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What if it was your last night? What would you do to make it last as long as you could? Would you betray those who care for you and let them die for you or would you stand and face oblivion?

What would you do to stay alive and who would you walk over to do it? And would you side with the one who torn your world apart?

The RPG is based on using your Arch Enemy yet a good friend could be used because they may not make it through the night so do what you can to stay around because this is THE LAST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE.

The Last night of Your life depends on whats going on in your situation.

So have fun

RULES: Use what you an to stay alvie and do what ever you can as long as they follow these rules

No auto hitting


No Creating Armies

No Double Posting


NO SYLUX!! Or any of his friends.

This RPG is a beauty of mine and i dont want it messed up so DONT BREAK THE RULES OF RPG's.

And Enjoy the story
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Post Deleted.

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Darkchild wakes up and gets out of his bed.

He looks out of his window to see that the world is spinning.

DC falls to the floor dizzy and groggy.

"What the hell did i do last night."

sniff sniff

Why do i smell blood?

DC turns around to see that in his bed lay a beautiful and very dead women.

"Oh $HIT!!"

DC falls into his chair and tries to remember what happen last night but to no avail. He turns on the TV to make some sense of things. And too his amazement he sees his picture on TV.

TV announcer: IF you see this man, STAY AWAY. He was injected with a drug that is very contagious and causes him to have very violent outbursts that can be deadly. So if you see this man REPORT HIM TO THE AUTHORITIES.

DC thinks to himself an looks at the women in his bed

"Guess i had an outburst, but why dont i remember any of it or even being injected with the drug, WHO DID THIS TO ME?!"

a loud knock is heard at the door.


DC: Engage no i think im going to flee, sounds so much better right now

And with that DC jumps out of the window landing on the street unscathed.

Dc the coughs up blood.


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"Are You sure?" Scott Wolfman said in disbelief.

"Yes. The virus is slowly spreading through your bloodstream. By Midnight tomorrow, You're Dead." The Doctor said to Scott. He pulled off his gloves and leaned on a counter in the medical room.

"It doesn't seem to be contagious, but the makeup of it is only affecting you. I can't explain it." He said.

Scott could explain it though. Silver must've been part of the virus. Any thing else most likely would've been overcome by his healing factor. Scott looked back up at the Doctor.

"The people that did this to you are still ar large. If it weren't for that girl who brought you in, they would've gotten her too."

That's right. She fought them after Scott was infected. Now they would certainly be after her. If they had a special dose for Scott, they must have something for her as well. She got in their way, now she was the target.

"Thanks, Doc. I have to go." Scott jumped out of his hospital bed and ran for the door.

"Wait! You can't leave yet!" The Doctor yelled out the door, but Scott was already halfway down the hall. He whipped out his cell phone as he left the Hospital and dialed a number.

The moon shone brightly over San Fransisco, its glossy image reflecting on the water's surface as Scott walked along its edge and waited for the girl to pick up.

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Verona Darkmage's cell phone rang on her kitchen table. She got up from her couch and walked over to it, picking it up. She pressed the talk button and said, "Hello?"

Her friend Scott talked to her on the cell phone. "Oh, Hey Scott. Yeah I'm fine why? Ok, well I'll talk to you later then? Bye." She pressed the End button.

Scott seemed on edge about something. Sure, Verona had fought off a group of people trying to Kill Scott, and she had brought him into the hospital. If anyone should be on egde, it should be her.

Verona let out a sigh and walked back to her couch. She lay down and continued watching late night T.V. She slowly drifted into sleep and her eyes closed.

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DC paused to let himself breath after throwing up alot of blood.

When DC looked up the police were standing right in front of him.

Officer: HALT! We are not here to harm you but if you move in anyway that could be deemed hostile we will open fire.

A voice inside Darkchilds head spoke.

"Why dont you leave this too me brother."

DC: NO! Not now alright we need to do this with out a me..me.me

And before he could finish his sentence his body began to burn


The drug he was given was taking control again.

One officer came to DC and tried to comfort him.

Officer: Hey we arnt going to hurt you we just want to take you in so you dont hu...

And DC punched his fist straight through the officer.



and in an instant DC was running towards the officers.

They all began firing at him.

DC grabbed one by the throat and broke his neck and throw the body at the rest.

15 minutes later DC regains control of his body.

"Wha what have i done."

None of the officers are left alive.

DC then begins to feel the side affects of the drug. His insides feel like their melting .


DC then sees that part of his hand is starting to rot.

"Oh well doesnt this just keep getting better and better"

I need to find someone who can help me find these BASTARDS who did this too me. But first i need to get out of sight.

