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Blubber was so fueled with emotions after the interrogation, that he failed to hear Helena comment "Okay, conta-!" Instead he ran down the hallway shouting to Ted, “Mr. Wild Cat sir, did you hear I get to be a hero like you.” For this was his first official step in becoming a hero, and he wanted to share it with everyone. That was why in his haste to tell the legendary boxer, he left so fast his hands remained tied together back with Shield Maiden. Instead he stood before Mr. Grant, sans hands, hoping to impress him with his good fortune. But realizing how foolish he looked with his two arms stretched down the length of the hall, he handled it in his own simplistic way by joking, “I, um, still get to be a hero, right?” But shortly after Helena released him and he pulled his arms back to their normal length, still some what flabby, he continued his rant on her approval.. “You see Mr. Wild Cat, Her glowie rope made me tell the truth and now she trusts me!” Naturally there was some miscommunication between the three of them, that Ted and Helena needed to discuss, but in Blubber’s head he was already part of the team. So with great pride he attempted to rush the two veteran heroes to the transporter room, to begin his first official mission. With his hands over stretched to twice their normal size, he tried pushing them along while gleefully chanting, “We’re gonna save the world from bad guys!” He was so happy he begins skipping, “Just like the J.L.A. always does!!” Then just before the doors open he proudly, yet humbly finishes with, “...and this time I get to help...

But the only thing wider than the doors sliding open, were Blubber’s eyes as he stared upon the remaining J.L.A. roster, seconds before they were about to beam down to the planet. Over whelmed in the moment, Blubber was speechless, as he stood there in awe. He wanted desperately to say something profound or even intellectual, but the best he could come up with was, “Is there room for me on the transporter??” But before he could utter a word, the mood of the room turned cold as Shield Maiden declared, "I cannot journey amongst you, Superion.” To the pure dismay of the whole team she goes into great detail of why, with every word drenched in sorrow and respect, ending with a heart touching, “but please heed my warning and trust me,” Immediately, Blubber was saddened, almost to the point he shed tears, but instead tilted his head to one side in confusion. He desperately wanted to ask questions like, “But I thought we were a team,” and even “I thoughtwe were friends” But instead he stood silent, trusting in the fact that whatever it was she needed to do was the right thing for her. But despite what the team said, Blubber made it a point to whisper to her, “You better be safe or I’ll..” he stumbles as he tries to find the right words, “...or I’ll never forgive you,” after which his lips slightly quivers.

But despite all the mixed feelings going on in the room, nobody expected to hear Helena say, "To fill in your ranks, I have allowed Grant to take my place and the feline warrior if he so wishes.” Immediately, and to the surprise of the whole team, Blubber steps forward, almost forgetting Shield Maiden’s previous comment and focused only on her approval. Realizing this was his moment he address the room as profoundly as he could, “Come on Superion, please give me my shot.” With his eyes locked firmly on his idol, he goes on, “You can trust me Superion. Mrs. Shield Maiden tested me with her magic rope and I passed. I really really want to help.” Realizing there was still a large amount of doubt in the room, he stretches his right arm out towards Wild Cat in a desperate attempt to pull him to his side, and appear to stand next to him as a productive team member.”And if you have any doubts, you could team me up with Wild Cat here!” Desperately wanting to say the right words, he looks around to all the other heroes in the room trying his best to persuade them with his boyish charm, only to fall back on his honesty. “At some point everyone of you got your shot, well now’s your time to give me mine!” Realizing he couldn’t put it any better he goes back to hugging Ted Grant, and ends with a proud, “and who better than Wild Cat to watch my back. After all he is the biggest veteran in the room and has been fighting crime longer than any of you!?!?

His fate was now in the hands of the J.L.A. and all he could do was stand and wait. Hoping for the best he released Ted from his bro-hug and tried to stand as confident as he could. His biggest advantage was Helena’s words as well as Wild Cats’ support, but he did not know if that was enough. Again if he sweated he would be standing in a puddle, but instead tried to stand in a heroic pose. For once he was not focused on others, but on himself and as such he did not try to mimic the others in the room, as in growing a cape or wearing their monoclonal, and instead felt confident in his six hundred pound form. But to the surprise of the whole team, Helena, stood before Grant, and with a most enduring tone, informed him, "Do not fail me, Grant, I am entrusting you with the safety of my companions.” She then went on to giving him the best of advice, but Blubber was already deeply moved by her kind words, In a deep display of pure love, he embraced her in a hug, turning his body into a memory foam pillow, as he molds with her every curve in a soft and supple way. Then with but a kind whisper in her ear, he answers back, “I promise you I will stand with them strong, and I will never, NEVER, let anything happen to them.” Now moved to the point of tears he finishes, “and you can even use you magic rope on me if you wish to , cause I’m telling you the truth!” But in the end she leaves Blubber with the words, "Know, everyone will always underestimate you because of your condition. Use that to your advantage." after which she pats him on his shoulder before stepping back and turning away, leaving him seconds away from uncontrollable tears.

(OOC - I know I fractured the God Moding rule a bit with hugs, but I hope you don't mind. Also, as in Shield Maidens post she mentioned Superoin was on the station and not in Delhi, so I went with that!)

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@blubber: @shield-maiden (OOC: Actually, Superion already left. Which is why I've stopped posting here and have been posting in Darkchild's event before he vanished on us. Sorry, should have mentioned that).

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@blubber: @paragonxxx: Amazing post as always Blubber. Yeah, I didn’t know whether to teleport Blubber or not because it did say Superion went into the teleportion room, but never teleported away 😅, sorry.

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@shield-maiden: @blubber: (OOC: Well, you guys can edit your posts or (if you'd rather not edit) we can say that Superion has a doppleganger and explore that plot later. ~_^)

"Me am Superion! Not bizarre fake!"

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@blubber: @paragonxxx: (OOC: I rather do the doppelgänger part, lol. Especially after Blubber went through all that trouble, ya know? So yeah, let’s go with the doppelgänger idea. And hey, everyone makes mistakes 😇