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Note: This is my first RPG here on the vine, so hopefully it is to your and my liking. Anyone can play, join in this but it does has links to existing Knightfall adventures and is set mainly around the Knightfall Heritage Museum. There is a bit of set up, I'm a fan-ficer so bear with it...it's good and sets the scene.

**The Griffin Cube Origins: An excerpt from the chronicles of the family Giftzahn of Prussia:

"Back in days when gods and men knew their place, the mage Emman walked the earth. Unhappy that he was born mortal, he questioned the gods and why they got to live so decadently and forever, whilst he would go old and die. Amused by the plucky mortal the gods set him a task. Build a box to capture one of the griffins that soared in the sky. Emman set about his seemingly impossible task.

No Caption Provided

Emman travelled to Nekhamis, Sumer, Thebes, Shangri-La, Agartha and Atlantis, learning spells and knowledge to trap a griffin. At each site he crafted a stone tablet and carved his knowledge onto it, imbuing it with his blood, sweat and tears. In Nehkamis the god-king Araghor in a rare moment smiled upon him as he worked, infusing the tablet with power. In Sumer, Ahura Mazda saw the tablet and not wanting to be out done by the other god, granted and infused the second tablet with power. Each site Emman travelled to, the gods; whether out of anger or jealousy or curiosity, imbibed each tablet with power and sacred knowledge to which he lapped up.

When he reached Atlantis, Emman had siphoned off power from the tablets that he felt himself was on par with the gods, possibly even better than them since he’d crawled up from mortality to divinity. Poseidon looked down on this upstart and refused to grant Atlantean knowledge to the mage. Emman demanded that Poseidon answer him personally.

A terrible fight erupted between the young godling and the old. The island of Atlantis shook on its foundation at the forces unleashed. Emman was winning against the sea god, when he spotted a whole flock of griffins that had landed upon a mountain to watch the fight, more griffins that stars in the sky. Emman’s loss of focus cost him the fight, and his life!

Poseidon flayed the mage and scattered his remains like chum, the griffins swooped and devoured the man who challenged a god. Poseidon then bound the griffins and the energy they’d eaten into the final tablet. Poseidon then scattered the tablets to the four winds. From that time on the gods remained distant from men.”

For countless ages the tablets lay hidden. But as the world grew smaller, pieces of the cube were found, brought together. The family of Giftzahn from Prussia began an unhealthy obsession with the tablets, naming it the Griffin Cube knowing that if a fraction of the myth was true, then the ancient knowledge, and possibly god energy could mean extreme power.

On the 25 August 1883, Baron Sergei Giftzahn got hold of all the pieces and assembled the Griffin Cube on the island of Krakatoa in the Dutch East Indies. The forces unleashed made the island explode on the 26 in the loudest sound ever heard in modern history and the pieces scattered again. The Giftzahn sight divine intervention since a piece of the Griffin Cube was found in six thousand miles away in Rwanda and another eleven thousand miles away in Venezuela.

The last heir of the Giftzahn, Baron Dieter Giftzahn, born 1911, inherited two pieces of the Griffin Cube and began his searchings whilst the world went to war. Money, time and murder have slowly pulled all the pieces back to its ‘rightful’ place. And now the final piece is within Dieter’s grasp, sitting as a mere curiosity piece in the Knightfall Museum.

But Dieter is very old. Stubbornly refusing to die, he clings to life knowing that godhood is within his grasp; that untold power is within sight. But he is racing the clock as his ancient body succumbs to old age. But Baron Poisonfang, the English translation of his name, will succeed.

He has too!


How it all started (links in with http://www.comicvine.com/forums/rpg/9/a-knight-at-the-museum-open-knightfall-rpg/740314/#58 for context, but I have pasted it all my bits here so you can follow along easier)


Silently, in the corner, unnoticed by the Knightfall Heritage Museum staff and the heroes, a tiny camera blinked, sending images to a laptop many miles away.

