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Regalius Capital, Andromeda

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“So the Savages are to be welcomed into our midst?”

The first words from her mouth were what Alexander Cross had expected. As per any affair involving the terrans Gabriella was not amused, faith that she would not act upon those prejudices was very slim. Once she found out that because of her views she had been barred from the gathering she put forth a request to call. Not even four minutes past the delivery mark she was already on the other line.

“This is why you were asked not to come to the meeting. You present a potential threat to the security of our guests.”

“Despite my feelings towards the rodents and my disagreement towards befriending them, I still follow your orders. No matter how much is plagues me to allow them in the same breathing space as me, if you told me to heel I would heel.”

“It matters not Gabriella, the fact is that your views towards them could put us in a horrid position. I have spent my entire rule trying to correct the error my wife made through her dealings. I will not have it squandered by your temperament. Your a wonderful soldier but, a horrible diplomat.”

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The call ended, no doubt with an upset Gabriella on the other end. At this point the last thing he needed was her borderline defamation. Her position had garnered her a place where she could speak to him in such a manner with little to no repercussions. It left him under constant attack for his decisions involving the people of Earth, luckily for him a more pressing matter was at hand. His attention could be drawn away from anger for the next few moment.

The large door opened allowing his political advisor to enter through the door, looking propper as always.

“Your Highness, the necessary preparations have been made. The Sheathe are on highest alert, the city has been cleaned from top to bottom, and everyone is ready. Four barrels of wine were delivered this morning the last four from the old world no less. The meeting room has been prepared for..”

Cross’s hand raised alerting his advisor to silence, he rose to his feet taking gentle care when moving down the steps. His stride landed him in front of the advisor and his momentum was used to rest his palm atop the mans shoulder.

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“I have faith, you have served me for the past year without fail. I trust in your ability to get things done however, how is the more...pressing matter coming along?”

“Do not worry sir, your wife says she will be ready in the next fifteen minutes.”

“That's what she always says”

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A light pat signaled the Emperor’s leave, his body moving to await the guests inside the meeting room of the palace.

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Director Octavian Winters of Blackcat would be one of the first to arrive. Teleporting outside Regalius's atmosphere and then flying in. Moving his helmet down once within the survivable area. When he landed his time suit would shrink into the belt buckle he wore and he would have a business grey suit on instead.

He may not have been a world leader, but he was equally as powerful, and more intelligent than most of them combined. This was something he didn't want Blackcat uninformed and uninvolved in. It seemed to be quite a big deal and might require assistance. He'd already been through numerous posssibilities of how it could go in his mind, that was just how he operated. He didn't want to be surprised by anything. He would walk in with his normal surprisingly quiet but swift businessman's gait.

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The massive egg shaped Domination Class Dropship Bloody Claw landed on the red sands of mars, its numerous weapons bristled in the light of Sol, a testament to the mobile firepower represented by the landing craft. Its massive ramp descended, a ramp designed for three mechs to stride down side by side, but only a lone individual walked down the ramp. Satai walked without guards, for she was a member of Clan Storm Falcon and she was the only guard she needed or believed in. She had been chosen to represent the Human World Cluster not because she was high ranking (she was not) nor because she came from a particularly level headed Clan (she did not) but because after six days of bidding her superiors had won the honor by bidding a single warrior to act as a representative. She was given the ceremonial clothing necessary for a diplomat and so as she descended the ramp and walked for the conference room, she would stand out, even appear potentially alien.

She wore a long flowing cloak of jade feathers, a ceremonial mask composed of jade and other materials shaped like a falcon's head and a military uniform of dark grey with a jade pen stripe along sleeves and pant legs, which were tucked into gleaming black leather military boots. Satai's right arm was clearly mechanical, a black sheath of metallic material glimmered in the artificial lighting of the conference facility, leaving the only bit of actual flesh showing the lower portion of her face, which was left uncovered by the mask she wore. Her left hand was covered in a dark leather glove adorned only with a short spike on each knuckle.

When she arrived at the seat with her galactic power's label she opted not to sit and instead stood, the finger tips of both hands pressed against the surface of the table as she stood otherwise at attention, the cloak she wore enclosing around her sides as the motions of walking stopped and the air went still. The false eyes of her mask were white lenses that had been specifically designed to reflect light, so as to make it difficult to look directly at Satai's face and judge any emotion that might be displayed by what little of her face was visible.

