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@shield-maiden: @mister_surreal: @blubber:

Although he doesn’t show it, the Cyborg Superion is growing increasingly frustrated over the turn of events. Getting into the JLA watchtower and hacking into it’s systems without anyone knowing was a piece of cake. But now that he is trying to leave, suddenly everyone wants to talk or insists on following him like Mr. Surreal.

The fact the Sorcerer is following him tells the Cyborg that the magician senses something is off. The Cyborg deduces that much about the man. And then there is the ever perceptible Helena Troy. Neither one exists in the reality that the Cyborg comes from but thanks to the JLA data files he’s downloaded, he knows all about them thanks to Apex’s thorough work. Some might say, a little too much information. Which is why the Cyborg did not wish to encounter Helena. But alas, here she is and wanting to talk to him. And now that Grant is no longer distracting Mr. Surreal, the Sorcerer is now curious himself.

It’s only a matter of time before either one deduces he isn’t the real Superion, who is having a blind date with someone back on Earth. With his command over technology, the Cyborg has access to the Watchtower’s defenses. A plan forms.

‘Superion’ steps in front of Helena, hands on his hips as if ready to give an inspiring speech. He even smiles, white teeth practically sparkling. “To be honest, something is troubling me.” And that is the honest truth. He knows not to lie around Helena, given what she is capable of.

Then ‘Superion’ stops smiling, looking right into Helena’s eyes, “Unfortunately, not even you can solve it, even as wise as you are, Helena.”

‘Superion’s’ eyes wander over to Grant, hoping to grab the man’s attention and he smiles again as he ignores everything Grant said and asks him, “Hey Grant, want to see a magic trick?”

Knowing Grant, he’ll say yes. Then Cyborg Superion tilts his head and a force field pops into place right in front of the Cyborg and Helena, hopefully preventing her from going any further beyond it’s point. The automated systems come online as turrets pop out of the ceiling and point guns at the heroes, “Enough of this charade.”

‘Superion’s’ skin melts and his cyborg parts appear, his voice becoming mechanical and with his one good eye, he stares coldly at Helena, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some place to be. Good luck surviving.”

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With his left, organic, hand he snaps his fingers and the automated defenses rain down energy blasts upon the heroes, attempting to kill them all. Yes, even Grant. Fortunately for Blubber, Kon was taking a nap but he hears the big 600 pound man calling for him in the midst of a happy doggy dream. Opening one eye, then both as he gives an almost questioning bark, he uses super-speed to leave his cozy abode to answer a call from one of his favorite new playmates.

By the time Kon arrives on the scene, the force field is already in place and the automated defenses have already come online. One of the turrets aims directly at Blubber and Kon knows that the big nice man is cannot survive that attack. So, being the super dog he is, he puts his body in front of Blubber and takes every energy blast hit meant for Grant. Kon yelps in pain, then growls in anger. Eyes glowing red, heat vision pours out of his eyes as he fires back at the turret and melting one of it's barrels.

In the meantime, the Cyborg Superion walks in the transporter tube and tries to beam down to Earth before, hopefully, anyone can stop him.

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Cassius's tone was one of clear bemused confusion "Ohh. Like a secondry mutation? sorry are you a mutant?. Of course thats not polite to ask, i just studyied your family alot. They are basically the mutant Kennedy's afterall. Only saw a couple baselines in that family tree." His words carefuly hidding his true insight.

Responding to Karahs questions with his best off the cuff whitelies"Thanks. My mum liked science fiction apperently Cassian is some otherworldly heroic type. Or thats what i was told at least."

Looking around as the two strolled continuing their chat. "So who else will we be meeting today?"

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As Helena and Superion walked side by side, she couldn't help but pick up the sounds of dampening from behind her. She didn't need to look over her shoulder to determine the proximately of the person; she just knew they were close, but not close enough to intrude in her conversation with the leader of the team. It only took a couple of seconds for her ears to pick up another set of footsteps, following close behind the individual who followed her. Distinguishing the two was as easy as solving a game of sudoku. The person behind her trailed her wearily - his footsteps cautious, distant, and guarded, as if he too had sensed the strange aura in the atmosphere. Behind him, the individual that followed was undiscerning, clumsy, and loud - thumping and clacking every time his foot made contact with the surface. The two individuals were none other than Mister Surreal and Blubber.

She didn't need to take a whiff of the air to identify their scents; their footsteps aided her in distinguishing the two from one another. The former princess did not suspect they were foes, as the floating fortress defenses would have engaged the targets by now. But the thing that made her feel unsettled was the fact that Mister Surreal seemingly felt the need to trail behind her, which only meant he was just as curious as she was over the team leader's current state.

Sliding her enchanted sword down her scabbard, Helena made sure to keep her hands clenched around the handle of her sword, in case she needed to draw it in a moment's notice. Her mysterious captivating eyes filled with blue waves of what seemed to be electricity, penetrated into her companion's fascial structure, as they strode down the hall. She found it suspicious that she could not dissect any facial emotions from him, as he was not her mother. From what she gathered during their fight with Ares, Superion was as noble as the peacemakers that patrolled the streets of the United States. The two did not even know each other, yet he stood up for her, even after she repeatedly told him to save himself and his team. Truthfully, Helena held so much respect for the man, as he was something she could not be - truly good. But right now, she was gazing into what seemed to be an empty shell of the man she respected. "To be honest, something is troubling me.” He responded to her in a way that made her grip her handle tighter. She could not explain why her instincts reacted that way, but she could not follow through with them as there was little evidence.