"How very entertaining," mused the shadowy man as he sat his desk watching the silent proceedings "Luckily they haven't damage my prize"

His boney fingers fumbled for a cigarette as he watched; an eerie grin on his thin grey lips.

"Thank you for showing me more holes in their security, you costumed idi.." he exploded into a fit of deep, unhealthy coughing before wiping his mouth "God help you all if you damage THAT case!"

He clicked another angle and watched some more, a silent voyeur...not noticing the blood flecks on the screen.

His nicotine stained index fingers danced on the laptop as he zoomed in on a display in the Near East section. He could barely care for the fighting, which while entertaining didn't help in his quest. The camera brought up the display case, the case which held his destiny! He focused in on the card on the item as he read it out loud "'Marble panel with a Griffin 1250–1300BCE. Byzantine; Possibly from Greece or the Balkans'. He he he. The final piece of the Griffin Cube is within my grasp!"

He gazed longingly at it, his cigarette turning into a long column of ash before he remembered he'd lit and took a deep drag, ash spilling across the keyboard and the desk.

"Bah!" He wiped the ash with his sleeve and noticed the blood mixing with the ash to leave an ugly smear on the mahogany desk. He bit his lip. Time was running out. Slowly he rose from his seat, hands on the desk to steady himself as his bones creaked like a set of old doors. A smile crept across his thin grey lips.

He looked at the screen, his brow furrowed wishing that he hadn't been so cheap. But he sacrificed sound for excellent camoflage and a self destruct sequence. He smiled as a man jammed a pen through his hand, but without sound the context of the mutilation was lost. He had seen enough. His micro-cameras had given him more information on the Knightfall Heritage Museum, about its flaws, weaknesses and how to access his prize.

Slowly he closed the laptop and tucked it snugly under his arm. After a laboured deep breath he shuffled from the desk across the room, a distance of merely fifty feet to the door but he knew it would take at least fifteen minutes. He muttered and cursed his decrepid body, but soon that would all be a memory. The Griffin Cube would fix all this, and more!

He slowly exhaled and began the shuffle across the ebony carpet, his bones creaking and cracking.

"Soon" he uttered in a mantra "Soon"

He reached the door, sweat gathered on his upper lip, his heart was racing at the incredible strain of walking across the room. He slowly exhaled and grabbed the door frame.

"Not now!" he half pleaded, half yelled as his chest constricted. After several tense minutes, he stood under his own power. He opened up the laptop to check the museum again. Several of the screens were static


He clicked through them to see a man locating one, pointing straight at him before the screen went to static. The cameras were designed to explode if tampered with, but finding several of them in rapid succession meant things could change, security could get upgraded.

"Costumed idiots!" he cursed as his boney fingers gripped the large gold door knocker. He took a deep breath, closed the laptop and pulled open the door.

"Heinrich!" his raspy screech echoed down the hallway "Prepare the jet!"


He sat in the back of the limo looking at the Knightfall Heritage Museum. A tear welled in his ancient eye. It was so close. It was almost over. He looked down at his boney hands, trembling with a combination of excitement and Parkinson's.

"Shall I drive up to the frontBarony?" Heinrich asked from the front in his almost musical accent.

"No you overprotective idiot!" he snapped. Heinrich had no real idea what was about to transpire. He was a loyal manservant but had no sense of majesty, of timing. Maybe it was because he was Italian; or black; or gay; or Jewish...he didn't know, nor care...he saw the flecks of fresh blood on the window from where he'd been breathing heavy. "I shall walk. My entire life has built towards this moment and I shall not be chaffuered to it like some sort of pampered pooch!"

"Si Barony!"

The flight from Germany had taken longer than expected due to bad weather, customs, traffic; adding undue stress to his already failing body. His chest convulsed causing him to whince in pain as the waves of potential death wracked his skeletal frame. Heinrich looked on in the rearview mirror at the stubborn man he'd cared for these past twenty five years and waited for the wave to pass. If he rushed in too soon he would get berrated, but leaving it too long and the Baron could die...it was a tightrope.

