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Adam braced himself against the ground. "Dear mister Canine. You p!ssed off some important people, didn't you." He kept his stance low, swaying from side to side, his eyes analysing every move, every breath that his prey took. "Some old friends of yours saw fit to hire me." He grinned. "This contract is the most exciting and inspiring job I have been given in years, Canine." His eyes ran over Canine's frame, and his tongue ran over his lips, "So, how do you want this to get done? Count to three?" He asked, grinning. He thought he saw an opening; a tiny, minute opening in Canine's defense, and he went for it, feinting left, then leaping at his prey, reminiscent of some large cat. Should he make contact, Canine would have to deal with three hundred pounds of muscle hitting him and nearly fifty miles per hour. Bottom line: it would hurt. A lot.

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The weather of Chicago was a testament of it's nickname as a strong wind storm had blown through the metropolitan area. A little more than an inconvenience, it had begun to cause damage to buildings, cars, roadways with flying debris. Liam Szever had just finished a 'job' when the storm had hit and desired to leave the city before the unstable weather would grow into a super storm as predicted. As he walked up to his car on the fourth floor of a parkade building beside the Sears Tower, Liam had been talking on his cell phone with his handler at the League of Shadows. "Azrael, thee message has been delivered." He opened the passenger door of his 1967 Custom Fastback Mustang and threw a duffel bag inside, closing the door and walking around the back of the car towards the driver's side. "Just like you requested ma'am, slit his wrists and put him in the tub." He smiled, revealing his elongated fangs, licking the fresh blood off them with his tongue. "Had to drain a couple of security guards."

As he opened the driver's side door, a red light on the dashboard activated and a high-pitched whine echoed from the old stereo. 'I'll call you back Boss Lady." As he took the phone away from his ear, the explosive charge detonated. Canine was sent flying into the concrete column a few meters behind before his body being engulfed by the napalm that erupted from the destroyed frame of the vintage car. He quickly got up a few moments later, his body healed from the the third degree burns that covered his face. His suit and dress pants had been turned to ash to reveal his Canine Uniform, unscathed by the attack.

"Dear mister Canine. You pissed off some important people didn't you." A voice spoke to him from the distance as the form of a single man entered the area illuminated by the remaining flames. The Wildside listened as the mysterious person revealed his intentions for his presence. He had betrayed many who he had called 'old friends' and anyone of them could have employed the man Canine knew to be a legend, Adam Mercer.

Suddenly Mattersuit charged, faking a movement to the left that was easily caught by the Wildside before pouncing, intending to tackle Canine to the ground. Dropping the right side of his body, he rolled to the side, evading the ridiculously fast mass of Mattersuit's weight. "That was my favorite car you destroyed Matter. It was very rare and your going to pay for it, with money or with blood." Canine stated as he twitched his wrists and released his claws from his hands. The weather had become more severe as the parked cars near the openings started to sway in their stalls from the strength of the wind. Canine noticed this and began to think that it would interesting to fight Adam Mercer with cars flying around them, a wish that he would soon regret thinking of.

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Oh, but his prey was fast, fast and tricky. Canine dropped and rolled to one side, clear of Mattersuit's powerful lunge. He turned it into a roll, and spun to his feet as he faced Canine. "Don't worry about the car, sweet meat. Worry about yourself." He grinned. The wind was picking up, and Adam was amazed that he and Canine were not sailing in the air. His own long hair flew out behind him like some kind of cape. He knew both he and Canine had led long interesting lives, and he was going to use that now. "You see, for a while, I was a normal guy." He said, unclenching his fists to reveal his much shorter, but arguably equally sharp, and easily more numerous claws. "Then the United States government got a hold of me." He lowered his stance. He usually went in with his claws like people normally did with a knife. "And they introduced me to something called Project: Ultra Sapien Alliance. I won't ask if you've ever heard of it, you almost certainly haven't." He placed one of his feet further back, ready to spring again. "So I got these claws, and a totally kick a$$ healing ability. But best of all is a power you might see if you live long enough." He tensed, ready to pounce, and then everything untensed in one colossal moment of explosive movement. He knew where to find the femoral artery. That was one part of his assassin training that stuck fervently in his mind. Now he pounced, one set of claws aimed for that most vulnerable of blood vessels.

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"I don't really care." Canine responded while he waited for his opponent to draw closer. His eyes followed the man's movements, the low slash as the set of claws begun their swift could only mean that his leg was the target. It took him a half of a second to understand why, as the most important of arteries was located within his thigh. The Wildside then flipped backwards as the razor sharp weapons that Alex had manifested came within inches of the intended target, just barely missing contact.