Her discernment quarreled with the possibility that Superion could be just having a bad day - she didn't know him all too well to know when he was in a bad mood. Yet as a leader, he should know to never allow his burdens to affect the morale of his troops. Right now, she felt the temptation to just whip out her lasso and ensnare him, but doing so against the man who won her trust during their fight with Ares was a bit much, especially after he accepted her, and their journeys were said to be connected. As for Grant: He did not have her trust at first, and he should have not been invited into their fortress in the first place. Coincidently, they were attacked by an unknown being on the same day of his arrival; so she felt justified in every way to ensnare and force the truth out of him.

Superion suddenly halted in his tracks, turning his head to gaze into her as if reading through her - like one of Hephaestus' wicked inventions. “Unfortunately, not even you can solve it, even as wise as you are, Helena.” Helena's brow quirked - her face now unsympathetic, as she did not take a liking to his subtle insult. How could one make such a judgement without first explaining his troubles to the individual.

“Hey Grant, want to see a magic trick?”As soon as her "companion" turned to Blubber, Helena instincts took root - she attempted to wrap her arms around the hero, hoping to ensnare him with a bear hug. The demigod knew full well what "magic trick" meant in his context, as she had her fair share of hearing those words when she was a child. Those same words were used to tempt her into accepting the gift of flight for her soul, and then paying the price for being so foolish. It's true, Superion could have wanted to show Grant a magic trick, but the comment was random, and the insult to her just before was unwise. That, and her companion already displayed unusual behavior. As she attempted to intercept the "hero," a wall of energy appeared between them, separating the two from each other. "Superion! What treachery is this?!" She shouted, not even attempting to punch through the force field, as she knew it was constructed to withstand the might of Superion and herself.

A million answers began formulating in her head, as she gazed into his very essence with a scowl that meant you made a huge mistake. Either, Superion was bewitched by a relative of hers, or the weight of being a leader infected his mental stability - like a plague bestowed by Apollo. As much as she wanted to give her former companion a stare that rivaled Thanatos, Personification of Death; her attention went toward the ceiling after her ears picked up the sounds of ceiling panels shifting apart. Lowering and unfolding itself on a stem were laser-filled miniature turrets, awaiting the commands of their master to engage the targets. “Enough of this charade.” She watched in disgust as Superion's dense skin molted, as if he were the long lost brother to the Gorgon Sisters - revealing mechanical parts instead of the ornately patterned hide of a snake. "Malakas!" She cursed in Greek and disgust. The demigod warrior had witnessed and been in circumstances far foul than this, but just witnessing the process of skin molting sent chills down her spine - like Khione's touch. "What have you done with Superion?!" Her voice full of rage and concern for her companion. "Who sent you?!" She asked, knowing full well this mechanical being could have been crafted by the Gods. At first, she believed Hephaestus had betrayed her and @king_leo, but she cast the possibility aside, as her uncle had risked so much to aid her. "Athena as my witness, you will regret the day we crossed paths." Her statement was more of a promise than threat. She did not know what this being was capable of and would not underestimate it, but she surely was going to do some damage or come out victorious.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some place to be. Good luck surviving.” She spat on the floor at the insult, and moved back from the ceiling turrets that aimed downwards at her. She purposely moved to where Mister Surreal and Blubber now stood, possibly just as stunned as she was. Her striking eyes remained locked on the ceiling layer that once stood above her - where the shield separated the heroes from the mechanical Superion. This was done to give her room to enact the plan that formulated in her mind in seconds. The cyborg was foolish for even assuming these toys could slay her - slow her down yes, but survival was in her favor - Praise Tyche. "Mister Surreal, I need you to surround those turrets above us with tiny shields; that way I don't have to worry about getting stunned from above!" She immediately shouted orders, pointing above them and taking over the situation as fast as she could; now that the team leader was compromised. "Grant! I need you to use your body to shield Mister Surreal's rear, but only IF your body can withstand it, and no harm comes to you." She barked, taking notice that the pudgy inspired hero could alter the size of his body. Helena prayed he could alter the density of his body as well, but just in case he couldn't. "Mister Surreal if possible, I need you to also encase Blubber; in case his body cannot withstand the lasers." Those were her final orders and she said them as quickly as possible, knowing full well what was about to happen. Just as she expected, with the snap of his left hand, Helena watched as a volley of lasers fell like rain drops from a cloud formed by Zeus.

Even if she hadn't moved prior, she still could have avoided the rainfall of beaming light. In her perception, the world seemed to come to a halt, as if Kronos had made reality sluggish with his scythe. The lasers fell down in a way that looked as if they had to go through honey to impact the ground. When she agreed to stay and possibly join the ranks of the Justice League Alliance, she was certain Superion or someone on the team took charge of gathering intelligence on each individual, which included her. Was it something she disagreed with? No. If she was being honest, she would do the same thing in case someone was compromised or committed treason. While it was plausible that someone took note on her display during the unfortunate events with Ares, they certainly did not know the true extent of her speed, as she tried her best to conceal how fast she could move and even fly. Praying Mister Surreal and Blubber had her covered from above and the rear, Helena wasted no time in enacting her plan. With time and speed in her favor, the demigod removed her tiara from her forehead - the edges secretly razor-sharp, refined, and gleaming all so beautifully - and flicked her wrist and arm forward, watching as the golden tiara escaped her hand, and sliced through the air - toward the ceiling turrets that guarded the force field. Spinning in a circular motion, the edges of the tiara impacted the first turret, slicing it from it's stem, and then continuing to severe the remaining row. One by one, each turret guarding the shield wall crashed onto the floor in a domino effect. Once her plan worked, Helena retrieved her tiara, catching it in mid-air as it circled around and returned to her.

