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--"We stand. We conquer. We grow"--

The Eteldan Empire
The Eteldan Empire

In a faraway galaxy there lay a star system rich in minerals and natural resources, and a planet - Nimir - upon which a powerful and spacefaring empire was born. Catalyzed and driven by it's mastery of a mysterious fifth fundamental force of nature, the Eteldan Empire spread across Nimir, conquering much of the planet's Miran continent and being held in highest esteem by some - and regarded with scorn by others. Most known for it's unique culture surrounding the enigmatic fifth force of nature, the Eteldan Empire is socially distinct from all other nations on Nimir, owed chiefly to it's tangible advocacy of fifth force masters (Magisters) to the peak of it's social strata.

History of Etelda

In nature, all that was, is, and ever will be, is bound by it's four fundamental forces; gravity, electromagnetism, the strong interaction, and the weak interaction. No more and no less. And yet, another exists. Forgotten, nameless and the at the heart of nature's anomalies. The Fifth Force. A storm of energy so vast it bends electromagnetic forces to it's will. Within it lies telekinetic power. A power that could be learned through training and meditation, yet nature wove it into the genes of the many tribes that roamed Nimir, with no tribe stronger with the fifth force than the Eteldans, a race of humanoids, indistinguishable from Earth's humans in appearance but distinct in all else. First settling on a chain of volcanic islands, the Eteldan tribe grew in size and strength as it's knowledge of the fifth force deepened, and the telekinetic powers gained from it grew in scale, far greater than the rest of Nimir's people.

Magisters vs. Veritas - An Age Old Feud
Magisters vs. Veritas - An Age Old Feud

And with power came it's marriage with ambition. An ambition that saw the Eteldan tribe march and sail across the lands and seas of Nimir, defeating the planet's lesser tribes and giving rise to the First Eteldan Empire that held much of Nimir's eastern lands. And though years of prosperity and growing power spearheaded a technological and cultural evolution, the First Eteldan Empire fell prey to a great enemy of all empires - infighting. Conflict over ideological orthodoxy led to differing philosophical interpretations of the fifth force between the Empire's military officials who sought to master it, and the imperial family who felt spiritually inclined to submit to what they believed was not a tool for power but an extension of or guide to a greater metaphysical reality. And so formed the Magisters of the 5th, ambitious and prospective masters of the fifth force, and the Veritas Order, those whose school of thought promoted submission to nature's fifth fundamental force.

While there was initial peace between the two, the Veritas came to view the Magisters' obsession with using the fifth force as a tool for personal power as blasphemous. Tension and distrust between the two brewed for years as their differing values attracted followers from across Nimir. And as both factions grew in size and influence, so did their conflict as both sides invented metal hilts from which energy could be summoned and shaped by the fifth force into volatile blades, the now iconic Vis swords.

The Fall of the First Empire

With it's promise of greater power for those who join them spreading their influence to the poor and meek of the Empire, the Magisters' popularity surged among commoners, drawing concern from Lord-Protector of the Eteldan Empire and his imperial family, and fear from the Veritas Order with whom they so consistently clashed in battles both physical and philosophical. With Lord-Protector Ettriene's growing concerns over the potential power of the Magister's rising social influence, and the Veritas Order's fear of their values and presence fading into obscurity, the Magisters of the 5th had unknowingly become thee common enemy of the Eteldan Empire's two greatest powers. And yet, for fear of rousing the commoners into a rebellion, the Lord-Protector could take no official action against the Magisters without provocation.

The Great Betrayal
The Great Betrayal

Instead, Lord-Protector Ettriene turned to the Veritas Order, hoping to use the faction against the Magisters in an unofficial capacity. Taking advantage of the imperial family's historical ties to the Veritas Order, Lord-Protector Ettriene struck an agreement with the Order. For their hand in extinguishing Magister influence, the Veritas Order would be accepted into the Eteldan government in an official capacity as autonomous enforcers of peace and order and imperially sanctioned spiritual guides of the people. And thus the Veritas Order took action. They infiltrated the Magister ranks by feigning membership, and led a staged coup (now known as the Great Betrayal) against the imperial family whilst in Magister robes and flying their banners. A staged coup the Eteldan Empire used as lawful reason to strip the Magisters of their rights and exile them to the Stormy Wastes beyond imperial borders. Banished for a crime they did not commit, the Magisters took their leave and spent generations in exile while the Eteldan Empire and Veritas Order became one.

However, the loss of prominent military officials and generals from the banishment of the Magisters and the growing size of the Veritas Order in the political sphere led to a cluster of disparate interests between the Lord-Protector, the imperial court, and the sub-factions that now comprised the Veritas Order, and a loss of power. The Eteldan Empire strode into a steady decline as the consistent political duels between the imperial government and the Veritas Order led to a chaotic system of governance with sclerotic and ineffective decision-making. And with a severely weakened military force from the loss of the Magisters, the imperial government soon fell to a coup by the Veritas Order, and the Eteldan Empire fell under the rule of a theocracy led by the Veritas Order's senior monks.

The Verum-Med'red Era

Under the rule of the Veritas Order, the Eteldan Empire became the Verum Republic, a theocratic republic that maintained religious laws and held religious courts to interpret all aspects of law. With their interpretation of the fifth fundamental force made the republic's official religion, the senior monks spearheaded the construction of a myriad of great temples which were to become major centers of worship for the republic's new faith. Magister texts and books with calls to harness and master the fifth force as an instrument of one's own will were disposed of, and scientific and technological advancements that treated the fifth force as a tool instead of a greater metaphysical reality were strongly discouraged.

