed listening to her talk and how she mentioned intergalactic "oh, no you misunderstand i'm......not from space rather how do i put this...." he rubbed his hair before continuing "i'm from i guess the simple way to word it would be an alternate reality or a parallel earth? If i'm using the terminolgy right"

He looked around admiring the decorum of the club it was very nice obviously way better then ruined buildings and the like of his world and decided to take a seat "thank you for having me" Vein said as he sat on a stool "So what do you do here?"

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"Hm. I don't know if Dave keeps blood on hand, could ask. We get plenty of people with strange diets in here. If nothing else could probably get you an uncooked steak or something. Up to you though." She shrugged, applying the dishtowel to the next table in the Idiot Customer Club with practiced nonchalance, considering his locative inquiry. "Alternate dimension, maybe. I don't know. I can't even keep my metas and my mutants straight half the time, start throwing in interdimensional travel and time travel and space travel and all that nonsense and everything just goes straight to hell in a hurry. Or hell comes here, often as not, like Stalker Stephen... ugh, nevermind. You're fine, wherever you're from. As for me, I'm a waitress. I serve drinks and meals and keep the place tidy when it's down time. It's not the most glamorous profession, but the pay's good, and it keeps me busy. I don't like being bored. So, you still didn't answer what brought you here - is that an 'I didn't answer because I was thinking about other things' non-answer, or an 'I don't want to talk about it, drop the subject' non-answer? Either's fine. I won't bug you if you're not comfortable, but you did say you wanted to chat."

Yep, I'm mocking your character to your other character. Couldn't resist. XD

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@demonboundsitri: Vein listened intently to the Woman before replying "My name is Vein as for what brought me here i was just walking by outside and this place caught my eye and this would be my first time being in a club or bar, as for the Steak i don't have currency from this world so i couldn't really pay for it but thank you for the offer as for why i'm here in this World i was granted a once in a lifetime opportunity by a Stranger who showed up to my reality so now i'm here and i'm grateful for that chance.

"Stalker? What do you mean does this stalker Stephen Stalk you?"

Vein frowned slightly "is he harrasing you or a badperson through and through or is he just weird" he frowned deeper "wait i'm weird by definition but hopefully you understand what i was trying to say" vein looked at the womans face with his hollow red eyes where he believed her eyes to be as he spoke with her.

Lol damn quite the negative impact Stephen made ah well to each there own XD

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Sitri shook her head. "Nevermind about Stephen. I think it's mostly that we know some of the same people and keep ending up at the same places and I don't like him so I'm more aware of it. Anyway. I can handle him. I can handle myself just fine. I don't need a hero, so ease off on the white knight routine, there, cowboy." Sitri thought about that, then realized that the stranger might have absolutely no idea how to interpret that last sentence in any meaningful context. "Ah. That means I can take care of myself and don't need or want anyone to attempt or offer to 'save' me," she added a definition for him.

"Anyway. Vein. Nice to meet you. I'm Sitri. Do you... ah, do you know what your name means, in English?" she inquired, wondering if it was something he'd chosen, or if this was one of those unfortunate translation situations. If it was the former, then that was 'whatever, dude' territory - people named themselves all sorts of stupid stuff, which anyone could tell after five minutes listening to the nightly news. If it was the latter, well, the politest thing she could do was probably to cue him in gently and let him decide for himself if that was something he wanted or if he'd prefer to go by something else while he was here.

He ripped out his own heart and put it on the counter in front of her the first time they met. Yes, he made an impact! Also FYI I'm going to bed so that's my last one for tonight, I'll respond to anything else in the morning.

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@demonboundsitri: Vein smiled slighty "that's good to know because i'm actually awful at saving people" his smiled turned into a sad one as he held his right arm "afterall i couldn't even save myself from becoming this or more like i had to become this or i would have died out along with the rest of humanity were i come from"

He slightly traced his right arm his BloodVeil his curse his existence before answering Sitri's question "yes i do know what it means veins carry blood and they are in the body and the heart pumps blood to the veins however my heart doesn't beat i use this" Vein lifted up his right arm "to transferblood to myself or i drink it, it was not a name i chose but rather one i became known as it stuck with me as my past memories and past name are all but forgotten it is my curse as a Revenant which the thing most close to it that you have would be Vampires from what i gather?"