"Mister Surreal! I need you to shut our defenses down, you are the only one who is capable of teleporting. Once that is over, head to the transporter room. Blubber, you can come aid me or Mister Surreal, the choice is yours!" She placed her tiara over her forehead, removed her sword from her scabbard, and rushed to center of the force field. Using her enchanted sword, Helena made a huge incision in their reality, opening up a portal. She had no time to trace the wound into a gateway, instead she just rushed in and "teleported" where she believed the mechanical being was heading - the transporter room.

Cleaving her way out the other dimension, the former princess rushed out the wound and now stood in the center of the transporter room. Standing in the tube already was the Mechanical Superion, attempting to escape. Not wanting that to happen, Helena immediately hurled her sword into the computer panel, hopefully disrupting it. "I told you. You'll regret the day we crossed paths." She moved to the nearest corner and beckoned the mechanical being to come at her with two fingers.


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Raptor gives a shrug of her well toned shoulders, "It's okay, I'm not ashamed to admit I'm actually human. I just happen to have access to magical powers that allow me to do what I can do. And no, I cannot cast spells." Then she thinks about the last part of her answer before giving him a different one, "I mean, I suppose I could if I tried. But I prefer using the powers I have now."

So, a human. She's a rather unique Knightfall then. Karah knows very little about her family tree, but she does know she's related to many Knightfalls. She's even met Ashley Knightfall, a nice doctor in Gothic City.

Upon asking who else he's going to be meeting today, Cassian might find that his legs are being surrounded by a low hanging fog. The very air feels like a storm is about to hit them. Then he might see her coming out of a wall of clouds inside the hallway. A warrior wielding a mighty hammer. Thunderstorm. The hammer is crackling with energy that is barely contained and the tall 6'2" muscle bound warrior looks at Cassian fearlessly in his eyes, almost as if she's ready to hit him for some unknown transgression.

But then Thunderstorm suddenly smiles politely, shifting her hammer from her right hand to her left before extending her right hand for a hand shake after Raptor introduces her, "Cassian, this is Thunderstorm. Thunderstorm, this is Cassian."

When Thunderstorm speaks, it's feminine but powerful, "Nice to meet you, Cassian."

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Cassius was suprised at the revialtion of a magic based Knightfall. His siblings relied so heavily on the sceince's and advanced mechanics of the human body. Everything was so intensely focussed on proven knowledge, ancient studies and physical application. To hear of knightfall brancing this far into alternative sources of power intrested him greatly. Especially considering their heritage. Making a not to pursue further questioning on the matter later the two Knightfalls started to become envolped in a low laying fog. Covering Cassius to just past the knee in a cold blanket of thick cloud. The clouds flickered as if filled with a micro storm as a large figure walked towards them sparks like fork lightning shot through the storm and broke with a low rumble of thunder.

"Cassian, this is Thunderstorm. Thunderstorm, this is Cassian."

Cass was taken back upon hearing the warriors voice. The armour hid the gender well though perhaps the fog had helped. Turning on his best Knightfall charm in responce.

"The pleasure is all mine. This is quite the display. Tell me, does the storm follow you everywhere?"

Inside he was starting to feel like what possible use would he be to team that had arsenal of this magnitude when he was running around with a weapon from the dark ages. Well a slightly fancyier version perhaps but these people had magic and might and even the elements.

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@blubber: @superion_prime: @cassius_knightfall: @shield-maiden:

With each step behind the two characters, the sorcerer got a strange feeling that made him feel close and closer to uncovering the truth what was the cause of the unusual behavior of the team leader. This carried great importance to him since he has learned early on in his career as a protector of Earth that there were many cases in which a person should not rely solely on the evidence laid out before them but also take into account what they felt on an emotional level, and neither of those things made him feel comfortable about the way that Superion was acting. His demeanor was apathetic, his face stiff and his posture without the same appearance of pride that had made him easily recognizable as being the one at the head of the group. He lacked a great many features that had become iconic among the nature of Superion as well as gaining several others that made feel as if he were a different person, making it it more difficult to believe he was who he seemed to be by the second. Judging by the way that Helena clutched her sword, Mister Surreal knew that she felt the same way.

The exit being only a few more steps away from allowing passage to whoever chose to use it, it was fairly clear that if there was indeed something wrong with Superion that it would need to be dealt with right at this time. It made Mister Surreal thankful that Shield-Maiden was a wary as he was, if not more so. But as Superion replied to Shield-Maiden's inquires concerning the reason for his recent change in personality, Matthew started to pay very close attention to how he reacted to everything that the lady had said. "To be honest, something is troubling me.", said the man in blue. Mister Surreal wasn't sure what to except from this sudden alteration in the way that Superion chose to respond to each statement from Shield-Maiden, it being clearly different than the way that he had thus far. However the whole situation did force him to remain cautious at all times, especially since he could practically feel the levels of defensiveness only rising on the aura of Helena, only adding to the feeling that what was about to come next was not to be desired among Shield-Maiden or himself.