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Their two diplomatic shuttles touched down, one after the other. The first landed and immediately soldiers emerged. Three groups of three. Their orders were simple. Explore the terrain, gather data. Ensure security. They moved out, some climbing astride hover-bikes to cover more distance.

The other held General Kanos, diplomatic envoy for the planet Banus. Her father was a high-priority target, she'd explained in her transmission. Too many Earthbound leaders wanted him dead. So she'd come in his stead. They even made it through the city before the trouble came. She was entering the building in which the meeting would be held, when the transmission came.


"There's... there's a problem. Something--"

"What? What is it?"

"I-- I can't--"

"All teams, report in!"


And then...

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@mr_winters: @satai: @general_kanos:

Inside the Palace

The guests had arrived, their timing was rather coincidental considering the events about to transpire in the Outlands. While not the crowd he expected, they were welcomed nonetheless. Octavian Winters, a man sharing the first name of his son, he came in rather standard terran formalwear. A suit was customary and equivalent to things like the royal party garb the king would wear. The color was very relative to his position among the current pool of guests. He lead the terran military organization known as Black Cat, they were unknown but boasted extensive military power. This could have been just talk but, when it came to Terrans, there were always surprises.

The next arrival was the Delegate from the Human World Cluster, a group of Terrans taken from the planet long ago. They established their own society separate from Earth and now they sent a delegate. Of the expected arrivals they were the most surprising, their nature until now had remained rather anti-social with their previous home Solar System. Their society came rather prevalently through the garb they came present in. The long flowing cloak and mask helped their representative stand out. The military uniform and combat boots spoke of the type of society they led. Caution would have to be taken when speaking with them to prevent an unwanted conflict.

The third delegation was Banus but as they were set to arrive the royal advisor made his way into the room and paused next to the emperor. He leaned forward and whispered into his ear.

“Banus has left and the Orbital Knights spotted something floating in the outlands.”

Cross sought not to worry his guests, he used his ocular abilities to give his advisor a message. The advisor left the room and Cross began to speak.

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“Firstly, I would like to welcome you all to my empire and I hope everything is to your liking. Now on to why I brought you here, I seek to discuss interstellar policy pertaining to the Milkyway Galaxy. As of recently a renegade race known as Time Siphons attacked our solar system and another renegade race launched an orbital assault on Earth. These events could happen to anyone of our planet's, any of our people could be attacked and that is why we are here. Everyone deserves a say and I wish to draft a treaty between us all. I invited major leaders here but, they have yet to arrive so as of now they lose their say in the matter. We, however, can form a council to ensure the safety of our peoples.”

The Outlands

The sound was loud, a rumbling that spooked a herd of Viddea feasting on a newly slain pack of Dezille. Once the metal feet touched the ground the beasts took off, a large step crushed the carcass into the sand. Deployed was a squad of twenty Seiger units belonging to the House Aldren. They held a distance on the large white orb that floated in the sky, awaiting any response as two soldiers moved forwards in their mecha. Seeking to touch the sphere with their metal hands.

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@lords_of_light: @mr_winters@general_kanos

"It was determined by Right of Refusal that Clan Storm Falcon would represent the Human Worlds Cluster. What I say here carries the weight of the Clans and the people of the Cluster, none who live there can retract what is said here and all must honor what is spoken." Commander Satai said in a carefully constructed voice, part aggressive and part monotone. "We have seen a thousand times the armies of the alien march upon Human world, march upon those who cannot defend themselves. Our ancestors were taken from Terra without right of refusal, they were thrown into chains and forced to work so that the alien could relax. We know the dangers present to our galaxy."

She shifted her gaze distinctly to the Emperor to show that she knew full well he was not human. "It is difficult to say who to trust and who not to. The Falcon trusts few, but the others would hear your words. Though I may listen with the ears of a Wolf and speak with the tongue of a Jaguar, know that I respond with the claws of a Falcon." She paused a moment and returned her gaze to the rest of the room. "Your worlds are, as the alien says, all in danger. If not now then in the future."