DC then scales a building so he can get up top.

"Well this will be a start"

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Enigma was sitting in his new third floor condo, lavishly reading up on current events about disease this and contagious that when he saw an unpleasantly familiar figure climbing up the side of the building.

"Hey, that's the guy that was on the television unit! I'd better go up there."

Enigma sat his newspaper down and opened the window, gently hovering out, then up. He reached the top and saw the figure standing with his back towards Enigma, looking out over the city. Enigma proceeded with his habitual cautionary mind scan, to make sure there were no hostile thoughts flying around, and, to his dismay, found two minds clashing at eachother. I haven't seen that since the Perpetrator... and he was bad news Bears. I'd better approach this one carefully. Enigma glided cautiously towards the figure. He spoke gently to the man, "Hello. I couldn't help but notice you scaling the side of my home. May I help you with something, Mr...?"

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You had better stop reading my mind!

Because #HE# doesnt like it. And it would be in your best interest to back away

DC turns around.

DC using the figures powers uses it to scan him.

I see that you think of me as a monster because of what you saw on tv. Well i have a propersition for you. You help me find out who did this to me and where they are and i wont let #HIM# out.

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"I don't think of you as a monster, but I do see you as a threat to the citizens. In this aspect, I will help you, just as long as you agree to get rid of him if at all possible when this is over."

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HAHAHA get rid of him

Child ive been trying to do that for the past 6 years aint going to happen.

I will tell you this i will control him so that he wont take contr

and again the drug starts to take over.


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Bertron sat up from the couch he had been sleeping on. His body was sore and he knew something wasn't right.

"Ugggh." Bertron felt his throat tighten as his stomach began to empty itself.

Bertron jumped to his feet and ran for the bathroom, crashing into a wall and smashing into a small end table along the way. As he burst through the door he leaned over the toilet and opened his mouth.

"Ughhhhh- Gahhhhh!" His throat burned and his stomach spasimed inside of him. The fluids where different colors and has a little more than bile to them. It made a sickening sound as it splashed against the water in the toilet. The smell was even worse.

"What the hell happened." Bertron looked at his hand, the pale tone of the skin on his right hand reminded him he was no longer a Lantern.

He had resigned a few monthes ago, the job had bored him and he had friends he found on Earth that he had grown closer to. He hadn't thought of the fact that he had been protected from any illness by the ring. He tried to remeber what he had done to get this ill.

"Uuuuuhhhhh- guhhhh!" There was part of his dinner he recognized, but the fever and the lose of the ability to see certain colors were what made it impossible to be food poisoning.

He remebered the night before. He had faught with a man who called himself Viral. Bertron had to cut him down with is sword, but his forcefield had been broken already. When Viral's blood sprayed against him he closed his eyes and mouth, but apparently, that wasn't enough.

"Better go find a doc." Bertron muttered as he walked back down the hall and into the city.

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Post Deleted.

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Well, who am I to decline? Enigma thought as he leapt forward. He thrust his hand out forcefully, enough force in fact to probably send your average human through about a half mile of titanium. Too much? he wondered, but knew it was too late to change direction or speed.

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Placing his feet on the stool at the table he smiled as he drank another Pint , He looked round the bar and how empty it was "Wow I would have done it sooner , Who thought starting the end of the world would let me get a quite drink".

Sipping at the beer he lend back and waited for the inpending doom, I really should have done it sooner,

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Talon hit the ground hard. His face preesing into the cold, steel grating. Blood spilled from his mouth, dripping through the walkway into the foundary. He rolled onto his back and coughed. Sending a fine red mist spraying from his mouth. Slowley he pushed himself to his feet.

In his short life Talon had seen many injuries and so he knew when somthing was fatal. If he got immediate madical attention he would live to see dawn, but not midday. If he just lay still he would have a few hours but to go after Lynne was madness. His heart would be working too hard, pumping his life away as surley as it did his blood.

Another fir of coughing wracked his weak body. He slowly began to follow the walkway, dragging his feet and leaning heavily on the railing. Following the path that she'd taken.

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Scott hung up his phone and entered his home, unlocking the door with his key. He set his phone into his jacket pocket and threw his jacket over his couch.

"Ok, ok. Calm down," He said pacing,"She's ok now, I just need to make sure she stays that way." Then Scott grimaced and clutched his chest. He fell to his knees,"What's happening?" He could feel the silver virus spreading. Then the pain went away.

Scott caught his breath. He knew he would have pain bursts like this. He stood up and went for his room. There, he opened his closet and drew his clothes aside. He placed his palm on the back wall of the closet, and his palm was scanned. The back wall moved to the side to reveal a small room lined with weapons.