He bent his fingers in preparation to cast a spell and as Blubber followed along with likely very little knowledge as to what Shield-Maiden and Mister Surreal feared, he would receive a message from the spell caster that required his immediate attention. "If something bad happens, I want you to run to safety and stay there until I say that it's safe to come out.", he said in a telepathic message. It was of great concern of Mister Surreal's that Blubber remained safe during the possible event that Superion had less than noble intentions on the front of his mind, but it was only when Superion (if than was indeed who he was) offered to show Blubber some sort of magic trick that the sorcerer's suspicions had practically been proven valid. Him being both a wielder of both true and fake magic gave Matthew this almost superhuman ability to determine when a person meant to do good or bad when offering such things. That little known that fact couple with him having noticed the odd behavior of Superion made the reality of the circumstance known do the mage.

Only moments, as if on queue, a force-field was put up between the three heroes and the all but confirmed villains, like a group of mice pinned down in a mouse trap layered with cheese. "Release us, now!" As the magic user said this, the false Superion's skin began to melt off of his very bones, unmasking who he was both literally and physically. "Some sort Cyborg Superion.", Mister Surreal thought as he watched in disgust as half of its flesh melted away like a rotting corpse that was aging before their very eyes. Once this process was compete, Cyborg Superion activated the facilities defense systems before parting with an ill fated goodbye. The sorcerer's immediate response was to create a portal and use it as a way to escape the confines of the energy based prison, but was unfortunately interrupted by the inconvenient sound of the automated weapons being dispatched from the ceiling. "As I told you.", Mister Surreal told Blubber mentally.

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As the turrets neared the end of their preparation phase and made themselves ready to fire, Shield-Maiden quickly issued out orders to Mister Surreal, instructing him to cast a spell that would cover turrets so that she may pass through without being hit by a barrage of lasers. Frantically, Matthew through his arms over the other, twisted his fingers and castes orbs filled with orange energy that were sent flying towards the rays of energized particles directed at the group of heroes. While this would be normally a simple task for the Sorcerer Supreme, it was the issue of having to split his attention with the orders given to him by Shield-Maiden and attempting to watch over Blubber that made it more than a bit difficult. But what made matters worse was the fact that Shield-Maiden then asked Blubber to cover Mister Surreal's backside, right before asking Mister Surreal to cover him with a shield as well of he could. If Blubber chose to stay, Mister Surreal would try his best to provide him with a shield that could protect him from all the damage of the lasers that would be inflicted.

In the midst of this effort, the glimmer of a metallic object could he seen gliding through the air at corner of Mister Surreal's eye, caught by his peripheral vision as he paid attention to the weapons firing off at them. In what seemed be less than full second, the set of turrets above them had been taken out by the item, only for the object in question to be places on top of Shield-Maiden's head once it had completed its task. The first instinct of Mister Surreal was to look back at Shield-Maiden, as if he were expecting another batch of orders from the leader of their trio and like a good soldier was ready to proceed with the plan set out by their captain. He was instructed by her to go down shut down the bases defenses, likely as a way of keeping any other security measures from attempting to attack them. Unfortunately, the art of technological magic was not one of the Sorcerer Supreme's expertise. Taking out the defense system would require him to be a bit creative.

That was when the spell user got an idea. He began cast the spell that he had previously used on the turrets hanging from above, but this time he would increase the blast radius to the point where it would reach the main power supply that kept the facilities' defensive system active. Normally, this would be caused by an extreme amount of effort on the sorcerer's part, but if he used roughly the same amount of energy to project the field while increasing its range, he figured that he would be able to make something of an EMP. While not an expert in any branch of technology, Mister Surreal did understand the fundamentals of how it worked. The wave of energy would course through the base and knock out the power of the defense systems power supply just long enough to carry out the next mission. And with that, a large orange pool of energy flowed through the base's halls, covering the environment with the similar fiery glow that had encased the turrets.

Once that was compete, Mister Surreal opened a portal to the teleportation room where he could see that Shield-Maiden was now cornering the impostor, looking as ready as ever to engage him or it on a fight. Casting another spell, Mister Surreal turned his hands around each other, making a ring of red runes circle his hands as if he were about to execute a convict. He turned, lowered his eyebrows and stared down the enemy with a reserved but no less stern look. "Choose your next action very carefully."

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Still standing in the background, Blubber hooped and hollered to gain Superion’s attention. But despite all the misgivings of his fear and the lack of concern from his idol, he still eagerly wanted to speak to Superion and tell him how proud he was to be a team member. Unaware, of how foolish he looked, he continued to jump up and down, while waving his hands, all the while shouting out like a child. Had it not been for his child like nature, he would have come across as annoying, but as it was Grant, shouting out, it became more or less, cute! But because Grant was simplistic in nature, he failed to notice the obvious tension in the room as Shield Maiden spoke with Superion. Instead he kept making a spectical of himself as he kept jumping up and down, with all six hundred pounds in a fluid motion. Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, he felt an odd sensation followed by the words,"If something bad happens, I want you to run to safety and stay there until I say that it's safe to come out," ringing inside his head. Immediately, he began looking around, unsure of himself, wondering if anyone else heard the same thing. But as he recognized the voice as his friend Matthews, and the fact that he was a few feet ahead of him, facing away, Blubber could only assume it was an off the cuff remark.

