The Name of The Game (Supplemental)

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"*Sigh* Juno Fei, August 11th, 2019... Data entry #73. It's been three weeks since I started again... Started living the life I swore that I'd bury after I left that school. Things are different this time, though. This time, it's MY choice to do this... Not HIS... Or at least that's what I'm telling myself right now. I'm actually happy for the first time since the Crisis happened. On my own, I mean, because Ven makes me feel like a queen... Heh... It's important, you know? Being capable of feeling satisfaction and pride when you're on your own. The Staff's been stirring again, getting restless. No matter. Ever since I figured out how to keep it... Ugh... "Fed", it's been more than happy staying in the bunker. Call me crazy, but I think I'm slowly figuring that thing out. I don't know...

Anyway! Very very productive day. I'm turning up a serious profit in this nothing State, guess I haven't lost my touch...

Farmington, Connecticut. 6:00 AM. The Road Ravens...

The Van neatly drifted Club House's parking lot, just as swiftly screeching to a stop next to the row of choppers resting in a row. Sitting on the porch was none other than Chapter Leader Sammy, looking like he had just come back from the dead.

Juno stepped out of her Van, perky as ever while giving a friendly wave to Sammy upon approaching him. "If it isn't my favorite scary biker guy. Thanks." The smuggler warmly teased, grabbing the cup of Joe that Sammy silently passed her while grumbling.

"And if it ain't the mouthiest brat dealer in the county, how the hell are ya, Juno?" Sammy chortled, slurping down his own coffee like it held the secrets of eternal youth.

Juno leaned against the wooden fence on the deck, looking out to the barren fields that laid across the cracked highway. "Can't complain. Just thought I'd get your stop out of the way first. Besides, there's always the free coffee." She smirked while holding up her drink and taking a sip. "Mm. I must say, I don't remember the last time I dealt with weed. Like, I stopped slinging that stuff when I was sixteen." The dealer gestured to her Van, and more importantly the product that sat inside.

Sammy gave a modest shrug, taking another loud slurp. "Someone's gotta run the grass in town. I ain't one to turn down profit, don't matter it's type."

Juno nodded her head in agreement, now gulping down the coffee since it's cooled down. "No denying that... Glad to see that gear worked out for you, I saw the news report last night. Wasn't expecting you to cut down a rival club that close to town, so count me impressed!" She chuckled, throwing her empty paper cup in the trash bin next to Sammy.

The biker did the same, standing up and cracking his neck. "Oh that? Sh*t. It's your gear that got us through that night, so that's a mutual praise." He gave Juno a sincere nod, grabbing the two-wheel cart he had handy.

The Ace silently gestured Sammy to follow, both of them stepping off the porch and making their way to the back of her Van. Popping the rear doors open revealed the vacuum sealed packages of weed, two hundred pounds worth, naturally unmarked. Without a word, Juno started piling them onto the cart straining from how tightly packed each bag was. "Holy guns! I seriously need to start thinking about a gym in my house or something." She sighed through her pursed lips, hauling more bags onto the cart.

Sammy just leaned on the cart and watched, lighting up a cigar just to drive the point home. "Yeah? You going to hit up the Meta-Mash Rings now? Crack some skulls? Heh heh..." He casually retorted, puffing away on the stogie.

Juno nearly dropped one of the bags as he mentioned the odd name, looking up at him with heavy breaths. "What did you say...?"

The Chapter Boss looked down in genuine confusion, pointing at her with his stubby finger. "Wait, serious? I thought you'd be all over those joints! They're fight clubs for freaks and people with powers, littered all across the countryside right here in CT. They don't let us regular a-holes in, but I hear they run some serious cash through that place. Sh*t, I'd freaking hope so, considerin' they fight to the death in those cages." Sammy laughed out cigar smoke, throwing a few faux punches through the air.

One could practically hear the gears in Juno's head turning at a locomotive's pace, her notoriously greedy gaze flaring up like a wildfire. "Sammy? I freaking appreciate you, you know that?"

Ten minutes later...

Sammy and Juno both closed the club's rear bay door, dusting off their hands now that they product was neatly tucked away inside. "So! 200lbs of "Californian Cat Eyes", 90718.5 grams. Sammy, my friend, that'll be a total of $5700 even. Maybe next time you can buy something like your last order, how's about?" She held out her hand, to which Sammy chuckled and gave her a moderately sized satchel filled with her cash.

"If I need to axe another rival chapter with guns and gas? You'll be the first on my call list, kid." Sammy gave her one final salute, with Juno returning it in kind before she walked back off to her Van.

"The near six g's was a decent payout, but it was the information that really made it all the worth while. Sammy's really shaping up to be a good client, plus he's just a standup guy to boot. I could actually see Ven even getting a kick out of his messed up humor. Viking types, am I right? Anyway! The intel of "Meta-Mash Rings" clattered around my brain for the whole drive on the highway. I was going to head straight into town... But then I thought I'd do me a little reconnoitering before I did that..."

Nepaug State Forest, twenty miles out of Canton. The Fight Club... 10:00 AM

Juno scraped and brushed through the branches, as she rocketed to the top of a tall pine with the help of her boots. Finally reaching the top, she narrowly grabbed onto a sturdy branch and planted herself firm in a perched position. When she deemed herself stable, the smuggler pulled down her flight goggles, the lenses shining with a digital red light.

With a few blinks of her eyes, the lenses magnified to the horizon, bringing a clear picture of what laid nestled int he forest. "Holy guns, Sammy... You weren't kidding..." Juno murmured, cupping her lenses to tweak the intensity and quality of the zoom. There was a brick warehouse down there in the woods, with no road dedicated as an entrance or exit. Even an experienced outdoors person would miss the building by half a mile. Hell, it was almost as concealed as the Haven.

Heavily modded jeeps and trucks loaded supply in and out of the warehouse, clearly getting things ready for the night, and not open during the day. It was tough to make out, since it was a dimmed neon sign. But it read "Valhalla's Shame." Juno sighed to herself, not impressed. "Couldn't think of anything more cliche, guys? She mumbled, letting her goggles swipe a few still images of the complex.

"If Sammy was accurate, no humans are allowed in there. What the hell are the guidelines for that? How do they know? Whatever, point is, I can't go walking in there. I can't really prove my "super good hearing" now can I...? But I NEED to get in there! Think about the business opportunities! Either I could run product through this place, adhering to the right clientele... Ooooor I could just knock it over and run it? Okay, calm down Juno, your 120lb butt isn't "knowing over" any fight clubs.... Oh... OH! Holy guns! I'm a freakin' genius!!!"

Juno silently cheered to herself, letting her body drop from the tree so she could expertly land on the ground below.

"THAT'S How I came up with the plan. You see, I could never make my way to the top of a fighting ring, not in a fair fight at least. But my sweetheart? The girl of my dreams? The strongest goddamn woman I've ever met in my life? Venilia? She could make it to the top, and I don't think she'd mind one bit either..."

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Awesome! ^_^

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Great job Juno ^_^

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Great Job!!

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*Gasps* When were you going to tell me?! This was so unexpected, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Step aside, the Queen is coming to take over ;)
Step aside, the Queen is coming to take over ;)

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Sorry for only now reading. Awesome post!!!! You are a master of setting up lore, it’s very impressive.