"Stop staring at me you idiot!"

"Si Barony"

Slowly he opened the limo door and stepped out, his bone cracking louder than usual "Don't you dare!" he growled at his body "Not when I'm am this close!"

Heinrich exited the limo and removed a large black box from the trunk and wheeled it beside the Baron "Shall I come in with you Barony?"

He looked at his manservant. Heinrich was a walking contradiction from the fact he was black, Italian, gay, Jewish, vegan. He smiled "Yes...you idiot"

Heinrich smiled back, it was probably the nicest thing the Baron had said to him...ever "Si Barony"

The pair walked slowly towards the museum, an almost brisk pace for one, a snail's pace for the other. Heinrich mentally noted his guns and his permits to carry them, remembering the trouble he had last time he was in the United States. The Baron paused and pulled out a mobile phone and placed a call.

"This is a message for@Agent 12" He breathed heavily and lashed an arm out to Heinrich for support "As agreed upon, the million and one dollar will be transferred to your account when I hang up from this call. I..." He put the phone to the side as he hacked and coughed for a solid minute, wiped his thin grey lips and continued "My apologies, you are to arrive at the Knightfall Heritage Museum in precisely seventy minutes, and await a second call from my manservant on what you will do next. Good day"

Heinrich looked at his employer "Barony?"

"I am fine you idiot!" he snapped as he pulled away "You have the paperwork from the Linden Museum to ensure our ruse?"

"Si Barony"

"You have the letters verfiying our claims from the British Museum and the Smithsonian Institute?"

"Si Barony"

"And the..."

Heinrich looked at his employer "From the cameras you had implanted to the acting troupe you hired to be the curators of said museums to cement the ruse. All is in readiness Barony."

He smiled, his rotted headstone like teeth showing "Then let us assemble the Griffin Cube and the world will tremble before Baron Dieter Giftzahn!"

And with that, the long walk to the front door began.


No Caption Provided

Annabel Watkins loved the smell of history in the morning, and every morning smelt good. She’d worked as the day duty manager of the Knightfall Heritage Museum for about three years and loved it. Sure there were bad days with tour groups wandering into closed sections, guidedogs peeing on mummies, children dropping chocolate icecream on million year old dinosaur bones and even that weird incident with the mayor’s daughter after hours a few nights ago; but all in all she had her dream job.

Sam the security guard wandered in. Annabel always thought he could pass for John Travolta, but then Sam opened his mouth and his weird, almost comical Baltic accent ruined the illusion.

“Hell-oh Anya Bell”

No Caption Provided

“Morning Sam”

“There is man’s walking to door”

Annabel looked at Sam trying to work out what he was saying when she looked out the front door to see a very skinny, almost skeletal old man and a large muscular black man pulling a black box. They were walking at such a pace that it almost looked like they were standing still. She flipped through her schedule and didn’t see anything.

“No idea Sam, but we can ask them when we open in half an hour.” she replied as she looked at her watch “Where is everyone today?”

“Traffic is a badness”

Annabel smiled as she headed off to her office, taking the long way so she could be alone if only briefly with the pieces.


Heinrich looked at his employer as he struggled each and every step. The walk from the limo to the steps had taken forty minutes.

“Shall I carry you up the stairs Barony?” Heinrich knew the answer, but felt obliged to ask.

“Sixty two steps!” he wheezed “Sixty two little steps!”

“Si Barony”

No Caption Provided

He leant in so his employer could cling to his muscular arm and mount the first one.

“Sixty one!” he coughed, flecks of blood appeared in the corner of his mouth

A group of school skipped up the stairs around them, much to his disgust.