"my turn" Vein said "Why do you have a cloth around your eyes are they Damaged?"

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"Sucks to be you," Sitri acknowledged. "You know you can change your name, right? If you wanted go by something else while you were here, no one would ever know otherwise. The vampire thing... probably not so bad, though, as long as you don't sparkle in the sunlight. Other people are way weirder." No, there was no way he was going to get that reference.

Fortunately he had other questions to ask, which meant she didn't have to try to explain the Abusive Relationship Handbook Featuring Sparkly Vampires. "Damaged, yeah. They don't work any more. It's a long story that I don't want to get in to. I manage all right. The cloth is more for other people, so they know what to expect. I find it's a bit easier on all parties that way - no surprises. So, you just get here or have you been around a while?"

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@demonboundsitri: Vein had bugged out eyes at her statement "Vampires can sparkle in the sun?! From what i read they hate sunlight and it hurts them" he dusted off his shoulder cape "Whoops sorry didn't mean to raise my voice i was just kind of surprised but surely your joking yea, Dracula was always in a castle and hated the sun from what i read as for me the sun doesn't bother me and i don't think i sparkle in it?" Vein said as he was now unsure of himself as he went into deep thought pondering to himself.

"so" Vein broke his silence again "you use your hearing to get around or smell?" he took in her question and analyzed her before speaking again "I've been here for about four days, great thing about my kind we don't require rest or sleep so i've pretty much walked to wherever i wanted to checkout from day to night unfortunately because of that i haven't been able to go inside some places because they were closed"

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"I use a combination of senses to get around," Sitri answered, "Depending on what's relevant to the environment at the time. Sometimes one is more useful than another. It took a while to adapt, but it feels pretty natural now." Natural enough that she'd started forgetting what things looked like, sometimes. She wasn't quite sure how she felt about that. Mostly, she tried not to.

"So, you looking for anything while you're here?" she inquired. "If you've been wandering around for four days, you must have seen something that interested you. Any ideas on what you want to do with your-" Life? Maybe not as relevant as it could have been. "-self?"

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@demonboundsitri: Vein analyzed Sitri's question before answering "Well to be honest everything i have seen so far in this world is fascinating i'm glad i can learn more really" Vein gestured his hand out in front of him to Sitri "well you obviously interested me and your quite beautiful and a good conversation partner" Vein smiled slightly before continuing.

"what i want to do with myself......i would like to help this worlds stability i suppose it would be troublesome if it took on the appearance of my world however i don't have connections and i have a bloodthirst problem so helping protect it or it's stability might be kind of hard" he said flatly as he kept looking at Sitri's face "so you really can't see at all?"

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*Walks up on stage, music pumping through the speakers, and dances like there's no tomorrow.*

No Caption Provided

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"Nope," Sitri answered the last question first, "Really can't see at all." She shrugged. "It bothers me sometimes, I won't lie about that. But I've learned to deal with it. Mostly." During the daytime, anyway. Relearning navigation hadn't stopped the nightmares, but that was a different problem entirely.

And she dealt with that, too. "I don't know why you care all that much about the stability of a world that's not even yours, but I guess if that works for you, there's no harm in it, as long as you're not trying to say you're the one in charge of what the definition of 'stable' is. That's the problem with too many heroes these days. They get this vision of what the world ought to be, and then get so narrow minded about everything that they don't realize that their vision isn't the ideal situation that they think it is. But." She gave him a smile and tossed the dishrag onto the table, "That's probably part of why I'm a waitress and not a hero."

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@demonboundsitri: Vein Smiled "my idea of world stability is the least amount of fighting possible and stopping things before they reach apocalyptic scale while i can't die really, well i die i just won't stay dead there are plenty people that are very capable of dying so i would like to prevent some of those if possible alot of lives are fragile and can be quickly took away"

Curiosity gripped him as he heard her final statement of why she is a waitress "so can you actually fight or do you fight with words and hurt the hero or villain's feelings?" Vein said jokingly.