But with great joy, his Idol Superion, finally recognized him, and more importantly spoke back, as if his next words were the most important he had ever said. Ignoring everyone else in the hallway, he made it a point to lock eyes with Grant, then oh so cleverly put it, “Hey Grant, want to see a magic trick?” What happened next was like a blur in Grant’s mind, as the actions that followed were beyond his comprehension. It began with Kon flying in at a super speed, his tail wagging, eager to aid the call of Blubber, and hopefully get embraced with one of his ever loving hugs. But if it had stopped there, Grant would not have gone to such a dark place, for immediately afterwards a secret force field materialized between where he and his friends stood, and where Superion now stood gloating. It was then the reason for Superion’s coldness to his teammates became obvious, as part of his skin, peeled away, revealing a metallic skeleton bone structure underneath, complete with one red robotic eye. But before Blubber could utter the words, “What is he doing?” the Sorcerer Supreme reached out with his mind only to reassure Grant with a telepathic message, “As I told you!” But whether it was his fear over seeing his Idol turning into a half human half machine cyborg, or the fact he felt trapped, Blubber never once noticed the station’s defense systems activate, until it was too late!

Coming in from above, several high power turrets shot out from behind hidden compartments, followed by a loud clanking sound. Unfortunately, for Blubber one of them took aim on him, and after a bright glow of energy built up, a single controlled blast came firing down. But as Blubber was still in a state of shock, not only did he failed to notice the blast, he failed to notice Kon jumping in it’s way. Just like in a dramatic movie, Blubber watched the next few minutes in slow motion, as Kon took the blast, only to be knocked unconscious, and plummet to the ground like a sack of wet potatoes. It was then, at that moment, Grant jumped into action, as his right hand morphed into a baby’s cradle, complete with a soft cushion like substance, and safely caught Kon on his way down. Immediately, he began shouting, “Kon! Tell me you’re okay! Please tell me you’re okay!” unaware of everything else in the hallway, and even began petting Kon in a motherly way. But as his hand gently stroke across the dog’s body, his hand turned a slight red as he found a open wound on Kon’s side, small but still bleeding. Had he been there alone, his full attention would be on Kon’s health, and holding him in his arms until he was better. However, he was far from being alone, and with his life and three of his teammates life on the line, Shield Maiden quickly, and abruptly, told him what to do!

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Clearly keeping a calm head in such a dire situation, Helena began shouting orders, just as the turrets were taking aim. Unaware of Grant’s true potential, she put a lot of faith in his girth, as she gave him one and only one command, "I need you to use your body to shield Mister Surreal's rear,” but even then she was reluctant as she finished, “but only IF your body can withstand it, and no harm comes to you." But as Blubber was still somewhat unsure of his own potential, he looked down upon Kon for guidance, only to see a friend wounded, and could possibly die if he did nothing, he was overcome not with bravery, but with true heroism. Knowing perfectly well that any laser blast that could cut through someone of Kon’s race, could easily cut through him, he still proudly agreed to Helena’s plan. With a quick, “Don’t worry about me, I got Matthew's back, no matter what!” he moved into action.Once again Blubber began morphing his enormous weight, to the point his body took on a wall like structure enclosing the Sorcerer Supreme from three sides, while at the same time increasing his girth to his most harden and durable form. All the while still caressing Kon within his cradle like hand.

With a deep calming breath, he closed his eyes, as he prepared for the incoming fire. In his mind he was ready, as both Matthew and Kon were protected, yet there was still a large level of fear. The next thing Grant heard was the repetitive fire from the stations turret guns, followed by.....PAIN! Never before had he felt such a sensation, as the ten to twenty blasts of pure energy collided with his back. Despite his mutant abilities the blast still managed to burn under his skin, but for no more than a few inches. It was like someone throwing lit matches across bare flesh, but over and over and over. In doing so he only let out a few whimpers, trying his best not to show any signs of weakness, but more importantly, not let his team down. In the end he simply went numb, no longer thinking or aware of his surrounding, just simply standing there as a wall, until the pain would stop. What he did not know was, with the aid of Mister Surreal’s magic, and the enchantment on Shield Maiden’s tiara, the threat had been eliminated, with the broken pieces from the turrets now laying on the floor at their feet. However, Grant was still to scared to open his eyes, even with the flesh on his back returning to normal, were it not for Kon’s playful licks to his face, he would have continued to stand there in that form.

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With great joy he opened his eyes to see Kon up and moving again, with his wound healed over. Unable to hide his joy he shouted, “Kon! I’m so so so happy to see you alive again!” Normally Grant would spend the next hour and a half, rolling around on the floor with the canine, until both of them were to tired to move, but Shield Maiden made it clear that now was not the time. Still taking the role of the leader she quickly informed the rest of the team what needed to be done, finishing with a direct statement to Grant, “Blubber, you can come aid me or Mister Surreal, the choice is yours!" With a genuine and open smile, he morphed back to his preferred state of being, ready to go, and in all sincerity answered back, “I’d be happy to go with you,” He perks up, “But only if Kon cancome with us?” He then went on to make it clear that he felt that the fake Superion was the greater threat, and that it required more attention, as well as the fact he felt Mathew should be able to handle his part of the mission on his own. With that said, Helena used her sword to cut through the fabric of their reality and open a portal to the transporter room where she immediately rushed in. As for Blubber, at the moment he took only one step into the gateway, he instead turned back hoping to gain Kon’s attention with a flattering puppy call, “Come on Kon, come with meboy!” after which he fully entered the rift hoping desperately Kon made it inside too.

