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Will post shortly

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@king_leo: @daughter_of_nordok:

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Pushing her Ninjan Sister further into the alleyway, she again pressed her hands over the woman's mouth before prompting her to keep quiet with her index finger.

"Take this transponder, find my ship. Return to the Ninjan Empire. I can't bear to see one of my own living like this. I will not be returning" She said shooing her sister away.

Right before she took another step, her head begins to hurt. Pressing both of her hands on her forehead, she tried her hardest to keep the foreign mind out; but he came through anyway.

"L-Leonel..." She gasps a bit shocked that he'd return to her portion of space after so many years.

"No! you idiot, they don't know I'm here!" She responded back; she then felt it. The terrible power that only a being that bathed in the heart of stars could produce.

"You...FOOL!." Maddie hissed in contempt. "I was in no immediate danger here, you will have just made it impossible for me to leave this planet. The Talmut's will investigate this...and if either of us is caught...well you know what happened last time."

The Queen of Ninjeta's power changed over time, she now had new and unique abilities. Abilities that made her formidable even amongst the strongest of foes. "Someone else is coming," She said out loud.

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@madison_maynard: @daughter_of_nordok:

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He could hear it. Amidst the violent cry of water and air being torn apart by a storm of energy that'd left it red and flaring, the Prince of Power caught the echo of Madison's barking in his mind. So as the water boiled underneath him, and the hot vapor climbed higher in the air, Leonel couldn't help but grin at what'd been left of the Talmut fleet - nothing. Glad to see the fire's still burning hot in you. But you need to relax, Leonel answered, his thoughts reaching out to her, his cape sweeping to the side as he turned and soared into the distance. I'm not going to say I know what I'm doing... but I know what I'm doing. Look, the Talmut were going to find you sooner or later and you don't have the firepower to hold them off. Not here, not in their own backyard.

I can't either. But I can delay them. Buy you some time to find the power source you're searching for. Because while they may not have known you were here, I'm sure they were looking into those rumors about a mysterious power source. But now? Now, he paused, flying low till the field of energy round him parted the sea below, They're focused on me. Worried about the unidentified object that just took out part of their fleet. They're going to throw a lot of their resources at me, and devote none to following up on the rumors of this mysterious power source. At least for now. So go, find it while I take a couple missiles for you and - his thoughts stopped and his brow scowled. "Someone's coming here", he murmured before slowing to a stop. Hovering in midair, his cape flowing like an ocean breeze while arms that could shatter moons hung at his sides, Leonel waited. His senses had warned him - had felt a reservoir of negative energy coming his way.

And though the ship screeching through the air eluded even his ear, it's pilot.. the energy coursing through her veins, the infrared radiation flowing out her body, were caught by his greater senses.

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@king_leo: Good to see the Mr. Majestic look being used. ^_^

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@king_leo: @madison_maynard:

The ship's sensors were screaming. Something not particularly large but obscenely powerful and fast had appeared in the planet's orbit. She briefly thought it might be her target, but...no. It was too obvious. This wasn't someone or something trying to lay low; this was an obvious bid for attention. A distraction. One that the Talmut seemed all too eager to engage. The Ancient One's assassin cracked a cruel smile as she beheld the fate that enveloped the pursuers. Quite a distraction indeed.

Well then, nowhere was it written that a distraction need only benefit one party. As the Talmut made a valiant but futile effort to engage their intruder, another quietly slipped into the atmosphere in her cloaked vessel. She landed it in a remote area, keeping it fully invisible and the engine primed to allow for a swift departure. Disembarking, she shrouded her own body in the negative energy that she had mastered, wrapping herself in a shroud that reflected no light at all, and rendered her effectively invisible, herself.

She shot into the air, streaking towards major population centers, reaching out with her telepathy in wide-area scanning of surface thoughts. She did know the Ninjeta Queen's mind well enough to be able to identify it, but there were certain characteristics, certain energies that she would seek, like a hound on the scent of a wounded beast. The locals would feel comfortable, confident. Warriors would be wary and proud, slaves beaten down and obedient. But an exiled queen was likely to have mind that was sharp, determined, and yet cautious and even furtive.

She would fly across the entire planet if she needed to, until she found a pattern worth investigating. The Daughter of Nordok did not fail.

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@daughter_of_nordok: @king_leo:

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"HA!" she hissed arrogantly at the notion that she needed his help. She prepared to send another statement this way, but she knew he'd only mock her. "Very well, I shall find the information I seek; but I hope you have a ride off this rock."

