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The Leering Ace
The Leering Ace

Name: Leering Ace

Nickname: LA

Gender: Male

Eyes: washed-out grey

Hair: Ink black

Height: 7'6"

Weight: weightless

Species: Either demon or mental extension (nobody really knows for sure)

Occupation: Servant/Playmate/Tormentor to Tristan Puzzlehoff

Age: unknown, presumably as old as the Puzzlehoff family, or at least their mental condition

Weapon of choice: clawed hands, mind games, poison, knives, re-purposed toys, among others

Abilities: teleportation, healing factor, charm, superhuman strength and speed

Short Bio: Ace's history is unknown up to Tristan's childhood. He claims to be a part of the Puzzlehoffs, an extension of the mind, and leaves an older Puzzlehoff whenever a new one is born. It's believed that he is the one to trigger the first mental breakdown in the child, a fact confirmed when he instigated Tristan to smash his father's face with a baseball bat a few days after the incident that caused the young man's scars. Up until then he and Tristan were very close friends, and he was the young genius' confidant and playmate in all things. After the incident, however, Tristan pushed Ace away, earning the clown's resentment. Ace struggles to repair the rift but can't resist pressing Tristan's buttons, urging him towards insanity whenever he can.