The Mind Of Today and Tomorrow (Marcques Official Intro)

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The hallways were dark, void of any light, it resembled a type of peace the rotating tower had. Nothing disturbed it, the morning-shift employees have left to got to their homes and meet their families. Some were celebrating birthdays today, while others had the night to themselves. The marble floor of the building remained clean, as if it's history of being trampled upon by the shoes of scientist has been erased. The robotics remained motionless, waiting for the signal of their creators and human supervisors. Life seemed to have left the towering building of discovery, but that would be wrong.

While all everyone else was at play, or fast asleep, the head of it all, the man named Marcques, remained hard at work. In his office, he sat in front of his computer, which was running quick and heavy simulations that was feed to it. His eyes, focused as if he a jaguar hunt for it's prey, steadily & quickly ran across the computer screen, interpreting the large collection of bunched up numbers that held the secrets to his personal studies. Switching from an unholy number of tabs, he wrote his findings his a journal that laid open, ready to receive the ink from his pen, possible findings that could change the trajectory of his goal: to protect the average man.

Once again switching to another tab, a model began to emerge from a blank graph. The numbers and simulations guided its birth and evolution. While the graph emerged, he opened a new window, and began to watch a video, not one that was prerecorded, but live feed. It was a video of his house, in hopes of protecting his daughter. A camera in almost every room, except her room and the bathrooms, has been installed, and a specialized infrared camera installed at the base of the house, all in hope for protecting his little angel.

Beep, Diing!!. The sound caught his attention, it was from one of the previous tabs. Minimizing the live feed, he rushed over to the source of the sound. The one of the simulations have found a singularity in its code. Using a mathematical technique called perturbation theory, he was able to successfully isolate the unusual code from the rest of the simulation. His head ran through the potential of what this could mean. The possibilities of this was large, potentially life changing, a rush of adrenaline ran through his core as he began to include the singularity through a number of more simulations, one of them was the effect it could have on mutation, potentially stunting its evolution.

However, the time and the place wasn't right for the time of this singularity to become active, nor did Marcques know what it meant in full. Was it a biological defect? Was it earthen?Was it man-made? Is he mad? He made this a not in his notebook, dubbing the singularity the 'Possibility of M'. He headed out the door and towards the lobby, his head full of these new possibles. As he headed towards the door, he was meet by a large crowd of the night-shift employees that awaited him. His signature smile and gentleman-like demeanor met them as he opened the door for the work to start. They stood in there spots waiting for the signal. Marcques opened his mouth, revealing his perfect teeth

"Good evening, and welcome to NuGenesis"

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I'm guessing we make a new thread if you want to rp, DM what you want it to be about