“They want what?” Annabel exclaimed into her walkie-talkie as she sat in her office readying her notes for the monthly board of directors meeting. They hardly ever showed but she knew that the one time she didn’t do the reports, they’d show up.

“The strange men are here to curate the Near East”

“Sam, try again” She rolled her eyes, Sam was great but at times it was like talking to a child.

“Here you come”

Annabel got up from her desk “Wait there Sam. Also Sam, there’s a guy in the Americas wing looking a bit shady, could you go check it out”

Annabel was at the Near East displays in about three minutes, the service routes for staff meant you could get anywhere in around five minutes without customer contact. Annabel wondered why the elaborate system every time she used it, sometimes pretending to be Lara Croft or Sydney Fox if she was transporting relics across the site.

No Caption Provided

“You cannot go!” Sam’s distinct voice echoed as Annabel stepped out from behind the massive Ursus spelaeus to see the frail, skinny old man and the large black man holding a black box.

“Annabel Watkins, duty manager of the Knightfall Heritage Museum” she announced, hand extended up to the pair, whose way was being blocked by Sam.

“I say they not go!” Sam pointed to the damage done by the vigilante intrusion, roped off with bollards and signs.

“Thank you Sam” she shook Heinrich’s hand but was given a derisive glare by the skinny one.

“I am Baron Dieter Giftzahn from the Linden Museum of Stuttgart!” he announced “This is my assistant Heinrich Romano. We are here to appraise the Byzantine griffin tablet”

“Okay, well as yo…”

“Your board of directors and the curator have cleared my arrival” he nodded to Heinrich who handed Annabel several papers.

Annabel scanned the papers from the Smithsonian, the British Museum, the Louvre. She was sceptical, scams like this happened in Helsinki and Tokyo a few years ago. The she saw the paperwork signed off by Quintus and Cassius.

“I was not info…”

“Miss Watkins!” snapped the Baron “Pardon my percieved rudeness and abruptness but I am quite sick and dying. My life’s work has led up to me viewing and appraisng your piece, which if I am correct, will turn modern archaeology on its head!”

“Si Barony”

Annabel saw blood in the corners of his mouth “Are you okay?”

“No, no I am not!” wheezed the Baron “I have a box of certified tools to examine the tablet when this idiot,” He waggled a thin finger at Sam “Began causing a commotion!”

“I’m very sorry Dieter but…” The room went silent as he glared at her “Did I say something wrong?”

“Maybe it is because you are American, but my family earnt the title of Baron!” he hissed as he leant on Heinrich.

“I’m sorry…Baron Gif-zen..,”


“Baron Giftzahn” Annabel was getting flustered “Just let me make a call, but please go and set up, I shall just co…”

“Danke” The Baron and Heinrich headed straight over to the display case. The Baron took out his phone and made a call as Heinrich began setting up.

“Sam, did you see that strange man in the Americas wing?” asked Annabel as she pulled out her phone.

“I come here, then I go there” said Sam as he went to where he'd been asked.


(Let the action begin!

Annabel is putting a call through to you,

you're getting a call about making your move...the strange guy in the Americas wing may be you!

To the other Knightfall's sorry if I've missed anyone of the Knightfall clan (can't seem to get/find Cassius) maybe even wants to return or )

Notes: There's about 60 school kids on sight, 3 teachers and 6 NPC staff. Sam is expendable as is Annabel but she has a dramtic clause ie: if you're going to kill her it has to be BIG and memorable!)

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(This could be a book)

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@Meison_Calidus: (Yeah...memories of dungeon mastering plus 3000 posts in fan-fic...as I said, it's my first one and hope it works and people like it)

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Daaaayumn. I like how you started this off slowly in another thread and let it build.

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@batkevin74: (^This is wrong Cannonwise, Cassuis isnt an active Knightfall yet. He's still a slay so he wouldnt be in the cave. Also you cant move my character without asking lol. Sounds like iam here to keep busting your balls believe me thats not my intention )

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@EdwardWindsor (Fixed!)

