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Real Name: Richard Nathan

Gender: Male

Aliases: The Harbinger, The One Who Believes

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Identity: Public

History: Chronicled

Status: Widowed

Base of operations: Mobile

Place of Birth: Nivaria

Species: Human

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 220 lbs

Occupation: Prophet, High Priest

Affiliations: Universal Church


The Herald is a devout follower of his religion. He abides by whatever he views is the desire of the universe and will do everything in his power to follow universal laws. The expansion of the Universal Church his true goal, whether it be by volunteer conversion, submission, or death


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Richard Nathan was a preacher in Nivaria, the country known as Morvaria today. During the shift in the government policy, Richard and his wife were imprisoned for his ideology which was counter to the state. While imprisoned with many others, Richard believed that a better day would come and that belief never waivered. One day the universe answered back, astonished at the great amount of faith Richard displayed. Richard would continue to hear the voice which told him to prepare for the others for the coming day. Richard would preach of that day, and that day did eventually come when everyone in the prison were whisked away into another plane of existence.

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The other prisoners of Nivaria would place Richard in leadership and would eventually construct the Universal Church. The others would form the Magi, the devout followers of the Church's teachings. The Church would soon find Netharanium as was told by Richard, which symbolized the new age of the Church. The Church would continue to listen to the words of Richard, now the High Priest, as it continued to protect and guide the Church through its stay.

One day, the universe spoke and told Richard that his wife would die. When that day came, Richard isolated himself, communing with the universe day after day, month after month. Seven years later, the gates of the Church's inner sanctum opened with Richard preaching a new vision - to go out across the universe, time and dimension and spread the teachings of the Church.

That day Richard Nathan became the Herald

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  • Faith Energy Conduit The energy of faith has an infalliable connection to the universe. Faith is the belief that what is to come will come for the universal purpose - thus the universe speaks through the Faith energy.
  • Faith Empowerment Faith is the energy source for the emotional energy within the spectrum. Since it can be shared by others, as long as faith has been sparked, the energy source will remain constant. The energy source of faith can be imbued in others as well and objects as well
  • Force Field By believing, Herald can erect force fields of various sizes and shapes to protect varous people
  • Energy Constructs Using Faith energy, Herald is capable of fabricating his thoughts into physical constructs of energy. The more believers he has strengthens the constructs
  • Astral Projection
  • Cellular Regeneration able to heal the worst physical, spiritual, and emotional injuries
  • Fear Depletion As fear is the belief in imminent demise, faith has the power to overcome with unwavering belief such emotion ranging in the emotional spectrum
  • Calming Aura projects an aura of trust and confidence
  • Anchoring Due to his belief in the energy of faith, Herald is very centered and attuned to his position much like cosmic self-awareness, thus psychic attacks and illusion manipulation work little


Herald is quite advanced in engineering


  • Netharanium Armor made of a psycho-sensitive metal, Herald's armor provides him with strength and durability far exceeding his normal limits along with augmenting his Faith energy. It also provides increased psychic defenses
  • Netharanium Weapons Everything in the Universal Church is made of Netharanium, helping increase the output of psionic energy. Through faith, the church is able to power many of their ships and weaponry. When at frequency, the metal can harmonize and allow users to teleport across space, time, and dimension.


Herald is bound by the Gospel which he speaks. Thus if it is written to stop an attack when the sun sets, he will stop the attack regardless of situation

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That's a pretty cool write up, interesting look.

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@ozzy_manueldiaz: I hope that you use this character in more than just this RPG.

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@mister_surreal: We shall see how the RPG whims unfold. I still have to create a dummy email account for the new character. I should be able to conquer... I mean evangelize in Morovia tomorrow

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@ozzy_manueldiaz: Great! We just need one more person in the pm to say that they like this style of the idea and we should be good.

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