The Veritas Order Assumes Control
The Veritas Order Assumes Control

And while the Verum-Med'red Era saw a bloom of different philosophical schools of thought, with the most popular becoming one that valued emotional detachment, contentment, and dichotomous moral absolutism. The Veritas Order became the ultimate source for moral authority, and acts that did not align with the Order's values were publicly condemned. Though having never compensated for the loss of military power during the expulsion of the Magisters, and it's newfound focus on raising temples and the cultural imposition of state-sponsored spirituality, the Verum Republic experienced a decline in agricultural and economic activity, reducing the republic's taxable income and destroying it's ability to maintain a meaningful level of military power. And with little military power save for the few hundred warriors in the Veritas Order, the Verum Republic gradually relinquished control of it's southernmost territories to the invading forces of the Med'red, a race of feared warrior-nomads hailing from the far south.

With more of it's territory being claimed by the Med'red and with none of the resources needed to defend themselves, the Verum Republic turned to propaganda to distract it's citizens from the invasion, with claims of the Med'red being allied forces of the exiled Magisters running rampant. A legend was manufactured, one of a mythical Verum monk achieving perfect detachment and abandoning his name and worldly ties to become one with the fifth force - and achieve flight, never again setting foot on the ground. The Legend of the Nameless Monk grew in fame, becoming a recruitment tactic for the Veritas Order and a reinforcement of faith in dire times. Education became centered in monasteries and temples where the Veritas Order could offer what little protection it could, and the study of nature rarely included abstract inquiry, it was pursued only for practical reasons such as healing the sick, tending to the old, and studying the motion of stars to determine the proper time to pray.

The continued encroachment of the Med'red however, became impossible to ignore. With little means of defending themselves, the Verum Republic responded to the continued loss of their territories with appeasement. By preying on the ancient Med'redan fascination with the sky through the Legend of the Nameless Monk, the Verum Republic made converts of the Med'red, welcoming them as new members of the Veritas Order - but at a cost. Meeting the Med'redan demand for political sway in the republic saw it integrate the foreign nomads into the Verum Senate, a political institution largely devoted to supporting and promoting the ideals and thoughts of the four senior monks who ruled the republic. But with the growing number of Med'red, the senate began a slow transformation into a social and prestigious seat of power that approved laws, tried certain cases, advised the senior Verum monks as to foreign affairs and the like.

And with the popularity of the Verum religion growing among the Med'red, relations with other outsiders improved. Trade with surrounding city-states became successful, and mass immigration into the Verum Republic defined the period. Soon the senate became home of individuals seeking governorship of a providence with ambitions of enriching themselves, and of those advising the senior monks to begin war campaigns for resources needed by the republic's growing size, but to no avail.

The Magister-Choronum Era

While the Verum Republic adjusted to the sociopolitical and cultural demands of mass immigration from surrounding tribes and city-states, the exiled Magisters, instead of crossing the Stormy Wastes far south, found and settled in a more fertile land with a milder climate near the northwestern coastline. There, the Magisters grew, continuing their research of the fifth force and deepening their telekinetic powers to uproot trees, more easily harvest crops, build infrastructure, change the flow of rivers, alter rock formations etc. The Magisters' continued manipulation of their natural environment however, drew the attention of nearby civilizations, namely the decadent merchant city-state of L'Avon, with whom the Magisters became well connected, exchanging resources and knowledge. However, the increasing size of the Magister population and it's impact on L'Avon's borders and territories drew conflict.

However, being little more than a coastal center of trade, L'Avon had neither the military aptitude nor armed forces to drive the growing Magister population back. Their aggression was answered in kind, and L'Avon fell to the Magisters whose fifth force powers forced much of the city-state's population into servitude and the harvesting of non-essential and luxury resources, eliminating competition as well as granting the Magisters an economic edge over nearby territories. Electing the most powerful among them as the ruler of L'Avon and the surrounding territories they'd claimed, the Magisters founded the Choronum of L'Avon, with Nanda as it's Chorona. Under Chorona Nanda, the Magisters of L'Avon adopted the now core Magister value of using passion as a tool to achieve greatness. Schools of thought that promoted dichotomous black and white traditions of good and evil were widely regarded as social constructs used by those too weak to see and claim power for themselves, and the infamous battle-born ruthlessness of the Magisters came to be.

With Chorona Nanda spearheading war campaign after war campaign, the Choronum of L'Avon conquered neighboring city-states and territories until her untimely death from wound infection. Nanda's elected successor, Alman, a Magister whose skill with the fifth force was unrivaled, abolished the generational servitude of those caught during the Magister conquest of L'Avon. He incorporated them and conquered foreigners as full citizens of the Choronum, introduced institutions that held not only his royal court accountable to the people, but himself as well. With a growing territory and population in need of resources, Chorona Alman turned his attention to one solution; conquest. Assembling a fearsome military of highly trained Magisters and foreign warriors, Alman led a a ruthless war campaign, claiming territory after territory, using not only strength in numbers, but the vast telekinetic powers his armed forces enjoyed due to his Magisters' mastery of the fifth force.

Eventually, rival nations submitted without arming themselves for war, as the choice to submit to L'Avon and gain citizenship and prosperity was greater than a war against the Magisters with enslavement at best and a gruesome death at worst. As fifth force-based technology advanced in the Choronum of L'Avon due to the consistent pursuit of the Magisters to master it, the Choronum experienced a technological and industrial boom. Centuries later, Chorona Valman set his sights on reclaiming his people's homeland; the Verum Republic, where the First Eteldan Empire fell.