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Theft was not his strong suit, he was made to kill, to slaughter to maim. He existed for killing everything in his way, not stealth-fully stealing someone's belongings. But it was a job, the first job in what felt like a lifetime. So there he sat, slowly walking his way through the museum. He'd barely gotten past security with his bag, but luckily it had nothing metal, nothing dangerous as far as the security was concerned. They who 12 was or what he could do, they didn't understand why a pile of tooth picks might as well have been a grenade. 12 smiled as he noticed the children walking through the museum, staring at all the wondrous artifacts that had been collected. 12 was very happy to see them because hostages would only make this easier. He made his way to the bathroom, avoiding the eyes of security. Slowly he placed bits of armor over his suit, changed out his dress shoes for combat boots, and finally he placed his mask over his face. He was ready. 
12 burst out of the bathroom, clocking the first guard he could find. He fist were covered in a shield of energy, greatly increasing his punching power. The guard was down in one hit. He ran forward, pulling out his toothpicks. "Give up now and you live." He explained, as the children scattered and guards rushed to stop him. Bullets bounced off his chest as he created another shied. The idiots weren't even going for a kill shot, they'd regret that, assuming any of them lived. He grabbed the toothpicks, gripped them in his hands and then tossed them into a air. Energy crackled in the air as the toothpicks began to glow. They blasted down from the air, now surrounded by shields of energy. They sliced through the guards like spears. 12 pulled a pistol of one of the guards, emptying it of it's clip. "Thanks for this." he said calmly as he fired a shot of pure energy into the air. "Everyone down! This is officially a hostage situation."
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@Agent 12: (Oh excellent! Brilliant! Good work)

Annabel walked back waiting for Quintus to pick up the phone when she heard a commotion from the other parts of the museum. It sounded like...well a fight? "Please call me back asap"

Annabel headed over towards the Americas wing where the sound and Sam had gone.

-Oh I hope Sam hasn't gotten heavy handed with a patron- she thought as she rounded the corner when gunfire rang out. Annabel hugged the wall and dialled 911.


Baron Giftzahn and Heinrich opened the display case with deft careful precison. The Baron gasped at it's beauty, his body literally quivering and for once not from the Parkinson's.

"Can you feel that Heinrich?" asked the Baron "That is power?"

"Si Barony. What about the woman?"

"Bah!" He waved his hand like he was shooing a fly "By the time that idiot works it out..." The sound of gunfire ripped through the museum "My decoy will be doing his part"

"Si Barony"

The Baron breathed in the air around the tablet like he was smelling food. From across the museum "Everyone down! This is officially a hostage situation!" echoed followed by children screaming and general chaos near the Americas wing. The Baron smiled as he exhaled

"Ahhh today is a most excellent day to become a god!"

(Maybe your guard/Cassius...he went for a coffee or something, it is roughly 10am, maybe he went to the bathroom and suddenley $#!+ got weird real quick)

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@Agent 12: @batkevin74: The call was redirected down below the museum to the clandestine Underground Knightfall cave, however Quintus was already alerted as to the dangerously delicate situation unfolding just a couple stories above. Oversized holographic monitors and touch screens all synchronized running various security protocols in unison. Interaction between the Knightfalls as a collected unit had stagnated leaving the Living Weapon alone, but in doing so the Dark Phantom had solidified himself as a one man army. His skills and innovative resources more then making up for the loss of the others.