"May I help you, Cryo-Wolf." Gaia said. Gaia was an artificial memory that Cryo had invented and lined every piece of technology and security device with. She even protected Scott's house.

"Not right now, Gaia. I neep weapons and fast." Scott grabbed his costume, a blue and white shirt with a wolf symbol on it and some camo cargo shorts, in which he was recognized as Cryo-Wolf. He put it on and grabbed two handguns and some bullet clips. He strapped those onto his belt and grabbed some throwing knives, placing them in some of his many pockets. He took his com-link/watch and left the Closet sotrage area.

While in the kitchen, Gaia said,"Cryo-Wolf, afer a routine scan of your body for any abnormalities, I have found you are infected with a Silver Nitrate Virus."

"I know that Gaia. But the people that did this to me are gonna be after Verona. I can't stick around and let that happen." He grabbed his cell phone and stuck it in his pocket.

Scott transformed into Cryo-Wolf before opening the window and jumping out of it, heading for Verona's House.

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Verona's eyes shot awake. She thought she heard something in her house. She slowly got up from her couch and shut the T.V. off. Walking into her kitchen, she looked about and took a step inside. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

Then she heard it again. It was a noise from her back door. She inched near the corner by her back door. Then spun around it, eyes and fists glowing. Then she let out a sigh.

"Binx. I swear you need to stop these late night roams of the neighborhoods." Her black Cat Binx waited at the back door and was scratching it to get in. Verona let him in as he said,"Nothing's going to happen. I can't die remember?"

Binx was really a human trapped in a cat's body, and cursed to live until the end of time, unable to die. He was trapped by three witches who killed his little sister, and made him live forever with the thought of never seeing his sister again. Even after Verona had defeated the witches, Binx didn't return to his human form and enter the After-life to see his sister. Verona took care of him ever since.

"Yeah, I know. But you still get me worried." She yawned and netered her room, falling onto the bed and going to sleep. Binx jumped up onto the bed and curled up by her side.

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Cryo-Wolf jumped onto a tree by Verona's house. He had been jumping from house to tree then house to house on his way to Verona's.

He looked and saw her sleeping, perfectly fine. She was sleeping so serenely and peacefully. He had to protect her at any costs. It didn't matter if he died, as long as she lived. He would do anything.

Cryo moved around in the tree and lay down on one of the branches, watching her house. Then he saw suspicious looking characters walking by Verona's house. He thought they were just walking by until one pulled a gun and walked up by the window of Verona's bedroom.

"Verona!" He yelled, and he thought he saw her move a little. The Men broke into through the window, one of them telling a few others to handle Cryo.

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Max looked over at Spectrum,

"So what the hell is your name? I mean it cant be Spec's thats like a superhero name, you need a real name like Jack or John something like that what you think?"

Spectrum walked out of the bathroom brushing his teeth, it had been around eleven months since Max had found Spectrum in the street. He could remember nothing before he was found, this was his life now.

"I dont know" Spectrum pondered "My name was the first thing i said to you right?" H asked Max.

"Yeah i remember it. You were just lieing there down the alley, off West Mourne street and I asked you if you were okay, When you said nothing i put my hand on you shoulder and you jumped. I asked if you were alright and you just said Spectrum that was it. Why'd you want to know" Max told him.

"Well i reakon that i should stick with that, if its the first thing i said, it just seems right, you know, i just cant explain it" Spectrum walked out of the Bathroom and sat down on the couch oppisite to Max.

It was a small appartment with not many furnishings but it was the only home that Spectrum ever knew. He loved this place.

Spectrum coughed into his hand, "god i think im coming down with something" He spluttered.

"Hey stay away from me" Max laughed as he covered his mouth and started making raping noises "i have been contamenated" He laughed.

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Talon lost his grip on the railing and fell again. He groaned and felt blood trickle down his throat. With a huge effort he managed to haul himself into a sitting postition. He ripped a log strip of material from his ragged cloak and wrapped around is left shoulder to his waist. With a grunt of pain he pulled it tight. Then, using the railing he pulled himself to his feet.

The walkway ended in a few meters but by the time he got there the makeshift bandage was soaked with blood. He lurched towards the stairs and fell against them. Then, slowly he began the ascent on his hands and knees.

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Bertron could feel the moisture in the air. THe sewers were dark and wet, but he had hunted down here before. He was always amazed at how so many villans willingly ran down here to escape capture. Hell some even lived down here.

