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It seemed as if we'd been at war for years, but it wasn't always like that. A couple of years ago the King of Bristol a being we thought to be immortal was poisoned by his wife, Queen Rose. She took control of the royal guards and formed Bristol's first military, initially we were all horrified paralyzed by fear but once we saw what Bristol was becoming we rushed to defend the only world we ever knew. In a time period before man discovered the benefits of fire the Kingdom of Bristol was engaged in a lengthy war, blessed with talents no man at the time could comprehend, we fought Queen Rose until we tricked her into concealment. Two powerful blades forged in one of Asgards Nine Realms--The Black Rose Blade and The Green Dragon Blade. Before her death, Queen Rose enacted a curse Asgardian in nature one that changed our world for the worse. The people of Bristol begin to murder and kill one another, famine spread out across our land. We never knew such death was an option for we were immortal, but the reality of it became real once my two brother and parents died. Immortals kill other immortals. Fearful that the curse would begin to affect us, my older sister Shira took us to the edge of our expanse where humans had made a small civilization amongst themselves. They were ignorant, putrid and fickle creatures and it seemed as if the curse affect them too. That's where our lives changed. We brought the war to them.

I will protect you
I will protect you

"Faore, why are the humans killing each other?" Tesla asked somewhat confused. Since their arrival, a couple of years before the humans lived in peace with one another; but now like the kingdom of Bristol they attacked one another like savages, stole and murdered. Tesla loved the humans she used to spend hours on the market enlightening them on the Nine Realms and everything composed of it. "The Goddess of Knowledge and Virtue" that's what they called her.

They used to have a good relationship with humans, they often expressed happiness with offerings of fruit and textiles, but recently that stopped. Faore never helped without some sort of reward, her powers were hers to use; not when some human requested them. However lately, the humans were requesting her more and more to deal with problems only known by the gods.

"I have to go meet with Shira, we will discuss what's been happening to the humans I promise we will fix it. I will protect you." Faore made her departure en route to the forest, this forest was the baby of her youngest sister Nayru "The Goddess of Life and Fertility" as the humans called her.

Faore was typically associated with vanity, but they never gave her a name like they did Tesla and Nayru. Shira was positioned at the forest opening, such was the way--only people with pure hearts could enter Nayru's forests.

"She hasn't come out yet?" Faore asked standing shoulder to shoulder with her oldest sister, but Shira said nothing. Many days had gone past as Shira said nothing, she became shrouded in mystery over the last could of years seemingly enjoying the humans' self-destruction.

"Nayru, will not be coming out. I've locked her in that forest" Shira finally murmured her gaze falling on Faore.

War Goddess
War Goddess

Faore took a step back trying to process what Shira was telling her. "W-wait...you locked her in there why would...you..."

It should've been apparent the moment the humans starting killing each other, the Curse of the Queen; Shira brought it here.

"War Goddess..." Shira immediately constructs a containment spell, but the Faore was wise and well versed in magic, she was able to stop the spell in its tracks. She honestly didn't know if she wanted to fight or run, she couldn't leave Nayru like this, but also she had to protect Tesla.

"Y-you were supposed to protect us..." She gasps still in shock that their eldest sister had seemingly turned on them. With Naryu locked in the forest, it couldn't be helped she had to protect Tesla, her body erupted in a ray of light and Faore was gone off to find Tesla.

She was gone, Shira got to her before I could, her spirit permanently banished overseeing the oceans and various bodies of water. In the years afterward, I fought Shira many times, each time I grew stronger and stronger. It was only in my preparation for what I assumed was our final encounter that I realized what she wanted. Power, she wanted these humans to be her servants; and herself to master them as a single Goddess. This curse made people see the world as it actually was, Shira was a "War Goddess" in their eyes and because of it, they killed each other in her honor. Queen Rose's curse taught the Earth evil. I developed my own curse of sorts or freedom should I say. I've discovered a way to free my sisters from their prisons only temporarily, by encasing our spirits in the physical make up of these humans. The χ-gene as I've called it will allow them to harness the powers of Myself, Tesla and Nayru and only if the soul is right...Shira.

The Prize Fighter
The Prize Fighter

They'd summoned her by courier to this location where the War Goddess herself was supposed to have been. "Humans if you trust me, you will drink this without hesitation" She commanded, she only had a handful of vials people rushed each other to drink her concoction not questioning what it was, it was extremely rare that Faore came bearing gifts.