With guided purpose it took only seconds for him to stealthily appear in the shadows of the museum's rafters. Analytic targeting illuminations displayed inside the lenses of his cowl singling out victims and perpetrators locking in on one in particular. Leaping from the steel beam with a graceful vault, the Knightfall crusader fired his gas powered grappling gun swiftly swinging overtop of some of the larger exhibits, simultaneously hurling an electrified shuriken with precision aim in hopes of embedding the razor sharp projectile in the gunmen's hand hopefully disabling him temporarily.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (Oh very cool. I'll wait to see 's move and then something big's gonna happen! But here's some NPC filler)

Annabel shook as she huddled into a small alcove trying not to be seen or heard, her hand gripping her phone tightly

"911 Emergency"

"There's a man with a gun in the museum!" she blurted out

"What man? What museum ma'am?" asked the dispatcher

"I'm at the Knightfall Heritage Museum" she peered her head around the corner "And...oh...my...god!"

"Ma'am? Are you okay? Talk to me?"

Annabel caught sight of shadowy figure in the rafters "...There's more of them! Oh god!"


Baron Dieter Giftzahn smiled as he could hear the commotion far behind him. Heinrich kept careful watch, his hands hovering near his concealed pistols. The Baron placed the Sumerian plate onto the ground carefully, it seemed to glisten even though it was stone. The air seemed crisper, fresher. The Baron smiled and removed the Thebian plate from the box Heinrich had brought in and locked it in. The temperature dropped several degrees surrounding the Baron, who didn't care.

"Is it Atlantean plate or Shangri-La plate next?" mused the Baron "Sumerian base, Thebian side..." he recited like a mantra "A...Agartha plate!"

"Si Barony" Heinrich nodded trying to avoid the chill that had set in the air.


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@batkevin74: Badass.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (You got a picture of your guy so I can 1) see what they look like and two 2) use it for descriptions. Same for you if that's possible/cool/do-able etc)

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No Caption Provided


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 12 glared at the caped hero as he appeared, firing a large blast of energy out of his pistol as his hand was smacked with one of the electrified shurikens . The blast took out an entire exhibit as Quintus swung by unharmed. As his gun fell to the ground 12 quickly created an energy shield around his arm, blocking the other shurikens. He glared up at the rafters, searching for Quintus. He calmly ripped the shuriken out of his hand, not even flinching in pain. With is other hand he pulled out a small pile of change. He searched around, waiting for the smallest sign of movement. “You’re not coming out of this one alive cape.” He noticed a possible small amount of movement just barely out of the corner of his eye. “You may not be my target…but you’re worth a hefty sum!” He punctuated his remark by throwing his change at the sign of movement in the rafters, his energy bursting into the various pennies and quarters, turning them into deadly bladed energy shurikens.  

 (sorry for the short post. >.>. Obviously  the movement he spotted isn't necessarily  and could be some bat that got in or something)  

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He currently doesn't have an official unmasked look.
He currently doesn't have an official unmasked look.
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@Agent 12: (short is preferred lol)

An analyzing eye quickly spotted the Knightfall Phantom, tossing a energy based explosive towards the ceiling forcing him to dive towards the ground. Caught in the air as an eruption of shredding metals ripped in all directions with deadly consequences for any unfortunate enough to be caught in their maelstrom. Luckily the black vibranimun woven fibers offered a substantial amount of cover as it shielded the Knightfall Crusader from the flesh piercing attack, hitting the ground with a fluently executed somersault, rolling behind an ancient Spartan Hoplite shield for temporary cover. Before suddenly, without warning or hesitation, Quintus rolled out into the open using the cultivated momentum to rise to his feet in an accelerating sprint towards the paid mercenary. Only to disappear in self manufactured cloud of smoke as he slammed a small silver like pellet along the ground. Using three more mirroring pellets dispensing a larger area of camouflaged concealment. Using the sustained cloaking to systematically round up the hostages before escorting them safely out of the building. Police cars already starting to arrive with theatrical side sliding action coming to various angled stops at the bottom of the museum steps.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (Alright gonna wait for batkevin's post as he said it'd have important plot stuff.)
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@Decoy Elite: You're Agent 12? Had no idea.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (Yay! Finally I got to alt confuse someone else for once!)
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@Decoy Elite: lol well, I wouldnt cheer just yet I never know who's who. Though in my defense I normally dont infest effort in finding out :P

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@Decoy Elite: @Quintus_Knightfall: @Agent 12: Annabel screamed as change richocheted up into the roof as the masked gunman hurled energy up to the mysterious dark man leaping through the rafters which then errupted in smoke.