The Second Eteldan Empire

Long after their exile, the Magisters, led by Chorona Valman, finally made their return to the Verum Republic. With the lurid glow of the moon behind them, the Magisters and L'Avon military marched towards the gates of the Verum Republic in armor forged from red metal, wielding their swords of searing energy, and riding winged beasts amid a storm of energy conjured by their mastery of the fifth force. The Verum Republic was ill-prepared to defend itself against an invasion of such magnitude. Their walls were torn down, their cities overtaken and retaken as even the Med'red forces crumbled to ash from the sheer power of the Choronum's Magisters. With Chorona Valman leading the invasion, the Magisters and L'Avon military scattered the Veritas Order across the land in their vengeful onslaught.

--"We've mastered your god", Chorona Valman victory speech excerpt--

Reign of the Magisters
Reign of the Magisters

The near-genocide of the the Veritas Order led to the establishment of the Second Eteldan Empire, with the Choronum of L'Avon becoming a province of the Empire, and Valman becoming the Empire's Lord-Protector. The unprecedented conquest of the Verum Republic and it's constituent territories by the Magisters and it's eventual merging with the Choronum of L'Avon and it's constituent territories became known as the Great Unification. And though a small remnant of the Veritas Order remained, much of it was either eradicated or fled during the conquest. The increased size of the Second Eteldan Empire led to a greater need of resources, even with the trade benefits of L'Avon as a province, especially with much going into crushing mini-rebellions and uprisings from the small pockets of remaining Veritas.

The first of Lord-Protector Valman's actions was stabilizing the new empire and reinforcing his authority by introducing an imperial council that, while any citizen could be elected for, consisted heavily of Magisters from noble houses, a practice that remains prevalent. With growing pressures for more resources, the Eteldan Empire underwent an era of technological and scientific enlightenment, using the massive amounts of energy transmitted by the fifth force as an energy source that led to rapid advancements in technology that saw the Eteldan Empire grow into the heavily industrialized and advanced civilization it is today.

And though Eteldan society has remained largely stable since the Great Unification, small circles formed from remnants of the Veritas Order remain in Etelda with whispers of rebellion rumored to exist among them, with even smaller circles existing beyond imperial borders which have grown over time from Etelda's expansion.

Geography & Provinces of Etelda

A Cold South
A Cold South
A Warm North
A Warm North

A culturally and geographically distinct subcontinent within the continent of Miran, Etelda is the largest country in all of Nimir, a terrestrial planet with incredible similarity to Earth. Etelda holds a very wide natural resource base including great deposits of petroleum, natural gas, ores and other mineral resources. Diverse and largely temperate, Etelda is generally colder in the south and east with Ingenious and Metamorphic rocks found more in the south, and sedimentary rocks found elsewhere. Soil is more fertile centrally, especially along the Great Eteldan Plain, with grazing more predominant southerly and arid plantations northerly. Farther south and east the winters are harsh with the snow line regularly blanketing many of the nations and territories there.

Land is flatter in the west than the east which features large plateaus and dense mountainous terrain. Furthermore, many of Etelda's mountain ranges mark many province borders, and some provinces have extensive areas of coastline, bogs and forests. Some of Etelda's incredibly large cities, like it's oldest city, Nashall, are large enough that they have created localized climates, whilst irrigation techniques have altered the biosphere of many of Etelda's regions. The wildlife in Etelda is diverse as well, ranging from flying, terrestrial and marine creatures of all kinds, reptilian, mammalian, amphibious etc.

Provinces & Cities

The Eteldan Empire is home to 42 provinces, however the following are the Three Great Provinces under the Eteldan Empire, and some of the cities belonging to those provinces:

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  • L'Avon: Formerly the Choronum of L'Avon, it is home to the capital of the Empire, Costeau, and the seat of the imperial government in the House of Auxilio and the residence and administrative headquarters of the Lord-Protector in the Palace of Protectors. Once a former city-state ruled by merchants before being conquered and expanded by the exiled Magisters of Etelda and integrated into what eventually became the Second Eteldan Empire, L'Avon lies on the northwestern coastline of Etelda where it enjoys a key position in trade with important Eteldan allied nations such as Kreva, a principality in an archipelago in the Magris Ocean, the Republic of Illden in the nearby continent of Athel, Tevesis, a federation of city-states bordering L'Avon to the east, and other nations like Surra which, if rumor is to be believed, is where the remains of the Veritas Order not still in Etelda spend their days, plotting in a hidden monastery or stronghold in the mountains. L'Avon is among the most sophisticated of Etelda's provinces with brilliant architecture, a distinct appreciation for art - a rare value in Etelda - and a strong tourism industry for the foreigners it attracts. It's climate is generally warm with summers and mild winters. The Governor of L'Avon is Rhanas Ihnis.
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  • Gnavara: Located far south in what was once known as the Stormy Wastes, a mountainous, harsh and storm-ridden region from which the Med'red hail, Gnavara is home to some of Etelda's greatest mountains, such as the Stormgate Mountain which, according to old Med'red legend, is where their storm god, Dedrarn lived, drawing violent electrical storms away from their settlements and restricted them to the mountain's peak. Gnavara's cities are large and robust with powerful shielding technology powered by the fifth force to protect them from the wild electrical storms and freezing winter cold. Gnavara's capital is Naverran. It is said that the Magisters of Gnavara were the first to truly master the old fifth force ability of discharging electrical energy from the hands by telekientically manipulating charged particles. As it is the homeland of the Med'red, Gnavara has the largest Med'red population in all of Etelda. The Governor of Gnavara is Vaa Ahlon.
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  • Zelanti: The largest of Etelda's provinces, Zelanti is the scientific capital of the Empire. Located in a warmer and more humid region of Etelda in the north, Zelanti is home to some of the most industrial and meticulously maintained cities across the entire Empire. Many Eteldan scientists work in Zelanti's various research centers and institutions, and many aspire to further their academic research in the Caran Institute, a university named after famed Eteldan scientist Caran Len known for her many breakthroughs in fifth force research, and found in Zelanti's capital of Irvon. The Governor of Zelanti is Hagos Ginol.