The sound of feet sliding against water caught his attention. He looked left and saw his query. Bertron silently slide his masamune from it's sheath. THe tip let off a low hiss like a snake ready to capture it's dinner.

"Who's that?" The man's raw voice called from inside the next tunnel.

Bertron didn't wait, he just sprung to action. He darted around the corner and used his sword skills to disarm and defeat his enemy. THe sword cut through the club the man was carrying, so close to the hand that he almost removed hei thumb and fore finger. The man let out a yelp of surprise that echoed through out the cinder block dungeon.

The second strike came down hard and heavy across the man's shoulder and chest. the point of the blade dug in and disappeared into the man as the rest of the blade carved it's way down to the man's hip. The masamune cut through bone and organs as the adamantium blade glisted in the dull light of the tunnel.

As the blade finished it's journey through the man it swung loose again. Bertron instinctive closed hsi eyes and felt the gush of blood spray against him. He knew that when a man was cut that fast by a blade this sharp it would be a bloody shower afterwards.

"Fool." Viral laughed as he sank to the floor where he died.

Bertron looked on for a second and then decided to call in the police. He grabbed his transmitter and pushed the button.

"All officers advance, he is dead now." Bertron returned the radio to it's clip and went to the sewer entrance where there was a cleanup crew waiting. The used pressured washers to clean him mercilessly.

Bertron suddenely sits up in the empty subway cart.

He looks around, the train hadn't even left the station yet. He looked at his watch, it had only been about three seconds since he closed his eyes.

"I hope that this isn't that whole life flashing before my eyes bulls*." Bertron moans to himself. "There are some other memories I would rather be having right now."

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and DC was falling to the ground and landed right on his head.

He sees the man named Enigma standing on the building looking down before he blacks out.

10 minutes later.

"UGG!!! Ok next time ill think about that before i do it." *Darkchilds head was all caved in on one side but in seconds it had healed to its normal look.

DC then proceeded to hover back to the top of the building.

"Why my new friend i do think you may have over done it. I asked you to push me not to throw me wanker, The only way to keep the drug from taking control is knocking my self out by the looks of it or gaining control of it which i dont think is going to happen. "

DC then hears a voice

Brother we cannot trust this one i can feel it.


DC then looks at Enigma who has a very odd look on his face.

"WHAT? I was talking out loud wasn't I well you will get used to that, he tends to talk alot. ANd trust me i will only let him out if needed."

Stop staring at me.!

We need to get to the bottom of this because i dont think i have all that much time.Gestures to his rotting arm Its spread to the rest of my arm. And i think once it has spread throughout my body either two things will happen. One: I will die or Two they control me. Either isnt one of the best things to happen so lets get to this.


DC coughs up blood. And then crashes to the ground.

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Post Deleted.

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The stairs stretched away seemingly forever. It only took Talon five minutes to get to the top, but it seemed alot longer. Lnne was standing, her back to him, gazing at the setting sun. She'd always loved the sunset. It was a time when they'd both felt happy. But those days wee a dream away. Gone. Swept away by life and the people in it.

He'd lost his blade and so drew the revolver before proping himself up in the doorframe. There was an audible click as he cocked the weapon.

"I knew you wernt dead. I never could hurt you, you always had a thick hide."

she spoke without turning and Talon felt a touch of sadness, a sense of loss from the life they might have had together.

"No, you plugged me good. I reckon that after that climb ive got maybe ten minutes to live. I once said that you were the most important thing in my life. Now thats true, if anyone else had delivered this wound id still be down there. Bleeding my life away. But you made me live on."

"Is this what it has come to Talon, a shootout on the roof of an iron foundary?"

"I didnt throw the first stone darlin, you did. Ive always held a grudge you know that. Shooting me seems a pretty good reason for revenge."

She turned, siluetted by the dying sun, pistols drawn. Talon pulled the trigger.

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An empty bottle of Jack Daniels lay on the hotel floor. Gambler sat on the edge of the bed with his face in his hands. One day, thats it. Thats what the doctors had told him. He looked back at the two passed out hookers still asleep. He rose off the bed and got dressed. Placing two one hundred doller bills on the table before he left.

Walking down the hall he reached into his pocket and pulled out his zippo and a pack of Ports.

You cant smoke in here said a bell hop. Gambler grabbed the man and slammed him into the wall.

"Ya wanna know what the GOOD thing about dying is? Not givin a $#@!"

Gambler released the man and walked out.

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Talon gun clicked empty, as did Lynne's. They both swayed, the terrible toll that the gunfight had taken from them apparent on thier faces. Lynne fell backwards onto a skylight, shattering it with her wieght. She fell towards the massive, two ton crucible.