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Sitri smirked. "I'm more of a physical girl. I save all my insults for my friends." She sat down at the booth across from him, idly. "I try not to get in too many fights, though. Especially not that high-level stuff. I don't mess around with gods. Most of 'em are crazy, and all of 'em are jerks. Sometimes I handle some of the little stuff that's beneath their notice, if I feel like it. Sometimes I don't. Gets too expensive, really, especially the more into it you go. All of a sudden it's I-need-shiny-Nth-metal-armor-and-a-vibranium-battleaxe and that stuff doesn't come cheap, and I'm already working two jobs. Truth be told I think the only way to be a top tier hero or villain is to inherit a bunch of money, steal a bunch of money, kill someone who's worth a lot of money, or work for someone else who's already got a lot of money. Meta-economics and all that. Don't ask me to explain the reasoning, though. I never even went to college."

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@demonboundsitri: Vein shrugged "personally people shouldn't worry about being a hero rather they should be just trying to do whats right, though i imagine the line may become blurred sometimes but having conviction will help you keep to your beliefs you don't even have to fight really aslong as your trying to keep the peace i believe that your on the right track it's simpler to set goals that are reachable and not aim too high so i figure your in the right direction.

He smiled abit "though i'm pretty interested to see how you fight considering you have wit" Vein stretched his right arm out and popped it before continuing "so what's your other job Sitri?"

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OC - I like Vein as a character a lot better than Stephen. He's a lot easier to relate to. Stephen just comes across as really abrasive, and it makes it harder to interact with him. I think sometimes people want to write "my character has a difficult personality" but the problem with that is that other people are also writing characters and then it's not as fun for them to find reasons to keep talking to someone who's just going to be difficult to talk to. Vein's a lot more fun to write with, so I hope you're having fun writing with him so far.

"Hm. I might fight you sometime," Sitri allowed. "Practice-style. There's a basement for that, down below, where people can go to match up and just see what it's like to fight other people. I avoided it for a while, but I've been trying to work on getting used to meta-combat a little more. You never quite know what abilities your opponent's going to have, so you've got to think pretty fast. Like I said, I don't get into a lot of stuff on the meta-scene, but I feel like it's good to stay in practice for the rare times when I decide to do so - or when weird stuff shows up that I didn't ask for. It's one thing not to go out looking for trouble, but if it shows up in your backyard, you're pretty much already invested. I like this city. I don't want it to get wrecked by a bunch of idiots like happened to Grim City not too long ago."

Although, if he was from another dimension or reality or whatever, Vein probably wouldn't know anything about the whole Grim City fiasco. Sitri thought about explaining it, but then figured he could probably pick up the gist of the conversation just from what she'd said, and if he wanted any more details on it there were still plenty of news sites babbling about it any time there happened to be a slow news day. Lately, not so much, though - mostly right now they were all tuned in on Japan. Sitri felt like she ought to have been paying more attention to the whole Japan scene, but at the same time, she also mostly felt like Not my city, not my problem. Besides, from what she'd heard, whatever was going on there was well above her pay grade anyway.

"My other job's film studio security," she answered his inquiry. "Mostly involves keeping the actresses safe from stupid boyfriends, stupid fans, stupid journalists, and stupid decisions. It's... interesting work," she said with a smile. "You never quite know what every day is going to bring. And I feel like it's nice to have a little niche in the normal world. Sometimes in a place like this, you get so focused on everyone around you being a meta-something or mutant-something or interdimensional-whatsit that you can start to forget what regular people are like, and I think in the long run that's a bad thing, because it means that heroes and villains are... well, not quite losing touch with reality, but... more like forgetting that there's a reality that isn't theirs. Does that make any sense?"

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@demonboundsitri: OOC: i enjoy the interaction with all my chars, though i do enjoy Vein you probably wouldn't like Seig to much as he is a Dillegent white knight he's very polite hates evil etc he's a pampered like individual he has maids, i'll probably just make a regular Human military op/ Operation field agent Alt soon aswell.