Culture & Society In Etelda

Though Eteldan culture has experienced a number of changes over the course of the Empire's history due to it's growth and multi-species society, it's current cultural incarnation is as militant and goal-oriented as it is decadent and prideful. The Eteldan Empire treasures it's Magister past and takes great care in preserving it and it's values of ambition, passion, dominance and power over those of contentment, detachment and submission to the fifth force which is valued by a minority of the Empire's population, the Veritas Order. As a result, ambition and mastery of the telekinetic powers granted by the fifth force are hallmarks of the social elite in Etelda. And owing to this, Eteldan society is also infamous for it's deadly rivalries for power and influence amongst Magister noble houses. The fifth force is also commonly just referred to as "the 5th" in Etelda.

Beyond this, Eteldan society encourages the pursuit of logic and science over superstition and spiritualism. And though while no law exists to restrict worship and religious practices, religiosity and spirituality are viewed by the general society as pointless and unimportant. For this reason, it is common in Etelda for those not focused on increasing their personal power either through politics or mastery of the fifth force to devote themselves to careers in mathematics, the sciences, metallurgy, architecture etc. Many of Etelda's scientists research the fifth force's energy transmitting mechanism to more efficiently harness it, the most famous being the late great Eteldan scientist Caran Len, a member of the Sophos class (see below in "Social Hierarchy"). And while much of Etelda is geared towards the pursuit of scientific advancement, that is in turn geared towards power. Because of this, much of the Empire's resources, including technological, infrastructure and civilian associated ones, are mobilized to support it's armed forces.

Furthermore, conscription is often used as a method to balloon the Empire's forces in the event of war. Even those who are ill-equipped for combat, due to age or some physical disability, are expected to help in times of war by forging arms, transporting provisions, make tents, serve in hospitals etc. This is owed to the Eteldan adoption of the Total War concept. The Eteldans do not believe in minor battles or skirmishes unless tactically necessary, and instead use sheer destructive power and the numbers advantage to overwhelm and either completely annihilate an opposition force or force them to submit. In addition to this, while Eteldan culture does not prioritize art or fanciful designs, it's architecture is distinct for incorporating strong horizontals and verticals, accentuated with high-contrast materials. Much of Etelda's buildings and infrastructure were constructed using the nation's command of the fifth force, allowing it to move tremendous large objects and create dramatic designs.

A peculiar practice of Etelda is that the heads (barons) of noble houses forsake their given names and retain only the name of their noble house as an obligatory show of commitment to representing and leading the noble house. Additionally, red, due to it's visual power, is an important color in Etelda.

Social Hierarchy

The society in Etelda is fairly stratified with most citizens occupying a place in a social hierarchy determined primarily by one's personal aptitude with the fifth force and influence in the political sphere. The Eteldan social hierarchy is as follows:

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    Magister Class: Those who have been officially recognized as masters of the fifth force are given the social rank of "Magister". Magisters occupy the highest level in Eteldan society. The heads/barons of noble families, be they patriarchs or matriarchs, are only officially recognized as such upon evaluation of their fifth force mastery. In addition to fifth force mastery, Magisters are defined by a common code that values ambition, passion as a tool for achieving greatness, self-sufficiency, dominance, and power. Furthermore, Magisters tend to disregard dichotomous philosophies of morality that focus on black and white interpretations of good and evil. And while anyone can become an Eteldan citizen, only Magisters are, by law, allowed to run for the office of a province's governor. Similarly, the imperial council is comprised almost entirely of Magisters. And though non-fifth force users can be elected to a position in the imperial council, Magisters tend to exercise their sociopolitical power and influence to limit the number of not only non-Magisters but non-fifth force users in the council. Lord-Protector Zahara herself is a Magister, one of only three living Grand-Magisters (a special sub-class for exceptionally powerful Magisters). The Magisters also make up a significant portion of Etelda's armed forces as their mastery of the fifth force does make them a warrior class by default. Those who achieve the rank of Magister are welcomed into the "Magisters of the 5th", a secret society devoted to achieving greater mastery of the fifth force and supposedly advancing Eteldan society, though it is rumored to exist to ensure that the Magisters' enemies are mitigated, and the remnants of the Veritas Order within the Empire quietly destroyed. Magisters also command the Knight-Enchanters of the Eteldan Armed Forces on behalf of the imperial government. Magisters often wear black or red colors.