"Pssst!" someone called out immediately drawing Madison's attention from the terrible negative energy hovering in the atmosphere to a lowly older Talmut peddler.

"I hear you're in search of Rataj" The man said. The actual name of the Talmut homeworld was a mystery to Madison, but she played along to find out as much as she could.

"I am. What of it?"

The elderly Talmut moved closer before removing a holodisk with various maps on them; maps dated back a couple of years ago. Her eyes wince at some of the star clusters, there were systems on this map that didn't exist on her new map.

"So that's how they did it" Madison bent down to examine the specifics of the Star Chart, unknown to him that her SBA allowed her to memorize just detail of the map...she didn't necessarily need it to continue on.

"No thank you peddler, I will not be needing your map." She dismissed taking one more glance at the vast space between Johoto and Rataj; something peculiar. On her new map, there was a world place in the space before Rataj, one that was absent on the old one.

"I bet what I'm looking for is in this area..." before she could relay her findings to the former Azure Son, the newcomer with the negative energy seemingly bore down on her too fast, she had to prepare to fight.

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@madison_maynard: @king_leo:


Those thought-patterns could only come from the mind of a ruler.

Baerda circled several times, keeping her form cloaked as she zeroed in on the individual she felt the strong waves of mental energy emanating from. Once she had narrowed it down to a few individuals she dropped both her invisibility and her flight, landing on the ground mere feet from Madison, with enough force that any nearby would feel the impact. She rose to her feet slowly, her duranium spear held almost carelessly over her shoulder as her gaze swept over the bystanders, before coming to rest on the exiled queen.

"Highness," she said, with a perfunctory nod of her head. "Your escort has arrived."

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The Woman from Another World

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In the aftermath of the Ninjan-Talmut War the final loose-ends for Ninjan reconstruction were complete, The journey was filled with victories and defeats. Inside the Ninjan Political Spectrum a "Glorious Revolution" occurred the Ninjan Noble and Sigma Class succeeded in peacefully overthrowing the Ninjan Royal Class.

This turned the Ninjan Monarchy into a Representative Democracy, giving the Celeste Class a voting voice. To ensure this delicate system worked in it's infancy, the Ninjan Government elected Addison as it's Interim ruler, until a more suitable candidate could be determined.

This cause a considerable about of problems within the Society, because while she'd been the def facto leader for a while, now she was being called "The Ruler" and people within the society were having problems being ruled by a Non-Ninjan. Addison was by technicality a Ninjan, but not of this universe; she was only a Ninjan by appearance however her exterior was something far more advance then most civilizations could fathom. Besides, they also didn't like that she was orange and everyone else was Green.

They'd get over it, the "Madison Trials" officially ended which was the most significant defeat of the Ninjan rebirth. The official verdict was exile, however since Madison didn't stay to be honorably tried the ruling for desertion was death. A blow that hit Addison hard.

The transition from "Acting" ruler to Real ruler immediately felt on Xiox and on the Omega Space Station? because of her longevity with the Ninjans she was the most respected leader within the OSA. She'd manage to usher in a different feel from Madison time frame, the atmosphere of peace.

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Walking through the hyper-dimensional halls of Augusta's Hypercube, the Prince of Power felt his mind pull back to thoughts of the Abyssal Imperium, of the war to come against the Ancient One, and finally - to Addison. It was strange. He and Addison were close. Or at least, they had been - in the past. She was his partner in Reality-M, a warrior with whom he'd braved the war that had made a graveyard of their home universe. In their home universe, he'd saved her from his parents' death camp, and together they fought the good fight - butall for naught. Reality-M was dead. So as he walked the Hypercube's halls, Leonel wondered. Was that why he gravitated more towards Addison's nU counterpart, Madison? Because Addison was a living reminder of his failures in Reality-M?

No Caption Provided

Stepping into the hyper-spatial bulk beyond - a cosmic ocean of which normal space-time was only a puddle - Leonel shut his eyes and waited. For years the sight of Addison frustrated his mind and drew the worst of his memories. Her emerald eyes reminded him of greed. Of the greed for strength and skill he'd needed to save Reality-M but lacked then. Her fiery hair reminded him of the Roman passion to win a war no matter how dire the chances. A passion he had lacked during the war. And her orange skin reminded him of the warmth - the life - that Reality-M will never again know. And it wasn't fair to her. But as hyperspace dragged him light years across the universe in seconds, the Prince of Power had long come to terms with those demons. He'd grown, was different now. And he needed Addison to destroy an enemy that had not only wronged him - but threatened the cosmos just as his parents had Reality-M.