Canine landed in a crouching position with one of his clawed hands stabilizing him. He looked towards Mattersuit with an expression of annoyance across his face. "Your really wasting my time. You wont have the chance to collect on that bounty." He slowly raised to his feet and brushed off the dirt that had collected on his shirt. "Not easy to kill me, although I admit it is doable. However, I don't think you have the skills to achieve that goal."

Canine cracked his neck and pulled his right arm back and extended his left forward, black smoke now coming from his claws as they burned red hot. "Pretty much what I'm telling you is that you signed your death sentence by coming here." He took a deep breath and just before he was about to charge, movement on his left distracted his attention. He turned his head to see what had forced him to hesitate and he was met with a 3200 pound Camry flying towards him. Canine pivoted his feet to meet the flying debris head on and swung both sets of claws upwards, slicing the vehicle in half. He let out a ferocious roar as the two pieces flew past his body and he turned back to Alex. "Well that was inconvenient. Come at me bro." He said with a smirk as he spread his arms outward, posing like the people in pictures in reference to that famous line .

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"You didn't let me finish." Adam said as he watched his target flip out of the way. He frowned. By extending his legs an inch or so, Liam could have slammed Adam's jaw shut. He ground to a stop, and stared at Canine angrily, p!ssed off that the dog had interrupted him. "So I spent about forty years or so, I think, carrying out assassinations for the US government. Brainwashing's strong stuff. It was all very Bourne Trilogy." He smiled, watching as smoke curled upwards from his opponent's hands. Burning hurt like f@ck. This was an annoyance, slightly more so than the interruption Canine had made him the victim of.

"And then, I realised something. When they tried to make us perfect, they went too far. We were too perfect, in a way." He stared at Canine, his mind working a mile a minute, analysing, testing, hypothesising as he talked. "So I masterminded a rebellion. This must have been about 2004, something like that, and swore to bring down the American government. I became what has been termed a 'super villain'." He used two of his clawed digits to invert the commas in mid air. "I spent a few years being a low-level scum, working from one pay check to the next, then I hit the big time. I affiliated with a few groups. First was the Order of the Black Hand. Then the Vine Syndicate, and most recently, the Tenebrasque In." He smirked evilly. "It doesn't matter if I kill you or not right now, I can fall back, call in a few favours, regroup, and come after you again in full force. What's your story?" He asked, then watched as Canine sliced a flying car in half. A thought that he might have gotten in over his head entered his mind, then he brushed it away.

"Coming at you, bro." He hissed, leaping towards Canine, aiming a flying roundhouse at the scheduled-to-be-executed monster's chin. It was perfectly executed, as The Savage Assassin, Timestop, Wraith, Dagger Klutz, Arrow, DC, Kain, Kovak, and many others had taught him to perform it. He was not well known for his hand-to-hand skill, but this by no means meant it was lacking, it was merely a testament to his strength, speed, and ferocity in combat.

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Adam Mercer seemed all too pleased to oblige as he rushed in towards Liam. The Wildside made a mistake by believing the leadp would trandsition into a tackle instead of an aerial kick. As the last moment before the kick would connect, he tries to block it by bringing both of his arms up towards the face but it was too late. The side of Adam's shoe hit Canine's jaw with a tremendous force that sent him flying to the concrete floor. He spat out a tooth and he pushed himself up, and stared at the cuspid for a moment. "It has been a long time since someone has knocked out one of my teeth." Liam said as turned around, a gap in his smile where the tooth was. "I should thank you for making me look like a hockey fighter for the next three or four minutes before i grow a new one." The chemical process in Canine's body could regenerate lost pieces of his body, they could range from small pieces such as teeth to large ones such as limbs.

"So you want to know my story? Fine." Liam leaned against the hood of a parked car, it's entire frame shaking from the gusts of wind that concentrated within the parking structure. "Had a normal life until my mutations finally manifested. Then I killed my girlfriend by accident. My family disowned me and I was forced to go into mercenary work. First in Africa then In Colombia. I outsourced to Canadian, British and American forces during the early years of this meaningless war on terror. Then joined a former enemy, turned friend, and his team. Last month I sold my soul to gain new abilities. Found a new love. Betrayed my team and joined another. Also everyone now wants me dead. Thats my story." Liam shrugged his shoulders, expressing that there was nothing left to tell. "Okay, this time I'm coming at you, bro."

Canine kicked off the hood into a sprint, his claws filling the air with black smoke until his entire body had vanished from sight. The cloud kept moving towards Mattersuit and disappated just as a large black wolf leaped forward, the talons at the end of his two from paws aimed right towards Mercer's midsection.