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Now stepping through to the other side, Grant found himself in the station’s transporter room, with the fake Cyborg Superion standing on the transporter, ready to beam off. It was then Shield Maiden, with her sword firmly in hand, hurled it across the room, deep into the computer panel on the far side, lighting the room in a shower of electrical sparks as the machine went up in flames. It was then she made her intentions perfectly clear as she shouted out loud, "I told you. You'll regret the day we crossed paths." But before the Cyborg Superion could respond, another rift opened in the room, and stepping out from it was Mister Surreal, the Sorcerer Supreme, and like Helena he too prepared for a fight. In doing so he waved one hand over the other until a ring of red runes circle them both, then as he watched his friends back, proclaimed "Choose your next action verycarefully." But oddly enough,it was Blubber who tried to strike first. Acting off anger alone he began morphing his frame larger and larger until he was so big he had to hunch down as not to break the ceiling. Speaking with such hatred that drool flung from his mouth, he yelled for all to hear, “You hurt Kon! You tried to hurt my friends! You’re no Superion, you’re nothing more thana Bad Bad Man!” Holding nothing back, he then morphed his two hands into the shape and size of standard refrigerators, and with his arms stretched out wide, he swung them in from both sides. Unfortunately for him, he fought without training, as his attack was rudimentary, as well as ill conceived, for he was acting off ill fated intentions, and unless he was stopped by some force, he would swing his massive hands down upon the Cyborg Superion, with all his might!

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@shield-maiden: @mister_surreal: @blubber:

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The panel is destroyed, preventing Cyborg Superion's escape, at least in that regard. Then when they all gather in the room the power is shut off. If the Cyborg could smile, he would. He doesn't need the power to be on in order to control the surrounding technology, not when he can use himself as a power source. But he doesn't reveal that to them yet.

Before he can respond to either Helena or Mr. Surreal, it's Blubber who decides to jump the gun and attack. In a blur of super-speed, the Cyborg dodges out of the way, "Annoyingly resourceful." He says to both Helena and Mr. Surreal.

"I didn't come here to fight. I came here for information." But he doesn't tell them he already has it.

The Cyborg holds both his hands up in surrender, "I surrender. You got me."

But right palm of the Cyborg's hand glows, firing a laser blast that travels as fast as light at the ceiling. A giant hole is created that leads to the vacuum of outer space. Almost as soon as he fires the blast, the Cyborg Superion flies up and out of it. Now he is attempting to escape another way.

Everything that is not bolted down is now being sucked into space thanks to the hole in the ceiling. Normally a force field would automatically pop into place to prevent such an occurrence but with the power off that is not the case.

Kon isn't sure Blubber can survive the vacuum of space, so the dog grabs the huge man by his shirt collar with his mouth as he tries to prevent Blubber from being sucked into space.

Can Helena survive the vacuum of space to pursue the Cyborg? Mr. Surreal can. If Helena is not able to, he may have to aid her.

If any of them choose to pursue, the Cyborg shows his ability to use himself as a power source for the technology he controls by suddenly sealing the hole with a twitch of his fingers and HOPEFULLY causing one or both Helena & Mr. Surreal to unexpectedly to slam head first into the now closed hole. IF the Cyborg succeeds, then the dented impression the metal makes from their faces causes the Cyborg to laugh, Now that made quite the impression. He thinks to himself in amusement.

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Cassius should not underestimate his value to the team. In the right hands a bow and arrow can be great weapons against those the Justice League Alliance faces. If Apex can do it, so can Cassius. At the question, Thunderstorm grins, "Only when I want it to."

Then Raptor turns to him and asks, "Want to meet the other reservists and members are do you need time to adjust after meeting Thunderstorm?" She grins, winking teasingly at him.

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Maybe another time
Maybe another time

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"No need to adjust. Its just the fit of these pants." pausing for a second to see if they laughed before awkwardly adding "Again a pleasure to meet you." Addressing the sizable weather wizard and her hammer. Finally Turning to Raptor and awkwardly smiling before adding "What ever you think is important for an introduction to the place."

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Raptor gives him a tour and by the time they are done, Cassius might feel a tap on his left shoulder. But if he looks, no one is there. If he looks the other way, a man dressed in red and yellow is smiling from ear to ear, "Hi, I'm Flash Lightning. Some call me the fastest man alive, but I don't know about that."

Flash Lightning offers to shake Cassius's hand even as Raptor rolls her eyes at tap on the shoulder, made you look, joke.

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Helena stood in her corner, gazing into the anatomy of the mechanical being - her eyes narrowed and her face unrelenting. If Hephaestus was here, he would marvel over the cybernetic organism and probably attempt to perfect the being into something even more vile. She purposely stood in the corner, hoping to utilize her strengths and the environment against the imposter. Helena was proficient in the arts of Greco-Roman wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiiu-Jiitsu - if she could get the cyborg to impulsively engage her while her back was hugging the ropes, she could possibly dominate the walking contraption. Standing on what she had gathered during their encounter with Ares, the demigod warrior made a probable assessment that Superion was not as proficient as she was in close quarter combat. Ares attempt to gradually reduce their strength and effectiveness through sustained attacks both mentally, physically, and spiritually, made her realize that the heroic leader seemed to favor speed and brute force over technique, but then again she could be wrong.

It was unwise for someone to assume and underestimate their opponent, which is why she remained vigilant, and trusted her training and wits to come out victorious. Another problem was the fact that she wasn't certain if the hybrid contained all of Superion's capabilities, making this confrontation even more unpredictable. While her mind and physical stature were eager for an attack, she silently prayed the Goddess Tyche granted her two companions favor over their obstacles - losing more loved ones would only prove her point to Leonel and Lucas, isolating herself further from the world.