And that lit the warrior's fire in him. He wanted to test himself against the strong. See if he'd grown enough as a warrior to do what he'd failed to in Reality-M. It was his and Addison's chance to right a wrong by saving this universe in place of the one they'd failed. And for him to make things right with Addison. So there he floated, his white cape suspended behind him, and starlight glimmering on his battlesuit's armor as he gazed upon the Magnum Opus station. Arms at his sides, chin high and his posture strong and proud, Leonel descended from the starry cosmos till his boots touched the metal of the landing bay and he strode inside to meet the Ninjan queen, Addison. To all guards and servants around, the Prince of Power's voice flowed like thunder - commanding and ought to be listened to. "Tell your queen that I'm here. She and I are overdue a conversation". Was he in any position to make demands? He didn't believe so. But he didn't care. Leonel had lived the past year as a gladiator king, a liberator of galactic gladiator imprisoned on Planet Nero by Eteldan slavers. His respect for authority for authority's sake, no longer existed. He wanted what he wanted, and that was to speak with Addison, not earn the respect of her people.

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It was beautiful, the peace. It was like a dream she'd finally attained. In M, Addison's Ninjans were the first to fall to The Champions onslaught of the cosmos, taken out before the could ever really mobilize. She was born into captivity, and could only see the world from the perspective of a survivor. Now, here she didn't have to.

The battle between Shayla and Thee Champion that transpired seemingly forever ago wiped out OSA Leadership save for Addison, making her the most senior council member in the OSA because of this she had a stake in many of the other Non-Ninjan races government as well.

The biggest win was getting them to agree to allow the "Cortega Force" (I really need to update them) to serve as the protectors of the Space station, which allowed them to use their individual militaries for the protection of their origin worlds.

One of her good friends Emerald Drake currently commanded the OSA division of the the CF, at the current moment she was calling the Ninjan Queen from her daily meeting on Xiox summoning her to the space-station.

About 7 minutes after being summoned the newly dubbed Ninjan Ruler appeared before both Drake and who she could only assume was Leo.

There was something different about him, it was obvious. He was still the same Leo that saved her from his father's death camps back in "M" but...now he stood with a certain arrogance--One that wasn't appreciated by the OSA guards.

"Because you never come to check on me...I'm just going to ask. What do you want?" Her voice was low, those standing idle could tell there was some sort of history, but would never be able to guess the depth.

Leonel had been one of her good friends, but ever since their trip from M, she rarely saw him--only saw him when he needed a favor. It was apparent he favored her predecessor and nU counterpart-Madison, today would be no cake walk. He was going to respect her right to rule. These people had been more family to her then he'd ever been.

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"To mend things with you"

Strong arms folded before his chest, white cape hanging from his armored shoulder plates like a warrior-king's surcoat, Leonel awaited Addison with his chin high and his air regal. Like Addison, he was a monarch. While she sat as the queen of her people, the Ninjans, Leonel ruled battlefields across the stars - he was a king of Andromeda's gladiators. So he waited, regarding with contempt the glares and frowns sent his way by OSA guards. He didn't care. They didn't matter. Only Addison did. And there, amid stares and silent judgment he gave no credence to, the Prince of Power caught sight of a familiar thermal whisper in the air - Addison's body heat. Stepping forward with no regard for those around him, Leonel's eyes looked ahead to where Addison'd emerge.

And finally, the Lion of Andromeda met eyes with the Ninjan Queen. 'Her eyes are still as green as ever', he thought before catching the low echo of her voice - the hurt in her words, 'She hates me. She has every reason to. I've treated her poorly'. And he truly had. It'd been the elephant in the room between them. His neglect of their friendship, his neglect of her, and his preference for Madison - a stranger compared to Addison, to everything he'd been through with her. And yet, he and Madison had been closer, and almost more than friends once, while he and Addison became strangers to one another. All because for what seemed like an eternity, Addison had been - in his eyes - a reminder of his failures, his weakness. No more. "To mend things with you", Leonel answered, his voice, posture and gaze held strong by a warrior's cold confidence, and a genuineness he hadn't spoken to Addison with in years. "In private, Addison", he pressed, passing his gaze over the OSA guards and all others around them.