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Adam landed, not allowing himself to be surprised when his kick connected. He rolled to his feet and stared at Canine, smirking slightly as the mutant told his story. "That's cool. Not too different to me, either." He was just beginning to become aware of the violent winds as his long hair was being whipped around his face. It didn't mess with his vision though, as he could plainly see where Canine was, and when the man attacked, leaping towards him. He could see why the man chose the moniker 'Canine', since his leap was the powerful explosive pounce of an Alpha wolf. But, if he was an Alpha, he should have a pack. Adam contemplated that for a second, then prepared to leap out of the way, freezing when a cloud of black smoke swallowed his opponent whole.

He stared at the advancing cloud, then his eyes widened as a huge wolf, blacker than midnight, pounced at him. He was shocked, and tried to react, but there was no room, no time, and he wasn't fast enough. The wolf hit him solidly in the gut, its claws penetrating his suit easily and slicing through his flesh. He felt the burning cold of the wounding and he fell back, the weight of the wolf pushing him down until he was pinned to the floor. He growled evilly. The wound wouldn't heal until the obstruction, Canine's claws, were removed. He placed his hands against the wolf's stomach and squeezed, digging his claws into the wolf's flanks. Then he pushed against the beat - no, Canine - as hard as he could with a roar.

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The wild beast that was Canine moaned in pain as Adam's claws dug deep beyond his fur hide and past his flesh. A pain like never felt before as the large wolf attempted to combat the pressing force of his pinned prey by digging his talons deeper into the flesh they had broken through. Both man and animal snarled and roared with strain as they battled for control, back and forth. Neither being showing signs of defeat as each of their claws dug deeper. It was a stalemate, Canine in his beast form knew it but would not give up. He could not be denied his victory, his recompense for the inconvenience that Adam Mercer had caused.

Just then, as a boost of confidence filled Canine, an unlike assailant had collided with the pair. The Wolf Shadows was sent flying as another vehicular projectile crashed into him, pinning his body against another car. Canine struggled, his limps unable to free himself as he tried to pry himself free. Frustrated, he then dissipated into a cloud of smoke, re materializing into his human form in front of the two cars. Canine wiped the blood and sweat from his face and popped both of sets of claws. "You ready?"

Before he could hear a response, the Wildside charged once again, throwing a spinning back fight, claws first towards Adam's head as he entered the effective combat zone.

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Adam swore loudly, as the wounds began to heal. Slowly, he rolled to his feet, looking up at Canine as he removed his hand from his stomach. Silvery blood covered one hand, and his suit. He groaned as Canine freed himself from the car that pinned him. How can I fight with that? He wondered, but his fight instinct was too strong. He drew a hand across his forehead, wiping away the thin layer of sweat that glistened on his skin. "Always." He responded, knowing Canine would be in motion before he said it. He brought one arm up, almost stopping the blow, but not quite. He did, however, slow it enough that he could pull his head away, and the claws only cut open his cheek. There was a spurt of his mercury blood, and his cheek fell open in an ugly flap.

Capitalising on Canine's close range, Adam sent a taloned hand at Canine's chest. "I'll tear out your heart you son of a b!tch!" He roared, anger and pain flooding his synapses.

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The mercury blood that spurt out of Adam's cheek sprayed into Canine's eyes, temporarily blinding him. He was too distracted by his impaired vision to notice Adam's claws darting towards towards him until it was too late. Canine lurched forward as the talons dug into his chest cavity, ripping through his flesh and carving towards his heart. For all his years as the Wildside of Predators, nobody knew the secret to his permanent demise. Michael Caldwell was the closest in achieving that task by placing a pistol round in Liam's head. Fortunately, it only stopped Canine for almost a full day before he was brought back from death by his abnormal healing factor.

There were only two ways Liam knew he could be killed and it seemed that Adam Mercer knew one. Removal of his heart, his life force, was more difficult than decapitation, but also more certain that he would stay dead. The pain was excruciating, Adam now had his hand wrapped around Canine's heart and had begun to pull. With one last effort before the curtains would finally fall, Liam slashed both of his sets of claws towards his would-be-killer's neck. Adam would either die as well or prolong this fight a few more minutes by letting go.

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"The thing about a healing factor," Adam had once told a colleague, "is it doesn't dull pain any more than a normal human nervous system. Getting your throat slashed hurts like a b!tch." That would have come to mind had he been capable of cognitive thought. As the two sets of claws slashed open his jugulars, his hand lost all strength, slipping back out of the wound in Canine's chest and slapped the blood-covered palm over the wound on one side of his neck, his other hand applying pressure to the long slash on the other side of his throat. He fell away from Canine as his silvery blood p!ssed from his neck over anything too close. He looked up just in time, catching a movement from the corner of his vision. Ironically, looking in that direction made his head turn just in time to take an SUV to the face with enough force to break his neck. It also slammed him to the floor strongly enough to fracture his skull. He was still conscious, and in tremendous pain. Thankfully, the wounds on his neck seemed to have healed, and he climbed to his feet, grunting and grimacing in pain and disorientation.