"Ma'am? Are you there ma'am? Are you okay?" asked the dispatcher "Units are nearly there!"

"The masked man just threw energy..."

"Energy ma'am?"

"Lightning! Shiny, flashy, energy things out of hands! Where are you people? You're supposed to serve & protect?!?!" Annabel shook with fear as she relayed the fight to the dispatcher.

"And the other one ma'am?...Ma'am?"

"He's dark! He's up in the roof...no he's on the ground...he's running...he VANISHED?" Annabel looked confused "Please help me!"


Baron Giftzahn clicked the Atlantean plate in making a lidless box. The room seemed to tingle with magic, glittering particles dancing microscopically.

"Can you feel that Heinrich? That...POWER!" The Baron's voice went deep; gutteral, almost demonic. His thin boney hands grasped the final piece of the Griffin Cube as the sounds of police cars echoed from outside and the sounds a battle in the far side of the museum. The Baron smile, a genuine smile of happiness as he peered into the box.

"My distraction has worked to keep any idiots away from my destiny," stated The Baron as he struggled with the last piece of the Griffin Cube "Soon they will cower at my feet!"

"Si Barony"

Baron Dieter Giftzahn clicked the final piece of the Griffin Cube into place.


The incredible sound echoed like a giant's footstep throughout the museum. The Griffin Cube hovered into the air. The Baron wept as he placed his hands on it. Power, energy, life coursed back into his dying body. The displays around him began to shake and tremble, the temperature soared and dropped randomly.

"Barony?" Heinrich looked upon his transforming master who hovered into the air.


The Baron roared and crackled with energy, threw his head back and a column of energy shot up and out from him into the roof, blowing a sizeable hole in it like someone had dropped a small nuclear bomb in the Near East Wing

No Caption Provided

The air screamed, the sky darkened even though it was mid-morning and the Knightfall Heritage Mueseum rocked on its foundations. The Baron looked at his hands that dripped with green viscous fluid as he held the Griffin Cube tightly some twelve feet in the air.


Heinrich looked on in horror, dumbstruck by the whole thing.

(Note the picture is just a picture, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted in google images, but for dramatic effect that's a larger scale version of what's happened. sorry abut your roof :) You may need some reinforcements :) Also who controls the U-Men thing because maybe, just maybe something like this may garner their attention. Gentlemen's...your moves)

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@batkevin74: (good stuff. Though I imagine this takes place before the Umen and the Registration act otherwise the museum would be closed/shutdown)

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@Quintus_Knightfall:(Oh I have no idea what's going on in the rest of the world! There's no real concrete timeline, people are here there and everywhere...you're in jail with some Crimson lady & Dr Frank in Life, Liberty...people have 9 different characters, 7 different accounts...it's all a bit confusing. All I know is I set this about a day after Final Arrow did something to the mayor's daughter at the museum. Whether that's before during or after LeBaeu's registration thing no idea. :) All in all some crazy German guy is blowing holes in a museum with a magical box! But like any comic book place, a hole gets blown threw it and next issue it's fixed or it's used as a plot device eg: "Ahh that damn hole, that's how the Masket Beetroot infiltrated our headquarters, maybe I should fix that but the alert for another crisis has sounded and I was be AWAY!")

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@batkevin74: (its all good. just wont be calling in the Umen. even if I did they'd come after me just as quickly as the dude blowing holes in the ceiling lol)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (No probs, was just an idea...maybe it's how you got put into Zone 6? Anyway's it's all cool, whatever happens next happens next)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (Seems this kinda died. Oh well it was worth a shot...back to fan-fic. :) Thanks for having a go)