"I've changed. And so have you. It's time we address everything. I'll no longer take dishonest harmony - us not addressing what should be addressed, in other words - anymore. If we need honest conflict to get to an understanding, then so be it. We'll be better for it. This isn't something we can avoid talking about any longer", he insisted, boldly stepping closer till he was no less than two feet from the Ninjan Queen. He held her gaze, his eyes never shying away from hers, and his presence there to be felt by her. "There's a better place for this conversation to be had, Addison. Unless you intend for your guards to be a part of our reunion", he teased, a calm small breaking through to remind them both of what had once been between the two of them - and what could be should they mend things. Because if they didn't, there would soon be nothing to mend. The Abyssal Imperium's shadow looms near..

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The Last "M" Ninjan chuckled arrogantly, even as he boldly approached her location she chuckled. Her index finger extended motioning for him to move no more. Oh how she wanted to send a fist across his jaw, how he arrogantly strolled into her domain demanding things.

The thought of it all infuriated her, and this used to be one of her close friends. Her eyes flickered back and forth between regular humanoid eyes her extra-terrestrial full emerald slits. Her normally calm and mannered hair begin to sizzle causing small embers to cackle in the air.

She was the Queen, The Ninjans were a proud warrior race; everything from this moment would indicate how they saw her.

"That's far enough. Outsider." She finally said with her index finger still extended.

"You speak as if we're familiar. I don't know who you are." The New Queen of Ninjans purposely took an exaggerated step backwards, her brow furrowed, face slowly wrinkling into rage.

"I haven't known you since we arrived here. It really is too easy isn't it?" She wanted to fight, but Leo had become so much more powerful than he was in M, she wasn't sure she could take him--plus she'd stopped training.

"Easy for you to come here, look pass me. Ask Madison for anything you want. She gives it to you and you go back to your nice little family on Earth. Or did you runaway from them too?." Her fist balled, as much as she wasn't going to admit it he was right this conversation was probably better saved for closed quarters.

"Leave us. I want this corridor completely shut off" She commanded prompting the OSA guards to move in compliance. No one ruler could make such a move on the space-station but all the races respected and trusted Addison enough to do so.

"I will talk to you, but you will NOT becoming inside the Space -Station or on the Ninjan Home world. You and your "family" have lost that right. If you want to talk about the past then talk, it's not like I forgot about you"

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Thermal radiation rising in the air, Addison's jaw tightening like a screw, and the cocktail of rage, hurt and frustration in her voice - Leonel saw and heard it all. And yet whereas he would once hang his head in shame and avert his eyes in guilt, the Prince of Power did no such thing. Even as Addison's hair crackled like a cosmic flame, Leonel held strong and cool like the steel of a well made sword. He held her gaze as bold as ever, a warrior ready to walk into the eye of a storm. Calmly, he watched her make little of their history together, dismiss him as a stranger - an outsider - yet his certainty held. He knew, nay, felt, that this was what he wanted to do. Not because he believed it to be right, but because he wanted to mend things with her. Leonel did nothing he had no desire to. He'd have never come if it weren't true.

"I came here on no one's behalf but my own"

"You and your "family" have lost that right. If you want to talk about the past then talk, it's not like I forgot about you"

"My family losing the right to come here doesn't matter to me, Addison", Leonel began, following her gaze with his own as he, at the very least, respected her request that he come no closer to her. "I'm not here on my family's behalf. Because you're a stranger to them, just as I've been one to you", he admitted, owning up to his mistakes like he should have years ago. "I came here on no one's behalf but my own", he paused, unfolding his arms before his chest, his body facing hers as he spoke. "And because I haven't forgotten about you either", Leonel confessed, his face softening an inch. "It's hard to believe, I know. I've been nothing but horrible to you. And you wouldn't be exaggerating if you said the last time we really spent time together was back in Reality-M. Because every other time since then, I've come to you only when I needed help". That much was true. Though as he strode an inch closer despite her warning, Leonel's mind cast away his thoughts of the looming war with the Imperium. He couldn't ask Addison to lead her people into another war for him. Perhaps it was time that he help her.

"I've been selfish, distant and cold. I had a lot of growing to do. All the phases I went through. Trying to emulate my father. Taking on beliefs and ideologies that weren't even mine. It was funking stupid to be honest with you. Because in doing that, I not only lost myself, I lost you. The one person who came with me to this foreign universe and was by my side until I was no longer by yours. I've been horrible to you, Addison", his face softened further, his words echoing with a truth they hadn't in a long time. "When I finally found my way, it was here in the stars all along. Maybe I should've stayed with you in space. But we can't take away the past. We can only learn from it. And I've learned from mine. I'm sorry, Addison. Really. For everything. I can only imagine the feelings of betrayal and hurt I've put you through all these years. Let me rectify them. If you need to punch me first or something, that's fine, do it. And if at the end of this you decide you never want to see or hear from me again, that's equally fine. I understand".

