The Franchise #3: Fractured Inheritance

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"You've always struggled with your own identity, instead of trying to be Ziccarra, why not just be Catalina?"

There's our woman.
There's our woman.

With every step, she could feel her body surging with pain. Cat gingerly strolled into the Wyatt Regency hotel, with her sunglasses on her face to misdirect any suspicion. Following the destruction of Malaga, Catalina was a wanted woman; following the destruction of Spain Ziccarra was a wanted woman--she just happened to be one and look like the other.

As the Prize Fighter host move pass the reception desk, she briefly made eye contact with the receptionist, a former member of the Mazoi who fed her intel that her target would be residing here tonight.

Aside from the eye contact, the two said nothing. Cat continued to the elevator, as the receptionist begins to conceal the evidence.

The 5'11 Liafador beauty entered the elevator sliding her sunglasses back on her face, allowing her head to rest against the back wall. The lift to the top was a long one, periodically people would hop on and off, aside from the drunken frat boys on their way to a party on the 19th floor no one seems to mind her presence. Something was happening in Valor City, that much she was able to make out thanks to the innocuous chatter coming from a revolving door of riders. She'd have to look into it when she got some free time.

This was something she wanted to do for a while now, but she often struggled with the best approach, today she found one. Exiting the elevators on the top floor she continued her strut until she came to the last door on the right.

Pressing her olive-toned ear to the door she could make out a feminine giggle, and also, a man. Pressing her hands against the door her telekinetic energy popped the lock allowing her to stroll into the room. As she moves into their line of sight she could see there was a cuck situation going on, there was a single woman on the bed with an unknown male, that woman was Kristen Delgado. The naked man on the couch recording was Jesus Delgado. This couple was Mari's adoptive parents.

"What the f..." The man mounted on the woman started, but The Modern Day Athena froze him in place--compliments of her telepathy.

The 5'11 Goddess put a finger to her full lips instructing them to remain silent. "If you utter a single word without me telling you to do so. I'm going to cut off parts. They will be parts you want." She warned sealing the door shut in a coat of TK energy.

"I did some digging into your backgrounds, Jesus and Kristen Delgado. You were once employee's of H.I.V.E, is it safe to say that at some point and time you were indoctrinated?"

Cat's eyebrow rose a nonverbal indication that she wanted one of them to speak. They didn't. Extending her hands outward the Former Dark Queen used her TK to forcefully choke the unknown man mounted on Kristen.

As she coughed and gagged, Cat's grip grew tighter, in her quest for answers she could feel the euphoria of murder relaxing her body.

"Alright! yes. Yes, we were, just stop!" Kristen blurted out causing Cat to release her Vader grip. "We used to be indoctrinated we worked for H.I.V.E, but a decade ago we were released from our mental prison, when we woke up we were in his group called the Rouge Faction, it was apart of your mother's Red Cardinals...only we were planning to eventually turn on her and bring down the entire Liafador Empire."

Cat heard of the Rouge Faction, but she didn't know why they would be in cohorts with the 3rd Society.

"And where does my daughter fit into this plan?"

No Caption Provided

Kristen and Jesus looked at one another before Jesus finally weaseled out an answer.

"She was supposed to be turned over to the Society, w-we sent her to a school, which was created just for her. She was the only REAL child there. They wanted her to dissociate from society just enough so that her powers grew beyond yours, and then they were going to indoctrinate her. Wh-when you sent her to the Academy she was supposed to corrupt the other real children, but we had no idea that...that.

"You didn't know about Chaos" Cat completed the corner of her lips flaring in anger. Jesus nodded his head and the room fell silent.

"Y-You took my little girl...and brought her into this fcked up life?" Cat's voice broke she wanted to cry. She wanted a better life for Mari but it appeared she was already fully immersed in the Liafador lifestyle. She had to find Mari and So-So, the longer Mari stayed in the darkness the more powerful she'd become and without her mother, she'd eat through this world like a corrosive disease.

Cat released the unknown man from her powers, but then noticed something peculiar about him too. "Where have I seen you before?" He couldn't respond to her question, as he was too busy trying to catch his breath.

As she stalked the bed, someone pinged her mind it was the receptionist. "Cat, you have to get out of there several S.T.R.I.K.E. agents have just stormed the building. They're on their way up!"

She broke away from her thoughts before locking eyes with the man she knew as Saul Hollis, and Agent of S.T.R.I.K.E.

As she moved to exit the room a voice in the back of her head rang loud and clear. Almost as if it were the Goddess speaking directly to her.


Cat's eyes became eclipsed in a violent purple hue as she shattered the mirrors with her telekinetic energy and sent the glass shards flying into the three, before TK pushing their bodies off the top of the hotel. Kristen wasn't dead, she screamed the entire way down--until she stopped.

Limping from the door toward the balcony, she could hear them moved in unison down the hallway. She had one shot only to make this count.

"Goddess. Give me STRENGTH!"

Thunder rumbled across the L.A skies.

Next: Revenge of the Fallen
Next: Revenge of the Fallen

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This was awesome. Seriously.

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Nicely made!

I'm a sucker for teke-torture.
I'm a sucker for teke-torture.

And torture in general. >_>

Solid working explanations in narration for people who may be unfamiliar with any of the various elements of the character histories. And I'll admit, I feel good in an odd sort of way, like there's a sense of some kinda closure with the Academy with that little explanation there.

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@rosso: Thanks for the feedback

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omg you wrote a blog!? I'll read up on this when I get home!

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Beautiful read! <3 ;)

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