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"The weapons you bring, treasures we find, and the gold we earn are just the tools to a greater goal. Remember that."

All around the world, there are creatures that the modern era refuses to recognize. Beasts and Monsters, Witches and Immortals, and Demons and Spirits; it doesn't matter really. They are things talked about around campfires, or in books of fantasy and wonder. Not the law, not the soldiers; not anyone of belief. But there are others, around the world, found in the strangest cracks and crevasses. These others are between the fantasy and the simplicity. The ones with hearts willing sometimes find their calling in dealing with the creatures and fiends on the darker end. Those ones usually find their way to us. We are those that deal with what the majority are too world weary to believe in. 
We are the Huntsmen, and they are the game.  



Welcome to the thread!
This is a RPing thread for The Huntsmen.
The basis is this is where we go on smaller, micro-rpg hunts without having to make an entire new thread for it.
This is, for the most part, reserved for the team. You have to be approved by me to RP here if your not a member.
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Castle Peen, Isle of Man

A rumbling of a storm can be heard outside the castle walls. Winds, rain and occasional thunder marked the landscape. Within the fortress, light was almost nonexistent. The creaks of wooden floorboards let out sometimes, breaking the rhythm of the storm. It was in nights of this sort that more than just mice scurried about. Deep in one of the storage cellars of the castle, some crates rumbled in the darkness before being lifted up and rolling backwards as a trapdoor is lifted, accompanied by the groans of the men lifting it. "It's darker than a black sheep in here. Octavius, give us some light." One of the figures said as he climbed out of the tunnel. The other figure nodded and fumbled with what looked like a bag of sorts. After some seconds, a orb of light was expelled. 
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There stood the few Huntsmen accompanying this quest. Derrick, the reigning leader of the group, stood tall as he surveyed the room. Behind him, climbing out of the tunnel was Octavius, the Dog Headed Alchemist, holding his wand in hand as he guided the orb of light. Still in the tunnel was the newly recruited Brother Yaga, the escapee of the witch by the same name. After Derrick was satisfied with the area around the trio, he turned went down to a knee, removing a book from his jacket as the others did their dues, he opened it up and sped through the pages before finding the one he wanted. He looked up at his allies. "Alright, Octavius already knows why we are here, but for our newest inductee I'll give some explanation."  
He places the book on the ground for all to see. Artwork depicting shadowy hounds were scrabbed over the pages. "This is the Mauthe Dog. It has been haunting this castle for quite some time. We don't know what it exactly is, but it shies away from light, and avoids groups of men larger than two. We've already attempted bringing it down in the past, but failed. We will have to remain a single group, because when lone men have entered this fortress, they have a tendency to go blind, deaf, and insane." He says while puffing smoke from his pipe. "It's hard to force the thing into a physical confrontation, assuming it's "fear" of groups is the cause. Don't wander too far from Octavius's light, and stay with the group. If you get lost in any way yell out. We'll likely get to you before it does." He puts out the pipe, taking his book and standing up. "Whenever your ready."
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He sniffed in the odor of damp stone, mortared together with moss and rotting lime. Wood, in a consistant state of petrified decay. And something...other. An animal odor, yet more than that. Brother Yaga smiled slightly, though worry danced behind his teeth. The smell of the hunt. But the quarry reeked of magic, the otherworldly. The essence of a storm shook the castle. Crouched in the basement like children hiding out the storm, were the Huntsmen. They who feared not the eldritch and unnameable.

Brother Yaga gazed into the orb of light, watching the dust that was the last of ancient bones drift lazily through it. The wielder stepped forth into the castle vaults, leaving Brother Yaga in shadow once more. He crouched down in the tunnel, fingers braced against the earthy floor. Outside, the chicken legged house kept watch. It was much too large to fit into a place such as this.

The dog-headed man laid down the rules of the hunt. Did it feel like he was betraying his own kind, wondered Brother Yaga. Though it always has been a dog-eat-dog world, so perhaps not. And man slays man after all, so why not?

Brother Yaga regarded the boundaries of the mage-light as if it were a physical line to be crossed. Without a word, he hopped into the dank darkness. Twilight glittered behind him. He kept it in his sight as he slipped silently through the corridor. Could he talk with this feral dog? He did not know. He guessed he would find out soon enough if his knife wasn't buried to the hilt in its neck. Pressing his face to the floor, he looked for hints of paws, indentations of claws, shed fur. "Come out pup...show me your dinner-plate eyes" he murmured to himself.