"But let me try mend things", he said, offering her his hand, his mind set on taking her to Augusta's Hypercube. "There's something I want to show you, if you'll come with me".

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@king_leo: @king_leo:

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Addison's visage hadn't changed, the truth of the matter is; he left her when she needed him the most. If it wasn't for Madison taking a liking to her, the political influence she'd grown to have within the OSA would be non-existent.

The Ninjans weren't an accepting people, nor were they ever forgiving. Finally, her face softened. Orange-skin and burning hair aside she was a Ninjan, but her Ninjans were forgiving and understanding.

But now it was easy to see how Madison always seemed to resent Leo. "You've been here 5 minutes and you've already given me an M sized headache" Her fist loosened, followed by the extinguishing of her wildfire locks before repositioning her body to face him, holding her head up to catch his gaze.

"You've changed that's for sure." She said noticing Leo's confidence. He'd always had some sort of confident--or arrogance she couldn't tell. She probably was confusing them both now, but he stood "taller". He was a leader now; a confident pain in the ass. For personal reasons she never cared to meet his NU mother and father, but she could tell when she saw "Thee Champion" fighting the Savage Ninjan not far from here, Leo couldn't be him.

"I guess there's no point in holding a grudge. I mean if I really hated you that much I could've invaded Earth. Where are you trying to take me. And how come every time you're here you want me to leave" She jested recalling the time he needed her help to find Madison

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Slowly but surely, Leonel watched Addison's facial muscles relax and give way to something softer. No smile yet but could he truly expect one? After all, as Addison herself had pointed out - it had only been five minutes. "I know. But if you want me around, I suppose it's an M-sized headache you'll have to deal with", Leonel teased, his smile calm, measured and genuine. "You've changed as well. Not at all like the woman I first met. You're a queen now, a leader responsible for the well-being of an entire civilization. Maybe that's why my parents had you in a death camp", he paused, "You were a potential threat, a revolutionary waiting to happen, and they saw that. A part of me wishes they could see what you've become, what we've become. If only to get some satisfaction from wiping those smug grins from their faces".

"As for why I want to take you elsewhere"

"As for why I want to take you elsewhere", he paused, folding his arms once more as he regarded her with a smirk and playful tilt of the head, "I thought you'd be thrilled that I want you all to myself. After all, it'd be a first since our arrival to this universe", he jested, his cape brushing his rear ankles as he stepped closer. "And as for where I want to take you, it's where I spend most of my time. Growing, learning, training. There's something there I want to show you. About home, about Reality-M. About what could've been. I've hurt you enough times that it's only fair I do something good to you. Or at least something that I think is good", he shrugged. "But I understand if you don't want to leave the station, your people, even if only for a minute. But then again, I'm not sure if I want to either, after all the queen herself has stripped me of my right to come here. I leave and I may never see you again, queen's orders", he teased, walking with a war general's stride yet speaking with a knight's charm.

"So maybe, I either take you with me - or I can just tell you what it is. Though if you want my opinion, I'd rather surprise you and show you what it is".

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"Hmm" She pondered out loud before her eyes cut back toward the entrance to the Space Station, her guards waiting patiently. "I guess I'm free for a while, I have a meeting with the other leaders in a couple of Ninjan cycles" She glancing at her SBA.

Much like Madison's SBA (Symbiote Battle Armor), it was tuned with her thoughts; her outer clothing disappeared as if they'd been eaten away by acid, only to be replaced by her "Exploration" outfit. All Ninjans had them, it was how the empire kept tabs on any woman venturing out of Ninjan Controlled Space.

"Consider this me accepting your offer, but this better be worth it. All those years of war have made me lazy, I hate leaving the space station" She complained wiping what appeared to be space particles from her exploration kit, a clear indication on how often she used it.

"Oh...yeah..." She called out, before attempting to send a haymaker right across Leonel's jaw. To any other person a strike of that nature might've concussed, but Leonel was so much stronger than her now, she was sure he could take it. "I accept your apology." She said smirking, daring him to lead the way.