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    Sophos Class: Nearly as prominent the Magisters, the Sophos are those who have devoted their lives to the scientific pursuit of researching the fifth force for the betterment of the Empire. While they are not politically inclined, the Sophos wield a tremendous degree of political influence due to Eteldan culture's appreciation for reason and logic. Many work for the imperial government but a growing number of Sophos work in privately funded think-tanks. They are responsible for many of the advancements in Eteldan society, their most iconic being the modernized Vis swords wielded by Magisters, and soldiers and law enforcement with fifth force aptitude. And despite Magister dominance in sociopolitical affairs, some believe that it is the Sophos who wield true power as their contribution to the scientific and technological state of Etelda is instrumental to the Empire's continued position as a spacefaring power.

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    Communis Class: Occupying the lowest social class, the Communis include foreigners and all those who show average or no skill with the fifth force and no meaningful scientific aptitude. They are the ordinary citizens of the Empire and enjoy all the rights afforded to Eteldan citizens, such as the right to own property, aspire for a seat in the imperial council etc. They are however, restricted by law from running for governors of provinces or becoming the baron of a noble house, even in the event of a marriage whereby a deceased noble Magister is survived by their spouse. They however, can still achieve extremely high rank in the Eteldan military.

Government & Politics of Etelda

Little is known of In Etelda, a large chunk of the political and governing power is concentrated among the Magister Class, but it's defining characteristics are it's central government, armed forces, and provincial government. In addition to acting as a deterrent for enemies of Etelda, the Eteldan Armed Forces are, in the event of conquest, used to impose Eteldan authority in a territory through war. However, during peaceful times, the Eteldan Armed Forces act as a policing unit to protect Eteldan citizens and the Empire's interests.

-Current Lord-Protector: Zahara Silverstorm-

The Palace of Protectors in L'Avon - Official Residence & Administrative Headquarters of the Lord-Protector
The Palace of Protectors in L'Avon - Official Residence & Administrative Headquarters of the Lord-Protector

No figure wields more power in the Empire than the Lord-Protector, whose official residence and administrative headquarters is the Palace of Protectors, surrounded by a molten lake (used as a deterrent for would-be assassins) somewhere in L'Avon. This power however, is partially based on the consolidation of support from the majority of Etelda's noble houses and Magistrates in order to appropriately manipulate the social hierarchy of the Empire. The Lord-Protector centralizes the right to declare war, ratify treaties and negotiate with foreign powers. While a powerful authority in policy and decision-making, the Lord-Protector still requires a majority from the imperial council to pass laws. It is for this reason that the Lord-Protector often ensures, through political influence, that their allies are given seats on the Magister-dominated imperial council.

However, the most tangible incarnation of the Lord-Protector's power is, first in their mastery of the telekinetic powers of the fifth force as the Lord-Protector is typically a Grand-Magister and the most powerful fifth force user in the Empire. Secondly, the Lord-Protector's power and authority is best exercised through the Eteldan Armed Forces, of which the Lord-Protector is the supreme commander. The position of Lord-Protector is not hereditary, it is an elected position given to a highly credentialed Magister, almost always a Grand-Magister and the most powerful fifth force user on the planet. The imperial council are responsible for electing the Lord-Protector, who serves until death. In the event that a Lord-Protector cannot be elected, the imperial council will elect two of it's most credentialed members as interim rulers of the Empire.

Additionally, the imperial council's other roles in the government are to approve laws, try certain cases, advise the Lord-Protector etc. As previously mentioned, a meaningful amount of power is restricted to the Magister Class, a feature of such being that only Magisters can be elected governors of provinces, with the most coveted position being Governor of the L'Avon province.

Science & Technology of Etelda

Helper Robots
Helper Robots
Moon Base
Moon Base

An advanced spacefaring civilization, the Eteldans are technologically and scientifically powerful.The basis for Etelda's economy (which while poorly is understood, appears to feature multiple economic models that manage knowledge and individuals as resources, as opposed to simply managing minerals and other natural resources) is also the heart and soul of it's technological and scientific advancements; the fifth fundamental force. Capable of transmitting massive amounts of energy and harnessed and mastered by the Eteldans for thousands of years, the fifth force is a staple of Eteldan society. With it, the Eteldans have managed to develop an incredible energy source used to power the Empire's industries etc. as well as using the telekinetic properties of the fifth force for barrier/force field technology used in reinforcing infrastructure and defense technology, but in generating containment fields to more efficiently and safely manipulate antimatter.

And while able to use antimatter as a secondary energy source, the Eteldan scientific community does exhibits a culturally but rationally motivated preference for the fifth force despite antimatter's potential as an extremely dense energy source. It requires an enormous amount of energy to generate and control, and the dangerous surrounding it's confinement run the risk of health and safety organizations amassing far too much power. Instead, the fifth force is the staple of Eteldan technology and has made possible a number of advancement ranging from domestic helper robots, interactive holograms, virtual intelligence computers, force field technology and hover-crafts enjoyed by the general public, to stealth technology, new piloted vehicles, ultra-strong metals and alloys, cloning, genetic engineering, powered armor, energy weapons, cybernetics, starships and combat robots etc. used by the government and military. With the amount of energy at their disposal, Eteldans have developed the technology to modify weather, create floating cities, alter the course of earthquakes, build underwater cities in their oceans, erect bases on it's moon and the moons of neighboring planets, and mine the outer planets of their star system for resources.