"Did you honestly believe you can leave this place unscathed? Now that is foolish thinking." She said, her eyes glancing toward her sword, which was still fixed into the now destroyed computer panel - sparks and flames erupting from the panel like a volcano, as if Hephaestus sought revenge against Zeus for being hurled once again from Mount Olympus. Unbeknownst to her companions, her sword was mysteriously bewitched - it could be recalled to her at a moment's notice, and she intended to use that advantage against the cyborg if he hurled himself at her like a round shot from a cannon. If it was foolish enough to be as impulsive as Ares, it's back would be exposed, giving her the opportunity to recall her sword, which will then pierce through it's back, just to return to it's owner's grasp. There was a possibility the walking contraption could have been forged to have Lucas' blessed hearing, which meant there was a chance it could hear the sword whizzing toward it - but being a daughter of Athena, Helena factored that possibility into her plan, and made it a priority to strike her vambraces against it's tympanic membrane, before recalling the sword in it's attempt to pierce through it's back and out it's organic or biomechatronic heart.

As her mind formulated a plan and considered all possibilities, a portal suddenly appeared in the center of the room, and out emerged the prestige sorcerer himself - Mister Surreal. His long cloak - blood-soaked with yellow trimmings - exited behind with elegance. That cape was as omniscient as her shield, and did not take a liking to Ares uttering a roar so blaring it blasted the sorcerer backwards. She remembered that roar like it was yesterday - war cries, explosions, gunfire, clashing armies - the roar was barbaric and could drive a mortal mad - the horrific sounds of war played over and over in her head for what seemed like an hour. A slight smirk slid across her lips - Tyche had answered her prayers and increased the odds of victory. If this walking contraption held Superion's DNA and his weaknesses, it's organic parts would be vulnerable to both her and Mister Surreal - decreasing it's chances of successfully escaping. While not late, the corpulence aspired hero, Blubber, finally stepped out of the mystical gateway she had created - causing a slight tremor. The former princess wondered how the man-stout was able to follow her path on what seemed to be roots on a tree. "Impressive." She marveled. "Took you both long enough; I was beginning to wonder your fates." She admitted, revealing how attached she was becoming to her companions. Now Cyborg Superion was outnumbered, increasing their odds of victory.

The demigod warrior watched as the sorcerer supreme twirled his hands around each other, making gestures that were similar to that of Hekate. She had to admit, he knew how to put on a play - Dionysus would surely envy him. With a ring of fiery energy now encasing his gloved hands, Mister Surreal was ready to fight side by side with the former princess once more - a warrior of royalty and a sorcerer, oh how the Fates were so humorous. Jason was a demigod warrior, and royalty - his father was Aeson, the rightful King of Iolcus - and Medea was a sorceresses, and the granddaughter of Helios, the former Sun God. "Choose your next action very carefully." Her head glanced back at Mister Surreal who hurled a warning at the cybernetic intruder. She couldn't help but notice the energy circling his hands were runes, the former alphabet of the Germanic People. Feeling a strange connection and sensation to the runes, Helena uttered the unexpected. "Protect the One?" She translated to the sorcerer supreme with curiosity. Despite being born with immense knowledge and wisdom, Helena still yearned to expand her knowledge, and now she found herself wondering if those runes told her companion's fate. A conversation for later, she couldn't allow her curiosity to get the best of her in the heat of battle, no matter how much it irked her to investigate and pry into his magical prowess. "Mister Surreal," She waved away her curious nature. "You and Blubber will entrap th--" Before she could even complete her sentence, the unexpected cry of man-like child severed her words. “You hurt Kon! You tried to hurt my friends! You’re no Superion, you’re nothing more thana Bad Bad Man!

Helena's head swung toward the direction of Grant, only for her to stare in fear and wonder. Fear: Because she knew her companion was about to make a tactical error, and wonder: Because Blubber inflated his anatomy to the point of becoming an oversized round shot. If a cyclops were in the room, she was "certain" his body could "devour the one-eyed giant." "Grant, wait for my instructions!" The overgrown man was so filled with emotion, her words must of sailed past his ears - Ares clouding his judgement and enacting his revenge. Blubber morphed both of his hands into oversized cinder blocks, stretched out wide with both arms - flanking the cyborg's left and right flanks, and attempted to squish him like a car compactor with both of his cinder block hands. "Skata!" She cursed in Greek, as she watched the display with disappointment.

The cyborg predictably was too swift for the corpulence aspired hero, and dodged with little to no effort - embarrassing him. "I didn't come here to fight. I came here for information." The Cyborg Lucas revealed. Helena was no fool - she might not have been Hephaestus, but she was certain the imposter had already gathered all the information he needed - judging by the fact that he tried to escape and had access to all their defenses. "Enough talk!" She knew the organic and biomechatronic imposer was bluffing, and decided the stalling needed to be put to rest. "Mister Surreal," She spoke through the mental link that was established from their encounter with the God of War. "....Blubber" The demigod carefully acknowledged him after his impulsive display. "I need you both to pin him down; that way I can beat it into submission. I'll engage first," She informed them. "And Grant-follow me and Mister Surreal's instructions." The former princess instructed as politely as she could.

Combining her superhuman speed and agility, Helena first dashed toward the cybernetic menace, moving to tackle it by the waist - a ruse attempt from what she really intended to do. Knowing full well she was dealing with a cybernetic organism who seemed to mimic Superion's superhuman speed, and not intending to make the same mistake as her companion, the demigod warrior stopped herself midway, leapt into the air, and then attempted to somersault over the half-mechanical being - but before she could enact her plan, the cyborg unexpectedly shot a energy blast from his hand at the ceiling, creating a crater into the vacuum of space. What happened next was detrimental to their plan: The hole was like the mouth of Chaos, violently inhaling everything that seemed succulent and pleasant to it's vast abdomen - equipment, a demigod, a sorcerer, and a overweight mutant - Chaos did not discriminate.