"Nice move." Adam spat to one side. He flicked his arms out, droplets of red and silver blood flying from the clawed tips of his fingers. "You're the only target to give me quite so much trouble, Mr Szever." He prepared to spring at Canine. it had become clear to him that he couldn't defeat the mutant through sheer strength and speed. He would have to go with a more technical way of dealing with Liam. As he sprung, he remembered a maneuver he'd been taught time and again. He jumped, pulling his legs up into a front tuck that should send him over Liam's head. If he succeeded, he'd land and place a foot powerfully into the clawed mutant's back, or side if he began to turn.

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Canine's desperate gamble paid off as the ember claws burnt and sliced through Adam's flesh and severed the jugulars on both sides of the man's neck. He closed his eyes, avoiding another blinding experience from the mercury blood that covered Liam's face. As Adam fell back, Liam pressed both of his hands against the open wound on his chest. He could feel the flesh stitching back together as soon as his foe's hand had pulled back.

"Nice Move." Adam said, forcing Liam to look up towards the fully healed assassin. Unfortunately for Liam, his healing factor originated from a constantly reproducing chemical process in his body that didn't have the regenerative speed like many other metahumans with healing factors. His body was still recovering as Mercer complimented him about "giving him quite so much trouble."

"I aim to impress Mr. Mercer." Liam answered as he helplessly watched Mercer propel himself into the air and soar over him. Liam let his body go limp just before the kick connected against his back. The force of the strike sent Liam tumbling into one of the heavier parked vehicles that remained motionless as the wind storm continued to ravage the area. After a few moments of pain and discomfort that briefly paralyzed his body, Liam rose to his feet. He checked his chest and it was finally healed.

"Do you just wanna call this a draw and we go our separate ways?" Liam asked as he turned to face Adam, throwing his arms out to either side. "Or would you want to continue until both of us are tired of this back and forth nonsense?" He clenched his fists and lowered his arms to his sides. He still had a very busy schedule but he was not going to leave this fight if Mercer was still willing to engage.

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Adam straightened up. Canine was no more tired than he was, and the both of them could no doubt continue this indefinitely. He thought, looking around slightly. "Call it a draw?" He repeated in a quizzical tone. "Why would I do that? I hold the advantage." He grinned, oozing confidence. In reality, his head was spinning and he was about to throw up from the lack of blood still in his body. He fell into a battle stance, and concentrated. "I'm good to go for another few hours yet, Mr Szever. I think you should know that Adam Mercer never defaults on his contracts." He prepared to spring once more. "But allow me to say, from one soldier to another, I honestly regret this. You have fought well. In another life we could have been friends, even blood brothers, perhaps." He pounced, aiming a myriad of punches at Canine's face. Left hook, right straight, left hook left hook left hook in rapid succession, full pull back, his right hand wrapping around a bar of vibranium. It added a good five pounds of weight to his fist. This meant he struck harder. Not much, at least until he absorbed it. His entire fist transmuted into a vibranium gauntlet. With this mighty glove of metal on the end of his arm, he aimed a feral uppercut, all power and rage at Canine's chin.

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"Maybe we could have." Liam agreed before Adam leaped towards him. Bringing his fists up, Liam covered his face as the punches were thrown. Although majority of the damage was being absorbed by his forearms, the power behind each strike forced Liam backwards. He was quickly running out of space, almost trapped between Adam and a concrete wall, a place that would leave him at a disadvantage as he had learned that the advantage would all Adam's if they fought at an extremely close distance. If Canine was to succeed, he would have to implement an elusive strategy, strike and move. For now, all on his mind was how he was going to get out of the position he was in. As the four punch combo ended with little space between Liam and the concrete wall, he was ready to counter. He brought his arms down and was ready to pop his claws and slash his way out, only to be met with a massive vibranium gauntlet that connected with his chin.

The punch sent Canine a few feet upwards, his entire body going limp before dropping down on the cold floor. The windstorm had suddenly disappeared, the entire parkade which had looked like the site of an explosion had finally settled down. Canine was still conscious after the attack but immobile as he stared at the empty ceiling with a pained and surprised expression on his face. He had never been ht like that before and the fear that he might not recover was settling in his mind. For moments that seemed to be as long as hours, he was paralyzed from the neck, down. He could only move his head, which now tilted to the side and looked towards Adam. "That was a crazy hit." He tried to brighten the mood of his situation, know if this was the end then might as well go out with a smile.

Just after finishing his little remark, his nerves were recovering and he could feel his body again. He remained laying on the ground for as long as he could so that he could fully heal before continuing this brutally physical chess match with a man almost his equal.