Key staples of Eteldan technology are the repair agent, the Quidvis, and Vis swords. The repair agent, used to repair damaged infrastructure etc. incorporates a repair fluid consisting of epoxy polymer composite and dicyclopentadiene. When a crack in a wall or physical structure etc. is sustained, the repair agent is applied, tiny bubbles encapsulating the repair fluid and it's catalyst travels to the site of the crack, polymerizing and repairing the crack, restoring a maximum of 80% of it's original strength, a percentage that decreases as more damage is sustained after each repair. Many Eteldan industrial giants are attempting to improve the repair agent. The Quidvis on the other hand is an all-purpose tool with multipurpose diagnostic and manufacturing features ranging from repair and basic hacking to decryption. Primarily restricted to imperial scientists, law enforcement and the military, the Quidvis is a versatile tool capable of assembling small three-dimensional objects from common, recyclable industrial plastics, ceramics and light alloys.

The version of the Quidvis used by law enforcement and the military includes flash-forging features that enable them to create harder-than-diamond silicon-carbide constructs such as bludgeons, hammers, swords, shields etc. Finally, Etelda's Vis swords, reserved almost entirely for fifth-force users, are metal hilts that generates volatile streams of superheated plasma that fifth force users of sufficient skill shape into and hold as blades.

The Eteldan Armed Forces

Eteldan Military
Eteldan Military

A very large and powerful military force headquartered (Hall of Defense) in the Eteldan capital of L'Avon, Etelda's armed forces are the largest in all of Nimir, due in no small part to the Empire's conquests. Older Eteldan military tactics focused on attrition and mass-unit warfare wherein troop formations were powerful but inflexible due to a highly centralized form of command and control. Soldiers were always required to contact commanders behind the lines to arrange fire support whenever targets were identified. However, the current Eteldan military approach is different and incorporates the following principles:

  • Total Integration: Their functions and capabilities must be focused toward a unified purpose.

  • Expeditionary: They must be easily and quickly deployable, employable and sustainable across the battle space.

  • Networked: They are required to be linked and synchronized in time and purpose.

  • Decentralized: Different from the more archaic Eteldan method, the combined operation of integrated military capabilities even at lower levels are of the utmost importance.

  • Adaptable: They must be prepared and able to respond quickly with the appropriate capabilities mix.

  • Decision-based Superiority: Eteldans strive to make better and more informed decisions that are implemented faster than an enemy can react.

  • Aggression: The destruction of an enemy and their support structures in all conditions is unconditionally valued if said enemy refuses to submit as a province of the Empire.

The Eteldan military wields a combination of ruthlessness, discipline, ambition, and enormous telekinetic power. Enlisted personnel are thoroughly trained to remain calm under fire. Eteldan units do not break. And should an entire line collapse, they fall back in order, setting up ambushes as they go. Command and control is decentralized and flexible. Individual squads can call for artillery and air support. They make extensive use of combat drones and virtual intelligence-controlled fighters for light duties. Soldiers are typically outfitted with power armors, energy-weapons, force field technology etc. Similarly, Etelda's naval and aerial forces are equipped with energy-weapons and force field technology as well.

Eteldan Military Strategy

Etelda's military strategy defines a set of interrelated military objectives and joint concepts for combat commanders to better identify desired capabilities and asses risk. It's first priority is establishing homeland security by combining actions across the Nimiran star system and the larger local star cluster. Close to home, the Eteldan Armed Forces use their capabilities to secure strategic air, land, sea and space approaches to their territories, the domestic and abroad population and critical infrastructure from direct attack.

Secondly, Etelda values agility. Agility being the ability to rapidly deploy, employ, sustain and redeploy capabilities in geographically and even planetary separated regions. As commanders conduct operations, they consider the effects of surprise and the possibility that their forces may have to transition from one type of phase of an operation to another quickly, or conduct phases simultaneously, regardless of location. As a planning principle, agility allows commanders to conduct simultaneous missions while retaining the ability to respond to emerging crises. It is the key to quickly seizing the initiative across the range of military operations and ensuring that the Empire's military can act swiftly and decisively to protect Eteldan interests. Decisiveness on the other hand allows combat commanders to overwhelm enemies, control situations and achieve definitive outcomes.

Decisiveness needs tailored packages of joint capabilities designed to achieve specific effects and accomplish objectives. Achieving decisiveness may not require large force deployments but rather employing capabilities in innovative ways. It is transforming the military's capacity to large effects while retaining the ability to amass forces that is key to decisiveness. But there must also be integration to provide focus and unity of effort. Integration makes possible the combining and synchronization of military operations across other government agencies, commercial sectors etc. It seeks to ensure unity of effort and maximize the contribution of partners as opposed to the unilateral use of force.

Operations & Capabilities

In each Eteldan military objective exists a series of operations that the armed forces must perform. Commanders derive their tasks and define required capabilities through an analysis of these operations. Capabilities that allow them to perform these operations are owed to a combination of joint doctrine, organization, training programs, material solutions, leadership, personnel and facilities. The application of military force requires the integrated use of movement and engagement to create precisely defined effects. Force application includes force movement to gain positional and time-based advantages to quickly seize the initiative and complicate an enemy's defensive plans. Force applications integrates, air, land sea, space, special operations and information.

It also requires unprecedented levels of persistence to allow commanders, even in high-threat environments, to assess results against mission objectives, adjust capabilities accordingly and reengage as needed. Applying force requires power projection assets to move capabilities quickly, employ them correctly and sustain them even when enemies use anti-access and counter power projection strategies. This level of power projection requires assured access to theaters of operation and enhanced expeditionary capabilities that support operational movement from strategic distances. Strong alliances and coalitions with neighboring nations enhance expeditionary capabilities by providing physical access to important infrastructure and additional support. They also provide access to regional intelligence that makes possible the precise application of military capabilities and allows Etelda to focus combat power more effectively during critical times and in critical places.