Since she was already in the air when the watchtower was breached, the air contained inside rushed to fill the body of Chaos, dragging her toward him, like an overpowered vacuum. Being as quick-witted as her mother, the demigod warrior grabbed her lariat from the side of her waist - with haste and a sound mind. Unrolling the rope, Helena then twirled the lariat above her - gaining the right momentum - and then hurled the golden rope at the bolted destroyed computer panel with precision. The noose of the rope fastened itself around the panel, and with two hands the demigod then pulled, tightening the loop around the stem of the computer - preventing herself from being devoured-for now.

The only thing keeping Helena's body now from being blown away was her enchanted golden lariat. She held on firmly as best as she could, her lean tone muscles tensing from holding on ever so tightly. The former princess could feel the air pressure working against her, shoving her with full force, as if Boreas, God of the North Wind and Winter, was attempting to hurl her outward with his subzero breath. She knew judging by how much weight she was putting on the computer panel and the violent air working against her, the stem of the panel would just snap, and send her and it into the mouth of the Primordial. The demigod warrior only needed a few seconds for her mind to assess the situation and then formulate a plan.

Everything around her, including her skin, felt the effects of below zero temperature: the moisture of her running nose froze - her eyebrows caught frost - and the tips of her long wavy hair became as white as Zeus'. The walls that surrounded the room were now covered in a layer of ice, as if Khionê had stroke them with her deadly touch. She should of been a lifeless corpse and taken by Thanatos by now, due to mortals being unable to use the oxygen present in space in order to breathe. But Helena found herself pondering - wondering how her body was not shutting down from the oxygen in her blood dropping and boiling. That's until she realized she was holding her breath the entire time - being a half-goddess, she must of had more time to hold her breath in before her lungs ruptured. As much as she wanted to glance toward the fate of her companions, she trusted their capabilities to preserve their life. Launching itself upwards, the demigod warrior watched as the intruder took flight and escaped from it's exit. Time was running out. Looking over her shoulder as she still held onto the gold thick strand of rope while midair, Helena gazed up at the giant crater behind her - she couldn't allow it to escape nor did she have time to wait until the stem of the computer panel to snap and her lungs to collapse.

Aware of Mister Surreal's position as the Sorcerer Supreme, Helena counted on him to seal off the hole with his sorcery or to encase himself and Blubber in some sort of magical force field to shield them from the hazardous body of Chaos. She counted herself out of the equation, assuming it would be a risk for Mister Surreal to use up so much of his attention on five separate task - sealing the crater, engaging the intruder, encasing her, Blubber, and himself. Helena factored all these into her process of thinking and formulated a plan that could work if played right. The only concern with this plan was that it was as risky as the German Empire waging a U-Boat campaign against neutral ships, drawing the United States into World War I. What other choice did she have? She could not overburden her men, and she was running out of time. Suddenly the stem from the computer panel began to creak. "Mister Surreal! If you could encase yourself and Blubber with your magic, that would suit you both well. Do not worry about my well-being. I have a plan." The former princess told them both through the mental link. The plan she formulated was risky, it could go sideways depending on the specific power or ability she selected from within herself. If the power was too much for her demigod physiology, she could turn on her companions much faster, and that was the risk. She vowed to never use this mysterious power again, not after the incident with the village - The Fates had other plans. Mentally looking at the options scattered before her, Helena made her decision - a decision she prayed she would not regret.

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Releasing her hands from the strand of rope - leaving it behind, knowing it would return to her in the heat of battle - the demigod princess allowed the intense air pressure to lead her toward the hole in the ceiling. Taking one last glance at her teammates with a look of dread, the former princess removed her vambraces as she was dragged midair - one by one, each was devoured by the mouth of Chaos. A bright aura of blue energy now surrounded and generated from Helena's body - steaming and emitting from the outline of her figure. The anatomy of her eyes were also overtaken with power - sky blue and steaming. "Bestow upon me the power and ability to survive the vast body of my relative!" She commanded, her voice full with power - enough to corrupt a good mortal.

Unbeknownst to the demigod, she summoned a power and ability from one of her relatives in her Greek lineage - Erebos, Primordial of Darkness, and Son of Chaos and Gaea. While she always knew about this gift hidden within her, she refused to use it due to it's effects on her mental state. Whenever she unleashed this power to the world, she found herself gradually losing rational thought, and unleashing a fit of frenzy - attacking friend or foe. The longer she stood in this state and depending on whose power she selected from her long line of relatives, the worse she became. Now she understood why her mother warned her to never remove her vambraces, unless absolutely necessary.

As she finally drew inches away from being devoured, she watched with a menacing grin as a layer of metal suddenly sealed the ceiling - the cyborg attempting to cause her or one of her companions to crash into it as it sealed shut. What the cybernetic being didn't know, she gained the ability to slip through her own shadow, phase through the ceiling, and come out the other end. "I warned, you will regret the day we crossed paths, did I not? I intend to keep that promise." She warned the half-mechanical organism as she now hovered in the body of Chaos. "Mister Surreal once you and Blubber accompany me, I need you both to entrap this walking contraption as quickly as possible. Time is not in our favor." She glanced at her glowing hands, knowing she would soon feel the effects of staying in this state.