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@lords_of_light: @satai: @general_kanos:

Winters watched them, scanning absolutely every detail without moving his eyes much because it became imprinted in his mind. After Satai finished he decided to speak, "I merely represent Blackcat, however our interest has always been in protection ultimately. Like Representative Satai I know threats quite well, perhaps better because of our deep history in eliminating the truly large threats. I cannot offer much more than we have been offering for the centuries we've been around, except my intellect that is." He stated in a calm voice, it was not monotone, but it was devoid of much emotion.

"I'm here mainly to observe, so that we can react accordingly. But I will be taking part if I see to big of holes in any plans you may come up with." He added, "We did take part in the Time Siphons assault. And a treaty would've been useful then as well. Shall we begin or must we wait further?"

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Crouched in the Martian dunes, the sniper took aim, placed the Banian scouts in his crosshairs, and fired. The bullet passed through each of them, and they fell.

He then stood, slinging the rifle over his shoulder and 'ported in his bike. He rode up to the Orbital Knights and dismounted, approaching with his weapon still visible. Upon closer inspection, he would also be very obviously carrying two other weapons. He shouted to them before they touched the floating orb. "That's inadvisable. You should leave."

If they proceed, he'd leap up to their height and intercept with a well-timed throwing knife aimed at the hand.

@mr_winters: @satai:

The doors burst open, revealing an imposing silhouette. When he entered, he became visible as a well-built, armored man. He carried a large pole, which he flicked out, causing it to elongate, with a spike emerging from the bottom and axe blades from the top. He drove it into the ground.

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"That won't be necessary. In fact, you can all consider yourselves... retired. Don't worry. The Light is here."

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@satai: @general_kanos: @the_light_: @lords_of_light:

Winters raised an eyebrow not changing expresion. He stood up, and stated simply, without any sign of sarcasm or joking, "I wouldn't suggest you try anything, sir."

He cocked his head, "Are you really going to threaten a leaders of an entire species, a director of a threat elemination orginization, and representative of the human world cluster?" He asked rhetorically, "You're either mad, secretly quite powerful, or one of the more foolish men I've heard of."

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@satai: @mr_winters:

"Threatening, sir? I wouldn't know anything about threatening. After all, that implies that some sort of negotiation is taking place. And while you all vote in committees, we'll be protecting this galaxy from the Darkness that is currently attacking... Russia, I believe it is called. Understood?"

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@lords_of_light: @satai: @the_light_:

"And we are already there." Winters replied, "And actually a threat may have nothing to do with negotiation. You seem quite the egotistical sort, how did you expect to neutralize us?"

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"And you seem the sort to try, and fail, to psychoanalyze others. And to prioritize swinging your dick around instead of listening to those others. I never said I'd neutralize you, I simply stated that I'd be doing your job for you all, and better. Continue to operate if you choose, but if you interfere with my Guardians I will fire on you. None of you operate on any authority but that which you gave yourselves, whereas I take orders from the big man himself. Do I make myself clear enough?"

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@satai: @lords_of_light: @the_light_:

"Predictable." He stated simply, "If you do not interfere with good deeds of others, or are not seen as a threat. Then we will not attempt to eliminate you. Otherwise, you will be eliminated, by us or others."

"Clearly this Big Man is not God, whether you believe it is or not, so who is it then?"

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@satai: @the_light_: @mr_winters:

The Outlands

The movement halted, the massive mechanical hand of the 27 ft tall machine repositioned onto the underbarrel of it’s Hyggs Rifle. Behind it the other soldier took aim at the strange and obviously armed figure. As of right now he was a threat, this sphere was a threat, and his words were halting a matter of national security.

“By order of House Aldren, Fifth Ranking Orbital Knight beneath Emperor Cross of the Regalius Empire you are to inform us about that sphere. Refusal to do so will instill you as a terrorist and result in your arrest or death.”

All twenty of them now trained their sights onto the strange figure. Should he make any attempt to attack a storm of bullets would rain down upon him. Not just any bullets but, the equivalent of an anti-aircraft gun firing bullets made of Andrast at the same rate as a regular machine gun.

The Palace

Cross’s ears made not of their words, in particular those made by Satai. Her’s were words that spoke of a war based society even if she didn’t intend for them to. She spoke of war and even gave a deeper glimpse into her people's history. Despite also being human they had developed in such a different way then the Terrans. He went to respond but it was cut short by someone's very loud, very distracting introduction.