Because the Eteldan military relies partly on shared situational awareness with the Empire's allied nations, it uses compatible information systems and security processes that protect sensitive information without degrading the ability of those allied nations to effectively work with Eteldan elements. This controlled sharing of information and intelligence has helped Etelda build strong alliances and partnerships with allied nations on Nimir such as Kreva, the Republic of Illden, Tevesis and others. Furthermore, because overlapping major combat operations causes significant stress on strategic mobility, Etelda reaches these operational objectives by using robust sea-lift, airlift, aerial refueling and pre-positioned assets.


Dueling Knight-Enchanters
Dueling Knight-Enchanters

A collection of highly skilled fifth force warriors, ranging from experts to even Magisters, the Knight-Enchanters are a collection of military minded wielders of the fifth force. Skilled with the fifth force's telekinetic powers, and armed with the Vis swords that only skilled fifth force users can wield, Knight-Enchanters have little formal structure as each Eteldan province organizes it's own unit as the governor and local population see fit before those units are given to the command of the most powerful Magister within the respective units. The Magister is then expected to command their unit on behalf of the Eteldan military.

In the event that an assembled Knight-Enchanter unit has no Magister within it's ranks to command it, it is given to the command of a willing and appropriately credentialed member of the Magisters of the 5th. Therefore, a Magister need not be a Knight-Enchanter to assume control of a unit. There is no true uniform for Knight-Enchanters save for maintaining either red or black or both as dominant colors. Knight-Enchanters however, are not an irregular militia, and those who serve are full-time military professionals with an alarming proficiency for killing and high level of expertise in their use of the fifth force's telekinetic powers. Knight-Enchanters who lack adequate armor often conjure telekinetic barriers as substitutes. Knight-Enchanters typically serve as special ops units but may serve as highly specialized ground troops in open war as they did in the past, using their combined telekinetic might to overpower and dominate enemy forces.

Knight-Enchanter units are identified by number e.g. Unit 7, Unit 20.

Space Warfare

Eteldan Fleet
Eteldan Fleet

A space-faring Empire, Etelda is well-versed in the art of military operations and combat that takes place in outer space. While the Empire does not technically incorporate space-to-ground warfare whereby orbital projectiles directly attack surface targets, it does in a sense. Though space warfare is where Etelda is weakest as it does not have a large fleet, the Eteldan Armed Forces make use of the resources currently at their disposal. One of them being the understanding of heat management by taking into account all the ways in which a ship would generate heat in combat as all engine maneuvers, electronics (which typically work better at higher temperatures), maintaining crew warmth etc. generate heat.

Eteldan military minds understand that at some point in battle, either them or the enemy will be generating more heat than they are losing. So in order to avoid being cooked alive aboard a melting ship, the Eteldans have developed tactics revolving around overheating enemy ships before their own ships are compromised. Among their greatest resource is their understanding of the differences between orbital warfare and open space warfare:

-Orbital Warfare-

While space's three-dimensional environment introduces new dynamics of battle, combat taking place within a star system is still governed by orbit dynamics, not just of ships in orbit around planets and stars, but those planets' orbits as well. The Eteldan military understands that at any given point in time, there can only be so many routes from one planet to another that will leave a fleet with enough fuel and energy to attack an opposing fleet. Because of this, the Empire has built space defense platforms in certain orbits to point high-power radar reflection surveillance satellites at specific regions of empty space.

Furthermore, because orbital space warfare forces can force a ship to linger in a certain orbit that leaves some avenues of attack guarded and others open, the Eteldan fleet looks to exploit the issue of ships being in lower and faster orbits, more circular orbits etc., of ships being able to change their altitude in one way only; to point it in a new direction. To exploit this, Eteldan spacecraft feature tilting gyroscopes to generate torque and conceal altitude maneuvers to gain important tactical advantages such as ships being to flip end-for-end in little time and aiming weapons at enemy targets regardless of direction. Eteldan orbital battleships typically use kinetic projectiles like ultra-dense metal slugs.

-Open Space Warfare-

While orbital warfare has certain restrictions, open space warfare is different in that it takes place in the empty space between star systems without orbital issues coming into play. And while Eteldans have very limited experience in open space warfare, their greatest military and scientific minds have not stopped preparing for it to account for potential battles happening in the space between star systems, and at times between galaxies. Key to their approach to open space warfare is the understanding that distance management there is entirely different as the distance a projectile can cover is largely dependent on the forces and environment interacting with it. On a terrestrial planet, gravity pulls a projectiles closer to the ground, air resistance from an atmosphere slows a projectile, and the curvature of the surface acts as an eventual barrier as well.

In orbital warfare, the dynamics of battle are still controlled by the gravity of nearby planets and natural satellites/moons. However, in open space, few to none of these restrictions exist. There is no atmosphere to slow a projectile, no gravity influencing it unless near a large body of mass. Eteldan military minds understand that a projectile shot in open space will travel at a constant velocity forever unless some force interacts with it along the way. Because of this, the Eteldan military has designed battleships and spacecraft with a myriad of weaponry and tactics in mind meant to make use of this change in distance. The first being battleships with laser weapons. Given that light can cover a kilometer of distance in 3 microseconds, and lasers are made of light, Eteldan space battleships can very quickly strike a target with a laser beam from over 10,000 kilometers away. The open space warfare ships are designed to engage enemies from thousands of kilometers away.

