The Morana Files (Part one)

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Springfield, MT, "Sludge n' Go Septic Services" 7:00 PM...

The night guard sat in his watching booth, flicking the pages on Stephan King's "Pet Cemetery" with a tired interest. It was just another night, watching over the lot where all of the septic trucks were held. With his second hour already come and gone, his eyes were growing heavier as the sun bleached the sky less and less. Finally, he dozed off...


The guard jumped in his seat, the book sliding right off his face just as he looked to see who was tapping away on his glass. Annoyance and anxiousness were washed away with relief when he saw who it was. Certainly no punk, or homeless person, that was for sure. It was a younger, bespectacled man. He was quite thin, with a white dress shirt barely choking his scrawny neck with even a black tie holding the collar. It was his eyes that caught the guards attention, however. They were almost detached in the way they were sizing up the guard, as if this stranger was looking at a monkey through a zoo's exhibit, rather than a fellow human.

The guard finally cleared his tar filled throat, and sauntered over to the booth's speaker, giving it a click. "We're closed, buddy. Come back in the morning, and check in at the front office next time, alright?" The guard spoke dismissively, ready to turn around and think nothing more of it.

"On the contrary!" The stranger called out, capturing the guard's attention once more. "I'm well aware of a business's regular hours of operation, my good man. Did you really think I wandered all the way back here for service? At this hour?" The stranger asked, his tone was as condescending as any intellectual would sound.

The man, who didn't get paid enough for this, stomped over to the glass, and gave him a threatening glare. "Sure then, a**hole. Then you know this is private property, and I have every right to tell ya to get the funk off the lot... You listenin' to me!?"

The guard's aggression was met with ignorance, as the stranger was busy looking past the guard and to the lot behind him. "...Hmm? Yes yes, I heard you. I'm going to be taking a couple of these septic trucks, you see..." The stranger started stepping back, as if in caution. "And there really isn't anything you can do to stop me. In fact, you'll be helping me in a short while. I really am sorry for getting you riled up though, I just needed to stall for a minute or two. My minion is... Well he's a tad bit slow." The stranger ceased stepping back, shooting a cocky smirk at the guard.

The guard looked at him in bafflement, reaching for the phone while doing so, until...

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Footsteps shook the ground around the booth, sounding like they belonged to an elephant. Out from the shadows an absolutely massive figure appeared, cracking it's thick neck that sounded like ripped tree bark. The guard froze in place as this hulk coldly stepped closer and closer, it finally raising it's hand. "WHOA WHOA, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?" The guard cried out, reaching for his sidearm just a moment too late. The figure's arm broke through the glass like it didn't even exist to his strength, and latched onto the guard's throat as he pulled him out of the booth. It instantly applied inhuman pressure to the man's trachea, squeezing out a few shaking wheezes and gasps.

The thin stranger clapped his hands at the trench coat clad monster, as if he was trying to get the attention of a bad puppy. "Titus! TITUS! Do not rip his head off, do you hear me!? I need him intact!"

"Titus" as the stranger referred to him, simply let out a compliant groan, with it's cold dead gaze still fixed on it's victim. With it's orders clear, it made quick work of the guard and swiftly crushed his throat with the enthusiasm of crumpling paper. The lifeless body of the guard was dropped to the pavement, which the stranger was already crouching by his side while setting his doctor's bag down. On the bag was a golden plate, which read "M.M" for none other than Doctor Max Morana.

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"Titus, you imbecile! Crushing his trachea is not exactly intact, now is it? No matter..." Max huffed while reaching into his bag, pulling out a syringe and a bottle of unnaturally glowing green liquid. "Arms, legs and a head on his shoulders will do just fine." The doctor plunged the syringe into the rubber of the bottle, drawing 15 CCs of the mysterious serum. With not a moment to waste, Max plunged the syringe into the dead guard's chest, injecting him slowly.

It was only a minute before the effects ran their course, with the dead man's veins aggressively bulging with an inhuman blood flow. Another second, and the guard sat up with his bloodshot eyes as wide was possible. "GRRRRRRRAAAAAGH!" The reanimated guard roared, hopping up to his feet while his bones broke and cracked from the disturbing convulsions and twitches while doing so. Max hastily took a step back, regaining his composure after being admittedly spooked by the sudden scare.

"Excellent! The new strain is the fastest yet, with such a small dosage, too!" Morana nervously chuckled, examining the specimen as it jerked it's head around. "I shall call you...! Oh, you have a name tag." Max scoffed, walking over to read that the undead's name was "Billy". "Okay, Billy, I need you to fetch me the keys for the two trucks nearest to the gate! Destroy the surveillance tapes while you're at it." The modern day necromancer handed Billy some scribbled directions on a piece of paper, which Billy snatched out of his hand while growling. "Then you will take one of the trucks to this address. You will then continue your duties by guarding that truck at all costs, and await further instructions. Now vamoose!" Max clapped his hands in command.

Billy gave him an aggressive fit of nods, sharply turning and slapping the gate controls to grant entry. He didn't wait for the gate to finish opening, instead leaping over the gate in a single bound and landed sloppily on the other side. Billy then sprinted towards the main building to carry out his orders.

Max and Titus strode through the gates, with the doctor pointing at their truck. "I can't believe this is happening, my simple minded creation! It's all coming together, my grand experiment. Those hacks and cads at W.A.R.P won't believe the genius they let go, they will all see how I have defeated death itself single handed! I'll-" Morana ceased his monologue, looking up at Titus, who was just glaring at him in breathless and lifeless silence. "...Why do I bother talking to you?"

Billy kicked the back door to the lot right off it's hinges, jangling the keys like an undead madman. Max clapped his hands, to which Billy tossed them perfectly into his grasp. "Titus! You'll ride with Billy to the drop off. Return to the laboratory once it's done." Titus complied and stomped over to the truck that Billy had hopped into.

Just like that, the two trucks drove out of the lot. Come morning, the police would be lost as to what transpired that night. Where was Billy? Did the guard of ten years just up an decided to steal a couple of septic trucks? Their guess was as good as anyone else's. No one would know that it was a resident mad scientist, with a serum to raise the dead. Not yet, anyway...

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Fantastic post ^_^ ! I'm excited for what you have in store for this story.

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Loved the post, Love Dr. West and I'd Love to read more!

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Holy snap! This was fantastic!!! Love the homage to Resident Evil 2: The T-103.