This was the move made by an imbecile, his actions to intimidate the room through the destruction of an artfully crafted door and imposing stature were all a failure. His weapon that drove itself into the finely crafted tile made of Earthen materials did nothing more then cause extra work for someone else.

As Winters finished his statement Cross rose to his feet as well. A king should not rely on his guests for defense, these were people he welcomed here and as such it was his duty to look after their well being. No doubt his advisor had already witnessed this display and the Sheathe were being mobilized to defend their country.

“This is a purely diplomatic occasion and I will ask it remains as such.”

His eyes flared a bright blue, these were the eyes of a Cross, eyes that could see everything and make you see what they wanted. It had been some time since he had to make use of them but, a power passed through a bloodline was one that required no recap to use effectively. For him using them would be as easy as breathing.

“As of right now you have caused damages to my Palace, the door will need to be repaired and the tiles you have damaged repaired. Now I am a forgiving man so, if you wish to include any form of constructive content to the matter at hand then you may take a seat. However, if the words that come out of your mouth are as idiotic as what you have just done then I will have to ask you to leave.”

He gestured to the hall just as two knives cut through the air. The blades halted in midair, in a flash of blue they were in the palms of two members of the Sheathe. Their purple scarves moving ever so slightly and their mask obscuring their faces.

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"That big damn thing in the sky is the Heart, sir."The title delivered with a tinge of sarcasm. "Specifically, it's the Heart of the Light, which is both what lets me be effective at my job, and gives the authority to do my job. And if you try to touch it you'll almost certainly die, considering you seem like both a fascist and a jackass. Sir."


"Frankly, I neither know nor care who 'God' is, so your question makes very little sense to me. I refer to the Heart, also known to most people as that-big-ass-ball-in-the-sky. The source of all Light, which in turn is what empowers me, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. As for you, local warlord, I find myself beholden only to the Heart, and dislike your tone. Phrase your request in a more respectful manner and I may in fact repair your floor. I come only to explain that your worlds are now safe in our care. I believe that the most populated world in this system is known as Earth, and we will be announcing our presence there shortly. The timing of this meeting, our arrival, and the attack by the Vessels of the Darkness was coincidental, and helpful. The Vessels will be eliminated, the system protected, and you all will be put out of jobs. And I prefer to stand, it saves time in meetings like this, where people are often volatile. Understood?"

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Satai glanced at the new arrival but turned her gaze back to the others. She discarded his words. "A defense without communication is no defense at all. We would need to establish lines of communication and a means of working together in defense of our worlds. It is likely that our methods of combat are significantly different. Trust will also need to be earned." It wasn't that Satai didn't hear the exchange with the new alien but to her it was bluster and bluster had no place in the mind of a clan warrior.

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@lords_of_light: @the_light_: @satai:

Winters turned to Satai, "Indeed. Unless others have efficient technology for communications than Blackcat is willing to offer some of our technology for it's use, both for wireless communications and transport to send physical messengers if our communications are somehow threatened." He offered, "As for trust, well, I don't really trust many, but I get along well enough with them to where it doesn't matter. I don't care if the rest of you trust me or not, as long as it doesn't threaten lives."

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@the_light_: @satai: @mr_winters:


The mecha halted their movement entirely, inside the pilot began conversing with command. After a few seconds, he resumed full control. His gun fully aimed towards the scout as the entire convoy moved in. Their massive frames causing thuds in the red sand. Grains began to shift beneath their feet, a low rumble coming from below the ground.

"This is a matter of national security and you still pose a direct threat to our people. We are going to detain you here until further orders are achieved. For your protection we must ask that you follow our commands, the wilds of Mars are nothing to toy with."

They took up a defensive perimeter in the event of the arrival of Sesitar's, this was their most active hunting season after all.

Inside The Palace

A baboon wearing armor and spewing words reminiscent of those intent on going to war. This was a peaceful meeting and as of right now this man child chose to try and make requests. As Emperor he had a duty to ensure the best for his people and this had just become a matter of national security. He moved back to his seat, plopping his posterior upon it's Dezille leather cushion and sinking in. In the words of the Terrans this man was an a**hole.