Eteldan battleships also make use of fifth force-generating shields, and extremely long range heat-detecting sensors to detect incoming enemy fleets thousands of kilometers away.


  1. Standard RPG rules apply e.g. no godmodding etc.
  2. This is in the nU (if the topic title didn't make that obvious) and heavily Star Wars inspired, obviously. The fifth force is basically the Force from Star Wars for the most part save for it being some metaphysical or spiritual source of power... or maybe it is? I went with the route of introducing it as a possible fifth fundamental force of the universe because why not? I'm trying to do something interesting, or at least something I think is interesting, LOL.
  3. This is both an OOC and IC thread. You can drop IC posts in this thread or create location threads for sub-locations you might be inspired to create. Want to create a city or something? Shoot me a PM and I'll probably give you the green light. Or if you want to create a high-ranking character belonging in the social or even political hierarchy, shoot me a PM (on this account or on my Grimmwald account) and we can talk over the details.
  4. If you have a spaceship or some other way to travel to distant locations, your character can show up here. The atmosphere's breathable etc. Just know that the Empire will know that you're coming if you're aboard a spaceship.
  5. Anyone can be a Magister or Veritas Order member or a fifth force user or a Med'red or any alien race or whatever you can think of that's native to Nimir. Anyone can create a member of the dwindling Veritas Order and set up a rebellion against the Eteldan Empire and the Magisters. The Magisters are basically the Sith, and the Veritas Order are basically the Jedi, both with a bit more ethical complexity and ambiguity however. The leader of the Magisters is the Lord-Protector/ruler of the Empire, so an NPC, because well, the only goals they have are to gain more power and advance and protect the interests of the Empire, not much directing is needed for that I don't think. Especially if this doesn't take off. If someone wants to be the Lord-Protector, shoot me a PM. Granted, I'd prefer it if it was Zauby >.> Anyway, if someone also wants to be the leader of the Veritas Order and create a location thread for their HQ etc. shoot me a PM.
  6. If you want to cause major destruction, PM me so that I can give you the green light. You can attack the place though, so long as you sell the forces you'll be battling.
  7. The Eteldan Empire is doesn't have full control of it's home planet Nimir but does have significant control over the entire star system and the local star cluster.
  8. I got really lazy towards the end of this, maybe even halfway through so some things may be missing here and there.
  9. Have fun. Or not. I made this for myself as much as I did for the forum anyway, LOL.
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Dammit, I like the name Veritas better, but I'd probably be the Sith!

How dare you put me on blast like that!?

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Related image

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Honestly, tempted to make a Yuuzhan Vong sort of thing (except much much smaller, maybe like limited to a cult or something) but... eh.

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@emperor_von_doom: If you do, let me know!

@akirahoshi: Thanks! LOL, why would you have to? This is just Star Wars-inspired, it's not replacing anything. Same way Thee Champion and Superion are both Superman inspired.

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This is awesome. I love the use of the classic art too.

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Although I admit, when you put the whole thing together, "Magisters of the Fifth" may sound better than "Veritas Order."

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Veritas Stronghold, Gnavara Province

The wild electrical storms that so often tore the Gnavaran skies asunder were silent. Muted. No rumbling thunder. No flashing lightning. Only a stillness in the air as though the atmosphere itself were being held hostage by some unseen force. And behind the grey walls of the Veritas stronghold, the stillness hung even thicker in the air. Legs folded under them, fists pressed together, and the soft glow of crackling torches warming their calm faces, the Veritas meditated. Eyes shut and their bodies humming with the low monotone of the fifth force, they were at peace - and they knew what had come for them.

No Caption Provided

"Yet another sanctuary... ruined"

Were the only words one of them had managed before the walls were torn down. The stronghold trembled and quaked as though shook by a giant, the floor cracked, and the stone turned to dust. Knight-Enchanters, hooded and armed, glided through the breached walls of the Veritas stronghold, the deep red of their glowing energy swords promising their victims a quick end until their glow dimmed - and their blades vanished, sinking back into their metal hilts. Instead, the unseen hand of the fifth force seized all Veritas there and dangled them in the air till their gasps gave way to the sickening crunch of bone. They held strong, biting down hard and trusting in their faith that they would not scream. But as their bodies twisted, limbs snapping like twigs, skin stretching till it tore, their torsos and necks contorting till blood leaked, they could hold on no more.

"A..aa...aaAaaah!". They wailed, screamed. Then nothing. Silence. Stepping inside to gaze upon his brutal deed, Blackstone strode inside to the irony scent of blood. Posture strong and regal, his cape fluttering and chin high, the Black Baron passed his gaze over the mount of corpses around him. "They were weak", he dismissed, voice cold and striking, deep and silky and full of contempt. "Praying to the fifth force - to a god we have domesticated and mastered - weak". Slowing his steps as a telekinetic hand reached out his mind to pluck a blue cube off a nearby Veritas corpse, Blackstone eyed the cube as he drew it closer. A hologram climbed out the cube to hover in the air, and on it were coordinates to a planet known as Eristes to few, and Battleworld to many.

And it was where the last of the Veritas inside Etelda's borders had gone. To free Battleworld's slaves and recruit them for their planned rebellion against the Eteldan Empire. "We're heading to Imperium territory".

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It's time for a sub-location but I don't think I'll have the energy for that until maybe a week later, LOL.