Physically Faore was no match for the might of the War Goddess; however, she made up for that attribute with power. A small group of humans immune to the effects of the curse stood behind her, they'd perish if they stayed once the blows began. For these "Goddess" look like them but came from an age that pre-date their Adam and Eve, their knowledge of the Nine Realms and the people in them made them pre-date the Earth itself. There was no one alive who could attribute what these women were, save for them.

Coming to a stop in the middle of the square, Shira in front of her, the evil energy permeating off her Goddess Armor. Faore could see, this wasn't the woman that helped defeat Queen Rose many years ago. In fact, she wasn't entirely sure if through some strange magic, that this wasn't Queen Rose.

"I can't believe it's come to this. You were supposed to be our protector, give us a second chance at life. Instead, you betrayed us and brought the mortals into our quarrels." Faore hissed her hands crackling with electricity.

"I've received a vision from on high, you think these mortals won't end up killing each other in the end? I'm offering them peace, balance!" Shira hissed back shrouded in corrupted energies. Faore took off in a blitz toward her malevolent sister, dropping to one knee shield in front of her Shira pushed upward shield bashing Faore stopping the assault dead cold.

"Heh...I could do this all day" The War Goddess gloated kicking Faore in her ribs breaking two. She was so much stronger, an attack head-on was never going to work. Which is why she needed Shira close.

With the War Goddess in close proximity, the Prizefighter summoned a powerful lightning bolt, too fast for Shira to actually defend against. The lightning slammed into Shira leaving her body flaling in a massive crater.

Struggling to breathe, the Prize Fighter rose to her feet waving off the humans that stayed to watch the outcome.

"Is...this...what..you wanted..." Faore struggled to limp toward the crater where Shira lay. "For...us to...fight...!" Her hazel eyes peered into the crater but the War Goddess wasn't there.

"No." Shira's voice boomed having teleported to the side of Faore her strong fist, a fist that could dent mountains slammed into her sisters' jaw causing ringing in the ears, blurred vision and most certainly a concussion.

Faore's body buckled from the force causing her to tumble on the ground a few times before rolling to a stop.

"What storybook do you live in, sister? I was created to fight, bred for it. You? you're supposed to be someone's housewife." Shira insulted still disrespectfully kicking Faore in the side as she struggled to gain her bearings.

"I-I didn't want to do this..." Faore whispered trying to focus on the many Shira's the punch conjured. Focusing on Shira's movements as much as she could Faore summoned psionic tendrils to trap Shira where she stood.

"N-n....ow...humans....ask...the Goddess' for strength" Faore passed out the might of the Modern Day Athena too much, but where the humans stood two massive lightning bolts, hit two of the stubborn woman that stayed.

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From the lightning bolts emerged Tesla and Nayru, having latched on to the two humans. They summoned their Earth power to constrict Shira to Nayru's forbidden forest. Faore watched as the War Goddess screamed as the circle of flames encompassed her banishing her spirit for the time being.

"Sister, you're injured" They screamed rushing to her side. They no longer look like Tesla and Nayru, but she knew it was them.

"My time on Earth is limited. Listen..." She grunted her face damaged beyond repair, uncontrollable blood leaking from her mouth. "I have tied our spirits to these humans, only the strong carrying the χ-Gene will have the power to summon us. I fear that is not the last this Earth will see of Shira.

Fort Sumter, South Carolina 1861

I wish I could say I wasn't going to enjoy this.
I wish I could say I wasn't going to enjoy this.

She forced him off of her, and for that he said she was 'disobedient" now he had to make an example out of her to let all the rest of them know he was not to be trifled with.

The atmosphere surrounding America in the 19th century wasn't her doing, she only had the power to subtly influence people, whisper ideas of war or revolution, but she was getting stronger. In order for someone to control the War Goddess, they needed compensate for what she lacked--intellect, otherwise she'd run wild.

He pulled his whip back to strike her but there was a crack before his whip snap. Lightning hit the ground startling him, his wife and all of the forced spectators.

"Oh sister...we meet again."

"The Prize Fighter"

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"What storybook do you live in, sister? I was created to fight, bred for it. You? you're supposed to be someone's housewife."

Good read. Love the lore-building.

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@rosso said:

"What storybook do you live in, sister? I was created to fight, bred for it. You? you're supposed to be someone's housewife."

Good read. Love the lore-building.

I appreciate it, the one I made for Shira didn't give exact details about anything. Even this one has a few loopholes i'll fill them whenever I feel like doing Tesla's

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See, I like your blogs. Good work. ^_^

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Love it
Love it

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