"Burn baby" Talon whispered.

He collapsed, sliding down a doorframe that was slick with his own blood. It was pooling underneath him and spreading relatvly quickly. Talon threw his gun away from him. He was moments from death and he knew it.

"Looks like your gonna have company Lynne." he said.

Talon's life flashed before him. Heading inexorably towards tonight, in the foundary.

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Walking out of the dark bar he reached in to his pocket for his smokes, Putting a malbro red to his lips he smiled "Hey loser you dressed for Haloween " The young punk just opened a world of pain.

"Whats your name kid" , "Sylux whats it to you pun......" That was his last words his skin ripped clean of reavling pink muscles and bone , his eyes just fell out "Dickweed" Arrow said lifting the cig to his mouth.

He smiled as he let the sweet nicoten fill his lungs, he picked up the bottle of rum he had brought out with him and took a swig , " The end of the world , I need a hooker "
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Post Deleted.

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Gambler walked down the Las Vegas strip and looked at the faces of all the people and wondered how many of them where about to die and if they even knew it. The day before Gambler had robbed the First National Bank in Bulder City. Now it was time for some action. He walked into Tony's gun store, the fat man behind the counter gave him the once over. Gambler approached the counter.

"Now this is the $#@! you sell the suckers and weekend warriors. Show me the real $#@!"

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"Verona!" Verona heard her name called in her dream, until she realized it was for real. It sounded like Scott's Voice, but why would he be here? She looked, without moving, at a mirror on her wall and saw men breaking into her home.

She waited until the man was right over her before saying,"It's not nice to wake someone up when they're sleeping. She could tell the man had a surprised look underneath his ski mask.

Still without moving, Verona pciked the man up with her mind and threw him against her wall, knocking him unconscious. She flew out of bed, almost knocking Binx over in the process. She flew and punched the man who was climbing in through her window out and let him fall from his ladder.

Unbeknownst to her, three other men had snuck in through her back door, and were sneaking up behind her. One grabbed her and put his arms over her both and held down her arms.

Verona tried to pass through the man's arms, but she couldn't. Her power wasn't working. She looked at the man's gloves, and noticed something was drawn on them. It was a spell designed to trap spirits. She couldn't break free.

"Mmph! Mmmmph!" She tried to yell but couldn't, and the man dragged her back into the shadows.

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Enigma watched Darkchild reform his skull, "Fascinating." he said. He then responded to his counterpart's last few sentences. "I agree, the sooner we find out who did this, the sooner I can go on to do other things. So, do you have any form of a lead, or do we have to start from scratch?"

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Leads? Do you think if i had any i would have asked you for help?

I have only one thing recurring in my dreams and mind a image of a man in white. Thats all i know and remember other than waking up with a very hot dead naked women laying next to me this morning.

I have one person to see, he may know who did this because well he is a hacker and a computer geek and too damn smart for his own good. So if anything has been said anywhere he would know who and where to look.

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Gambler emerged from the gun shop carrying a dufflebag with enough guns to start a war. And that was his intention. The thought had occurd to Gambler that the virus wasnt a natural disease but a created one. Someone was trying to wipe out all and any with even a hint of extra ordanary abilities. First though he would need a car and maybe some like minded individuals to help save there species.

There was a research lab just outside the city limits and maybe they might have an answer as to why this virus only affected those with ability's while normal homosapians seem to be immune.

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"Alright, sounds like a shady character, but let's pay him a visit. Do you happen to know where we might be able to find this 'hacker'?"

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Lynne walked in the shadows of the dark road with Talon a dozen feet behind her. With catlike grace she clambered over the perimeter wall and dropped into the yard. Talon followed. She opened the door and walked inside. Talon was irritated,

"First you demand to see me, then you lead me around town for an hour."

Lynne stuck her head back out the door and flashed Talon a smile.

"Just a bit further."

He sighed and relented.

"I know im going to regret this later."

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His home, he is what you would call a recluse and he hates me when i interrupt his working, so duck when i knock on the window.

DC grabs Enigma by the shoulder and teleports to the location.

"So here we are, my friends house a bit crappy but its what is inside that counts."

Stay here alright if he blows my head in two i will survive you wont.

DC walks to the window and a blast of light erupts from the window.

DC just walks back to the door missing his good arm.

"Ok now that the introductions are done are you going to let me in or not Greg"

Greg sticks his head out of the window.

Greg: Who is the short guy, i dont like new people.

"Shut up and open the door moron"

Greg cowers and goes to open the door.

When he does he greets Enigma with a gun.

Greg: So who the hell are you shorty?