"You speak of putting the leader of a people out of a job, those are words of war so I suggest you rephrase your question before I am forced to ensure the security of my people. I will also expect you to respect my peoples customs when you are in my home. You will speak to me with respect, you will treat these guests with respect. You are a guest in my country and any further acts of disrespect shall not be tolerated. I care not for the vessels as I have very little operational jurisdiction on Terra. Since we are allies as countries I respect their decisions and should they ask for my help they shall have it."

His words held the exact amount of venom and toxicity to ensure his point would he heard with a burning feeling. It was a matter of manners and respect, both of which seemed this man seemed to be lacking. Not wishing to raise his blood pressure any further the emperor turned his attention back towards the more pressing concerns.

"Communication is a valuable asset and I'm sure we all possess our own forms. A shared array is best and it appears Blackcat can provide exactly that. I am fully comfortable accepting their donation, as for trust we need a solid foundation, we need policy. I suggest open borders, the freedom to come and go from our worlds as the others see fit. I would also like to push for an Andromedan delegation to look after each planet. With your permissions I wish to place military outposts, in the form of Landing Castles, in orbit of your worlds. A small number that would allow us to deploy at a moments notice."

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@lords_of_light: @the_light_: @mr_winters:

"The clans would be willing to establish a communications network. As the most distant of the forces involved communication would take significant time to arrive even with your technology. We could establish sub-space relays that would dramatically improve communication time. We are willing to offer a rotational defense force as well, though bidding would need to take place before such a thing could be determined." Satai said after a moment's consideration.

"As for a military presence in our worlds...the Khans would never agree to the presence of an alien force within the boundaries of the Human World Cluster. It is possible to arrange a neutral location beyond that, perhaps. I must speak with the others on that matter before it can be decided."

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@the_light_: @lords_of_light: @satai:

"Actually we use inter-dimensional communications. That's why we haven't been able to be noticed thus far unless we wanted to be. It's instant communication no matter the distance, time, or dimension. We've had many aliens and dimensional travelers within our ranks so we ended up with far advanced technology." Winters stated, "Unlike the clans however we can't offer any major military presence. We spend to much time dealing with our own workings. We do however possess some assistance that we may be able to offer, in just a few numbers but quite efficient at what we've used them for."

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@lords_of_light: @satai: @mr_winters:

Guardian Bris.

"Meh. I can take 'em." The Guardian was speaking into their palm. Or rather, at the small, metallic device (or was it a creature?) hovering over it. It appeared to speak back, but nothing could be heard. And then, the Guardian disappeared, in a teleportation beam. As for the Heart itself, it was already moving. With a glowing blue field around it that seemed charged with energy. It moved slowly, but it clearly intended to leave martian airspace.

The Lord Commander.

"Well, it appears I've said all that needs to be said. You all seem like you'll bemire difficult to deal with than most, but frankly I don't care." He tossed a device at the table, which slid over and stopped at the Lord of Andromeda. He proceeded to do the same for the other two delegations sent to this paltry 'meeting.' "I suspect you'll be needing our help soon enough, so I'd encourage you to keep those close. Communicators," he said redundantly, before disappearing in a similar fashion.

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@the_light_: @lords_of_light: @satai:

"Actually we use inter-dimensional communications. That's why we haven't been able to be noticed thus far unless we wanted to be. It's instant communication no matter the distance, time, or dimension. We've had many aliens and dimensional travelers within our ranks so we ended up with far advanced technology." Winters stated, "Unlike the clans however we can't offer any major military presence. We spend to much time dealing with our own workings. We do however possess some assistance that we may be able to offer, in just a few numbers but quite efficient at what we've used them for."

"If you have such communication devices, then I agree that those would be the path to take." Satai said. "Our systems can pick up long range communications and we can transmit holographic communications as well, presuming your system will allow for such communication. If we are able to post rotating rapid response forces and maintain steady communication there is no reason we cannot help one another here."

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@the_light_: @satai: @mr_winters:

Cross simply looked at the communicator as it slid across the table. Once the rude guest left he resumed the discussion with the rest.

"This does seem to be the best way for our peoples to communicate. I second the motion to use Blackcat communication technology. Now as for the security detail I am okay with positioning my forces outside the boundaries. I can promise you Five Landing castles from House Gilford, each equipped with 1,000 soldiers. Are there any other matters we wish to bring up or shall we move onto my next proposed policy?"

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@satai: @lords_of_light:

Octavian shook his head looking around for anyone who might have something to say.