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While Addison shed garments sewn for regality for a battlesuit armored for the reaches of space, Leonel caught himself glancing at the OSA guards standing vigilant by the exit. Locking eyes with them, a leader - a war general - to guards, the Prince of Power felt no threat from their glares. They disapproved of him, that much he knew. But his icy self-assurance made it known how little he cared for their opinion of him. He'd come only for Addison, not them. Cape flowing behind him as he turned back round, Leonel's ears caught the sound of Addison's muscles contracting in her fist. He'd heard the punch before it was ever thrown, and he simply stood. 'She needs this. After everything I've done, it's the least I could do'.


Watching Addison's arm whip through the air, Leonel felt a gust of wind flutter his cape, and heard her fist roar with a primal fury. BOOM! Her fist crashed into his jaw like a meteor on a planet, and it's power coursed through his body like a bolt of lightning. Had he been the Leonel of old, she'd have shattered his jaw and flattened him. But to the Leonel of now, the punch moved his face two inches to the right. "I might've underestimated how upset you were", Leonel said, rubbing his jaw before matching her smirk, "Because a year ago, that would've broken my jaw. In any case", he paused, bold as ever as he hooked an arm around her waist, "You wouldn't be coming with me if you didn't think this was worth your time", Leonel teased before vanishing with her as they tunneled through the hyper-spatial bulk and a second later, stood at the emerald gates of his home; Augusta.

A gem floating in the cold space between galaxies, Augusta drifted through a blackness painted by faraway spiral and elliptical galaxies. "Come", Leonel mouthed with nothing to carry the sound of his voice. Augusta's gates parted open, and into it's halls Leonel walked with the Ninjan Queen.

(Let's move this to the Augusta space station thread)

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Being transported partway across the universe in defiance of all the known laws of space was always a disconcerting experience, no matter how many times one experienced it. The simple fact was that a being born within the conventional confines of reality was never designed for even temporary sojourns outside of them, and it left one with a feeling not unlike the momentary weightless that occurs when an elevator stops, albeit magnified to a truly uncomfortable extent. That said, while one might never become immune to this strangeness, one did eventually develop a heightened ability to recover from it.

It was frequent exposure to this maddening experience that allowed Baerda to adapt to being torn through physical space so effectively. When space itself tore open and resealed itself on the Magnum Opus in the span of the blinking of a human eye, it left the Daughter of Nordok none the worse for wear, supporting herself on one fist and one knee for but a moment before drawing herself up to her full height, holding her hand out to catch her lost spear as a smaller but otherwise identical rift disgorged it.

Facing the goddess, she wasted no precious time on preamble or ceremony. "Who must die, then?"

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@daughter_of_nordok: "She'll come to you... "

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The Prize Fighter's voice grew faint as Catalina reassumed control over her mind. The Prize Fighter was many things, but she was not a liar. Just moments after the Baerda emerged on the Space Station Ninjan Officials converge on her location with the Reigning Queen of the Ninjan Empire--Addison Hopewell.

Ever since the "Glorious Revolution" occurred within the Ninjan Government Addison's longevity gave her a superior voice within the OSA, today of all days she was supposed to be pitching mobilization to the Non-Ninjan races.

The Ninjan-Talmut war changed the landscape of the Omega Space Nebula, the Ninjan owed worlds took the blunt of the attack, however most origin worlds for the other species were hit harder. This plan was to increase security along the Ninjan-Talmut border, but also approve an OSA Armada.

It'd be the first time in it's long history that the OSA races did anything as a unified force. Of course Addison didn't tell them the truest intentions of this plan, to ready them to combat the Imperium. A foe most OSA races--including Ninjans didn't believe exist.

The former Queen and Born Ruler of Ninjeta New the Imperium was real but lacked proof, she however disappeared (I believe she's in the Imperium lmfao).

"You if you don't start speaking. Why are you here?" The orange woman asked, surrounded by a sea of Green Ninjan soldiers.

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Well, this was...unexpected.

No matter. If she was here, it was because it was the will of the universe, and she would find a way to adapt and succeed in her mission. There was no room for any other potential outcome in her thoughts.

A moment of taking in her surroundings, and her surrounders, was enough to allow her to surmise that she was within the confines of the Ninjan Empire. She knew of no other species that fit the description of the soldiers who faced her, though this was the first that she had ever seen any in person. She faced their golden-hued potentate, and drawing herself up to her full height, she offered a fierce smile. "I am here because it is my Father's will," she replied, "or did you mean in a less existential sense? I am an ally of the Goddess, and if you are her allies, then I am your ally, as well. If you are her enemies, then clearly it is my task to introduce you to the sensual embrace of oblivion."