Vein nodded his head as Sitri finished her sentence "your not wrong at all, Grim city? I take it by the way you talk it got attacked and destroyed or damaged badly" He was still contemplating of if she was being serious with her sparring him statement "so what weapon do you use exactly or do you use your hands or something?"

He was thinking of a response to her question if he thought it was weird and he finally found one "not at all if i'm understanding you correctly your saying this world was first inherited by nature then mamals so regular humans i gather before mutants and things occur from what i was told by the last human of my world before they died they said the world was lush and full of only humans and animals kind of like this world but without the extra stuff i think anyway that's my take on your response apologies if i understood wrong" Vein rubbed his head after he finished his sentence.

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I'm sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, it slipped my mind! My fault!

"Totally destroyed," Sitri answered the question of Grim City. "Some jerk rebuilt it, though. It's 'Justice City' now, apparently. Same stinkhole, different name, as near as I can tell. I can't say for sure, I've never been there - before or after. I'm not really all that much of a traveler, to be honest. I kind of like where I'm at. LA's a good city, most of the time."

She shrugged off the weapons inquiry. "I mean, if I'm in a real fight, mostly I use a gun. I even have a permit and everything, because something something responsible heroes, responsible citizens or whatever. I know, probably not really high on the coolness factor, but I haven't figured out how to shoot lasers out of my fingertips yet, or whatever the kids are doing these days. For practice I'll just do basic hand-to-hand. Don't ask me if I have a style, though, I don't know the difference between Muai Tae Kwon Do and Hadouken Karate; I just hit people until they don't hit back. It's not elegant, but I'm not going for style points. I get enough style points just for being a smokin' hot babe." Probably another half of a conversation that would go over his head. Especially since Sitri didn't have the faintest idea what qualified as "smokin' hot" where he was from. Maybe he was attracted to giant centipedes or something.

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@demonboundsitri: (As soon as I saw this I was like YEAH)

The Young Man, Enters The Club after returning from his mental train he seems somewhat more stable."Hey Tony, Gimme A Nice Glass of water"He whats for his glass, Rey approaches the lady "Hey Girl What's Your Name and Numbers" Rey then takes out his phone and hands it to the Woman

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@demonboundsitri: Vein frowned "An abuse of power if any, i take it your job is in LA aswell so what do you like about LA?" he inquired before she continued "So you just shoot or street fight a person to death or into submission" he smiled abit at her comment.

Vein grinned wider and accidentally showed his fangs "a smoking hot babe indeed, atleast you are aware of it i bet you use your feminine charm to get people to listen to you" he paused abit "oh yes and You're interesting views on things of course" Vein teased "Definetly not your looks"

He pondered more and rubbed his head "so do you have a love interest or are you like pfft relationships?" he shifted his posture in his seat "As for me i was kinda forced to kill and survive while most of us did chat with each other it wasn't really a romantic conversation especially with the Woman Revenants they just kinda asked for blood not even sure you could call us comrades"

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"Well, what initially attracted me to LA was that it was two thousand miles away from my mother," Sitri admitted, "But, you know, once I got there, I just... I like the city. There's so much to do, and you meet different people every day. I like that everything's so busy. I never could stand being idle, so having a place where there's always something new... I don't know. I feel like I fit in, there. It's where I belong. I kind of think maybe I'd feel the same way about any city that I moved into, but LA was the one where I ended up, and once I get attached to something, I kind of stick to it."

She smiled a little bit, idly. "There's a guy who's..." Sitri hesitated, searching for the right term. Or, rather, she knew what the right term was, but she still hesitated to say it out loud. She hadn't really, yet, not even to him, but... well, it was still the right term. "I have a primary partner," she stated, deciding she might as well admit it to herself (and, incidentally, the random stranger sitting at the table).

"We suit each other pretty well. He travels a fair bit, though, so we've agreed to keep things open. He's off in New Zealand or Borneo or something like that right now. Geography is so not my strong suit. Anyway. I've never been much for relationships, so I guess that one kind of came as a surprise. So... you seriously just walk up to a lady-revenant and be like 'Oi, miss, can I stand you a pint?' like some knockoff Brit? Or what, then?"